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Oklahoma Residents Only. Epic Charter Schools is a free, public, online charter school for grades Pre-K through 12th. We are fully accredited and our teachers are all certified by the state of Oklahoma. Our teachers will work hand-in-hand with the parents in order to develop a customized learning plan for the student. Epic offers a variety of programs, such as, One on One, and, Epic Blended Learning Center. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our programs!

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Last updated: March 18, 2018

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Original review: March 18, 2018

I figured that enrolling in online schooling would be the best for our family. Also, I don’t enjoy teaching so that offered a way for my kids to learn without me having to sit down and teach. One of my friends was a teacher through Epic Charter Schools and she recommended them to me. She had been an elementary schoolteacher for one of my children and I knew her well. I've just talked with the teacher and she went above and beyond in helping me really well. She has been pretty great and she has definitely tried to make things easier for me, which I certainly appreciate. She did the enrollment process at Epic with me. I got online, filled out the information, and read stuff.

My children were enrolled in the Odyssey program, then we switched them out of that. So far, the experience has been fantastic for my children. The only thing that I do not love is preparing for state testing, which I know is part of the program, but it just seemed ridiculous to start my kids' everyday learning to prepare for a test that really doesn’t matter in life. The quality of education that the Epic Charter Schools offers is better than what my children were getting and would get in the public school system. With Epic they can learn things that they're going to need for college, but then they're at home and working so they're learning things that prepare them for real life too.

Above all, I really enjoy Epic's online schooling. It's a great way for my kids to learn and not have to deal with the ridiculous, unnecessary stresses that public school brings on now. In addition, my kids are going to learn to be more independent because they have to get on the computer everyday and do their work without someone standing over their shoulder and prodding them. I am pleased with our experience with Epic Charter Schools and I've actually recommended them to a number of people who are now doing online schooling with them.

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Original review: March 16, 2018

Epic's curriculum is totally different than high schools'. The things that they are teaching is kind of weird. They have Math, English, Science, and History but then there are other stuff that I was thinking if my son needs it. I also asked my son if he knew how many credits he needs to graduate but he wasn't sure. When I needed help the teacher would tell my son how to do it but doesn't really go into detail or would go to him and tell him he can't help him.

I've had issues last semester as the teacher didn't explain that the term rules were part of his grade and decided to ask him. He just kept saying, "Well, this is what you really need." My son did all his semester work last semester but his teacher said he was still missing some. I tried reading it to understand it and I asked him exactly where this was at that they say he was missing 10%. He didn't tell what subjects he had to redo. Also the teacher told my son that if he was either on page or above it, they could have spring break. He told his teacher he was above page and his teacher said it was not what it shows on his end. I looked at his work the other day and it shows he was on page.

My only point of contact was his teacher. I can text him but it takes a couple of days to get him to answer me. I've tried asking some different person. I can't ever meet up with him because when he does want to meet my son, he does it in the morning and I'm at work. My son does it himself since he's 18. I know the teacher has other students but I would like to know a little bit more about how the program works, so I can explain it to my son and help him with his work because I'm lost. Sometimes get frustrated and I actually tried to get him to go to Career Academy because I didn't understand it and I can't help him if I don't understand it.

When I first started I recommended Epic. I said my son is doing charter school online. But the more I got into it, it started going downhill. If I actually had somebody who would take the time to sit there and explain it to me that will be great. I did re-enroll him for next year because he wanted to stay but I chose a different teacher.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 14, 2018

We were looking for an alternative method for a school that was similar to homeschool but not something that I had to put effort into. I wanted something that was already planned out and I wanted structure. I saw Epic at the mall when they did some kind of a thing when my daughter was even too young for school, and I remembered and I enrolled my two kids with them. I did it online and it took me about five minutes. I sent them the information that I needed and it was very easy. My kids do several different things weekly, and they love it.

The staff at Epic take care of everything. They've always answered all the questions that I needed within the same hour. They either call me back or respond with an email. They're very knowledgeable, and I feel like they have a lot of training for their job. I love Epic Charter Schools. I've never had any problems, and it's always been a fantastic experience for us all. I have several friends with other schools who aren't very happy. I would tell them that Epic is one of the best online public schools to go through.

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Original review: March 13, 2018

My son wanted to enroll in Epic. He had some friends that have gone through them and he told me about it. The enrollment process was a little tricky and I'm still having a bit of an issue with that because when we went from a local high school to online school, they told me that I couldn't meet with anybody to ask questions and talk about it. They said I had to go in and enroll first, then I came to find out that wasn't the case at all. We could have met with somebody and got our questions answered, which is the smart and best way to do it.

Also, in high school they usually give you a form that you fill in on what classes you want to take. At Epic, we never got to pick any classes for my son and I don't know how he was assigned some of the classes he had. So, it's been a little bit weird. We enrolled for next year and that's one thing we intend to work on. We want to make sure and select courses that are interesting to him, not get courses selected automatically for him. So, it's been a learning curve and the process is a little bit difficult.

He got assigned a teacher that he meets in the library and his teacher pretty much picked his curriculum which I thought was odd. It's been hard to figure out the differences in some of their curriculum but the teacher said this is the easiest one, so that's what he's on. At Epic, he could work on his own time. He has a job and that allows him to do that. It's a different experience but he likes it so far. He has missed some of the social aspect of learning, though, and he talked about going back to regular school mainly for that.

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Original review: March 12, 2018

I didn't want my children to go to the US Grant that was by our house because it was a bad school and somebody had told me that Epic Charter Schools was good. Epic was convenient for me because my children could be at home doing it. The enrolment was quick and the teacher I spoke with was excellent

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Original review: March 11, 2018

I have four daughters and my oldest is getting ready to enter into high school. My wife was having a hard time getting them off schooled and Epic was going to be one of the solutions to that. We enrolled our daughters there and that way, they could still stay home and be potentially home schooled. But the bulk of the teaching would be online which would relieve my wife of some of that responsibility. Their website is not the easiest to use but once you figure out where you need to go to get enrolled, the process was relatively simple. The re-enrollment has been super easy as well.

The teacher, Kristi, is intense but she's been pretty great. She's very active and involved in our daughters' education. She's super aggressive when it comes to getting the education done and she's extraordinary knowledgeable. She keeps up with all of the education requirements for the state of Oklahoma which is an ever changing and ever fluctuating thing. And she makes sure that we are well informed about things. She knows what needs to happen when it needs to happen like when the girls need to take certain classes and how to get them concurrent classes in college. We've also heard other parents' experience with other teachers and some of them have been most excellent while some have not been so good.

My kids use Odysseyware and it's the worst. I don't understand how it could save Epic some business but it's what we've used for our younger kids and we hate it. It's got us questioning whether or not to try something different both school and curriculum wise. We've also used Advance Academics which is much better than Odysseyware but I still find some short comings with regard to the quality of the curriculum. Sometimes my teenage daughter tested over things that were either skipped or missed in the curriculum. So there's a little bit of quality issue there but not near as bad as Odysseyware. Then we used Apex Learning Systems which is where my oldest daughter is enrolled in and she is doing great with that. Apex is the best of those three that we've experienced.

So far, my oldest daughter has been amazing at Epic, once she got the hang of it. But for my second oldest daughter, we're pulling her our and putting her into a brick and mortar school next year because her learning style is not conducive to sitting in front of a computer and not being around other people. She hates it that way but she's brilliant and doing well with it. Still, she needs a teacher in front of her and more interactive educational experience as far as with people. As for my two youngers, they don't mind going to Epic. But if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't put my two younger kids in Charter School at this point, which is why we're considering pulling them out next year.

Even after all the negative, Epic is great and the learning fund is awesome. I've recommended several families to try it, too. It's not for everybody, though. Parents have to know their child's learning style and that it's not a hands off experience for them. If they're child is going to be in Epic, it's a child-parent agreement that they both have to be committed to the process.

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Original review: March 10, 2018

My boys were being bullied pretty bad in public school and there were too many students per teacher so they were having a hard time paying attention to each student. Then my daughter, who is in high school, had five teachers out of seven classes a day and ended up watching movies for two of the classes because they didn't have teachers to fill in. Epic was the best option for them. This is our second year and it's been absolutely wonderful.

Initially, I researched about other online schools and I eventually decided on Epic. The learning fund was a big plus as it enables us to provide some extra learning materials for them. I also like the fact that I could call the teacher whenever I need to and they have 24/7 homework help. Also, in some of the other schools, everything is online and there is no actual connection with the teacher. With Epic, we physical meet with the teacher at the library and the kids get one on one with him.

Enrolling them with Epic was easier than I ever thought it could be. It took about a week and they were enrolled and completely transferred over. I figured it would be a big long process to get them out of normal school but it wasn't. Within a day, they were accepted and within a week, we had a teacher assignment. Anytime I've had a problem with an order or anything, their staff over the phone has been solving it for me. I'm very computer illiterate and I'm not very great when it comes to electronics, so they have personally walked me through in setting the computers up. We've had two separate teachers and they both have been absolutely great for my children. I'm very happy with them. They could teach a broad range of grades as opposed to one specific grade. All four of my children are in different grades and they see the same teacher. He's very well educated in the different grades and what they need.

Right now, my kids do their own programs. My daughter does all the school work on the computer and my boys do the Learning Odyssey, which they've just changed to Ingenuity. Then my youngest does ABCmouse for kindergarten which is the best fit for her because it's very interactive. She gets to do things that a normal five and six year old would be doing anyway like coloring, singing songs and reading books. And this way she's doing it and learning at the same time without realizing it. Then, they attend some classes at the library and we do a bunch of science projects at home.

It's been an amazing experience so far. My kids try and play outside as much as they can here and they are a little getting used to having no friends around and not getting out to recess every day. But I wish that there were more school events. There are plenty that we try to attend but I wish that there was more for specific age groups. But the social life is the only downside. Other than that, my children really love going to Epic. They love the fact that they can learn as fast as they want or go back and learn things again. My third grader finished the year out in about five months while my six grader needs a little bit more time and he can take that. So, it's great for each one of them.

The quality of education is also a lot better at Epic than at the public school system at the moment. I know that teachers are having a hard time getting paid and being there today, so, the fact that my boys can put in the time at home and get the good quality education and I can go over and review every piece that they're doing makes me feel a lot better about what they're learning. I would refer them to my friends. In fact, I've converted a couple people over already.

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Original review: March 9, 2018

Our oldest son is going in second grade. And we like the school that he was in but we were worried about middle school. So, even though it was so far away, we wanted to get things taken care of. We saw Epic and it sounded like a good idea. They called us and left a message and so we went and looked at them. We jumped in and we're glad we did. We like the flexibility of Epic. We don't have to sign in every day as long as we keep caught up with the curriculum.

We've had two wonderful teachers, Amanda and Kristi, and we are so thankful for them. They both have been wonderful and they both have their strong points. Also, both of them had been knowledgeable about the curriculum. We've tried a lot of different curriculums with Epic and they've always been able to help us. They've been there if we had questions about certain aspects of the curriculum or if something needed to be taken out if the kids hadn't learned yet. We've run into a lot of times where they haven't taught something and yet they expect the kids to know it. And so I called them and they took it out and then the kids moved on up into the curriculum.

I just go online for the enrolment and we get an email saying, “When we re-enroll." We clicked the link and it took us to the website. And a lot of this stuff was already filled in for us because we were returnees for the kids. We didn't have to enter every little space but there were some things we had to re-check in case it changed over the years. And when we were new enrollees, we had to send our kid's birth certificates and the water bill or electric bill proving that we lived where we lived.

My youngest is enrolled in Odysseyware, my middle child is in Advanced Academics and my eldest is in the Apex. Odysseyware has it's good and bad. They've gotten the things that they've not taught yet and wanted to test on. I also don't think there's enough repetition in either Odysseyware or Advance Academics with the Math. So we're going to use a different curriculum next year. The kids need more repetition on certain things and it's not providing that. But we've liked it well. My oldest son doesn't like school but he seems to like Apex. We've liked Epic so far, the kids have learned a lot and we're happy with the curriculum.

Epic is a really good school. We've been with them for seven years, and they have improved things like the enrolment process and getting things going. The only thing is that I don't like to wait until the beginning of September to start school. I want to start in the middle of August like the schools around us. We're on our own schedule but I like to start them in the middle of August versus having to wait. So I wish we'd have the flexibility to start a little bit sooner than after Labor Day and that way we could finish school earlier in May. Our teacher likes to finish school by Christmas and I do, too. And I don't like the semester to go into January. To me, that's a different semester and with Epic, they continue it as like the first semester and then they start the second semester.

Also, I don't like the foreign language curriculum. They're only allowed to use a curriculum through Epic and it's not the best for all kids. I wish they'd have more things to choose from instead of just one curriculum to use with the foreign language because it's required to graduate. My daughter's going to start next year and I'm just not looking forward to it because it's not the best curriculum. My son has already gone through it. We had a lot of trouble with it and it's not the teacher who teaches it but it's the way they had it set up. It doesn't work for our kids and to most of the kids that I've talked to who have taken it. Other than those, we love Epic Charter Schools. We're planning on doing it until the kids graduate. I know a lot of people who had bad experiences because they've had bad teachers but there's the ability to change teachers. And so I would tell others that if they got a bad teacher, they could ask for a different one.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 8, 2018

Public school or bording school weren't fit for my son due to inappropriate advances at the age of six from other girls. It wasn't what we wanted and our son wasn't advancing at a pace that we like. He was advance but he still had to sit with the class and it held him back. A few of my friends found out about Epic and they told me about it. It seemed awesome that the Learning Fund was available for schooling. You actually had that one-on-one teacher. At that time, I had three in homeschool program. It's K12 and it wasn't what it was advertised to be. And so, Epic was a perfect fit for us at that time and still is. I think we've been with them seven, going on eight years now.

We've home-schooled for a long time. It's a lot easier for us to have a teacher and be able to contact someone if we're having issues or we have questions, or even speak with David, the founder of the program, if necessary. It was really awesome. He even gave us his personal cell phone number to directly talk with. He was nice. He reached out to us and their staffs there were laid back. Anytime that I called, I've had a really good response from the receptionist to the Learning Fund personnel. It's was a good experience, overall. My kids are in different grades and different programs. We have Apex in the household. We have Odysseyware. Khan Academy, my daughter used to do that. She used the success maker for her additional supplemental assistant. And they used Homework Help of course.

I feel Epic has come so far from when we first started. They move with the times. If they say they're going to do this or that, they really work to make it happen. For me, we've had to change teachers a few times and they're okay with that. So since we've been with them so long, we've had some changes like we wanted a different teacher or the teacher wasn't doing their part in helping fulfill their responsibility. And so I feel like they have always been very good at listening to what we, as parents, have to say. They're not there just for the money. The founder was really for children. He educated his children at home too so he knows what it was like. I told quite a few friends to switch over to Epic. As of today, Epic has been the best fit for our family. They're very important to our household. I've recommended them to so many. In fact, I have two that are considering them right at this moment.

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Original review: March 7, 2018

When my son finished kindergarten, we decided to enroll in online school. I had not considered it before then but my son begged me to homeschool him. So, that summer I did some research and found the online schools. At first, we enrolled with different school. And then the second year I found out about Epic, so we switched over to them and we loved it. And then my daughter was born and when she was old enough we started her with Epic too.

With Epic, I like the ability to have the funding used as you wanted to pick your own curriculum. The other school, they didn’t have any options. You just did the curriculum that they offered. And with Epic, you were able to tailor it to your child’s needs. And then if there was funding left, the children were also able to use that funding to pay for their extracurriculars. My son and daughter are both very musical. So, they both play a couple of instruments and take private lessons for that.

We mainly speak with our teacher and the teachers that teach the children when we do group sessions. Several times a month we take them, and some of the teachers collaborate and they give group lessons. But when I had to call admin or email administration, it’s always been great. They’ve always been prompt to respond. They were always able to give me the answers that I’m looking for. My daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac, so we informed them about the five or four-plan, and they were knowledgeable about that.

The teacher is also pretty knowledgeable about any questions that we have about subjects that we’re not familiar with. And if she doesn’t know the best way to do it then she gives us links to websites where we can find the answers. And there’s also an online tutor that we can use that’s available 24 hours a day if the kids have questions about something that they’re working on in their online curriculum. The tutor is able to access a curriculum and see the problem that they’re working on and guide them through it.

When we tried to put my son back one year to public school, and since he had been at home, they tested him and he was two years ahead. So, at that point I knew he was learning what he needed to learn. And they’ve always been really good on their exams. They still have to take the state tests, and the school has them take assessments three or four times a year. They’re called MAP Test, and they’ve always scored really high on those.

My son is an eighth grader now and his program is called GradPoint. My daughter does Accelerate Education, and it’s an online program too but it also comes with workbooks. And besides that, they do some extra stuff, like Study Island, IXL and Quizlet. That’s not part of their curriculum, but it’s something the teacher recommends. My son is in the gifted program. He always scored advanced and does really well. And my daughter does well too academically and she’s gifted musically. She’s been playing the violin since she was four and she’s doing the piano now. So, they’re able to do what they’re passionate about and then be strong academically too. We love it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2018

My son is on EIP and his school district was not meeting his EIP. He was having trouble with bullying and I just felt like it was time for a change. I was referred to Epic Charter Schools by an owner of a counseling agency that I was with at the time and everything had been wonderful. I preached to everyone about Epic. I move to a smaller town in Oklahoma and I thought, “This would be better for my younger kids and I’m fixing to them in next year.” Their staffs were amazing. If you have a question and they don’t know it right offhand, they will get an answer and get back to you usually within 48 hours. They were very resourceful and they knew who knows what within the teachers, superintendents, and principals. So, I can usually get an answer immediately.

I went online and submitted the paperwork that I wanted to enroll them. I gave the Epic offices in Oklahoma City a call and told them I would enroll, and then found an enrollment person and director. Once we got back in and taken care of a bit of paperwork this time, the process was smooth sailing. The only thing that I think was a little troublesome was when you have to wait on your computer, it can take a couple weeks so your student does fall behind. So, if you have your own computer, I suggest that you use it.

We use other little programs too like Study Island but his main curriculum is on Odysseyware. He loves it and he stays on top of his work. My son refuses to go back to school now. Epic is better than what you’re getting at public schools. They’re excellent and I appreciate what they’re doing to be able to give our students a peace of mind to stay home and get them an alternative learning that’s safe and productive.

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Original review: March 5, 2018

I have been happy with Epic. I talked to all the superintendents of different online schools available in Oklahoma. Epic had more students and had a little more choice in curriculum, and also had options to give you your computer and internet along with one-on-one teachers. We have a really good teacher who interacts and is very quick to respond to any issues. I have spoken with the principal of our area and the superintendent of Epic School when I first enrolled. I have been very pleased with the ability to reach people within the system when I need to.

My kid is enrolled in their Apex curriculum and she likes it. She likes more read and respond activities rather than a lot of videos and the Apex curriculum provides that. The enrolment process was easy. And as far as transferring paperwork, I went to my kid's school she transferred out of. And while we also faced the same limitations we had in regular brick and mortar public schools, the quality of education is good.

My kid always works ahead and when it gets hot in the summer, she would like to have work to do. Whereas they can make you stay through a regular public school setting as in August to 1st of June. They won’t let you take any classes over the summer with Epic. So, if they would allow students to do a year around where they could maybe take off a couple of weeks in May then work more in July when it’s hot, that would be an easy thing for them to do since they’re not attending a regular school. And that would free up if you’re allowed to go a year around and not be confined to a regular school term like you were in a brick and mortar school.

I would recommend Epic and I would tell people to really study the principal, talk to the principal, superintendent, and be involved in their teacher choice. It could make or break you if you had a teacher who wasn’t as involved or really on the ball as the one we got. Initially, we were assigned a teacher that I knew right off the bat was not a good fit. Epic was very good when I called. They changed the teacher to another one who has been fantastic.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2018

I have a seventh grader and a sophomore enrolled in Epic Charter Schools and so far, their experience has been good. With the testing that they do, I’m able to figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are, so I could point them in the right direction. They have outings, too. One of those books they’re reading has a movie coming out. So, they’re all going to see a movie together.

I knew that Epic would work with me and the curriculum that I was using versus K12, which we did for a year. They have a set curriculum and they allow me the flexibility of picking my own curriculum. And as long as it stays within the state guidelines, we’re good. Jen has been my assigned teacher and she’s been great to work with. The staff at Epic keeps me updated on what the state requirements are. We do testing a few times a year, so we know areas of weaknesses and strengths and what we need to work on. They seem knowledgeable and the curriculum that I have chosen from them had seemed to be good.

The enrolment was all online, which was very helpful. And then any documents they needed, like birth certificates or immunization stuff, I could send them all online. There were lots of questions like if you’re receiving money from the government or if you’re disabled. So, it was lengthy but they were prepared to take on any type of student. Epic offers really good education. You can select your curriculum so if your child is advanced in math, you can continue to go on and take higher math level classes, or if there’s something they need help on, you can get extra resources for help. I recommend Epic to people looking for a way to homeschool.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2018

All my kids have gone to a school here in Sapulpa called Lone Star. When my daughter graduated from eighth grade we went ahead and enrolled her in Sapulpa, and she was already two years ahead of Sapulpa classes. A few weeks went by and she just did not feel comfortable in Sapulpa. Too many moral issues and she’s not a social child anyway. And so, we started looking around for some other alternatives and we found Epic and we have loved it. They had a K12 program, and we were impressed with that since it was through Sapulpa. There were some smaller schools in the area, but we just didn’t feel their academics were up to speed.

Epic's enrollment process was so easy. We did it online and just had to put in there a name and address and immunizations and what schools they attended to. And we had to give them their background, which schools they had and which courses they had taken. We have an actual teacher that my daughter sees and talks to once a week. She’s awesome and we just love her. Any kind of help that we need, she is there for us. My daughter actually got in to the honor roll and we went up there and she was inducted into it. And we met with all the teachers that were there and we’re very impressed with them. My daughter is now in 11th grade and her experience has been awesome. If you’re looking for a school that has high academics and you don’t wanna go with the traditional brick and mortar schools, I would recommend going to Epic.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 2, 2018

I like the convenience of online schooling. My husband travels for work and so the kids got to see him more. And also, I feel like there were too many kids in a classroom. So, when my kid will come home with a D and I would ask the teacher to help, because I obviously couldn’t do it that well, the teacher wouldn’t have time. When they do, there need to be more people in the classroom. We have several family members who are using Epic Charter. So, they told me about it. And we live in a rural area, so internet wasn’t available to us, and Epic provided that. Traveling with my husband wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have it. If we had to stay home until high school, it’s still not fixing the problem.

I had given the kids a test prep for their state test about a year ago where my husband worked in the Oklahoma City area. We went up there and there were some teachers who helped prep the kids. I love that. If we were up in an area more often, I would take them to more things. There’s not a whole lot going on in Eastern Oklahoma where we live.

My kids are currently enrolled in Epic's Edgenuity. I like it. We’ve tried Odysseyware and we suffered through Study Island, but Edgenuity has been my favorite. I feel like it gives them a good amount of curriculum versus others. I love the idea and the quality of the education Epic offers. I view education so different now than I did when I first pulled them out. You’re self-educating yourself. Because if you don’t get it, you look at somewhere else. There are always other resources.

I wish that Epic have more things for kids in Eastern Oklahoma. They got the big school in Tulsa, but I’m not sure where the kids can go if they don’t grasp things. I absolutely adore our teacher. You don’t want to go running to everyone, staying after you hang up. You can’t meet every day but it’d be nice if there’s something within driving distance to where we could go every once a while to make sure they’re grasping everything they’re learning. I have recommended Epic and had two friends sign up. Just like any other brick and mortar, you’re going to have your good and your bad. You definitely have to be a parent who cares.

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Original review: March 1, 2018

I’ve always homeschooled my kids and when they got to high school I wanted something more accredited and more help with homeschooling. Epic became available right around the same time and we just enrolled. Our previous homeschooling was more pen and paper kind of thing, which my kids really enjoyed more. The online program with Epic is great because you get a response right away, but the curriculum seems daunting. When you have a book in front of you and you know you finished this book, you’re done with that subject. Whereas with online it’s a little bit hard to see your progress and how much you have to work on. When we first started Epic, we clicked the link and then we have to click another link and then click another link. And then it opens up another link that got five more folders. So, that kind of thing seemed a little discouraging.

My three kids have gone through Epic's program. And my daughter actually requested to have books sent to her for the subjects, because it’s just a little bit more encouraging to know this is exactly what I have to do and I can get this done and I’m done. But the programs have gotten a little bit easier as we’ve used it. We’ve been doing it for about four years now, and so it’s gotten more easy to tell what your progress is and how much work you have. And we have a fantastic teacher that really helps us to know how to stay on progress. She sends out emails every week and says, “You need to be at this percentage by the end of the week to stay on track.” And so, now there’s that link on there where you can go to your gradebook and see what percentage you’re at in your curriculum.

But if it wasn't for my teacher, we would’ve unenrolled from the program, because trying to get anything done through anybody else has been very frustrating. I’ve asked for transcripts because at one point two of my kids transferred out, because the amount of work was so overwhelming, and to keep track of it. We just felt that they were behind no matter how much they worked. But we were never able to get their transcripts from Epic. So, I ended up just going back to Epic because they knew how much they worked. I talked to the teacher, and she tried helping me as well to get transcripts. And she ended up getting books for us so that they could be more comfortable knowing how much work they had. But talking with the other staff has been more difficult. SO I just go to my teacher because I know she will help me handle stuff and also help me with any questions I might have.

Also, I feel like the tests that they have to take every year are kind of pointless for my kids. It seems like the testing is more for Epic. It’s a little bit frustrating because it doesn’t change the curriculum in any way. My daughter does really well in the testing and then her curriculum teaches her things she already knows, and she’s already proven that she knows that. So, for me when I homeschooled my kids, if I knew they already knew how to add I didn’t make them go through that already because they knew it, and we could work on something else. With my youngest daughter, she’s eight and does really well at reading, but she’s had to go through and do programs that break down the vowels. And she knows that and she’s tested very high in reading.

My oldest son switched over to Penn Foster and he liked that because it was very clear what he had to do, and it was very simple when he went through it. My youngest is still doing Epic. This year her curriculum is kind of repetitive for her. But it makes it in a way that’s easy for her to handle it and do it. And so, she’s happy with it this year. Other than that, I do appreciate the progress that Epic has made with their online curriculum, and I can see the difference. It has become easier, so I’m hoping that as it continues it will be more streamlined. The enrollment process was pretty easy and reenrolling was pretty easy as well because of the links. But it’s a little redundant because they have all the information already when I reenroll, and I wish that process would be a little bit easier.

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Original review: Feb. 27, 2018

My daughter wanted to try homeschooling. Many in the area that we live in have done it. However, the school that we attended when we moved was more like a two-grade for one teacher. So, I didn't really feel and my daughter didn't feel it either, that there was a lot of one-on-one with the kids. 3rd and 4th grade were together so everybody learned the same thing.

We had a face-to-face meeting with Epic rep and she explained everything so well. All the questions we had and any kind of fears were answered. She was very, very helpful. There were different choices of the core curriculum, one that would fit our schedule and the amount of time needed. I like that we can be flexible online. Their enrollment process was easy. They were step-by-step in putting all the information and specifying what they needed when we first enrolled. Now, our paperwork is online. We just have to re-enroll with a couple of questions. But initially, there were just a few pieces of paperwork needed and we got that all emailed and scanned. Everybody was very good about getting back and letting us know what was going on and whether everything was approved. So, there were a lot of interactions.

My daughter is currently enrolled in the A-Plus program. Another thing with Epic that I appreciated, they keep up all the grades, state level, testing and then she'll still get a diploma afterward. Epic is very thorough. Their standards are high. It's not just a slacking kind of program. The student has to really be self-motivated and the parent has to be a bit motivated too, having a schedule for them. Epic is very hands-on with any kind of help programs. They've got online help programs and your teacher works with you well. Their standard was very high standard and they work with the parents and the children. They keep the parents up-to-date via email with what needs to go on and any kind of extra-curriculum things that they offer. They were very informative and they keep up with the parents too.

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Original review: Feb. 26, 2018

Epic Charter School was a good choice because it let us select the curriculum that we wanted to use. And so, we remain in homeschooling and we receive extra fund for the extra curriculum that we wanted to do. We have a teacher with Epic Charter Schools and she's absolutely great. We've also interacted with a couple of administrative people in Oklahoma City, just over email and telephone, and they've been very helpful. Although sometimes the Learning Fund staff seem to be a little disconnected. They're not sure how to process things or how to purchase things online because we do order curriculum through the website. We've also had interactions with staff during testing and it has all been positive.

Their enrollment process was easy. You just go online and answer questions. And, the quality of education is very good. However, we're still dealing with state tests issue.The kids are used to just a few kids that their teacher might have them around in a homeschool environment. So, putting them in a really crowded room with teachers they don't know and an environment they're not used to is really a negative experience when it comes to state testing. So, I wish that would change. My kids would do a lot better on a state test if they'd be with their teacher in a more comfortable setting. They meet a lot at libraries so they're used to going places. But the state testing environment is just absolutely crazy. It's filled with noise and distraction and kids that they're not used to. They're not even allowed to take restroom breaks. The kids could do a lot better if they were in a smaller, quieter, more friendly environment.

Nevertheless, I'm really pleased with Epic. This is our third year doing it and we're going in for our fourth. We've had good experiences with our teacher. I have six children in the Epic One-on-One program and they like it. But sometimes we have requirements that come down from Epic that we've already talked and agreed with the teacher and then something will change. That part can be frustrating but it is worth the headache. I am a veteran homeschooling mom so I know what curriculum and different teaching styles I want to use with my kids. I like the freedom to customize the curriculum for my kids that Epic gives me. So, if you need extra support and accountability, Epic is a really good choice. As long as you don't mind adhering to some stuff that they have to do because they're a state-funded school.

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Original review: Feb. 25, 2018

My son was having trouble with reading and I got to the point where I needed help so I tried Epic. I had tried another online school with my daughter but we only lasted a couple of weeks with that one. We've been with Epic for several years now and it's a whole lot better than the other school. I currently have a middle schooler and a high schooler with them. We really loved their first teacher at Epic. She really helped my son with the reading and she really seemed to know what he was capable of and what he was not capable of at that point. So she knew where to push him or where not to push him and it was great. I make a lot of the decisions a long with the teacher on what kind of curricula and it's been fine.

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Original review: Feb. 24, 2018

My daughter started first grade with Epic and she's a seventh-grader now with them. I have great teachers that are always supportive. I didn't have any issues with Epic and I've had several people who actually enrolled as a result of our experience with them.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2018

Homeschooling is safer and my son does better in homeschooling. Epic Charter is the best. I’m good friends with the principal and I know Epic’s teachers are really nice, I really like them. So, I went online and enrolled. The process was really easy. You can go to one central place and get around easily in it. My son is currently enrolled in Compass, which is really good. He likes it and he gets to maneuver around them. Overall, Epic's quality of education is good and we are satisfied with it.

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Original review: Feb. 22, 2018

Epic Charter Schools is a lot better than regular public schools. My son has ADHD, and online schooling is a lot easier for him to stay focused. The Epic teachers that he has now has been friends of ours for 20 years. The enrollment process was all online, so it was easy. They asked just basic questions such as his address, his age, and what school he’d gone to before. The staff at Epic tells me the things he needs to work on. And if he’s struggling with something, then we communicate, but usually, it’s not on a day-to-day basis. I absolutely love their knowledge and expertise.

My son loves the program that he's in and wants to stick with it. When he was in public schools he was struggling a lot. His grades weren’t very good. He wasn’t getting any one-on-one. If there was anything that he did not understand, the teachers weren’t willing to slow down and help him. And with the way that Aaron and Travis do their school with the smaller amount of kids they have, my son gets a lot more of the one-on-one that he needs. And the way that the programs are set up, if he gets to a question he doesn’t know the answer of, he can click on that for help and it’ll walk him through on how to do it again. And that has made a huge difference.

I have referred several of my friends to Epic Charter Schools. Their kids are having problems in class, too. They’re not able to follow the Cracker Jack box-type instructions that the teachers do now and if the kids don’t get it right off the bat, none of them are willing to work with them. And it makes a huge difference when you get somebody who actually cares about your child’s education.

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2018

With all the shootings in the schools, it's kind of not safe being in a public school now. A lot of my friends have recommended Epic Charter Schools to me, and it didn't take a lot of time enrolling. I really like Epic because it's just online. Their staff has been really great. She's always there for us, letting us know if we need to work on something and always encouraging us. I'm in their regular high school program and the teacher has been amazing. I love it.

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Original review: Feb. 20, 2018

My kids had been in public schools and that was not going well. I have children on IEP's so they need a little bit extra care so we had to take them out of the brick and mortar school. So, then I walked through Epic Charter Schools and tried doing their regular homeschool where I did the curriculum. The application process with Epic was pretty self-explanatory and everything was done pretty much online. And I just had to go the public school and get the transcript and send it over to them.

Going with Epic has been better in being able to accommodate my kids and helping them grow. We're currently doing the Epic One-on-One with the teacher. And I like the option of having the curriculum available online and having someone to help with making sure that my kids are getting the education they needed. The staff at Epic has been great. Everything has been very positive and that's one of the reasons I keep going back.

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Epic Charter Schools expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Epic Charter Schools are free, public schools for students in Pre-K through 12th grade. It lets students complete their classes online, but it doesn’t require students spend a certain number of hours online each day. The school also hosts in-person activities, like field trips, prom and a graduation ceremony. In-person events usually take place in Oklahoma City.

  • Accreditation: Epic is accredited through the Oklahoma State Department of Education. It meets the same criteria as all public schools in Oklahoma.

  • Drivers Ed: Epic offers a Drivers Ed course to help students prepare for the exam needed to get a driver’s permit. After taking the course and getting their permit, students should be ready to start taking driving lessons on the road.

  • Graduation: Epic holds a graduation ceremony each year, so students and their families can celebrate their accomplishment. The ceremony takes place in Oklahoma City, and students can bring as many guests as they’d like.

  • Epic Meetups: Epic organized events where students can meet in person for educational activities. The events are usually open to students of all ages.

  • Prom: Each year, Epic holds a prom for students in the 9th through the 12th grade. The prom is typically held in Oklahoma City.

  • Best for: students with non-academic commitments and home-schooled students.

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