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57 Securitas Security Services USA Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2018

I like work with Securitas. But I don't like site that I posted. I posted at Dignity California Hospital Medical Center. I thought it is nice place to work. But I find out that the supervisor is no good. His name is Christopher **. He forced me to work 16 hours even though I said I am sleepy and my feet hurt. He said just drink Red Bull you will be fine. Also I don't get enough breaks. Working 12 hours or 16 hours just only get breaks 80 minutes. I worked 7 days without days off. The other officer got 3 days off or 2 days Off. On May 13 2018 I don't get breaks for 30 minutes after worked 16 hours then I got received relief late from post because I request leave early for not receiving breaks. I think my supervisor is not wise and not have mercy by force people work 16 hours or 12 hours. Also sometime they send to patrol the street without any equipment to protect!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 8, 2018

I am a disabled man who just wanted to return to work, and thought it was a dream come true when I first got an interview at this place. The recruiter asked to interview me and when I thought the distance was too much, said she'd call me back in 5 mins and never did. I drove up there and during the interview, she admitted with her own mouth she had zero intention on calling me back. Fast forward to orientation. She walked by me and said to wait for her and she'll be back to get me. She never came. I recalled getting an email that said late people would have their job offer rescinded. Thank God I entered the room on time, just to see the woman slowly shuffling papers.

The class was short and they put the answer key on a projector and let us copy the answers, but never talked about it. My class didn't learn anything. Went to get schedule and when I said I was disabled with a hour limit, they attempted to discriminate by saying they couldn't hire me if I didn't take 18 hour day. I accepted out of panic, not knowing at the time that was against federal law.

I didn't get reimbursed for work expenses because of an unwritten budget rule that was made up at the last minute. I was put on a 10-hour shift 4-2am against my will and without my knowledge until the day off. I got my final check 4 days late. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!! They are a scam and they've been sued several times. I'm having EEOC sue them for me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 5, 2017

I used to work in Chicago for Securitas USA (Formerly known as "Wells Fargo" from 1999-2007). During the year of 2006 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. During that year before I was diagnosed I was in and out of the hospital not knowing what was wrong. So I seeked a 2nd opinion and that's when I was diagnosed with cancer. Now each time I was out... I given the office my doctor statements. So one day I have gone to talk to one of the Supervisors and they started bringing up cases on me that were supposedly been handled with all of my paperwork I sent them. My oncologists told me to resign and that's what I had gone in to do, but they wouldn't see me at that time. So I left my paperwork with my doctor's request that I was resigning due to my health. This period was on my supposedly paid sick days that I requested to resign.

So when I did not receive a call from the Captains or Lieutenants the next day I kept calling and they always told me that either the Captain were out. But then I have gone to Unemployment to find out that the Captain had lied and told them that I was fired for no call no show or abandoning post... So I didn't have the strength to continue going back and forth with them so I gave up. I never gotten a chance to collect my Unemployment from all the years I done for that company smh!

I reviewed the company and found out I was not the only person they wronged and lied on. So now I am here through the grace of God and tried to apply for a job and as soon as I put my Social Security Number in they ended the session. About a year later with the corrupt office in Chicago, the Corporate had fired everybody in the Command Center because of the staff sleeping with each other and guards and corruption. So now you see God do not like ugly! But why am I banned?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 16, 2017

I worked in this company at 2011 to 2013 in Sky Harbor International Airport, Mexican consulate and other post, during my time working I just had a small complaint. After I left this company in 11/2013 with (Notice week) I try to come back and apply for different positions also in others company names belong to Securitas: As Paragon Security Services or Pinkerton Security. They didn't accept my applications because I'm ban for life to come back apply again. This is a criminal only because the company policy is that, every person who left the company no have right to come back no matter what.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

Biggest mistake I ever made. I thought why not get a second job to supplement my income. So I see an ad from this company and in it they state they have a hiring incentive of $1,000.00 if you have the required license(s) upon hiring; I do and still do. During interview with HR I asked if this was valid and was told it was; great I was hired and assigned to a post. The thing is this post required an average of walking about eights miles per shift and one round per hour covering three bldgs, all floors and parking garage three level and perimeter with their patrol Button device over 38 of them; so after a round you'd get 20-30 minute break at monitoring the lobby; then go again.

The thing is on my regular full time job I also have to walk 6-8 miles for an average per day for both jobs of 14-16 miles in 16 hours. After one week I called the branch "Manager" I was under and asked after telling them what I just mentioned; if I could have another post? They immediately blurted that I have to work for at lease three months before a post change request; I responded "I wasn't informed of that." So after that call I wasn't again posted; nothing from them, no emails phone calls or letters. Then I get a notice in the mail from a collection co. I owe $250.00 in uniforms and they are commencing collection action. I am going "WTF; I received nothing from Securitas.

Remember this is supposedly a part time job. So I return the uniforms and ask when they terminated me? All I got was them standing there blinking at me. I showed them the credit BAD Debt letter they filed and asked them to explain this; All I got again was them standing there blinking at me. I also asked why I wasn't paid the $1,000.00 Hiring incentive as I was told was valid by the HR person who interviewed me? AGAIN all I got was them standing there blinking at me.

Oh I forgot to mention I asked that we could talk in private and they wouldn't let in back with them and this took place in their lobby - during of which many prospects looking for work walked out after hearing all of this. I asked for a final time did they have any explanation as to what happened to me; why or not what they did to me? All they did was stand there blinking at me. I responded (I never even raised my voice in all of this) then they can stand in front of a judge and just blink their coded answers to the court. They damaged my clean credit and more. I informed them to expect a lawsuit and I am currently filing such at this time.

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Original review: July 20, 2016

I come to bishop lane weekly 1941 to see my doctor. I am constantly stalked by their security service. I sit at a picnic table and wait for my appointment time or my bus they constantly circle the area. Like they think something is going to happen. I am well dressed. And 60 yrs old not 20 with a mini skirt. I do not care about the people who work in the nearby office building. I have ignored them. My next step is the BBB to see if I can get them to leave me alone. I have not mention this to my doctor now I will. One time the security guy parked his truck and just sat there. I have never seen such stupid people. I always get on the bus. I do not plan to change my behavior. I find theirs very unprofessional. Nor do I plan to change my doctor because of Securitas bad behavior or attempt at bullying me. I come to see my doctor not make friends. I will not put up with unprofessionalism.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 18, 2016

I worked for this company for over three years and I got hurt on the clock and at a site. They denied me worker's comp and made it seem like I was a rogue employee. The branch manager doesn't communicate with the other office staff. They are unorganized and don't give two ** about their officers. They overcharge clients and keep the money that the officers are suppose to get for raises. There have been several officers who have been with the company for over 5 years and still haven't gotten a raise yet. Don't work for this company. If you like get screwed over and have your check messed up then this is the company for you. If not stay away.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 12, 2016

The staff is very unprofessional including the receptionist that is very cold and has a nasty tone. It is a shame that a company that is supposed to be a leader in the security industry has employees like these representing them. How shameful!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2016

Nobody does a better job at stealing from their clients and allowing theft than Securitas. I believe they are and always will be the country's top insurance write off. I worked for them from January 2004 to August of 2005. In August of 2004, I lost my grip on a ladder and one of the pads went through my work uniform like a knife through butter. In September of 2004 one of my co-workers tried to stop a ladder from falling, he tore out his shoulder and they were too cheap to pay workman's comp. My supervisor ran her mouth about what happened to me for months. In October of 2004 I requested a shift change from her. In Nov 2004 I was awarded a shift change and got written up for complaining I went to MCAD.

On Nov 9, 2004, I filed Brett ** v. Securitas Security Services USA Inc. Around the New Year 2005 Securitas submitted their legal response saying they did 3 different investigations of UPS in Chelmsford. Really. Have you ever heard of Massachusetts v. Michelle **? Michelle confessed to stealing $250,000 worth of prescription drugs from UPS. My coworkers had the basic responsibility of checking incoming and outgoing employees. UPS fired or removed numerous guards for not checking employees. After learning about Michelle ** I know why. Also Supervisors ** and ** both brag about how they drilled me with questions about my personal life. After I filed at MCAD I went from a 40 hour work week to 16-24 hours. I lost my MCAD complaint.

In July of 2006 I was collecting unemployment because Securitas turned my car into a ** snow bank and I quit my job at Benchmark Electronics. On July 24, 2006 I tried to attend an open house at UPS in Chelmsford MA. I parked at the UPS HR parking lot. I wanted to know how my co-workers would treat me. I walked across the street. Securitas Guard Ray ** greeted me with "leave or will call the police I left. I filed my second MCAD complaint on July 25, 2006. Securitas told 2 different stories to the police and MCAD. Securitas did not hand over the surveillance tapes to either the police or MCAD.

The government did not care that my supervisor was lying about the type and time of termination I received, that they did not tell the truth to either the police or MCAD or both. The government does pay Securitas over $1 billion a year in contracts, according to Securitas website they have 20,600 working federal contracts. I would argue that is why no police officer or MCAD investigator made any attempt to do an investigation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 7, 2016

About 10 yrs ago at, Home Depot on Nimitz, I had my precious Golden Retriever Brandy 1 in the bed with my bicycle that was locked to 2 corners of my Silverado's bed. Guess what? When I came back, my bike, locked, had VANISHED. I asked the boy collecting carts if he seen anyone taking my bike. He said the security guard that watches the parking had asked him for bolt cutters, as he did not but that SECURITAS guard was seen in the back of my truck cutting the cables. Til this day SECURITAS really still owes me $40 for a beautified Schwinn cruiser that was still new and has SENTIMENTAL VALUE. Forgot to mention that about SECURITAS. They HIRE anybody as the pay is dirt cheap, can only imagine what benefits are like.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 13, 2016

I was employed with Securitas for nearly 2 years. During that time Securitas in Vermont was becoming an established company. However, this company does not have their employees' best interest at hand. They overwork their employees by doing turn and burns, 12 hour shifts and come in on your days off. They do not offer sick time, no double pay for holidays, no paid vacations, and no shift differential pay. Communication is severely lacking - they do not follow through on what they are suppose to, they let their employees take the fall for their contractors, they 'yes' their employees without resolution or follow-through. There is a high turnaround of employees through this company because of the lack of everything with them. As an ex employee of the company, I enjoyed the people I worked with but I would not recommend any employment with this company because of the issues these people bring to the table.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2015

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals in Huntsville, Alabama does not have enough security to prevent theft of pharmaceutical drugs when there is nowadays high tech equipment for it which Securitas has at other sites but not at Qualitest. I guarantee many drugs are stolen out of that plant every day and the words must go out on them and someone find a way to get people in authority to let Qualitest and Securitas Security have it!

Many guards have left Qualitest site though it is Securitas Security's highest paying site in Huntsville, Alabama. I was harrassed by coworkers daily at first until I reported it. I felt I was standing on thin ice much of the time to try to hold my job. Other than that I hadn't got over the fairly recent loss of my mother who I lived with most of my 50+ years.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2015

Securitas is a horrible company to work for. You never get a raise and never have a chance to move up in the company and if you do get lucky and get to move up in the company you still don't get a pay raise. They let new people come on to your site and throw away your lunch everyone's lunch so no one gets to eat. You spend your hard earned money on food for work just for some new ** to come in and clean house and throw everyone's lunches away just to make it seem like there hot stuff and what does Securitas do about it? NOTHING but laugh, they laugh at you about that, they laugh at you about the raise and about moving up in the company. They think it's all a joke when really they are the joke. Again it's a HORRIBLE place to work.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2015

I was hired to work on the only armed guard account in the area. From day one I was ripped off and mislead about wages. I was told to arrive by 0800 and I stayed until 1730 hours completing their training. I was given three videos that take an hour each to complete and test on them. These I was told to complete at home. I was tested on firearms proficiency in the following week at a range an hour and a half from my home. I had to go to their office additional times at two hours to get a firearm and uniforms. The testing for the firearm was about an hour. I was only paid for 6 hours TOTAL. That was at minimum wage, after it was discussed I would do this for 11.00 an hour. I was sent to the ORACLE SOFTWARE site in an undisclosed location. I worked for 6 days and was only paid for 3.

The contract specified I was to be paid at a wage of 14.00 per hour and I do not know because I cannot get a pay stub from them. I quit and called the HR director who hired me. I left 3 unreturned messages. I was texted a message threatening that the authorities were notified I had not returned their firearm. The number came from **. I was in fact in the office at the same time I was texted this threat. I had contacted them earlier in the day and told them I had worked a graveyard shift and required at least 2 hours sleep to drive the 50 miles to their office. In the 2 hours I tried to sleep I was called every 10 minutes by them. This company is like no other I have ever worked for. I definitely agree with all the guards on the job site I was at that this company is the worst.

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Original review: Sept. 29, 2015

Securitas is the worst security firm I've come across. There is no communication and no authority when it come to company guidelines and conducts. Horrible.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2015

I had gone through a very good pre-interview procedure with HR in Tucson for a position in Douglas, AZ. I am retired, served in the US Army pre-Vietnam, college grad, former business owner, professional in every way, perfect work history, perfect background, clean criminal record, reliable and honest. I was specifically stated they (Securitas) follows military personal grooming standards. I have a full beard and moustache. I was not offered an option to shave either as she stated no facial hair period. I stated this is not how the new regs are. She stated she was ex-military and these were the regs.

I later emailed her Army Regulation 670-1 governs hair and grooming practices which states neatly groomed moustaches are permitted. In the two days following this I informed her of four (4) different locations where their employees are working and noted observance at all four of moustaches and goatees. I have called but she will not answer but left her this information and asked for an explanation. Nothing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2015

Been working for the company for two years with a horrible schedule and maintaining 40 hours plus a week, always on time. I'm a good employee and this company does not care! They do not remember my name and never say it right. They never increase your pay ever - I get paid a horrible salary. When I put into consideration the sites I'm put at where by the way Securitas breaks Cal-OSHA laws on a daily basis - no water, no shade, no phone, no radio, no check ups, no nothing... just horrible pay, no benefits and most recently took away our paid vacation time and absolutely do not pay us when we are sick required by law hmm? Yeah I smell a lawsuit. Karma is real.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2015

Pros: Nice pay. Nice sites. Paid vacations: 1-5 years = one week. 5-10 years = two weeks. 10+ years = one month. You don't have to pay for uniforms. Cons: At times you may be forced to sit at the post after your shift is complete to compensate for the irresponsibility of relieving coworkers and supervisors. The communication between supervisors and guards is terrible. They will turn off their phones and leave you stuck out. There is no room for further advancement. When there is a job opening, they do not notify existing employees to promote within the company. Overall: This is a decent company for a student at a senior citizen. You will not be able to retire from this company. It pays the bills but that's all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2015

On June 22, 2015 I had a fender bender in the parking lot and the cops were called. No ticket was issued. They let me work that shift after the incident report was made (it was the same shift as the day it happened). On June 23, 2015 I showed up for my next assigned duty and when I got there the supervisor came over to my truck and said that I no longer had a job. Saying his boss said to take me off the schedule. So I called where our headquarters was and spoke to his boss and she said that she was terminating me, and that she couldn't have someone that she couldn't trust there.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2015

I have been working for Securitas in Indiana for almost 8 months. The only incident I have ever experienced with them is the main office that hires you is a bit disorganized, and they take forever to get your information or call you back about things. I also had a supervisor who had me transferred just because I got offended when a guy came in and made fun of me openly because we were supposed to just laugh and not take offense. I had only been there a few weeks, so yeah I was offended.

So anyway after I got transferred, I have had zero issues. I get 40 hours (which is more than the first position even though I was promised full time hours there as well) good pay, I have health insurance, dental and eye, and at the end of my year I will be eligible for 401 k plan. I never call off, I work extra hours when available. Yeah working holidays may drag at some points, but you get paid time and a half so it helps. All in all I think this is a good company to work for. Especially if you're like me and you have very little job experience.

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Original review: June 9, 2015

I've worked for Securitas for nearly 2 years now, I did the Cruise Liners on most Ports in Scotland, Dundee, Leith (Edinburgh), Rosyth and sometimes New Heaven (Edinburgh). On Monday 1st June we has a cruise ship come into Rosyth and I did a 12 hour shift. During this time I was placed on certain posts to guard. As most of the port is restricted areas which meant that nobody is allowed to walk or even drive their car to quayside unless they have the correct I.D/passes. So after doing a full shift for 12 hours without even getting a break which is against the law as I'm entitled to work 6 hours and I'm allowed to get 20 mins break anytime after 6 hours working. Which I didn't get any breaks at all. So I decided to let this 1 pass and see how things went the next time I was on a shift.

So here goes. Next shift with the same Cruise Ship a week later on Monday 8th June, and I started at 05:00 hrs and was expected to finish around 18:45 hrs. So I got on site just before 05:00 hrs and found out the ship was coming in to port around 05:30 hrs, so I decided to go on a post and guard the Side gate which is the main gate that controls everything that comes from terminal to quayside. Of course I was happy doing what I had to do as my shift just started. Around 07:00 hrs I was replaced by a guard who had just started his shift at 07:00 and I reported back to the supervisor in terminal which he wasn't at the main desk. A guard who also got replaced from quayside said to me, "I guess we are on our break," I wasn't sure as I hadn't been told to take a break, so we both just had a quick 5 min smoke break.

After our smoke I returned back to the main desk to see what's happening next. Within 10 mins I was shouted on by my Manager to go out on the car park and control any cars to make sure they went round the 1 way system and park those who were to pick up passengers coming off the ship. The time I started this was around 07:15 hrs. I was on the car park till around 10:30 hrs which meant I've been working for over 5 1/2 hours without a 20 min break, my manager went out to the car park and I approached him to enquire about when I would be entitled to a break or has the breaks started yet. (Just enquiring, not like I demanded to go on a break right there and then). He told me that some guards are on a break the now.

What I already noticed is that the guards that didn't start till 07:00 hrs were on a break here the guards who started at 05:00 hrs were still on posts. I then questioned my manager about this as said this was wrong as we have been on a post more longer than those who have just started their shifts. Well my manager lost the plot and said to me "Who the 'Hell' do I think you're talking to??" Of course by the way he spoken to me I started to lose my cool which takes a lot for me to lose my cool, but being tired after doing a full week of 12/14 hour shifts, you would expect me to be a little bit cranky.

I then told him that I only asked a question and I stated that I felt it wasn't right for those who started at 05:00 hrs to be still left on a post while the 07:00 hrs guards went right on a break. He then said to me in a tone "Go and take your break," I replied by saying "If I did who would cover my post as I can't leave it unmanned." He said he would. But of course I refused as I didn't want my manager to cover my post while I taken a 20 min break and then have him on my back from the rest of the day and probably other guards on my back as well. So I told him "No I will continue to stay on my post." He responded by saying "Don't make me fall out with you" (like he was my friend anyway, no chance of that). I said "What you mean by that," he didn't answer me.

Apart from repeating himself "Go and take your break," I was angry at this time and I told him "Forget it, I'll take a full time break by just Quitting." He laughed at me and said why I'm quitting. It's like I was talking to a brainless zombie and I responded, "This is why I'm quitting, you can cover my post as I'm done." So I went and got my bag and made a phone call to my family to come and pick me up.

Now he is demanding my I.D card and uniform.. LMAO. What a cheek. Well he can take his I.D and uniform and stick it where the sun don't shine. Here is a little Info for anyone who want a career with Securitas... Forget about it... find another company as you won't get anywhere with this company as they only care about themselves instead of their employees!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: April 1, 2015

I worked there for 8+ years, from July of '06 to Jan Feb of '15 at the gated community Pelican Heights. I have a bad knee due to a previous on the job injury. I was the night shift guard at a gated community. I started as working the shifts of everyone else's days off. 2 Mornings, 1 Evening, 2 Graveyard Shifts. Every week! I was sleeping the worst sleep you can sleep and they didn't care. They took a year or two to get me down to just Evenings and graveyards. It took them another 3-4 years just to normalize my work schedule down to one consistent shift every single week!

Constantly had new people rotating in and out of that post, because half of us were decent and the other half were complete ** who were unable to follow simple instructions half of the time. Those of us with work ethic were constantly called to fill in or stay for 12-16 hour shifts to COVER for the aforementioned **. Here's the kicker. After 8 years of loyalty, not calling in sick, filling in for other people. Our company lost the contract where I was posted to another company. Lower bid. The community liked the guards but not our company [Securitas].

Our company, who already has me hired for 8 years, decides there is no post for me ANYWHERE doing ANYTHING. They then promise me a position soon. Ask me to get unemployment in the meantime. This is all at the end of November beginning of December. I do all the required steps. I call in for work every week. No posts for me! I just got a letter in the mail yesterday. It is now March '15. A notice requiring me to return my uniforms saying they trust it won't require legal action. It's stapled to a pink slip saying I was involuntarily terminated LAST MONTH. WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL! So this is how they reward company loyalty. Is it because you can't fire me because I have a bad knee so you found a completely shady way to terminate me? Good ol' Me who doesn't call in sick but can't stand up all day. Yeah, ** this guy lets him off the payroll!

To agree with everyone else's other comments. The only raise you get is a dime or a quarter a year to keep up with the minimum wage bumps. There is no room for promotion or advancement unless you are in the main office. Plus, they already closed their Santa Ana Office a couple of years ago to merge with the Garden Grove office to "cut costs" IE LAY OFF HALF THE WORK FORCE. WE DON'T NEED 2 SECRETARIES IN THE FRONT NOW. In the entire time I worked there, we had rotated through 4 different branch managers. FOUR! Because none of them can do the job right! TL:DR ** THIS ** I'M OUT. New Training, New Job, Never looking Back! Final Thoughts: IS THE ** THEY DID EVEN LEGAL? CAN THEY JUST IGNORE ME AND TERMINATE ME FOR NO REASON BY KILLING TIME?

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Original review: March 5, 2015

My father has been a long-time employee who is retiring today. He began working as a security guard at Holly Sugar in Wyoming; remained in the position when security was contracted to Pinkerton; and also remained in the position when it was taken over by Securitas, eventually becoming a Supervisor. He has worked at this job now for over 30 years, a good portion of which was under Securitas. So, you would think there would be some sort of company recognition for such a loyal, reliable, long-term employee, right?

Not only is there no recognition of my father's years of employment and retirement by Securitas, they have not honored their original agreement to allow my father (who, by the way, is just shy of his 83rd birthday) to retire on his anniversary date in May 2015 so that he could receive his vacation pay. He is 2 months away from that date, has not used vacation days, and they are basically cheating one of their most reliable, steady employees of his earned vacation pay. Furthermore, they have been paying him, a supervisor, an hourly rate below the entry level hourly rate they advertise and have not given him a raise in years.

This company is not a good company to work for. If you have a choice, go to work for someone else. I am truly disappointed and appalled at the way they have treated my father. I give this company a grade of F-. They do not treat employees fairly; nor do they compensate fairly. They are very discriminatory in their practices. Shame on you, Securitas!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 1, 2015

I worked for Securitas at the temecula mall. Was well liked by my supervisor and some of the other guards. I had an encounter with this kid, who would go around and harass some of the vendors. On six encounters, this person would give us a hard time, cuss at us, and would ask us, to take our uniforms off and let's fight. The day before I was removed, the person had harassed a vendor outside. I reported this to my shift supervisor. He had mentioned this to the site supervisor, who was working late that night. He met me later near the incident. I informed him what happened, what this person likes to do. I was informed that if we were to fight, to take it off the property. He also informed me that they were going to met the the sheriff's dept later, to discuss some problems they had issues with.

The next day, around 4:15 pm, I noticed this person, notified my shift supervisor, he and the sheriff showed up, asked him some questions and was informed to leave property. While leaving the property, another guard met him in the parking lot behind some buildings and were talking. I went over because I was told never be alone with this person. So I went a few yards from them. This person threw the finger at me, I went over there and informed him, that worked as a firefighter for over 30 years, dealt with pukes like you. He asked me to take my uniform off and let's go somewhere and fight. I was thinking that if he wanted to be a big man, let's do it on the spot. The other officer asked me to leave. This person called me to come back. I left to have my lunch. This person went to the sheriff's office to file a complaint, while the other officer had secretly recorded this incident, ran to the asst. site director, who notified the field supervisor and sheriff's office.

By showing this recording to them I was removed because I was doing an effective job and was told by my supervisor that the way I was doing it was effective. Plus I believe that the officer, who reported me and the asst. site director had it out for me. I worked as an flex guard from 11-13 to 6-14. I worked any shifts they wanted me to work, and they knew that I worked, when you worked.

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Original review: March 1, 2015

I worked with this "company" for almost 2 years and quit when I moved from the Rio Grande Valley back up to Houston. I worked there for almost 2 years with no non-commission license and was charged $75 every check for "my uniform and License fees". Well when I moved and tried to get another job I found out my non-commissioned license was missing "required information". I still was able to get my commissioned license with the security company I work for today (which I have been with for about a year).

About 2 weeks ago I contacted Securitas who has new management. Both my branch manager (female) and main manager (male) (from Securitas at the time) quit because of a well-known rumor that they were sleeping together and living together) and let them know I had worked for 2 years with no valid license and that I had been charged every check (roughly $75 each) and if it was possible to get my money back, at which time the secretary responded with some bs about how everything is payed to dps in checks and is not refundable, period.

So I responded that I was going to contact the state board. Well today I got a letter from Securitas and when I opened it, it was talking about charges being filed on me for not returning my uniforms (which I was charged for out of every check). Mind you it has been over a year since I have been with the "company" and even when I was with the company I was working with no license which is against the law on my part. Securitas are a bunch of bullies. I work security for a living, and in Texas they will suspend your license if you don't turn back in your uniforms, so now I'm in this position, no license when I was with the company, and now my commissioned license is in danger because of these idiots. ** Securitas.

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2015

Great company. Love the weekly pay, flex schedule and openness of the supervisors. I receive SSDI benefits from my deceased step dad because of various disabilities. I let the supervisor know I can only make so much, I Can only work a certain amount of hours. They are more than willing to meet my needs. Most helpful. Great way to gain some experience and supplemental income $1900.00 between work check and benefits. Sure beats $1000.00.

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2014

I had been with Securitas 14 years and I was late for work like 2 times and didn't take it off my time sheet. So Mrs. Stacy ** come out and terminated me, no write up or warning because I was black; instead Mr. ** is white was removed from the post and was gone for a week and they brought him back. They refuse to do the same for me. At the same time I have 25 letters from Annandale that was against me being terminated and wanted me written up instead they refuse. Mr. ** has caused all kinda problems and have proof so I am ready to move to the next step. GOD bless.

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Original review: Nov. 14, 2014

I worked for this company for over a year and dedicated myself to my job. I had the misfortune of having health issues and the company pulled me from my post starting I was being laid off. I was told to call every day to find a new post but after a month the supervising schedule stopped answering my phone calls.

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Original review: Oct. 26, 2014

This individual broke into my friend car and the security guard was just park in her truck in straight sight of the car that was broken into and when we approached her she was like "I didn't see anything". We told her "the guy just left, do something" but she just stayed in her truck.

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Original review: Oct. 24, 2014

I have worked for Securitas for almost two years now. I have never been in trouble. I was a flex officer for the first year. I would go in whenever I was called or needed. The day I accepted the supervisor position was a big mistake. From the time I put that black short on I became a target. I've been treated unfairly by my bosses. I treated all my officers fairly and equally with respect, I would even cover their shifts if I was off and they couldn't make it to work. Every week I worked over forty hours covering for all shifts when other shifts were short due to officers always calling out. I was the go to person everyday. I am the only black female supervisor they had. I worked very hard for this company. My partner is national guard so I even had to cover his days as well. I would only get one day off. I never had time to do anything else but work. Complained, I did what what was needed. I lead by example. I am a very hard worker, I follow the policies of the client and I make sure my officers do the same. I look out for them anyway possible. I try to be as upfront and honest with them as I can be.

I was being told by my boss that every time I stay over and work on other shifts my name was coming up in he say she say stuff. I would ask questions like who is saying these things because I'm not like that, I am not a messy person at all and the Security supervisors of the client would send my boss emails saying my name is coming up in this and that but he would never approach me with it. Mind you, he worked with me every night and not once did he let me know what was going on. My boss told me if my name kept coming up in he say she say stuff, that I would lose my job. The security supervisor had something against me because he kept sending her emails on me on things I didn't know anything about nor had anything to do with and I was letting them know somebody was setting me up.

A few weeks ago I was called into work and I told them no because I'm only off one day this week, my boss called me ten min later asking why won't I go help them out and what happened with the schedule. I told her since I messed up the schedule I would go in, no problem. When I got to work I asked my officer "which one of y'all silly people called the boss on me", he laughed and mentioned my partner name. I laughed and joked with him and so did the police officer. When my partner came downstairs and did the job, once he was done he said that he didn't rat me out. I laughed and told him it's no big deal, I was just asking a question.

My boss called me a day later asking me what happened. I said "what are you talking about?" and she started asking questions saying that my partner contacted the police officer's boss and she wasn't aware of the situation and she was calling me to find out what happened. The security supervisor for the client told her he wanted my badge disabled. I was like, "for what? I didn't do anything wrong."

My partner didn't follow the chain of command, he and my officer escaped the situation, and I was let go. They both still have their jobs, she told me that the police officer called my officer a snitch and I told her I'm not aware of that so my officer wrote a statement saying I was aggressive with him and he was threatened by me. I never did any of that. I am very professional. I am the only one standing up for myself. The security supervisor is sexist and I have been let go for no reason. Will someone please help me in this situation. I've been calling them and no one is getting back to me. I've been out of work almost three weeks. They haven't placed me at another site or anything.

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