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AdvancedMD provides the most comprehensive medical office software suite in the industry. Our EHR, billing and patient experience tools are used by more than 45,000 physicians and backed by expert practice advocates.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about AdvancedMD?
    • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 16, 2022

    In the past I always took a review of a product with a grain of salt in making decisions, but after my dealings with AdvancedMD, I would definitely tell any private physician to PLEASE be careful and work with AdvancedMD at your own risk. I started my own private office two and half years ago and used them at first for the EHR as well as the billing/RCM (Revenue cycle management). This was the first and biggest mistake. First, the EJR is very straightforward and if you’re only going to use them for that alone, then you should be fine, but I still wouldn’t use or recommend them after my ordeal.

    In the beginning, AdvancedMD would schedule weekly and then bimonthly conference calls once all my new contracts were finally in which took up to 6 months. However, when on these calls, my office manager would review certain contracts that we uploaded to the system days/weeks before the meeting and AdvancedMD were ill prepared to discuss them and get them placed into the system.

    Upon checking in on the status of claims 1-2 weeks up to one month later after claim submission regarding follow up discussions my office had with the RCM division, we could hear literal whispering on the conference call between underlings and their bosses at AdvancedMD’s RCM department refuting what we said we were calling about. In one incident involving a claim, an RCM agent at AdvancedMD told my office manager that I as the physician, had outsourced that claim to another party outside of AdvancedMD. Upon hearing this I was confused and frustrated as I of course never outsourced anything and upon calling again, a supervisor said that agent was in error.

    The most egregious issue regarding AdvancedMD and their so-called RCM is that upon my staff asking in what stage a particular claim was in at that point in time, I and my staff were told that only AdvancedMD has access to the clearinghouse and that my staff and I have absolutely no access to the clearinghouse to see what status my own payments are in at any given time. Upon learning this I ended the RCM portion and kept the EHR portion but you have to give them 90 days of a ‘winding down’ period of which AdvancedMD admitted was nothing different from the previous time period.

    During this ‘wind down’ period, I had my revenue report come to a screeching halt over a 30-day period and they at AdvancedMD told my staff, that we must have entered charges incorrectly, and upon confirming the entries were indeed correct with another person in the RCM department, 72 hours later, miraculously a large payment hit the clearinghouse. I was left with a feeling that this company was not forthright with its physician partners at all. I contemplated legal action after I reviewed the contract with AdvancedMD and they indemnify themselves for only $15,000 and if you do receive a judgement that AdvancedMD is liable, you and your attorneys have to go after them for the judgement.

    Overall, I would not recommend this company in any capacity as there are literally hundreds of EHR companies from which to choose. I think this company and their RCM division was very duplicitous in stating, “we want to grow with you”, and then have a policy that the physician and their admin. staff have no access to the clearinghouse where in which you as a medical practice receive your income. This in and of itself is egregious and the biggest red flag in any medical payment/ RCM system in the country in my opinion. I think far too often electronic health information companies and others take advantage of physicians on the business side and AdvancedMD is no different. My dear colleagues and supporting administrative staff, please heed my warning and stay far away from AdvancedMD.

    Rasheed **, M.D.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2022

    Hired a biller they recommended and after 2 months and major errors I switched and am doing billing in house BUT I still can't get the errors fixed from the 2 mo he had! Claims wrong due to constant glitches and he blamed the software. I contacted reps at Advanced MD and after 8 weeks contacted the president Amanda Hansen! Was a complete waste of time. She basically said have to deal with biller (even though he continues to blame software glitches). As a sole practitioner, can't afford to not have money coming in. RUN RUN RUN. I am looking for legal recourse because still don't have money from those claims and advanced md doesn't care or stand by their product. Curious how long the new president will last there....

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceContract & TermsPriceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 1, 2022

    Avoid this company like the plague. Despite potentially having much higher ratings; our experience with this company has been awful. We asked the right questions; but received the wrong information. This was sadly not identified until after the contract was written. These folks are hands off and provide no assistance. The moment we discovered the numerous issues and reported them (ahead of our scheduled date of implementation), we waited over 30 days for an answer. The long awaited answer was “tough”. “Our finance team decided that since a contract was signed, we will require 90 days of payments to allow you out of a contract”.

    We never implemented the system, never activated a single employee or provider, and are unable to utilize the software. However, we will be paying for 3 months of service for absolutely no benefit. We only identified 1 single ethical employee in the entire organization. They even debited our account a month ahead of the agreed term. Don’t waste your time. There are many other SaaS providers available whom are much less expensive, much more helpful, much more ethical, and will aid in the successful operation of your practice/clinic!

    Profile pic of the author.
    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 14, 2022

    Absolutely horrible experience... It started day 1 with onboarding: Poor explanation and training, AMD put information in wrong silos; trainer was inept, did not know her own system and could not train my personnel properly, NOTHING worked as described and advertised, They cannot support occupational medicine formats. We've spent no less than 80 hours on the phone or web support trying to fix problems. We are 8+ months into this service and we still can't bill properly and they can't fix their own system.

    My staff had to develop work-arounds to fix Advanced MD's problems. Any feature is an additional cost. The system may be "comprehensive" but it is also incredibly complicated and confusing to utilize. I've been in private practice for 20 years, used 8 different EMR systems, and I would I would NEVER recommend this software to anyone. I had to give at least one star to post the review... I'd rather give none. AMD should be ashamed of their product.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedProcess

    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2021

    I wish I had searched for reviews on Advanced MD before we chose them for our EHR company, as I do now all the bad reviews I experienced for myself. We were looking for an all in one system and had been through so many demos that we were tired of the process and when we had our demo with Advanced MD we were sold by the sales guy who we would find out later lied about what the system could do. First of all it is the most expensive out there and they only offer packages that you have to pay for even though you don't use half the stuff but may need one module so you pay full price, if you want just one provider to do telemedicine you can't have it. It's an all or nothing option, so if you have 10 providers and 9 are in office you still have to pay $30 per provider plus $5 for each event for zoom which is free if you sign up yourself.

    They nickel and dime you to death on everything you try to use and by the end of the month your $669.00 fee turns into $900-$1,000. The biggest issue I had with their service is that the tech support didn't even know how to operate the system so the services you pay for never worked, in fact we couldn't log into the system for weeks and they couldn't figure out why.

    The most painful experience we had with them is we had online scheduling that people could go to our website and schedule an appointment. This was mostly for new business which we averaged around $40-$60K a month. I went on my honeymoon and so I wasn't there to supervise but when I returned we noticed our consults went dark. None in almost 50 days, come to find out they disabled our online scheduling so no one was able to book an appointment for almost 60 days, when we discovered this we called tech support and they couldn't figure it out, I had to immediately call my web designer to implement a new scheduling system to stop the bleeding.

    I finally heard back from AMD 9 days later with a workaround solution but by then I had lost all faith in AMD because this was not the only issue I had. Although the most costly I lost close to $70,000 dollars using AMD but they did not care but offered two months credit if I paid for services not operable. When I declined they turned off my access and I could not access any of my patient data. So now we're struggling to find a way to gather that information, Although they turned off our access they are still charging us full service fee for the month even though we are locked out. If we want to get our patient data they want $3500 just to retrieve it for us. I hope that anyone who reads this does themselves a favor and stay away from them you will be happy you did. It almost put us out of business and we are still trying to recover today to get back to a profit.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 23, 2021

    Extremely dissatisfying experience. Expensive, you have to pay per provider, unable to keep several providers in the pool for staffing, just bare minimum. Numerous IT problems. Poor IT support. Wait time for a single call is up to 40 minutes on average. I would not have switched to AdvancedMD had I known. Multiple billing errors, after fighting with AdvancedMD billing for a year brought billing in-house, using PM side. Still unable to function with this company. Dreaming to drop it. Do not choose AdvancedMD.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2021

    This is by far the worse software I have ever used in my over 15 years of being in the mental health field. Constant IT glitches. Don't believe the hype about the types of helpful features they have in place, they do not work. My team hates the platform, I even had a new clinician decide to not stay on with our company due to how poor the platform functions. My billing manager's workload has increased as a result. IT team rarely ever is helpful, no one seems to know what they are doing. We will definitely be looking for another software company. Overall company seems to be unorganized and their billing side is constantly making errors in processing our claims. RUN!!!

    Contract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2020

    I was in discussions with their sales department for several months before I was ready to purchase the program. They assured me their product was gong to be tailored to my needs. I had looked at several others that were user friendly. I wanted to look at the program but it was not available to preview but AdvancedMD promised to provide all the things I needed. If I had an opportunity to look at the EMR I would have never purchased it. Enormous program, very small font and microscopic icons, some are not institutive. I never did get to use it but I am paying for the contract. NASA could make this work.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 11, 2020

    Transferring to Advanced MD was the worst decision I made. I had countless issues with the billing department and patient statements are ALWAYS wrong. I had to do double the work just to correct the mistakes Advanced MD created. Patients would call upset because they were getting statements in the mail stating they had balances, when in fact AdVanced MD was not posted EOB's correctly. Now I am stuck with paying thousands of dollars every month with a company that causes me more issues, which requires more time.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2019

    The experience with AdvancedMD has been a nightmare from the beginning. They promised us it would do ABA billing, only to tell us after we purchased it sorry, we were wrong, it will not do ABA billing. (We were able to do a workaround that they could not figure out.) There are many glitches in the system. What is horrible is they charge you for "add-ons" and re-billing when it is due to the glitches. A few issues with the PM (many many more with the EHR portion):

    Payment posting
    - auto posting has rolled balances to wrong bucket (patient or stayed on insurance)
    - auto posting has posted remits as if in network, w/o instead of roll to patient
    - allowable fee schedules removed due to posting errors with allowables used for all posting even if claim is held or denied, had to remove all allowables for third party payers to avoid errors
    - insurance reversals do not reverse write offs, have to manually correct insurance reversals

    - what differentiates an 'allowable' versus a 'charge' fee schedule-what do they do in relation to charges, posting, and reporting?

    - referrals can be easily changed or new referrals created throughout system in error when correcting visits/charges/claims (hard stops for changes or do not allow a change without following proper workflow)
    - any change in a referral, episode, and/or appointment can affect all other components leading to errors; flags and/or hard stops to avoid forgetting addressing other components about a needed change/correction
    - referral date ranges do not correlate when entering charges, you should be able to enter a charge after the DOS and select the referral with the appropriate date range, we often have to change the expiration date for a referral in order to attach it to a charge even though the DOS of charge is in the date range on referral
    - when in charges or claims and need to change the referral, it is difficult to find the correct one. The pop up with the referrals does not show the auth number or CPT code and we could have many referrals for the same modality
    - cannot default expired referrals to 'gray' out, then we cannot select them when working charges/claims
    - referrals do not calculate properly for minutes when selected

    - referrals with auth visits/charge amount/minutes should not allow more that entered to avoid denials or overages


    - is there an ideal workflow for creating, correcting, updating and deleting to avoid issues

    - industry standard reporting not available without advanced insight-need raw data to create step report for payer analysis, charges negate payments when importing. I need data with service, charge, date of entry, date of service, payments (insurance and patient), balance (total, insurance & patient), date of insurance payment, payer, financial class, provider, patient
    - held charges is a report, should be a work queue or in the collections module to work the claims
    - collections module is glitchy-when scrolling through accounts is rolls to the bottom, cannot stop it, funnels claims into worklists instead of compiles

    - financial reports (ex: Reimbursement Analysis-Summary) are wrong (private pay charges fall in the wrong financial class and carrier), asked how data is being pulled into report but no answer or resolution if an error

    We have multiple reported calls with staff telling us that we have to pay for add ons that are due to the system having glitches. They also promise service and fixes that never happen. We have had the system for 18 disappointing months. We hired 2 additional staff just to try to keep up with the glitches in the system and finding workarounds or hand entering.

    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

    This company provided no support. H&P are not even useable. You can't find any information in any useable form. What a JokE? They will take your money and RUN! Nothing they said works. Patients can't enter information. Nurses can't see information. Patients H & P are 15 pages long and full of garbage. Company no help to fix. Worst EMR experience I have ever had. That is saying something with Cerner and EPIC.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 27, 2019

    Thus far, I love Advanced MD's support team. When I call insurance companies, it's like "eh" but Advanced MD always helps me. They were very slow to get us going in the beginning and we paid more than I thought we should've paid for because we didn't have a system to use. We got one month's cost back though I was not happy that we didn’t get more than that. Despite those issues, their reps are very helpful and I appreciate them. All the training for the billing in the beginning, was wonderful.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2019

    We have a lot of times where the software freezes, or it takes its sweet time. And we've been in communication with the AdvancedMD team as well as our internet and tech people. There's something that I wish were a little bit more user-friendly. For instance, for the ultrasound tech. When her ultrasound comes over from the ultrasound machine to put into the patient's chart, she has to put them in one by one which is very, very time-consuming.

    And she's been on the phone with them numerous times trying to get this figured out, and they can't seem to find another way to make it easier for her where it's just select all, and they all get inputted. But now that we're learning about it, it's okay. It's manageable now that we know a little bit more about the software. There's just a lot of hiccups that we wish could still get fixed.

    The people there have been really good at calling back and trying to get things figured out. But when I do more calling of like client services about claims, I've had a couple calls where they weren't the greatest, meaning I wasn't getting answers and a lot of miscommunication. Things being said one way and then I try to do that, and then I'm told, "No, that's not right." One thing I don't like, and now we're on a better stance because we had to do a different way of communicating, is I was told I couldn't communicate via email because theirs wasn't HIPAA compliant, but then I found out it was.

    But my biggest struggle is it's so hard especially with the billing part of it in the software, like there's no way for me to communicate with my AR besides doing an Excel spreadsheet that she did an issue tracker. And it's a lot for me like I have to call in to put in a case to just get a quick answer. So, that's some of the things I'm not a big fan of because it takes a lot of my time to call in, get a case, when I could just reach out to an AR.

    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2019

    Was a relatively happy customer until last few months when features stopped working, tech support and customer support aren't providing feedback or credit for service not functioning. Can no longer recommend this product.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2019

    I have a problem with the Advanced MD software that we have every time it's saying that I'm not authorized. I don't know what the issue is because we didn't change anything here. Still, working with AdvancedMD's reps has always been okay. They are easy to call and somebody always responds.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 18, 2019

    The AdvancedMD salespeople are amazing and easy to work with in implementation. They’re always, and quickly, able to answer questions. I've been in the business for about 30 years and AdvancedMD is, by far, the leader. I’ve been using it for a good 15 years or more and it's the best software I've ever used. The one I'm using on it right now is a PCP. I wish I could have all my clients on AdvancedMD, but it’s not cost-effective for all of my clients.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 17, 2019

    First, I would like to explain that we have a fairly large behavioral health practice. With multiple locations. We were looking for EHR and PM in one system, that could offer analytics for our practice. Billing was truly our main focus, just like most practices. The "98% first pass billing" claim is truly the reason we went with this system, along with customer support in the US. We looked at many systems and now regret our choice.

    Our revenue with the first month of billing was disastrous! The claim of 98% first pass billing was nothing short of a lie and when you call support, which by the way is on Mountain time and no help at 8am on Eastern time is a long wait, with average staff who have poor knowledge of the system are seldom able to offer you the assistance you need to solve your questions. Often you find yourself teaching them on a call.

    The majority of our claims were denied related to modifiers loaded linked to procedure code, when I brought this to the attention of AdvancedMD staff, I was instructed that my staff would have to manually enter all modifiers because they had no other way of linking these to my fee schedule. I don't have to explain the time that this entails, especially with a practice our size. This again was not what was promised.

    The scrubber was sold to be "the same as CMS" and would catch claims that were missing improper modifiers and diagnosis codes needed for clean claims. Well, that is not the full truth. I asked AdvancedMD why we had 90% rejected claims the first month of billing and only had a handful of exclusions, I was instructed that I may want to add "Exclusion Rules". This has been a great feature. However, it was utilized after rejected claims and you are responsible for developing these exclusions for your practice. AdvancedMD only uses one clearinghouse. We are seeing a delay of 7 days from the time we batch our claims until they are received by our carriers. Again, the sells pitch is they are "usually processed within 48 hours". This slows revenue. AdvancedMD has not offered any assistance in resolving this issue, again slow revenue.

    Templates: "They are customizable" yes, at an outrageous cost by the configuration team. I would caution any practice with multiple templates to look at other EHR options. This was another issue for our practice. We use standardized screening tools and they were not a part of their provided templates. You will be sold that they have "almost every template you will need" but not for a behavioral health practice. After configuring your templates, you will find that they are not aesthetically pleasing on a printed version. That again will cost you, if you ask for AdvancedMD for assistance.

    Analytics, this was also a feature that was important to our office. We track providers productivity each month and share with our staff. The reports we need to avoid manual reporting is not a possibility with this system. You can not pull a report per procedure code during a specified date range. This too fell short of the promises made to our practice. We have invested 90 days into this system and we will not be changing. I wish I had read a review like this, it would have wavered my choice to change to AdvancedMD. If you are a behavioral health practice and would like more in-depth information before making this choice, please don't hesitate to reach out to me to discuss further.

    Rebecca at Ethan Health in Richmond, Kentucky.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2019

    We're having little hiccups here and there, but so far, everything with AdvancedMD is going well. One of the hiccups was when we opened a patient, then the doctor couldn’t open the chart, nor could I. We never heard back in return to what could be the problem or the situation. Next time I checked, it was up and running again. But we never got any feedback in regards to what might be the situation that caused that problem. And we had to reopen a new chart again for the patient, and redo everything again. If the doctor is locked out of the patient EHR and PM, then there’s a big problem.

    Online & AppEase of Use

    Reviewed April 15, 2019

    I am an RN and work for very busy OBGYN office. The software is fairly easy to learn however when they make their updates? It takes literally weeks for the system to work adequately again. We have had sketchy ability to document now for over 3 weeks-bandaid fixes are not working. Literally, we can open a “new note” for approximately 3hrs/day. We’ve had to pull out the old paper and pen to adequately chart our nursing notes. Service is horrible, our own IT support has had to deal with them and still no resolve. Interesting, I tried to write a review for their website and the computer freezes up on the last page!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 3, 2019

    We purchased AdvancedMD and began set up in November of 2018. It is April of 2019 and I can still not receive my ERA's from one of my largest payers. There were multiple errors on the implementation side that have created issues far into the implementation. I have been waiting for a return call from a supervisor for over a week on the latest issue. The product works very well for us. We have other similar businesses that we would like to use AdvancedMD for but we can't get the first setup completed so I will be looking elsewhere. I would not recommend AdvancedMD though the product works very well for us due to the issues with their implementation and EDI team.

    Customer ServiceReliabilityEase of Use

    Reviewed March 11, 2019

    I have been through several EMRs starting in residency. I was hoping this one would be more customizable, but in fact, it is the worst yet. It frequently crashes and I lose hours of work and have to redo it. It is an extremely click - heavy EMR, and slows me down considerably. The customer service is unhelpful at best. Also, be aware, as we are switching EMRs, AdvancedMD charges you a fee to have your patient information moved over to a new system. Would not recommend at all.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedReliability

    Reviewed Jan. 19, 2019

    Since AdvancedMD went to a new Beta version, there have been more steps and clicks required and much less reliability. Three evenings in the past 2 weeks, I have been unable to finish charts in the evening as the system is extremely slow or unresponsive. Colleagues have had similar issues. I called today about this problem, no response. Tonight I am on call and receiving calls from ER about patients seen by colleagues today, but notes take 5-10 minutes to load. I cannot leave messages for colleagues or order scripts. And of course, there is no one available at AdvancedMD until Monday morning, so I may be without EHR for the entire weekend that I am on call. I consider this unacceptable.

    Installation & SetupSales & Marketing

    Reviewed Oct. 3, 2018

    I was in the process of a startup mobile health company. They were all talk and high pressure sales upfront. When the company did not pan out as planned and they had expended relatively no man hours in the setup of the account they still hounded me for payment on a service I did not use at all.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2018

    AdvancedMD has the worst customer service with unprofessional staff. They have been giving me such a hard time with downgrading my contract for over three months. Sherri, Adam ** and Jared ** have been not doing their job correctly. Due to their negligence and lack of accountability my practice has/is suffering. To add insult to the injury they have sending me threatening emails too.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2018

    I have been using AdvancedMD for over 7 years. My company, Advanced Electronic Medical Billing, Inc located in Denville NJ has been a preferred partner offering billing service support to independent specialty practices. We have multi-specialty clients and have found the system they offer to be very comprehensive. Since it is a cloud based system, our clients handle front end functions such as appointment schedule and patient collections at time of visit, and we handle the charge review, insurance and patient collections. The system works well with our office and clients because it also has a built in messaging system which links communications within each patient account.

    This is a great system for any practice who wants to work closely with their clients to view a/r data, and see all data at any time. We love the fact AdvancedMD offers access from IPHONE, IPAD, and desktop. Their support team is located in the USA and they have been wonderful in making sure both our needs as a billing service and our client needs re EHR have been met. We also work with practices who started using AdvancedMD and then decided to hand over the billing functions to our company. Advanced MD in these situations were great to work with and made the transition simple! Our clients were happy to transfer billing functions to us without having to learn a new appt scheduler and ehr system.

    Very well versed with intricacies of AdvancedMD and architecture, we were able to jump in quickly as a preferred partner and streamline efficiencies and increase revenue immediately. Our clients also liked the fact that we provide on site in-person training on the AdvancedMD system which makes learning a new system less stressful! Highly recommend AdvancedMD system.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed June 26, 2018

    We needed to bill the claims for the eye surgeries at the eye center and I found AdvancedMD through Google search. We did a revenue collection service and we used it. When we bought it, there were a lot of bumps in the road and it was a complicated product. There was poor implementation, poor training, overpromising and not managing expectations. They should invest more money in training and hiring trainers. They could also update the code and have faster software processors.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed June 25, 2018

    I do family practice and I like AdvancedMD's practice management software as well as that they are a US-based call center. I got the whole full suite and I had a good experience purchasing the software. They did a very good sales job but I was disappointed with my service after the fact. I had a very rocky on-boarding experience and they were training us poorly. They made it right, but I really had to fight for it. It took way more out of me than it should have. And it was way rougher than it should have been. And when one has a poor training, it really makes the start rough. The trainers are very good at what they do, but they're very difficult to get a hold of. I might set up an appointment but I cannot get a hold of anybody in between there. Their training really needs to step up and the training materials need to be better. The on-boarding needs to be better also and they have to be more accessible.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 22, 2018

    We're a primary care provider and the previous CHR that we were using was server-based. The institution wanted something that is a little bit more efficient that would keep up with technology a little bit better. They found AdvancedMD at the very beginning of my time being here. We’ve got all in our package, including the scheduling side which is the practice management side. We’ve started using the EHR in March of this year and we've also just started using their billing service. We’ve had it 2012, though, as an HER. The staff at AdvancedMD are great and we’ve had some technical difficulties over the last couple of months that they’re still trying to figure it out. They answer the phone when we call them and there’s live chat that we can do. There's also a contact support staff where we can send them a message and they’ll send us one back or call us and they have a solution for it.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed June 13, 2018

    We are engaged in podiatry and we had a biller but there wasn't much transparency. If somebody wanted to pay their bill, we would have to call her and have her fax us over things. We needed a whole system. So, we searched online for medical billing software provider. We used a review site to decide on which company to choose and in the end, we went with AndvancedMD because they were a little bit more intuitive and a little bit better than the other companies. We're also able to record more with their things than some of the other software we looked at.

    When we talked with their reps, we went over what our needs were and our financials. We tried to see if we could get the best deal and they always said to go to the board to make sure that they were able to get us the best price. So far, billing and sales have both been good. We had one of their reps for the EHR side and there were a couple issues with a lot of our appointment to get training uncancelled, but for the most part, working with them has been pretty positive. Also, I've had to call claim services once and they were quick to respond.

    Contract & TermsPriceProcess

    Reviewed June 6, 2018

    We signed up with AdvancedMD and were there for over a month and still couldn't even get into the system to do ANYTHING. The start up process is LONG and arduous, and each single step took weeks for them to do. They don't let you do anything yourself, you have to WAIT for them to do it and require you to enter into a year-long contract with them when they can't even get you running in a decent amount of time. Long story short, we signed up with OptiMantra and were working in there in less than 2 business days, while we were still waiting for AdvancedMD to get us going. We cancelled our contract, due to lack of service (on their part) but they are still trying to charge us $250 per month. RUN, don't walk away from these scammers.

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