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Overall, to begin with, I was happy with PayPal credit because it helped me thru a rough time. I got a $800 credit limit. I started paying it off. My minimum payments were about $25. I have not used the card in 3-4 months and have paid on time every month, but somehow I have only $25.11 available after paying $25 for 3 months without spending any money? Called but some foreign lady answered and said it's because of interest. Uhm, no. Worst decision I've ever made. Don't do it.

Paypal offers this line of credit (Paypal Credit), but they won't let you use it. I called them today. The rep told me even though they approved me for over 2k, Paypal will decide if you can buy anything with it. What the hell is that? Well I don't much about business, but you'd THINK, they'd want to get the interest from the product. It's very frustrating. I've tried to buy eBay items of different amounts from $140.00 to $550.00. I've tried different days & times also. Anyone have any ideas? And sorry I don't have an order # since I couldn't buy anything. Plus they don't explain why they decline it. This is what I get: "Your application can't be processed. We're sorry but you won't be able to use PayPal Credit for this purchase. Please choose another payment method". Stupid Paypal.

I was granted a line. I tried to use it. Denied. Over 10 attempts over 2 weeks for ANY amount, unable to use it. PayPal gave me the following excuses: "Try in 15 minutes. Try another browser. Try in 24 hours. Try another merchant. Oh, That merchant does accept PayPal CREDIT. You can't use all of your line" (I wasn't trying to any it would deny ANY amount). Don't waste your time with this. I am going to file a formal FDIC and Consumer Protection Agency and CA Attorney General Complaint.

I have never opened a PayPal Credit (Bill Me Later) account. I recently received a letter dated September 19 stating that I had not been charged interest on my account but would be in the future by Comenity Capital Bank. The letter was the means that I became aware that I had a credit account through PayPal that I had never opened. I called the phone number 866-528-3733 and was told I had in fact opened the account in 2014. The letter said I had opened it on March 5, 2013. They didn't even have a straight story about the date they claimed I opened the account. I asked for the account to be closed. I was told it is now closed, and I hope that is true.

We all know that Wells Fargo employees were opening new accounts without the knowledge of the account holders. Apparently PayPal has been doing the same thing. I assume that Comenity Capital Bank sent out the letters about the interest charge as a subtle way of letting PayPal account holders that they had a credit account that they were unaware of and might want to close. Such a move would have been triggered by the Wells Fargo scandal. Probably anyone with a PayPal account should check to see if they also have a PayPal Credit account that they have no knowledge of. If someone opened a sham account for me, many others are probably in the same boat.

Received 1 pg letter from PayPal credit referring to changes in my account. PROBLEM: I have never opened an account with PayPal or PayPal Credit. I accessed their website and tried to open 'my account'. I was prompted for my email address. That failed. I was prompted for my phone number(s). That failed. I was also prompted to sign up for a PayPal account so I could report the problem. The email option also requires an account. Since I can't login to account I didn't open, I gave up. It was after hours. Called next day. Janeen answered. I explained the situation and it quick was apparent that she wasn't empowered to help me. I asked to talk to a supervisor.

Steve - manager came on the line. I repeated the problem and asked to have my name and address removed from the system. He asked me for my email address and phone number in order to validate my account. I told him my phone number, email address were not in their system and could not be linked an account with my name and address. He told me that company policy did not allow him to go further unless I gave him the information that I'd already proven did not work. He also could be fired if he attempted to access the account in my name if I didn't give him my email address and phone number.

Finally after talking in circles for 45 minutes, it was apparent that he was either unwilling or incapable of resolving the problem. As a closing suggestion he suggested that access the credit rating companies to see if there were any recent records referring to PayPal or PayPal credit. If there were then could open a fraud report. I did recommended research. No negative reports of any kind. Yet someone apparently with access to my information has apparently opened an account in my name and PayPal credit is unable or unwilling remove the bogus account.

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NOTE: Interest and fees charged by a lender cannot exceed fair credit consumer laws. This company is in CLEAR violation of that, and a "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT SHOULD BE INITIATED". PayPal credit is an embarrassment to eBay, and every source that uses them. I dropped my account today, BUT to make my point, I will never again do business with any vendor that uses PayPal Credit as an option. These folks are thieves.

After literally stealing $114.00 from me in fees ILLEGALLY (knowing that they are under the radar and for that amount I wouldn’t cause them grief)… I closed my account, and in the process of paying off charges that I just made THIS MONTH – that were not due yet, I was charged some account termination fee for another $35.00 (seems to be their magic number). In 2016, I was charged $2.16 in TOTAL interest – and $114.00 in FEES. Get that... $2.16 in TOTAL interest – and $114.00 in FEES - so far this year! PayPal Credit will see this message on every available rating site. Hint: In the future – don’t mess with someone that has nothing to lose. You can’t win!

If I could rate them a "0" I would. I opened an account with PayPal Credit in 2014. I was very happy that I was given the opportunity to get this account. Throughout the year I have told many family and friends about how happy I was with PayPal Credit and they have also open up accounts with you. I've made my payments on time, even paying two. I have spoken with several reps from their customer services due to never received a bill. I was told I had chosen to go paperless (NOT) when I opened my account therefore making my account late for $9.78. Was shocked due to my checking is set up for PayPal as well so why would I charge $9.78 and not pay it. Once I got that matter cleared I continued to make payment to pay this account off. My account show it due 15th of the month. Which I gotten burn before because I paid them in advance and still received a late fee due to no payment on the 15th.

So I said, "Ok I'll pay it on the 15th or 16th," due to billing cycle doesn't start over until the 18th. This company is unreal. I still received a $35.00 late fee. I spoke with the very unprofessional rep and her supervisor. They try to belittle you like this is the only credit card you have. I've spoken to many reps from this company and been given the incorrect information and therefore I'm being penalized because I wasn't told this when made payment. This matter should have gotten to this point if reps were more knowledgeable of their company procedures. I would not recommend PayPal Credit.

I had a credit of almost $1,000. I closed account and was promised a check for the credit. I called four times and was told three times "the check is in the mail" which meant "it's not my job mon". Now it's a month and I was advised last Thursday that it would in my mailbox. Debbie said that's what her supervisor said. It's Tuesday and not only has no check arrived. I found out it first went out last Friday. One day after Ms. ** told me it had already gone out. How can a company treat its customers like this. I spoke to someone named Sherell who claimed to be a supervisor and surprise the check is in the mail.

I was offered a $2500.00 PayPal Credit Line with little guidelines on what not to do to bring red flags to a PayPal Credit Account. I still can't use my PayPal account with eBay Purchases or with Invoices.

Purchases are confused as PayPal debit card which is separate. It is auto filled from a bank account so balances are automatically paid and the debit card managed balance restored. PayPal Credit is a loan shark operation hiding behind PayPal debit card. If you make a purchase thinking it is being billed to the debit card and will be auto-paid on time, and it ends up as a "loan" on your PayPal Credit account, you never hear about until months later. Thinking the bill was paid on time, you dismiss it from your mind. Instead, PayPal Credit was laid a trap. You have a "loan" accumulating interest and default penalties of exorbitant amounts. Finally, they call or send a bill in the mail, but by then you will "owe" them huge fees. They know their business model is a scam.

After cancelling my account, they invited me to take a survey online. From the questions you could tell they were worried about consumer fraud. I'm wondering if there is a class action group being formed to file suit. Reporting them to the federal agency responsible for consumer credit cards will probably not work to put them out of business.

Too bad I can't rate PayPal Credit zero stars. It has been the most horrifying experience when it comes to making purchases online and dealing with their customer service, not once but 6 separate times. How can you extend $2200 of credit but allow 1 purchase of $47 and some change? For the last 2 days I have tried to purchase an XBOX One and a few games from At checkout the PayPal page would load then give the option to use my PayPal balance, debit or PayPal Credit. Again... I have $2200 of extended credit. I chose PayPal credit and the payment is turned down. WTF? This happens twice, each time asking me to choose a different form of payment. I try again 4 hrs or so later and this time, it doesn't even give the option to choose credit, it wants me to use my debit card tied to my account.

I call PayPal, go through all the verification processes and troubleshoot the problem. I was told it was a security issue due to the large purchase amount. Ok fine, just verify that the account is mine and answer security questions that only I know right? Wrong! They tried to override the transaction to make the purchase go through... Still denied. They then connected me to the department that handles these issues. Problem fixed right? Wrong! This time they told me to try again after going through all the verification process. It denied the purchase yet again, only this time, locking me out of trying until 24 hrs or so. The PayPal agent that dealt with the situation said the account would reset the next day.

Fine. Day 2=total nightmare from Hell. Exact same thing no matter the merchant. Ended up calling PayPal and PayPal Credit. Both trying to fix the issue; each call reaching blood boiling points due to getting a different total half-cocked BS answer. They would either blame it on the merchant or my account settings along with it being a large amount of over $400. The $2200 available credit is a complete joke and feels like a scam of sorts. What good is giving a man/woman a credit line if you aren't going to allow you to use it? Out of all the credit resources that I've used throughout the years, I can confirm without a doubt, that PayPal and PayPal Credit are the worst service I've ever had the displeasure of using. Due to this fact, I will be paying off the account balance and closing this garbage of a service.

I signed up for PayPal sometime last year. I used it to pay for a couple of things here and there, and returned an item or two at one point. Suddenly when I am checking out I see "You have a $35 credit!" which I think, awesome! I didn't realize I had this but it must have been from my returned items. So I clicked to use the credit. Little did I know that this was signing me up for a CREDIT CARD aka PayPal Credit. I'm a pretty savvy consumer with a legal background, and I could not make heads or tails of it. I didn't know that I even had a line of credit until they sent me a late fee in February! I called, saying I had no idea what PayPal Credit was, I didn't want it, I didn't know I even had it. I was happy to pay the balance but I wanted the late fee waived and the account closed. The lady very nicely agreed to waive the fee, and I paid and I thought the matter was done. This was in February.

Little did I know they did NOT close my account. And when I made a purchase on eBay in July, even though I remember entering in my credit card info, the PayPal Credit account got "magically" selected. So last week I get another bill with another late fee. For an account I never signed up for and had asked to be closed and had not knowingly used. So I call, get the runaround. The lady says she can't waive the late fee because I already used my "one free late fee waiver" per year, which I didn't even know was a thing. I told her the account should have been closed in February. She said someone would have to go back and listen to the recorded call to confirm my story (because sure, I'd make that up) and would call in a couple of days. Of course, I never get a callback.

Fast forward to today, I call back again because now my balance from a $43 purchase in July is $70! All I want to do is pay the $43. But I want the additional $27 waived and my account closed. Account rep 1 - understands my story, admits that even she had been signed up for PayPal credit without her knowledge at one point (before she started working for PayPal, but still... wow.). She understands my story, confirms that my account was closed last week (hooray), but doesn't have the authority to waive the late fee so she escalates my call to a supervisor. This supervisor, Tia, wasn't having it. I explained and explained, she said that "she understood" but she had "made her decision and wouldn't go back on it." What??? She said I must have known what I was signing up for because how else would they have my purchase info? She even raised her voice and said "MA'AM I HAVE TOLD YOU MY DECISION."

So I asked to speak to HER supervisor and she smugly informed me that in order to do so I would have to write in. Wow. Really transparent and helpful, PayPal. So I said "Ok... I don't want to speak to anyone above you, I just want to speak to someone else." It worked! She transferred me to a guy named Matt. Matt (now I've been on the phone close to 45 minutes at this point) listened to my story and then asked "would you be able to pay the original balance today if we waived the late fee?" Um, yeah! He was very nice and walked me through the pay by check over the phone (why they don't let you pay with debit over the phone is beyond me). So finally after two phone calls totaling a little over an hour, I was able to pay the original balance off, and get my account closed. So... win for me?

They may have ended up doing the right thing... sort of... at the very end. But It is extremely deceptive to tell someone they have a "credit" when what you really mean is "line of credit". It's even worse to sign up that person for a line of credit without them realizing it. It's EVEN WORSE to have PayPal credit auto select and repopulate when you refresh a page even when you want to use your normal credit card. It's also terrible to not close a person's account when they ask for it to be closed. It's also terrible to throw the "terms and conditions" in someone's face when it's so clear that what happened was misleading, at best. It's not ok to charge late fees for a line of credit a person never asked for, never wanted, and never knew they signed up for. These are all deceptive business practices in my opinion and I am super leery of this company. Everyone beware!

If I could give PayPal credit zero stars that would be too much. I was online shopping for an elliptical machine. I saw one on Nordic Track website that I liked - I saw an offer to apply for PayPal credit, I was immediately approved for $1500 and purchased that equipment. A few hours later, I saw the SAME machine on another site for $800 so I canceled the initial purchase and attempted to purchase the other one for $800. PayPal wouldn't allow it. I called PayPal credit and they assured me I had $1500 available and there was no problem on their end and that I could purchase it. I tried 3 more times during that evening and each time it didn't go through. I called PayPal credit again and they told me it would work in 24 hours. I waited over 24 hours, tried to purchase and again it didn't go through.

I called PayPal credit again and they said it was because I had to create a PayPal account, which is separate from PayPal credit. OK. I did that. A PayPal representative told me I was good to go & my account would allow the charge. I tried again, and again and once again... still PayPal would not allow the charge. I called PayPal credit AGAIN. They told me the issue was that I needed to link a credit card, so I did that... still didn't allow the charge. I called PayPal AGAIN. They said while we were on the phone together, that I should try to make the charge again. I did, it didn't go through. I was put on hold then hung up on. I called PayPal credit again. I was told that because my PayPal wasn't at 100% that was why they were blocking the purchase. Ok, I asked "What did I need to do to make my profile 100% the rep?" said I needed to link my bank account. OK I did that. Still blocked the purchase.

I got very frustrated and let that day go. Tried again the next morning - still blocked from making a purchase. I called PayPal credit again. They told me that there was NO problem on their end. They put me on hold and told me they were going to try to override it to allow the purchase, but they couldn't do it either and they had no explanation for it. I waited several hours and tried again to make the purchase - still blocked. I called PayPal credit again and they said there was a security issue and put me on hold. The rep came back and said she thought there was a security issue but she was mistaken. She then said that the email addresses on the PayPal credit and PayPal accounts were different, so she straightened that out and assured me that I would now be able to make the purchase, no problem!

I tried again, still blocked. She told me to wait until the system reset itself overnight and try again in the morning, 7 AM their time, 10 AM my time. I waited until 11 AM my time and tried again, no... still blocked. I called PayPal credit AGAIN. I was told by this rep that I needed to try to purchase from another merchant and the problem was with that merchant. OK. I tried through a completely different store. NO, blocked again. I called PayPal credit AGAIN. This time they told me my account was blocked because there were too many attempts to make purchases ! NO kidding!!! They were the ones who kept telling me to try to make the purchase!!!

It's been several days, and the PayPal credit representatives are getting aggravated with my calls. I asked the simple question "if you extended me $1500 credit, they why am I not allowed to use it?" I get varied answers, such as the account is too new, too telling me that's too big of a charge ($800?) when I have a $1500 credit line?? They claim they can't do anything and really don't know the specific reason I am blocked. It's all speculation. I have credit cards available from other places.

Right now this is about principal not the actual item. How can a company ANY company extend credit to you, approve you, then keep blocking you for no real reason? I am not an online shopper, that's my wife's job. She has had a PayPal account for years, and anytime I want anything online (rare), we have used her account. I just so happened to see this one piece of equipment that offered a decent monthly payment with good terms for 18 months and I figured I'd apply. Never ever again will I use PayPal for anything. Due to this horrifying experience my wife is considering utilizing other payment methods for her numerous online purchases.

I had a PayPal credit account for years. I always paid as agreed. When I opened the account my FICO was 680 currently it's 725. My balances on revolving are lower than they have ever been. I was just advised that my account was closed without notice.

It was NOT clear to me that PayPal Credit is NOT associated with PayPal. I thought I could use a $2 credit with PayPal to pay part of a small charge I had with PayPal Credit ($130). Did not happen. This $2 difference built up to over $20 in late charges before PayPal Credit bothered to send me a bill in the regular mail. I may have deleted or sent to spam the email notices, but I could not find any in my inbox. When I called, PayPal Credit admitted they had on record that I had closed my account with them, but somehow, they never contacted me to clear up the misunderstanding about the less than $2 difference between what I had paid them and what they thought I owed. 8 months later, I finally get the bill in the mail with all these late charges and notification that the bill had been sent to collections. AAAARRRGHH!!!

Paypal credit is the worst credit company I have ever dealt with! I have paid them numerous payments even weekly of large amounts to get my bill down and they have charged me $35.00 for a promotional purchase that I paid off months ago! They told me I have to call in when and state that I wanna make a payment to a promotional purchase. Never was I told that when I signed up with them! They are sneaky. After paying off my promotional balances I have been charged every month around $8 in interest even though I am putting way more than the minimum payment there. They told me if I put more payments there the interest would be less and no it's not. It's the same. I am so close to paying this card off and will immediately cancel afterwards! Never again! Do not ever apply with paypal credit! They suck your money and they suck. Period! They are losing a great paying customer...

What a scam this is. They lure you into opening an account, hand a hard credit report and approve you for a line of credit. Mine was 2800.00. Have tried on several occasions to use and have only had one transaction of 22.00 accepted. Any and all other transactions did not have the PayPal credit option when checking out on PayPal and wanted to take the money out of my checking account or another credit card. What a joke PayPay Credit is. Had I done the research prior to opening the PayPal credit account, I never would have applied or accepted it. Do yourself a favor and save yourself a lot of hassle, stay away from PayPal.

I spent the good majority of my morning yesterday talking to these idiots. I signed up for PayPal credit recently and was approved. I went to make a purchase and it would not give me the option. Called PayPal (3 calls) to get it "resolved". The woman that "fixed" it unlinked it from my PayPal to a new PayPal. NO GO. Since it was a new PayPal I still couldn't use it. Called these idiots back and got it switched back over. Due to adding it back it limited my account. I had to call 4 more times to get it fixed. Still not resolved. Finally after the 11th call, and 4 managers it was fixed right? Wrong. I went to make a purchase using credit... and when I looked in my bank account PayPal reverted it to processing the payment through my actual debit card. I am deleting my account with them today and filing another complaint with the BBB. These people are complete and utter morons. NEVER do business with them!

Very simply I asked for them to research a company I purchased from just to determine which computer I had. I also contacted the seller that promised a return call. Seller gave me 2 tracking numbers. No call from seller or PayPal. PayPal works with dishonest merchant services to run up credit charges. Then closes your account under dishonest dealing with seller. Stay away from their credit division. Merchant Rakuten. Also sold me a computer that they didn't have in stock.

Previously known as "Bill Me Later" this company will intentionally hold on to your payments in order to scam more interest out of you. And it builds, and builds, and BUILDS. We paid what we owed ($54) on time, but they held on to it and charged us $30 interest. When we didn't pay it, they continued to charge us interest. And finally when the interest was $170, we wrote a letter to consumer affairs who got in touch with them. They reduced the overcharges to $50. Still haven't paid it. They said they closed the account and aren't charging us more interest. But they are. Don't ever use this "service".

Requested a check less than 5 minutes ago and they want to charge $15 fee to cancel it. It costs $1.50 to send it out. What kind of crap is this? That is an outright scam!

PayPal is tricking people into signing up for their credit!!! They tricked me into signing up, and then they DID credit checks with Equifax and the other agencies. This has brought my credit score down. I have contacted my attorney. We should all get together and file a lawsuit against PayPal. They are dangerous and they will deceive you and ruin your credit. Beware of PayPal!!!

Accumulated over $100 in fees on an accidental $5 purchase in 5 months. Of course they don't notify you of a past due payment until they a nice big pile of fees... Closing account required calling in and had me on and off hold for an hour.

Whoever concern it maybe. My identity was stolen several years back. Someone open up an account in my name. I got a police report and sent it to them so it rocked on for a while. They finally figured out it wasn't me. Till this day they will not let me open up an account with them all because what someone else did. I think it's pretty lame for them to hold it against me. I hardly ever complain but this PayPal Credit is a damn rip off, high in interest and payment wise. So beware of this business or whatever they consider their self. I think ebay needs to get someone else to handle the money situation on selling and buying. Paypal credit will never get my business on financing wise. Far as my concern they don't exist.

I very rarely write bad reviews for businesses. Usually if I am dissatisfied with something, I stay away from the company or product and that was the end of it. In the case of PayPal Credit, they made me so angry I literally made an account at ConsumerAffairs just to report them. I was the victim of identity theft - someone opened a PayPal Credit account without my knowledge or authorization. Obviously, the person used an e-mail account that does not belong to me, so whatever it was that he bought (assuming he even bought anything; for all I know it could have been a phony purchase made to a fake business that doesn't exist), I was not notified of it at all. However, the mailing address on the account does belong to me.

So what happens? Due to PayPal Credit's deferred payment plan, I was unaware of the whole thing until 6 months later, when I got a "Late Payment" notice from PayPal Credit in physical mail. I called them right away about this, expecting I would be able to sort it out easily - you know, like in the case of credit card frauds. If your credit card gets stolen or charged fraudulently, they immediately freeze your card and issue you a new one, and that is that. They don't make the customer do all the legwork or handle the legal mess.

Well NOT PayPal Credit. The first guy I spoke to on the phone was already very rude. He basically did not believe that those "purchases" were not made by me (made some comment about "Yeah I am just trying to make sense of this - why would you - I mean someone - buy this and then blablabla"). I told him once again that I have no idea what was purchased, and that I NEVER opened a PayPal Credit account (it's something that requires an approval process, like a credit card application - I would remember if something like that took place).

Somewhat begrudgingly the customer support guy agreed to send me an affidavit to sign. He also asked me if it would be okay for PayPal Credit to release the account information to the authorities for investigation, to which I said "Yes" (I was therefore under the impression that they would report this to the police or their own legal department or whatever - you know, the way normal banks/credit card companies do it). He also assured me on the phone that my PayPal Credit account would be closed and that any further attempt by anyone to create a PayPal Credit account in my name would cause me to be notified.

About a week later the affidavit arrived (basically just allows me to declare that those purchases were not made by me etc.). I signed and returned it, and didn't hear back from them for months (this all took place in February), so I figured everything was taken care of. Came late June, and I get ANOTHER late payment notice. No explanation or accompanying letter, nothing. Basically just "You still owe us money". I was like "What the hell?" So I called PayPal Credit again, and they told me it's the same bill as before, because "preliminary investigation" results showed that I am still responsible for the charge.

To make matters worse, they couldn't even tell me ANYTHING about the PayPal Credit account in question - for example what was purchased, and what e-mail address the person used to open the account. They actually made me fax a request for account info over - yes FAX, who the heck uses fax anymore? It's the ** 21st century - because what, there's apparently some sort of security info I can't give over the phone instead of fax to verify my identity?

That's not even the end of it. A few days later after I faxed my info over as instructed, I got a letter from PayPal Credit, saying that I need to send in ANOTHER copy of my request form - in MAIL - along with a copy of my government ID (it also said copy of the ID and the information request form delivered over fax is not acceptable). WELL WHY COULDN'T THEY TELL ME THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE, INSTEAD OF MAKING ME RUN AROUND IN CIRCLES??? So now I have to send them a physical mail, just to get some freaking basic info about the account (such as the purchases made and the e-mail address the account was made under), AND then I have to file my own police report before PayPal Credit would even take any further action to investigate this case.

The sheer stupidity and incompetence on display here is simply stunning. I have never felt so abused and dismissively treated by a business WHILE being a fraud victim. I've been a PayPal customer for OVER A DECADE and have a perfect track record on my account, always paid my purchases and bills immediately etc. - and PayPal Credit actually thinks I would risk all that to pull this little stunt? If it weren't for the fact that PayPal is now used by every single online shop, I would close my account in protest of the way I have been treated (I know PayPal Credit is technically a different branch from PayPal, but still, they are associated businesses). The notoriety surrounding PayPal Credit is TOTALLY true. Stay away from this horrible company/service.

When I was sent the MasterCard from PayPal credit I called and spoke to someone in regards to the $4,600.00 I was told was mine to spend and that the balance on my PayPal smart account would be put on the MasterCard and I said "then how do I have $4,600.00 dollars to spend?" I was told that the amount was above the balance that was being put on there and it was mine to spend and that the items I purchased would be added to the smart balance that was put on the PayPal credit card... Well not only was I told this once but three (3) different times I called wanting to make sure I fully understood! I am in a wheelchair and was so excited as I was needing to buy a new chair and purchase a machine for my legs and go back on Nutrisystem to finish losing weight to get rid of the type of diabetes I have.

Well I had already started finding out about the machine and wheelchair - so I called Nutrisystem and the man helping tried to put the card thru 2 times... so I called and was told that I only had .44 cents available and after numerous phone calls no one was willing to admit I had been lied to and I told them I wanted the typed phone calls and for them to listen to all three calls I made and what liars they make out of the people that work for them! I wasn't wanting to buy stupid stuff. I needed these items to help the quality of life and the stone cold person I was talking didn't care... What jerks. I have problems with PayPal not getting their payment posted on time and it was there so many things and what if I had not activated the MasterCard if they are doing away with PayPal smart accounts?

Ok so I was in between my pay period at work so needless to say I was broke until the following week. I was at work and starving so I decided to sign up for PayPal credit to order some food from GrubHub. The purchase was like $16 bucks or so. No biggie since I would pay off balance the following week. Anyway, I made the purchase and GrubHub gave me the option for Paypal and then I selected credit. After purchase I logged into Paypal to see the balance on the Paypal credit and sure enough the $16 was there Great! Well the following week I look at my bank account and I see that paypal was trying to take the $16 purchase from my bank (mind you I had only $1 in my account), which caused me to get an overdraft fee of $34.

I called Paypal and they gave me some excuse that merchants have a right to decline paypal credit. WTF... why would they do that if they had that option on their site. I asked if there was anyway in the future that I could do to prevent this from happening and basically I got no. So any purchases made would be a gamble if they accept paypal credit or not. I'm still not understanding why GrubHub would have that option if they don't accept paypal credit and just paypal by itself. That means my bank account is open for them to extract money from my personal account all willy nilly. (Why would I use paypal to extract funds from my personal account if I have a debit card).

Anyway the only thing they could offer me was a typed email to my bank stating to pls reverse the overdraft fee, which my bank didn't need to dispute the charge. Needless to say once paypal collects their $16 buck, I will be closing all accounts with paypal. I would rather get a real physical credit card for emergencies... at least I know it will go through. So a $16 purchase cost me $50 dollars.

Ordered artwork from Checked out with PayPal Credit. That's credit stand alone with PayPal not linked with checking or credit card. PayPal credit gave me a line of credit, ordered picture from PayPal Credit authorized my Visa card, charged for 144.00, then realized their mistake, and d/c my Visa card from my PayPal Credit account. In the meantime postal service lost art work. will not return money to my Visa card because was charged by PayPal Credit. PayPal Credit will not accept return money because they d/c Visa card from PayPal account after discovering their mistake. Now no money or picture. Tried to cancel.

I had a problem with my PayPal Credit account and knew that moneys that were supposed to show up as available credit as I kept paying off my promotions, was not showing up. When I spoke to the reps, several of them sometimes several times a day, they would often imply that their "computer system" could not be wrong. They also keep saying that the numbers balance out so it must be correct. I told them "you can have wrong numbers balancing out and that does not mean they are correct!" Many times the reps made me feel as though I was some idiot who did not understand. In one case I got into a heated argument with a "supervisor" who insisted my balance was a certain amount and it was not!

Finally after I stopped using my account, I spoke to a supervisor who said she would do the accounting and get back to me. She sent me an email and it was clear as day that there were mistakes. I pointed out the mistakes and now she has agreed to go through the issue again and send it to their back office for correction. Their head office is in MD. I live in MD and threatened to go to the office and complain if the situation was not addressed. My advice is never listen to the reps. They say they had a computer glitch in May and that could have caused the problems. Whatever it is, don't accept that the reps know what they are talking about.

This place is awful!!! I should have read all of your reviews giving it one star. I bought something in May, was billed 19.99 for it, by the June bill it was in collections and I owed 26.99 and then when I called on June 17 it had jumped to $53. WHAT!!! I knew the interest rate was out of this world but my bill more than doubled in two months and they ruined my credit. This is a POS company so beware. I will never order anything ever through any PayPal account. What they do is criminal. I can't believe they are allowed to take advantage of people like this. Anyone want to champion a class action suit?

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