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This is a great service. I used Tutor Doctor in Orange County when I needed a reading tutor for my elementary daughter. It has been so hard to find the right tutor who fit our schedule. And I had a bad experience with other tutors who committed and then flaked so I was back to square one looking for a new tutor. They have great tutors who show up and if the tutor does move on, they quickly find another one. And the price for in-home tutoring is competitive to some of the learning centers where I have to drive and then she was in a group situation. Is now getting 90% and higher on all quizzes and tests. The one on one makes a huge difference and she can ask questions and get ALL of them answered. She is now able to do her homework with less frustrations and the stress is gone. They are truly "world class" and I would recommend their services to anyone seeking personalized tutoring focused solely on the student's success.

Finally found a great tutor and am very pleased. Great website, easy payments making process, extremely good too! Affordable price for tutor doctor! Tutors respond in a timely manner whether or not they are comfortable with your subject. My tutor knows his subject and was very helpful. To the point, super patient and understanding and most of all - he knew all the material backwards and forwards. Understands all the nuances of teaching and learning math and inspired my daughter to love math even more.

Very nice for people on a budget. If you have a limited budget, Tutor Doctor offers services that don't break your bank. I was able to afford the service of Tutor Doctor without having to get another job or worry about bills needing to get paid. It was super helpful. I was able to learn a lot with Tutor Doctor. They have a lot of different services you can learn about. I can't wait to try them again. I love to learn! The teaching style of tutor doctor was great because it was easy to catch on and easy to catch up. I highly recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone that needs a tutor.

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Tutor Doctor has been offering in-home tutoring for the last 10 years. It has grown into an international franchise, giving students extra help in countries all over the world.

  • Tutors visit the student: Students don't have to worry about getting to the center or working in an unfamiliar environment, as tutors make arrangements to work with students at their homes.
  • Individualized tutoring program: Tutors work one-on-one with students and create an individualized program based on their unique needs.
  • Helps students with existing homework: Rather than assigning extra homework, tutors work with students on their current homework to help them master it.
  • Works closely with classroom teachers: Tutors meet one-on-one with the student's teachers on a regular basis to make sure they are addressing needs appropriately.
  • Provides tutoring for both children and adults: Tutor Doctor extends its individualized tutoring services to college students and other adults who need extra help.
  • Best for Special needs students, kids who are failing and kids who are taking state exams.

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