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I made a dispute on my account for $200 that I paid a Charter school for my son's registration fees. Two weeks later I found out my son wasn't going to attend the school so I asked for my refund. The school told me it was nonrefundable, I said no one told me this nor is it on any of the documents I signed! They couldn't provide me with any proof of this nonrefund rule. My son mother then went up to the school in which she was informed that my son was NEVER registered, they also don't have any paperwork or receipts of my payment. So I called Credit One to dispute the charge. They told me they have to do a investigation, ok fine... A month goes by, I call them back to see what's going on with it. I was told my dispute was complete and "a refund of 200 will be credited to your account within the next 30 days." Well 30 days pass, no refund!

I just received a letter in the mail from the dispute team saying my dispute has been denied because the merchant said there's no refund on it! Mind you all they told me my child was never registered and they don't have any paperwork!! Oh yeah they also had someone else child name on my dispute investigation! Credit One did not handle this situation correctly. I've been a loyal card holders for years, never missed a payment or anything so for them just to take the opposite side with the false documents provided from the merchant was a complete slap in the face!!! I canceled my card and no longer want anything to do with Credit One ever again!

Credit one bank is the worse of the worse. First it took them 35 days to send my card then they suspended the account stating there were fraud charges on the account. After I explained to them that I made the charges, they reissued me another card but, they transferred the charges to the new card, said there was an investigation and I should hear something within 30 days. Now I'm have a card that I can't use and no one within customer service have a clue about what they are doing. I wouldn't recommend this to card company to anyone even if their credit score was a negative 0.

I only applied for a Credit One card to help fix my credit while providing emergency cash. Everything was great. I check my accounts everyday so as soon as I saw a payment due I paid it. Never had a late fee and never overdrew my account. My credit went through the roof due to my new car note and other bills I made sure to pay on time. Since I now have solid credit I have no need for a high interest rate credit card. So what did I do? I paid it fully out and CLOSED the account. You would think that would be it right? Wrong!

You see, I work for a financial company and it's in my nature to check up on things as it's my job. So about a week after I closed my account I log into it online. I noticed that I actually overpaid by only $3.41. Fine. I call to make sure my account is closed at a $0 balance and to tell them they can send me a refund check for my overpayment. They assure me that my account is closed at a $0 balance and they tell me they will send a check for my overpayment. This was in the middle of August. One week later I receive a statement. You don't receive statements for closed accounts. That actually costs the company money due to what we in the banking business like to call maintenance fees. So I called about it. They chalked it up to it being the same month I closed the account. Ok. I'll give them that. Still waiting on that little check.

A month passes and I receive ANOTHER statement of a balance of $0. I call again. I tell them I shouldn't be receiving statements on a closed account that should be closed and that has been inactive. They said they would fix it. I then question them about that check they were supposed to send me and they tell me it takes 6-8 weeks for me to get the check. Strange? It is.

Fast forward to this month. I have received yet another $0 balance statement for a closed, inactive and damn near dormant account. I also still have no check. I called them today to light into them. They are refusing to close my account maintenance. That means that the account is still alive and running and could not only accrue fees (for inactivity), but it could also be reopened by fraudulent means. I was put on hold and then hung up on. I called back and was transferred to a "supervisor" who said I was receiving statements because I was still enrolled in the paperless statements option on the account. I then let him know my line of work. I told him once an account is PROPERLY shut down an statement does not generate whether you were enrolled in paperless or not. It costs money to send paper and it costs bandwidth to send an email for a closed account. It's not a mailing list item. That's beyond inefficient business practices.

What does he say to that? He will un-enroll me in paperless. I ask about my little check and he proceeds to tell me that the $3.41 was the interest on the account. So closed accounts accrue interest now? I asked for his name and he said he could only give his first name but gave me a employee ID number (that's probably bogus). I will be contacting law authorities due to this. I have never in my life had such trouble to close a paid off account and receive a flimsy $3.41 refund. They are horrible in their business practices thus causing many people unnecessary stress and tension doing business with them. RUN FAR AWAY.

I have never written a review before... but I was so mad at these people I am now writing my first. I initially signed up for this card as a credit builder tool. Wow! What a bad choice. When I was done with it, I tried to close it out as it continued to charge me various user fees. So lucky me – I get to call their supposed customer service department. After nice long holds I had the pleasure of speaking to the customer service team Credit One Bank has so nicely outsourced to the Philippines. And man, does it ever show. I had to spend 2 hours over the course of three different phone calls to finally get the account closed correctly and the incorrect fees waived. When I finally thought all was solved... I get a late balance overdue notification in my email. Are you serious!!!

I wasted all that time and the problem still was not resolved??? Absolutely the worst service ever, plus they can barely speak English. One of the "reps" tried to force me not to close the account to "in exchange get the late fee waived". Nice try! Waive one fee to keep slapping me with user fees. Call that service? I don't. I have never been so angry at a company's customer service before. I will NEVER EVER use Credit One again. And watch out for employee ID # ** – he has no idea what he is doing.

I'm not understanding this company! I always send more than the minimum payment. Barely use it. I would go months without using it and still have the same available credit. The rep said the more you send the more the take out for monthly charges! WT... Then, I did the increase that was suppose to cost only $20 from a $200 increase. Not, true! I only seen $100 from that. Stay away. I hope it gets shut down soon. Worst company next to Wells Fargo credit card. This card sucks.

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I recently received my Credit One Card recommended by Credit Karma. Setting this account up was a nightmare. Each attempt lead me to a cannot complete setup because; invalid username, invalid password, incorrect expiration date, etc. I then contacted customer support twice! The third attempt directed me to a barrage of consumer offers, coupons for a fee, a T-Mobile account and many more. I had to use a second phone to reach a representative, it then took many more attempts to set up this account. At this point I am totally paranoid to give this company any banking info, account num. even the name of my bank. I intend to visit my bank and with the assistance of a personal banker pay the small amount on this card off, canceling the card and putting a block on my account for this company prohibiting a payment of any amount. I can only hope I don't make a mistake like this again.

I first heard about the credit card with an offer in the mail for $1,500 line of credit. Now, to be honest I did not read the contract word for word. When I got the credit card I got a $400.00 line of credit. I was not happy about that but I still wanted to keep the card so I can build up my credit. When I got my first bill I was charged for $75.00 and I have not yet made any purchases. WHAT!!! The $75.00 was an annual fee and my monthly bill was $25.00; can you say financial entrapment.

Without hesitation I made a payment for the $25.00 and made a payment for the $75.00. I called Credit One Bank to cancel the card, they offer to have me to pay $50.00 with a credit of the annual fee, I do not know how the credit is going to last so I can not take the risk; and overall that is still too much for a line credit of $400.00. Overall I cancelled the card and now I'm waiting for my refund check to come that is going to showing prorated credits of the final days in my last billing cycle. Here is some good advice, be very careful who you sign for depending on your credit score.

I don't even believe that this is a legal bank. I got confused between Credit One and Capital One and opened an account with them. It's just hard to believe that they get through with that. They just have the same Logo Design which is totally deceptive and makes you sign up with them without even checking twice "a crime". I just realized after I was about to sign up for an online account, that this is not Capital One.

Due to the fact that canceling an account is not healthy for your credit, I was advised (actually by my Capital One bank manager) not to use the card one full year, and this will automatically cancel the account without affecting my credit. While this is not the case with this hoax bank, I am already paying them 8.25 per month for the past three or maybe four years, and I am not using the card, and they keep charging 8.25 per month. They are just making a living on my mistake. This is a total sham, and they shall be prosecuted.

I had this card for over a year and recently need to update my automatic payment information online. I updated, but mistakenly put my credit union membership number in the field instead of my account #. I only realized this when I received a letter saying that my payment was rejected by Credit One. I immediately tried to go online to verify the info. I couldn't access the online Credit One account - a message saying my account was temp. unavailable and to try again later. This happened for a few days. I received a call from Credit One's payment center and they asked if I could make a payment over the phone. Sure thing! I gave them my debit card and it would not process.

Strange - I have money in that account and the payment due was only $8. I gave him another card.... same thing happened so I asked to speak with the manager. The manager comes on the phone and tells me that their payment processing system is down. He tells me that once it comes back up, he'll process the card and give me a call back - estimated time 30 min. Ok, fine.

Later in the day, I tried to access the online system again - nothing. I called to find out why and they tell me it's because my account has been temp. suspended due to incorrect banking information. "OK, let me give you the correct information." I gave her the correct information and she tells me that she cannot accept that info because I'll need to get the bank to send them an account verification letter. I'm over it at this point... really - you're not that important to me. I asked her what the balance on the account was. She says, "There is no balance - but we owe you 25 cents for an overpayment." Um... "So - you closed my account and you owe me money?" I told them to keep the 25 cents and permanently close my account. I have never experienced such horrible customer service with a credit card company in all my life!

This company closed my account with no notice after they took an additional payment out of my personal bank account, that I had to call and stop payment on to keep my bank account from being overdrawn. They said since I stopped payment, that was grounds for closing the account. They said they notified me of account closure and why, which I had never received any noticed. Never get to talk to anyone who speaks plain English. When asked to speak with supervisor or manager, all they tell you is they have telemarketer supervisors. I have had the account for 2 years with never any problems, account paid every month before due date. Have been a loyal customer. However this company does not care about their customers and steal money from them! Beware! Don't get a credit card or bank with this company!!!

Overall, I had a pleasant relationship with this card/company. The interest rate isn't great and they have a startup fee and an annual fee so once I had paid it off this last time I had decided to close it because I have two other cards with lower interest rates and no annual fees. I called to close the account and at first I was speaking to one foreign man who switched me over to another foreign man who (I ** you not) sounded exactly like the first one. As in, I'm pretty sure it was actually the first man who was speaking quieter because a few moments later he raised his voice and if it wasn't the same person then I'm really surprised.

Anyway, just wanted to close my account, I listed a few reasons and the man began telling me that I told the first man (a.k.a. him) that I wanted to close it because of the annual fee which is only "$8.95 so if you just keep it open at the $0 balance you will not be charged an annual fee for this year". "Well I really appreciate that you want to waive the fee but I just want to go ahead and close the account." "My associate said you wanted to close the account because of the annual fee, you will not be charged that so you can just keep it open". "Well sir, that was just one of the reasons and I would just really like to close my account if that's okay."

After about 10 minutes of back and forth when he realized I wasn't going to budge he said "Fine", spit out this whole spiel so quickly I couldn't hear it. And when I asked him to confirm my account was closed he said something, which I assume was "Yes" and hung up. So...maybe my account is closed. I'm going to call tomorrow and confirm. But, wow, if this is their idea of customer service they really need to get their crap together. Heck, I closed my Milestone card not that long ago and they were sweet as can be... Don't get a Credit One card, just go for Capital One. It's a better card and they have much better Customer Service!

I got a random ad for this cc in the mail about 18 months ago. Since at the time I was almost 20 and I was always pushing my TJ Maxx cc I figured I should have another cc. They started my credit limit at around 300. Then soon after randomly my limit went up to 550. I never made a late payment and in fact my payments were typically right after I got my bill in the mail. Meaning my due date was always on the 16th of the month and I would get my bill around the 26th of the month but I normally paid it once it posted via phone call though the auto system I called. This 75$ card fee I never saw but maybe since I was just happy for another cc I never noticed it.

Recently about 3 or months ago and today is 9/26/2016 so about June or July I got a notice in the mail that I could higher my credit limit to $700 for a fee of 25$ or close to that. So I decide to do that. Then the next billing I started to get billed a monthly fee of 8.25$ which I thought was crazy because I never had one. I realized my account had a $700 balance and in order to cancel I had to pay it off. So I decided to do just that. I made BIG payments in order to get it paid off FAST. Once I made my final big payment I called in to cancel. I did get a non clear english speaking person who then transferred me to another non clear english speaking person once I said I wanted to cancel my cc. I was on hold for about 5 mins - nothing super crazy. Maybe it was the time I called which was about 4:30pm est.

I informed them that I wanted to cancel the cc due to the fees and no rewards. I was then Informed we do get awards but never noticed it. Once I looked at all of my statements and yes I have every single one I did see that the reward system was in fact there but I never made a difference to me. Then he also offered me a refund for the month of Sept service fee and October since I had made that as my final payment and also no other service fee for the next 6 months taking it to March since October was included in the 6 months. And since I am currently trying to pay off all my cc and improve my credit score I figured not canceling the cc and just have open credit that's not being used vs what I have against me would help big time. So currently I think it is a good company. I've only had to call this one time and will be keep the cc while there is no fee to have it. I hope this helps. :)

When I opened this account, I didn't know that there would be a monthly fee to have this card whether I used it or not. That's my fault, I know, but trying to close the account seems to be impossible. I contacted Customer Service 2 times to close it but each time it remains open. I refuse to pay the monthly fee because I closed the account before I used the card but I'm still being charged the monthly fee. I'm also still getting emails from them that welcome me to Credit One Bank.

When I spoke with Customer Service, the people were hard to understand because of his/her Indian accent. When I asked for a confirmation number to prove that I closed the account, I was told that they don't have cancellation numbers or any other sort of reference number. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to enroll in (and pay for) a credit company that fixes bad credit before this is over. I got this credit card to help me build my credit but it's going to ruin it instead!

Both my husband and I each have a credit card through Credit One bank. It was very easy to obtain, and we thought it would help our credit. I received my offer for a first card, filled out the application online and it said the card would arrive in 7 to 10 business days. Okay 7 days pass, with no card in hand I received a statement for $75. I called and told them the card had not arrived, nor had I activated it or made a purchase. So they canceled that card and sent me a new one. In that process, I moved and over a year later still have not received the card, but still receive the bill. Back in April of 2016, my husband and I both receive an offer so we fill them out and my third card arrives on day 10 along with a bill. His arrives on day 7, no bill. I call to tell them the same process and they want to send me another card, I told them no. They didn't end up charging me (or us) the $75 until we activated and used our cards for the first time.

Forward to June of 2016. We were struggling a bit because we were in a car accident and the car was "totaled" ending up in buying another car. So we were late in making one month payment. Day one, two, and three we received numerous calls from the bank. On day three, I answered the phone and a CSR told me that if my husband didn't make his payment in the next five days they would send it to collections. I told her, it's only three days late we will make the payment when we get paid. She was hard to understand because she had an accent, but also at the same time was extremely rude. The next few days we still received calls stating the same thing. The day we made our payment, the calls stopped.

Fast forward to September (now) and we had saved up money to pay off one of the Credit One cards. He paid off his card and within two business days, the money is taken out but the statement is not updated. We figure why not wait a couple more days. By the end of that week we log onto the account to see that the balance is $5! We paid it off and they charged us an "interest charge on purchases." What purchase?? We paid off our account and you charge us?!? We looked back several months and every time we paid our balance online, they charged us an extra "interest charge on purchases" EVERY TIME. This same month we also paid off (in full) two Capital One credit cards, and they didn't charge us a dime. If I am allowed to update this at a later time, I will do so keep an updated status on what's happening. My main point: Credit One bank is a WASTE! Do not activate your card!

I misplaced my credit card. I called Credit One to see if there was any activity. Luckily there has not been! While on the phone with the man (who I could BARELY understand), he informed me he was going to send out a new one and charge me $25. I told him I did NOT want a new one, close my account. He insisted that I could call them back and have the $25 removed after I got my card. I insisted that he close the account and he hung up on me. I have tried calling every number to them back and they have blocked my phone number. I get a recording that "their offices are closed", even on the 24/7 phone number.

They kept sending me pre-approved letters. The 1st time I almost fell for it (I thought it was Capital One) when something told me to look at the back. When I saw the high percentage rate and all the fees, I looked at the front again. Ohhh. CREDIT ONE!!! I shredded the 1st one only to keep getting more. "You won't believe the credit limit!!!" They're right about that!!! After reading so many complaints I don't think anyone gets the limit they were quoted. I never responded to them because I was afraid they might try to open an account in my name. I finally went thru the "opt out" and haven't heard from them since. If they do you wrong (especially with your credit report) DISPUTE IT!!!

I had this card for 1 month when I had charges on it from Las Vegas stores. I contacted Credit One by phone and was told I need to put it in writing. Wrote it up. 1st it was denied, then I provided proof that I was not in Vegas and then they reversed it all. However, during this time, I did not have access to my online account and did not receive paper statements. Therefore, I made no payments for almost 3 months. Still showing on my credit! This company is a joke. Now my payment is not due until Oct 15th and they have called me already 4 times this morning! Just want to pay off my small balance and never use them again!

I called credit one bank about my statement as I never received it in the mail for August 2016. I got a woman who barely spoke English and was yelling at me that I knew the billing cycle and billing information. I explained to her that I was paying my balance in full with a check and needed the statement to go with it. And she said that she would mail me a new statement but my bill would still be late. I said that I understood this but I didn't want my bill to be marked as late for something that they never sent me. And I didn't want it to appear on my credit report. This woman told me "not my problem. Is it?" She never let me finish a sentence and when I asked to talk to a supervisor that spoke English and wasn't so rude she told me that No one was available and I said there is no supervisor there.

Her response was, "What did I tell you? Couldn't you understand what I just said? Are you dumb?" My response was, "No you damn **. I'm not dumb but I want to speak to a supervisor. You as a customer service representative are horrible." She said she would take down my number and have one call me back in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Needless to say no supervisor ever called me. I mailed my payment in full 2 weeks ago and they have yet to credit my account. As soon as they do I am definitely canceling this card and won't deal with them again.

I had an account in good standing for more than 3 years. This has been a hard year, my husband died, my household income decreased. I got current, then did not meet their minimum 2 months. Paid them something. Wrote them a letter with a plan to have them paid off with 12 months. Declined this 2 twice. They want over $1,000 this month. I owe $1400 ish. They do not make arrangements.

I thought I was smart. But I guess not!!! I applied to this Credit One Company for a $300 limit. I received my card in a week. When I read the instructions, it stated there was a one time 19 dollar activating fee and a once a month 9 dollar fee for using the card. So my limit now was $272. I spent a 100 dollars so I thought my balance was 172. When I went online to check my balance, the message was "Temporarily Down". So I called the number in back of the card and hit 1 my balance and it said I had a 58 dollar balance!!! WTF!!! I went back online again and it was still temporarily down!!! I waited 2 hours and called back. I hit 1 again and now it tells me I am overdrawn by 52 dollars!!! WTH!!!

So I waited for the following day and went online again and still temporarily down! I called customer service which is a different number than in back of the card and I got a hold of a female server. I could tell right away she didn't have great English-speaking skills. I explained my story and she tells me in a fast pace speaking form that there were two other fees involved!!! I asked what were they? She explained there is a once a year 75 dollar fee and a 10 dollar online fee for paying your bill! I said to hear in a calm manner. I didn't see or read any fee like that. This is when she totally ignored what I was saying and kept telling me I am overdrawn! I told her in a more abrasive voice! "STOP!!! You're not answering my question!!!"

Right then I knew I screwed up! So I said to her that I want to close my account NOW!! I asked what is my total balance that I owe! She said, "You owe $288.13." I said, but that is not over my limit! I asked again! What is my TOTAL balance after the overdraw??? She said, your balance is $288.13. I said, how can I be overdrawn if my balance is $288.13 and I have a $300 limit?? She paused and said "I will calculate!" I waited 30 sec. and she came back and said "you owe $288.13 and you're $52 dollars overdrawn." So I said, can you calculate the $288.13 plus $52? She said, "I guess!" She goes away for another 20 sec. and comes back and says! "You owe $288.13 and 52 which comes to $340.13." I bit my lip and said to her, "I will be sending a certified check and a copy of my cut up card and a letter from the Wisconsin Consumer Agency." She hung up!!!

What confuses me more than anything is that why oh why isn't the government closing these crooked places?? Just like the payday loans that charge over 300% interest which is so CRIMINAL!!! When I went to one of those payday loans I asked the clerk why is the interest so damn high??? She said, "its high because the company has people like you who pay their loan to help pay other loans that don't get paid!!!" So I am paying for others who quit on their contract??? She replied! Yep! I got the hell out of there!!! So people, this credit company is as crooked as it gets. I know if you're living on a small income that it is so tempting to go to these places that make it easy for you to get a card with a credit limit and they promise you your credit score will improve? It will NOT!!! Stay Away from CREDIT ONE!!!

Credit One bank credit cards has to be the most ridiculous credit card company ever. They are such rip off company ever. They should be shamed!!! I can't wait to pay this ABSOLUTE RIDICULOUS CARD OFF. They make it so hard for you to pay your bill online and then if you pay it over the phone they charge you $9.95!!! I got this card to help rebuild my credit, but boy was I wrong. Worse mistake ever. It's just keeping me in debt with them (SAD).

I made 2 payments in August. My payment is not due till October 2nd. They have called me 4 times asking why my payment is late. This is only September 12th. DO NOT GET THIS CARD. THEY ARE A RIPOFF and they will harass you even when your account is up to date.

You haven't even made your first purchase yet, and 2 seconds after activation, YOU OWE THEM $75.00 and then a monthly fee thereafter? If you could afford to give away money, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE A NEED FOR CREDIT!!! This type of practice is ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS!!! The BBB or Department of Consumer Affairs need to step in and put a PERMANENT END to this type of business practice. I am going to cancel this account immediately. Although I will still be responsible for this $75.00, I will pay it, and will NEVER, EVER answer another offer from Credit One Bank.

I received an offer in the mail and was really excited because I thought this was CAPITAL One! I have two cards in good standing with Capital One so I thought that I was receiving another offer. I logged into the site and IMMEDIATELY realized that this was NOT Capital One. I was somewhat disturbed by that, but did not listen to my gut. I was approved for $400. Ok. Whatever. I should receive a card in about 14 business days. Well, I never received the card. Then out of nowhere here's a bill for $75 for the annual fee. I contacted them and an unfriendly customer service rep, with an accent, told me how many days it takes for the card to arrive. I explained that that time period had come and gone. I was being patient but I'm concerned because the bill beat the card to my home. She was unmoved but I said ok and waited another week.

Now an email arrives informing me to activate my card. What card? I called and spoke to someone and that card was canceled and a new one was on the way. Well, the new card came by spaceship because I received that one quickly... followed by a NEW bill a few days later with a due date scheduled for a week later. I was still debating whether to activate or not. I decided on Aug 18th to activate and called them to inform them that the payment date needed to adjusted because I knew that I shouldn't be paying $75 on Aug 21st for a card that was activated on the 18th. I spoke to two or three CSR's who assured me that it was taken care of and that my NEW payment date would be September 21st.

Fast forward to Aug 27th. Roadtrip with my best friend to see a concert. I'm paying for the room. We arrive to the hotel and guess whose card is declined. No problem, right. I spoke to a CSR with a thick middle eastern accent who states that I have not made my payment and would need to pay it AND the late fee. "No". I explained the situation. She placed me on hold for a few minutes because she was having "difficulties with her computer program" at that time. She came back and informed me that it had all been taken care of and the date was changed and late fee removed. Awesome! Right? No. She informed me that my funds would be available for use in 24-48 hours. What???

I became hysterical. An error that had NOTHING to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with them, requires ME to wait 24-48 hours. I began yelling at this point. "I'm OUT OF TOWN and I'm STANDING AT THE HOTELS FRONT DESK... NOW. So how did you all do me a favor by removing the fee and saying that I can use my card in 2 days. I'm OUT OF TOWN NOW with this card and this whole situation is No fault of mine and NO ONE there can click a button, override, correct the error immediately. Nope!" I was transferred to a SUPERVISOR with an accent. He was of little help. It was ALL scripted. They just continued to state "We have removed the late fee for you and everything" should be fine. "For you we have done xyz". "You will have access to your funds in 24-48 hours".

After losing my religion and entertaining all the hotel lobby guests, I told the supervisor to close the account. I couldn't believe that a company would allow their customer to endure that type of embarrassment and not be able to do anything about it. I told the supervisor that Credit One is a company that I cannot do business with and NO I do not care about the points that will drop on my credit report for closing it. Close it now! My friend ended up paying for the hotel so that I did not have to use my debit card and pay additional fees or use my other cards that I'd already made plans with.

This company made SEVERAL mistakes from the very begining but the last straw was them not being able to help me out of an embarrassing situation that was no fault of my own. I'm sure that had I been using a CAPITAL ONE card, someone would have a quick fix for that. If this sounds like a fun for you, then apply for this card and reap the "benefits".

I have always used the Credit One Bank website to process my payments. The amount of time they take to process a payment when made online is very erratic and never consistent. Although they won't admit it, several times it appeared that they actually delayed processing my payment long enough for me to incur a monthly late charge on my account. When I call to discuss my account with them, I always speak to someone that speaks broken English and is very hard to understand. Occasionally they are rude. They are almost never helpful. Luckily, I have a very small balance on my Credit One Card. I will be paying it off and never associating myself with this bank/credit company again. I will tell everyone that I know to avoid this company at all costs.

I accepted a pre-approved offer from this bank because I am trying to rebuild my credit. I used the card one time, 1 week ago and have not received a bill yet. I have spent 2 days trying to log on to their website to establish a recurring payment set up but it does not work. I have reset my password over and over and over again but the site is just not working.

Today I received a call from someone with a thick accent insinuating that I was in collections. I tried again to set up my online account access and it does not work. So then I tried to make a payment over the phone and it only offers "express" payments for 9.95 per payment. Then I called 2 different numbers to ask about their online setup problems and kept ending up at a message that says "Nobody is here to take your call. Goodbye." This company is completely sleazy and underhanded. I am going to pay off the small amount that I charged and never dealing with them again. Nothing is worth this hassle.

Relatively easy to open for a quick credit card. I agreed to pay fee to obtain at $49-$99/yr. Used about $60 credit. Before month was over, found out I owed like $200... How'd I like that?!?!

My personal experience with Credit One Bank has been negative. To be responsible with my credit and paying on time, I have made a very organized plan. Any other credit card I have chosen to have, there have been ways to communicate via secure email with customer service representatives. Some even have live chat windows during certain hours.

In addition, other cards make it much easier to stay on track because they offer auto payment options (and many consider customers who choose this option to be more desired and more responsible *because* the consumer has chosen to take responsible steps to assure payments are made on time every month for the amount required. Those others also offer the option of setting a payment amount ABOVE the minimum due to embrace even more responsibility by reviewing the credit/payoff information they provide each month and how consumers can increase their payments by very minimal amounts yet make greater headway on debts.

Now... having sung the praises of other creditors, I come to this card that I truly wish I had *never* agreed to some time ago. It has been nothing more than an ongoing negative hit. Why? I have tried to find an option *anywhere* on their site to set up recurring or auto payments. It does not exist anywhere. The site will only let you make one payment in 24 hours (common) but there is no option online to set up that auto pay option. Why would a card of this type NOT have this option? Seriously... if the point is to get people to look at their statements and be responsible with payment dates, then why is there even the option to go paperless?

If they are going to offer the option to go paperless (no paper statement coming in the mail) such that the customer gets an email, goes to the site and views the statement, then why can't there be an auto pay option to guarantee that if something happens to the email, there is some software issue, etc... then the monthly amount due is still paid?

I have had several late payment fees (missing the due date by just 24-48 hours). I certainly acknowledge that making sure payments are made is my responsibility. However, the whole *point* of going to e-statements (so I can access anywhere at any time) and *having* auto/recurring payments is to *be* that responsible consumer and take that extra step to make sure correct payment is made by the set due date. Alongside that, the credit score that is reported each month has almost never been correct. Their site has consistently shown a score that has routinely been up to 50 points lower than any other credit monitoring services I employ.

I agree with a number of other people posting negative reviews... the card doesn't really do anything but take money from you and deny you the most basic customer service courtesies to be responsible for your use of credit overall. I would say (personally) TRY ANY OTHER CREDIT CARD OFFER OPTION by researching the options that are out there... the reputation of the creditors, services they offer, interest rates, and *all* of the small print. Even then, as has been posted on this site, I have not found this company to really be customer oriented, there for the consumer, and doing anything of any value that *any* other better credit card can do... for less, much less.

I had my Credit One card put on hold. I applied for a second credit card from them not realizing that it was the same credit card so they put my card on hold. Thinking it was fraud I called them and explain what happened. They wanted a copy of my social security. I refuse to send them a copy of my social security so I sent them a copy of my driver's license. They still have my credit card on hold. I asked him to put it in writing. Why they just wanted a copy of ss % states to get their customer service is beyond the worst thing ever seen in my life. I can't even pay my bills online is everything's been on hold for they can accept my payment over the phone. Do not apply for Credit One terrible, terrible customer service and I would not fax my ss.

This company is fraudulent doing illegal practices. They will charge you to make a payment. And then close your account. They never have a English speaking rep. Never do business with Credit one - complete rip off from start to finish. After they closed my account they called 2 wks later to get more money saying that they could reopen my account. Only because they know that what they did was illegal and breach all contracts. Never deal with them.

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