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Last updated: Oct. 15, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

This company has just placed a mark on my credit report. I don't know who they are or what it's for, and lo and behold. You can't contact them any time except when I am at WORK! No email, no after hours. I've never received a call or document from them. Perhaps a BBB will get a response from them.

Original review: June 9, 2017

I am an attorney with a Vet bill in collection with this company and they are impossible to reach. I am spending a lot of time on hold and THEN it just goes to voicemail which no one seems to listen to or if they do they don't bother to call back. And I'm trying to PAY them... I got through once and we reached a settlement of 50% and from that angle I am satisfied (got a call back confirming acceptance but no extension or email was provided so I cannot finalize for my client who is under a deadline to her bank to prove settlement). AWFUL. This has been going on all week at all hours. This morning at 7AM(!) I called and the system wastes my time again by allowing me to go through the motions just to tell me in the end that they aren't open. Where are your business hours? Where is your fax number or email? I think I should open a collection agency because I can easily compete with this. They must have awful results for their clients.

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Original review: May 31, 2017

So 2 weeks ago I log in to Credit Karma to check my scores and I see I have a delinquent account from Con Edison says I owe $295.43. I called the debt collector number shown under this information. I go thru the process of paying off my debt. When they ask for payment they told me I can pay with debit or credit card but I will encounter a $15 dollar processing fee to pay a debt using a card so they gave me another option which was using a ACH payment which they waive the fees to process this payment. I, of course, chose the ACH payment. After this was done I was told they will Process my payment the same night and by Sunday I should see on credit report the change of paid in full and closed.

So it's now a week and I check my mailbox and Baam! I got a letter that shows that I have paid my account but there is still a balance of .50 cents. How is there a balance when I just processed my bank for full payment. So I called, spoke to a guy representative. He then tells me I have an outstanding balance of .50 cents. If I don't take care of this it will be sent in for collections. This guy couldn't even understand himself. Why would they still be .50 remaining from an $300 payment, like seriously, why would I wanna mess my credit up for .50? Well it wasn't my fault, they calculated my balance wrong. So now I made a payment and I'm waiting on an update but my bank still haven't process a payment for this .50 cents yet and is the next business day.

How unprofessional can you be when you are asked to take payment to pay off a balance in full and close the account and still be missing .50 from the total. If they didn't send out that letter I would have never knew I still had this stupid account in for collections. It's ridiculous. They could have offered to remove the .50

balance and paid it themselves for screwing up. I'm surprised this company been in business for this long and so many negative complaints. Beware of Full Payment, check receipts and letter so they don't say you still have an remaining balance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2017

I got a call from someone asking for me then wanting me to verify my address and last four of SS#. I asked what it was about and all she would say was that it was personal business. I felt like it might be a scam so I refused. She kept insisting, even said that she already had the information. She just had to verify who I was. So I asked what it was about. Again she said "personal business". I asked the name of the company. She said IC Systems. I asked what her company is all about and guess what?! It's "personal business". So I told her that I wasn't going to give her anything if she couldn't tell me what it was about.

Then I get a letter, IC Systems is a collection agency. Apparently they buy up old debts. I wasn't aware of any old debts. It was from CenturyLink for a bill that they never sent and I never got a call about it in 8 months. CenturyLink says sorry. Now I have to deal with these people. So I have 30 days from the day they sent the bill or they put it on my credit report. I looked these guys up and it looks like they do this to people. They put it on their credit report and then the people pay it, it comes off their report then 6 months later it's back on their report and they have to do it again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2017

The rep on the phone admitted to me that they send out blanket letters to everyone with my name on it like a fishing scheme in order to catch the debtor. That's got to be illegal. Great way to do business and scare people. The one star review says it all.

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Original review: May 16, 2017

This company is an absolute scam. My dog died two years ago and IC System contacted me saying there was an unpaid debt for his cremation. I immediately paid the debt as I was in the final stages of being hired by a new company. Any negative debt showing on a credit report could derail that employment offer. The company will not accept personal bank statements as proof of payment so I asked after paying if I could get a receipt showing the entire payment had been posted. The IC System rep droned on about how it will take up to 72 hours to get a receipt of a payment. 72 hours??? Three days to get a receipt of payment? In today's world of instant processing, why would it take 3 days to get a receipt of payment? I explained this is for immediate employment verification.

I told them I would need a letter or receipt to submit to my prospective employer immediately. After much persistence, they finally said I would need to wait at least until the next day after the payment posted and I could call back to get the receipt. Usually once you post a payment you can get a receipt AND/OR a confirmation number. They could not offer either. But okay, I called back the next day. The IC Systems rep read the notes he found in the system and said they had mistakenly canceled the previous day's payment so it never processed, "Oops." And he went on to say if I posted payment again, it would take up to another 72 hours to get the receipt.

Oops!?!? I was furious. I had to post payment again. This time I vehemently demanded either a receipt or confirmation number to ensure payment was posted. I gave him my routing and account number. He said the payment "Looks like it went through this time" BUT still could not give a receipt or confirmation number. I persisted again and asked if he could ask his supervisor to fax a letter saying that the payment has been posted or is waiting to process or any words he wish to use to show that this debt is being taken care of.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 16, 2017

They saw that I had a Cable One account in collections because I was disputing the charges with another creditor. They started calling and when I asked if the other collections sold my account to them, they danced around the question and then stated they worked together. I told them if they worked together then they should know what was going on. I advised them not to call back but they did. I refused to take their calls and one day I see the same Cable One account on my credit report with a $2 dollar difference in the bill. I got it taken care of through the original creditor but they insist on ruining my credit!!! Something should be done. I just don't know where to go. I dispute it, and dispute it, and it never goes away!!! I'm so angry!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 27, 2017

It is a case of not doing the research before sending letters of garnishment. I owed a tax bill for $859.00 in 2010 for back employment taxes Georgia. Which I settled the debt paid in full in 2010. I have lien release and letter stating taxes paid in full. Every 2 years I get a letter from IC System even when I send the copy of proof. I will allow anyone to damage my credit and it is up to you to let these uneducated debt collectors try to intimidated the general public with nonsense. It give everyone a bad taste in their mouth. I would like to see this company closed forever. This lien has been closed for 7 years.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 23, 2017

Unethical Company. They called about an old hospital bill that has been paid over 2 years ago. I called the hospital with the exact account number they cite, and they confirm it has been paid. For over 2 years. Now IC System is trying to claim $200 in collection fees. They said if I don't pay in 30 days, I will be reported to Transunion, and Sheriff Department. What a bunch of scamsters.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2016

They have bought one of my old debts... cell phone bill to be precise. Which has been removed from my credit multiple times in the past because the amount of 2400+ cannot be proven. I disputed it and of course it has been removed once again but they have also added on a 200$ collection fee. They continue to send mail claiming they will put it back on my credit. Doubt they can but is it legal to add on fees and report that balance on someones credit as part of the debt?

Original review: July 27, 2016

They call all hours of the day and night and never leave a message. Being going on for a few weeks now. I called them back and told them I wanted my number removed from their calling list and the guy hung up on me... I'm so sick of the robo calls...

Original review: June 9, 2016

They refuse to tell me what they are or what they want though I've read they are a collections company. They continue to call me daily. When they call they only identify as IC System calling about a "personal business matter" and ask that I answer personal questions to verify my identity which I refuse to do. At that point they state "Well let the record show we attempted to contact you." Ridiculous.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 2, 2016

In December of 2015, I called and paid a past utility bill. It kept showing up on my credit report. I got a letter saying it was paid in full. I called today. The man said that the number was wrong and it did not go through. I know I gave the right number. It was the incompetence of the company that can't even put the right number in. They should had contacted me and not sent me a letter that it was paid in full. The man was very rude to me. He never once apologized to me. I am not about to pay them twice. This is poor business practices. The company needs to quit hiring such incompetent people and teach them some matters. All I was trying to do is get my credit straighten out so I can get a parent plus loan for my daughter to finish up college. I called the original creditor and told them about them. I also told them to hire another company if they want to get their past due accounts paid.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2016

I have asked this company to stop calling me for 6 days, they call every day. They have the wrong number and keep calling. I have been on the do not call list since April 29th, 2008.

Original review: Nov. 23, 2015

I just received a call from IC Systems asking for my mother. I informed the caller that she is deceased and asked what this was about. The caller expressed hurried sympathy about our loss and dove back into the reason for the call which she expressed was about a "personal matter." (Up to this point I had never heard of IC Systems.) The caller asked for the exact date of death. I told her that was personal but gave her a date range because in the heat of the moment, I could not remember. The caller then asked for a surviving spouse and I mentioned that he had passed away a month before she did. (No sympathy expressed this time.) She asked if there was an estate and I informed her that it was closed. She pushed further and asked if I were her son and by this time, I had reached my level of patience and informed that I still was. Again, I asked her what this was about and she told me it was "personal". At that point, I hung up after thanking her.

My complaint is that I expect, in all communications, a straight-forward answer to my questions and not a run around. That is how I do business and I expect to be treated the same way. My parents died within five weeks of one another and we took pains to make sure all outstanding bills were paid. How they got my number in the first place is unknown to me and I am definitely riled about this assault on a very sensitive issue for our family.

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Original review: Nov. 11, 2015

Spoke to 5 people to try and get a date confirmation about when an item could be placed on a credit report. The first person said he doesn't know how to do that and even if he did, he would not help out. He told me the date over the phone and he said I would just have to take his word for it if the date changed or the item was sent to the credit bureaus early. The supervisor of the section, Matt **, said it was above his paygrade. Also, the legal department would handle this and he would transfer me to them, but he doesn't know their office phone number, which is also above his paygrade to know.

Additionally, could not provide a policy number or document stating why he needs to know a person's name over the phone in order to talk to them. Next person, Barb ** of consumer affairs told me she doesn't have a letter that provides the information requested, but she can provide it to the original creditor. She also told me that her name and her phone number are the same as a reference number and she gave me this information because she is helping me out. She could not tell me that you have to identify yourself on the phone because of confidential information, because she didn't know. She then told me that she will not be helpful anymore because I am rudely interrupting her when she was doing the same thing to me the entire conversation. Horrible company, but it's family owned by women so what do you expect?

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Original review: Nov. 10, 2015

The collectors at this company contacted me repeatedly to settle a debt that had not been processed by the debtor properly through health insurance. The entire bill that was originally reported to IC system was run through insurance a few time after the bill made it to IC - and the debt went from several thousands of dollars to what was reported to me as $0 left on the balance. Well, the hospital reran the claims again (no clue as to why) and left me with a balance of $181.79 according to IC system - but I never received an adjusted claim or bill from the hospital nor did the claim go out of delinquency once it was decided that the entire bill was wrong and hadn't gone through insurance etc.

The clock never reset on the IC system side when it clearly did for the hospital, especially since both companies said I owed $0 after the adjustment. This might have acceptably gone into collections initially but once I addressed the situation with the hospital, my insurance and IC system - and all 3 responded that I did not owe anything else - then this should have been closed on the collection agency's side. When the hospital reported a new balance then that might have been considered a new debt - but to call it delinquent by over 90 days when this was clearly a new balance is ludicrous and incorrect. This has since been reported to on my credit erroneously. Now I have to struggle with the credit agency to have this report removed when it was IC system that messed up.

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Original review: Sept. 20, 2015

In late winter of 2014 I took my cat to a local vet hospital in Bolton, Connecticut for an emergency. He was lying in his box, I knew he was ill. I was quoted $600 for surgery, meds, room and board. The vet called me after surgery, said there were some complications but he would be fine and I could get him in a day or two. When I picked him up, I was given a bill for $1600.00, grossly over the agreed quote. A few weeks later I was assaulted, which caused loss of employment, and I did explain this to the vet.

Without warning, my account is placed with IC System, which I recently found out. I do not answer 800 number calls, but a few days ago my 15 yr old daughter saw the number and said they called HER the day before. The rep asked if she knew me, and she said to not call her again. I got on the phone with them, and reminded them it was illegal to harass a minor child, and I wanted to know how they got her number. Their reply? "What is a minor child doing with a telephone?" I asked him "what kind of a question was that," and he laughed. They have a lot of nerve harassing my child, but more importantly, HOW did they get her phone number?

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Original review: Aug. 11, 2015

First, I have been legally disabled in the year 1996. I was sitting playing my guitar and got a call from IC Systems. A female named Hadassah, said that they are going to garnish my bank account and that I have a debt from 1992 for $2000.00 for a state tax from Georgia and that it will never go away. She knew my last 4 digits of my SS#, and also said that 'interest' has been compounded since 1992! She said they are going to send "whatever" to my credit history which I worked very hard over the years to obtain a credit score of 761. I just went thru 38 days of hell withdrawing from 50 mg of ** a day that I took for 2 years steadily. I barely make it thru the month on my disability payments as for as trying to survive on little to nothing right now. I just got off that crap and now with my mental illness, this call has sent me spiraling out of control. I'm done. Guess at least they will have blood on their hands for what this lady did to me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2015

I called, because I have 2 items on my credit report. I wanted to pay in full So I can be that much close to buying a house. I called. She asked if I had a reference #. I said no So she asked if I had my SS #. I gave it to her. She immediately hung up, and an automated voice said "They're unable to help me at this time". After reading some of these comments I'm getting kinda scared. What should I do?

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2015

Hi! I knew my credit was bad but I never thought it was because a light bill balance of $900 +- pending from an old business I had 8 years ago. Neither the light company or the collections agency contacted me before to explain I had a balance. I have had the same phone number since then, same address, plus they have of course my driver's license # and ss # to find my address. I have been having bad experiences and difficult times because of my credit score. I just recently found out I have a balance. I wished they could have called me before to at least try to make payments on it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2015

IC SYSTEM claimed I was sent to collection by my current employer. I am part-owner of the company that they claim I owe money to. I had the other owner get involved and they said that they would clear it up but insisted someone from my work must have sent them this information. I disputed this and they removed it. 6 months later they did the same thing again. I had to hire a lawyer to finally get it removed. IC System are criminals! They stole my information and fabricated false paperwork. They refuse to give me and my attorney any information. I have filed a report with the FTC.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 9, 2015

IC systems call and call but then hang up when you answer. My suggestion is call them back and hang up like they do. That is their tactic, do the same. It worked for me. And it's rather fun they start getting rather vulgar. After a day of this they get the hint and they will stop the annoying calls.

Original review: June 17, 2015

This company is the worst nightmare. I get a call like two months ago from Some private number and when I answer the call some lady start asking me for my name and address and I'm asking her who you are and she said "I'm calling from ic systems" and I ask her from where and she said "this is a call trying to collect a debt" or something like that and she still asking me for my address and my name and I told her "well you call me so you have to know if I'm the person you said." But she said "I need this information because you have a collection account with us" and I ask her "how did you know it's me, did you have my social security number or my ID number" and she said no.

And I told her "Please stop calling me. I don't have any account with that hospital. So please stop." But today I check my credit report and guess what, I have that collection on my credit. This make my credit go down like really horrible. I call the company and some guy name ** told me something about the police and a lot of things and I told him "did you know how many people are in the world with my name?" And I'm asking him "did you have my social security number or my ID number" and he said no.

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Original review: June 16, 2015

I have never had a phone call (had the same number for 15 years) or a letter from them. However when I checked my annual credit report today, I am dinged by them for a charge 6 months ago. Don't know where it's from or why it is there. How is this even legal? What is our government doing to stop these garbage companies?

Original review: June 14, 2015

I have been working on my credit the last year and finally had it up to over 750. Then I check it and wham - I have a collection for $431.00. I was never notified by mail, phone or email, but somehow this company has all of my info. They don't bother to give you a chance. Then they don't have anyway of letting you pay online.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2015

Last December I took my Catahoula Blue Leopard Dog "Gracie" into PetSmart after a friend told me they had an insurance program called the "Wellness Program". Gracie had a slight limp for over a week and I was concerned as she was 12yrs old and there was no improvement. She needed x-rays which at most vet offices they run around 300. PetSmart’s Banfield hospital offered me three different levels on the computer and I picked the highest priced one for older dogs which included x-rays. When I got there I was told I had to pay 120.00 which included their start-up fee not quoted to me on the phone. But we agreed and I set a date to make a payments for the next 12 months. I asked “What if I wanted to cancel due to death of my animal, moving, or simply because I was not happy with the treatments or the doctors?”

She said “Just come in and talk with us. We'll be happy to cancel your program. You just fill out the forms to stop your program.” Gracie had stage 4 bone cancer and die within two weeks. Banfield sent me a card signed by the staff. I shortly after adopted a puppy and signed Molly up on the low level. The plan states office appts. Same day just phone for a time. I phoned showed up on time and a vet tech came out for Molly. I said "She just needs a flea pill and I wanted to bring her shot records in as she had just finished all the required shots by the rescue site that I had adopted her from.” I contacted the vet who is local and the office is well known to assure myself that she didn't need anything else. They told me she had everything and would fax the record to Banfield upon their call. I was told they were running behind and that it would be an hour?

I agree to leave her this once and for the second time told the vet whom I asked to speak to that she needed to call and get Molly's shot record which she said "Of course no problem, she should be done in an hour. We will phone you". After three hours I phoned them and was told “The vet is busy she will call you.” This flea pill appt. took five hours. I finally just went after her and since Gracie had just passed away 2 weeks prior I thought I would cancel her "wellness program" while waiting. I was surprised when the girl at the counter same one that signed me up just one month earlier told me she couldn't cancel the program as that was not part of their hospital but a different company. I was confused! I said I just signed Molly up with you 5 hrs. ago. “Yes, but we can't cancel for them.” She gave me the number and an “I’m sorry” look.

Molly finally came out with a vet tech and a whole booklet of papers as to what was done to her on this visit. She was only in for a heartworm test in order to get the flea and heartworm medication. I looked the sheets over and to my surprise they revaccinated her with all of her shots and redid all of her blood work. I knew that this was dangerous for the dog as just giving a dog the vaccines one time could in fact cause illness and even death to some puppies. These clowns had subjected my 9 month old puppy to double dose of many strong vaccines that given the first time you are told to watch carefully for any reactions. I was furious and spoke to the vet who acted very blase about it and said she couldn't get a hold of the other vet and they won't hurt her. "Better to be safe than sorry." I called the other vet who said no one called for her records!

For well over 2 weeks I called to cancel Gracie’s program and could not get a live person or a callback. Within 7 days Molly developed a cough like a seal sound and I rushed her to Banfield with an appt. they once again took her inside the clinic. I told them I have an appt. They said “She'll be out in 20mins. Doctors checking her now.” At the front desk I told them I was having trouble contacting "wellness program". They said try Tuesday afternoon! What! Vet tech came out and said molly would be a couple of hours. I was once again about to lose my temper. Went home waited another 5 hours when vet called and said "Molly has Kennel cough and I’ve give her two injections of antibiotics and I’m sending her home with a prescription for another one and cough tabs”. At the clinic I asked to speak to the vet (Every single visit there was a different vet). I asked her how Molly got Kennel cough. She said from an infected dog.

Now I had already looked this up on the computer and called my best friend who's a vet tech in Roseville. A 30 mile drive from where I’m at that’s why both my dogs ended up at this laughable and dangerous clinic. My friend said she was left in a cage at Banfield the day she with for a flea pill and spent 5 hours in that cage amongst sick dogs and given double doses of heavy vaccines at a very young age. So I told the vet she got it here in your clinic due to you not being able to keep your appts. And in your "wellness program booklet" I’m assured an appt. that day and not once telling the person that it is in fact a drop of service putting my healthy puppy next to sick dogs in cages next to her.

She gave Molly two antibiotic injections without phoning me costing 160.00 and tried to get me to pay another 100.00 for the pills that I got at Sam’s club for 43.00 but I went ahead and got 5 pills for her cough at 60.00 which upon reading the medication at home I came to realize is nothing but Vicodin cut with something. Dogs can take that at Sam’s club would have been 5.99. I later found out that not only did they revaccinate my puppy but since she was put in that cage for 5 hrs. and had not encountered any other dogs she had indeed gotten the cough at the clinic. But I also was told by my new vet that Kennel cough sounds awful but is very seldom dangerous and 90% a virus and Molly should have been checked and sent home with the understanding that most dogs get better within 10 days without any medications advising owner to just call if dog doesn't get better.

So she didn't need more powerful drugs pumped into her and I didn't need to overdraft my acct., to pay over 200.00 for something that is useless to what she had which she got due to their careless treatments. Answer from vet yes!!!! Then I get a letter from "wellness program" stating I owed them 720.00. I finally got a hold of them and told them Gracie had passed away which they in turn tried to say I still had to pay for her insurance!!!

I cancelled Molly’s and told Banfield that if I had any trouble due to my canceling or they try to get me to pay on insurance for my dead dog I would in fact called the medical vet board and turn them in for malpractice which it turns out I have to do. I went over this with IC Systems who assured me that they would look into it, sure they did by putting me in collections the very next week. Their very letter to me states I have 30 days to pay before it’s turned over to collections letter dated may 27th. As I work for a newspaper as a writer I assure you their name will be mentioned!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 27, 2015

I received a call from ** (Minnesota number). It was initially a recording that kept telling me to hold on for a representative. When the man got on the line, he asked if he was speaking to me (giving me my name). I would not respond since my identity had been stolen and I was not confident in whom I was speaking with. He spoke very little English and kept asking me to verify information. After several attempts of trying to understand him and him telling me he could not give me information as to why he was calling me was very suspicious. Why would I give information out to anyone that called me from an unknown phone number. Plus, I have never heard of IC System before. If this is a legit company, they should not outsource their work and hire English speaking people so we can understand them and not feel threatened by them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2015

I was incarcerated from 08 to 11 and lived with son after. They have open account from 2011 to 2013 in collections and it's not my account. I do not even recognize business and I get to go calls daily. I have told them it's not my account and did not know. Once I spoke to them, it would open a whole new collection time. They have threatened to sue me in court. Threatened to serve me papers. I live in same place as address and nobody has showed up to serve papers or arrest me so stop threatening me. I am disabled and don't need the stress.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2015

IC System first started contacting me at home about a month or two ago. I would get several phone calls a day. I never answered because I do not know the number. They never leave a message. Then they started calling me at work at a totally different number. Same thing, no message. I googled them and it said IC System was a collection agency. I checked my most recent credit reports, although I know I do not have any debts. My credit reports substantiated that fact. How do I get them to stop calling?

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