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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 14, 2023

I brought ring battery and solar panel from Ring Website. I paid in US DOLLAR, but they return it to me in CAD DOLLAR!

I phoned ring customer 4 times but I still didnt get return label yet. Every agent said " I will send it to you 24-48 hours" but after 5 days, NOTHING in my mailbox. Ring Team used this way to stop me to return the product.



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Reviewed March 22, 2023

When I started using Windows operating system back when Windows 3.11 came out. I mostly saw incremental improvements that benefitted Windows as an operating system. Then as Windows 8 came out and subsequently Windows 10 and 11, I saw a change in what Microsoft considered an operating system. It became much more involved in pushing an ecosystem built on purely Microsoft software and services. Even making it more difficult to change to a third-party web browser. But also collecting a lot more data on its users. The once basic platform to run software has now become its own intrusive and bloated install filled with stuff many users do not even want. Some of it you cannot even uninstall, and also mostly forcing you to use a Microsoft account whether you want to or not. It's even worse than the old days of Internet Explorer where it mostly was the only browser usable.

Today Edge cannot be easily uninstalled much like Internet Explorer. In fact, it's worse because there are plenty of good browsers out there that are not given the same respect of the OS (Windows) as Edge is. At this point, after decades of using Windows I do not do so as a choice but as a reluctant user with little choice but to endure the whims of Microsoft. But I am close to saying enough is enough with Microsoft's unwillingness to respect an equal place on its operating system for third-party apps that directly compete against Microsoft apps. Windows as a OS should be neutral in how it handles any and all applications.

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Reviewed March 21, 2023

I purchased two subscriptions for premium game play and neither were applied to my account. The money was paid but no benefit derived. After two different phone calls totalling nearly an hour which included transfers to five different people, the problem still could not be resolved. I asked for a refund of my money and was told they couldn't transfer me again because the "queue" was full. They supposedly will call me. I believe their customer service model must be based on the theory of transferring until the customer hangs up.

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Reviewed March 1, 2023

I have been blocked from my business account due to nonpayment as the checking account changed. I have been trying to reach out to any customer service agent that can help and it's so hard to talk to live person. I have been dealing with non support for few days and my business is being affected. They are no help, despite being an online product service.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2023

Microsoft Edge/Microsoft Updates are forced on most laptops/desktops. I have tested and proven that Microsoft Edge raises laptop/desktop temperature 30 degrees. While installed and playing a game, my laptop temps averaged 97 degrees. After deleting Microsoft Edge and its related properties as well as suspending its updates, the same game ran at 60 degrees. Edge runs in the background even when closed, as well as Phone Link. The increase in heat would damage your system, if playing resource intense games. Microsoft Updates/EDGE should not be forced on the consumer for this reason.

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Reviewed Jan. 26, 2023

Called for help with low brightness of display 5 days ago. 3 days, and 4 techs later, I discovered it was my monitor causing issues. They never asked me to check that, or did so themselves while they had control of my computer! During that time I had techs update, download, and destroy my Windows 10 operating system. 2 days ago I was sent to a "level 2" tech, and over the course of the past 2 days, I was advised to do this, and check that, and the tech taking control of my desktop PC 4 times, and finally advising me of many problems with my system, and PC, which did not exist before the first tech touched my Computer.

I believe Microsoft, in the greed which so obviously motivates them, no longer cares about fixing their product flaws, and instead wants to make you buy a new operating system, to download the latest software, update to a "newer" computer, etcetera! I now sit with a computer which has NO SOUND (since the 2nd day tech started things which have made my computer useless to me!!!!) I think I will have to go to Macintosh route from now on, as MS cares less, and is motivated ONLY BY GREED!

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2023

My son made an unauthorized purchase yet when I called Microsoft to try and trace his purchase they would not help me so they were basically being accessories to my son committing fraud. And he is a minor too besides so I as the parent was trying to figure out whose credit card he used and they wouldn’t do anything!! Instead the guy tried to tell me how to parent my child instead of helping the situation so my son got away with fraud and Microsoft is ok with people stealing from them too apparently. So minors get away with stealing credit cards and making unauthorized purchases online. This state is ridiculous and so is bail reform. Microsoft does not care about their customers.!

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Jan. 17, 2023

I purchased 3 Microsoft surface tablets for my children. Pro 4; Pro 6 and Pro8. They all broke and gave issues within 1 year and had to be returned. The Pro 4 tablet did not offer a extended warranty plan and after paying almost 600.00 for the tablet it is now holding a trade in value of 6.43. Even if it worked, the value is on 45.00. My Fire HP which I paid less than 300 for has had no issues and is now 4 years old. It has out lasted and outperformed Microsoft which seem to be a complete RipOff to the consumer. Buyer BeWare: Do Not Buy Microsoft!!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2023

I would give negative 5 stars, this doesn't deserve to exist, it keeps on banning the websites I use. I wouldn't say I like this website. Its creations are trash and I hate everything about it. My parents force me to use it, even though I support google. Worst search engine ever.

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2022

Last week my screen went completely black and I had no functionality even though I had power. I had to make two trips to the Best Buy store located in Grand Junction. They updated my computer. Now I find my mouse is non-functional. I attempted to contact Microsoft twice-but they either ignored me-or kept sending me to "settings" which was total nonsense. This is a company I view as similar to Twitter nowadays. They intentionally create a problem, then refuse to correct it. I am guessing they want to me to spend more money on another brand new computer only so they can (again) place barriers that would cause my computer to to be non-functional again. My opinion is that Microsoft is just as corrupt as other companies who agitate for more profits in lieu of selling a credible product.

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2022

First of all, if I could give negative stars I would. I purchased a Surface Pro 8 for college through Costco 6 months ago. I got a standard warranty with it, but they failed to tell me that the standard warranty doesn’t cover physical damage (cracked screen, liquid damage, etc.). I contacted them to try and get a replacement and they told me that I needed to purchase the complete warranty within the first two weeks of purchasing it, because the standard warranty doesn’t cover that. First of all, Costco failed to tell me that there was even another warranty option for physical damage. I received a reward card that has almost enough to cover the out-of-warranty repair, but they said they couldn’t use two different cards to pay for the replacement, and the people at customer service were so unhelpful.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2022

'Boy what as bad idea that was! I clicked on 'delete **'. And clicked on 'add new number'. I added my new number to show the last four numbers, '**'. Then, it happened, the Microsoft security note said that it will need to verify my number to make sure it was 'ME' doing the change. But it was going to text my old phone number. That phone and the number was disconnected from my phone service. So, the number and the phone were both no longer valid! I clicked 'If you do not have any of these, use the 'authenticator' app. But the authenticator app is on my old phone, and that is no good. And the 'authenticator app' that is on my new phone is not valid because Microsoft will not use it because Microsoft can not verify that it is ME who is changing my number!

I have tried for now 5 days, trying my best to log onto my 'good' laptop. But now, thanks to Microsoft, my use to be 'good' laptop has now crashed and burned because Microsoft has restricted EVERY site that is controlled by Microsoft....which means, EVERY site! I have three regular size laptops and one small 'Acer' that I can't use because Microsoft will not let me update the friggin 4 numbers!!! I have called the Microsoft main phone numbers, but NO ONE who works for Microsoft can help me...."It's a 'security' issue"! And the recording on Microsoft website tells you, 'if you have a technical issue, go to and it will be addressed'....THAT IS BULL! The site shows NOWHERE that offers help! Monday morning, the 19th of December, Microsoft will get a phone call from a VERY perturbed user! Microsoft has the monopoly on internet sites, and if you have a problem....well, their motto is...."sucks to be you".

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Reviewed Dec. 16, 2022

I have 3 surface laptops, 2 of which have had spots appear on screen which eventually lock the laptop. I have recut the laptops and tried everything I can find with no luck. The closest I came to resolving it was to disable the touch screen and that only worked until another issue appeared. Eventually both laptops were continually locking and became unusable. This is a common issue with these laptops and Microsoft needs to deal with it.

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Reviewed Nov. 23, 2022

I ordered an Xbox bundle online. The delivery date came and went. I spent time online with their agent, who couldn't answer me. I can't get a refund because it's 'in delivery.' I can't get a new delivery date because Microsoft doesn't know what happened with the order and have to investigate. FedEx says they never got the package, so I can't track the supplied tracking number. Microsoft gave me no answers, and they just said I'd get an email. So they said... I'm still waiting (yet, I'm out nearly $1000 with zero answers). Nice one, Microsoft. Nice one.

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2022

I don't have any problems with Word until Microsoft decides they need to improve things. After the updates, I have to reset everything. I'm not talking about the usual stuff but random things. After the last update, my folders no longer showed contents with folders first. They were at the bottom of the list. None of my Word documents could be saved after working on them. I had to resave everything. And I'm talking about hundreds of documents. I write and do editorial work on my computer. This was a HUGE problem. But Microsoft doesn't want to hear from its customers because I couldn't find anyplace on their website to leave a review. And I doubt that they read the ones left here.

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Reviewed Oct. 11, 2022

I went to cancel my subscription on October 11th, 2022, when I noticed there was no option for a refund in the Xbox menu. I wanted a refund because I had just been charged for the quarter and I wouldn't be using Xbox Live anymore. Because I didn't know my password and was unable to recover my account, I have been unable to contact any form of customer support (web chat, email, phone, etc.), because for all of those you need to have access to your account, or else Microsoft just doesn't offer that form of support anymore.

I've now been trying to get a refund for two hours. I've called in a number I got off (Microsoft hides all their support numbers online so no one can find them) and I talked to a rep that was unable to recover my account or request my refund. She told me she'd transfer me to a supervisor. She's had me on hold for 30 minutes while she periodically checks back in to tell me she will transfer me to a different supervisor because the previous was unavailable.

What is clear is that this entire system is designed to make it impossible for those who have lost access to their accounts to request a refund. I am certain that Microsoft must make a lot of money from this anti-human policy. For this reason, I have decided to open a lawsuit in small claims court and to file a consumer complaint with my attorney general.

Still, no matter what I do, Microsoft refuses to allow me to request a refund because I don't have access to my account and provides no legitimate way for me to recover my account. This is textbook fraud, but since Microsoft is such a big corporation, they get away with it. Not anymore. I'm going to take this all the way to the supreme court if I have to.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2022

With Windows it seems to start with updates. Updates announce a coming Tsunami of issues. This last time began like the last have. Updates got more frequent until stopper happened. Edge asserted itself as the wannabe dominant default browser first. I finally moved to it, found it to be faulty and when I moved back to Google I was attacked. I have lost my Settings app. Without it I can only operate on a superficial level. Imagine that. My mouse can only right click on my start button. That brings up the background list and important things like Settings don't activate. I have looked around for help and I see a lot of the same complaint. I tried one Microsoft answer that did nothing. Norton was very active...watching all of this with no help. I suspect Norton. It has happened before with Norton involved. I need a new computer...possible not windows... and a new security program. **

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Sept. 18, 2022

I have had a few Surface tablets over the years including the very first model, all worked fine. Since then, I have had laptops from many different companies with varying quality etc. It was time for a new laptop so I thought I would try Surface again, big mistake. I bought the Surface Pro 8 with i7-1185G7 at 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz; 16 gigs RAM and a 256gig SSD. It seemed to be acting a bit "strange" from the beginning, but I thought it was me adjusting to this tablet. Well, it all went downhill from there. I contacted Microsoft support a few times, they had me re-install Windows a few times but every time a new issue would come up. After several support sessions they said that the hardware was defective, and I needed to have a replacement.

I thought that was ok until they said it would be a used "reconditioned" unit that would function perfectly. Having had "reconditioned" units in the past I knew that I was just acquiring someone else's issues. Plus, I had only had the unit for just over two months! So, I said that I would rather upgrade to a different model and pay the difference. Because this had gone on so long the 60-day period for return/exchange had passed. I was told by one agent that Microsoft had a trade-in program, so I checked it out. The amount that Microsoft wanted to give me for two-and-a-half-month-old Surface was $180!!! I paid over $2000 for it. My issue and request was sent to a "team" and they said because my Surface was bought 90 days ago, I would only receive a used unit and no return and upgrade.

Needless to say, I said no and will relegate it to the few things that it can still do. I would never buy a Microsoft product again. Over the years I have been a loyal customer and apologist of theirs. I've had many Surface units, countless Microsoft laptops from many different manufacturers, three Surface phones (remember them?) etc. They have made clear that they have no interest in customer service, all they want is our money and get lost.

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2022

I am not totally computer savvy, so I find some of Microsoft Office not user-friendly. The Calendar has no holidays, there should be a pick of holidays to add to the calendar. The folders on the desktop screen are either too large or too small, and they do not alphabetize and do not seem to be able to be put in rows, there is not a file cabinet view. The text of what is within the folder should be on the folder as an option, not just below the folder. Basically, this software seems okay if one does not have a lot of work, but not the greatest if one has a lot of work. When I renewed my Office, the icons did not appear on my desktop screen, I have to login for them to work, and this has never happened before and I have Microsoft Office for decades. It is difficult to set up outlook and maintain it, so I do not use it.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2022

Broken/defective product game didn't deliver what was promised with false advertising and gameplay. Downright unplayable, Buggy glitchy mess. When I asked for a refund after owning it for less than 24 hours with less than 3 hours of playtime, they denied me. Buyer beware Microsoft even tho they state clearly they offer refunds for digital purchases. When you try and request a refund they will tell you they don't offer it at all. When are these companies going to be held accountable for selling broken products?

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2022

10/10 do not recommend ordering from Microsoft. My husband and I knew we would not be available to receive a package at home so we put the delivery address as my work address where it could be delivered. Microsoft took it upon themselves to change the delivery address to our home address. It has been a week and still no Xbox and we are out $500 and can’t even get ahold of someone to help us. I will never order from Microsoft again.

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Reviewed Aug. 18, 2022

I've had this laptop for years and I regret every moment of having it. Every time I reach out to some one in customer service they never care to help me with the problem or even try, they also refer me or transfer me to someone else or HP and in the end having to be transferred more than once is a issue. NO one at Microsoft takes ownership of the customers' issues, let alone foster an environment where it sounds like they care about our issues and really want to help. Today I ran into another software issue where the laptop out of nowhere for the first time decide it wants to restart and ask of a BitLocker Key which HP states always happens on its own with Microsoft computers. I despise calling into Microsoft. It's the worst company I ever dealt with. I'm in school and have had more issues with this computer than any other brand of maker. I will definitely be shopping for another computer this weekend.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Aug. 16, 2022

The rep who sold me the Surface lied to me and the company refuses to honor the $100 post-sale credit they promised. Even though it was written and saved in the chat log. Two follow-up chat conversations and a very long phone call to sales support and each time was told "we can't do anything, but we've put a note in for the chat rep and they will contact you tomorrow to fix this". All **. No one ever follows up. Asking for a manager gets you hung up on. Which means another 30 minutes on hold or waiting for a chat rep to respond. I will never buy another Microsoft device again.

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Reviewed July 28, 2022

As a news source, really bad. Content stays on for days and becomes irrelevant - not helpful if news is what they want to provide. Also, have to sort through so many ads to get to actual information, again, if you are trying to be a news source, make me sort through the news to find the ads, not the other way around. Also, many of the stories are related to controversial issues and the most inflammatory take on them rather than just reporting the facts - amusing some people think MSN is liberal - most links are to Fox News. Not saying Fox is bad, I choose a variety of sources to get balanced coverage on issues, but liberal, MSN is not.

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Reviewed July 20, 2022

I wish I could rate lower than a 1/5. I ordered a Surface Pro 7+ bundle back in March 2022 with the type cover keyboard being shipped in mid-May 2022. While FedEx lost the type cover package, I have contacted Microsoft customer support five separate times to handle the issue. They kept blaming FedEx, however, they did not offer a solution to resolve my problem. I did everything that they told me including filing a claim with FedEx on June 2 which FedEx sent to Microsoft to approve and no response so the file was closed 3 weeks later. I had to reopen the file with FedEx and try calling back Microsoft to approve it. I have asked Microsoft several times if they could resend the type cover and they said that they could not each time. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they said someone would call me back within 10 minutes and then another 3 weeks went by with no phone call.

Then they told me they would give me a reference number for a credit towards the type cover which is not in stock and they do not know when it will be back in stock. They said that I need to keep checking back and call when it is available to reorder. I asked them if they could just send one to me once it is back in stock, however, they said that they would not do that. I have wasted so much time and it has been over two months since the package was lost and dealing with Microsoft. They are not helpful and this is a very upsetting experience. I am going to return my surface and go buy an Apple instead. I have always been an Android person, but at this point, I want to get rid of all Microsoft products.

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Reviewed July 11, 2022

I received an email from the actual legit Microsoft support saying there was a sign-in activity from Ukraine, and it gave the IP address and other information. Sent from account-security-noreply at dot com. But when I manually checked my "recent activity" in my Microsoft account, no such sign in was listed, either successful or otherwise. I contacted support about it, and after over an hour of trying to convey the issue, they finally just stated "it's fine, don't worry about it. You are secure." At which point I asked them why this happens, to which they replied "it is the random emails. Don't worry about it."

So of course I asked "Random emails?" But they continued to just say "Your account is secure. There is no sign in from Ukraine, is there anything else I can help you with?" After having gone AFK for a long time as if to check for the activity... It was very suspicious and I asked for a transcript of the entire chat. They insisted there would be one. When I asked for reasons why I would receive an email from them about unusual activity that isn't showing up in my recent activity, they said they'd 'forward' it to a tech team." So I requested they email the transcript AND give me the case number for this 'forwarded' case. They insisted it would be emailed after I stopped talking with them on the chat.

I insisted they email it beforehand. He gave me the current case number. I requested the case number of the FORWARDED case, and he said it's the same number... After being promised an email of the transcript of course I hang up and no such email was ever sent. So I ask you, would you feel safe knowing you received a legitimate email from Microsoft saying unusual sign in activity has been reported from another country, only to be told "nah don't worry about it. It's totally fine. That didn't happen. That email was just random." So what is Microsoft actually doing with my account info? Are they picking and choosing what actually gets reported to me?

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Reviewed June 30, 2022

I am a 74-year-old, long-term Hotmail subscriber. Before moving permanently to Guatemala on 4/22/2022, I sold my computer. I forgot my Hotmail password. All my sources of income, bank accounts, and tax records are available only by electronic communications in that Hotmail account. I spent countless hours filling out Microsoft online forms, only to be denied access to my Hotmail account every time. Much research revealed I cannot contact Microsoft by phone, chat, or text to explain my situation and prove my identity conclusively with voluminous evidence. In the decade or two that may remain to me, I could lose over a million dollars due to Microsoft's actions. Many people serve long prison terms for doing far less harm than that. If only Microsoft would communicate with me personally, this grand problem could be solved so easily.

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Reviewed June 8, 2022

Who's gonna cure malaria then? How does Windows get worse with each passing day? Why on God's green earth does the run taskbar in the lower left corner search the internet? Why is it set to be the priority? I want to find and use the functions which are built into my computer. We don't need to rebrand them as "apps"; they should only require the web if they require the web; "programs" was fine. "Apps" doesn't exactly sex it up, dial it down. I want to manage my drives and devices. I have a computer; I know where the internet is. If I want to shop, I will write "for sale" or something to that effect in the search bar on a search engine. Or click on the "shopping" tab.

I am using the computer in English because that is my native language. I am fluent. Please stop pushing your trash products on me and let me try to manage the files I am using. Please for the love of God why is this happening? Why does my Device Manager simply list my devices? Fascinating. Now let me manage them. I miss Windows 95, and that's saying something. Please God, make it stop--the endless updates, mostly. Every update makes the computer, system, functions, "apps", etc. WORSE. If I wanted "apps" I would be using a phone. I bought a laptop for a reason. I'd hate to live in a world where my cell piece has superior functions to my laptop.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed May 21, 2022

I purchased credit for my 11 year old daughter on her Microsoft account. However we were unable to use the credit on her account. I contacted Microsoft and spent over 1 ½ hours on the chat… Eventually spoke to the manager…. but was informed that Microsoft will not refund the money. There is no honesty in this company… No caring for their customers… No sense of ‘doing the right thing’. Even the support person knew and agreed that what I was requesting was a very reasonable request for a refund under the circumstances. The money was sitting in my daughter’s Microsoft account… not being used. But they said that Microsoft policy was not to refund the money.

Please listen to the overwhelming number of reviews. Go to Apple where you will be treated with care and respect. Where if a user makes a mistake… and changes their mind about an order… the money is promptly refunded. Microsoft just point blank refuse to refund the money… which is a very short termed and close minded way of dealing with customers.

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Reviewed May 7, 2022

Tried to rent a movie on my Xbox and got an error message stating that the transaction didn't complete and to try again later, so I rented it from Amazon Prime. A bit later, I got an email from my bank stating that the Microsoft charge actually did process. I sent a refund request to Microsoft with a detailed message about what happened, but they refused, citing that their Terms of Service does not allow refunds for movie rentals. But if their system told me that there was an error and that I wasn't charged, but Microsoft actually takes the money and refuses to give it back, constitutes theft IMHO. I called my bank to dispute the charge and they didn't even need to investigate it. They gave me my money back immediately.

The thing that sucks about that is that Microsoft gets to keep the money anyway, because when you win a dispute through a bank, the bank actually eats the cost because they don't actually take the money back from the merchant. I'm still going to pursue other remedies (like this review) to make sure people are made aware that this happens, because until we start holding corporations accountable for their theft of our money, they'll keep getting away with it! So do not be satisfied with just a charge back from your bank! EVER! Always do what you can to let as many people know about what the corporation that stole your hard earned money as you can or they'll just keep doing it!

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