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I did a loan modification with Bayview and it took over 9 months to get it done and while we doing it the man at Bayview who was doing our modification told me not to make any payments until the modification was done, which I did. Now they report to the credit bureaus that I was more than 90 days past due on 3 different times. Now my credit is screwed up and I can't get a loan.

Many violations have been done such as failing to give me written notice of service, forging documents. M&T and Bayview Loan Servicing told me to send certain documents several times. They told me they didn't receive documents that I know I sent. They failed to send letter dated within five days acknowledging they received the documents. They constantly robocall, and on and on. Meredith ** (of Phelan and Hallinan) told me she wanted to help me and called me several times saying she worked for your court.

According to court records on 7/30/2015 Property Sale Cancelled as directed by Hallinan. Notice of cancellation **. On August 27, 2015, two plain dressed men broke into my house at 9 in the morning. When I asked them who they were they wouldn't tell me. When I asked them to stop, they would not. They were loud, insulting, and sought to intimidate me. I had to call the police, (there is a police report **) only when the officers came did the two individuals sent by M&T Bank stop cursing at me.

By then, my lock was broken and my door was damaged. My son, 7, was terrified. Neighbors were alarmed. This ugly uproar went on for two hours. A letter written August 28, 2016 from Bayview Loan Servicing, states that "We have received your loan workout package". For the summer of 2015, I was in constant contact with Bayview and M&T Bank and I have several other letters to prove it. The inspection stating my house was vacant was a fraud. There was never any doubt that this house was occupied by (me) its owner. What happened on August 27 was is a home invasion, followed by harassment, threats, slander, and property damage. It’s six months later they haven’t address anything. I have a right to have peace in my own house. M&T and Bayview have no promissory note to my house. Chase does not know where my promissory note is.

I call to make my payments with a rep and there has been an instance where the rep took what he wanted and upon giving me the confirmation number I repeated to him three times the amount that I authorized and he said, "No, I took more than that." So I demanded a Supervisor whom I was on hold for almost two hours. She promised I would get the difference back. She insisted on a wire transfer. I have never done a wire transfer so I did NOT know my bank charged a fee. The Supervisor should have said that. So I had to call back and I called to speak to a Manager and I did get to speak to someone whom stated they were a manager. She stated that she will have a check issued to me.

Well here we are several weeks later and no check. I called and spoke to a third supervisor and she stated that she has no idea of how long it will take. So now when I make my next payment I feel this will happen again. This is one of their ways of stealing your money from you. I will be glad when my mortgage is paid in the next few years so I do not have to deal with Bayview Mortgage EVER Again!

We are going to lapse in Homeowners as of tomorrow. I received an urgent email from our agent last week that they had not been paid by Bayview for the annual premium. I immediately called Bayview, who informed me that this loan does NOT have Homeowner's in escrow - only property taxes! He then read out his most recent statement as to how payment is disbursed each month. That was August. I read him MY statement I received from June that showed $140 more going into escrow and that covers the homeowners. I had to then fax them the Declaration page, and I added the cancellation notice, the email from State Farm, and their own statement showing the disbursement that includes monies for homeowners. The agent said once that was done, it would be paid.

Of course it did not happen that way. Yesterday State Farm called to say they heard nothing and received nothing. We cannot afford to pay this amount and should not have to. After THREE hours on the phone, being transferred to 4 different departments, they steadfastly remain that the mortgage has only taxes in escrow. I finally stated that "BAYVIEW HAS CHANGED THIS MORTGAGE WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION. This is a contract and as such you have now breached a contract." They could not or would not even get me over to the escrow department! "We don't have those numbers." I gave the agent the number from the back of their own damn monthly statement. After 3 hours all I got is that they are going to run an "escrow analysis" on this account and I am to call them in 2 days to find out the results. **!! The insurance lapses on that same day and they need to receive payment today to process in time.

This is the final abuse from BOA-Countrywide-Greentree-Ditech-Bayview. We already won $1680 in the class-action against BOA and Greentree, but they will not allow us to use the proceeds as needed, instead tacking it on the rear of the loan! I find out that for those who HAD already been foreclosed on, they received a check. To me, this action proves it is OUR MONEY and they are literally robbing us of our just retribution.

Ditech threatened to foreclose over $27 last year (See "A Leopard cannot change his spots"), yet here they are holding $1680 of our money. Now with the turnover of servicing to Bayview, suddenly our loan, which was modified in 2014, seems to have mysteriously been modified again. This modification, by the way, by law or provision put down by HAMP demanded that the mortgage have property taxes and insurance placed into escrow. I hated it, fought against it, but was FORCED to do it. Now it seems Bayview can arbitrarily change the terms of a loan.

I say not and will call foul. This is the end of the line, probably the end of our home ownership, but we will not go down without a fight. We are seeing an attorney next week to find out what action can be taken to force them to be accountable. And I will continue to warn others via this forum of the ultimate in corrupt and contemptible practices from these criminals. And that includes all from BOA to Countrywide to Greentree to Ditech to Bayview.

We had this mortgage since 1999 -- We are all honest people on this forum trying to do the right and responsible thing, but we absolutely do not stand a chance against professional finance criminals such as these. Nor do we seem to have an advocate. If ANYONE knows of how to reach an advocate, please respond to me. To have to move and lose the last shred of basic human needs will be the straw that breaks my neck, but I (we) are so tired of the now 7 years of fighting these miscreants that one tends to be driven to the extreme.

Lastly, I still contend - If WE break terms of a contract - that is considered a breach of contract and therefore renders it null and void. But I wager that is tort law. Banks and finance companies run by their own self-created set of laws. UNREGULATED! But it is exactly what Bayview has done - broken the terms of a contract and therefore a breach of said contract.

If this is how the new WOIA (one excuse used as to why no one contacted me for 3 months) and the TTW participants are assisted in this state (or this region) this will be a worse fiasco than the health care debacle by this state. I will take it to the next level. I do not expect much from NC, but I do expect SOME respect and an advocate of sort because I am trying to become a productive member of society again! I am 57, and my time is running out in more ways than just the ticket's status.

I must make SSA aware of this due to the time my ticket has actually been unassigned. This may cause irreparable harm if I do not. In the meantime, I am still trying to find employment by the online job banks. All I receive are calls from recruiters with temporary assignments for skills I do not possess. Right now, I literally do not know what to do, or whom to turn to for advice and assistance. I had always been an advocate for everyone else years ago, now I need an advocate and one with an aggressive plan. I intelligent, I am educated, I am NOT lazy, and I do not WANT or expect entitlements. I want to be able to support my family again and have pride. I have been kicked by so many agencies in NC in the last 6 months alone that it makes this struggle nearly impossible. Dear Ombudsman staff, you tell me if there is any help or should I simply walk away; admit defeat, and give up all hope.

We are trying to do a loan modification. I fill out all the paperwork and send it to Miami. Tommi the person working with our account scolded me for sending the documents to the address on the letter. Then she "left". I get another asset manager and he has me forward everything... again. This week, I got papers sent to me from Bayview via FedEx... The papers indicated that I had liens and judgments against the property and that I had to rectify them before the three month trial was over or the modification would not be approved. I called Adrian my asset manager and he confirmed this. I was so upset because I knew we did not have liens or judgements.

Another "red flag" was that these liens and judgements were only in my husband's name... not mine. We began researching public records (for free) and found all of the legal documents and none of them matched our address, city or anything. The men listed had the same name and Bayview just tagged them on us... as if we are not already struggling... Over $100,000 of judgements and liens and judgements were credited to us by Bayview. I am not happy, and I am going to have an attorney (that I cannot afford) look into this. If I, a laywoman, could find these records why couldn't Bayview? It is a ridiculous shame how companies kick folks when they are down. I'm not going out without a legal proceeding. They can count on that. Their best bet is to go ahead and approve my loan modification and not play games if they don't want a legal rainstorm to pour down on them.

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Very unethical business. They purchased my mortgage 5 months ago and it has been nothing but problems since. They opened an escrow account even though I pay my taxes myself. They have the letter I sent asking the escrow account be closed along with proof of paid taxes. They have the letter but not the tax receipt. They will not apply extra money to the principal and customer service can never answer any questions. Letters go unanswered. They want to charge me to get a payoff amount. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

I understand that banks are regulated by federal government, but is Bayview Loan Servicing not regulated at all. They request illegally that documents be altered after all parties have signed, seller has requested over 20 times verbally and in writing that they send a confirmation in writing to her for each and every document she submits. They have verbally refused to do this. And continue to claim that documents sent and verified received are constantly lost or as one idiot stated "we delete it upon receiving the document otherwise we would be drowning in documents". They will for instance hold up the file for 30 days an estimated HUD statement and suddenly claim that the full company name was not spelled out on it, so they delayed the whole short sale process for 30 days.

It has been 5 months since we submitted the offer and they keep claiming that next week they will have an answer and "it is going into underwriting today as soon as we get one more tiny verb misspell on this scratch paper corrected by the buyers". Or "your signature looks more like an initial. Can you change your signature to look like a normal signature." And there goes another 30 days. We have submitted two full priced offers and now a third one - all of which have cancelled due to their ineptness.

I know of one asset manager who has been fired from several servicing companies only to land at Bayview. This woman has destroyed so many lives. I'm sure she is greatly admired by the banking institutes. It appears they can harass, intimidate, break laws and do whatever they want. Nothing is regulating them or holding them accountable for how they manage other peoples money. I need to short sale my house. I need to get out from under this nightmare. Had I know my loan was to be serviced by these neglectful, abusive tyrants I would have never refinanced. They keep holding up my short sale. In the meantime interest is racking up on my mortgage and I am pretty sure this is the reason for their absurd delays. How many people have committed suicide just dealing with these entities acting as asset managers.

My current loan was sold to Bayview by Bank of America. I am in the process of a Refi with my credit union; however, the CU has been trying to get payoff and loan transfer verification since 4/5/16. When I called to follow up on the behalf of my CU - the customer service rep stated there were 3-4 requests. No way can you speak with a supervisor to escalate... One way in and no way out... I only have a 30 day rate lock, but the way Bayview's service is - I may miss out on the rate. Shame on Bank of America for putting customers like myself in this position. Bank of America always wondered why I wouldn't reopen a checking or savings with them. This is just another reason why I will never do banking with Bank of America.

I am seeking help with my current lender. Feb. 2015 we opened escrow to assume the current mortgage on Parker ave., Oakland, CA. 94605. We were granted approval Sept. 2015. I have not heard from Evelyn ** (Dept. Head) since Nov. 2015. We wired closing funds and documents March 2016. We still have not recorded and conveyed the Mortgage and title to us. I have exhausted the customer service loop which always leads back to Evelyn ** voicemail. We have been perhaps too patient, but 15 months for a simple Assumption is excessive to say the least. We simply want what we already paid for, our current Mortgage.

Our loan was sold to Bayview a few months ago. It's been a disaster ever since. We are attempting a loan remodification however, the asset manager is unobtainable. I leave emails, voice messages, etc. When I sent all of the documents (approx 3 hrs of work), I did so via certified mail and sent it to the address provided (Miami). When the asset manager contacted me (finally!) she basically reamed me out for sending it to the wrong location and not contacting her! I put a call in to forge a complaint. I'm over this despicable lack of professionalism, belittling behavior!

TODAY... I had a real estate agent show up at my door and tell me that my home was being foreclosed on? WHAT? I started crying and nearly had to call an ambulance I was in a panic attack. We did not have any papers or any warning of this!!! I dropped to my knees and cried, "What in the world?" My husband stated we were in a loan modification and all was going to be just fine! SURE. Now that I read all the lies and deceit caused by these scumbags! YOU were wrong to do this to us without any warning! This is shameful! Where is the integrity and ethical behavior... it's gone. You'll be hearing from me soon... for what you did to me and my family. Businesses like this should be SHUT DOWN! You are frauding the government with the Treasury ACT and obtaining the $5500 to say you're doing a loan modification when in FACT you are NOT! FOR SHAME! The FBI and Secret Service should be investigating this!

Wow, reading reviews from others about this company confirmed that I am not crazy. In 2008 I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy. My mortgage was not included in this but I did reaffirm my mortgage with M&T Bank (who sold me to Bayview). I've owned my condo since 2001 and have never been late on my payments. I have every copy of every check as proof as well as my bank and bill pay statements. I successfully completed my chapter 13 in Sept of 2013. In Dec of 2013 I got a bill from Bayview stating that I was a month behind and also that I owed them legal fees of $278.00. I called and told by the man who answered that he would have to transfer me as he couldn't speak with "people like you" (his exact words). The man I finally spoke with told me that I missed a payment in Aug of 2012, and that the legal fees were because when I missed the payment that they had to pay an attorney to drive by my condo and make sure I hadn't moved out. (Seriously!?!)

I sent them proof of all of my payments and everything was fine for a couple of months when again I got a bill saying I was behind. I called again and was treated poorly. This time they said I missed my April 2011 payment. Again I sent proof. I also told them that if I had missed a payment while I was in bankruptcy, that they were by law supposed to call the bankruptcy courts as well as my attorney and that they were in violation of the bankruptcy code. Since then I have been trying to deal with them. In December I even did a three way call with them and a representative from Wells Fargo Bill pay so she could verify that all payments were made and all checks cashed. The person from Bayview was so mad that she hung up on us!

Today I got a statement from Bayview stating that the payment they received on Mar 2, 2016 is in "suspense". Also twice I have sent them the HOA certificate of insurance and on the statement I received today, I was billed for insurance! I called and spoke with a woman named Maribel, who insisted I have been a month behind for 5 years now. I asked why I haven't been charged late fees and she said my original mortgage doesn't allow it (trust me, it does). She gave me a FAX number to send everything to. I'm going to but I know how it will play out.

I am sending a complaint to the state of TX Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending and I'll see if that gets me anywhere. All I know is that ever since that statement I received in Dec of 2013, I have been so stressed over this, have had countless sleepless nights and am sick of their condescending attitudes. You can count me in on any class action suits! They have got to be stopped!!!

If you read my consequence in full... thank you. I have never had the opportunity to speak with or relate to people who are involved in this mess of trying to keep a home. We are currently in the process of doing our third attempt with Bayview Loan Servicing on our mortgage that was sold to Bayview from Bank of America, while we were in a 2nd attempt with Bank of America to process the Loan Remodification when the loan was sold to Bayview. Prior to the process, we purchased a home in 2008 and went through this similarly in 2013 during the Mortgage Crisis, ultimately walking away from our primary residence during the Government "Bank Buy out" protocol that allowed Washington Federal Savings and Loan, to quickly bankrupt their bank and change the name after they participated in the bailout. They did not remodify any loans.

However, in 2008, Washington Federal quickly approved on a $600,000 loan based on our asserts. Upon acceptance of the offer, the bank would not allow us to do our own appraisal, suggesting that the home was going to be auctioned in a week and the appraisal that they had in the file would work to suffice the loan for closing. However, little did we know that the Builder who built the home had 5 homes on the same block with Washington Federal Savings and Loan, and our Realtor made certain that we were getting an awesome million dollar home, (according to the past appraisals) and that we could gain much equity in 5 years. She even mentioned that she almost purchased the home for an investment herself.

The Bank Manager Brian ** led us to believe that the payment would change in the next few months from $4200.00 a month to just over $1900, with a promise to refinance our other retreat home and use the equity to lower the payment with a new program they were offering multi-home buyers. So, we withdrew $148,000 as an early retirement and used that for the down payment. It never happened.

The housing market crisis started to push our neighbors into foreclosures on both sides of the street in a community of about 200 high end custom palaces.

We waited on the approval to lower the payment, which was denied due to the amount of loan and depreciation that hit the market. The purchase was $740,000. with a $150,000 down payment at closing that we were supposed to receive $1800.00 back from the title company for overpayment of the down payment and we had to fight to get that returned to us as it was an overpayment.

Both the Title Company, Branch Manager and Bank made commissions, manipulated the numbers in the file and would make up "bank fee verbiage" to justify the confusion that they said we had at closing. We paid the Mortgage for over five years consistently while diligently trying to lower the payment with the MRC or Re-Modification after a decline in income... Not only did we NOT get to re-deposit the early retirement withdraw back into our retirement, but we're unsuccessful in getting anywhere with lowering the payment to be able to keep the home and try to build from the loss.

Moral of the story was the home was worth about $500,000 when we got the loan and the bank used an OLD APPRAISAL in the file. They stated it was almost a year old and was crossed out and written over by the appraiser to suffice the closing. We had a $600,000 mortgage with a bank that helped ruin our impeccable credit and would not allow us to lower the payment so that we could at least regain our credit to make the payments each month.

We value moral respect and we're willing to continue paying on a home loan of $600,000 knowing the reality that the home's value was about $550,000 and steadily falling in value by the month. We knew that if we would have stayed in the home for 20 years, that we could NEVER make any gains or recover the losses. The house started falling apart, the concrete on the foundation was spitting, the upper lever balcony and much of the roof was never repaired by the builder Sunrise Development - Justin and Christine ** which was all listed in the closing agreement and signed to repair.

We finally moved out in May 2013 and watched the value drop down at one time to around $489,000 on the home. It finally sold in December 2014, after we were long gone, better educated and seeking legal actions, while still licking our financial wounds. The scamming builder who lied for over 5 years was now paid to do the repairs by Washington Federal so they could put the house on the foreclosure market. There was NO Confidentiality in our case and both the builder and the realtor Carey ** from Woodhouse Group were in on the fraud and misrepresentation to us with Branch Manager Brian ** leading the way on how.

We currently moved into our second home which is a mountain retreat that we paid cash for in 2004. We had a small loan with Countrywide Mortgage, which was then sold to Bank Of America. When the previous early tax consequence and losses snowballed into a tax problem, we reached out to start a Re-Modification with Bank of America, which was in the second attempt at processing and nearing a fair resolution and we were almost to closing, when Karen the BOA loan officer that was servicing the process informed me that the loan was sold to Bayview and that someone would soon be contacting me to continue the Re-Modification.

Nope, they had nothing except the loan number and I was assigned to Toby **, who has been the servicing agent now for almost over a year... I have sent over 3 RMA's due to them taking so long and the application needed updated financials. Continuously have called, emailed and left messages. Nothing for weeks and then a letter will come requesting some type of document needed again. WTF??? Is there any resolutions known in a Re-Modification? How is this Legal? Who would be interested in petitioning a Class Action Lawsuit and advocate for people in this unsecured process of wondering if they are going to lose their home.

Our mortgage was sold from Chase to Bayview and it has been a nightmare. We live in a HOA which provides liability insurance as part of our dues. We noticed our payment increased and contacted them for an explanation and was told it was because we didn't have or provide proof of insurance so they charged us for a policy. We explained the HOA insurance and was told to submit by email or fax which we have done more than 4 times. We called again and was told it would be taken care of so we faxed. Emailed and sent proof of insurance with payment and now we are getting a foreclosure notice. This company should be shut down based on all the negative and criminal acts that have been posted for similar situations. I am turning this over to my attorney. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH BAYVIEW. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS AND THIEVES!

This company is a thief! Our loan was also sold to them from B of A. I called to modify our loan as we fell upon hard times. The first time I contacted B of A, I was told a rep would call me back, when that happened, the "rep" had me pay $5000 in cash to modify... my fault for not having my guard up. In all fairness, I lost my brother to suicide in May 2014, when all this started and my mom to cancer in October 2014. Life sucked, however, I was eventually called by Roosevelt Law, who modified our mortgage, with an incorrect address. I have repeatedly tried to have this corrected, to no avail. I am now at a loss as to continue to pay my mortgage, or try someplace else...

My mortgage was sold to Bayview in October 2014. Have never ever been late on my payments. I use Bank of America online banking. In 2015 I was charged 3 late payment fees, only 1 was refunded. Was told that only one per year is allowed. A CSR at Bayview indicated that there seems to be a system error that payments received after the first gets tagged as late. Bank of America tried to have January 2016 late payment fee removed. I just tried and to no avail. My payment was not late. BOA will not deliver mortgage payments late deliberately. Bayview posting system is not accurate.

We had a loan with B of A and it was sold to Bayview after we missed a few payments. The payment started out at $1100, it is now $1500, from fees and other various monies added. Our interest rate has stayed the same and yet our loan amount is only going down maybe $75 a year! Is someone going to get a class action lawsuit against these guys or what??? I'm in! I just don't know how to start it!

Several months ago I was experiencing financial struggles and reached out to Bayview hoping to get some help. The very first thing they always tell you is that the call is being recorded for quality assurance. I asked the representative if they would offer me a postponement of payments for 2 months while I get back on track. He put me on hold for a short while and came back. As he was typing away, he said that I was all set. I clearly confirmed with him at least twice as to when the next payment would be due (in October). He said yes... at least twice! I was very pleased because it would give me time to catch up on other debt and a chance to breathe.

About a month later or so I received a call from them stating that I was 2 months past due and that I would soon enter foreclosure if I didn't make a payment. I advised them of my last communication which they conveniently didn't show notes of on my account. I was told a supervisor would review the account and call me back. 2 days later I received another call from an account manager stating that they never offer postponed payments and that they didn't have record of my conversation. I urged him to go back and review the recorded call. After a couple of conversations with this "account manager" in which I asked him to review the "recording" he claimed that he hadn't had a chance to listen to it but regardless of what was said that I would have to begin payments immediately and catch up the 2 months overdue.

This company of full of crap!! I once placed an order for a car part from a small company I found online. When I received the order I realized that I got the wrong item. I immediately called to complain about the order and advised them that I think the person sent me the wrong item. Within seconds I received an email with a recording showing how I clearly ordered as the wrong item. So if a small company can go back and quickly send me a copy of the phone call proving that I was wrong, why in the world can't Bayview do the same!! If I was wrong I'm sure they would have done the same. But because they screwed up they claimed that they didn't have time to find or listen to the call and regardless of their findings, I would still have to catch up. There's no accountability with these people. The left doesn't know what the right is doing and worst of all, they don't care! I will be shopping for another lender ASAP!

I had my mortgage sold to Bayview in 2014. Ever since that date I have paid the amount due plus extra that should be applied to the principal only. They have constantly misapplied my payments, suspended my payment into a limbo account and say I have not paid the payment. After weekly and daily phone calls to customer service I ask to fix the application of funds. Sometimes it works but 9 out of 10 months it does not get corrected properly. This misapplication makes the loan amounts wrong. When paying the principal extra payments amount the interest should be reduced. I find the interest is sometimes more the next month. To my surprise today I got a certified letter from them advising what steps I can take to avoid foreclosure when they have over $2000 in some sort of suspense account. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

We have been on the phone with Bayview every other day. Especially lately they are trying to tell us that we missed a payment in June of 2015 (hello we are in January). We had to send over evidence from our bank saying that we sent the payment and they cashed it. Now they are sending us emails saying that we didn't make this month’s payment. I am sorry people I have made every payment since we got the loan. It is crazy to deal with them. We keep getting transferred and keep sending stuff over via fax. And then they tell us to call back in an hour to see if the fax went through. Such a headache. I don't know where they are heading with this.

My Father fell ill to cancer, that thankfully was removed from his colon about 4 years ago. My mother is legally crippled... My husband and I took it upon ourselves with discussion between my father, my mother and ourselves to leave our home of 8 years to reside their basement to help pay the first modification they were able to get. Since then my husband and I are currently living in a "new" home, formally my late in-laws I lost last year. I had another child, had cancer removed from my cervix, and am only 37. My father's heart is now failing along with many other health issues. My mother currently needs a hip replacement, she is only 61.

My point in explaining all this is we are real people with hardships in life. My mother was a nurse's aid for 12 years and my father worked for Meridian health system for over 30 years. It took until 2016 to get him fully insured for medications needed for him to survive. He was paying out of pocket prior to now. They both live off of social security and disability. During the time I had to move with my 2 kids and 3rd one just born, my family was trying to re-modify their home. My mother isn't great with legal paperwork. She is always worried about my father passing and her bills.

She has sent this company BAYVIEW LOAN LLC that her "debt" (mortgage) was passed to. They NEVER ANSWER! I call the bank the mortgage was sold to and they get a Bayview Loan LLC person all the time. My parents have resided at their home for almost 30 years. It's not just a house. It's my childhood home, my sister and brother's memories. My twin brothers' only home they know. MY PARENTS' NEIGHBORS the most wonderful people God could have ever blessed my family with. It's so sad to me people want nothing but to take money. You're not taking money from my family by procrastinating and never answering or yet calling me back as the advocate for my father who can't talk for more than 5 minutes, because of his heart and high blood pressure. You are rude, inconsiderate, heartless, greedy people with one thing in mind... MONEY. The root of all evil.

My parents just want a place to live and have their kids and grandkids to keep coming too. A place they can be for their last days, when that time is to come, a place they worked so hard to have. A place they raised 7 children together in. To you Bayview Loan LLC it's just another house on your desk. To me it's my mother and father having a place to live out the rest of their days. A place I call HOME!!! All we want is to get started on this modification before YOU make it too late for them. They have called, written you, sent you paperwork. I've called and called. Spoke to you several times and you NEVER called me back as promised LaKisha!!!

We live in a world of greed... People who are hard working, veterans of war and taxpayers such as my father. This is the end result. I will hound this company until they wanna hand it off to a professional company that cares about the welfare of a United States Veteran, hardworking retired citizen from Meridian Healthcare, and a long standing taxpayer from his community. When someone falls ill to disease this is how you treat people in hardship... God Bless I will pray for you and in hopes you will do the right thing BAYVIEW LOAN LLC! If you get the chance to read this if it was your family what would you do??? "BE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE, IN YOUR HEARTS, WITH THE LASTING CHARM OF A GENTLE AND QUIET SPIRIT THAT IS SO PRECIOUS TO GOD"! 1 Peter 3:4 TLB.

My mortgage was sold to Bayview from BOA. I tried modifying with BOA and instead of them working with us, they just sold our mortgage loan to Bayview for pennies on the dollar. Our mortgage was a MERS transaction from Countrywide to BOA. BOA didn't foreclose because they knew legally they did not own the note. So instead of dealing with me they sold it to collections. The name Bayview Loan Servicing sounds like a legit servicer until you call and they are a debt collector trying to collect a debt. My issue with Bayview is my mortgage is 150k they most likely purchased for 50k. BOA writes it off as a charge off. How can Bayview legally rape us for over $100k. I must say they are persistent.

I was working with Bank of America on a short sale and the loan was sold to Bayview Loan Servicing. The short sale had been approved with B of A, however I needed to still have approval from another bank on the 2nd lien. While waiting on the 2nd the time frame B of A gave us expired and they would not give us an extension until we had approval on the 2nd. During this time (1 week) they sold the loan to Bayview Loan Servicing. I have been in contact with Bayview since they acquired the loan on July 15, 2015. It is now November 4, 2015 and still no approval! I have had the approval for the 2nd shortly after Bayview acquired the loan. I call and email on a regular basis and very rarely receive a reply. They did ask me to send a new HUD 1 as they will not pay seller concessions as B of A agreed to, so the buyers agreed and the new HUD 1 was sent. That was on October 19th. Not one word from them and no replies to emails or calls.

I would love to be able to write a positive review and commend Donavan ** and Matthew ** for their outstanding service but unfortunately I cannot due to broken promises and endless poor customer service. Bayview Loan Servicing only gives lip service! They come across very nice and act as though they are going to act immediately and promise to get back in contact within 2 days and they never do.

I cannot make this company understand that my husband died suddenly. I offered to send his ashes with another certified copy of his death certificate. Bayview bought the loan which was not in arrears and has subsequently harassed me that I had to leave my home. My home was for sale and they refused two very good offers to sell. This company is pushing me to the limits. The tactics are unethical, illegal.. I am 73 years old and even my attorney cannot get them to cooperate. I offered to pay something on my loan just until I could get the house sold. Bayview has not cooperated with me in the least. They bought this loan for pennies on the dollar.

My husband and I bought a house in 1999 with American General/Spring Leaf. They said our account was current and was doing good. Suddenly with no written notice told us that they no longer handle home loans and turned our loan over to another loan company. Sps sold to Bayview. They never said it was collection co. Threatened foreclosure. Need help.

I was into a loan mod with BOA when we found out at a lawyer conference that we had been transferred to Bayview. We were 1 year into the process after all the items they kept asking for were given when I was told I would be given a three month trial. 6 months in they asked about liens that my wife and I had at which we showed proof that my wife's were not hers and mine was credit card debt that we were then told they weren't concerned with (documented). Then after paying the trial for 14 months we were turned down because of the credit debt and all money paid was returned to us, and the 14 months were added to the delinquency which put us in a deeper hole. This is the most unethical company that I have ever dealt with.

My loan was sold to Bayview and the loan fell behind. I tried to work with Bayview with no cooperation. They sent me a loan modification packet and I returned the documents and it was turned down. I moved out and stop paying on the loan in 2014. It been 16 months later, never received word from Bayview for foreclosure proceedings. Bayview is aware the property has mandatory HOA dues and no HOA dues has been paid on the property since I moved out. From time to time, I see the HOA manager at the grocery store and she ask me about the property and I have nothing to report. Bayview can have the property and deal with the HOA.

My mortgage with Bank of America was sold or transferred to Bayview Loan Services. I was 3 months behind on my mortgage with BOA. Made arrangements to catch up by making 6 payments in 3 months. I was 1 day late with the 3rd payment. I was supposed to make the payment Friday before the end of the day. Unfortunately I was at the hospital with my sick wife. I made the payment at the bank first thing Saturday morning. I normally would have noticed the withdrawal from my account by Wednesday before the end of the day. This time the funds were still in my account. I waited until Friday and the funds were still in my account. I called my account manager and she said the payment was late and I am now in default. I explained to her what happened to no avail. She said I would have to order my reinstatement figures to find out what I owed, however she couldn't do that. She then transferred me to someone else.

After playing phone tag for a week I was finally able to get them ordered. It took 3 weeks to get them. I read the paperwork and found those figures expired and I would have to order them again. I was on this merry-go-round for 3 months and I was highly upset. Needless to say, I am now 6 months behind. On the sixth month I get a certified letter from an attorney advising me, they represent BOA in the foreclosure proceedings. On the seventh month I get a certified letter from BOA saying they no longer hold my mortgage, Bayview Loan Services does. A month later I get an escrow statement and a certified letter from Bayview. They offer me a loan modification. Of course I am excited and complete the package they send me and include all the necessary paperwork. After waiting 2 months I call to get the results and the account manager tells me I was denied because I sent them the wrong package. I was infuriated.

I admit I did yell. I said, "How could I have sent you the wrong package? I filled out and returned the package you sent me." The account manager (male) said, I was rude and he could no longer assist me. He then hung up. I blew my stack. I admit, if I could have broke his face I would have. To make this long story short, after applying 3 more times for a loan modification I was denied every time. Each time they said I did something or did not turn in something. Now it is over 2 years later and I am waiting to go to court for the foreclosure. I really wish this never got behind in my payments. This all started because I am a municipal government employee and fell victim to furloughs. My salary has been restored and I could pay my mortgage but I am so far behind. If there is a class action law suit, sign me up.

Bayview is not giving "Payoff Satisfaction Letter" for the loan I fully paid in 2008. I had a couple loan with Bayview. I sold my business in 2008 but they left the lien on my condo since then. Now I am trying to sell my condo and they are not giving a "Discharge of Mortgage". I have been trying to get this letter for a week. I called numerous time, talked to different departments, faxed, and emailed. It seems they don't care and nobody knows what they are doing. I have to hold selling process just because of their neglect.

Hello. I contact ( too. I need to report seriously (Bayview Loan Servicing) and is investigated by any federal agency or office in the country please. Because of the special handling of our money at will without responsibility and supervision whatsoever. So many people are suffering from this situation without voice or know which door to knock so someone will listen. Please look ( over 60 reviews. Hopefully this has solution.

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