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Overall Rating1.5 out of 5
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2020

I started off as post commander at a courthouse and it was told that I was replacing someone who had a retired. Because of this all the employees that I was looking over were completely disrespectful, mean and rude. I was 18 years old when I first started I was completely lucky to get such a position but when I had first started after being told who I was replacing every time I went to work I felt uninvited and unwanted. Along with that this is also during the time where I was going to college for my first year and it was very stressful for me to get to class too since my post was miles away from my college. My college is in Lomita they placed me in Burbank.

Besides supporting and helping me the guards tried to do stuff to get me in trouble. Watch movies on post and tell the supervisor I said it was okay, taking longer breaks once more telling the supervisor I told them they can take a few more minutes for their break, coming later to work saying I was giving them a 15 minute grace period. As my first security job I tried my absolute best to be on point and even though they made these complaints I was always trying to stay one step ahead and recorded everything but even then, I hated the feeling of going to work

I hated the feeling that no one wanted me there nobody liked me. I understand that that's not my job but it got to the point where I started feeling depressed. Imagine going to work knowing everybody hates you just because you're younger? It was a terrible feeling. To make matters worse the sheriff supervisor that was always on post was extremely racist towards me, no matter how many complaints I made to human services they did nothing about it matter of fact they didn't believe me and accused me of lying about their client.

One day on post I had received a call from my mother I had stepped out to take the call and was told that my dog had died. I tried to hold it in and control my emotions but once I got back on post I had burst into tears. I felt embarrassed for them to see me like this, I even got a comment from one of the sheriff's security saying that I was acting like a child. Completely heartless.

Eventually I decided to quit and go to a different post which was at a bank as a normal guard I was the only one there so it wasn't the easier but unfortunately I felt like I had gotten something worse... much worse. I was placed at a bank in Culver City a Little closer but still a lot more far away from my college I tried talking to them saying that I needed a post closer they told me that I had to deal with what I was given.

A similar situation at the courthouse I was replacing a guard who the employees at the bank really liked though he didn't retire he was a lot older than me. Now I was 19, I stayed at that courthouse for about 8 months before deciding to go to a new post. The moment the manager told me he just had this look of disgust on his face instead, I smiled back saying good morning to him. He doesn't respond and just tells me where to take my brakes and what my duties are.

The employees along what the manager or openly racist as they treated other people of Asian culture much more nicely than they did others. I was calling me the ** word from the manager at the bank and was told by one of the employees there that chances are I'll drop out of college because of the statistic in my demographic. I was even told by the janitor that they had there that I was worthless for doing security. Note I'm only 19 first year college... First year of doing security and this is how I am treated.

They start complaining to management somehow saying I was being racist when I tried to complain. After I complained to management and human resources, they believed to them with no proof. So far I have gotten 2 write ups that I didn't deserve for being racist when I tried to confront the manager of what he called me. I wasn't being disrespectful, wasn't yelling, all I asked was for an apology and for him to understand.

He refused and even said to me he owed me no apology but I owe him an apology . 2 weeks before I quit I had applied to Allied universal, though I was on my break I was on a phone call outside of the building, the manager was much more aware that I was on my break. After I had a return to my post 15 minutes later I receive a phone call from my supervisor saying that the manager called complaining that I was constantly on my phone...I was on my phone for 5 minutes, on my break, two feet away from the bank and the manager does this, he wanted to get rid of me.

I tried my best to explain the situation but it wasn't on my phone on post. Supervisor didn't believe me. Even threatened to fire me just because I'm not kissing their butts. After hanging up, I email the two weeks notice to Securitas management. I wasn't even sure if I was going to get the job at Allied universal but I had a feeling I could get fired with my next two weeks for something I didn't do.

Lucky for me I had gotten hired at Allied universal. My last day the day at securitas, before my first day of Allied universal. I wake up in the morning to go to work but before I leave I receive a phone call from my supervisor saying that I was removed from post and that I was being fired before explaining to him that I already sent in a two weeks notice I asked for a reason he told me that he didn't have to give me a reason. Even though for those last two weeks I received no complaints.

The two weeks notice I gave was the only thing that saved me for not being fired. As I showed him the proof of mine letter along with that it was also my last day at securitas. Instead he sent me to another bank to cover for one day just so I can have my full 40 hours before going to the office at the end of my shift and turning in my uniforms before receiving my last check. If you have absolutely no heart or humanity for other people securitas is the way to go. It's been 3 years since this all happened I'm now working at Allied universal as a field supervisor. I get the respect deserve and the support from my fellow peers and now friends. I'm happier, but I will never forget my first experience doing security when I feel absolutely worthless.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2020

The supervisor will make you want to quit like I did and then go around and tell the residents he fired you!! She is not a happy person and you won’t be happy working there, all employees at this site have stomach aches before they even get to work! You're not treated fair at all, all the equipment is all broken, and you're told you can’t leave if your relief person doesn’t show up!! Or your fired or written up is her favorite language!! Just a really negative place to work, it’s not worth the 40 hours to get your license there. They give you 2 hours to train then you're on your own!! HORRIBLE!!!!

19 people found this review helpful

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 22, 2019

    I have worked in many different fields including caregiving and fast food. I have always been paid barely anything with ** for benefits and crappy management. Now I get paid above minimum, can request time off, get paid before Friday, paper trail proving the hours I work, money is loaded onto a card, PTO, life insurance (that I don’t pay for), the best management team I’ve ever had. There’s quite a few negative comments but keep in mind; all posts are different. My post happens to offer dental and medical on top of what is already offered. They don’t overwork us. They make sure we have a safe work environment and also pay for our TWIC cards. If you have a problem with your post...tell the main office and request another one. Don’t put up with it and then quit.

    16 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 9, 2019

    If there was an option to give no stars that is what I would rate them. They shouldn't even be in business. These jerks make promises of "full time" hours give you 30 hours then take accounts away when you've done nothing to deserve to be removed only because they made the mistake of hiring too many people and promising other people full time hours. If you work multiple accounts to make 30 hours and then expect you to be at their beck and call and not work a second job to make up for what you're not making at their company. When they need you and threaten you if you are not they will remove you from the good accounts.

    I've worked outdoors for 3 months, yes they give you winter gear but I still got sick being out in the freezing cold for 11 hours a day and then they say I shouldn't be getting sick. I am still recovering from pneumonia after a month ago telling them to take their job and shove it. I have been unable to work crappy pay and they treat you like garbage and their supervisors are a joke in Bloomington, Indiana. Beth is a joke and so is Mary. Big mistake. Waste of time working here. Worst place I have ever worked for.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 20, 2018

    DO NOT WORK HERE! If you want to get paid the right amount and on time I would recommend not working for this ripoff of a company. I have worked 3 months for this company and they have shorted me at least 100 dollars on every check and fail to try and correct it. They will lie and say that they sent you a check fixing it, but the check will never arrive. Do not work here if you want an honest place to work.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 1, 2018

    I like work with Securitas. But I don't like site that I posted. I posted at Dignity California Hospital Medical Center. I thought it is nice place to work. But I find out that the supervisor is no good. His name is Christopher **. He forced me to work 16 hours even though I said I am sleepy and my feet hurt. He said just drink Red Bull you will be fine. Also I don't get enough breaks. Working 12 hours or 16 hours just only get breaks 80 minutes. I worked 7 days without days off. The other officer got 3 days off or 2 days Off. On May 13 2018 I don't get breaks for 30 minutes after worked 16 hours then I got received relief late from post because I request leave early for not receiving breaks. I think my supervisor is not wise and not have mercy by force people work 16 hours or 12 hours. Also sometime they send to patrol the street without any equipment to protect!

    23 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 8, 2018

    I am a disabled man who just wanted to return to work, and thought it was a dream come true when I first got an interview at this place. The recruiter asked to interview me and when I thought the distance was too much, said she'd call me back in 5 mins and never did. I drove up there and during the interview, she admitted with her own mouth she had zero intention on calling me back. Fast forward to orientation. She walked by me and said to wait for her and she'll be back to get me. She never came. I recalled getting an email that said late people would have their job offer rescinded. Thank God I entered the room on time, just to see the woman slowly shuffling papers.

    The class was short and they put the answer key on a projector and let us copy the answers, but never talked about it. My class didn't learn anything. Went to get schedule and when I said I was disabled with a hour limit, they attempted to discriminate by saying they couldn't hire me if I didn't take 18 hour day. I accepted out of panic, not knowing at the time that was against federal law.

    I didn't get reimbursed for work expenses because of an unwritten budget rule that was made up at the last minute. I was put on a 10-hour shift 4-2am against my will and without my knowledge until the day off. I got my final check 4 days late. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!! They are a scam and they've been sued several times. I'm having EEOC sue them for me.

    44 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 5, 2017

    I used to work in Chicago for Securitas USA (Formerly known as "Wells Fargo" from 1999-2007). During the year of 2006 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. During that year before I was diagnosed I was in and out of the hospital not knowing what was wrong. So I seeked a 2nd opinion and that's when I was diagnosed with cancer. Now each time I was out... I given the office my doctor statements. So one day I have gone to talk to one of the Supervisors and they started bringing up cases on me that were supposedly been handled with all of my paperwork I sent them. My oncologists told me to resign and that's what I had gone in to do, but they wouldn't see me at that time. So I left my paperwork with my doctor's request that I was resigning due to my health. This period was on my supposedly paid sick days that I requested to resign.

    So when I did not receive a call from the Captains or Lieutenants the next day I kept calling and they always told me that either the Captain were out. But then I have gone to Unemployment to find out that the Captain had lied and told them that I was fired for no call no show or abandoning post... So I didn't have the strength to continue going back and forth with them so I gave up. I never gotten a chance to collect my Unemployment from all the years I done for that company smh!

    I reviewed the company and found out I was not the only person they wronged and lied on. So now I am here through the grace of God and tried to apply for a job and as soon as I put my Social Security Number in they ended the session. About a year later with the corrupt office in Chicago, the Corporate had fired everybody in the Command Center because of the staff sleeping with each other and guards and corruption. So now you see God do not like ugly! But why am I banned?

    58 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 16, 2017

    I worked in this company at 2011 to 2013 in Sky Harbor International Airport, Mexican consulate and other post, during my time working I just had a small complaint. After I left this company in 11/2013 with (Notice week) I try to come back and apply for different positions also in others company names belong to Securitas: As Paragon Security Services or Pinkerton Security. They didn't accept my applications because I'm ban for life to come back apply again. This is a criminal only because the company policy is that, every person who left the company no have right to come back no matter what.

    41 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

    Biggest mistake I ever made. I thought why not get a second job to supplement my income. So I see an ad from this company and in it they state they have a hiring incentive of $1,000.00 if you have the required license(s) upon hiring; I do and still do. During interview with HR I asked if this was valid and was told it was; great I was hired and assigned to a post. The thing is this post required an average of walking about eights miles per shift and one round per hour covering three bldgs, all floors and parking garage three level and perimeter with their patrol Button device over 38 of them; so after a round you'd get 20-30 minute break at monitoring the lobby; then go again.

    The thing is on my regular full time job I also have to walk 6-8 miles for an average per day for both jobs of 14-16 miles in 16 hours. After one week I called the branch "Manager" I was under and asked after telling them what I just mentioned; if I could have another post? They immediately blurted that I have to work for at lease three months before a post change request; I responded "I wasn't informed of that." So after that call I wasn't again posted; nothing from them, no emails phone calls or letters. Then I get a notice in the mail from a collection co. I owe $250.00 in uniforms and they are commencing collection action. I am going "WTF; I received nothing from Securitas.

    Remember this is supposedly a part time job. So I return the uniforms and ask when they terminated me? All I got was them standing there blinking at me. I showed them the credit BAD Debt letter they filed and asked them to explain this; All I got again was them standing there blinking at me. I also asked why I wasn't paid the $1,000.00 Hiring incentive as I was told was valid by the HR person who interviewed me? AGAIN all I got was them standing there blinking at me.

    Oh I forgot to mention I asked that we could talk in private and they wouldn't let in back with them and this took place in their lobby - during of which many prospects looking for work walked out after hearing all of this. I asked for a final time did they have any explanation as to what happened to me; why or not what they did to me? All they did was stand there blinking at me. I responded (I never even raised my voice in all of this) then they can stand in front of a judge and just blink their coded answers to the court. They damaged my clean credit and more. I informed them to expect a lawsuit and I am currently filing such at this time.

    82 people found this review helpful
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