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After homeschooling for 5 years (my kids' whole school careers), we decided to try our state's K12 virtual school for our 2nd and 5th graders. We previously had used Time4Learning, which is pretty perfect, however we had to supplement a lot to cover what I had in mind. I really like the K12 curriculum, and the kids have both grown so much just in the 2 months we've been using it. I have not experienced any issues with the program. The school officials have been nothing but helpful and supportive. The K12 computer program and interface are fine. The schedule is flexible and do-able.

Possibly the last 5 years of homeschooling have given my kids and me the skills to navigate a curriculum and do what needs to be done every day - discipline helps. My kids are nowhere near perfect, and there is a moderate amount of whining and procrastinating, but it's not any different from our homeschooling, and we still are plenty ahead in the K12 schoolwork to allow for big breaks in the spring when we need some time off. We have one parent home at all times, and I think that is what allows us to homeschool in whatever method.

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Difficult, negative experience with K12 virtual school. Was told that they didn't make the decision of eligibility. It is determine through school district. Never was given that information before or during enrollment. Very concerned and alarming that the school is educating our children.

Satisfaction Rating

Loved the curriculum but that's where the good stops. The lack of communication & computer issues was beyond ridiculous. Started the year by not being able to get into the program. Despite MANY calls no one could figure it out. After over 3 weeks finally got it fixed. So we started weeks behind! Then lessons would be done but "lost". We were able to go do the next lesson (the program won't let the child go to the next lesson without completely the prior lesson) but k12 claimed we weren't doing the work. Took pics of work completed but k12 still claimed work not being done! Teacher did respond, claimed he had no idea & really acted like I was a non involved parent & believed the work was NOT getting done. Needless to say my child extremely discouraged because it should. He was failing due to work not being done when really it was!

Tried calling MULTIPLE times & got nowhere. Tried to talk to high ups & they said they were emailing me but I was NOT getting the emails so I asked them to PLEASE call me to communicate via phone while we figured out the problem. Well they claimed to email me & I continued to not get the emails & no phone communication. Took screen shots showing no messages. They ended up not allowing my child to continue after I missed a phone appointment of which they claimed they emailed me. Obviously I wasn't available for this phone appointment because I was NOT aware of it.

Left multiple messages with the principal & NEVER heard from her. Long story short ~ was treated with disrespect & like I was just a lousy parent, did not have people available that knew any way to resolve the problem nor did they act like they really cared, impossible to get a hold of anyone that would return a phone call. Worse part was what it did to my child ~ caused him to feel like a failure!

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My daughter went to K12 for her Junior year. Prior to K12, she was an honor student and well without direction. She failed her first semester because there was a serious lack of communication on the school's part with keeping parents informed. If you are a single/working parent, like I am, you don't have the time to log on their website every single day to see how things are going. This is not even expected in regular schools, when things go wrong, they reach out to you, NOT K12. They LET her fail and never notified me. I did a phone conference with their Dean of Students to address my frustration with the school and he reassured me that next semester would be better. Nothing changed, my daughter managed to earn 5 credits the entire school year, now she is starting her Senior year behind.

Don't get me wrong, part of it is my fault, much is her fault but I blame school most of all for not acknowledging the fact she went to them as an honor roll student and never had a single concern that she was now failing. All they care about is getting you enrolled, they forget about the student and could clearly care less whether they pass or fail, regardless of their so called promises at enrollment.

In addition, when you withdraw, count on them taking forever to get the transcripts to another school. I withdrew her a month ago and her new school STILL has not seen the transcripts come through. Good luck on getting anyone on the phone. I have left several emails for the Admin Asst, the school counselor and someone else they wanted me to talk to, so far, NOBODY has returned my call, email, or sent the transcript.

THEY ARE WORTHLESS as far as I'm concerned and they cause my daughter to lose time and credits because they DIDN'T CARE whether she did her work or didn't, they FAILED to keep their word on what they claim to be about... ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS as far as I'm concerned and should be put out of business, these are our future adults and they set them up for failure once they become a student.

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I have been trying to enroll my child into online school for almost a month now and they keep denying her paperwork. Which in the denial email gives you no explanation - you have to keep calling the 1-800 number and end up stuck on the phone and on hold for an hour each time. How is it that paperwork I have received from a public school is not acceptable to this company? How is it that they have the right to demand cover letters and page numbers for every single document that a public school has given me?

So they have me running back and forth between the school and my scanner to get them the information they want and every time it is denied. The old public school keeps telling me there should be no problem with what they give me and it should be accepted yet each time I talk to an enrollment person they tell me I need XYZ and to go back to the school. The public school is not going to customize the paperwork like this stupid school wants them to. They have utterly wasted my time and am completely frustrated by this company. They want all this verification yet they are unable to request files and transcripts from another education institution to get what they want. Don't waste your time if the enrollment process is this frustrating and full of garbage. I can only imagine what it is like to deal with their curriculum.

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My daughter is a sophomore in high school. She is an elite athlete who cannot attend a public school because of the time required to train and travel to compete. I used a different online school last year, but for a variety of reasons, we looked for a change. Big mistake. We were told that K12 International Academy was flexible and very accustomed to dealing with the changing schedules of elite athletes. They said they'd give her an assessment to get her learning style and classes could be modified just for her.

I was completely sold a bill of goods. Nothing is flexible about their program. She takes honors and AP classes. She is spending 7+ hours a day on school work and is very behind. The teachers are actually good -- receptive and helpful. But the enrollment specialists tell lies, lies, lies. I was told teachers only have 3-5 students so they can concentrate on their students -- because they are athletes. Teachers have well over 50 students on average. I was told that if she mastered a concept, she could essentially skip to the next unit. Not true.

The workload is ridiculous and there is no skipping mundane busywork. I was told to expect 1 hour per class per day, with the exception of the AP history class which could be more. That 1 hour per class does not include the "extra" hour they are asked to watch the online lecture. So, we are looking at 7+ hours BEFORE the online classes where the teacher teaches the lesson. So, probably 9 hours a day. Our coordinator actually told me she might have to spend 10+ hours a day doing this work. REALLY?

She's always been a 95+ student, who never had trouble keeping up. THEN the lab box arrives with all the materials she will need to do her labs. So far, since September, it's been missing 4 critical components to complete labs. Plus, our coordinator does not answer my emails -- ever. They will not put anything in writing, just phone calls. She was provided with the wrong schedule for her AP history class, so she's now still catching up from this. Everything was counted as late because she was working on the wrong schedule.

This is unbelievably poor service and it's not cheap. We have tried to have conferences and get some accommodation. If I could rate it negative I would. If they were just nicer, I might be able to give it a 1 or 2 stars, but only the admission/enrollment people were nice, and they were lying to me. I guess I can give it a 1 because the teachers are actually pretty good. It's not their fault about what I was told. Don't sign up with these people until you GET WHAT YOU WANT IN WRITING!!!

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K12 Inc. is the largest online school company. This EMO operated fifty-eight full-time virtual schools with nearly 77,000 students enrolled for the 2011-12 school year. K12 Inc. owns the rather well-known Insight Schools and Kaplan Virtual Education.

  • Award winning: K12 has won numerous awards including several from Creative Child Magazine, a ComputED Gazette Eddie Award, and the Mom's Choice Award for Online Resources for Children.
  • Large selection of courses and levels: Students can choose from a large catalog of over one hundred fifty high school courses. Courses span all levels from remedial to advanced placement courses.
  • Student support: K12 offers many forms of support to help its students be successful, including enrollment counselors, state-certified teachers, a dedicated advisor, school counselors, and tech support.
  • Individualized learning plan: Students will outline their academic objectives, future goals, and take inventory of their strength and weaknesses in order to build a curriculum that leads to maximum success.
  • Community activities: K12 is a large organization and many areas have local community activities like parent organizations and field trips.
  • Best for Students with other commitments, home-schooled students, working adults and military families.

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