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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 24, 2020

    We are only 3 weeks in... and my kids are miserable. I have to figure out another solution stat. The teachers are horrible. They won't respond back, they end class whenever they feel like it, and assign you homework from Khan Academy. We can go to that site ourselves. We don't need them. We feel like they are doing nothing for us except sending us a computer to use. But the catch is... they can watch your kids and control the computer. It is really creepy! They blocked my daughter's computer when she wrote an email asking her teachers & Administration for help. Glad we have other computers in our home. We don't need them. They are not doing their jobs!! I hope this helps someone else. I wish I would have looked at reviews before we enrolled our children in their school.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 16, 2020

    This school has some serious administration issues. I have four children that I am enrolling into school via k12 in SC. We moved from IL where we did homeschool for 4 years. Three of my four were accepted easily and pretty quickly. My 8th grader has had a completely different experience. They have given us the hardest time for her. Mind you, all their documents are the same other than their personal info changed. Same forms, same history, documents etc. They have accepted three but not the 4th which is exactly the same. School started weeks ago and they continue to put us through the ringer asking for documents for her that do not even exist. I am told by customer service that different processors do things differently which is CRAZY. There should be a set of guidelines they are required to follow, not go at their own discretion. I would look at all other options before deciding to put yourself through this stressful situation.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 15, 2020

      This is the WORST experience EVER. I still am waiting for classes, teachers, and books. On top of that I have to go on a scavenger hunt to find my homework, which by the way it takes longer to find my homework than it does to do it!!! The website is EXTREMELY hard to navigate and find almost any useful information. When it is time to for a meet I have multiple stacked on top of each other. When they send my emails EVERYONE has a copy of itself. This is the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 14, 2020

      Getting my sons into this program was simple and easy. But that’s where the ease stops. We’ve encountered so many technical problems on the school part this year that it cost us our spot. My 3rd grade student was attending the OLS classes everyday and working very hard in the online classes and his book work. Now I have two students in this program and things got really bad this year. Only half the time the school was messaging me about my students did I ever know which one it was actually for which lead to a lot of misconceptions. They’ve had a massive amount of technical difficulties in the OLS and class connect sessions. Because of those issue it would register my children as either not doing the work or simply not there at all.

      I received two emails about my student missing days, but the emails didn’t specify which student it was for, and since I’d gotten an email for my youngest student from his math teacher about a missed class, I assumed the others were for him too. Him being in kindergarten, it’s been a hard start, so I had thought it was for him. My third grader had been working everyday and attending the live sessions. Unfortunately it turned out that the issue was for my 3rd grader. They claimed he’d missed days, was behind in work and he was being removed from the programs completely. When I tried to email or call I kept getting put off, lead around, or told to talk to administration. Which I had been vigorously.

      To keep from getting truancy charges pressed against me by the school I had to run and put my 3rd grader in a traditional brick and mortar school, because the other online programs were no longer accepting students. After informing the school of my sons transfer to a new school and gave them all the information they need to contact them, they still sent me letters about Truancy. This program has beyond stressed me and my family out and cause unnecessary frustration. It seems like no matter how hard we tried or what we did to try and do the work, keep up with class, try and stay in contact with everyone it was useless.

      I tried to contact everybody possible that had given me their emails including head of school, homeroom teachers, Live session teacher, advisors and advocates but it was all in vain as the school had made up their mind and wouldn’t work with us any further. It has been very disappointing with how the school has handled the situation. Especially after we went to another school and they still are emailing me about Truancy.

      3 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 31, 2020


      Prompt Delivery of Materials
      Easy enrollment

      Teachers have been nice

      Materials were incomplete
      Books do not match what the website says.
      Confusing to navigate the multiple websites and accounts they make you use.
      Instructions are vague.
      Very frustrating to figure out what your child needs to do every day.
      Having to make MULTIPLE calls EVERY DAY to the school/teacher to decipher the lesson instructions.

      Having to leave messages and wait for a call/email back. Lots of sitting around and waiting to hear back, not able to continue due to lack of clear instructions.

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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 30, 2020

      Guy actually hung up on me after he explained I couldn't use my electricity bill as proof of residency since my utility company put a shut off notice at the top of the bill. Guess poor kids don't get an education.

      73 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 5 stars
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 25, 2020

      The enrollment process was seamlessly easy. We enrolled our youngest two boys in the program last year and they have accepted and excelled at it! VAVA is a great program in Virginia that has done more for my boys in 6 months then the brick and mortar schools ever did. We have one adhd/autism child and he got more from this school then his brick and mortar ever offered. Not only has he excelled but his grades are better, his support is better, and he is happier than he ever had been!

      58 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 5, 2020

      We took our child out of public school for many reasons, but the final straw was the bad crowd she started hanging around scared us for her future. K12 was the obvious choice. Enrollment was a piece of cake and the supplies and equipment they sent was VERY impressive and surprising and for those two aspects I give 5 out of 5, but that's where the good news ends.

      At first we were unable to provide as much time as she required due to our busy schedule and she was failing every class, eventually I got to dedicate a few weeks to be with her and assist in all aspects and I was VERY disappointed in what I saw! In about half the classes 90% of class time is wasted as the teacher spends it getting on to other students who are being disruptive, there is a chat box where students flood it with foolishness and topics unrelated to the class subject matter so when a student does ask a question it gets buried in comments about video games or complaints, or multiple students just chatting with one another and so my daughter never could get clarification so was stuck and struggled to learn anything further.

      About 1/4 the time either the teacher showed up late to his or her own class, didn't show at all, or claimed to be having technical issues with their mic or software so they either had to end class early or skip that material temporarily which made things difficult in the learning process as you can imagine. The grades displayed in the app are rarely accurate and I found myself disciplining my daughter for things that were not even her fault like taking away her phone because she failed a test when she didn't, and there would be notices of missed or late assignments showing but after speaking with her teacher I discovered that the information was incorrect and that she hadn't missed anything and not even the teacher knew why it kept showing up or how to correct it.

      The textbooks are full of information regarding the subject matter but contain no practice examples for the student to do in order to really learn. What happened to the old math textbooks that gave you a few worked out examples and on the next page provided you with 20 or more blank examples that you could do for practice and then check the back of the book for the answers to see how well you did? BRING THOSE BACK PLEASE!

      One of the most concerning things was the frequency of classes, right in the middle of a semester with no holidays or schedule breaks of any kind there would be periods where she would only have math once a week and multiple days she would only have 1 or two classes a day...unacceptable! I think perhaps the most disturbing thing of all is that they allow the students to take and retake quizzes and assignments 3 or more times regardless of the grade or when it is due. I'm all for learning the material more so than consequences for not learning it, however when you give a young student that much power then they have no reason to even study, they can just guess at the answers until they get them all correct and have an "A", I do not think this is a very wise signal that we are sending them, in the real world you get one chance, if you are EXTREMELY lucky you might get two, but never 3, 4, and 5 chances at the same thing.

      I think this just gives the student a false sense of security regarding their knowledge because this method focuses more on the grade than learning the material and I strongly disagree. I received an email several weeks ago from a woman who claimed to be the one to go to for any questions or concerns, she even provided me with a number that I could text her so I sent most of this to her and did not get a response, then replied to her email still nothing.

      After sitting with my daughter for almost a month straight attending every class she had, going through the motions 100% as if I was back in school myself I was able to help set her on some better habits and teach her how to take notes and study, instill in her the importance of listening and reading, she is now making A's in every class and on the surface you'd think that is great, unfortunately I've come to a sad realization that she has only learned how to better manipulate K12's system because now she goes in and takes tests and assignments over and over just to get the A and all the benefits that come with a straight A student. I fear that she will end up an honor student all the way through high school and when she gets into college will be completely unprepared for anything that is thrown at her. If you truly care about your child's education and not just their safety or your convenience, do not send them to K12, you have been warned.

      162 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 5, 2019

      My daughter is currently in enrolled in VaVa and has been for 2 years and really enjoyed Kindergarten because she had a great teacher that didn't play favorite or put the child on the spot. But since she's in 1st grade it seems like her teacher plays favorite and only points out certain students are doing well instead of the whole class which isn't right. The main reason I placed her in K12 was because of the nonsense that goes on in public schools but now I'm seeing some of the same things. My daughter enjoyed the class connects before but now she doesn't. Dont get me wrong. I the classes only last for 30 mins but her teacher teaches for maybe 5 mins and then sends them breakout rooms instead of her teaching a lesson. So I'm seriously thinking about now enrolling her next year if this same teacher is going to be a 2nd grade teacher as well.

      48 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Oct. 29, 2019

      Our daughter has attended k12 online school for 5 years now. This will be the last! K12 Florida section for Hogg school children is careless and terrible. Administration does not care about failing test scores or failing grades. Perfectly happy that only 30 percent of student get passing grades in core subject areas. This is Absurd and appalling! When your student is struggling in a class they do not care and shown no concern.

      One math teacher for all 9th grade students and she is too busy to be bothered to help a child struggling. Principal is careless and does not promptly if ever return emails or calls about concerns you have with your child. Some of the teachers are terrific-but a carefree administration combined with teachers who are too busy to help your child if they struggle is wrong. No such thing as resources or tutors to help students who struggle in on area or another is ignorant. They simply just seem to care about a check on payday and not really concerned on educating youth.

      42 people found this review helpful
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      Founded in 1999, K12 Inc. is a for-profit education corporation. As of 2017, it is the largest online school company, operating 58 separate virtual schools with nearly 77,000 students enrolled in the 2011-12 school year. K12 owns free online public schools, tuition-based online private schools, and online supplemental courses, and is accredited by AdvancED, the largest homeschool accrediting agency. Interested caregivers can use the search feature on K12’s main page to find what offerings are available in their home states.

      • Award winning: K12 has won numerous awards including several from Creative Child Magazine, a ComputED Gazette Eddie Award and the Mom's Choice Award for Online Resources for Children.

      • Large selection of courses and levels: Students can choose from a large catalog of courses spanning all levels including remedial, advanced placement, STEM, Honors and Dual Credit courses. Additionally, the school offers interactive activities and mobile apps for all grade levels.

      • Student support: K12 offers many forms of support to help its students be successful, including enrollment counselors, state-certified teachers, a dedicated advisor, school counselors and tech support.

      • Individualized learning plan: Each student’s counselor will outline their academic objectives, future goals, and take inventory of their strengths and weaknesses in order to build a curriculum that leads to maximum success.

      • Community activities: K12 is a large organization. Many regions of the country have meetups for community activities, parent organizations and field trips.

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