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I've used Avast Free Antivirus before and it was as good as AVG. I've tried to install it on the PCs of my previous work and it worked fine. It's fast to open and scan. Now their new version is quite heavy on PC -- the size is big and it's slower to open compared to their old one. I have Win7 and the new version should have gone fast with my OS. So I just used another antivirus software to run on my PC. I'm still satisfied though; it's a good software.

I've gone through several antivirus softwares, from AVG to Norton to Avira. Avast is my personal favorite because it's probably the most effective and comprehensive virus scanner out there. Just a few minutes ago as I was typing this, it blocked a potential virus for me, which is phenomenal. I can't imagine how many times my Avast has blocked so many potential viruses on my laptop, and for that I am thankful. I've thought a lot about possibly getting the Pro version, but I figured the free version's enough to keep my laptop virus-free and I don't have Pentagon-level classified files on me anyway, so there. Thank you Avast for keeping millions of computers and laptops around the world virus-free. I will continue to be an avid fan and supporter!

I got the Avast Antivirus since November 2015 and I haven't had any major issues with it. It provides basic antivirus scan but requires me to upgrade to be able to use other features. I had a minor glitch once when I needed to update then the software will not get activated every time I open my computer - I had to manually activate it before using my PC. Another update fixed this issue, and I never had any succeeding problems whatsoever. Maybe the usual pop-up window reminding me to upgrade gets a bit irritating at times, but nonetheless, everything has been okay.

I purchased and installed Internet Security and the SecureLine VPN before beginning a vacation to Hawaii and the Philippines. My Lenovo Twist laptop was working fine when l left home. I had recently installed Avast Internet Security and SecureLine VPN, so when I was on hotel WiFi or any other internet source outside the main 48 states, I would not be infected or hijacked. Hawaii presented no issues. The first 5 days in the Philippines went fine. I connected the Secureline VPN each time I went online.

The 6th day I was there, my PC was no longer able to make a internet connection. Furthermore it began overheating with about 15 minutes of use, and would blue-screen. It seems infected with some type of malware. I have run scans, but have been unable to find or remove the issue. The Avast software was purchased to prevent this situation. I feel let down by your company and your product.

Since filing this complaint as a service request with Avast 2 months ago, there has been several back and forth emails. None of the suggested tactics by Avast support recovered Windows 8.1. I asked for a refund, but all they responded with "we're sorry, now try this." I finally sent in the laptop in for warranty work and had them format it and put in a fresh new OS. Whatever malware my device picked up in Manila left it useless. Avast was not able to identify it.

The reason for two stars instead of one, comes from all of the years I have used the free product. It's worked fine, I don't remember ever needing to format and start over. So the free simple version may be fine for use inside the USA, but when traveling abroad, I will be using a different anti-virus. It's not worth paying $85 to be disappointed.

Generally via e-mail and online forms. Responses are quick and thorough. Pop-up blockers, malware detection, suspicious sites, questionable "certificates", and all that I would expect from higher-priced software. I use the "Free" version and it's absolutely wonderful! Always up and running in the past 4 years since I've been using it, it "crashed" only once and even then, the customer support got me back up and running. Highly recommended and the "Free" version is this good, the paid must be extraordinary!

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The first year it was free. The second year, I paid for it. Now they continually ask me to upgrade!! It seems like when I don't upgrade, my computer starts acting up. Speed, and virus protection, which I find both, ineffective!! Upgrade was easy. Just give that credit card information, and you are ready to go! I try not to put anything important on here, because I am not at all assured it will prevent a virus. I don't recall any information on what is covered, therefore I do not really know what it does!

Avast runs a forum style customer support, with lots of helpers in the forums who are very responsive. Avast is one of the most feature rich free A/V out there. You can personalize it pretty well. Avast comes with both free and paid versions of their product, and both are well above average. Avast is very reliable at catching and removing malware and viruses. If you're looking for a free A/V or a less expensive internet security tool that runs light in the background, Avast is a good one to consider.

We have very little if any control over our accounts. If we need to make a change, we have to contact CS to have the change made: i.e. method of payment, change of cc, or canceling account. The basic features worked good. The big problem is the deceptive way the company tries to trick you into purchasing more features that you really do not need. They do this when it is time to renewed the account and sometimes every time you turn on your computer. I have also caught many false positives.

The last time, I got hounded into trying new features, I said that is enough and had my account canceled. It was good at letting me know about updates needed. If they would stop pushing features that turn out to be untested and sometimes turn out to be bad, I probably would still have Avast in my computer. I do have the free version in my second computer, but will not put the pro version in like I had on my work computer.

No real need to contact them. Never had a problem with AVAST. The basic version has all of the features I need and a fun one: Pirate Talk. The optional features are good, but not essential for most users. One of the best features is it is one of the most efficient AntiVirus software products on the market taking the least number of CPU cycles. You can't beat perfect record and free. It does not always detect Malware however, so you need a separate program like MalWare Bytes to run occasionally.

Avoid programs like SpyBot that install routines that run on their own. No danger to your computer, but can cause slowing or freezing of your PC when you try to use it. It's been rock-solid on every PC I've used it on. The only exception has been users that override it and download viruses and virus-like Malware. Using common sense, this Antivirus works perfectly, with one exception: the FireFox browser. It has on occasion, blocked certain programs from executing on FireFox.

Has some problems reactivating subscription after a HD failure. Avast customer service kept sending auto answer emails after inquiry about my problem. Finally solved issue myself without help. I'm regularly informed by Avast that everything is OK. Had shopped for a multi year subscription. Based on published reviews and price paid, Avast was a good value at the time. Seem to work fine. I've had no problems with function of antivirus as far as I know. My major preference to have my security software working quietly in the background - for the most part Avast does that.

Features included with Avast free version are awesome - real time scanning, reports etc. The paid version is even better but too full featured for most users I imagine. I love the Silent Mode and the outdated software updater/scanner. Free version is great. Paid version comes with multiple licenses for the whole family to use and is quite affordable. Never had any issues with viruses or malware in 5+ years of using Avast! It is very reliable in catching and identifying issues. Great interface, easy to use. Unobtrusive. Lovely product. I won't use anything else.

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Czech-based Avast was the first company to offer home network security and is dedicated to providing free antivirus protection to homes, schools and businesses around the world. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, Avast also has locations in the USA, Germany, China, South Korea and Tawain.

  • Keeps your online activity private: Avast won’t sell your private information to anyone, including the NSA, CIA or government.
  • Unbreakable password: One unbreakable password protects all of your system’s other passwords.
  • International: Find a business partner around the world who speaks your language and can provide local service.
  • Saves schools money: Schools can get protection from threats and viruses for free without limitations on seats or time.
  • Avast SecureLine: Avast’s SecureLine protects your iOS devices so you can maintain a secure connection on the go.
  • No tracking with SecureLine: Avast SecureLine doesn’t keep logs of your online activity so what you do online is completely secure and untraceable.
  • Best for Individuals, schools and businesses.

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