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Went to the Arnold MO store in August 2016. Ordered regular glasses with progressive lenses and a pair of sunglasses because of the BOGO offer. I had never been to Visionworks prior to this visit. No problems with the eye exam or picking out frames. Called and told my glasses were ready. When I put on the regular glasses, I had an immediate headache and my left eye felt like it was being pulled to the right. I took off the glasses and said something is wrong with the left lens. I was given a 15 minute lecture about not looking through just one eye when checking glasses. I was told to wait until the next morning, put them on, and wear them as long as possible. I was told to wear them for a couple of weeks to get used to them. I have had glasses with progressive lenses for over 10 years. The very first pair of progressive lenses I got only took a day to get used to. I also told this to the associate who then repeated that I should give them a couple weeks.

I was unable to wear them after trying for a week. I returned and the same associate again tried to tell me to give them more time. A different associate asked to see the glasses. He asked me to put them on and close my right eye. I told him I already got the lecture about not just looking through one eye. He asked if I could return the next day and see the doctor. A different doctor would be there. The second doctor said she saw almost the same prescription for my right eye but "tweaked it". She also said she saw no astigmatism in my left eye so that prescription was completely different. When the glasses came in again, I was immediately able to clearly see and had no headache. The sunglasses also had to be redone. When those came in, the associate had a difficult time getting "the dots" off the lenses. She asked the original associate I had seen if the solution she was using was the right one to get the dots off.

The original associate told her to go talk to the guy that works on lenses because he will be able to tell her what to use. I did tell this associate that this was my first visit to Visionworks and it would be my last. I drove 45 minutes one way to get to this store and had to make too many visits to get glasses with the correct prescription. I wish I had read reviews prior to my first visit. I went to Visionworks after my insurance rep suggesting I check with them to get another quote for prices to compare to Walmart prices that I had already checked. Visionworks was less expensive but it wasn't worth the aggravation and numerous trips to the store.

I used this place when it was ValueVision and never had the problems that I've had since Visionworks took over. To start, myself and both sons have to wear glasses. My first pair the side piece come out of frame, not the screw, wasn't offered ins on ANY of the first 3 we purchased. Both boys' pairs have had same problems, mind you we only had them a week! They put some kind of rubber rigging crap on them only for nose pieces (the metal) break, constantly something! So since Walmart will not accept my ins for the exam but will for glasses that's how I have to get my glasses now!

As far as my boys, they have to have a replacement pair every few months bc of the crappy quality, if Walmart would take their ins we would all just go there. My frames and lenses at V.W. was $250 and fell apart in a week. Spent $146 at Walmart and had them add where they tint too and they're holding up better than the others ever did! I do not recommend Visionworks to anyone for anything!

I bought a pair of prescription glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses in late July. Since then, I have had to revisit this store five times due to the poor quality of both pairs of glasses. I bought every feature and upgrade available for both pairs in order to have what I thought would be the best glasses I'd ever had. The first time I had to come back was to have them readjusted. No problem. Second time, one of the lenses on my sunglasses had popped out without being dropped or otherwise damaged. Third time, one of the lenses on my glasses got scratched (despite the fact that I had bought scratch-resistant lenses). I seriously doubt they really do have the scratch-resistant feature though, as I have bought much cheaper lenses elsewhere without scratch-resistant lenses and they never even gotten a nick or the slightest scratch.

Fourth time, I received back my newly replaced lens (left side) that had been scratched only to find that while the left side was being replaced, the right side mysteriously got scratched while out of my possession! Fifth time, the same lens popped out of my sunglasses again, and again without provocation. I can just wear them on my face while driving and they fall out! To go along with visit number five, the replaced left lens on my glasses had bent my frames so that the left side of the frames was no longer the original shape.

Every single time I go into that establishment, I am treated as if I am more lowly than the employees there, as if I have sabotaged my glasses, and as if I ought to be ashamed for requiring that my glasses be repaired. I do not appreciate being treated thus, especially after spending more than half a grand for these pathetic glasses. When I came home, I realized that while the left lens was put back into the sunglasses' frames, the right lens had been partially popped out.

Except for the unbelievable inconvenience and shoddy quality of these glasses and sunglasses, this saga might be funny. Not only am I never inclined to EVER take my business to Vision Works in the future, I am also highly motivated to tell everyone I meet to never patronize Vision Works either.

About 2 yrs. since I had any exam done by the staff at Visionworks. Their customer services was very poor. I came in for an eye exam and needed contact lenses. After a follow up I had ordered a 6 month's supply lenses which came out to be $84 and change, which take a few weeks to get them in. While waiting for my lenses I came in for a check up ordered by the doctor. Went home with another trial pairs to try out for a week then come back in for another check up. This time I came home with another trial pairs... got frustrated with the back and forth trip to the office. I stop coming in and went elsewhere for my eyes exam (do over)!

Since I never picked up my ordered lenses, I called in and requested to have my money credited back to my visa. What I got was the manager is gone for the day and they can't help me. I stopped into the store few times they either can't find my prescription or manager not in and sent me home. Got so frustrated I decided to let it sit for awhile.

Today I called and spoke with the manager for once (Jen) she said it's been 2 yrs... and kept repeating 2yrs... there's nothing she is going to do for me. There's no record and they don't keep record! I find that's very upsetting and disturbing. It's clearly a FRAUD! First of all that's my money. I should get it back. Doesn't matter 2 yrs or 20 yrs. It's paid for but not working out. They restocked my prescription. It's not like they tossed it out because it's rotten. Very upsetting!!!

Visionworks IKEA blvd., Charlotte NC 0 stars. Receptionist ** has a terrible attitude. Not sure why she's working as the front point of contact in a business. She made my appointment on saturday, stated her company accepted my insurance, heritage vision, then today, Monday she states she cannot find my coverage. I called the insurance, they stated visionworks accepts the insurance. I advised her of this. She still stated, with the nastiest attitude they do not. Performed a google search and this particular business and address is listed first in my list of providers.

Decided to take my business elsewhere. Called back to make a formal complaint, she stated the office manager is out until wednesday. Went back to see someone as this is unacceptable, took time out of my day to keep the appointment, the doctor, ** was no better than her associate!!! I do not see how this business is still in operation with terrible customer service!!! I will never refer anyone to this business!!! ** and **'s attitude were that of the stone ages!!!

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In 2015, my husband had cataract surgery. Medicare will cover one pair of eyeglasses following cataract surgery. When we went to Visionworks in Wilmington, Delaware to get glasses for my husband, I asked about this benefit. I was told then they "were applying to become part of Medicare but as yet were not." So, since my husband needed new glasses post-surgery, we proceeded to purchase them ourselves.

Today, September 2016, I received a call from this location reminding me it had been one year since my husband's last visit and it was time for new glasses. I asked about the Medicare benefit; I was told Visionworks is not participating. I said I would take my business elsewhere. All we hear today in the news is baby boomers aging and how we are driving the health care industry. Guess Visionworks does not want baby boomers to go to their stores at all and certainly not to get a benefit for eye glasses following surgery. So, if you are Medicare eligible and need this benefit, do not go to Visionworks.

4 years ago I went to Visionworks get my eye test & new glasses. Bought 2 pair (1 pair of glasses & 1 pair of sunglasses). Long story short I had a lot of problems with my glasses over the past 4 years but not out of my sunglasses. So now it's 4 yrs later I decided to go back to Visionworks for a new eye exams & new glasses. The eye doctors tells me that my prescription has changed a lot. So she checked the prescription in my glasses that I have been wearing for the past 4 yrs doesn't even match up to the the prescription she wrote me 4 yrs ago. We also found out that the computer states a totally different prescription. I do have all of the proof on paper in my hands. 3 weeks later I still don't have a new pair of glasses that I can see out of due to the manager at Visionworks Wolfchase is so rude, unfriendly, unhelpful. I have asked for the GM district manager to please give me a call back & have not received that call yet.

I was shopping around over the phone and was lucky to reach William. He was extremely knowledgeable and very customer service oriented. Inside the store, William was even more impressive! William's knowledge is tremendous and he was extremely helpful to both my daughter and me. The frame selection is huge and there was no problem finding exactly what we wanted. My daughter required glasses quickly before heading back to college and William was able to provide an overnight turnaround for her two pairs. A huge thank you to William for his exceptional customer service and for taking the time to provide personalized education. I highly recommend this Visionworks location!!! Additionally, IF YOU ARE 55 OR OLDER, GO ON WEDNESDAY FOR THEIR HALF PRICE FOR SENIORS PROMOTION!!!

I purchased two pairs of eyeglasses, reading and sunglasses. I was given two different delivery dates. The reading glasses were ready on time, while the sunglasses were not ready on due date. When I picked up the reading glasses, manager stated that due to weather conditions, sunglasses were not ready. When I called on the due date, a subordinate said that the sunglasses were not due to be ready for another week. I explained that I had the receipt which stated the delivery date was now. The associate's poor customer service was repulsive with her curt response. She vigorously disputed me and I hung up knowing I was right. I called back and the previous subordinate gave the call to a manager who explained that the glasses had to be returned due to an imperfection in the lens. Bottom line is that I did not believe either "canned excuse"! I will never purchase eyeglasses from Visionworks again. Store # 433.

The representative Taylor, was very pleasant to work with and she did everything in her power to resolve the issue I was having with my new lenses. This review should not reflect negatively on her great customer service, rather on the quality of the lenses; (small green dots appear when there is light from a light bulb or when sunlight hits in certain angles. The lenses have been remade 3 times and the problem is still there). I have had other lenses made at visionworks and this had not occurred. My wife too, had her lenses made here and hers are fine. I am reluctant to take my lenses back in for a 4th time, as I have lost all confidence in the ability of Visionworks to correct the issue. Purchase was made under the BOGO program and they were the transition lenses. The cost was over $800.00. This will be the last time I will purchase lenses from Visionworks.

I will NEVER buy glasses from these quacks again. After one month lenses are totally full of scratches. Glasses cost over 400.

I have seen many negative reviews for VisionWorks. However, I live in Naples FL and took in a prescription to be filled there. The sales associate spent a lot of time with me helping me pick out a frame that complimented my face. She even took pictures of me so I could how they looked in a photo. My progressive glasses came in within a week. I LOVE them and the service I received!

I purchased two sets of glasses BOGO. One of the frames was sunglasses. From the beginning the lenses would break away from the frame. I would bring them back to the store and they would fix them and then the same thing would happen again. This happened repeatedly. I requested these frames to be replaced - I had spent $600 for these frames. I wouldn't expect my frames to keep breaking. I wanted them to replace their defective product. They refused, they wanted to give me 50% off of new lenses and frames. There is nothing wrong with my lenses. All I wanted was new frames and they refused stating they don't make that frame anymore. New glasses would run me $400. They don't back their product even if defective. They just think they are offering some kind of great deal by offering 50% off. I will never go back. Nor would I recommend them to my peers. They just want to lure you in and not back their product.

Although I had a good eye exam at this place, I had a coupon for "buy one, get one" which was a big come-on. One pair ended up costing me $407! Then the lenses was to be ultra-thin and they were so thick! Yes they had a warranty and since I used my debit card it will be 7 to 10 days to get my money back! Well they wanted their money upfront of course so I trusted them until I got the glasses but they make me wait for my money? In this day and age with computers it should have been in my account in at least two days! I for one will never go back there to get glasses. Their $19 eye exam ended up $70!!! Stop lying to get us to come in and then pay more! After she told me my glasses were over $600 for one pair I told her, "No way." She gave me then a coupon for 40% off that brought it down to the $407! Cheap glasses?? I don't think so!

Purchased 2 pairs of progression eyewear from Visionworks. Picking out glasses was no problem. Girl was very helpful. When being measured by licensed optometrist, it was a very quick session. Received my 2 pairs a week later. Tried them on, advised optometrist that everything was very blurry and strong. He said to give it 2 weeks to adjust. After wearing them for 2 weeks at work and at home, I couldn't stand it anymore. Went back and complained. Optometrist took glasses, went into back and did something to it and asked to see how it was now. It was still horrible. He told me to go back to my doctor to see if prescription was wrong. Went to my Ophthalmologist again. Cost me another $20.00 copay to find out my prescription is accurate.

Went back to Visionworks, a new female re-measured me and saw how off the lenses were! Took my 1 pair of glasses back and it took another week to receive the correct pair. Finally correct now. Then they took my 2nd pair to correct that took over 10 days to receive via UPS. I will not be going back there in the future. I do not recommend this company for glasses. Too bad, because the price was reasonable.

I see many negative reviews for Visionworks. I just had a great experience and wanted to pass it on. I went to Visionworks in Reno, Nevada and purchased four pairs of glasses, two progressive clear, one progressive polarized sunglass, and one progressive transition. When I got the glasses a couple days later I didn't like the frames that I had picked for the transition pair. I went back and they let me pick a different frame and only charged me for the difference in the frame. I also upgraded the lens to their Trivex HD and they gave me the same discount as I got on my fourth pair. That's great service. Both salespeople that I dealt with worked hard to ensure that I was satisfied. The glasses are great also.

We came in to the Hendersonville, TN office as a walk in. I called before I came to make sure it wouldn't be a problem around lunch time to come. They assured me it wouldn't be a problem. After waiting 1 1/2 hours for the exam with the office being pretty dead with only 2 customers in front of us I thought we would be done soon. Taken back to the exam room it was another 35-40 mins before seen. Then brought to the front to complete the process (we had the glasses picked out already). We then waited another 40 mins before that process began! We didn't leave until 3:30! Three hours for an eye exam and fitting. I'll never come back!!

I went to Visionworks to get new glasses and also needed an exam. When I went to pick up my glasses I could not see! They told me that I could have a new exam by a different Dr. The new Dr told me that the first Dr took out my astigmatism and he wasn't sure why (neither did I). After my exam, which was extremely fast I waited a couple of weeks for my new glasses and no one called to let me know they were ready. I finally called and was told, "They just came in today." When I went in to pick up my glasses, AGAIN I could not see, my vision was blurry.

The district manager was there and told me that I should wear them for a week to see if my eyes adjusted to them. He also said, "I stand behind my Dr's." I gave it a week and could not even see the street signs. When I returned the glasses another manager was there I explained my situation. She took my glasses, said "I'm sorry" and walked away. I had to call my insurance company and explain to them what happened and that I had just lost my exam for the year. They called Visionworks and when the rep from my insurance company called me back he said he got nowhere with them. My insurance company gave me back my exam and my co-pay that I paid to Visionworks and advised me to stay away from that company. I would advise other people to do the same.

Last year I bought 2 pairs of glasses for about 700.00. One pair broke completely and they ordered a new pair. The other pair needed the earpiece to be attached to the glasses since it was loose. Here I am again a few months, stuck again with 2 pairs of glasses that are broke. I've had glasses from another place that lasted a long time - I could have thrown them across the wall and they wouldn't break. I had to use an old pair til I get my new ones from the place I had gone to before. So much for trying to save money at this store. I paid good money for the more expensive frames and they didn't last. I wouldn't recommend this store to anyone and have told a few people already about my experience. The only thing good I can say is the eye doctor was very friendly and the customer service was good.

I visited the 3586 Aramingo Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19134. When I inquired about the 2 for 69. I was told that I couldn't purchase without a prescription & that the doctor has left for the day. I was told that couldn't purchase and that I need to make appointment. After reading the poster it stated nothing in writing that that denied me the right to purchase. I bought my glasses to the counter. I took them and wrote them down on a card and placed them in the draws. The supervisor told me that they booked for Sunday. I felt that I should've been able to buy them anyway on sale regardless, I shouldn't have to be seen by their doctor to purchase anything on sale.

I purchased two pairs of glasses from the Dickson City, PA location in May 2015. In January small, strange spots appeared on the right lens. I washed my glasses with water and the spots were still there. Over time more and more spots appeared. I'd had this same thing happen with a pair of glasses from Eye Masters. The spots on the lens eventually started peeling, disrupting my vision. I had to have them replaced.

A few days ago I took the glasses to Visionworks and showed the employee the spots. The first employee who looked at them said, "That's not supposed to happen." Then a woman came over and looked at them. First thing she did was try to blame it on how I cleaned them or sprays I use around the house. Funny if that was the case it wouldn't be on both lenses. Also, since it was more than 60 days she said they "Couldn't justify" doing anything about it. Maybe replace it for 25% off. They sell poor quality made lens and it's my fault? I will not buy anything from this location again or from Visionworks and I caution anyone else.

I went for my first eye exam and the clerk made me because she had locked her keys inside her car and she had to call someone to come and unlock her car. When she finally did my exam, I had no confidence in her. She seemed confused about what she was doing. When the doctor performed the exam, he was unfriendly and hardly spoke to me. I had to ask 100 questions. Nothing was explained to me. When I picked up the glasses and went to work, the prescription was wrong. I couldn't see my computer. I returned the glasses and picked up another pair the next week with different lenses. They were also wrong. I could not see with them at all. Then, they told me I needed bifocals. I agreed. After all, the first two were wrong. After picking up the bifocals, I still cannot see the computer well enough to do my job. I really don't have any faith in this store and its employees. From day one, I had a bad feeling about the staff here.

I went to the Visionworks in Altamonte Springs, Florida for annual eye exam and for new glasses if necessary. The only bright spot at this eyeglass provider is Dr. **. She is very professional and does a great job. Nothing else is acceptable, especially if you are a caucasian and male. Everyone that comes in while you're there automatically goes ahead of you even if their appointment time is later. In other words, the clerical staff is extremely biased against ** males. After waiting 40 minutes and watching several others go ahead of me, my hispanic wife intervened with the female chauvinist staff and finally they took me as a patient with hatred in their eyes. My wife and I will not go there for glasses ever again. Dr. ** should go to work at a decent place and let this place sink down into a financial sewer.

The company contacted me and resolved this with an acceptable solution.

Original Review

My glasses from Visionworks have started showing center hairline cracks in the lenses. This is the second time that this has happened. They refuse to replace the lenses and have no reason for the quality issue. I certainly won't pay for them a third time.

Bought two glasses for the cost of one (read through my review for the real kicker at the end). One pair was for my elderly father, and one was for myself. Father's frames and lenses were fitted beautiful/fine, but my glasses did not improve my vision without tilting the frames at a 45 degree angle away from my face. This put the "arms" of the frames 3 inches above my ears. In this position, I could see GREAT, beautifully. However, the manager was firmly adamant I was in the wrong, even though I proved REPEATEDLY and effectively that I could not see well at all with the glasses placed normally on my nose and ears. Manager would not back down. She would not listen, was interrupting, getting argumentative and was trying to make me feel like I was not very intelligent. I tried explaining repeatedly that my lenses were wrong, wrong, wrong. My vision was NOT corrected.

At this point, I refused the glasses, but I said we would keep one pair -- my Dad's. Almost 800.00 for two pairs (the type of lenses we had -- bifocals are expensive). Yes, TWO for the price of one. So, since I wrote one check three weeks ago, in order for me to return the glasses and get a refund, I had to write ANOTHER check for that amount, they would refund the 100.00 for my glasses on the spot, and I would have to wait 30 days for the first check "to come back from corporate." WOW. So, Visionworks sits on almost 1400.00 of my money for awhile, and I have to TRUST them to refund what should have been returned ON THE SPOT.

I was so disgusted with the manager, that I kept the glasses that do not work only because my Dad loved his pair. I was afraid had I written another check for almost 800. VisionWorks would have found another problem and I would NEVER see my money without going to small claims court. This store does not strive for customer satisfaction, and as we are on a limited income, to write another check for almost 800, get 100 back and WAIT for the balance to be returned was really cruel. Another site online with reviews on this company, country wide, and had I first read the reviews posted there -- over 180+ with a one star rating. I never would have purchased glasses there. Reviews reflected problems I encountered. Steer clear.

I went to a location in Pittsburgh on my lunch hour to get a simple frame adjustment. I had not purchased the pair from Visionworks but thought I'd go there for the adjustment since it's close to my building where I work. The first question the woman asked me was if I bought them there. I said no. She said "well, we can't be held accountable if something would go wrong." I thought "what could go wrong - it's a frame adjustment." Well, good lead in to the mess!!! When I got the frames back and put them on, I could not see out of the left lens of my glasses. At the time I wasn't sure what the problem was so I just said I couldn't see out of the lens. She took them, wiped them again, then told me to try on again. Did and still couldn't see. I held them up to the light and it looked very odd. Couldn't tell if there were scratches or if the heat from the frame for the adjustment did some kind of melting on the lens. I literally cannot see out of my left lens.

When I told her I could not see out of the lens, her comment was "well at least they're adjusted right" and then she gave a giggle. I left in a huff. The afternoon passed and I was getting a bad headache and could not even see to type, so I called the location and asked to speak with the manager. Well, guess who was the manager?? My gal! I told her I was completely dissatisfied and that something needed done because it appeared I would need replacement glasses. She said they "normally" don't cover things like this since I didn't buy them there but she would check to see if they had the prescription for the lens in their lab so they could replace them. I'm hesitant as to what to do? I need them replaced but do I just put out the money and go somewhere else (where I got this pair in the first place) or make VW fix the mess they made. If the latter doesn't work out, more time just passes that I can't see. What's a girl to do???

On March 8, 2016, I had two pair of eyewear made at Visionworks Temple, Texas. The staff could not get the glasses to fit. The pair of sunglasses were not made with the correct lens. I had to go to the store in Temple Mall four or five times just to get one pair to somewhat fit. On 3-24-16, I had to call this office and have another argumentation with the manager. She wanted me to wait two hours to have the lens cut to my frame. All of this was just one big argument. A Big waste of my time. I will never use Visionworks, again. I will try to air my complaint with the corporate office of Visionworks.

I went to Visionworks to get new glasses. I had insurance but they sold me on lenses my insurance would not pay for much of to make more money on me. I did call my insurance company after the fact. My mistake. I will never use this company again. This place is just a scam to sell me as much as they could. People should be warned about places like this. I guess I should have known better, I do now.

Went to Visionworks #516 at 12950 Highland Crossing, Herndon, VA 20171, on December 30, 2015. Worked with ** to select frames and order glasses. Glasses due on Saturday, January 9--they arrived that day--THIS IS THE GOOD PART. NOW THE BAD PART: Went to pick up glasses--unfortunately ** was not working that day. A young lady said she would help and I was given my glasses. It is not unusual when getting new glasses, especially bi or tri-focals, to have some issues reading and I stated that. Without introducing himself or even saying 'hello', a young man took the glasses from me (didn't as if this was okay), bent the nose rests, and gave them back to me.

This was a not only rude to both me and the young lady assisting me, but created another problem: the glasses now rode so high on my nose there was at least 1/4 inch of space between my nose and the bottom of the glasses, they were above my eyebrows, and this did not improve my vision. When I commented on this, an older woman (I think she was the manager) came over (again no introduction or offer to help), took the glasses, told me to put them on, measured a line on the lenses, and said they matched my prescription. She didn't compare this to any document--just made a pronouncement. I was then told that I had to go back to my doctor to verify the prescription and I had 30 days to do it. All of this happened in less than five (5) minutes. I was so taken aback and upset at this point. I took the glasses and left feeling this was the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE I had ever had.

After thinking about this over the weekend, I decided to go back on Monday to see if ** was working--luckily she was. I told ** about my experience and she apologized, which I know is GOOD customer service, but she had to apologize for the bad behavior of others, not hers. ** repaired the adjustment to the nose rests and worked with me to the point where the glasses were acceptable. Again, this took approximately 5-6 minutes--the same amount three people made a feeble attempt to assist me with no good result. I have been using the glasses since then and they are fine. Question: Why does a customer have to endure this type of POOR SERVICE and make another trip before they get someone who has the knowledge, ability, and desire to produce good results? The amount of money spent should not determine the kind of service one receives, but this was a substantial amount spent ($500) and I deserved better.

** is a credit to Visionworks and I believe she deserves to work for a better company. Her competence, friendliness, and willingness to help is so above anyone else I encountered. I told my friend about this experience and she said she got her glasses there and that she also was impressed with **. The other two people were rude, unfriendly (not a smile from any of them), and lacked the knowledge or desire to assist a customer. If I could have given less than one star, I would have. I will NEVER EVER go to Visionworks again--it isn't worth the trouble and frustration and I will pass along this HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE to others, as I am now.

My boyfriend and I went to the get eye exams in Pompton Plains NJ location. I needed contacts and he needed glasses. The place opens at 9 am but the doctor doesn't come in until 9:30 or so. The dr. told him that he needed glasses with bifocals; so he went to look at glasses and picked out 2 pairs (a clear pair and sunglasses). The dr. told me that I had an astigmatism which I never had a day in my life. After taking my current prescription contacts out and not being able to see the doctor told me that the glasses would be half off if I was to order the contacts and a pair of glasses the same day and was sent to look at glasses. I was able to pick out a nice pair with my boyfriend's help. I told the dr. what type of contacts I wanted and she ordered something totally different.

After spending between the two of us $1000; I had to keep calling to check when our glasses and contacts were in. No matter who I spoke with they gave nothing but an attitude. My glasses came in within a couple of days but my contacts didn't. A couple of days later my boyfriend's one pair of glasses came in but the 2nd pair did not. I finally received a phone call stating my contacts were there but I needed to try the sample pair on for the doctor. As for his glasses; we were given tons of excuses of why they were not there (between the lab sent them with no prescription; to the wrong prescription put in them). When I went back for my follow up for my contacts and told her that I wanted a different type of contact; the doctor began to argue with me stating that's not what I said in the beginning. Then I had to sit and wait for someone to assist me again to order the new brand of lenses.

I called a couple of days ago after his glasses were sent back to the lab for the 2nd time and me ordering the correct contact lenses to follow up to see if they came in. I was told the contacts were there but not his glasses (which we were told they both would be in). Everyone there has the I don't care attitude including the general manager. I called and tried to speak to the General Manager to see what the status of the glasses were and he had to call me back (which was 2 hours later). I asked him why it took him so long to call me back and he stated he was waiting for a response via email from the lab. I told him to call the lab instead of emailing due to people do not read emails right away and we have been waiting for 3 weeks for these glasses (which they screwed up to begin with) and call me back.

His shift is over at 5:00 pm and he is out the door instead of following through with contacting me back after I asked him to contact the lab to find out about the glasses. I also told the general manager that the clear glasses had scratches on them from the marker that was used to show were the bifocals are supposed to be. He told me that he we did not order the extended warranty and we are only covered for 30 days. I told him we are only a couple of weeks from the time we received the glasses. He then proceeded to tell me that he would order a new pair of clear glasses but we would need to swap them out when the new pair comes in.

I then proceeded to call corporate office and got a hold of the territory manager. She keeps apologizing which is really not helping. She was told the sunglasses won't be in until March 10th on Saturday when she called. Then she called again the store again today March 7th and the sunglasses were in... In the meantime, the 1st pair of glasses has scratches on them from putting marker where the bifocals are supposed to be.

The territory manager is suppose be getting him another pair of glasses (which won't be in for another week and a half) plus a 20% discount (which I feel is not enough) from how much we originally spent. I don't understand what takes SOOOOOO long for glasses to be made. I have been wearing glasses and contacts for many years and never had this problem. The items are usually received within a couple of days. I will NEVER use Visionworks again for as long as I live!!! I rather pay everything out of pocket (IT WOULD BE CHEAPER)!

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As an industry leader in eye care services and eye wear products, Visionworks has more than 650 stores in 41 different states, including the District of Columbia.

  • Frame finder: The Frame Finder lets shoppers try out different frames on their own face, through the Internet. Consumers can upload a picture and start trying on frames.
  • Complete kids line: Get kids glasses that are durable and designed to stand up to the activity of sports.
  • Contact lenses: Buy contact lenses that correct for single vision, bifocal or astigmatism.
  • Safety gear: Never wear a pair of goggles over glasses while in a work setting again with prescription safety gear.
  • Stock up on accessories: Never leave the store without a cleaning kit, case and any other favorite accessories for glasses.
  • Best for Kids, Professionals and Contacts wearers.

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