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I received a letter from this company saying I owed money for a bill never received. It has been over two years since I have done business with the business named and they were paid for work not completed properly. It states I owe the company money plus interest, but have no information on a bill or specifics. I believe this company and the credit company to be a scam and I have reported them to the US attorney generals office and I suggest everyone do the same. This kind of exploitation needs to stop. Also on the letter I received it listed an account number and a website to go to in order to view more info, but the number is stated as an invalid account. Go figure since the whole thing is a farce.

Noticed a debt that was indicated on my credit report. Called immediately to verify this information. The number that is listed through a Google search and on the credit report is actually not the correct phone number to contact. Tried utilizing the website; however, a reference number was required in order to do so. Of course, I didn't have this information because a credit report only provides you with the last four digits of the account. Finally after being hung up on approximately six times, I finally spoke to someone, only to not have all the necessary information required to obtain the information I needed. In one day, I called and spoke to 20 agents/managers and finally (so I thought) was done with my business with TSI after finally being able to pay off my accounts. So of course, I needed confirmation of my payment for my employer and guess what, TSI has to mail this information (so I was told).

Called the following day, and spoke to another agent that was very rude and she rushed me off of the phone. Called back six more times to request a letter that confirms that I made the payment. Out of six agents and one manager, was then told to submit a HIPPA Release form that I could obtain online through a Google Search. After submitting this form, I am still waiting a letter confirming my payment. This experience alone, has been draining and has caused me undo stress. Anyone that is sending their debts to them should think long and hard, because this process was not an easy one and in fact, I feel that the company could care less about resolving these debts.

I received a bill in the mail from Transworld systems claiming that I owed Tacoma Municipal Court $590 for a Criminal Traffic offence which they don't State what it was. Well first off I haven't been in any trouble with the law criminalize in like 13 years. Second if I had I would know about it and this wouldn't be the first bill that I had received. So why am I not receiving this bill. I guess I have to send them a dispute letter within 30 days to find out but I'm not paying them a dime because I paid all my fines from the past. How is it they are still in business.

Today, through the mail, I received a notice to appear in court to show cause. I have no idea what this is about; nothing is stated except to "show cause." Cause for what? The one piece of paper I got was not from these people and I did respond that the debt is not mine as I have no idea of whom they are trying to collect for. I also told them I felt they were trying to collect a debt that was taken in a bankruptcy a few years back. I am hopeful to find some money and let an attorney take care of this. Perhaps if enough of us cite the unprofessional and corruption they are pulling on people, they will get closed down.

I have had the same experience as most of the other reviews for this outfit. Although "collections parking" is illegal, the credit bureaus find it fair to ignore my disputes and side with Transworld Systems Inc. an obviously fraudulent company with a proven track record...

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I happened to pick up the phone when they called. They wanted to verify employment, and when I asked for a name they happened to be asking about me! I requested information as to why, and they were talking about some student loan. Since I never took a student loan, I knew this was a fraud. I asked for a supervisor, and the same idiot kept coming back with no real explanation as to why they were asking for me. Losers!

Got my scam call from Transworld Systems. Did not pick up. Waiting for their next call. I do not owe anyone a penny, but thanks to this consumer site and others, I did my homework. I am prepared for their next call. Go to your state's Attorney General's website and read your consumer rights! "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act".

This is what the law states in Colorado: Transworld must supply me within 5-days of the phone call in WRITING, the name of the alleged company claiming I owe a debt, their address, and the amount of the debt. Within 30-days of receiving this notification from Transworld, I must dispute the debt in writing, then they must provide me with VERIFICATION of the debt in writing. I have read that they play games with this "notification letter." Saying they sent it, blah, blah. Whoever calls me, I am going to make it 100% clear that I am reporting the company's activity to my State's Attorney General Office, and theirs in PA if I get any kind of pushback, rudeness or threats.

I called because I had outstanding medical bills and I wanted to clear my debt. I spoke to Patricia ** (may be spelled incorrectly), who told me she would offer me a settlement so that I would only have to pay 80% of my medical bills. My bills totaled to $2,135.09. She told me to pay a total of $1,814.09. I paid this amount before doing the math myself. Paying 80% of my bill would have only been $1708.07. When I called back I spoke to Cheryl ** (may be spelled incorrectly) who said Patricia offered an 85% settlement instead of the 80% I was originally told. There were no notes to indicate that I was told I could settle my bill by paying 80%.

What is the actual purpose of the call being recorded if they are not going to do as they said? Granted it is my bill and my responsibility but if you offer a settlement at a specific percentage you should calculate the math correctly and do as you stated. I should not call and receive a different amount when I call in again. They also could only provide a confirmation number and not send an emailed receipt which I find strange after paying for something that is over $100. This was also my mistake for not doing the math myself and relying on this collection agency to do their due diligence.

After Transworld started garnishing my wages, with no prior contact with me, I filed bankruptcy. It took me several calls to get someone who could tell me who the original debt was with and then they did not want to give me a phone number. My bankruptcy was discharged recently and the notice sent by the court to Transworld came back as undeliverable. I cannot get a good mailing address to send it to these yahoos. I am still owed money from the garnishment from Transworld and would like to get my notice to them so my wages can be returned. It should be illegal for a debt collection company to operate this way.

I just received a call from this company, and it seemed incredibly off, and unprofessional. The woman who called immediately said that she needed my personal information before we could proceed further - without giving me any information other than the name of her company (which does not tell me much). I asked what the call was regarding and she, again, said that she could not tell me anything without my personal information. This is not true. She could have said it was an attempt to collect a debt, or even that her company was a debt collection agency. I said, "I'm sorry, but I am not comfortable giving my personal information out without at least knowing basic function of the company that is calling me." She let out a heavy sigh and repeated that she could not tell me anything without my information. I responded with, "I'm sorry, but if you cannot tell me what your company does I fear we are at a stand still." She immediately hung up on me.

I have dealt with debt collection agencies before, both in my own life, and in helping my grandmother with her affairs. I have never experienced such shady, or rude treatment in my life. I had to call back to get the full name of the company off of their recording, in order to search for their information, which lead me here. I do not have any debt that is not being handled correctly. The only way I can these vultures may have found my information is that I recently took out a new car loan.

These clowns called and tried to bully me into giving them my underage daughter's information. They are extremely rude and unprofessional.

This company just sent a bill to my son's father for $232 for TWO parking tickets from Tacoma Municipal court, where he has never been in his life!! The only time I've ever been there I parked in the back lot where you take a ticket going thru the gate and pay to get back out! This FAKE BILL was sent to my father's address in my son's dad's name with NO information on it such as license plate number, time and date of supposed offense, etc. This company needs to be reported to the authorities for STEALING money from people and DESTROYING their CREDIT!!! We have a high cost attorney and are pursuing legal action!

This rotten company keeps calling about a internet loan from back in 2012. Yes I did apply for a loan but was denied, never received any money and never had payments taken out of my account. I did call them and was so upset. All it kept saying was "MY NAME IS /// AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?" The name of the person was Stacy and also a Kim. Something needs to be done with this company, also told Kim that I have reported this to the police and she hung up.

Upon reviewing my credit report, this company mysteriously appeared on October 5, 2015 under TSI/969. $91.00. City of Jacksonville Under Collections. I have tried to contact them without any luck. I called all 3 creditors - 2 who claimed it's not showing on their records and all three claimed they did not know who they were, what the code meant nor how to contact them! I need to get them off of my credit Report. I see that many complaints have been lodged. I believe this to be a Scam Company.

Transworld Systems called my employer and said they needed my SSN for Wage Garnishments. Thankfully my employer refused to provide this information to them, but Transworld wouldn't provide me with any information on the debt they were claiming. I have no outstanding debts and no one has contacted me about any debts so it sounds like a major scam.

My husband received a collection letter from this God awful place for $308.61 on March 11, 2016. I called to dispute this and asked for specific information (i.e., invoices, copies of cancelled checks, etc.). Almost a month later, they still had not gotten verification from the doctor. To make a long story short, this place is AWFUL. They give you the runaround. When you try to get information on a medical bill, they hang up on you, transfer you around, and basically treat you like a dead beat. They lie and say they're going to do something and then deny they said that. Typical collection agency garbage. I actually had a "supervisor" tell me that I couldn't let go of it! Really??? Taking this problem to the BBB.

I was set up for a month payment option of $5 per month for my student loan that is in default. This company had my checking and routing number and withdrew the money the first few months then stopped withdrawing it and kicked me out of the program so they could garnish my paycheck for a higher percent and take $700 from me. I talked to the manager and he acted like he owned the company and gave no resolution. They all seem miserable with their lives and give no help. It seems like a shady company and I am surprised they are still in business.

Caller ID said that YOUR FRIENDS and when I answered the call, the caller would not tell me where they were calling from and wanted to speak to Donna **, wanted me to confirm my DOB. When I told them that my middle name isn't with an "S" they said that they have the wrong Donna and their records didn't have the same DOB either. So I thought I was done there, that they would take my name off their collections list. Right? Well, guess what? I received a letter in the mail. I called them and again they said that they had the wrong Donna. Told them to take my name off their collections list and she said that she would pass it on to her supervisor. I sure hope she does and this better be the end of this. Why can't people get things right and why do we always have to worry about who's doing what to our credit?

In early November I received a call concerning a outstanding balance on a medical bill. I paid the complete balance and requested a statement or receipt showing that a payment was made. I was told that they could not do that and that I would have to wait 30 days before I would receive something in the mail. They explained that the funds had to clear before they could do give me a receipt and that it was the law and they could not do anything about that. This bothered me as I exchanged funds with them and they would not give me any record of the transaction. It is now March 3, 2016 and after half a dozen calls they still have not have provided me with any documentation showing this has been paid in full. Each time I call they are very rude and don't want to spend time to resolve my issue, probably because they have already taken my money.

How do I stop these guys?! I get daily, multiple robocalls from this debt collection service, and I have nothing to do with them. I tried to call them directly to stop the calls and only get voice mail. This happens for months on end.

My phone is setup to not ring unless the person is in my contact list. Go directly to voicemail, if I don't know them it's a sales call :) In any case, I was looked at my call log and noticed many calls from (6464309721), (6464808067) and (6464309508) and after doing a search found Transworld Systems Collection Agency. I called to find out what was going on and they claim I have an outstanding medical bill, which I don't.

The reason for this post - autodialer's. Debt collectors are not permitted to use autodialers or prerecorded messages when calling your cell phone. If you are receiving collection calls to your cell phone and when you pick up there is a delay, then a click, and then someone comes on the line it is likely that the call was placed by a machine known as an autodialer. I indicated to them that I would contact the company they said had an open balance directly and find out what is going and to never call me on this or any number they have listed or anyone else about me, as I have not given them express permission to do so. Plus a letter was going out demanding the same.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a federal law that focuses on stopping abusive methods that debt collectors and others use to contact consumers. The others that posted about Transworld contacting them at work this is violation and could be worth $500-$1000 per call if call logs and records were keep. Google it to find out more.

This agency took a payment out of my account without permission. I contacted them. They told me to send over my bank statement. I did. Guy told me 3-5 day and money would be refunded to my account. I called my bank a week later. Still no refund deposited in my account. Today I call and ask what's going on and he says, "Well if it was paid with a check then a check will be mailed back," totally opposite of what supervisor advised me. So I asked if check was mailed yet, he advised, "No". Not sure what hold up is. I asked for somebody higher to talk to that could give me these answers. I was informed, "No". What kind of agency is this? He told me I would get a follow up call today. I advised him I would be filing a UDAP claim with the FDCPA. He responds, "I sure hope we will call you back today." Very unprofessional.

If I could give 0 stars I would. They do not know how to do their job and are rude on top of it. Received a bill from them for a hospital visit that is covered by my insurance. Called to give them the insurance information and they were refusing to take it. They kept asking for a visa or MasterCard. Why would I pay with a credit card when my insurance covers the full balance. I asked for a supervisor multiple times and kept being refused. When I finally got to a supervisor she was just as rude as the first person I spoke to. I told her they didn't know what they were doing and I have the insurance information. Her reply "We do this all day. I don't care if you think we do it right!" That was the end of me speaking to these horrible people.

A supposed collections agency, telling us that we owed a $140 debt to a doctor's office we've never heard of much less been to. I have a Colorado number but live on the East Coast (just never changed my number since moving; had no real reason to). We have since called this "doctor's office" to find that they don't actually exist. I called back and told the same woman that I had looked them up and found them to be a scam service and that I knew that the doctor's office didn't exist. She started literally SCREAMING profanities at me (how professional?) and told me that I needed to pay my debt.

I calmly told her that if she ever called here again that she would be the one paying a debt, as I would haul her sorry bum to court for harassment. She hung up. I highly recommend telling anyone who calls from this number the same thing, as that sure stopped her chirping. People, you don't have to take this nonsense from scammers. They're cowards who will run like heck at the thought of being sued. Just wanted to share my experience and warn others.

Was called today from an 866 area code and asked if I was Willie **. I said yes and was asked for the last four of my social. I asked why and was told for verification on a debt. And I asked from who and how much and when this occurred. Was then asked for my birth date and this I refused as my last four of my social also. Was hung up on. Called back and said "if you tell me who, what, and where with phone and contact info I would be willing to maybe cooperate" but was hung up on. I see scam artists are inventive today.

My student loan was referred to this company last year. I had no record of my loan going to this company. Once I was made aware of this issue, I quickly called the company to resolve the issue. To my knowledge, I had done everything that I was supposed to do. This company garnished my wages for 5 months straight and I was making my payment on top of that as well. I was informed that if I completed the rehab program for 9 months that my loan would be removed from default. I received a million calls during the month regarding my payment. I made each payment as I was told. Forward, 10 months. I complete what I was told to do. Calls, emails, mail stop coming. I was under the impression that everything was fine. However, I called and inquired about it later. I was told that the state of FL no longer accepts the program requirements that were offered when I started and they kicked me off the program and started back garnishing my wages. I was livid.

I got a girl on the line that was nice however, seeing how mad I was, I didn't wanna take it out on her. I asked her manager. Why did I do that??? Her manager was the rudest manager I have ever spoke with. I didn't not appreciate her attitude of telling me what I didn't do when I know I did. She made the situation worst and I was LIVID. Due to the failure as a company, I have to stress myself out on these things when I should have been told before the situation became irate. If your loan is with this company, beware of a nightmare waiting to happen. They are the worst set of individuals working. No professionalism, rude, arrogant and plain out stupid. Currently seeking legal action.

I got a letter from them saying I owed $25 from 2.5 years ago. I called and they wanted my birthdate or last 4 digits of my SSN to "verify" who I was. I told them that my name and reference number were good enough and they weren't going to get any more information. My name is even misspelled on the letter! I have no idea where this "debt" came from and have never received a letter about it before. She said that the other letters were probably just "misdelivered..." Sure they were.

She said that I had to give them my birthdate in order to get information about where it came from due to a LAW... I asked what law, three times, and she refused to say. I told her that there was no such law requiring debt collectors to verify a birthdate and that it was illegal for her to say so. She then hung up. Complete scam artists. I can't believe businesses like this exist and make money scamming people!

I call TSI on a Friday and inquired as to reason why I had received a collection letter. They mentioned that I had an outstanding debt of $564 with Verizon. Upon contacting Verizon, there was no record of delinquencies on the account. Verizon Recovery Dept. couldn't find any discrepancies and referred me to Verizon Financial Services which further verified the zero balance. I then called TSI and was hung up on... screams SCAM!

This company called for a delinquent debt. When I told them I wasn't aware of any delinquent accounts, they asked for my date of birth. I asked again what it was in regards to and the man stated he was not able to provide that information under federal or state laws. I told him I was not going to provide my date of birth if I do not know why he is calling and he hung up.

I get a phone call on a Saturday at 2PM, from this very rude woman, who would not tell me what the call was in reference to, nor whomever I supposedly owed. I am disabled and had given my sister and this woman permission to talk to each other regarding whatever this is and she was beyond rude. Also, can you please get someone who speaks understandable English if your clients are English speaking?

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