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Last updated: Oct. 27, 2017

73 Alliance One Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

Got a call from Alliance One claiming I owe over $500.00 for a year old traffic violation. Having just paid 6 months ago over $600.00 for that same violation to San Diego traffic court I was rather confused. I asked them to explain what exactly this was for and was told that I never paid a $230.00 traffic violation that there was a $300.00 fee for it having gone to collection. I stated that not only is that a false traffic report but how can a fee be worth more than the violation itself and how can something go to collection before I’m even notified about it? No response on the employee’s end.

After asking several more question the representative got angry with me and started acting as if I personally owe HER the money. She asked to verify my address and I did, I then asked if you have my address why have I not gotten any notice of this? She claimed they did several times and then began to openly lie to me about how they tried to leave several messages on my phone but my voicemail was always full... as long as I’ve owned a cell phone, my voicemail has NEVER been full. Now that I knew I was dealing with liars and cheats I decided not to gave ANY info over the phone.

Looking at this from my point of view, I get a call from a random number stating I owe over $500.00 and that I can pay over the phone? Oh sure, let me give you my credit card and social security number right away, NOT. I then ask to speak to a supervisor and she hung up on me like a child. I call back and am now speaking with someone new. This gentleman give me the same BS story and is just going through the motions. I brief him on the wretched woman I just spoke to and say I’d like to file a complaint. He puts me on hold for a few and comes back saying there are no supervisors available at the moment call back in a half hour or we can call you back. After seeing all the reviews here on Consumer Affairs I’m convinced this is a legal scam. I’m meeting with a lawyer tomorrow who is a good friend of mine to discuss my options. If ANYONE who is reading this would like to get in on a class action lawsuit in the NY NJ area please contact me.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

Don't shop in Kirkland, WA downtown. I received a postcard from Alliance One, I almost threw away as junk mail until I caught a glimpse of a balance due of $71.49. I looked closer and it appeared to be a $60.00 bill with $11.40 fees and $.09 interest. Upon further inspection, I saw the Creditor of Kirkland, WA Municipal Court $60.00 and the rest Alliance One fees. After trying to reach Kirkland Court and Alliance to no avail. I hired an online detective.

It appears that although I've never been to Kirkland in over 10 years and no license plate was given with collection postcard. This is for a parking ticket, on postcard no date of violation or plate number. Shame on Kirkland, WA for not sending any parking notice (I haven't moved). Shame on Alliance for making one sign up with personal info to pay fine. I will do neither. Never shop at Kirkland, WA downtown. Give my personal info to corrupt company like Alliance One. You want your money, see me in court with my lawyers!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 16, 2017

Alliance One called me a few months ago to collect on an old credit card. I was told 2 lies from the start: That the company that actually owned the debt (not Alliance One) set up a 5 month payment plan that, if not followed every month, means that my account goes into collections and that the debt, once paid in full, would be removed from my credit report. Both of these were lies. When I talked to a supervisor at Alliance One, she didn't care and took no responsibility for her unscrupulous employee and wouldn't even go back and listen to the conversations I had with this employee. Words of advice: if you ever get stuck with these people, DO NOT talk to them and get EVERYTHING in writing. While they may seem to care about you and your situation, they don't.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2016

I received a bill for entering the North Texas Tollway on three occasions in July 2016 which showed a very fuzzy picture of my license plate number. I was not IN Dallas in July nor anywhere near that tollway. I tried to contact NTTA, but apparently they only accept checks, not information explaining that the bill was in error. The bill then got transferred to Alliance One Receivables Management for collection. The license number of the vehicle shown on the fuzzy picture is for a Freightliner M2 that I use to haul my living quarter horse trailer and the last time it was used was in February 2016. The truck was inspected in April and the number of miles that has been accumulated by the time I received this bill, in September, was about half the miles that would have accumulated on the odometer to have made one of the trips to Dallas from Central Texas, let alone make three trips through the tollway gates and make it back to the garage.

After a somewhat unpleasant conversation with the Alliance One telephone answering service, I sent pictures of the truck, a copy of the inspection, picture of the odometer, and a map that showed the number of miles from our location to the first tollway shown on the NTTA bill. Yesterday, I received a notice explaining that they had reviewed my information and determined that they were correct in their assessment. I will be taking this first to my local sheriff's department to let them see that there has been no Texas infraction against my driver's license, as threatened, and then to my attorney in Austin. At this point, the bill is less than $50 but from what I can read here, this collection agency is fraudulently taking money from many people who owe nothing. I am a "principle of the thing" person and I refuse to let Alliance Once threaten me with an offense that I absolutely did not and COULD NOT commit.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2016

I recently called Alliance One because I received a letter saying I owed $700 in red light tickets. On the back of my notice there were dates from 2011, 2014, 2015, & 2016 so obviously this was something I wanted to clear up. I called the # on the notice and the person who answered said her name was "Harley Quinn" (as in the Jokers girlfriend). I laughed since I'm a comic book fan and can appreciate a good reference, and asked to get an explanation of what these charges were and pay them.

Well apparently getting a bill and paying it isn't that easy with this company. This obnoxious individual starts immediately getting nasty, condescending, loud, and would repeatedly say "alrighty" while refusing to actually answer any of my questions. Obviously she's so misguided in her miserable life that she can't complete the simple and mundane task that this company pays her to do, which I thought was speaking to people to settle simple account matters and close out outstanding debts. I asked to speak with a supervisor (to which she replied "alllrighty") and I left the supervisor a message that I'm not expecting to hear back from.

I decided to go online to just pay this off and saw that the balance online didn't match the balance on my notice. Sooo I decided to call again (big mistake) to just put it to bed. I spoke to a gentleman who seemed nice enough, but informed me that the online balance and the notice I received didn't match because there was a balance with "Paylock" and that I couldn't just pay them, and then he hung up. (I called Paylock and they have zero idea what I'm talking about.) So THREE SEPARATE TIMES I've tried to pay a simple bill and I still haven't been able to pay them. Congrats Alliance One... You are a collection agency with employees who DON'T COLLECT ANY MONEY!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2016

Alliance one has garnished me for 1 yr. So far they have received $2,300.00 and my balance of $10,000.00 has not gone down. The court fines were $4,500.00-5,000.00 but with all their legal fees and interest has brought a balance of $10,000.00. This is robbery, and the state of Washington is to blame for allowing this kind of BS.

I make $10.50 an hr. I asked them for payments of $200.00 a month, they refused. She said "Why would we cut ourselves short agreeing to that amount when we can get more from a garnishment". I told her I don't dispute what I owe, but the garnishment is killing me financially. They don't give a flying flip about any hardship it may cause. They won't even release my license unless I give them 10% of the balance. Something needs to be done about their ruthless attacks on the clients. The state of Washington needs to change their laws. Does anyone have information on who to petition on this matter? Please help, any information is appreciated.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

I got a letter in the mail from them. I looked them up online before, I called the number listed on the letter. I called the number on the website instead of the letter to be on the safe side because the address and phone number were different. I got transferred a few times to get to the right department after I gave my name and the account number listed on the letter to each one, I stated my case. "I got a bill from y'all and don't know why I don't own that card." I had to spell out my last name numerous times. I gave the account number listed on the bill. Then he wanted my last four of my ssn and birthday, I told him, "no." He asked again and I told him, "no" again.

After the third time of him asking, I explained "I just gave you the account number. You don't need that." Then he just wanted my birth date, I gave it to him. Then he wanted my address, I told him, "I just said you mailed me a letter, you have my address." His reply, I quote "how do we know if this is you or not?" I lost it at this point and told him, "I am taking this as fraud and reporting it."

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2016

Wow! My Fiance went commercial fishing and received some bills that I was helping him sort through. We received a bill for over 1,000 with absolutely NO INFORMATION ON IT. Nothing about what it's for or really anything that could help. I called the extension and the woman I walked to WAS A **. Hung up on me! Who does that? Maybe a 12 year old. She did it because of my "foul" language. If one f word was too much for her, she has no idea what's coming when my fiance calls. She pretended she was going to help me, then got my information (which I felt really weird giving) then told me she couldn't tell me anything. Then I asked as a customer myself what the company does and she still would not tell me anything. I am literally boiling. I will make sure those sons of b's don't get a cent out of us.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2016

We have 9 vehicles for personal and commercial use. Everyone has SunPass transponder. We have an account to manage them and we are enrolled in automatic EasyPay. One day, we received a letter for Alliance One saying that we have a debt of $8.23 for Toll-By-plate/violation - did it for my husband car and we have to pay a processing fee $12.92, so the total $21.15. It was very weird because we check all the mail and we never had received this bills. Besides if the transponder didn't work they should be collected through the SunPass account with the plate number.

First of all I call Alliance One phone number for explanation, and it looks like a fraud because they ask me Social Security # Credit Card and address. I felt very uncomfortable, so we didn't gave them the info. Then, I spoke with SunPass customer service, but they always repeat the same thing, so I decided to pay it, but I prefer to do it online. I entered Alliance One website and I were required to create an account. I did it, but when we tried to pay the $21.15 the system only allow me to pay $8.23 and I did it. After 5 days we received another letter claiming the $12.92. Although we were very upset about that, I enter to the website to pay the "pending." I waste around 50 minutes trying to pay, but the system always said "error", so I decided to call customer service.

The customer service was very impatient and she send me from one line to the other and everybody has to verify my info. Finally, one customer person told me that my account was paid in full. At that moment I was angry, and I required him my receipt or confirmation number for my records. He told me that he can't give me anything because I had already paid online. I can't understand how SunPass is using this company with the worst customer service and with such unclear and unreliable website, marketing and way to pay. Alliance One looks like a SPAM or FRAUD. =(

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2016

I received a notice to pay $139.08 - I have no outstanding tickets with Nassau county. Last year I received the same notice for $131 and I paid it because I wasn't sure what it was. This is a total scam. Someone needs to investigate this fraud. They ask to create an account to pay the ticket. They ask for way too much information. They ask for my social security # and dob. I recently paid a ticket for NYC FINANCE and they just need name address and credit card info to pay a ticket please help.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2016

Not sure how and when but ALLIANCE ONE sent me a bill that's assigned amount $4; but they are charging me $38.16 for their fees??? Honestly there is no explanation, except to ask to "see reverse side of this letter or attached detail page". There is a page in Spanish??? I just don't appreciate scam companies like this. I want to fight back!!! Definitely will. Glad to see people out there are getting taken advantage of. Making money isn't easy, but stealing money is not allowed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2016

How can a company that deals with a government contract act so shady? No one is ever in the same page, every time you talk to a person at their office they don't know what is going on with your account. They just make up their own rules depending how they feel. No guidelines and when you ask for a receipt or a breakdown of your charges or how they get the amount. They seem to panic and get upset you took them of their script. This company want you to give them a payment. They don't provide a breakdown of the charges or receipt of payment, or breakdown of payment plans just caused they said so... (mama didn't raise no fool). What are you going to do? Ruin my credit if I don't pay you on time. They don't send no information regarding bills, via phone you seem to know everyone address when you call. So why not a invoice. Nothing. Nada.

I contact my courts and told them the situation. Trying to reinstate a license that shouldn't have been suspended. Thank God to a good attorney I got they won't see a dime and if wouldn't have gotten it. I would rather take the no license ticket than give this crooks a dime... on a balance that was paid off with jail time. On top of that the original balance was 86.00 dollars in 1998. Their new charge is 2613.99. Do the courts know what they done? We should contact our courts and take action on them... As consumers we shouldn't be push around like they try to. We need to show them we are in control and find a way to remove their contract...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2016

Constant harassment. Calls are averaging about every 30 minutes. Sometimes hangs up. Caller ID comes up as "Restricted". Very rude when I do answer. I am unable to block the calls. Will be filing charges against this company.

Original review: May 24, 2016

I had a wage garnishment that was paid to CA Tax Franchise Board. Total balance was finished with payments in November 2015. Due to an error made by the franchise board Alliance One did not receive the funds from CA Franchise until 4/19. Because of the error there was a duplicate garnishment for the same amount of what they thought was the missing payment. So a second payment was sent to Alliance One and received 5/19. I have called numerous times to Alliance One regarding my refund.

Last month on April 19th I spoke with a supervisor who assured me he'd make sure the first overpayment would be received end of May. And the additional payment would be refunded at the end of June. I called last week to ask what the status of my refund was. The agent told me I should have my refund of $580.93 before the end of the month. I called today, got a representative who told me my refund was only $378.93. I told him that had to be incorrect and asked him to provide me the balance before the payment. And he said $0. Again I told him that was incorrect. He then told me I could pick up my refund check today of $378.93 in the Kearney Mesa office. I asked to speak with a supervisor and there weren't any available.

I called back 5 minutes later. Different representative. Same thing. Only saw refund for $378. I asked her to provide me with the balance before the last 2 payment. She said they aren't able to see the previous balance once the account has been paid. I asked for the dates of the payments. She wasn't able to see those. I asked her if she could look in the notes. She said she didn't have access.

I asked for a supervisor. This time one was available. She informed me that my refund wouldn't arrive now until the middle to end of June. For the amount of $211 and my 2nd payment wouldn't be refunded until the middle of July. So I asked "do I call back at the end of June when you guys Still haven't send my refund?" She said it shouldn't be sent. And I informed her that, that's what I was told for the end of April and for end of May. Now I need to wait another month for the first overpayment and 2 months for the other. She also informed me it takes 30-90 days for me to receive my refund.

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Original review: April 11, 2016

I was notified that a check that was over 10 years old was placed in Alliance One for Collection. I called Alliance One about this and they told me it would cost me $300.00 to have it taken off my credit. I told them I would pay for the check in question for $100 and they said I had to pay them all of the $300 in order to clear this up. I told them to go scam someone else because I was not going to give them $200 for a service charge on a $100 check that was over 10 years old and should have fallen off the record. They were very nasty to me on the phone so I hung up on them. I advise no one to talk to these idiots as they are a bunch of crooks.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2016

Alliance One contacted me about a fraudulent and fabricated debt that was 13-years-old. The matter was fully adjudicated in 2003. Alliance One is fraudulently attempting to collect a debt that should have never existed to begin with because the original matter was fabricated. It was in fact fully paid as documented with legal court receipts, and as a result the matter was fully dismissed, discharged and closed through court-ordered adjudication. They have currently suspended my license illegally. Now I have suffered loss of income, traffic tickets, and even jail time. Even worse, even if the fraudulent debt were valid, the debt is time-barred, through the statute-of-limitations. Further still, the Alliance One representative repeatedly lied about where they were located, what their first and last name was, and even the telephone number from where they were calling from.

I need info on how to file a class action lawsuit against them? I have already filed a complaint with the State Attorney General and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I refuse to pay for something I have proof I paid for over 10 years ago. I need to regain my license and life back! I have lost so many jobs and time because of this. The mental and emotional anguish has been overwhelming!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2015

Never heard of this company then got a delinquent mark on my credit report. They never tried to contact me and all of their numbers go to a line with a constant busy signal. It's time to fight back and take Alliance One to task! I just filed complaints with the CA Attorney General and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I urge you to also. If any attorneys read this, you should seriously consider a class action suit against Alliance One. There are so many reviews about criminally deceptive and fraudulent practices online. This company needs to be shut down. Submit a debt collection complaint to the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau): **. Submit a debt collection complaint to your state's Attorney General: **.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2015

Absolutely the worst customer service I have EVER dealt with. I am a pretty calm individual but this company seems like they intentionally want to aggravate you. I think it might be because if you act irrational they could add on more debt or get you into further trouble with the courts. Highly shady business ethics indeed. I am dealing with this because I forgot to go to court. I am a full time employee, part time student and am in the midst of creating a company with a team. I forget things sometimes, now because of this minor mistake, I am slapped with a huge fee and forced to deal with these incompetent and unprofessional people.

The first person I spoke with explained the debt which was about $400 more than what I was told in court. I told this extremely unprofessional employee that I have the paperwork in front of me. And instead of helping me he nonstop interrupts me and eventually when I've had enough I ask to speak with a manager. He then hangs up on me after a 10 minute hold. I call back, the next individual is just as unprofessional as I explain what had just happened. I ask to speak with a manager and he proceeds to put me on hold, WHICH HOWEVER was not a hold. He left me on the phone so that he could listen to my conversation with another individual about how terrible their service is. He continually said? Excuse me? Can you say that louder please?

I continually told him I am not speaking to him and that I'd like a manager already. He had me on the phone listening quietly for about 20 minutes before he transferred me to someone who finally knew what they were doing. It was a lady whom told me we have not received the information yet from the courts and to please call back at a later time. Really? An hour of 2 incompetent and unprofessional employees to have my question answered within a minute? Absolutely ridiculous. I sincerely hope that the recorded calls are ACTUALLY checked for quality assurance because there is NO quality at all in my instance. Highly suggest avoid this agency at all costs.

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Original review: Oct. 18, 2015

Alliance One contracts with actual businesses like Kaiser to collect legitimately owed debts so I wouldn't immediately assume all contact is fraudulent. However, I was called multiple times a day on my cell phone for a debt that was either ficticious or someone else's entirely. This went on for several weeks until one day I received 30 calls in one day. I called back and was told that I had an outstanding debt of $4,000 that needed to be paid within 48 hours or I would be taken to court and have to pay court costs in addition to the $4,000 and risk my credit being dinged.

I knew there must be a mistake, but the caller gave me my own name and address as well as a previous address. The caller could not provide an account number or details of the alleged debt. I've always been meticulous with finances so I was certain that this wasn't a case of unpaid bills. Finally, after calling back several times to speak with a supervisor, I was told that I might not be aware of the debt because it was in my husband Patrick's name. But because they were unable to contact him, I was responsible for paying and would be taken to court if I didn't.

I had never been married. I didn't know anyone named Patrick. I wasn't given any information beyond my name and address, which is public record. No details of the debt. Just wire us the money or else. I told them I'd never been married, this wasn't my debt, and if they didn't stop calling I would go to the Attorney General. It didn't work on me, but if you call enough people some of them will fall for it out of fear.

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Original review: Oct. 2, 2015

I paid this company $1300 as part of an agreement to pay 30% down and the remaining balance over 6 months to settle an outstanding ticket. Once they received the money I never heard from them again and was put in default because I missed the 30 days to make another payment. NOT ONE TIME DID I HEAR FROM THEM UNTIL I CALLED A MONTH LATER AND THEY TOLD ME I MISSED THE DEADLINE TO PAY THE MONTHLY BALANCE. $1300 and not a receipt, not a friendly email explaining how and when to pay. NOTHING. And now my license is being suspended because of it. If I could write these clowns off and not pay another dime and take the hit on my credit I would HAPPILY do that just to never have to deal with their complete incompetence again.

Unfortunately they have me by the short hairs and I have to get this settled or run the risk of being pulled over. They couldn't care less because they've already snaked $1300 out of me and know I have to pay the rest in order to stay legal behind the wheel. Absolutely cannot believe the level of deception and poor business ethics practices by this absolute joke of an organization. BUYER BEWARE: THESE GUYS WILL SELL YOU DOWN THE RIVER AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY AND THEN CHARGE YOU TO GET YOUR OWN PADDLE BACK. What a bunch of scumbags.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2015

Notice received on 9/19/15 saying I owe for a missed toll on 11/6/14. Seems like a scam. I have EZ Pass and never received notice from them about this bogus claim. Watch out.... Always call EZ Pass direct before paying and if you do owe then pay EZ Pass direct so this Bogus company doesn't that their commission from your payment.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2015

I had a similar incident to Frederick. I received a notice of account past due regarding NY/NJ port of authority payment. No information regarding what it is in reference to, date of incident if any, and violation number if any. My account cannot be past due because I never received any notice in the first place. I have E-Zpass and any violations come from them NOT port authority. I know how much my tolls are and they said one toll is $14, this is not true even going into NY. I will be following up with E-Zpass and port authority to ensure this is false.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 21, 2015

Received a notice of account past due regarding port of authority payment. There is no information regarding what it is in reference to, date of incident if any, and violation number if any. Tried calling by phone to reach them. Gave up after one half hour. Tried reaching them by their website. Access to their website denied. Is this a legitimate company?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 18, 2015

I received a letter from Alliance One asking me to pay FDOT Toll By Plate. When I logged into the website it gave me an error. I tried calling the number on the invoice 18004568838 and all it did was play repeated commercial recording for dish networks and ADT Security promotions. Then told me the number had changed to 18007126600. Called and the same thing. I can't pay because neither the number nor website work! I will be calling Toll by plate tomorrow!

Original review: July 16, 2015

I got a letter in the mail from Alliance One saying they are going to take money away from my paycheck every week so I paid off the ticket and they still are taking money away. It has been two weeks that they take my money after my ticket has been paid off. I called and the same rude lady answers saying, "I don't have garnishments so what can I help you with?" I tell them to stop taking my money and she says there's nothing they can do about it because the garnishments have already been stopped. Yet the next week it happened again. Don't give this corrupt system your hard earned money that they already take from with social sec. insurance and taxes.

Original review: July 9, 2015

I just started getting calls from Alliance One a couple months ago on a debt from 2008 of a payday loan that I didn't know anything of, and with it being that long. I don't even remember. They change the amount several times stating if I pay out the amount over the phone, it would settle the debt. It started off with 1,400 and when I called back, they stated I owed 900.00. Today I received a call from my cousin stating she received a call from them on me...and I called them when I got home and they stated that they sent out letters concerning my bill. I have not received one bill stating a debt I owe, and that was the reason they was calling to settle it over the phone. I told them I will be getting me a lawyer, because I was not going to give them my credit card number. This is A SCAM!!!

Original review: May 24, 2015

They should be ashamed of themselves trying to collect anything from people who is on disability or on a fixed income. But this got to have a loophole to be able to get your licences back without having to pay the whole ticket. My ticket is $1400 & I’m disable. I really despise these people. & I hope they all have bad luck for the rest of their living days...

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 22, 2015

I received a letter from the California Franchise Tax Board stating that I owe money to a state, local or government agency. The agency reports that I owe them so they gave my tax return to them. I need to contact the agency for details. I contacted Alliance One Receivables and was informed that I owed $5,000 for three court cases from 1997. They gave me dates and bogus case numbers. When I tried to look up the cases numbers online it didn't work because the numbers were one digit short, (7 instead of 8).

I called those A people back asking for an 8 digit number, which of course they didn't have. They said to go to the court in person and check their records. I went to the court records and they said the case numbers aren't real. Alliance One Receivables scammed the State of California Franchise Tax Board for my refund. This is straight up FRAUD committed by Alliance One Receivables. What's it going to take to get my money back and shut these thieves down?

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Verified Buyer
Original review: April 6, 2015

Acquired a ticket Thursday 10/6/05 at 5:10 PM for having expired registration and no proof of insurance. Officer ** Badge number ** cited me - told me to fix the problem, come to the police station and he would sign it off. I needed to go to the Minor Defense Division in Vista CA to ask for a an extension and was denied so I pleaded no contest. Was told to pay the stupid fee and move on. Social Security Administration told me that the money for me to live on, not to pay a ticket with. It was then transferred to the Franchised Tax Board, defaulted after 5 years and is now back with Alliance One. Called them last Friday and told them that I don't have the money to pay them with. Spoke with a lady while on speaker phone with my family member (who is also my representative payee) that I am not legally bound to pay the fee but I am willing to do so. I can make 22 payments of 30 dollars each and have the fee done and over with.

You would have thought that they would have dismissed the case being that I am on a fixed budget and am the proud owner of a bus pass. They lady told me that I would need to pay the fee in order to drive again and if I didn't she would have me arrested for not paying the fee in such a long time. She told me that she had my address and that they could come and arrest me. Did she not hear me the first time? So now I will go and pay my first installment of $30 and put on a nice smile and explain to her that the feds own me, not her or even Alliance One. Sorry to sound like the grinch or something, but something has gotta give.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2015

I called into Alliance 1 of my own free will to settle a credit card debt that was charged off. The first woman who was handling my account was very sweet at first and quickly got me a good settlement as long as I paid three bulk payments. The payments were set up, but a week later i called back to cancel our arrangement because something more pressing came up and I wasn't able to spare the money. All of the sudden "their client wanted the full amount" this month.

I explained that obviously if I couldn't pay the previous amount, I couldn't pay the full amount. I gave her a number that I could pay monthly but apparently "the client said" they could only have the full amount. Now, I'm not naive. I'm in the midst of a divorce and I've talked to several debt collectors so I know how it works. I know they'll accept any money I can give them, but for whatever reason, the agents at Alliance One think if they become mean and forceful, somehow I'll be able to give them a larger amount of money, which obviously isn't the case or I wouldn't be in this position.

I was put on the phone with her "supervisor" who demanded to know what had changed between now and last week and kept saying "well I'm really confused, last week you could pay the amount and all the sudden you can't so i want to know what's so important." He was really rude and mean and it was upsetting. I'm in the midst of a divorce and I need a new car, and am trying to work with collection agencies to settle my debt like a responsible adult, but this really threw me off. Why would you treat someone who is not evading you, but is rather trying to pay you, with such disrespect?

They kept trying to push for me to pay a larger amount than i was capable, and finally after all that "oh now our client will accept smaller monthly payments". I'm not stupid. I know what was going on. It's pathetic that in the year 2015, these agents still believe they're going to get anywhere with people who are in debt and trying to compromise with you by treating them this way.

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