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The offered selection was very good with a lot of variety. What they offered seemed reliable and useful. They provided a good amount of information for each selection. The payment's options were highly useful. They offered payment options that would work for a vast amount of people who are seeking different options. The cancellation policy was very easy and reliable. They kept information confidential and made the cancellation process easy with little to no irritations.

Their refund options are very useful. They have created options for anyone who is looking for a refund, and they have policies set for refunds.

I used SeatGeek to find tickets for an NFL football game. I bought 3 tickets for a scheduled Thursday night game at a cost of $174 of which about $26 were fees. SeatGeek doesn't provide tickets, it locates a third party ticket seller. The tickets actually came through UberSeat which is equally, if not more, guilty than SeatGeek. Tickets were purchased on Sunday for the game on the following Thursday. On Monday the NFL changed the game to Wednesday due to a tropical depression that was threatening game night in Tampa Bay, Florida. My 2 friends and I would not be in town on Wednesday and the tickets are of no use to us. Starting Monday night I tried to get a refund and have learned that neither SeatGeek or UberSeat will refund any transaction due to a change in event schedules. How does that seem right? I bought tickets for Thursday not Wednesday.

While neither ticket seller has control over the change in schedule they certainly ought to be able to make refunds on tickets not yet expired. So the NFL gets about 148 of my dollars, and SeatGeek and Uberseat share in some 26 more of my dollars and I am left with nothing and no recourse. I would be more forgiving if the date had not changed and my circumstances didn't allow me to attend on the original date. But to sell tickets to an event and then pull the carpet out from under me by changing the date is certainly unfair.

Don't let the term guarantee fool you. They guarantee to send you a ticket but there is no refund or return policy for any transaction. Changing the date of an event is no different than cancelling the show if the new date is not viable for you. There should be a refund for dates cancelled or changed. The contract between me and the ticket vendors was for a specific date/time/place. If that changes then the vendor has broken the contract because the tickets are essentially for an event that didn't take place on that date and time. What is the point of these ticket sellers if they just charge fees and don't provide any assurances. Buy direct from the box office.

Bought tickets for a game, got them cheaper than other sites I looked at, very happy with purchase. Would come back again and buy tickets from this site in the future. I paid with credit card but there were other options, PayPal and debit as well gift card access. There were plenty of ways to pay. Cancel within 30 days and you get your money back. You can get a full refund with whoever you purchased the tickets so for me it would've went back on my credit card.

I would recommend because they make it so easy for you to find tickets to anything you want to see whether it is a concert or a theater show or if you have a favorite sports team you would like to see. I am happy with the payment option. They accept all major credit cards such as Discover MasterCard visa and American Express. I also like that they are instant download tickets and are available minutes after you request. I like the cancellation policy. It is very easy and they help every step of the way and it does not take long for them to refund your money back to your credit card. I am happy with the refund options. It is very easy to get a refund. You get it quick and they are very helpful in getting you your refund. I would definitely recommend this service to people.

I found my tickets quickly and easily. Overall I was completely satisfied with everything. They had plenty of different payment options. I chose to just go ahead and use my debit card but if you didn't have one or wanted to use a different option there was plenty to choose from that would fit your needs. We didn't use the cancellation policy so I'm not exactly sure how amazing it is, but they informed us about if we were to cancel and it sounded pretty good. They sounded like they were willing to work with you on getting your money back.

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It was easy to obtain tickets through this vendor. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to buy tickets to an event. It is very easy to use. The payment options basically sell themselves. The cancellation policy was almost easier to use than it was to purchase the tickets. Although we did not have to use this certain policy it certainly is good to know about and to have on hand. The refund options are probably in my opinion better than everything else related to the other packaging. It is so easy to obtain a refund.

This website offered everything I was looking for when it came to buying tickets. The prices were exceptional and the buying process was extremely easy.

This is by far the best ticket selection ever. This is where you can actually see the seat that are open for you to purchase. Once you see what I mean you are hooked. This is as easy as 1-2-3 and you get choose how you would like to pay. There are many options available and it's what's best for you the customer. There is no better policy out there if you need to cancel. They are totally customer service and they know things happen. They really want you the customer to come back time and time again and this is why they have so many different refund options out there. Look them up and check it out.

It was like heaven buying that, wish I had done it earlier. I would definitely do this again. It was so helpful in ways I can't explain and you probably can't imagine. My parents use it more than I do to be honest because they took a liking to it just like me. Pay with your Debit or Credit Card. The cancellation policy was fine in my opinion. There were bare options.

Given that I was ordering tickets at a last minute notice, I was very surprised by numerous available seating options and they were priced rather fairly. The Payment options are pretty cool. You can receive payout through your bank or Venmo. I have yet to cancel on SeatGeek but by all appearances it seems to be a smooth and easy process. I can't find any negative reviews of people having issues with their cancellation. Just as with the cancellation option, I have yet to exercise the refund option. But I haven't seen any negative reviews in regards to their refund policy or process either.

They offer a great selection which I really thought was great and helpful. I like when you have some options to choose from. It makes things so much easier and less stressful. They offer some different kind of payment options which I really liked and use. Really helpful as well cause then you know they know what they are doing and they really want your business. It was cool they seemed to understand life is always changing and you need to change with it so you need a company that understands that and can really help take some of the stress away. They offer good refund options which I really thought was great and really helpful cause you want to know who you're dealing with and that you can get your money back if things don't work out without any hassle.

The selection was great. I have never seen so many choices on one site. It was all there for me and I got exactly what I wanted without feeling ripped doing it. I used my PayPal to pay but there was tons of way I could have paid using debits or credits even probably prepaid cards if you got cash on there. If you would have to cancel I would say it would be very easy. I did not cancel. I kept my tickets and loved my show. No need to cancel when you got a great deal. I could have got a refund if needed right back to the payment option I chose to pay with but I did not need to but the process made me feel same if I need.

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SeatGeek is an online ticket aggregator that provides customers with an easy way to find events and purchase tickets. Working with other ticket vendors means that SeatGeek offers more listings than many other online or retail vendors.

  • Huge inventory: SeatGeek boasts "the largest inventory on the web," listing more than 400,000 tickets for arts and theater, concerts and sports.
  • Interactive 3D maps: Know exactly where you will be sitting in relation to the band or stage when you purchase your tickets.
  • Mobile app: Search for and purchase event tickets from your mobile device.
  • Notifications: Receive alerts when your favorite bands, plays or teams are scheduled to appear near you.
  • Resell your tickets: Sign up to easily post a listing for your unusable tickets and sell them via SeatGeek.
  • Best for SeatGeek has tickets for music concerts and sporting events, making it best for concert-goers and sports enthusiasts.

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