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I had a conversation with a young lady on Mingle2 dating site, within the confines of my personal messaging system via my acct. (One **, 21 of Grand Island, NE.) At one point I was asked if I was perhaps Apostolic, to which I replied that I was in fact not; but non-denominational. She was displeased with this reply so I attempted to patiently and gracefully affirm that I mean no offense, stated that I had no issue with the Apostolic Creed or tenets as they were scripturally sound and reflected the general Christian faith. I went to great lengths to attempt to diffuse the situation with kindness, patience and explanation both of my support for the Apostolic community and clarifying what non-denominational approach actually means. Apparently she became too frustrated that I was not going to convert to Apostolicism; and she blocked me from further PM/conversation. 1:57 AM, 10/16/16.

I really didn't care about being blocked, it was not a huge issue; if that's how she felt and thought she should respond then that was her prerogative. However, when I switched tabs to check on my social media sites affiliated with the ministry, and ministry site itself; I found she was hard at work posting slanderous accusations, assertions, and deceptions regarding our conversation in attempt to compromise me, or the ministry, or my lack of willingness to convert to Apostolicism.

Next, I tried returning to Mingle2 site to bring up our actual conversation thread so I could copy/paste the true interaction in response to the outlandish behavior, assertions, and general misrepresentation of my actions/words posted by the young lady on ministry affiliated sites, publicly. Yet, I found that when I was blocked from communicating with her, it also blocked my access to the already posted conversation thread. I had no access to retrieve what I'd actually said. 2:12 AM 10/16/16.

Next, I drafted an email for the administration, (hereafter referred to as ADMIN) of the Mingle2 site; to request either access to the thread, (even if the communication block remained) or to be sent/emailed a copy of the thread, or communication/conversational transcript. I included some statutes relative to a person's rights of ownership of their personal communications in order to establish a foundational basis for the request and their facilitation of it.

I included the cause for my need, (the young lady's slanderous actions) as well as qualifying my need for such; given the ministry, my role, and fact that I was a published author with two works on the global market. Thus the need for transparency and proof of character in light of the assertions made. Lastly, I affirmed that I wished to avoid litigation and was trying to offer Mingle2 a reasonable opportunity to cover their own tails basically before pursuing litigation. 3:12 AM 10/16/16.

In response several things occurred: This was their reply- "I do not see where the person has threatened you or harmed you in any way. Taking legal action just because you were blocked? That is hardly a crime. If you wish to pursue this, then we will provide the information to Law enforcement upon receipt of a legal subpoena." 7:50 AM 10/16/16. At 9:52 AM on 10/16/2016 I found that my account on Mingle2 had been erased as if it had never been. At 1:27 PM they sent me an email to Activate my new account, in lieu of the one they deleted; which had much of the evidence against them. At 1:54 PM (same day) their support staff deliberately blocked my attempts to contact; and at 4:42 PM (same day) claimed they had neither deleted the original account or blocked the email.

Next I composed a much longer, more detailed email with the exact statutes related to the issue at hand, copied and pasted from a verified online source; and thoroughly established the legal foundation for my request and their obligation to facilitate. Though I had plenty between evidence of their improper, unethical and illegal actions; I reaffirmed that I wished to avoid litigation if at all possible and asked a final time for the evidence of my side at least of the conversation-but was again denied. 1:27 PM 10/16/16, This is when I said "fair enough, I did all within my power to avoid litigation. May God have mercy on your soul." (Since then I have been seeking legal counsel and representation, preparing and compiling evidence for a thorough case file.) 5:06 PM 10/16/16.

I am a disabled guy who was online looking for a new caregiver. Someone sends money to me and then asks me to send the money to Nigeria for he cannot send it from Arab Emigrates where he is a government contractor for United Nations. Somehow he opened up an account for me in Federal Navy Credit Union and wants me to withdraw "his" money from the account and keep some and send some to Nigeria. he supposedly lives in Ft. Worth, TX and does not ask for any of my money. Is this still a scam operation?

I've been on here a few months now and I encountered a lot of scammers. Some of the scammers just message you or favorites you, those are the real scammers. Some of fake profile pics with models on them, which is so fake, it's laughable. Many I've encountered said in are from the States, but out of town at Africa for business. Many asks me to give them money via from Western Union. If you refuse to give them your money, they get pissy, and never wants to talk to you again. I would recommend that you avoid this site, it's horrible, so many scammers and liars on here.

I have been sign myself up on mingle2. I got a lot of messages from Nigeria and european and asian women who are looking for money. They complain a lot of things, they will be will thrown out from the house, just sent me 100,- euro and another scammer from american just sent me 200 dollar. And a fake women from european she asked for 200,- euro. First she said she was looking for a men for a relationship. And many peoples from there are fake and you getting fake pics and you can added on google image and they are not real and a lot of racism.

I have reported many profiles and the moderator banned me for nothing. There is a lot of things going on that site active. They sent me a fake ID-passport too that they are real and they begging for money, but I didn't believe and didn't not trap in their tricks. Please peoples don't given your skype or what app number or e-mail. Be warned for this site! All dating sites are fake. Don't wasted money on anything. Just enjoying your life for everyone. Don't look for anyone women. Everyone will benefit from your pocket. There is a lot of scammers and asians women who are looking for money and sex.

The site simply is run by psychopaths. I am very good with women in other sites, but Mingle2 I have used the site for more than one year, it's a total waste of time. And what is worst, it is run by psychopaths. Men hiding behind the photos and profiles of women. And after wasting your time for weeks of chatting and exchanging messages, confronting them with their fact, they confess that they are boys who are playing with you, and they are not shy about that. At the end they will tell you that you are puppet.

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The site might be free, but the site's User Interface is rather pathetic. As for the "dating" part of the site, don't bother. The website has low traffic. I'm in the DFW area, and saw maybe 5-12 new profiles per day for people in my dating range, within a 50 mile radius. Even if extended to 100, I didn't have much of an improvement. Like any free dating site, they are heavily loaded with scammer and fake accounts. The website is heavily loaded with abandoned profiles, and you have virtually no way of sorting profiles based on their last login time. They also don't do anything to clean out old profiles. So your search might give you 3k-5k profiles (if you set your search criteria really really wide), but maybe 40 will have been online in the last week.

Also... the site is rather quick to pull the trigger on deactivating profiles, as well as blocking IP addresses for 24 hours, due to suspected botting behavior (ha ha ha ha ha... if they actually would stop bots and spammers and scammers). The site does let you hide unwanted profiles (i.e.: you don't want to date someone who smokes or doesn't want kids). But if you mass click, after a period of time, the site will consider you a botter, the site will block your current pc/laptop's IP. In conclusion, don't use. Yes it is free, but you'll waste a week of life finding nothing. In 3 weeks of usage, I'd say I found 4 people who were "real" to chat with, only 1 of those go to offsite texting... and even then she said she wouldn't meet any guys she met online... (and she never mentioned that in her profile or during the rest of our conversations?)

Mingle 2 dating site is one of the worst dating sites to be apart. This site has nothing but scammers, the company does nothing about their scammers and when you report this issue a thousand times the company still doesn't do anything. Their privacy settings is the worst of all dating sites because they offer no privacy settings at all on their free site. And if you complain to the company about the overwhelming scamming and disrespectful users on mingle 2 dating site this companies site blocks you. This company is about the worst dating site of all. And are known for the overwhelming scammers who fish on American profiles from Africa and the United Kingdom for unsuspecting victims.

It is not difficult to see through the veneer of 'free' activity, lists of people wanting to meet you and all the other paraphernalia associated with this site. Every person you click on has the message "not seen for over a month" tagged to it. The plethora of dodgy ads for big busted Russian, Latvian, "Asian" (ie Chinese) women who are dying to leap into your bed, after you have spent a few grand I suppose, adds a small splash of variety to this otherwise unimaginative site. I am trying to think of a word that is apposite, succinct and yet expresses the true nature of Mingle2. After an hour of rumination, the only word that enters my mind that fills all criteria is 'crap' (Not seen for the foreseeable future).

Please do some research before locking a member out as many men get nasty if a woman turns them down on private emails. I have blocked many guys seeking quick time pleasures and they try reporting me because of spite. Mingle2.com honestly should ask for email proof before just banning a person. I have been on this site a long time. I certainly will ask many of my friends I have there to delete their accounts as well if this is not rectified. Men get extremely nasty when a woman does not do what he requires on private emails. It's absolutely appalling how quick Mingle2.com locks a person out due to a report. It's shocking.

Initially, a Mingle2 administrator locked my account for no apparent reason. But, after they determined I was a "human" and wasn't doing any spamming, they gave me a code number that I used to unlock my account. Now, all functions are apparently back to normal. Thank you ConsumerAffairs.com. You're the most reputable service on the net for humans like me.

Original Review

I've been a member of Mingle2 for quite a while. As most of us know, there are many fakes on that website asking for money. Nevertheless, I've always been polite with everyone and used the Mingle2 email properly. But, all of a sudden, I began getting messages from an "administrator" wanting to confirm that I was a "human". Please don't laugh. Allegedly, this was to prevent spamming. The messages popped up each time I tried to send an email. Then, after a week or so I received a message from the "administrator" congratulating me that I wasn't doing any spamming! She went on to say that my account had been "cleared" and all functions were back to normal. But, I quickly discovered that wasn't the case at all. My account remained virtually unusable and I was unable to send or receive emails, instant messages, nudges or smileys. My friends even told me my account was invisible!

This kind of thing happened before and was only fixed when I called one of the managers in San Francisco to assist me. It's nearly impossible to contact them by the way, unless you're very lucky. The technical support people are no help in these situations. They caused my account to be ruined by their improper actions and then falsely accused me of spamming. Mingle2 is a free, but I've had to put up with a lot of fake profiles and extremely poor customer service to be a member.

Updated on 4/3/2016: I recently filed a complaint about Mingle2 that wasn't resolved, even though the Mingle administrators said my account was cleared and I would be able to use it without difficulty. However, nothing could have been further from the truth. My Mingle2 account doesn't work anymore at all and what's worse, I discovered that all my personal photos and private information were transferred to another dating website without my permission. And, that website requires a sizable payment to join! I'm not an attorney, but I believe this is obviously a bait and switch operation which is illegal under California and US Interstate Commerce Laws. Mingle2 apparently believes they are entitled to entice their customers with "free memberships" and then secretly transfer all their personal photos and private data to other websites that require payments to join.

I have received messages mainly from Americans and other overseas countries from men who said they were soldiers, working in Afghanistan, or working for UN as a surgeon - using other peoples pics. Have read posts from users and their negative experiences. Mingle2 Admin are wonderful in giving information on dangers, scammers, what not to do (give money to anyone online etc), to meet people in public and tell someone where you're going and what time you are going and not to meet in private for security reasons etc - great Admin. Some men from overseas have wanted me to help them look for property in Australia as they wanted to be near me. When I asked where they wanted to live - in what area - what about their family, job etc, they were going to transfer here I suggested they look at real estate sites and it was their responsibility to find a home for themselves and have their own finances - they were not happy.

I did not reveal where I lived - only area which I'm beginning to think I shouldn't have done. I have been asked to help people come to Australia and I will not be scammed. I have told people I am not a bank. Have read so many messages of people telling me they love me and want to be with me, marry me etc and they haven't even met me, seriously. They expect me to help them financially, move in with me in my home which I won't allow, particularly for anyone I haven't even met or had any kind of real time friendship! I don't think so.

I haven't met anyone respectful and genuine on this website at all from my country and I won't be used to bring a stranger here. I have blocked so many people because of foul language, disrespect, abuse, harassment, not taking no for an answer. Men don't read my profile where it is stated I'm looking for a guy in my own country - Australia and not interested in anyone overseas at all, very clear. The filters I have placed are no drinkers or smokers, no one looking for an intimate encounter - yet I get messages from people like this which is so frustrating. Not acceptable. I have blocked the offending people from contacting me. I hope this helps. Thank you. As I said Admin on Mingle2.com do a great job. It's a pity there are not a lot of respectful, genuine men who use the site.

I have met so many scammers. It is crazy. They all live in the states but are out of town for business. They are widowed and have a child. Tell you how perfect you are. One sent me a picture of a beautiful home. Said we should buy it together. I should send him money for down-payment. They all ask for money. Do not believe anyone. I am not wasting my time or intelligence on this site.

This site only has a small number of people that are real. The only ones that send me messages are the ones from overseas and they are usually the scammers. They want my facebook name or skype name straight away. There are people on there who use different names but use same pictures. I had 3 different women on skype all with the same profile picture and I blocked them all as they were asking me for money.

I am 100% disabled. I was trying to find someone to help spend some of the hours of Christmas. I have not had any money since the 3rd of the month. I signed up for a free account actually thinking that I might find someone. Yes the account is free and you can search for free. After that you have to pay. Some sites do let you know upfront that there are paid services if you should want to use them, however even they fall short of actually allowing you to communicate with a match.

On the whole, I would give these sites a whopping 1% rating. At least they allowed you to join for free. Now for another problem. These sites that I have joined say that it is easy one click to remove yourself from the site. Yes it is one click if you are on the right page, otherwise it could be hours just to find out that to unsubscribe from the site you have to write a letter and send it to a P.O. Box in **, CA and "You will be unsubscribed in 6 to 8 weeks, however please be informed that until your account is closed by our accounting department your credit card will continue to be charged and no refunds are available." My advice to anyone is to stay away from these sites and if you do use dating sites, make sure that you have searched the problem areas first.

This site is full of liars and scammers. It seems one or two real people out of 100 fake/scammer/liars. Unfortunately other free sites are no better. Most profiles are supposedly widowed, from the states but out of the country for some reason, Catholic, either engineers or in construction, try to get you to cash checks or wire money via Western Union or MoneyGram, want to get off site, immediately going to Yahoo or some kind of messenger program or email. If you talk to one has African accent usually. Many pretend to be military people. They want to tell you how wonderful you are or how sexy you are and that they love you right away. They are mostly African creeps.

I met a man on Mingle2 that was a total liar, cheat, thief, and SNOB. His so called name was George **. Being a teacher he stole more money from me than I will ever be able to replace. Do NOT deal with this dating site!

I have been with Mingle2 for couple of months now. Just last week, met someone named Mark **. Thought he is for real but after reading the reviews here it turns out I am also being scammed. He is now asking me to send money so he could get access to his frozen bank acct and offered me some help but I have to lend him at least $150 or $100 dollars to reactivate his acct. But before he is asking me for $300. He said he is in military and is processing his retirement papers and that he won't get his salary for 2 months. So many lies he told me already. Almost fell in love with him. Luckily I followed my instinct and researched. Still hoping to find true friends here, real people to meet someday. Hope there is one out there!

This dating website is a complete and total gamble. I was emailing back and forth with this "girl" who is supposedly in the army. We communicated for about two weeks and everything seemed like it was going in the right direction. Before I knew it I get an email from "her" telling me that she needs $200 for her sick sister in Nigeria. An obvious scam. I recommend to anyone trying this site to be cautious of people asking you for your email address almost right away. Also be wary of people that tell you that they can't use a cellphone because they are in a military base and cellphones are not allowed. They will also tell you that they are not allowed to use anything like Skype or FaceTime. Basically if you feel that it's starting to sound too good to be true it probably is.

It would seem that this website is just a scam. I don't know if the people who created the website are part of it or if it is a group of people who have infiltrated and set up shop on this website. When you go on you get several men that will want to chat with you. They all call you "pretty". That's the first giveaway. They all want to have your phone number or you email address or your Facebook address then they proclaim they love you for the moment they saw your profile.

They are never in the city that their profile says they are in. Some are in a different country altogether. Their manner of speech is all the same as if they are texting you from some script. They want you to help them out of some jam by cashing a check and sending them a money card. Of course the check is bogus. They want you to deposit it first or they will ask for your checking account number so that they can get money deposit into your account and you can send it to them. Please be careful of this website. I don't know if there are any genuine people on it. I was only on for a week and every man I spoke to on that site was the same.

I wish I had checked out the dating site before joining it. IT'S HORRIBLE!! All the men I've met (several dozen) all have similar stories... Widowed, children at home, contract/project/construction out of the country, accounts are locked, taxes etc etc and want us to "allow their million dollar check" to come to us and then we should send a cash card, or a green dot card, or any card... Talk sweet, reel you in, then start this "love" talk and right after starts the $$ requests. Over and over! You can tell the emails and texts are written by more than 1 person even... Spelling, grammar. DON'T ENROLL. I'm telling everyone just how bad that "dating site" is! I told them directly!

I met this guy on the Mingle2 dating site also to and he said that he has been Ikere-Ekiti Nigeria right. So if I want him home here in the State right, he let me email his so called commander to tell him to request for him to be home right. So I did that. Then his commander reply back and said "I have a requirement for me to do by giving this guy a five months leave right" and his commander tells me "I will need a $160 dollars for his leave". Then he ask me for another $100 dollars for his replacement. So he claimed he is in the US ARMY as a mechanical engineering and that he is on the mission. It is why they ask for that much. But I'm so stupid to ride along with it. I hope nobody gonna fall for this scam again.

My account was hacked 7 {seven} times in one hour and the account was changed so I almost lost the access to the account. My verification e-mail was changed to an address that does not exist and all of my visits to the site were reset to the first login so there was no information pertaining to me just all general info reset to zero. I was sent 7 verification e-mails to verify my account when I verified the first time I logged in and never requested another verification until I was hacked and saw the information changed before my eyes while logged in to the account and browsing.

I lost access real-time and was logged to a stop and verify page that locked my access to my own data and information. I was only then quickly able to provide an e-mail that I had ready to change the verification address to my secret and very secure alternate e-mail that has a security key of 28 characters which is still unhackable due to the sheer length and combination of characters. So anybody else who encounters this same thing will be discounted by the staff and supposed long time users/shareholders of the site and the complaints section will be locked and you will be removed from being able to complain about the issues.

I was on Mingle2 not knowing it is a scamming site. The guys who were interested were military saying they are in deployment in Nigeria mostly. They want to come home but don't have access to their bank accounts and being deployed they don't get paid. The guys tried to get my bank info saying he or them there were more than one military person. Wanted to put money into my account so I could send it to that person. I refused then I looked up the person's email on a site called Pig Busters - the person and persons were on Pig Busters. The pictures I was sent were not real of them of course - they have the nerve to use other innocent people's pictures. I deactivated my account with Mingle2. The guys on there are scammers.

To show you how sorry people are getting, I met 8 people on the website and all are untruthful and untrustworthy, and want money.

I was not on this site for very long and had 2 approach me stating that they were in our US military but could not access their bank account and needed money. One stated that he needed to buy back his care packages and the other wanted me to help him pay for leave to come meet me. Will not use this site again. And they both stated that they were in West Africa and Nigeria.

I've not been on Mingle2 very long and I was getting a lot of messages of supposed single military men and one of them asked me to send him 400 British pounds to his sister as he couldn't access his BOA account as he was in Afghanistan doing a peace treaty thing. And then he was sending me very disgusting pictures of his private parts and was telling me that I was his young children's mother.

And then he was getting very volatile and nasty all because I won't help him out. And he was asking me to send money through Western Union or via a MoneyGram and I kept asking him if he was scamming me and he kept denying it and then said that he had 2 million dollars in his BOA account but couldn't access it. And I knew something wasn't right so I blocked him and I'm now talking to someone else who is promising me the world but I don't believe a word he's saying and I've not heard anything for hours. And the English with both men wasn't great either and I know that their professional pictures are fake and of someone else...

I have seen reviews and most of them are scam cases. We are in this site to find real friends, partners, relationship and hopefully marriage, but there are really some people who can use other identity just to get their attention and in the end will ask money or cheat them. I just hope this will lessen. I don't know how but at least work it out.

Only July 2015 I met this guy name Nicholas ** on Mingle2.com's online dating site. He stated that he was a Marine Engineer and that he was going to Malaysia to work and that it was a contract position. According to Mr. **, he was going to earn three million, five hundred U.S. dollars for the completion of his work. On August 10, 2015, Mr. ** told me he was in Malaysia. It wasn't until August 20, 2015, Mr. ** asked me for five thousand U.S Dollars. I then realized that I was dealing with a scammer. I confirmed my assumption when I had asked Mr. ** to take a picture with a spoon to see if it was him. His response was "This is the end of our conversation then, goodbye."

I have been trying to get this company to unsubscribe me for two years. First I will select the unsubscribe option when I receive an email by them. Afterwards, it will bring me to a place to type my email address which I do but then when I select submit the page resets itself and that's it. Same when I try to write a complaint. I've tried contacting them through their contact page and the page resets and nothing is submitted.

I joined this site in hopes of finding a long term relationship, and within a few days I received a few matches. The first match contacted me, we exchanged emails, telephone numbers and agreed to deactivate accounts to explore this relationship. The match sent me a few photos to my personal email, and also we text messaged each other. Something did not feel right about this, so I decided to investigate and lookup all the photos this person sent me. After my investigation, I discovered that the photos sent were of a model in France who has a different name and location of the person I met on Mingle. Even the telephone number was of a different area code from where this person was located. When I called the number, it went straight to voicemail and the recorded message on the voice mail was of a lady who had a name that was not related to the person I met on Mingle.

This was an obvious scam, and this person was very good and believable at what they were trying to accomplish, but I am not the right bait. Anyway, I decided to reactivate my account and try again. To make a long story short, I ran into more scammers with fake photos and bad English. Perhaps there are real people on this site, but the scammers appears to overshadow them to the point where I can't find them. Be very careful, question everyone, do a reverse photo lookup, don't give out any personal info and tread very carefully on this site as the scammers I have encountered are very crafty and good at what they do. I will keep my profile up to see if I can actual meet legit real person.

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