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222 Afni Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2018

I have to honestly say dealing with this company is and has been a continued horrible experience. I did everything they asked of me and yet I'm waiting on paperwork that needs to be scanned in which I sent two weeks ago. The staff have very nasty attitudes especially their reps. No matter how calm I am they get disrespectful. I'm highly frustrated that there are no supervisors that someone can talk to. It seems they do all of this on purpose in which I'm referring to the fact I'm sent to a voicemail whenever I ask to speak to a supervisor.

This company takes my money on time. Why is it I can't get my copy back on time in not in a months time. The call center representatives are very rude and If the company is all connected why can't someone give me a copy of the completed payment plan but instead I have to wait weeks for a mailed letter. But they take my payments right away. I feel like no one cares in regards to people's feelings at this company. I don't understand how I do as I'm suppose to but have to wait weeks for a simple response. I feel if I was to come in person it would be treated the same way.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 5, 2018

They have an 800 number that is not answered during stated business hours. Their service is severely outdated and dysfunctional compared to other services. Their website to manage your account is broken (gets a webpage error indicating it is unavailable). Their webpage for managing your account, and the account number field, does NOT match the account number format on their billing statements. They have no ability to send emails (they indicate only paper methods are available for recurring communications). They indicate they have no ability to use debit or credit card payments (which is a lie, they just don't want to pay for the service).

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 25, 2018

I have NEVER heard Afni before. I get a negative rating on my credit report without any notice. I call immediately to pay in full ($54.09). They refuse to remove from my cc report. Filing complaint BBB.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2018

Sprint sold debt to AFNI credit report is showing. I have never been contacted by Sprint or AFNI via mail or telephone. I wasn't even living at a known address to anyone nor did I have a known number to anyone but immediate family as I was in a mental health treatment facility the last couple years. Furthermore, the account shows it was opened in March, but the date constantly changes each month to try and keep it further away from the Statute of Limitations. I have requested debt validation. I haven't even been able to look at my credit report until this year now that I am no longer in a facility.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2017

I have been making payments to AFNI INC. for about 2 years on a debt. And a couple of months ago they said that my check didn't clear. You see the problem with that statement is, I don't have a bank account, at all. I send them money orders. Money orders I are bought with cash money, and printed out of a machine right there at the customer service counter of your local grocer. They are damn near the same as cash, but a bit more safe than sending a wad of tens and twenties through the mail.

I talked to an agent and he said that I should call Western Union to see what they have to say. Well, I did, and got an automated recording, but I entered all of the info from every money order I've sent from this year and it said that each one of them were cashed. Every last one of them. So I wanted to talk to an AFNI supervisor, as if that would make any difference, but I wanted to try anyhow. He said that their bank took the money order and that Western Union, apparently "refused to honor the money order". Someone for damn sure got my money and I don't know who did, or how I can prove it. I may just pay my account down to that very amount and tell them to blow me on the rest.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 22, 2017

2/26/16 I took a day off work to go to urgent care for a sinus infection. I pulled to a stop sign at an intersection and when I looked for cars, nope... none. Proceeded to make a right hand turn when a truck comes from the other lane MERGING INTO MINE and BOOM slammed into my front drivers side headlight area and promptly ripped off my front bumper and cover completely, I slammed on my brakes so hard that my car dragged down the side of his truck as he was either speeding or my stopping created a weird effect. I take pics and he moves his truck which I asked him not to do. He called the police and when the cop got there a very shaken me was still crying and upset.

The cop took one look at me sitting in my car and huffs and walks away, NEVER asked me what happened, spends a good amount of time talking to dude who hit me. Winds up giving me a ticket for failure to yield. He asked for my insurance and I was going through my now disheveled car and the cop reached in and grabs an old slip from an old company, when I get to call my insurance company they tell me I was canceled which I tell them there was no way... they say they sent a letter. I NEVER got one. I asked how. They said UPS but they didn't request a signature and they're not sure it got sent to the right address.

Once I went to court I pled guilty because I didn't know what else to do. My ex's friend was my attorney and he quit the same week my ex dumped me. I couldn't afford another one. On top of that I even told the guy who HIT ME, "here's my number and email. Just let me know how much the repairs are. I'll get a loan if I have to." Nope. He went ahead and did this. So I call everyone for six or so months after finally finding the right people to talk to... after I was ARRESTED for driving on a suspended license I didn't know I had, they tell me I have to make payment arrangements to get my license back. Cool! This sounds easy!

I call and make a $50 payment. It wasn't much but I'm a single momma, they tell me that's not gonna cut it. That they need $1000.00 and $200 a month to get my license back. So I cry my eyes out, work tons of overtime and go hungry for a bit. Make the payment and then they tell me I have to have papers signed and notarized AND make ANOTHER $200 payment (197.34) so it takes me a while to be able to give that money up. Then I do and express mail the papers on the 15th. They get it on the 16th and today is the 22nd and they're telling me it may be another 3-5 days before I can get a copy for the DMV. So I'm paying for a car I can't drive and insuring a car I can't drive and have been yelled at and belittled everytime I've called except one nice guy today... and all I want is to be able to drive to work so I don't lose my job.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 10, 2017

I paid my bill with Dish TV and didn't get tv the next month. When I called, they said they never received payment even though my bank statement showed it went through. I shut off service with them and they said I was under contract. I told them otherwise and after researching their records, I got a letter in the mail saying there was no contract record and I was good to go. Then a couple weeks later I get a letter from Afni saying I owe early termination fees. I told them same thing I told Dish and say I still have the letter. I email them a copy of the letter and they still send me collection letters. I researched this company and they are known for stuff like this. They buy the debt from other companies, even when the debt has been paid off or expired.

If you do pay them off, they still say you didn't on your credit reports. The half off offers and stuff like that is just a way for them to make money. They also change the dates of when debts are owed to try and confuse you. I told them to stop sending letters and calling me because I didn't owe a thing. The lady says "so you're not gonna pay then". I said "hell no". And she said they may be required to take further action. I told her "take whatever actions you feel are necessary, but remember where the door is." Haven't heard a thing since, but it's still on my credit and I can't get a car to drive my 8 month old in because I'm below 650 cause of them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 8, 2017

On 09/09/2016 approx 14.30 hrs. on a month's end supply run to the grocery store. I approached an empty single file tee intersection to make a right hand turn. Again there was no one at the Intersection as I arrived to make my RT turn. Traffic is heavy. In scanning for safety of pedestrians in/at/near crosswalk and on my right, I see it is clear, then I focused on my left to observe & await a safe opening for a proper & legal merge from the stop sign. I see a opening & assess it is an acceptable safe opening & begin to accelerate in a normal fashion as the opening is fairly large and no need to accelerate quickly into the intersection.

As I am NOW in and ON the main rd halfway into my RT Turn my pick up truck explodes with a loud boom/smash & lifted up high enough on my right side to frighten me so intensely my adrenaline shot through my body. I am looking all around me in sheer fright & do not see anything around me, since my truck is tilted up on my right side I used my steering wheel to lift myself up to see a small car that had slipped in between me & the curb on my right side but contact was made on the right side of my vehicle at the point of where I was out in the main road... I repeat out in the main rd.

There was no contact made while the individual had slipped in on my right side whatsoever at the stop sign. Contact was made out in the main road as I was already halfway into my turn. Sheer logic let alone common sense will tell you that the other driver had traveled along my right hand side simultaneously with me which is illegal plus this is a single file tee intersection with no form of markings on the street or sign posted to alert motorist of anything different.

Since we have other vehicles our truck is only used on the month's end only & sometimes not used for 2 months at a time, it is rarely moved at all. It is a 2006 Ford F150 with only 14,854 original miles so when I was searching for the Insurance Card Sis even though policy was active had not placed the current insurance card in the side saddle of the driver's door. I stated this to the police officer as the other driver came & pasted herself to my hip when she heard this. The Officer stated "That's OK I'm supposed to run & confirm Insurance Info through the computer anyway so I'll go ahead & verify it for you". He said "Yes, you were right. It's active & current". He gave my insurance info to her & hers to me.

Here's where the HELL BEGINS. Since our vehicle is rarely moved/used the required minimum of liability insurance required by the state to drive legally especially since the truck is paid off, also OUR insurance company states "after reviewing our DASH CAM VIDEO we have assessed you are not at fault, it clearly shows she is at fault plus we have the documentation/policy to prove insurance was current/active at the time of the incident."

USAA from the very start stated that I was NOT covered. I stated then police would have cited me on the spot as there is NO leniency whatsoever on driving uninsured. Rep stated "Oh that's Right," then rep states in our repeat attempts to get them to pay for our damages that they have no record of the recorded interrogation of me with one of their reps and they also state they have kept requesting that we send the link to the Youtube link of which we have sent them several times to the e-mail address they provided me of which we did send it to them. We have an Electronic Confirmation E-mail as a receipt they sent us as proof they indeed receive it.

Now they have numerous agents involved that at first were transferring us from one to the other but has gone from no one accepting our calls nor returning our calls either. Now we are receiving calls from a collection company called AFNI who stated they were calling about the accident and needed personal Info. I thought it was USAA so I gave it to them only to realize as the woman began to get vicious stating I owed them approx $3300.00 dollars. I became highly concerned about giving out my private identity Info of which they now have and now being harassed by AFNI who are stating they have begun proceedings of collection on me and threatening to contact the TX DMV and have my license taken away.

Now there have been strange vehicles pulling up to our home as if stalking us. Due to our once safe neighborhood going high crime & have been targeted by neighborhood crime ring for being active in the neighborhood watch we have warned them of their being in grave danger by this gang & our possibly mistaking them for thugs zeroing us & they again may be in grave danger especially since our home has taken gunfire. We have alerted ALL the law enforcement agencies about this but San Antonio is sanctuary city sympathetic and is why crime rules here that and USAA & AFNI leg breaker tactics.

Here is the link to the dash cam video. You be the judge. **. It clearly shows USAA insured is at fault & AFNI unjustly & unfairly is tormenting me & frightening my family by coming to our home & stopping out front. This sheer outright Intimidation & harassment and seems to be headed toward terrorizing us.

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

They say that I owe them a large sum of money and if I do not pay in full or make arrangements, that they will send a letter to the Department of Licensing and have my driver's license suspended. Do they have this authority or power? When I mention bankruptcy, they offer to me to come up with a smaller sum to settle the matter? Thanks.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2016

This crap company is in Illinois. Check out ** to see just how bad they are. The 1st and only time I answered one of their calls they informed me I owed AT&T yada, yada, "pay half and we'll close the account." I told them to get lost. Not willing to waste my time giving these predators any info. I subsequently received 4-5 calls a day from them, until I blocked them with my very viable AT&T account. Even after being blocked, they continued to call 1-2 times a day for weeks. I partially blame AT&T for even dealing with a 3rd party scam agency like AFNI, who seems to feel people are stupid enough to pay them when they have active accounts with AT&T. Really? Been with AT&T many years, if you owe them money, THEY let you know, pay them or they shut you down, end of story. Your account goes away.

I think this ** third party collection agency jumps on accounts that have changed creating a very temporarily outstanding balance during the transition, and they count on the fact that some people actually believe if they don't pay these creeps, their credit score will be destroyed. They need to be shut down by the state of Illinois and wherever else they are. They're a parasitic scourge.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2016

This company has been contracted to collect a bill from me and is giving me problems making an payment. When I try to make a payment they are rude and attempting to force me to make a payment that I am not comfortable with and asking inappropriate questions about my personal life. This is the most difficult company that I have ever dealt with. I have never found it so hard to pay a bill.

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Original review: Aug. 15, 2016

AFNI shows on my credit that I owe $460 to AT&T mobile. I have had no account with AT&T since 2002. I only had the account one month and stopped paying because I had no service where I lived. They told me I should have told them within 2 weeks and that I would have to pay early termination fees. I handed them the phone and said that was BS and walked away. 14 years later they are still wanting this?!? Credit Karma states AFNI opened this debt collection just a couple years ago. How is this possible?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2016

I'm not even sure how AT&T can have my account in Collections with 1 agency, and then with proof of AT&T U-verse error, it was removed from my credit, just to find out a few months later AFNI placed the same account on my credit reports by changing the date. The debt was originally from 2014, so they changed the date to April 2016 and there you go. A whole to debt that I do not owe and was legally removed already. Next step is Attorney.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 25, 2016

I received a letter from this company for a debt from Sprint which was already resolved from a previous debt collector and somehow reappeared on my credit report. Somehow they have circumvented the FCRA by selling to other debt collectors but I sent them a letter seeking validation of the debt and asked if they are licensed to collect debt in my state. Hmm find out they are not and mysteriously it was deleted from my credit report. Folks if you get a letter don't panic. Just send them a letter asking for validation and proof they are licensed to collect debt in the state you live in.

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Original review: June 6, 2016

I received a letter from this company stating that I owe 1,044.47 to AT&T MOBILITY. I have never even had an account with AT&T and the name that is on the letter has the wrong middle initial. Hmmm, seems kind of suspicious to me. I also know it's a scam and not identity theft because it is not on my credit report.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2016

This people (and I use that term loosely) will NOT stop calling me even though I have told them repeatedly that they have the wrong number. I am so tired of bill collectors harassment. I have gone through this with multiple companies calling me over and over, and over some more after being told they have the wrong number. Every time, I get an apology and they say they will remove my number from their system, and yet the calls continue. If I block their number, they just start calling from another number. Then when I get nasty with them, they threaten me with that they are recording the call. Record away - I didn't call you, you called me, after I have asked you NOT too, repeatedly. The deadbeats they are trying to reach have more rights in this than I do. What do I have to do to make this stop?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 19, 2016

I got a letter yesterday stating I owed $220.67 to Dish Network, but that Afni would drop it down to $110.34 if I paid it by 5/27/2016. I have already had this debt in collections with a different company! So why is Afni trying to get me to pay it again? I have enough stress in my life I don't need any more!! And I don't get how people can actually work at a place like this and not feel bad about what they do!!! I WILL NOT pay this again!! I hope one of their customer service representatives reads this and wonders why people hate them or are rude to them!! If you're an ** to people, they're gonna be an ** right back!!!

7 people found this review helpful
Original review: Feb. 23, 2016

I received a settlement bill from AFNI for $104.84 for an AT&T U-Verse account that was $262.00. The letter from Afni stated that my balance of $262 owed to AT&T will be settled and paid in full if I paid the $104.84 with them. I paid the $104.84 and AT&T still shows a balance of $157 which is the difference from the $104.84 payment. This was a scam and a deceitful tactic from Afni. I will publicize this company's deception to customers. This is not a true collection agency, they lie to people to get minimal payments making them believe that their accounts were settled when they weren't. Afni Collection Agency is a fraudulent company!!!

19 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2016

I am a 24 year old, newly graduated college student and I only have my internet through AT&T, and I have received many calls and notices in the mail stating that I owe a balance to AT&T, and that a collection company by the name of Afni is attempting to collect this bill. I called the numbers on the bill and also have gone to their website, and have sent many messages requesting for someone to call me in regards to this matter. I finally spoke with someone and the lady only wanted to get the payment. She did not care to elaborate on how or why I have a past due balance, why I have not received any notices from AT&T themselves. I decided to speak with AT&T thinking it was on their side and they told me that they do not have any outstanding balances, and that I should look into Afni scam(s). I did, which led me here.

Afni has gone so far as to post this outstanding debt on my credit score causing my score to go down significantly. This is not okay. I am having trouble finding an apartment because of my score being 790 to 570 with one bad debt entry. Any idea on how to get this removed from my credit score and how to stop this fraud company from screwing with my social security number and credit score? I have sent them letters and have no response. HELP!!!

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Original review: Feb. 5, 2016

I received a letter last week telling me that we owed CenturyLink 138 dollars but they were willing to settle for $83.81 cents. When I asked details about the bill, they told me it was from 2014. I stupidly agreed to pay. I just checked my account and saw that they charged me for the full amount. My guess is this is a scam. If they call you, do not pay anything. They are dishonest. I should have done my research before I agreed to anything. Someone needs to stop them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2016

I received a letter from Afni stating I owed DirecTV for an early termination fee. All the same conversation occurred about why I owe an early termination fee associated with moving before "my 2 year contract was finished." Why would a DirecTV feel like they have to "rope" you into a contract? I tried unsuccessfully to understand and work with Michael from Afni who demanded I just get my checkbook and give him information to pay my bill. I disagree with DirecTV and the bully behavior of AFNI. They leave no options to understand and force you to pay and threaten if you don't your credit will be noted.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2015

They sent my daughter a letter saying she owed $100k from an accident over one year ago. Said they were representing Progressive in a subrogation claim. Except that Progressive says they aren't! They are unprofessional and try to be threatening. EPIC FAIL. In one week they dropped the amount from $100k to $75k. Asking for credit card etc. ARE THEY ON DRUGS?

24 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2015

I got a letter from Afni to pay $356.18 in 30 days. I call them to find out, waiting time was 11 min 36 sec. Her name is Carly and she started to talk to me to pay what I owed and ask me how I want to pay credit card or check. Finally I got chanced to talk to her how and what I owed to Dish Network. So I told her I need to check my bill and I will call her back. I call them after 5 pm EST, no one answered and I have waited 15 min (seriously!) and I have given up. How is their very poor service.

11 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 10, 2015

Received a bill stating I owed U.S. Cellular $187 from 3 years ago. I made sure that I didn't owe them anything when I took the phone back and cleared my account. There is nothing on my credit report about a U.S. Cellular bill either. After calling twice they still refuse to tell me anything besides that I owe that amount. They can't even tell me the date of the account or why it's apparently taken 3 years to bill me for a non existent account. Really believe it's a scam. I Refuse To Pay A Bill I DON'T owe.

16 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2015

Called in about the notice I got from this company. Lady introduced herself by the name of Dianna, all she cared about was to tell me how much I owed the company, that "this what shows and give me your credit card or debit card and will collect the balance." Told her I am not paying because I disagree with the amount. She could not stop talking, would not listen to my end - how and why I disagree. She kept on cutting me off and was very disrespectful, very temperamental and after stating what she had to see quick to cut me off. Their customer reps are very poor in communication, they need more training!! WATCH OUT FOR THEM!!

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Original review: Sept. 19, 2015

Everything I have read on here which is for the most part very accurate is missing one key in the Afni and other huge companies cog that do this thing. If all this isn't true and bad enough, this company outsources a ton of jobs to the Philippines. Now that might be a big deal or a small deal but here's the real big problem. I tried to get a job at my local Afni in Tucson, AZ and they actually outsource the verification and background checks on potential employees. Think about that. I had people calling from the Philippines harassing former employers and my high school I attended ten years ago trying to verify all my personal information. Why outsource this to another country? On top of that, I know for a fact Afni sells its clients, customers, and employees information outright to other companies. Trust me the rabbit hole is much deeper than meets the eye and they aren't the only ones doing it. Our personal information is out there people.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 13, 2015

I just checked my credit report and AFNI is on there messing up my score. I am contacting my Attorney, I need this off my report. This is ridiculous.

22 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2015

I have received a couple of calls from Afni saying that I owe $923 to State Farm Insurance. Apparently my dog got hit across the street. First of all I didn't own no dogs at the time. The address they give me was a previous address. I tried many times to explain and they were really rude. I thought it was a scam but now I received a letter from them saying that if I don't pay it can result in the suspension of driving or registration privileges. I don't know what to do, but they're not getting any money from me.

23 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 7, 2015

I am not familiar with how things work in the debt collection world and how it affects your credit still after paying the debt. A guy named Brandon treated me horribly because I had questions. When I ask to explain something for me and all you say is, "It's exactly how it sounds," obviously you're trying to an **. After getting hung up on the first time this is what I dealt with. I asked for a letter saying I paid my debt. He gave me the wrong directions and proceeds to be an ** when all I was trying to do is get some questions answered. Telling me, "Oh, this must be your first time dealing with our company." His customer service sucks and he deserves to be fired.

8 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2015

We, too, have been getting notices from Afni saying we owe AT&T $95.44. They will not tell us what the bill was for, when it was for, and where it was for - though we sent a certified letter telling them that if they contacted us again, they would have to show us in full the itemized bill. A few years ago, we had an AT&T landline when we lived in Florida. The bills were all paid, by automatic payment through our checking account. I did not keep the phone bills - are we really supposed to keep phone bills that are between three and fifteen years old? Now AT&T claims not to have any records of our account in their system, but I know all bills were paid in full. AT&T is absolutely NO help in this. No wonder scammers are so quick to use them!

Now Afni wants all our personal information, Social Security number, driver's license, etc, etc! They are telling me that a report must be filed claiming identity theft. But it's outrageous to be told to give out personal information in this way, and still without any idea of what the supposed "bill" actually is!!! I'm at my wits' end. I am not going to send any personal information out! Any advice you can give will be much appreciated. This company should be shut down.

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8 people found this review helpful

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