TutorZ specializes in quality tutoring at an affordable price. The referral for students is free. Kindergarteners through college students can get help in over 500 subjects in centers across the United States.

TutorZ.com operates a marketplace for students and parents to find the qualified in-home and online tutors. Since its inception in 2006 TutorZ has facilitated over 150,000 tutoring sessions. The TutorZ search engine provides listings of over 40,000 tutors nationwide.

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Satisfaction Rating

I was just looking around googling some names and TutorZ popped up and responded and everything worked out fine. It's easy finding a tutor especially if you know what you are looking for. Every tutor I spoke there with were fine, very well versed and professional. The learning experience was excellent as well. Overall, we had a good experience with them.

Satisfaction Rating

I was trying to find students online when I first heard about TutorZ. I like that it's easier for people to find me using their database. They filter, so I don't have to deal with finding people who aren't a good fit. TutorZ has been the one that I've had the most luck with finding the most long-term students with. It's also nice that they have so many options. They have specific things that people need, which goes along with parents who go that far - who deserve to have someone who knows what they're doing. I'm working with two people right now that found me on TutorZ and that's been the best long-term family situation. It was a good fit. My only problem was I have had a hard time searching. I haven't figured out how to do that. Also, TutorZ might want to add executive functioning into their database since I do it with all of my students with learning disabilities and it helps them a lot. Their parents love it, and it seems that they're looking for that.

Satisfaction Rating

I was interested in becoming a tutor to find who needs help. It was pretty straightforward and easy becoming a tutor through TutorZ. I try to have many students through them and I’ve had three students from them for molecular or quantitative evaluation. But TutorZ does not have enough students. They should advertise more.

Satisfaction Rating

I'm preparing for my Step 1 exam, USMLE so I needed discussions with someone who is very much knowledgeable because Step 1 seems to be very important for the next successive exams. And tutors are the ones who can let me know where I'm going wrong, which one is important, and where to focus. So, I thought TutorZ would help and benefit me. TutorZ.com has been very helpful in figuring out a tutor for me. They provided me with the tutor's information and if they were not responding, there was a feedback from TutorZ.com saying that, "If you did not hear from this, there is another tutor," to keep me going, which I really appreciate.

The tutors were friendly and knowledgeable. The only thing is tutors also have their own things going on and the meetings are not an everyday thing. But my learning experience has been good so far. I have improved myself and it really helped me to be more focused, improve my concept and stay motivated. TutorZ.com has given me that support which I needed at the right time. It's really helpful for students who are looking for support and who want to improve. It's also very accessible and welcoming at the same time. So, we as students, feel comfortable to interact with them and try to figure out which tutor is good. Or we could always fall back on them to get some support. I really recommend it to anyone if they are searching for some tutoring.

Satisfaction Rating

I needed a tutor for my daughter and it was easy finding one through TutorZ. The tutor I've used several times now has been excellent and responsive. He communicates through email a lot and always comes prepared. Whatever my daughter needed assistance with, she benefited from TutorZ as far as the grades she got. I'm very satisfied.

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Satisfaction Rating

TutorZ was the only site that my tutor was on and he had the best ratings, so I used TutorZ. Finding a tutor there was simple for the most part, and the tutors always responded with emails pretty quickly. Also, my learning experience has been better and easier ever since.


TutorZ is hard to find because when I Google for tutors, it doesn't come up in a search. I found out about it as I was looking at some other website and they had a list of tutoring websites. I saw TutorZ there and I went through it from there. I've been tutoring for a long time through other agencies and I was trying to have more exposure by looking through different websites, not only on this but on several others. It was easy to join TutorZ and they also gave free credits when I joined, which was nice.

As for their staff, I had sent a question and one woman responded and then as I responded back to her, she never responded back. Then I remembered that I had previously talked to another woman who was very responsive, so I ended up emailing her and she responded. Ever since then, if I have any question, I go back to this one woman that I know because I found her responsiveness always good.

But I haven't really had much business through TutorZ. I've gotten queries but I haven't hooked up with anyone. There have been questions, and then either sometimes I'm full and I don't have availability or I respond and then it turns out it doesn't match up. On their website they say they have over 40,000 jobs, but they're counting it going back to the beginning of time when they started, which was in 2006. To say that they have 46,000 open jobs is a little misleading. It's almost like they're all active currently, but they're not. Only the last five days are active really 'cause if you respond to someone from 10 years ago, they're obviously not gonna reply to you.

They only probably get about 20 new jobs nationwide that come through in a day and that's during a good period. There's maybe one in my area everyday and that's just overall and it might not even be a subject that I match up with. During a slow period like summer, they'll only be getting three or four a day. That’s why they need to improve their web presence through Google. If I’m using them for a primary source of income, then I’m living on the streets for sure.

Thank you for your review and stating that TutorZ provided you with additional exposure to students and that you have received free credits when joined. In fact, since you joined you didn't need to pay a single dime. All the students we referred to you and the time of that responsive customer service woman as well as additional PR was pro bono. It would have been fair and nice had you mention that instead of publishing distorted and misleading facts about our service.

You're right, TutorZ does not have the exposure on Google like bigger companies have but we are working on it. For example, January 2017 we will be rolling out a new design which will rank TutorZ higher on Google and allow users to mobile devices.

Satisfaction Rating

I've been a tutor before coming to TutorZ, and I was looking at the online options. My friend told me that it's a very good website. One can get the job, especially in his or her subject. I especially like it because it's a one-window operation. It's easy to access. I can easily get the students and I can communicate with them. I can also edit my profile or my rate, and I can change the information and the availability on the website. Also, I found the founder, Dirk, very friendly, accommodating and informative. I didn't personally meet him, but we've been communicating through email.

One thing I would like them to improve on is their website. The students post the jobs and sometimes they are not able to grab a tutor's information. It's not there. I wanted to respond to the student's request but there is no way to do it. I have to send the emails to Dirk and he is going to send me the email back. I would have to wait for more days to contact the student because I cannot do it until he puts the job on my account. Dirk informed me that they are working together with the website developer, though. Other than that, it has been very rewarding and self-satisfying since I became a tutor through TutorZ.

Satisfaction Rating

TutorZ provides an excellent way for students to get in touch with a tutor. The way their system works, a student requests a tutor at no charge. The tutor receives notification that someone is seeking their services. The tutor can then purchase the student's contact information for a small fee (about $2-$3). Once this purchase is made, all further communication is free of charge. No strings attached.

I have 10 years experience as a tutor, and I feel this is a fantastic system. The problem with 100% free tutoring sites is that they don't seem to have enough funding to provide quality service. The problem with other sites that require payment is that they are greedy with how much money they require from both tutor and student. TutorZ provides a nice middle ground that is fair for all parties. What's even more remarkable is that they give new tutors a $10 credit so they can try out the site and gain students without putting down any of their own money. This is good business.

In addition, the customer service is first rate. I had a few minor issues while setting up my account, so I contacted TutorZ on two different occasions to help. Their response was fast, helpful and courteous. The only "negative" comment I can make is that TutorZ isn't the top hit on a google search. It deserves to be because I feel it is the best, most ethical service of its kind.

Thank you for your positive and detailed testimonial, Nick!

Satisfaction Rating

As a tutor, I've managed to find a few students through TutorZ. However, lead quality overall seems to be lower, and it's a tad inconvenient to run several different payment channels. Overall, just a middle-of-the-road experience.

Satisfaction Rating

I use TutorZ for client leads. After my purchase, I have gotten a few client leads but not as many as I expected. I think TutorZ needs to improve on that. Other sites such as Tutorselect that I use gives plenty of leads. Overall, I like the interface and the concept but something must to designed so tutors can see and contact clients when they view online tutoring requests.

Satisfaction Rating

Good service. Found me students, a pleasure to deal with.

Satisfaction Rating

This is a great site for finding wonderful tutors...

Satisfaction Rating

Where my query was sent. I identified 3 that I was interested in. Two were sent to a different service WyzAnt where the hourly charge is higher. I can go to WyzAnt myself. What a number of contacts I got - like I posted to a blog.

Thank you for your review, Jerry! We have connected with with two of our partner company tutors because they were both an excellent fit for the accouting needs of your son.

Due to our partnership with WyzAnt 1000s of parents found great tutors especially in rural areas: http://www.tutorz.com/blog/2011/11/tutorz-com-and-wyzant-extend-partnership/

Your TutorZ Team

Satisfaction Rating

TutorZ has become my favorite source for obtaining new tutoring students, during the past few years. Instead of paying a flat fee for uncertain "pig-in-a-poke" website access, TutorZ is free to browse, and I purchase only those leads that I believe are qualified and suitable. Furthermore, the per-lead cost is remarkable low (only a few bucks, and even less after discounts), and the company does not get a "cut" (nor do they insist on having all contact go thru them). As a very experienced (and successful) tutor, I highly recommend TutorZ to any qualified tutor who is serious about growing his business (beyond word-of-mouth referrals), cannot afford expensive advertising, and doesn't want to give away 20-40% or more to some other website.

Thank you for your kind, positive and detailed testimonial. Glad to have you as one of our star tutors, Bruce!

Dirk Wagner

Founder of TutorZ LLC

Question and Answers - TutorZ

Dirk Wagner
Owner and Founder

Has TutorZ received any awards or recognition for its products or services?

TutorZ has been named the Top Homeschool Curriculum Award in 2013, the Top 101 Best Tutoring Websites Award 2014 from HowToLearn. It has also been awarded the California Excellence Award in 2013, the Best Educational Websites Award in 2013 and the company won $5,000 in funding for winning the first price in UC Irvine's HighTech Octane start up company competition in 2007.

How has TutorZ grown or evolved?

TutorZ started as a vertical search engine to find tutors to becoming a leading marketplace for in-home and online tutoring.

What problem is TutorZ trying to solve?

TutorZ matches the tutoring needs of American students with its 40,000+ qualified and trusted tutors.

What sets TutorZ apart from the competition?

TutorZ specializes in quality tutoring at an affordable price. The referral for students if free. Students find tutoring help in over 500 subjects in all major U.S. cities, in all educational levels from kindergarten to college. Tutorz.com operates its marketplace for students and parents to find the qualified and safe in-home and online tutors since 2006.

What needs does your product or service fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?

TutorZ fulfills the tutoring needs of American students. We are a fast and efficient connection between student and tutor. The referral for students is free. Tutors are not charged any commission or subscription fees. Instead, tutors are charged only $2 to $3 for a referral. TutorZ can offer this more affordable service by leveraging its lower-cost development and service office in Eastern Europe.

How does TutorZ measure success?

The primary success measure is when a student meets its tutor and is satisfied about his or her service. Since its inception in 2006 Tutorz.com has facilitated over 150,000 tutoring sessions. A secondary success measure is the number of our tutors, which is currently over 40,000. This large number enables our parents and students in cities to find available tutors at any price-level, of both genders and with various backgrounds. Even in rural areas TutorZ can provide first-class tutoring.

What’s the most common misconception consumers have about your industry and your company?

Tutors are often surprised when we tell them TutorZ doesn’t charge any commission for the tutoring.

How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

Finding a tutor has moved from classified ads to Internet market places. High-cost brick & mortar tutoring services such as Sylvan and Huntington find it harder to compete with more efficient Internet marketing places.

What is something you wish every consumer knew about TutorZ?

Getting a tutor today is easy and affordable, even when you are on a budget.

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