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Wells Fargo Credit Cards

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Last updated: Dec. 9, 2017

110 Wells Fargo Credit Cards Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2017

I applied for the Cash Wise Visa because it said I would get a $200 credit after spending 1000 in 90 days. I spent that and called them and they said I had to wait 90 days. I waited 90 days and then they said they were checking into it. I did not get a call back so I called again a few weeks ago and they again were checking on it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2017

Have been banking with Wells Fargo for as long as it has been in Danbury CT USA, this location has changed hands (banks) approx. 6 times since I have lived in Danbury, 37yrs. I recently opened a credit card with that bank (5/17) and have now (11/17) had three different credit card number changes, 1 card stolen and, of course what else, fraud. Dealing with the customer service people has been impossible, resolving an issue takes too much time and I hear such uncooperation when I talk to them.

These huge enterprises are based on their customers, if customer service SUCKS they are going to lose customers. I recently closed credit cards with another worldwide banking enterprise for the same reason. If they don't care, neither do I, there are plenty of other banks to deal with. GET SMART or your worldwide enterprise will become obsolete. You can obtain voice documentation from Wells Fargo bank as they record conversations, if they haven't edited them or erased them to save their own ERRORS!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

HORRIBLE BANK. Do not do any business with this company. Do not get any credit cards with them. Transfer fee out of this world then they set high payment options only. Horrible bank. Stay away, they will Rob your soul and hard earned money from you. If their offer sounds good, RUN. They will empty your account. STAY AWAY FROM THESE BUNCH OF LOW LIFES.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

Signed up for a credit card in March 2017, was told I would not receive any interest until 2018 by August 2017, I was billed Interest with 27.99 % ARP. When I called Wells Fargo and asked, they said the “promotion was over”... so they lied about my term agreements. I missed a payment, over 30 days. They closed my account without telling me and now I’m credit score is ruined. Please be aware, I mean, how can you trust a business that made fraud customer accounts?!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

I received an invite for a credit card promo ($200) from Wells Fargo and applied for it and was approved immediately. After 5 days, I received the card and tried to activate it online but will not let me. So I called the phone number on the front to activate and was told that I need to go to a branch to activate it. This was a shock as I had 30+ of credit card experience and never was asked to go to a branch. Since my time is more valuable than just going to a branch to get it activated, I googled this company and not surprising to find so many complaints about this.

The next day, I called up to close my card, not wanting to deal with this scam. To my surprise, I was told that they cannot close this as I need to go to a branch in order to close the account. What a scam this is and I regret to applying for this card. I have since filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (if you have issues with financial institutions, this is the place to file the complaint) so that my account can be closed and not have to deal with this bank ever again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

Let me start by staying that yes; I mean that even in an infinite universe, full of infinite possibilities, the one thing that I know for sure is that Wells Fargo is the most corrupt banking organization there is. Here is my story ladies and gentleman: Once upon a time, there was a customer named "Super Hot Chick" (Real I.D has been changed in order to remain anonymous).

S.H.C (for short) had an account with Wells Fargo ever since she was a child (Actually it was Wachovia before Wells Fargo bought them out, but the same bank info anyhow). She had a checking, a credit card, and a savings account with Wells Fargo. She decided that with all of the corruption over the summer, she would change to a credit union.

Anyhow, she took out the majority of her money, but left the CC and checking accounts open "just in case." Since her oldest line of credit was with WF, she figured it would be good to keep it open because she heard it was good for her credit score. She had left as well as about $150.00 in checking for emergencies. Well, little did she know that the EVIL witch called Wells Fargo would not let her out of their spell of wickedness that easily. The first issue with her credit card, she had given up on years ago. See, long ago in her early 20's, she had a boyfriend for whom she granted a wish of having him as a co-user on her card. She had this card since she was a little girl, but like an young idiot in love, added him to it so that he could get some credit.

Because later in life they had both moved far away from each other, the only way to rid him of her card was to close the account down completely, simply because they both couldn't be in the same geographical location simultaneously to sign him off of her card. Apparently, the magic sorcery of the two humans remotely signing documents in order to free her of his credit responsibility was too much in W.F. land. Since this was her oldest line of credit, she wanted to keep this card. She should have taken this as a sign!

Anyhow, all during the time of the 2017 summer, S.H. C was unaware her gym membership of $35.00, and an iTunes recurring payment of $8.00 was still being taken out of her account. She also figured she had some money in that account still, so also used it for a random Uber whilst on vacation. All of the sudden in July of 2017, there was no more money in her checking account, so the evil W. F starting taking money from her credit card. You would think they at this time, the evil company would give her a courtesy call and say "Hey, we are using your credit card, you might want to pay this off... And oh by the way princess, we are also charging you fees! Buaaahhhaaahhhaahhhaa" *Insert evil laugh.

Tragically, she received no call. Since she had already switched banks, she just didn't think to check her accounts because her banking moved on elsewhere. There is yet more to the tale though! In August, SHC bought a brand new car. She had saved for three years and put down $18,000 on her new chariot. For the remaining 12K, she actually went through Wells Fargo. Thanks to he husband with an 850 credit score, they got a really good interest rate. She decided to give them another chance. But little did she know what the Evil WF was up to.

Fast forward 60 or so moons. Actually almost 6 months of moons from when she closed her account. She is sitting at work and gets a call. Here is where the story gets interesting folks! S.H.C found out that she owes $400.00 to Wells Fargo. She was so confused. "What are you talking about." She kept saying... "I don't understand." "Well," the really nice C.S. R responded... "You went into the negative over the summer, so we started charging you on your Credit Card. Plus every time you had another transaction, there were fees attached." Here is the kicker.

"YOUR CREDIT CARD IS NOW DELINQUENT." - Do you know what that means little girls and boys? That means that Wells Fargo did not let S.H.C know that not only they were taking money from her Credit Card, but also charging fees. Now, it is actually going to show as a curse on her credit score!! This curse will last for at least five years, all thanks to Wells Fargo.

"Why are you only calling me today??" Said the S.H.C in a very flippant and harsh tone. "I mean why wait until October to give me a call, when you could have let me know about this all summer." The irritated C.S.R could only repeat one thing and one thing only. "This is not our responsibility." "Then why are you calling me today?" - SHC replied, almost yelling. "How would you like to pay the $175.00 minimum payment today" Said the C.S.R, clearly ignoring her question. "I will pay it online, and I will pay the whole thing and close down my accounts. This is why I hate Wells Fargo." "But when do you plan on paying for it?" "Well," replied the S.H.C. "That is not your responsibility or business is it then?" Click!

The moral of the story is this: Never trust Wells Fargo. Not only was she forced to pay hundreds of dollars in fees, the evil corrupt corporation didn't bother to tell her that they secretly compromised her credit behind her back and didn't bother to let her know until it was already delinquent. Say no to Wells Fargo. Join us next time in the second edition: How S.H.C. spent her lunch breaks figuring out how to change her car loan to a different bank.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

I have two accounts - a mortgage and a no interest credit card with Wells Fargo and I never get statements from them on the credit card so I had a couple late fees for not paying the minimum amount. I called and they were rude and denied any responsibility about no statements being mailed... They have correct address. They say it's the post office fault or my neighbors are taking my mail... lol seriously though they said this. So I'm not getting statements on my variable payment card and never know what to pay and they won't take care of the late fees of $37 a pop. It's really just a scam to steal money from you and they don't resolve anything for you.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

I have a 843 credit score, I have my savings, checking and home loan through Wells Fargo, my debit card was stolen, I talked with the bank manager about a credit card to protect my account. I stated that I've paid off a card with them and have been a loyal customer since they bought out Wachovia. I asked for low rate for customer loyalty. I just received my card for 24.99 % interest rate!!! I called and canceled immediately, I didn't even activate the cards. I recommend not doing business with this company. They said only one thing, they would have someone call me, What for? I've have been with them since the early 90's. To quote Rodney Dangerfield, "I get no respect, I'm telling ya"! I am considering moving all my accounts to another bank with better customer loyalty. Sometimes Greed is not the only thing.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

Wells Fargo offers some of the worst credit cards you can get. Starting from the bank upper management, with its publicly known history of deception, which became a media scandal with the creation of phony accounts years ago. Wells Fargo is utterly stingy with its reward programs and extremely heavy handed when it comes to charging late fees and interests. I have been a loyal (I should add stupid) customer of Wells Fargo for over 10 years but just closed the credit card after been charged $40 between late fees and interest charges for my one and only late payment ever.

What's worse is that I can actually swear that my payment was submitted online as I had done every single month for 10+ years but they wouldn't even give me a chance. That's how Wells Fargo makes money and I was wrong not to keep my payment tracking number. I also have Capital One and it's like day and night. They are more customer driven, less expensive and more generous with rewards! Please don't use Wells Fargo Visa.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

Wells Fargo offers a Cash Wise Visa card with $200 bonus earned if you charge $1000 in net purchases over 3 months from the date the account was OPENED. The issue is that most consumers would assume that the account opening date is the date they activated the card. Not so even though you can’t charge anything before receiving and activating the card. If you can, this is not disclosed anywhere at the time of making application. Whatever the account opening date is, Wells Fargo declined to tell me it citing security reasons.

So if the account were opened when I activated it on 8/16 I'd have until 11/16 to charge $1K in net purchases. However, if Wells Fargo opened the account say for example 8/8, the 3 months time ends 11/8 and if I charged $1K on 11/10, I would not earn the $200. I don't know if Wells planned this scheme to limit the bonuses that could be earned or if this is just sloppy on their part but as it stands today, IMHO, it represents any UNFAIR practice that cheats the consumer of the full 3 months in which to earn the bonus. Plaintiffs bar are you reading this???

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

I have been a loyal customer for over 9 years. In 2011 I got a secure credit card with Wells Fargo. By 2013 I paid off any balance that was left plus more but due to nonusage the account was closed. Wells Fargo ended up sending me a check for $200 and account was paid and closed. It is now 2017 and I went to get a loan to buy a house. I got denied because Wells Fargo said I didn't pay off my credit card. I then contacted the bank and they too said it was paid off. I stated to them they need to take it off my credit.

The lady I spoke to said she could do that and gave me an address and fax number to dispute the case. Well if it's paid off then take it off my credit. I didn't go somewhere else to get the card. Why should I go somewhere else to get it fixed. These people are scammers and will mess up your credit bad. The worst thing is it's the only thing on my credit that affected bad. I went from a score of 700 to 556 because of that one credit card. Do not I repeat do not use Wells Fargo. I am looking for a new bank now.

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Original review: July 30, 2017

I have 773 credit score and applied Wells Fargo credit card. Simply they declined my card by telling not able to collect enough details on SSN. The reason is just stupid since I am able to connect their customer support using my SSN and DOB. These stupid reason decreased my score. Please don't apply any card with Wells Fargo. You will be cheated by them. They did not even gave a call and explained before the decline. Completely Idiotic Bank.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 18, 2017

I applied for a 0% interest credit card with Wells Fargo to get a balance transfer to pay off a high interest credit card. When Wells Fargo did an electronic transfer to pay off Chase, it didn't work. Wells Fargo said it was Chase's fault and Chase said it was Wells Fargo's fault. Wells Fargo suggested sending me balance transfer checks which I never received, I called twice and they sent again, still never received. They said I could get them online so I went onto my checking account and saw my credit card there so thought I could transfer the money into my checking account and pay off my credit card. Turns out it was a 'cash advance' with high transfer fees and high interest. When I explained my mistake to Wells Fargo, they said they would take care of the problem so I wouldn't get charged the fees and high interest.

They kept promising they would take care of it, Weeks went by and I kept getting bills with high interest and fees. So I called again and they said the committee turned it down and it was my mistake. I then called management again, and explained what happened and what I'd been promised, and they were sympathetic and said they would take care of the fees etc. Anyway, I kept getting the runaround with them and still no resolution. Meantime, I getting 24% interest but they did remove some fees but they are still staying I signed the disclosure so I won't be getting the balance transfer discount and interest rates. UGH! So tired of dealing with this company and I don't recommend them. Any other company would have fixed this mistake by now.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 29, 2017

I received a call from Wells Fargo fraud team today (Memorial day). They asked me to give them the full account or credit card number. Now, with all the fraud out there I know NOT to do that. By not giving them that info they would not tell me why they were calling, so I asked to call them back. She gave me the number, which I verified, but said they were not open due to the holiday. Then where was she calling from??? After read all of the reviews I don't trust them & am closing my account tomorrow. Now what legitimate bank calls & asks for your account number??? None that I've dealt with.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 18, 2017

I unfortunately financed a mattress purchase through Wells Fargo a couple of years ago. Until recently I was unable to make payments using a non-Wells Fargo account and therefore had to pay with a check in the mail like it's 1997 not 2017. The past 2 bills I got FINALLY said that they will now accept payments from another bank but I haven't had time to set up an online account so I mailed checks WAY WAY in advance of the due dates. Like 2 weeks in advance. They held last month's check until the day after the due date so that they could charge a late fee. This month's payment is the same. I mailed it 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't posted. I just had to break down and make another payment online so I will make a double payment this month because they have no email contact and their phone service is automated. I can't prove that they are holding my checks obviously but I'm sure of it.

I have now set up the online banking but I'm tempted to send them a check by certified mail next month so that they have to sign for it. Jerks. I will never ever open an account with these crooks nor will I use a credit card from them either. And I will recommend to anyone who asks for the rest of my life that they avoid this banking institution.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 8, 2017

They froze my card as I was trying to make a purchase of $20. The store was packed and I was so embarrassed. When I called WF they couldn't tell me why my account was flagged, or could they tell me what I could do to prevent this from happening again. I asked that instead, could they call, text, or email me that there may be suspicious activity before freezing my card. They declined to help me. So I closed my account and have just opened an account with another bank. The bank I'm with now assured me that they do not follow WF practice. I can understand if I traveled out of state and didn't notify WF. But this was a local transaction and my spending trend had not changed.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 6, 2017

I have all of my accounts set up for automatic payments except for my Wells Fargo credit card. I sedan to do auto pay but Wells Fargo double charged me while I was on auto pay and they made it a hassle for me to get my money back. I use their phone app and a year ago I made a payment when the app said it had just opened for the next statement but when the payment posted they posted it to the previous month. After several calls to customer service they applied the payment correctly to the current statement. So right now it happened again and the 1st rep last week said, "Don't worry. I show that payment on 4/27 and the phone app just hasn't updated to show the payment applied for May."

So I waited 1 week and it still hasn't updated so I call and get some moron in the Philippines telling me I have to make another payment and their supervisor wouldn't help me either. So I asked for a US rep who finally said he could reverse the charge then I could make the payment again. I'm going to submit a complaint now to the OCC because Wells Fargo is fraudulently programming their app to tell you a payment is due and then applying it to the previous billing cycle so they can double charge.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 5, 2017

I was offered a Credit Card Platinum from Wells Fargo. I never used nor activated. Actually I am for 2 years working abroad. So I have my immigration stamps of dates I was out of the country. As I do not needed the credit card I did not enter or check my online banking. I have a checking and savings account with them with non use at all. Suddenly for a specific reason I logged in to Wells Fargo. And I found that my platinum credit card that has never been used or activated by myself has an over due balance already in recovery department for the amount of $177 and do not explain how they come to that amount. I did a credit report and found that in July 2016 someone used my card physically at a USPS post office. Strange. Also I have in the bank a large amount in savings and also in current account to pay that small amount.

So now they closed my account, no more platinum card, they reported me to the credit bureau, and cannot request credit cards in any bank. Of course I called and did my complaint, they replied "In a few days a person will contact you", however nobody contacted me and they washed their hands saying that as I am far away in Argentina, it is my fault for not answering as they tried to reach me to resolve this issue and I do not picked up the phone.

Ok perfect, I said "When I did the report a lady also asked for email, now you the manager of my case named Freddy, said we do not use emails for contact." Ok so I said "Let's go for a solution, any phone number I can call." He reply. "No Sir. You stay there and keep waiting someone call you." I said "But I can call also." He said, "You can't, the process is our department to call you." So I said "If we never communicate, I will never repair this damage I have never committed." He said "Well is not our business." Please I need indications if someone knows how to proceed or a lawyer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 29, 2017

I first set up a saving account while I vacationed in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I was living In Germany and was going to return to the States to transfer my account to this bank. I return back in 10/15, opened my account transferred what was left in Germany. In Feb. 2016 I noticed money taken from my account. I would usually check my account daily. So I contacted corporate to have them explain this to me and said out right with my large savings account I shouldn't be having any type of fees taken out of my account. So with this information I went to the branch I was dealing with and demanded my money back. They seemed surprised and after a brief meeting my money was returned.

Then the scandal of them ripping off the customer by making fake accounts last year. That made me think about them taking my money like they did early February. What gets me no one on management was fired just 5000 or so that were at the bottom level. CEO and other higher up management should have been fired and imprisoned. But we know that didn't happen. So I closed my account with this band of thieves. One if the managers asked my why close my account. Really!!! I just replied I want be the only one doing so. Still do not understand why millions still bank with these untrusting lot. 2008 when banks were causing thousands to lose everything now this. There is always choice.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: April 28, 2017

Went to Wells Fargo branch to open a business account. Was told it was no problem... But I must have a credit card. But I don't need a credit card I pleaded. Bottom line I was coerced into a card. Later I needed a credit card machine. No problem. To start the account was relatively easy and no mention of the required 3 year term with no exit possibility was mentioned. They work with First Data and set me up with a 4 year lease with no exit possibility without penalty that also forced insurance monthly for the equipment. CAUTION TO ALL. USE EXTREME CARE WHEN DEALING WITH WELLS FARGO. Better still, don't even think about it. Walk away.

Original review: March 11, 2017

They ripped me off when I called in to activate my debit card about 6 years ago. I was force enrolled in a Preferred customer add-on product which I never authorized and lost over $150 plus interest. They ripped off my wife a few years ago when she received a telemarketing call at home and they would not take no for an answer. She was force enrolled in a credit card she did not agree to. Last year, I called customer service and was pushed multiple products over a 10 minute period before I blew a fuse and told them to close all my accounts. My life is much better and stress free without Wells Fargo.

Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: March 18, 2017

Issue was solved after. please ignore my rage. It's still not the best online banking though but not that bad.

Original review: March 6, 2017

Sometime ago I got a Micro Center credit card that was from Wells Fargo. It was alright at first but later now I can't even login. NOT just that but well calling I am put on hold for 4 hours or is busy. Apparently because I haven't logged in into my online banking I am locked out from accessing it with little to no support. So crappy that I lost hours trying to use their horrible banking. I really wish Micro Center would go with another credit card company. This is the worst!!! If it wasn't for having a micro center card and their "0% interest for x months" then I would NEVER deal with this mess of a company. Not happy.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 5, 2017

I had a problem with a purchase made on a Wells Fargo Credit Card account. The merchant was not responsive for over 10 months. I finally called Wells Fargo as a last resort. The customer service representative was absolutely wonderful. I told him I would not pay for part of my purchase since it was 'defective' but the merchant didn't think so and would not do anything about it... not even look at it. He got them to pick up the item and give me a full refund. The merchant then agreed to take the entire order back for a full refund of my year's worth of payments. I am ecstatic... Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2017

I have this Wells Fargo credit card which I used for a balance transfer which they stated the interest rate would go up to sixteen percent at the end of the intro period, however now it is 17 percent and 25 percent. They are purposely using a low fico score to justify this ridiculous rate as I have a Citibank credit card using currently 738 fico whilst Wells Fargo shows a fico score of 678. And my current interest rate at Citibank is just over nine percent. Called to ask for reconsideration and spoke with a supervisor who stated no one in customer service could change that and they did not have another department that would. Really?

Formerly was a Wachovia customer stuck now with this account and I hate Wells Fargo. Why would you treat a long standing customer this way? I was with Wachovia since the mid nineties when it transferred to these crooks. I really have to figure out how to get a new account and get away from them. Any suggestions of a decent moral bank to go to would be greatly appreciated as my checking and savings accounts are also there.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2017

I just called Wells Fargo Credit Card today 02/26/2017 12:50 pm PST. There was a charged on my credit card. It did not belong to me. I did not want to cancel my card. I have other bills are coming in on Tuesday at the end of the month. I won't rec'd the new card until 5-7 days. I asked the girl I talked with "do not cancel the card now" and to cancel it after the end of the month. Her supervisor came on the line and told me I can't and it is their policy to cancel the card and that is it. He was very RUDE. Wells Fargo, have your supervisors take customer service class so they know how to be nice.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2017

I've been struggling with late fees with my Wells Fargo card dental account for the last year. At first I set up over the phone with a Wells Fargo representative auto pay from my Wells Fargo HSA account. Then missed payment and late fees started occurring. Called and was told I could not pay a credit card from a credit card. They finally agreed to do it because they were both Wells Fargo cards, unknowing to me they set up a savings to pull from HSA and pay dental card. Last Oct 2016, I paid my payment as well as a extra one after billing cycle closed, wanting to get ahead on the interest by making payment sooner. Set this up using dates and payment amount from representative.

December, missed payment again. $2.26 short on payment. Pay the 2.26, and Wells Fargo agrees to remove late fee. Give me a December payment amount minus late fee. Question them about that, and they tell me "Oh yes, that needs to be included also, or you will get another 37.00 late fee." Made the payment and verified next autopay set up from my personal checking. January payment went well. February, missed payment and another 37.00 late fee. So, yet another call to customer service. Now I'm told my payment after billing cycle closed gets recorded as a extra payment instead of a early payment. I'm told I must wait until I get my bill and make payment by due date on the bill.

From what I understand, Wells Fargo wants you to make the payment as closed to the due date as possible. That way they can get the most interest on each payment, and the chance that payment being late is greater, which would result in another 37.00 late fee. Even using the bill pay on thru my checking account, payments goes out on the date I set it up for and doesn't post to my Wells Fargo account for 3-5 days later.

In a nutshell, Wells Fargo set up a savings account without my knowledge, wouldn't let me make a Wells Fargo dental credit card payment with my Wells Fargo HSA account, charged 5.00 to make payments over the phone, canceled auto payments that they set up, 92 months in a row, told me wrong payments for setting up auto pay myself, and charged me a late fee for making a early payment. 8 late fees in the last 12 months. Thankfully the only 2 they reported to the credit companies were the 2 that they canceled without me knowing. I don't recommend Wells Fargo to anyone. Looking forward to the day I pay my last payment and no longer have to deal with them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2017

I had 40.00 in my Wells Fargo checking account which was set up, without my permission, to pay my Wells Fargo credit card. I did not complain about this as I sometimes chose to allow the automatic payment rather than schedule a payment or send a check. This time, I chose to send a payment rather than deposit the funds in my checking account, which, again, only had 40.00 in it, much less than the funds needed for the payment to my credit card.

Imagine my surprise when I found my checking account overdrawn, because Wells Fargo sent the minimum payment due to their credit card without sufficient funds to cover it in my checking account. Naturally this resulted in my checking account being overdrawn, and apparently the payment to the credit card went through even though I had no money in the account to cover this payment! Now they are threatening to put me in collection for the overdrawn amount and I have to see a lawyer. Again, there was only 40.00 in the account on the day the payment was due, and I had already sent a check to the credit card, as I had done many times before. How is Wells Fargo legally able to do this??

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2017

These people are crooks and I am so sorry the day I decided to respond to a credit offer from them. I have good credit and these idiots denied me the credit card they invited me to apply for because I don't have any savings or checking account with them. I called them and I told them "you approved me for my mortgage and then sold it so I assumed that is how you got my name." I told them their marketing strategy is very deceiving and that I would be filing a complaint.

The customer services reps. are useless. I was then passed on to an executive who promised to have underwriting review my application again based on the new info. She called me back the next day to inform me that the decision stands. These jackasses should know that I don't bank with them and I never will. I told them "you are crooks and this is the reason you got busted in California." Now they put a hard inquiry on my credit record. Damn fools. I hope someone is held accountable. I put a stop to all solicitation by mail. I will write my Governor and Attorney General until I get some satisfaction. I am sorry I have to rate them a 1. I wish I could rate them 0.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 25, 2017

I have had a credit card with Wells Fargo for 3+ years. My grandmother banked with WF for many years. I applied (with my grandmother as a cosigner) for a college card a few years ago. I was given a 500$ credit limit. I did not have a job at the time but was trying to build credit. I continued to pay my credit card bill in full every month. Fast forward 3 years later to now and my credit limit had increased to 2300$.

Since I have graduated college now and have begun my career making a fair amount for this area, I decided to call and apply for a new credit card with better rewards points as I was getting 1% with my college card. I was told there was a card that I could apply for that would get 1.5% rewards points which seemed good to me. So I agreed to apply for this new card. I was advised that my college card would stay active for 15 days (if my application was approved) and I would receive my new card in the mail within that time frame.

The application process was typical, "how much do you make, how much are your monthly bills, etc." I answered all of these questions. Keep in mind that my credit limit is 2300 without them even KNOWING I have an income now. It raised solely by me making my payments in full. They say that I have been approved and they will call me back within an hr to let me know of my credit limit of the new card.

I receive a call about 45 min later and a rep stated I was approved for 1000$ credit limit. I state that my current credit limit is 2300 and that I make full payments on time every month for years now (and my credit score is 741 so no problems there). She states that after I receive the card, I can call to request a credit increase. I reluctantly agree to this. Although at this point I am feeling like I screwed myself and instead of getting something better, I am getting something worse than I had before.

After I hang up the phone, I go to the store to get something and my college card declines! (I was 1200 dollars away from reaching my credit limit of 2300) I call the customer service number and it states that my card has a balance of 1100 dollars and that it is 1100 dollars OVER my credit limit. So I speak to many reps and no one could give me an answer.

Finally I get transferred to the credit card application department and they tell me that whoever told me my card would be working for 15 days must have misinformed me because it automatically cancels the old card. I then tell the rep that had I been aware of that I would not have proceeded with the application process as I use my credit card for every day purchases and could not be without for many days. The rep was rude and stated that he has nothing to do with my old card and could not help me. So I told him to cancel the new application because I no longer wanted the new card which was 1300 less credit limit anyway!!! He cancels the application.

I go into the branch the next day and received amazing customer service from a woman named Jessica ** (the only person throughout this whole process that tried helping me truly). She takes my problem to the resolution team and I receive a case manager. Keep in mind that now I have no credit card to use, I still owe a bill due in a few days for full amount that I always pay, and now I am having to use my debit card for all purchases. I even had to tap into my savings account. It ultimately took TWO WEEKS for them to restore my old card with my old credit limit. I finally felt that I had received a resolution.

Then, the next day I go to use my card. It declines. Imagine that!! I call once again and spend hours on the phone and finally received a call back from my case manager that my card was cancelled in error AGAIN and she has gotten it restored. I have never in my life dealt with such bad customer service except from the woman at the branch, Jessica. This has financially put a strain on me and I ended up getting screwed all because I wanted to get a better card after finally starting a new career and making better money. Lesson learned. And to top it all off this process lowered my credit score because I applied for a credit card and then cancelled it. And they stated that there was nothing I could do about it except "wait 6 months to a year" to apply for anything else and let it raise back up what was lowered.

This has been a complete mess. From all the reps I talked to, it seemed no one really knew what they were talking about and everyone along the way was misinformed. I do not recommend this company whatsoever. Oh, and don't expect that calls are actually recorded. I asked my case manager if she had listened to the call that took place before my application process with the woman telling me that my old card would work for 15 days. She stated that she could not find this call. I then asked what if this case were to go to court? She stated that not all calls are actually recorded. So take it upon yourself to record calls!! And make sure to ask first and last names of all persons involved!! I only realized this to be beneficial after speaking to the application rep. No one was able to figure out who misinformed me so that they could educate her on policy!! So I'm sure she is out there still telling people that their credit cards will work for 15 days while awaiting new cards. What a mess.

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Original review: Dec. 6, 2016

I reached out today to lower my interest rate or to seek assistance in paying off my balance for a lesser amount. One would think that paying off their balance would be a good thing but I can tell you for Wells Fargo it is not. They would like for me to keep paying their high interest rate as oppose to making some payment arrangement where I can pay off my balance to stop incurring the high interest rate. I am so disappointed and dissatisfied with their financial department. In this day and age where people are trying to pay their bills on time and do what is right; one would think that a financial institute such as Wells Fargo would be considerate to their customers knowing they are swimming in filth at this time. What a waste!!!

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