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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 25, 2019

    Have paid for the membership but the service is not provided: I couldn't see the photos of other members and messages to other members were returned by outlook. NOT TO BE TRUSTED. Moreover I got several messages by another company, who wanted also e paid membership!

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 6, 2019

    I went to meet someone in France because six months out of the year, I work in Paris. I met this gentleman on Meetic... It was the worst experience of my life after!!!! Messaging this man for 2 weeks he stole somebody's identity. I do not know today if I was talking to a male or female. I did all my checks and balances. I called him on the phone. I made him send me live streams of what he was doing and the minute that I tried to video chat with him his video all of a sudden was not working but he would send me live video streams of him talking.

    So I am certain that not only did he steal somebody else's identity and post fake profile but I'm sure my profile is now stolen and he's doing the same thing to somebody else on this dating site using me as his new fake profiles. And they should immediately shut this dating site down because people are stealing other people's identity and then asking them for money!!! I am a doctor. I go to Paris to work in the children's hospital and basically volunteer because you don't get paid much money. But because of this incident I will never go back to Paris. I hate Paris and I hate the people that live there that can treat another human being like this...

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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 5, 2019

      When I was not registered (paying) I received dozens of emails every day saying that XYZ had written to me. Again, when I was not registered for a fee, I was added to my favorites by many women. Once paid, everything has stopped: no addition of favorites, no message. It's totally a scam as the Meetic staff can check everyone's profiles and act on behalf of other people. It would be advisable to get together and make a complaint to the consumer association!

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 18, 2018

      One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve sent them over 30 emails and messages with not one reply. So many messages from so called matches which were clearly a mismatch. Either a lot older or younger than I specified. They make difficult to cancel your subscription and keep taking it out of your bank! Before you pay your first subscription they send lots and lots of details of girls that are interested in you but once you’ve paid this strangely dries up and this is based on another friend of mine that signed up. I personally would not trust this company.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Jan. 29, 2018

      So, I joined several agencies last year. Meetic seemed active and I liked the 'free registration'. Was disappointed over the following months - bad matches, etc so I basically ignored it. I must have clicked the wrong box somewhere when I signed up - not a clear site to navigate - because I have been billed without prior notice €71 via PayPal. If I had known what they would charge I certainly would not have joined.

      I have tried to make contact - both to take my name off their list and also to try to get a refund. The only contact I could find is their PayPal email - so I sent an email to that - no reply so far. Don't try to find any other email address. They make it as difficult, if not impossible, to contact. So my advice - they are a heartless scam. They should have advised me about the debit and provided an invoice and made it clear at the start what this would cost. PayPal were very good. Replied in a few hours. They said I had subscribed - I would like proof - but they did remove my name from automatic billing for me. MEETIC are bad. Stay clear of them!!!

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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Oct. 17, 2016

      Well I signed up, some men seemed for real, others may have been scammers. When I tried to use my USA bank card it wouldn't go through. When I searched for a phone number to contact them there was none available. Too bad.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: April 4, 2016

      Is there any bureau that can investigate and check companies like these? I paid $200 plus dollars to get the full subscription with all the feature **. After 2 days of barely using it because apparently all the people that I've been contacting too are either doesn't exist anymore or accounts created by Meetic themselves. I cannot log in after 3 days. I know my password and email address correctly but cannot log in. So I contacted them with no avail - they have no human customer service. They do not respond to you.

      The password retrieval system doesn't work because when I try to retrieve it, and suppose to get a message in my email. Well guess what? No email at all on how to reset my password. I tried retrieving my email... in case there's a mistake. Still not working. Instead I receive a message from an automated customer service telling me the same robotic ** all over again on how to retrieve a password. Suggest to cancel and change whatever card you use in this website because they will auto charge you when your subscription end and I've read that cancellation is very tricky and misleading coz they make sure that you will not get and they can keep auto renewing your membership.

      Its a horrible website. Full of scam. I can't believe that business like this gets to operate. People are complaining too much about people selling fake stuff in eBay... blah blah. Those are honest business compare to these ** dating sites. I'm so furious because who the ** really take care of this kind of problem? Most of all, I don't think there are 5 million real people members in the website as they advertise. Thats why I ended up getting the membership.

      It would be so nice if you are a lawyer who can take care of this problem. I don't wanna hire you because I have no money to go through this but if you have the time to be a good samaritan and help us by all means sue them and I will give you all the info as the victim of these scammers. You will have the proof of how unethical... even criminal way they handle business. I don't need money or whatsoever. I just want to see this kind of companies to get nailed or fix their ** with the customers. This also includes which you can see the complaints here. Thousands of complaints. If I'm a lawyer I'll chase these companies all the way to hell. Make sure they are ** dead!

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      31 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 2 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: April 26, 2015

      I cancelled my subscription, and in fact, made sure I cancelled my subscription as they make it very tricky by using other words such as suspend which is not the same as cancelled to trick you into not cancelling the account. I saw right through this and assured I selected the right buttons. I then checked the next day, and sure enough, it was not "cancelled" so I did it again, slowly making sure I selected the right buttons. I got busy and sure enough, Meetic charged me 131 dollars. Once they have your PayPal account, they will keep charging you and you are powerless to contact anyone.

      31 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: March 12, 2015

      I was contacted by a ** on He was completely over the moon with me. He was born in Ireland but lived in Quebec Canada, was an engineer and widowed, 54 years old. A few weeks after we started communicating he got a job in South Africa for 5 weeks. Upon arrival in South Africa he told me that the back pack with their cell phones and his iPad had been lost by his daughter. They gave him a South African phone number, which he sent to me and asked me to call him, which I did. I got a black young man with an African accent on the phone that pretended to be **. Within two minutes of the conversation he asked me if I could lend him some money so he cold buy a new phone and laptop, since he did not have enough money on him. That's when I told him I had to go. I am reporting this because I have been in other dating sites and you are able to report people on them, but not on I find that highly irresponsible.

      48 people found this review helpful
      Original review: July 15, 2010

      I want to report to you my story about a Romance Scam which I find myself a victim of. I am totally embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated at what has happened to me. I have been duped by someone, online, whilst trying to meet the man of my dreams through a dating site. I now know this is known as a Romance Scam.

      I met this person on 19th June 2010 using Dating Direct and he was using which come under the heading of He told me his name was Christian Pierre **. Aged 40 and French. I liked his profile, what he had to say of himself, that we shared the same values and beliefs, his manner and personality as I saw it. We communicated through this site, then by email, then by MSN Yahoo Messenger and later exchanged mobile numbers and called and text each other. This continued for 4 weeks.

      I was seduced emotionally and romantically by him, though I never met him. He said all the right things. I fell for him in a big way. I loved the way he talked, shared his feelings so openly, was emotionally intelligent and open minded. Such a welcome change from others I have met using the site in the past. He told me he was a French journalist, living in the UK.

      He now wrote political policy for Local Government on a freelance basis. He was embarking on the final stages of setting up an oil uplifting company in Lagos, and was flying out on 28th June to meet with OPEC to finalize the deal and kick start the company with the aid of staff and a manager who would run it from Lagos, while he would return to the UK to live and start a life with me.

      He told me the recent oil leaks had caused the market to plummet and all new oil lifting businesses were suffering as a result. He had to up the anti to enable the business to kick start quickly, having to go out to Lagos to meet with OPEC urgently. He sent me a KLM email showing his flight details confirming his transfer from Leeds - Netherlands - Lagos. Along with documentation from OPEC confirming his business details and the license he had with them. He sent me pictures of him, his home, and the business proposal he had presented to OPEC along with the logo for his company. He gave me his business mobile number and said while he was in Lagos he would get a new sim for his phone so he could contact me daily while we could not be online together.

      We planned to meet when he returned to the UK on 12th July 2010. He would come straight to my home in Lincolnshire instead of going home first. In the meantime I was holidaying with my girlfriend from 1-8 July in Morocco. He was very worried I found meet someone else while I was there, and said he wanted us to keep in close contact. We seemed to fall head over heels for each other. It was amazing. I had never felt so loved, cherished, respected. I had hope, dreams, of a wonderful life with this man.

      He reached Lagos and told me by email that OPEC expected him to buy a second tanker to supply the amount of oil he promised enabling him to kick start the business, receive the green light from OPEC and be able to return home. He had asked all his friends and was still short of 5k. I am an intelligent, intellectual business woman, with a multitude of life experiences. I have my head screwed on the right way, am savvy, and can usually smell a rat when I see one. I do wear my heart on my sleeve, and live a very open and simple life nowadays after some huge life experiences.

      I found him to be my match, my soulmate. I grew a connection with him. We grew a relationship. It was magical. He told me he had spoken to his Mum about me, who he was so close to, and lived in Toulouse. She was delighted we had found each other. He described me as the perfect person Heaven had made especially for him.

      Then he said he could not raise the money and did not know what to do. He said, he would lose everything he had built and saved and worked for if he did not get this off the ground. He would not be able to keep to OPEC's deadline and had to start paying the loan to the bank on 23rd July of 2,600 per month. He was scared and desperate. He seduced me into offering to help, on the understanding he obtained a legal document from the Nigerian courts, a sworn affidavit, confirming he would pay me back first, by 23rd July 2010, from the first profits of the business, which he estimated at 12,300 per week on the average of 85,500 litres of oil per week.

      I fell for it. The documentation came through whilst I was away, I released the cash from my savings, and planned to make the transfer through Western Union on Friday 9th July when I returned from Morocco. We maintained contact throughout the week, the relationship building all the time. Emotionally feeling closer and closer to him. We spoke on the phone, I loved what I heard. I fell in love with him. He said whilst I was in Morocco perhaps I would fly out to see him in Lagos, to accompany him to a members banquet with OPEC on the Saturday. He would love to have me on his arm. To show his appreciation for everything I was doing for him. To show his love and dedication to me. I was flattered. But told him I was on holiday with my friend and this would not be fair on her. We would wait until we both were back in the UK and could start our lives together properly.

      On my return from Morocco, he supplied the sworn affidavit and I was happy all was well. I told him if he did not pay me back I would drag him through the courts, but actually did not believe there would be the need. I believed him. I made the transfer, using a WU agent in Peterborough, firstly of 3k on 9th and a further 2k on 10th. He was delighted, so grateful, so in love with me. We spoke more on the phone, he told me he couldn't wait to see me on the 12th, that our life together could begin properly. He told me he was being called to an emergency meeting with OPEC on Saturday night, 10th, and did not know what for. He told me they collected him from his hotel and took him to another town to meet the representatives. I was fearful for him. Thinking anything could happen to him. This was Lagos after all!

      I heard nothing from him after 7pm on Saturday 10th, I was going out of my mind with worry. This was not usual. We were texting or calling or emailing constantly prior to this, day and night. I started to worry that I had missed something. Had a gut feeling something was wrong. I checked on Google maps for his home address in Bradford, it checked out. I Googled the office location in Lagos, but could not find this. I sent him an email asking for him to contact me urgently. I was concerned about his safety but I also wanted some answers.

      He finally came online at 8.30 Sunday morning, and I rang him straight away, crying down the phone, desperate to hear his voice, know he was safe. All the fears disappeared. I would only be 36 hours before we saw each other and all would be well.

      He went onto tell me there was a huge problem. That OPEC had told him the Nigerian Government would not allow him to kick start the business on 12th because he had not yet paid taxes. He could not afford to pay what they asked; over 35,900. He was scared, feared for his life. He said he could go to jail. He could not come home on the planned flight until he had paid this money. He was desperate. Said he had called his sister asking her to sell her car. She would raise 8k. He raised some more, bringing it to 15k. He tried his Mum but she could not help and was so worried about him.

      I asked why his solicitor had not picked this up prior to the journey to Lagos and the finalization with OPEC. He said he had, but he had overlooked it. He felt foolish that he could do this, and now did not know what to do. He did not want to go to jail. Could I help?

      I smelt a rat, but I also felt my emotions being pulled to shreds. I now had a relationship with this man. He was my Christian. I communicated with him daily, I talked to him so had his sweet French voice in my head, his words in my mind, his love in my heart. He was real. I would be meeting him tomorrow, and we would be starting a life together. He even asked if I would consider relocating to France with him one day. All so believable. With all the documents shown to me, his passport details, his sworn affidavit, his photographs going back over a few years to those taken last week, pictures of his home. Emotionally I was seduced and lost to him.

      I said I could not find any more money, and he should not be asking me for any more. I cried all the way through typing this to him. My heart was breaking, I wanted to help. But I would not pay any more out. I would support him emotionally and would never stop this. But I could do no more.

      He changed his status on Yahoo Messenger MSN to say "So sad I wish the world would just stop - Goodbye Everyone. " I was so scared for him. This was frightening. Was he going to take his life over the desperation of this? My God, I was hooked in and so worried. All I could do was send him positive words of encouragement. He said he appreciated and respected my constant contact and support and for showing him love at the terrible time for him. I asked him to make sure he contacted me the following morning so I would know he was ok.

      The next morning there was no contact. I called but received no answer. I text but received no reply. I emailed but he did not respond. I was desperate. Then my friend called me to tell me she had heard a report on BBC radio that morning, describing romance scams using online dating sites. She told me to look on the website. I did not like what she suggested. I knew this was not the case with Christian. He was not like that. There was no way I would have been scammed, I was too intelligent.

      After all the things I had got through in life so far, how on earth would I ever have fallen for something so ridiculous. This was love, deep and emotional. I looked on the website and read about Brenda **, who had been a victim of a Romance Scam. I reread the report and thought, no there's no way this is what's happened to me, this is not my Christian. Why would he do this to me.

      I followed another link to Crimewatch and watched a report about Dena **, who had also been a victim of online dating romance scams. Both women losing money to people they had not yet met but had fallen for and believed wholeheartedly. The report about Dena turned my stomach. It showed a row of Ghanan men at computer terminals, like those seen in a call centre, using scripts to work from. They were grooming their victims, in the multiple. I felt so sick. I was panicked. I cried with physical pain. How could my Christian do this to me? Why would he do this to me?

      I felt so sick. I could not disassociate myself from this emotionally. I was imagining Christian, his pictures, his voice, his words, how could all this be a scam? Why? Why me? How had I fallen for this? I didn't want to believe it, but my instincts shouted to me that this was not right. Then I heard of kidnapping because victims had flown out, guns, ransoms, death threats until more monies were handed over--and the pennies started dropping. Oh my God, this could be me. What have I done? I rang the police and reported this as a crime. They told me someone would call me and ask for more details then reported the crime on Action Fraud website detailing everything required.

      I could not believe it. My heart was breaking, my life and my dreams fell around me like dying flies. I could still see Christian in my minds eye. But then the row of men at computer screens. I was so confused. It was a vicious bad dream. How could this be real? I email Christian, still seeing him as one person, not the many that "he" probably is, telling him I was so upset, that I wanted my money back. I wanted him to transfer it through WU immediately or I would take action.

      He contacted me online late last night, whilst my girlfriend was here with me. I am so glad someone else witnessed this with me. He asked me what I was talking about? Why was I disbelieving him? What had he done to stir these concerns? What had he done to deserve this? Why would I do this to him, at this time, so difficult for him, with his life on the line. I felt terrible. My heart being pulled apart. My friend saying, no come on Ali, get a grip, be strong, it's not Christian, it's a row of guys, remember. You can't believe he is real. You can't.

      But then, why would he have sent me all the documentation I had asked for? I had all the proof, surely? This was a roller coaster of emotions and pain, I cannot believe the intensity of it. I maintained I wanted my money back and further proof of who he was. He said he had nothing to prove to me, that he would get through this without me with his sister by his side. Ouch, another emotional heart string being pulled. I told him,I looked forward to receiving his confirmation that my money was being transferred today through WU and signed out of MSN. It took so much strength to do this.

      I received an email from "Christian" this morning telling me he was on his way to WU to make my transfer. I emailed back to thank him for this, and looked forward to receiving his contact confirming the details I needed to receive the money in the UK. Nothing came! My friends have been so supportive and loving throughout this. Not judging me for the stupidity or humiliation attached to this. Only telling me I had done what many thousands of people had done, and many more would still until the Serious Organised Crime syndicates were stopped. I want my voice to be heard. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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