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On June 15, 2009, I called Trinity Debt Services in hopes of modifying my house located at **. Carrie ** was the representative that was supposed to help me with the modification. I was referred to her by a co-worker beforehand.

** had interviewed me over the phone regarding the property and the current situation. After the conversation, she informed me that she would be able to help me. She faxed me a list of information that was needed so I gathered all the information and sent her everything that was listed. After reviewing all the information, she told me that I would be charged $3,000.00 and this is refundable if nothing happened. I mailed a cashier's check through certified mail because she said that they would not start the process unless they receive the payment. I then called to confirm if she had received the $3,000.00 and she did. From time to time, I began to call ** for an update on the current situation.

On November 17, 2009, I called ** in order to get an update. She told me that she didn't receive any update from the Home Rescue Program, which was the program that she represented and who was supposed to help me on the modification. After a few days, she called me back and asked if I received any letter from the Home Rescue Program. I did not receive any prior letter from them. She then told me that the Home Rescue Program went out of business without her knowing. ** then told me to send a letter to Bank of America involving Jose **, who would be able to help me discuss my loan and work for my modification. So I sent a letter out to Bank of America in hopes of any help.

After four days, ** called me again. Another company would be able to take over my modification. However, frustrated, I told her to completely stop any and all activity regarding my modification. I was completely frustrated because I was trying to modify and keep my house since June of 2009 and until now, there hasn't been any response or positive feedback. After all of this, I had no choice but to talk to Bank of America myself and settle for what they were offering me.

Knowing this, I called ** back in order to get the $3,000.00 that I issued to the Home Rescue Programs. She told me that she would not be able to refund that money because the check was not payable to her, it was payable to the Home Rescue Program. I do have a copy of the cashier's check and all the information that was given to her during this process. I am willing to provide any information or paperwork that is needed. I'm hoping that you can help me. All I want in return is the $3,000.00 that I originally paid in the beginning of my modification.

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