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I have had a credit card with Wells Fargo for several years. I used it for groceries and paid the balance in full every two weeks without missing a payment ever. Just recently they held the payment funds for verification and put my credit at a zero balance. I could not use the card that should have had $2500.00 available to me. I called in to talk it through and not one person at the 800 number could answer my questions. I called a local branch and they could not tell me where the funds were or why they are being held. They say it could take up to 15 days to verify funds that have already left my account. Just as Wells Fargo is working through a huge scandal, they are holding up a large amount of funds.

I would advise getting as far away from Wells Fargo as you can before you end up with fake accounts or your own funds held up for up to 15 days. What a horrible experience!!! I have also used them for home mortgage and just recently swapped that account to another lender. So glad that I did. I now have a much lower interest rate and paid far less financing charges. Wells Fargo is only out for their best interest and sadly their customers are paying the price.

I called Wells Fargo on 08-17-2016 to find out, and I've been transferred multiple times on a different department. Then on 08-23-2016 I received a new card, on 08-29-2016 I follow up the investigation, customer service told me I could just go to the any Wells Fargo branch and they will adjust my account. On 08-31-2016 I went to the branch and they told me there were no reference # so they just made 1 from my previous account ending ** and same ref. #. On 09-12-2016 I received a letter saying there's no fraud occurred and this transaction were authorized. This is not true.

New Wells Fargo Visa Signature card account has a $N,000.00 limit. I charged close to that limit, intending to pay it off right away. First problem: Trying to schedule automated bank to bank payment, I found out that you cannot pay more than 5,000.00 at once towards your balance. Therefore, by the due date (Sept 16) TWO automated scheduled time payments from different bank on the amounts $5000.00 and $2213.00 were made on 9/14 and 9/15/2016 towards an outstanding balance on my Wells Fargo Visa signature credit card. Funds were promptly cleared from my non-Wells Fargo checking account on 9/15 and 9/16/2016. HOWEVER, four-five days later (9/20/2016) available revolving credit on my credit card was still only $8.00. On the question “Why the funds are not released?”, WF rep told that since payment was from non-WF account they usually hold the funds for up to 14 days.

NOWHERE in WF credit card agreement nor on the bank to bank transfer Wells Fargo addendum (I have read carefully) said that there is a hold of any length on the Automated Scheduled payments! I talked to the rep on 9/18/2016 and was informed that if I prove that the funds were released by my non-Wells Fargo bank (a fax statement from my bank was required), then the issue will be resolved and funds will be released. Appropriate Fax statement was sent on 9/19/2016 from my bank to Wells Fargo indicating that the funds ($5000.00 and $2213.00) were indeed taken. Followed up call to Wells Fargo – informed that it takes 2 hours to process the fax. 12 Hours later – NOTHING is done! Do I really have to take a bag of cash next time from my checking account carry it across the town to the Wells Fargo branch to ensure a timely release of the funds? Need an explanation!!!

As a long time Wells Fargo customer, I applied for the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card, and was immediately accepted. My FICO score was over 700, and I felt I would be offered an excellent interest rate, within the offer of 13.24% - 25.24%. When I received my card in the mail, and review my information, I was given a very high interest rate of 21.24%. What a joke!! Great credit scores and customer loyalty carry no weight with Wells Fargo. They will "bait and switch" and price gouge customers to fill the pockets of the highly paid executives. Their stock price is now tanking!! No wonder Wells Fargo has been fined $185 million for consumer fraud and deception. They will do anything to rip off good consumers.

I've filed a complaint with Wells Fargo Customer Service and received a response from Tiffany **, but she only said that my complaint was forwarded to their Executive Office. I also filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the government agency that slapped Wells Fargo with the largest fine in banking history of $185 million. They received my complaint, and forwarded it to Wells Fargo for immediate action. File your complaints with the CFPB. Good luck.

Almost four months ago, I signed up for an online dating website. I tried it out for a bit and got a lot of winks, likes and several messages, but they would not let me actually communicate with anyone until I paid them. The only choices available at the time all had reoccurring charges. So I chose the smallest one with the intent to cancel within the three months allowed, so there were no more charges to my card. Near the end of my three months, I tried to figure out how to cancel. There wasn't a number or email address that I could find. I couldn't figure it out after several times and gave up eventually, because the card I had signed up with was cancelled by Wells Fargo. They told me my card may have been compromised so they cancelled it. They sent me a new one which I never gave to Match. So, when I couldn't figure out how to cancel, I didn't worry because they did not have a good, working card.

Well, to my surprise the day after my subscription was supposed to be cancelled without reoccurring charges, there was a charge on my account for $83. But that was a cancelled card! Why would Wells Fargo do that? When Match wouldn't give me a full refund, I called my bank, Wells Fargo to file a claim because I had not authorized Match to charge my account. I did not give them my new debit card number nor did I give them my bank account number and they still got my money! Wells fargo is supposed to protect my money!

To my surprise the claims department said they could not refund my money because it wasn't fraud. She would not file a claim because I did not cancel in time. I told her I tried to but they make it very hard. I was only past the deadline two days. I believe it was fraud because they got my money WITHOUT me authorizing it! After work I went right to my branch to discuss my situation with my "personal banker" (which is bs because it's just whoever is sitting at the desks at that time). He was a young one. He tried to help, but did the same thing that I already tried and was told the same thing. I thought personal bankers were supposed to have more pull and help you out?

Anyway, he got his manager and this is what she told me: Match is a membership club and they are treated differently than other merchants. They are able to get your current information so the transaction can go through, as a courtesy. What? That is not a courtesy! How about an email asking if it had slipped my mind and did I want this charge to go through? That is a courtesy. Especially when there was only one other charge from that merchant, not a whole bunch. Then she explained that my cancelled card (the one they said may or may not have fraud on it) was linked to my new card. Well, no one told me! Why wasn't I told? Im the customer here! I do not work for the bank and do not know their secret rules. Why would anyone think a charge could go through on a cancelled card?

Wells fargo did not have my permission to link the cancelled card to my new card, which I didn't even ask for because they did not know if there was fraud for sure and would not tell me where I went that caused this flag. They just sent me a new one and only called to tell me what happened when I didn't activate it. The new card did not come with a letter explaining anything. I did not know what it was for so I kept my old card because I had no idea that anything had happened in the first place. It took them about a month before they told me.

Anyway, I was not told that the cards were linked and that "membership" clubs get special treatment. This is not a gym membership and should not be treated as one! I was new to Match, only three months, so there is not a long history there. I should have been given notice when they cancelled my card that there was a possibility that it could still be charged or at least the courtesy of filing a claim when match was given my money without my authorization. I'm going to be looking for a new bank, because I am not ok with the way they do business and have secret rules for different companies.

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My Wells Fargo Visa credit card line is $3,000 and my balance only $600 and I went to charge $435 and experienced an embarrassing rejection. I paid with another card, but was concerned because I knew I paid my balance off on August 12th. As a business owner, I use the card frequently and always try to keep my balance low. I paid $2631.84 on August 12. I then charged another $300 plus so I made another payment on August 16th of $307 to pay off the balance. Since I paid both amounts in the morning (12th and 16th), both payments cleared by business account on the day they were paid.

When I called, the customer service rep informed me that, due to irregular payment activity and making more than one payment in the month, they placed a hold on my payment. I exclaimed, "Really!! You're holding my payment that left my account 10 days ago and telling me that you're not going to necessarily credit the amount on my card for up to another 6 days???" This customer service rep and her supervisor both agreed that this is their normal process and that it would be better if I only made one payment per month. WOW! They have certainly lost me. I've been with this bank for over 10 years. Time to move on!

I bought a Jacuzzi from our local retailer in May 2015. They offered free financing with Wells Fargo for 12 months, so I took their offer, made my monthly payments early every month and knew I'd pay the balance before the 12 month expiration. In December, I call Wells Fargo customer service and verified that the promotion was indeed ending in May 2016 and I needed to pay the balance before that date. The very pleasant phone rep told me it was extended for another 12 months. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Oh yes, we've extended your promotion of no interest charge for another year." Sweet deal I thought.

This month I received a statement with an $1800.00 charge on my account for the 28% interest payment due, since I didn't pay the purchase off by April. I called to report the info I received from the phone rep. No luck. My mistake: I didn't have the reps info because I had inadvertently tossed my notes from December. $1800 in finance charges for a $5,000 Jacuzzi. Shameful!! Don't fall for this scam. I paid off the purchase with their insane 28% charge, but will NEVER do business with Wells Fargo again.

Applied for personal loan, great work history, good credit... BUT... denied because of no history with Wells Fargo, specifically no checking or savings account with them. I would have NEVER applied if this was a determining factor to do business with them. They should state this upfront before they pull your credit. There is absolutely no need to do a hard pull credit check if banking with them is one or the main reason they grant you a loan. I asked them to remove the hard pull on my credit and they refused to do that as well. Very disappointed.

Absolutely horrible bank. In fact stay away from Wells Fargo in general. I had a credit card through Wells Fargo. After moving apartments I updated my address and received an email confirmation as well. My online account also reflected this change. A few months later Wells Fargo closed my online account in error. They stated they did not have an accurate address on file. I faxed in my paperwork with evidence of the correct address but was ignored. I had the displeasure of going through BBB and communicating with P. ** the senior correspondence specialist for Wells Fargo who did nearly nothing for me. My credit score has dropped tremendously due to this error on Wells Fargo's end and as one consumer I am left hopeless and unable to get any sort of justice/correction to the credit bureau because Wells Fargo and P. ** DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS OR DOING WHAT IS TRULY RIGHT!

To start, we have two Wells Fargo credit lines. One under my mother's name who has excellent credit score of 790+ that she co-signed for us to buy our mattress and another under my husband's name who had no credit for our furniture. Both accounts were opened the same day. Both for about $3400. Both due on the same day. Well on my husband's account which we pay interest on given his credit, we have had NO PROBLEMS. On my mother's end we have had nothing but nightmares from the account. They've switched our payment date 3 times and now we owe more on this than we do in the account we have with interest. Despite the fact that the payments are $70 and we always send AT LEAST $100. I'm convinced that they're trying to charge interest one way or another. For two months we've sent payments and our balance has stayed THE SAME!!! Whenever it goes down a little we get a late fee, they say "no you paid too early."

We're a young military couple. We are responsible and don't have late fees on any other account but the one under my mother's name. Despite NEVER EVER MISSING A PAYMENT. I have them on a recording admitting the mistake, they refunded off the $400+ of fees only 185.00 but still put other fees. How is this possible. My mother has been a Wells Fargo customer since before their many many names changes over 15+ yrs. The quality of their customer service is repugnant. They're rude, they will put you on hold for a whole hour if you ask for a manager. I have recordings and proof of all this.

After being told by the representative over the phone from #WellsFargo that I could get cash advance from my card to pay off my truck without penalties or fees, I find a substantial amount charged to my account for cash advance fee on my credit card. I wish I would recorded the name of the customer rep so I can file a complaint. Thanks to this lesson now I'll ask questions as such and get people's name, that way next time this happens I got someone to throw under the bus. This incident is making me consider firing Wells Fargo as my bank.

I have a credit card with Micro Center. Actually I used to have a credit card with Microcenter up until yesterday. I liked my card because they offered interest-free financing for 6, 12 or 18 months depending on the amount you charge. Perfect, right? I opened the account in 2009. I have been very happy with it. Never made a late payment. I paid off my last purchase in Dec 2014. I am getting ready to purchase two new laptops this fall. Yesterday I logged in to Credit Karma to check my score, and noticed Wells Fargo had closed my account for inactivity! 18 months! No email, no phone call, no letter. Nothing. Just closed it. Had I been given notice, I would have gone and charged something small. So they have removed from my credit report my $900 credit limit, raising my utilization ratio.

When I called they told me I could simply re-apply. No thanks. Hard credit inquiry, and if I don't use it, it gets closed again. They said it was written in the terms, so beware! Sorry, Microcenter, but I will go to Nebraska Furniture Mart for my electronics now. They won't close my account, and offer the same terms. You might consider going with Synchrony Bank to manage your credit card program and dropping Wells Fargo.

I have a Wells Fargo Signature credit card that I have used for 5 years charging about $20,000 a month and always paid on time. I also pay the balance to $0 end of each month. In the last month Wells Fargo has rejected charges 5 times even though it was at a store that I use several times a week and it is a few miles from my house. When I call Customer Service on the card they tell me it is because it is suspected fraud. They claim this happens when it is an unusual charge or unusual location. I explained that it is a place they have approved hundreds of times in the last 5 years so it is not unusual. They say they will put a note in the file and of course a week later they reject it again. I have deposits in Wells Fargo over $100,000 and investments in their brokerage over $400,000. Needless to say I have lost confidence that this bank has any clue what they are doing!

Have had a "Secured Card" for the past 4 yrs. Initially (11 months) no major issues. No branch in my area for radius of 150 miles. Finally got it right... Then PROBLEMS keeping their guidelines. The 1st year anniversary came around. A new card had been mailed to my old address. I had been shopping/returning to the same vendors and was rejected during a transaction. When I called Wells Fargo Card I was informed that the card had been compromised during the holidays (the above actions were during the holidays, I was not give vendor names. I therefore was not warned by my financial institution of my financial endangerment).

On disrupting my address issue I was mailed a new card. My anniversary date happened during this period. The fee spiked my cap and was reported to the credit bureaus. I was penalized a late fee, the annual fee and points on my credit due to this (no fault of mine). To balance the spike I was advised to pay and raise my cap...which I did. When I asked when my card would be uncapped/why it hadn't been uncapped on the anniversary date, I was informed that my card came into existence after the bank's "book/case review period!!!" GO FIGURE! I would now have to await the next time Well Fargo does its reviews to uncap the card. In the meantime they continued to royally cause glitches in my account.

BTW my collateral deposit ($300. Walked 1.5 miles on arthritic ankles on a Friday afternoon, Travelled 3000 miles next day, waited for card at friend's place for 20 days in neighboring town) had been withdrawn from my business account without my knowledge or consent by the banker who helped me open the account and was deposited into my personal checking. This was a personal card now. I later learned that Wells Fargo did not even have this option for business clients at that time! (He disappeared - many repeats of this Houdini effect with Wells Fargo Bank officials.) contd in Part count sequence as above

I am a customer since 1992 for banking and mortgage. I had applied secured credit card on 4/13/2016, and my checking account had been deducted $1000 for collateral before the card was issued on 4/15/2016. I do understand there's collateral required but did not get notified that you are taking my money without issuing the card. It left me no money to buy grocery and gas for car. I called to cancel the card on 4/16/2016 and was told that the process was not completed yet and I was promised to get my $1000 back to my account in 2-3 business day either 19th or 20th. I called back on 20th again. Donald the supervisor informed me that I should get the $1000 back to my account by end of the day 21st.

Today, the 22nd, I called again. The supervisor told me what I was informed or promised were all wrong (can you blame me calling you liars at this point??), the process was started yesterday, the 21st and will take another 2-3 business days. How disappointed I am and how much of overdraw protection fee I had to pay because you greedy bank.

This is the worst bank I have used. I got engaged, and we bought a wedding band at a local jeweler. They offered a no-interest financing plan, from Wells Fargo, called Jewelry Advantage. Avoid this program at all costs. We set the payments up, but they don't start in a timely way. Wells Fargo does not mention this. We did in fact notice the lack of payment (it's based on Bank Routing/Account number so Wells pulls the payment from the account) so we called Wells Fargo. The representative said they would fix it, took a $40 payment over the phone and said all needed payments would process. We trusted Wells Fargo. BIG MISTAKE.

So it ends up running too long and Wells Charges us interest. But it was supposed to be a no-interest loan. It feels very scammy to me. We were never notified of their delays in setting up the payments, they said they would fix it but they did not - and now, when we appealed this to Wells, they just don't care at all. This is a heartless bank. They are fixated on profits and do not care about the consumer at all. What is really ironic, for me is that I was giving Wells a 2nd chance; 20 years ago they abused our family, so badly we had to go to court against Wells Fargo - and we won. Honestly this is the worst bank I have ever used.

I always send payments on time and they charge me late fee on last payment for finished full balance... I call them "why apply $26 fee on my account when I send check 8 days before due day" and then they talk me - it's nothing can't do about it... I will never use this credit card or do business with Well Fargo Financial.

I bought a dinner set table from Bob's Furniture, $1500, and I used a Financial Wells Fargo credit card from Bob's furniture offer me. And I been make my monthly payments on time. Then last payment of $200 they charge me an illegal fee of $26 because last payment was late which is not true. I send 8 days before due date. So that's worst credit card I have been used.

First, move been with Wells Fargo for several years. Excellent credit, over 800 FICO score. About a month ago my card was locked. Even after calling in with all my info they said I HAD to go in person to a bank to verify identity. I was there for close to an hour. Part of it waiting to see someone. They said someone had called in pretending to be me, trying to change my home address and get a new card but they didn't have sufficient info. So they now cancel my card and a few days later I get a new card with a new number. They also have me set up a special secret code so this doesn't keep happening.

About a week later I try to use it and it is locked again. I am told that it looked like possible fraud because I was charging something to state of Florida. I told them "No, they unlocked it". Now two weeks later I am at dinner with friends and my card is declined. Very embarrassing. I call verify all my info including secret code but they said I need to go into a bank. Mind you it is Saturday night. I said, "What? This is crazy". I gave you the special code. She says someone tried to access my card. I said, "And did they have my code?" "No, but we locked it and it can't be locked till you go to a bank."

Why do they keep treating me like a criminal. They say they are trying to protect me. Bull! No fraud has ever been out on my card. They just keep treating me like a criminal not letting me use the card and making me go in person to a bank. They need to be stopped! I can cancel but I also have my checking and savings account with them and it is such a hassle. Why do they get away with this? Do not bank with them unless you want to be treated like a criminal.

Dispute with BedMart and Wells Fargo is withdrawn, having been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

Original Review

Purchased a bed and adjustable frame from BedMart Superstores in October 2015, and presented my Chase MileagePlus Explorer Card, in order to get frequent flyer miles, for payment. BedMart salesperson requested he be allowed to set up a Wells Fargo credit card account for the transaction. He stated a Chase payment would be too costly for his little store. That request would have raised a red flag had I known of the affiliation among BedMart, Nationwide Marketing Group and Wells Fargo.

Discovered from the product manufacturers and another BedMart salesman, my salesman misrepresented the products and therefore breached an implied warranty of fitness. In addition, the salesman forged my signature on a restrictive exchange/refund policy agreement. Disputed the charge with Wells Fargo, after returning the merchandise at the suggestion of a Wells Fargo agent (store refused to give a refund credit). Months later, Wells Fargo responded the transaction was valid because no refund credit issued.

BedMart Superstores is a member of Nationwide Marketing Group, North America's largest buying and marketing organization. Wells Fargo Financial Retail Services is a preferred provider of consumer financing with Nationwide Marketing Group. (The Wells Fargo credit card on which I purchased merchandise from BedMart bears the Nationwide Marketing Group name.) There is an apparent conflict of interest with Wells Fargo acting and deciding on behalf of Nationwide Marketing Group and its affiliated store, BedMart. For that reason, I filed a complaint against Wells Fargo with The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), an independent bureau within the Federal Reserve System.

A year ago I purchased a big ticket item financed with Wells Fargo Credit Cards with a 12 months no interest. I made my payments on time and not just the minimum. I always made the payments at least 15 days prior to the due date. I just owed $200 which I planned to pay off this month which I thought was when my offer expired. Turns out it expired March 11th and not April 7th as I thought. I've been charged an obscene amount of accrued interest. I went ahead in good faith and paid what I owed. I called Wells Fargo in the hopes that they would recognize and understand my oversight and would remove the interest charges as it was only a few days past the deadline. NOPE. The thieves would not do it. THANKS FOR NOTHING WELLS FARGO!

Wells Fargo bank card policy in my view: 1) Wells Fargo gets call from Visa that my card was possibly compromised. They do not warn customer. 2) Wells Fargo does not call customer as their policy - they monitor it closely as they send a letter and a new card. 3) Wells Fargo does not warn customers to protect them and bank. 4) Wells Fargo without any warning will shut your card down in approximately 24 business days but until then you can keep using your card without knowing your card might have been compromised. 5) Wells Fargo does not freeze your card so if all is OK they can turn it back on. NO NO NO. They shut it down without warning and then call all you want no matter if it's an emergency or anything they will not turn it back on.

So they don't tell you your card was possibly compromised, they give you no warning, they send out letter new card without you knowing they did, they shut your card down approximately 24 days later without notice or warning without option of turning it back on. My card reported possible compromised, not knowing I used it for 24 business days not counting weekends. I went to airport not knowing Wells Fargo shut my card down because Wells Fargo don't tell you. I bring no cash with me going and needing to go see my mom - she's sick. I tried to use card and it did not work. Called bank they said they closed it because of a possible compromise. They knew about 24 days ago.

I told them my emergency. They told me there is nothing they could do. I kept calling and was told over and over that "This is Wells Fargo policy and we cannot do anything for you." I said "I need to go see my mom and I have no money in my pocket." Was told "We cannot help you." I had to take my luggage and without no money for taxi, bus anything. I walked home. I was unable to get on a plane that day all because Wells Fargo feels their policy is right and not warning the customer is best practice. We need a loud voice. Everyone that this has happened to needs to come out. Let's get together and be a voice of many. They will have to here.

I had 3 accounts with Wells Fargo and have been a customer since 1999. On one of the accounts, I stopped receiving statements but have always paid on time on the other two accounts and that one as well until they stopped sending paper, e-mail or any type of statement. I received an e-mail asking me to call them which I immediately did. When I explained that I hadn't received any statements, they verified my mailing and e-mail address and asked me if I knew why I wouldn't be receiving them.

Long story shorter, I spoke with a manager and told her that I would pay the account off and to please have the late payments removed from my credit. I pointed out my long history with them and she told me that she couldn't do that because I was still responsible whether I received a statement or not. She was rude and it was very clear that they do not value my business. I will be closing the other two accounts asap and would never do business with them again if they were the last bank on earth!

Wells Fargo solicited me for a credit card. I really do not need more credit but what the heck. So I called them and said okay. Well, some time went by and I got a phone call asking for my 2014 tax returns. So I sent it. Well now they see I am a single mom, so they ask me another year of tax returns. WHAT? I am not asking for a mortgage, in fact my residence is paid off. I feel like I am being discriminated against. Who in the world asks for 2 years of tax returns for a credit card. I offered my 1099 for 2015 since they ask for income prior to taxes...nope. If you want to reject me and cannot come up with a good reason, I guess this would be the way to do it. A few years ago when they got sued for discrimination I actually thought...no, can't be. I guess I was wrong.

I went online to pay Credit Card Payment ON the due date and before the payment cut off time and there was a notification that the card was over limit and that the over limit amount had to be paid in addition to the amount due today. I checked transactions online and it showed that the card was NOT over limit and also did not indicate a late fee or over limit charge. I went ahead and paid more than the amount they required. (Required was regular payment owed and over limit amount) but then called Credit Services. When calling the Credit card services about this the recording said that the over limit posted to the account early today (on the due date of the regular payment).

When speaking to customer service she told me that a late fee had been posted to the account earlier today since the regular payment hadn't been made at that time, (although the regular payment was not late at that time). BEFORE the regular payment was due they had added a late fee to the amount owed on the card which FALSELY indicated that the account was over limit, THEN required the over limit amount (caused by the late fee) and the regular payment to both be paid today. Customer service said that she had received 4 calls about the same thing today and she did not feel that this was right either and she was submitting feedback to the company about this. I asked her if I had not paid the over limit amount (caused by the incorrect late fee) and only paid the payment that was due TODAY what would have happened.

She said it would have been fine because as soon as the (On time paid) regular payment posted that the late fee would have been removed. I am posting this in case others run into the same problem and to also alert Wells Fargo to them adding late fees BEFORE the cut off time on the date the regular payment is due thus causing an over limit amount and then the internet site requiring the over limit amount to be paid along with regular payment even when regular payment is being paid on time. Customer Service was very nice to me about the situation.

Yesterday I posted a bad experience I had with Wells Fargo Bank customer service whereas; they had deactivated my debit card in error and 2 bankers and 2 managers refused to reactivate it stating they could only give me a new card. Upon calling the office of the President of Wells Fargo and God's grace, they reactivated my card. This restored the damaged done by employees to a 20-year relationship I have had with Wells Fargo. After listening to the recorded conversation, Soledad ** working in this office was able to get the ATM Executive Officer to reactivate my card. Which is all that I requested previously from the other 4 employees. This is how you live your company values "We put our customers first in everything we do". Thank you, Soledad.

Original Review

On Sat. 12/19 I had to make 3 separate purchases at a convenience store. Wells Fargo assumed it was fraud and denied the 3rd transaction. I called customer service, verified some transactions for them to assure it was me using the card. One transaction I couldn't verify because the banker didn't provide enough information to me. She then told me she had to close my account. I told her that was not acceptable especially this time of the year as I was out Christmas shopping at present. I demanded to speak with a supervisor. She connected me with Danny.

In my conversation with Danny I expressed how I have been a WF customer for over 20 years that I have bought 4 homes through WF during my relocations with my job. I asked to be notified prior to deactivating my account. Danny indicated that he understood, but during this time of the year with the transactions they experience there was no way they could contact each and every person when fraud was suspected and I concede that point given - it is Christmas time. I recalled earlier that morning linking my card to a rewards program and told Danny that was probably the transaction that the banker saw with no dollar transaction associated with it. He stated that is exactly what it is. "I will reactivate your card. Please don't try and use it in the next 90 seconds or it will deactivate it again." I said I won't and thank you and hung up.

I went to a mall that is approximately 20-30 minutes away, waited for someone to help me with my purchase to find out my card is not working. I went ahead, did all my shopping using a credit card vs. my bank card. On Sunday night the wife and I are having dinner and discover the card still isn't working. I call WF, the banker tells me at that point my card was reported as lost or stolen (not by me, it's in my possession). She wants to send a new card, I want this one working. I ask for a supervisor. She connects me with Ryan. Ryan reiterates what the banker has stated. I tell Ryan that is unacceptable and ask for his line managers contact information which he refuses to supply other than her 1st name, Karen. I inform Ryan I will go higher to Office of President and let it roll down hill.

Employees need to be held accountable for their actions as they represent organizations. Prior to denying someone access to their account they should be 100% certain that fraud has occurred prior to deactivating one account. They ask for home #'s and cell phone why couldn't I be contacted? More importantly why wasn't I told the truth by the 1st supervisor that my card wouldn't work? Wells Fargo states that one of their core values is "We value what is right for our customers in everything we do". This appears to be a lot of talk at this point for a 20 year customer.

My debit card was canceled without me knowing because of a security issue on their end. I would supposedly receive a new one in 5 days. 2.5 weeks later nothing. Called again. "We mailed it, not much we can do." Called once more, " I'm not sure what you want us to do". Well how about getting me a damn card! Going to office tomorrow closing my accounts. I might not be important enough for them to care so I'll go somewhere that appreciates my business.

I applied for a Secured Wells Fargo Credit Card for $2000. The money for the deposit was in my account. I was approved for the card and as per the approval email, was told that it would be 7-10 days before I would get the card. That was not a problem. After 10 days, I called because the money had not been taken from my account. When I called, I was told it could take up to 14 days. That was also not a problem. At about Day 18, I got a letter in the mail stating that the card had been cancel due to lack of funding. However, the money was there. Wells Fargo told me that they were trying to pull for a different account.

Some more context: I'm leaving on vacation to go out of the country and applied for this card specifically for this reason; I leave a week and a half from now. Last Thursday, the card was reopened and the funding happened. My request was to have the card expedited due to my leaving the country. I was told that once the card was funded, I should call the customer care side of Wells Fargo and "they" could take care of that. So, that's what I did. Still, this is not the problem. When I did call customer care and explained to them exactly what happened, I was told that "Secured Cards" cannot be expedited and that it would take 7-10 days before I receive the card.

So here's the problem: Not one person could actually give me an explanation to the logic of that. As a consumer, I'm reasonable. I may not agree with a policy or procedure, however, I can understand and appreciate the rationale of the policy. The only thing anyone could say is, "that's our policy." When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that "a supervisor would call me within 48 hours;" took close to 72 hours. The person who called me back was NOT indeed a supervisor; now I have been lied to!

The consequence: my vacation outside of the country is on the verge of collapse/ruin because I would not have access to that funding if the card is not in my hands by the time that I leave. Wells Fargo also told me that they couldn't do this for anyone under any circumstance. I believe that I'm one who tries give people/companies the benefit of the doubt and I usually don't get angry enough to write, but as a consumer, I am disappointed in the lack of accountability companies are held to when all I asked for was a reasonable explanation. It's as if the consumer really, REALLY doesn't matter and explanations are not necessary. Fact is, WF already has and had the money for the card. Extremely disappointed, but I will be even worse IF the card doesn't arrive by the time that I have to leave.

I was charged all at once interest to my Wells Fargo credit card from Bob's Furniture. I have so many credit cards and really good credit score, but never ever have I ever been scammed by anyone. This is the only company card that I won't ever use. They never disclose the information properly and they charge you heavy interest. I called the customer service. The lady that picked up the phone was so rude. Then I asked to speak to a manager and the manager was nice. I asked them is there any way they can help or I am also willing to pay off my entire balance but they straight up said no. Other banks at least work with you. But they straight up say NO. I would recommend people to stay away from them and use other companies instead. They are better off than Wells Fargo. I never write reviews but I wouldn't want anyone else suffering from them.

In September of 2014 my husband and I bought $3300.00 of furniture and were offered this awesome no interest rate if you paid the furniture off within a year through Wells Fargo. After that time frame, the interest would start to be charged. That is what was told to me and how I understood the agreement. Well we were honeymooning out of the country in September 2015 when the final payment was due. When I got back I made a payment and our balance was $400 at that time. My next statement had a balance of $1180.00 because they applied $780.00 in interest on a $400.00 balance that was about 21 days past the "free interest" deadline. I called customer service and explained my situation and needless to say I was extremely upset.

The customer service rep was less than interested in hearing what I had to say so I asked for a supervisor. This man gets on the phone and he too was talking down to me like I was the dumbest person in the world. Told me I agreed to all the terms of the loan and that every statement clearly told me ALL interest would be applied after the 1 yr mark. I told this man that I never realized ALL interest would be applied. I thought interest would start accruing after the deadline. I found this man snarky, very insensitive and rude.

I did not want all the interest taken off but I did ask for some sort of reduced fee seeing as how I paid a lot of money monthly to avoid the interest fees to begin with. I got the "I am sorry, we cannot make any concessions for you-this was the agreement you signed", "We have to be consistent with all our customers and cannot make any changes to your bill", "I understand your frustration but we can't do anything to reduce the balance of your account." I have NEVER been dismissed like that and I have had many credit cards that I have paid off and I have NEVER not paid on money I owe. My credit is impeccable and the reason is because I pay my bills. Wells Fargo treated me like crap and could care less that I told them I would NEVER refer anyone to them or use them for any future loans.

Now I know how they make their money... They WANT people to go past the deadline so they can screw people out of thousands and thousands of dollars. Obviously I didn't realize what I would be charged after the deadline and I don't care what I signed - my payments speak for themselves, I never NOT paid my bill. To have no courtesy given to me in anyway shape or form was truly disgusting. THEN my husband called and they gave him an even harder time. He was promised a call back twice from a manager and those calls never happened because as he found out today when he called for a 5th time, no manager was ever going to call him because he is not the account holder, he is just authorized to charge on my account. So my husband can charge on my account and get Wells Fargo more money but he can't talk to anyone regarding the account.... Ridiculous!!

I paid my bill off and closed out the card and trust I will NEVER use Wells Fargo again. I have had mortgages and home equity accounts as well as other loans.... NEVER AGAIN! Some people deserve a break of some kind over an honest error and the customer service department at Wells Fargo was less than understanding.

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