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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2021

This school may be good for some but I have had a terrible experience. I haven’t learned a thing and when I am clearly having trouble instead of helping the teacher gives me a zero and says redo it. In their comments they say that “You completed all the parts of this activity very well but I don’t like your phrasing”. This is not how you teach kids. That's not helpful. Try helping. And don't even get me started on how hard it is to learn a foreign language without a teacher and math. Overall terrible experience. Don't recommend to anyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2021

My son's custody was transferred to me via court order. At first the school was cooperative. After five weeks all of a sudden my son and I were unceremoniously terminated from accessing his account. I sent various emails to his supposed support coach as well as the school in general to no avail. Now they refuse to accept a request for a copy of his current transcript so he will most likely be forced to either have to repeat 7th grade or hope his new school makes an exception until it's sorted out in court. They actually sent me an email stating my ex-husband would need to give written permission for my son to access school, apparently it is the 1930's and worse; is it negates the entire point of the court order provided. But either they can't read or prefer patriarchy to stand.

Have never in my life dealt with a school like this. It's ridiculous and extremely hurtful to the children who are caught in their trap. Also the school is mediocre at best. Their math is of course common core which is already terrible but the rest of the classes are not any better. My son is switching to Sanford University's online school instead. I highly recommend it. At least when they graduate they will have something worth the paper it's printed on. Their program is also online but a class apart from this public school masquerading as a private one. Save your money. You're not getting what you're paying for.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 13, 2020

    As a military family facing many moves and uncertain timelines with deployments and DETs, education for our young and very active little boy was a large concern. We wanted to have him start his educational foundation in a positive environment where it will always provide the stability for educational success (the paperwork completed for us too). His home environment is something he doesn't always understand and with limited family support (due to duty stations being far from family), we needed some stability educationally. We enrolled him in kindergarten, project based and we LOVED the program. Now he's in first grade and they no longer have the project based program, so we enrolled him into their computer based program. From the assistance of his (beyond amazing teacher- Mrs. Lewis) and his advisor, we have the perfect team I can call on for assistance or questions.

    Do you want a school that will give your child(ren) the building blocks of success? This is a school that will do that. Do you want to leave your child to their own devices without following their educational successes/failures? This school may not be the choice for you. They give you everything possible to make your child successful, but that requires work from the student, and the parent to be a participant as well. The courses are organized in a way that's understandable and helpful in the learning process. You can progress more quickly or slowly. So that is good if you want to progress more quickly to prepare for time off. I find it interesting to see parents giving a negative review to a school when their child didn't do the work or waited to the last moment to do the work. Do they not discuss school at all with their child(ren) ever? They just assume their child is doing everything for months without any followup?

    As long as you're slightly invested in your child's success, just follow the school's program steps and your child will learn and be successful. The teachers are in often contact, but they're not going to micromanage your child. I've yet to see any teacher anywhere do that, online or "brick and mortar." There are many reminders in the system, so I have no idea how these parents are frustrated with the "lack of information" they've received. If you just log on there are timelines and calendars everywhere/on everything in the system. Want quality education that will set the foundation for success and learning, go with Laurel Springs. We have been extremely satisfied and find the teachers to be apart of our daily lives just like attending a physical school. I can't imagine navigating our military lifestyle and COVID without them. They're awesome!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 17, 2020

    We signed our twins up at the very onset of Covid-19 Shelter in Place. Our boys had completed Mandarin 1 at a Junior College so we signed them up for Mandarin 2 thinking this was logical. We told the Admissions coordinator that they had taken Mandarin 1 at the JC, never were we told that Mandarin 2, at a High School would not count towards their foreign language. We found out a couple months later when we told the Counselor at the at the boys High School.

    When we approached Laurel Springs telling them a mistake was made, on all of our parts and the class was not going to count, they refused grant any form of credit, not even 50%. I just feel due to the circumstances of the world being turned upside down and everybody trying to scramble to find solutions, they could have been a little more understanding. Bottom line is they should have some form of screening before kids sign up for any class. We did tell the Admissions Coordinator on our first conversation, but apparently they are not knowledgeable of the necessary course work kids should take. We are out $2700 for nothing.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 15, 2020

    There are better options for homeschool that are free and won’t cost you five grand per year. Material is not put together well. Little continuity with lots of random facts to memorize for a test. No social interactions whatsoever other than online texting. They advertise lots of student connection but Don’t expect anything other than online chat rooms. Way too little for them when you pay. Teachers have crazy office hours. 5 AM to 7 AM in the morning or 7 to 9 in the evening. Teachers have other jobs and do this part.

    Laurel Springs School response

    We’re sorry to hear that Laurel Springs didn't meet your family’s expectations. Your feedback is extremely important to us, and we would be happy to discuss your concerns. Please contact us so we can discuss further.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 13, 2019

    I have three daughters and each is close in age. I never thought I would do online school. After finding that each child had needs that could not be met in their schools I started to look into online schools. I did all my homework and found that this is the best online school private school. It offers you a fully accredited and quality curriculum. My children needed the flexibility to do ballet.

    With gifted children it can be a challenge as they dont fit in the normal box. This team is specialized in working with gifted children and is prepared to help you. The iclasses that are interactive & in-depth learning opportunities. They have writing and math labs for help and tutoring. The teachers respond quickly and really get to know each of my girls. They care and are encouraging and teach them to master each subject. The symposiums are amazing for kids. They to get to talk with peers about amazing speakers who talk to them. They are exposed to new ideas and critical thinking skills. Each of my children in the span of two months has improved in all areas. If you are looking for a school that understands gifted children you are in the best place for your child.

    You do need to make sure you listen to the onboarding tutorial as it is key to get emails and communication. To take advantage of the full programs offered.

    Thank you to teachers, student counselor and everyone who is part of this amazing school. I never realized how much children can learn in a self-paced environment. They can slow down or speed up depending on their needs, not a classroom. From computer code, foodie, photography, chess, and many more club opportunities you will find something for your child. They have the children test after each lesson and this practice is key to future success. As in normal school, my kids did not get to master each lesson. I have found the importance of getting kids comfortable on a computer and also doing written work. This school offers both! I hope this helps future families looking into the school.

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    Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 17, 2019

    We were very happy with Laurel Springs for Kindergarten. We enrolled our girls in the 1st grade and was told at first they didn’t have a payment plan for the project based curriculum. So I told them I wasn’t able to enroll the girls then. They called me the next day and said they would make an exception. I received the books and the same materials I received in kindergarten. I told them I didn’t need 4 of the same materials. They told me it comes in a package and I can just donate it. I was furious knowing how much I paid.

    I asked to be refunded my deposit and I will send the books and materials back. They told me there’s no refunds even though school doesn’t start until Sept 3rd and it’s August 15th. They have called me constantly all day long trying to have me stay in the program after I told them no. They harassed me like car salesmen. I don’t work with dishonesty and they have just proven to me it’s all about money not our children’s education. I’m very upset with this entire situation. This was going to be the program I wanted to use until the girls graduated high school. Very disappointing.

    Laurel Springs School response

    We are very sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the materials you received for your girls’ 1st grade enrollment. It is our always our intention to provide our families with the best possible experience with our curricular offerings. I am glad we had the opportunity to work through a solution with you this week and we wish nothing but the best for your girls continued education.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 13, 2019

    There was absolutely zero communication from the teachers during my child’s first year enrollment as a freshman. She did not do well because she’s not a motivated student and there was little or no communication from her teachers. To me as her parent to try to get Her some tutoring or some help or to see what the problem was. She was behind the entire year. They never sent an email or communication until a week before the end of the year to alert me that time was running out. I asked, emailed, called several times to find out how many credits as a freshman. How many credits do they need to be a sophomore etcetera and never ever received a response. I still don’t know.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 20, 2018

    Education is outstanding. Weekly they send the schedule of online classes that complement the daily assignments. I am happy with the system because I receive notifications by mail both when my daughter sends a job, and when she receives a response from a qualification. The system is simple to use and allows to read the comments of the teachers. I could not coordinate an appointment for the week of meeting with the teachers for being on a trip and each one sent me an email about the performance of my daughter. The clubs are fabulous, my daughter socializes a lot and shares hobbies. Very happy.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 20, 2018

    This school is a disaster. From the beginning they didn't properly enroll my son in geometry, so he was behind two weeks and I had to argue to get an extension. Then they switched websites in the middle of it, confusing him so that his work didn't get uploaded. They switched teachers, and the new guy sends 1 warning email & flunked him within 10 days. My son also flunked online French. They are the most expensive online school there is, and they like your kid to fail so they can change another $2400 a class when they do.

    97 people found this review helpful
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    Laurel Springs School author review by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

    Founded in 1991, Laurel Springs is a fully accredited private online school for students in kindergarten through grade 12 and beyond and has reimagined the educational journey through a student-centered focus. The Laurel Springs School staff consists of exceptional faculty, academic support specialists, and college counselors who share an enthusiasm for meeting each student where they are, while challenging them to grow and expand their potential through self-discovery.

    • Accreditation: Laurel Springs is accredited by Cognia and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), with courses that are NCAA Division I and II and University of California a-g approved.

    • Diverse curriculum: Laurel Springs School fosters intellectually curious students through a broad and diverse curriculum that provides a framework for each child’s educational path and pace, inspiring personal and academic growth and mastery. Students entering Laurel Springs’ Lower School are introduced to a supportive learning environment that equips each child with the foundational knowledge for achieving academic success. Challenging classes and individualized counseling prepare students in Middle and Upper School to continue their education at elite universities and beyond.

    • Student support: All students receive one-on-one guidance throughout their educational journey at Laurel Springs, from experienced and devoted teachers in the Lower School to specialized academic counselors in Middle and Upper School.

    • Community and social life: Laurel Springs School students enjoy the flexibility to pursue their individual interests, talents, and passions through a wide array of clubs and activities. Students participate in a variety of extracurricular organizations and events, such as Model UN, National Honor Society and Junior Honor Society. Students also benefit from exposure to a diverse group of peers representing more than 90 countries through virtual field trips, in-person events around the world and a private social network.

    • The Academy: High-achieving students explore Honors and AP courses and opportunities to conduct in-depth research projects. The Academy nurtures and emphasizes critical and creative thinking as well as leadership skills.

    The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services.

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