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Being a (self-pay) patient of DentalWorks for yrs, I received a coupon via email for services upon next visit if I scheduled within the month - so I complied. Upon my visit for a follow-up cleaning, the hygienist was "late" in seeing me once again. I had to fill out unnecessary paperwork while waiting when told they were updating their yearly files. Finally called back, I was surprised to hear they needed X-rays when it has only been 3 mos since my last visit therefore I thought this was unnecessary and added expense on bill. After 4 X-rays taken there was 2 drs in and out. While I was in chair they were sales pitching extra services ie Waterpik etc to me. With the amount totaling up since I'm self-pay w// no dental insurance, I remembered the email discount which I left chair and immediately informed front desk employee who called for mgr.

Standing there waiting while they asked me to see the coupon which I produced from cellphone (to show email). The mgr shook her head "No" saying "Sorry it does not apply to cleaning services, only procedures." You should have read "fine print" which there was NONE on header on email! This practice of false advertisement totally made me livid. I told them to take off Waterpik from my bill and informed them I would NOT be back. My bill for that day alone was $485! I will now request my records to be transferred to another (honest) dentistry. I came home and immediately filed a complaint w/ BBB exposing this disservice to customers! DentalWorks is a very dishonest franchise and I do NOT recommend them for anyone unless you want to get ripped off! DentalWorks has taken advantage of me for the last time!

I was a patient of DentalWorks. Never again. They tried to charge for unneeded work which would have more than doubled the price of a normal root canal and require a very painful procedure (again that wasn't needed). Switched to a new dentist who said such work was NOT needed and saved me around $2000. When asked to have my new records sent to my new dentist, they finally sent PART of it after 4 emails and multiple phone calls. Then they called to tell me that I never had x-rays done at DentalWorks. I was just there a month ago! I paid for and had x-rays! Office manager repeatedly told me I was wrong and they did not have x-rays. Turned out I was right, but they misspelled my last name and lost them. FINALLY got that figured out after being lied to and made to jump through hoops for my information.

I contacted corporate to see what they could do, since the office manager lied to me directly, tried to give me unneeded procedures, and they said they would talk to the office manager, but refused to look into them telling patients they had to have unneeded procedures done to extort more money. Staff was unprofessional, lost my dental records, lied about a 'needed' procedure to extort a couple extra grand from me, and then lied about all of it. Do NOT go to DentalWorks. They will lie to you, lose your records then do nothing to fix their mistakes.

I start going to DentalWorks in 2014. My first visit, a lot of X-rays were taken and deep cleaning of my whole mouth was performed although later it was explained that there was only a couple of teeth that suffered with periodontics. I was overcharged and ended up with a credit. I called them about it and I was told that after the final charge come in I will be sent a refund. Well that did not happen. I found out when I went back for 6 month exam. The room that they put me in was like a dungeon. It had bad lighting, no ventilation, needed painting, and floor tiles needed replacing. I asked why was I put in those type of rooms again. They have very nice exam rooms with great ventilation and lighting. I was told because of the machine they had to use for the deep cleaning.

Six months later, I was put back into that area again and I voiced my dislike for it. I went back six months later and again they were putting me in the dungeon. I was upset. I let them know that I did not appreciate paying my money and not once out of four times put into a nicer exam room and I left. The office phone # is 440-324-3385. 4900 Midway Blvd, Elyria, OH 44036.

In February I spent $370 to get a lower tooth cavity filled. Way too high, but I was desperate to see a dentist that day. I noticed when I got home that the dentist did not remove the old filling, which was silver and just left it hanging on one side. Six weeks later while eating a piece of apple pie, I must have swallowed the old filling and part of my tooth was missing with the filling. Why did he not remove that old piece and fix it all over my tooth or at least ask me about it... This was very wrong. I went back in today to get it fixed for free and they wanted to charge me an additional $158 to fix this same cavity that should have been fixed properly the first time!!!

They basically agreed to bill my insurance without my SSN as I had several issues with it being compromised. I called my insurance and they said it would be no problem to file with other information provided. DentalWorks said they tried and failed because my insurance told them they needed my SSN. I called insurance and they verified that was inaccurate. I went back and forth with them 3 more times and Dental Works always stated they required my SSN to file properly.

Without any notice, they finally turned over to a collection agency. Wrong choice for them. I contacted my insurance and found out I could file myself. So I did. Just like DentalWorks was supposed to have. Within 2 days, insurance had issued a check. DentalWorks is lazy and disrespectful, (Except for Erica, she handled the last few calls with me and was exceptionally nice). I don't want that kind of company, messing with my health under ANY circumstances. Too many reputable places to turn to.

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Without fail, my family's appointments are cancelled and split due to staffing issues. I have to ask for non-temps or I'll get stuck with someone who doesn't care about my mouth as an invested employee of the practice. Today, an assistant will work on my son since the hygienist called out last minute and there's no backups. It's the end of the year and we need to get done for insurance purposes, so my son gets the short stick today. I'm in here twice today due to short staffing. Ew!

I made an appointment at DentalWorks Raeford Road, NC for a chipped tooth that is filled. I did not needed any other service since my next dentist appointment was a month from then. As soon as I got there they started taking a bunch of X-rays. Then they started doing a cleaning without even asking why I was there. The dentist (Dr. **) came in and started planning to start two more fillings, and started a conversation of a future implant, and trying to convinced to get the most expensive procedure. After that they gave me the numbers of how much it will cost to get 2 fillings and the chipped tooth done that day, which was $16 after the insurance.

Well I decided to do the fillings as well. The job Dr. ** did was awfully cheap. Not to mention this woman didn't even sit to apply the anaesthesia. Her precision was horrible and the pain was terrible. After I was done I went to the front desk to pay the $16 they said it would cost for the job they did that day. But to my surprise the bill was $127.40. Not very pleased with the job the butcher they have for dentist, nor the price they charged me after they lied how much it will actually cost. Never going back to ANY DentalWorks anywhere. I have them a star because there is not a no-star option.

In September I went to Dental Works Richmond Mall. The staff was very pleasant and after my service I was told how much I would pay for routine cleaning in which I was advised to have a deep gum cleaning. I reviewed my schedule of fees booklet to know just about how much I would pay. In November, I receive a bill for $59.00 my insurance wouldn't pay because of an incorrect icd code, but when I look at the fee booklet it said NO CHARGE for this item as it could get done twice a year. I would appreciate if this can be cleared up... I don't have money to throw away...

I used to be a DentalWorks patient in NC because I was VERY happy with the dentist who treated me for cleanings, complications & surgeries. Never had an issue. My August appt was to have a cleaning/filling, when I arrived, I learned that my former dentist had left the practice & another dentist was brought in. I was on time for my appt & was brought back within about 10 mins. The hygienist took a whole slew of x-rays that took way too long. I Sat in the chair for way over an hour & a half before being told (after several pre-treatment estimates) that they ran out of time to treat me.

I was beyond pissed and I told the entire staff the same. I took the whole afternoon off work because I wanted to rest at home thinking I'd be sore, only to find out that these idiots can't manage their time better. I took the bib off & barked at the hygienist that I would be in touch as to where to transfer my dental records, told her I was going to another dentist & that they did nothing but waste my time and theirs. Save yourself the aggravation & don't trust any idiot who works at DentalWorks. They do not give 2 chits about you!

I have gone to two different offices and had great experiences with the dentists and the hygienists. The problem comes in when I get a bill. I have received several bills that have not been properly sent to my insurance. Reached out to insurance company today and they were never even billed for a root canal I had done. Called the office to ask about bill I received and told they are still working on it. Meanwhile they mailed me a bill for $1500. If you are still working on it I never should receive a bill and have just gotten awful customer service every time I try and sort this out.

2 months ago I contacted them because a bill was sent to collections (got a call from collections agent. Never had that before in my life) that I never even was billed for. The answer was the same - they are still working on it. Great dental staff, awful office staff. Seriously love the dentist but multiple billing issues are a major concern!

I have a regular dentist, but had to find something quick on a Saturday when a filling came out. They were able to take me that morning. The paperwork seemed excessive for the single visit, but I filled it out anyway. When they took me in the back, the assistant put me in an x-ray chair and told me she was going to take 16 x-rays. I told her she could take ONE x-ray of the tooth that needed filled.

I told the dentist what I needed; he looked at the x-ray and said he wasn't able to fill the tooth. I asked him if he could just put a temporary filling in it until I could get to my regular dentist. He said he wasn't able to- the filling (he said) extended below my gum line and it wouldn't be safe. I was charged $101.00 ($28 of that was for that single x-ray), and was told I would be reimbursed once they were able to contact my insurance. They were unable to fix (even temporarily) my problem. I just got back from my regular dentist, who was able to safely and effectively fill my tooth.

I switched to Dental Works in Wake Forest a while ago. The staff is nice enough and usually my visits have been good, until my last visit which changed my opinion completely. I went in for a filling and ended up waiting in the waiting room for 45 minutes. I had never had a full filling before so I had no idea what the procedure was. After numbing me they drilled my tooth.

The dentist had a really hard time drilling my tooth, but having never had filling I just figured it was normal because it was a back tooth. After trying to fit something on my tooth, they decided that it would not be possible to reconstruct my tooth because it was too difficult to reach. I left feeling really disappointed because I went in for a filling and left with having a drilled tooth and being left on my own having to find an oral surgeon. I was told at the desk that while they wrote me a referral on the sheet they couldn't make a proper referral because they didn't know who would be in network. I went home and half of the oral surgeons on my insurance list worked at Dental Works. Now I have a drilled tooth and feeling like I have nowhere to go to get it fixed.

I did call another dentist in Wake Forest and they were fantastic. They explained why it would be difficult to remove the tooth and they took X-rays where they could see the whole tooth as the X-rays from my dentist didn't even show my whole tooth. I left there knowing exactly where to go and what was going on with my own dental care. At the end of the day, I was left asking the question why couldn't my primary dentist do this for me? Why were they drilling my tooth without having a full X-ray? The tooth was fractured anyway so filling was not a viable option in the first place.

Why was I left in the dark with a minimal amount of help? I am really angry about the whole situation. The earliest I can get in with an oral surgeon is in 2 weeks! I have to live with a drilled tooth for a minimum of 2 weeks! That is disgusting! I should not have to suffer with a tooth for 2 WEEKS!!! Do not go to anything except cleanings! You will find yourself in the same situation as me!

10/29/2014 I took my daughter for consultation about her braces. They told me that was free consultation. After 5 months, I received the bill regarding consultation. WHY! I called and spoke with some rude guy who did not care about situation. I would NEVER go back there or RECOMMEND them to anyone. Do not go there. They are a money making place that does not give a crap about you and will do unnecessary procedures to make the money!

I called 2 different locations with an emergency. The first (Wendover) spent the first 10 minutes taking contact information before they could tell me if they had availability, only to find out that they did not. The second one I called (Battleground) told me that they stopped taking emergencies after 3:00 PM. I didn't realize that people stopped having emergencies at a certain time each day. This company claims to take same day emergency-related patients, but this does not seem to be the case - at least with the 2 locations in Greensboro, NC.

I went in for a new patient exam today. I went to the dentist 6 months ago but have new insurance that my dentist wouldn't accept. They said I needed 2 crowns and an extended cleaning that would cost me $720, plus $950 per crown. I said no as I just went to the dentist 6 months ago, nothing was wrong, and I am having no issues. They said that I could not do a basic cleaning as the lady (not dentist) said I needed it. I said I should be able to choose, as the patient, what is done to me. They refused to do a basic cleaning. Do not go there. They are a money making place that does not give a crap about you and will do unnecessary procedures to make the money! By the way, DentalWorks, this is insurance fraud - billing for an unnecessary procedure.

It's horrible, near death experience! Ceo Dr. Meckler said he would fix my teeth to my satisfaction. However, he changed his mind about continued cleanings and humiliated me at Elyria,Ohio Dental Works when I showed up for a cleaning. My gums are still swollen from Rodieka at North Olmsted,Ohio Dental works. I have a nickel allergy and they gave me the base metal nickel alloy crowns with a gold veneer which almost caused me to die. The work was done Dec. 2009, and they are slow . Now I am going to Dr. Oris at Strongsville Dental Works, he is better than Dr. Kumar, or Dr.Welsh. They were supposed to replace both tooth number 30, 18. However, they only want to replace number 30. Both of these teeth were fractured when Dr. Kumar leaving with infections constant since since 2009. Now they want to blame on some systemic issues, fibermyalgia. The hygienists chipped my bottom front teeth and now they don't want to fix those either.

Since I had to have these teeth extracted, I am getting gaps in my teeth. My teeth have started to shift. I had small overbite, now it's worse. I am starting to have daily anxiety attacks. My husband's teeth were cracked by Dr. Kumar and filed down and they keep saying he wore them down. Dr. Meckler said he was to have all of his teeth fixed because of Dr. Kumar. However one of Dr. Kumar's fillings fell out and they said he needed a root canal so Dr.Oris root canalled his tooth and he said pus and blood came out; it was abcessed but the filling that fell out had nothing to do with this at all.

Dr. Kumar made a hellish mess out of our mouths and Rodieka must have used some kind of dirty instruments in our mouths. We have been using peridex, over and over till it turned our teeth brown. When I broached this subject with Dr.Clifford Thomas the oral surgeon said I should come in more often for regular cleanings. I have had regular cleanings for 45 yrs. My daughter was supposed to have follow up cleanings as a good will gesture. Rodieka had made snide comments to me about me being picky about how she cleaned our teeth. She was about 300lbs. and barely could move, lazy and incompetent.

My daughter had her braces taken off and voila, 7 cavities. They would not even show me an xray. I have my so called gold crowns that they wanted to give. However, I still have them. I suspect they are fooling a lot of people with fake or vermiel crowns. There is no precious metal at in these crowns they bill to the insurance companies at all. The estimate to fix my husband's mouth is about $40,000 and mine is still about $19,000, and no good will for my daughter, I say is about $7,000

I would never go back there or recommend them to any one. I had a appointment for 3:30 with one dentist and I didn’t get seen until 2 hours later. People going in before me and leaving. I finally saw some dentist that was rude. He asked me why I haven't been to a dentist in so long and I told him that I didn't like to go. He told me that he didn't like me either. He also tried to talk me into a root canal for a tooth that broke. I told him that it didn't hurt and I just wanted a cap put on it. He insisted I needed a root canal before they do a cap. I was so mad having to wait for 2 hours then not seen who I was suppose to see and him trying to talk me into something I didn't need. I went some where else, got a cap. No problem. Even though this happened a while back, I just ran across this page and wanted to give me 2 cents.

I have questions about dental malpractice. I was a patient at the Oakland Mall Sears Dental Works for many years. I am an old patient of Dr. Matti, who I appreciated greatly. Unfortunately, he left the practice a while ago and I was switched to Dr. Ayman **I am writing you this e-mail to tell you how highly displeased I am with his work and the service I have been receiving at the Dental Works office at Oakland Mall. In December of 2009, Dr. **recommended that I change an old crown that I had because he claimed that it might crack in the future, even though I felt no pain and had no problems at all with the old crown. However, I trusted his care and had my crown exchanged. After I changed my crown, I began to feel a great deal of sensitive pain in my tooth. I returned to Sears Dental many times for this problem, the doctor assured me that the sensitivity pain was normal and that I just need time to get used to the crown.

I visited another dentist to get a second opinion. Dr. Haifa ** told me that the reason I am feeling sensitivity is because the doctor (Ayman **) left a millimeter margin between the crown and my gum and that he must redo the procedure to fix this problem. I returned to Sears Dental to notify Dr. ** of Dr. **'s opinion. He redid my crown. Shortly after, I began to experience swelling, inflammation, and pain in my tooth. The crown had developed an infection in my root canal. My face blew up like a balloon. Then the second temporary crown fell out and my inflammation worsened. I was sent to an endodontist for a root canal treatment on March 18, 2010.

I have contacted the Sears Dental office in Troy several times regarding a refund to the crown which Dr. ** was not able to complete. I have not received any answers from them. A week later, I received a letter from Dr. ** that I am being dismissed from his practice, so I cannot even go back to him to get my crown fixed even if I wanted to. Furthermore, I asked for a copy of my x-rays and asked to see my chart, which the office manager, Aida, refused to give me. I think she is trying to hide the fact that the doctor lied. He stated in my chart on November 17, 2009 that I had a deep cavity in that tooth (#14) and that’s the reason why he operated on it.

They are refusing to give me the x-ray from November 17, 2009. However, I took an earlier x-ray to the endodontist (Dr. **) dated October 24, 2009 and he assured me that I did not have a cavity in tooth #14 and that Dr. Ayman ** was lying in my chart. I am very frustrated with their treatment. This refusal is not only an annoyance but it violates my patient rights according to the HIPAA law of 1966. I have tried calling the Oakland Office several times during office hours but no one has picked up and I have also left a message for Aida to call me back, but have not heard from her in days. Recently, I’ve received a letter from Dr. Ayman ** that he will not be working with me anymore, which I graciously accepted.

However, he has charged my insurance for a crown that he did not complete. I am very displeased with his work. I am asking for your help as to what I should do. I wish that someone from your office will investigate this matter. I believe this doctor is very unethical and lacks the expertise needed to operate on patients. Please contact me as soon as possible. My concern cannot be held off much longer. The doctor broke off my old crown, he refused to operate on me for a new crown, and he refused to refund me my money.

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