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I switch over for straight talk thinking this company so great. Here it is OK. I switched stay with them for 5 months so I decided to switch my whole family. Boom. Disappointed they gave us the runarounds between getting our phone connected on Sim card. We were traveling out of town. Stayed on the phone with these fools for 5 hrs. Yes that's right and nobody fix our problem after I waited for new Sim card phone and to solve the problem for 5 hrs I was disappointed and unhappy. So I switched to Boost Mobile and I loved it and never going nowhere. So I recommend no one waste your time with these unhelpful company. Straight talk sucks so are the workers. If I could rate them a 0 I would.

I bought Straight Talk 'hot spot' and could never get refund despite countless calls to Straight Talk. They speak English but don't understand English!! 12, 13, 15 calls to customer service and zip. It almost appears that the parent company hires their outsourced customer service employees to act stupid in an attempt to wear out and frustrate the customer (sucker) into giving up. Jerry Seinfeld said it once in his old TV show (paraphrase); "you know how to take the money, you just don't know how to return the money." If, after reading this review, you think that I am exaggerating or that I may be a rare exception; by all means, buy from Straight Talk.

I have had Straight Talk for years now, and have more and more (mostly minor) issues the longer I have service with them. My first major issue was the soft data-cap. They advertise a 5gb fast data, but they started to drastically slow my data when it hit between 2gb to 3gb. They refused to even answer any email I sent to customer service and have ignored all communication. I have attempted to send over this. My most recent issue is phone activation... My new phone did not completely activate, and customer service keeps telling me to wait. Online it does not show my new phone on the account and any attempts to plug it in are met with "The phone number you entered does not belong to Straight Talk. Please check the number and try again." After googling this issue I can see I am in for quite a wait to resolve this issue, and will most likely switch to a phone company that actually cares about its customers.

I purchased a Straight Talk phone and service plan because I needed to get reception to where I moved to. The plan I was under at the time did not get any reception. I tried to activate the phone and transfer over my number and I ran into issues. I contacted tech support and they said that it would be resolved in two days. During that time the phone was activated and deactivated several times.

After those two days, the phone was still not activated with the number I wanted. I contacted tech support again and they treated me like I was an idiot. Because I was not happy with the tech conduct at the time I decided I did not want to proceed with this company and verified that I would be able to return everything. I tried to do that, but Walmart would only take back the phone. I tried to get the service plan refunded like was informed was possible, but I was told that it would not be done. So basically this company took $45 for a service they never provided. I am not happy.

My first problem is that I went back to Straight Talk after leaving when they advertise unlimited data while giving you limited data. Lie much Straight Talk Wireless. We got Straight Talk on our phones 2 months ago to save money. He has an iPhone 3 and I have a 4. Mine has been fine but his has not. We just found out because we don't leave home that often for very long. We just went out of town for a few days and realized he did not have wifi when away from home and he didn't receive any messages while away. He called for them to fix it but couldn't because where we were at had no service. So we called when we arrived home to fix it. We asked for reimbursement for just one month and Mary employee # ** repeatedly refused. She very politely denied my requests saying that we did not report the problem therefore they were not going to compensate us.

I continued to tell her I paid for a product they were to give and we did not receive said product and should be reimbursed. She continued to say had we reported the problem and it still continued they would reimburse us. I said to her "How could we report a problem we didn't know we had. He had no idea that when he went to town or left the house he wasn't receiving messages." I continued this circle conversation until I got so irritated I asked for a supervisor. She refused to let me speak to one. I asked her over 5 times to speak to her supervisor and 5 times she politely refused. Spent over an hour of her not listening and refusing to do anything I made a request for.

I am so angry and upset at myself for even going back to Straight Talk. As soon as I finish this report I will be getting another service. I really can't afford it that is why I went back to Straight Talk anyway. I hate them, they SUCK. I really can't afford the rise in blood pressure either. Such bad business. Mary sure was politely robotic through it all though. They did fix his phone problem but why was there a problem to begin with? I am not at all happy.

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5 days later still no tracking on the phone I ordered. Contacted them and was told it was in the terms and conditions to ship within 72 hours. Explained that 5 days was outside 72 hours and he argued that it was within??? WTH company so bad they do not know how many hours in a day. Avoid company like the plague.

As a new Straight Talk customer, it looked like a great idea: good phone coverage, cheaper than the average phone plans, and I thought it was going to be what I was looking for. Two times I ordered SIM cards and one $45 plan. I got the SIM cards both times, and both times I did NOT receive the airtime card. A total of $90 lost. Calling Straight Talk to get a human to help a person out is near impossible!! Then when you do, they don't believe you, like I need to waste more time for the hell of it. The idea is great. Their customer service is the worst I ever saw, or in this case, didn't see.

For the last few months I have been dealing with a issue with Straight Talk concerning a replacement phone. Brand: LG Stylo 2. Model : lgl82vl. I purchased this phone and joined Straight Talk. At that time I had the phone for about 4 weeks. The phone all of a sudden stopped working. It would function in every way except the screen stays black. I called Straight Talk and it was determined that the phone had a hardware issue and that they would send me a air mail package, for me to return the old phone and my phone would be replaced. I received the air mail package, returned my phone and waited. AT that time I needed a phone so I went to Walmart and purchase a cheap phone (20$) to use while waiting on my phone to arrive. After waiting a week and a half I called Straight Talk and then was told that my phone had not been shipped and would be shipped immediately.

After waiting another 5 days I received a phone in the mail... it was the wrong phone. I received a ZTE phone which was the same phone that I had purchased that was $20 it was not my LG phone which cost me 200$. I’ve then called Straight Talk once again and told them of the problem. They told me that someone had entered in the wrong information on the ticket so they would send me another air mail package and for me to return the new phone that they sent and again they would send me my new LG Stylo 2 phone. Again I received the air mail. I returned the new phone again. I waited another week and a half. Called Straight Talk and they told me that they had to look into the problem. After being on the phone for 2 hours maybe longer they told me that the phone was found and had been received and my phone would be shipped immediately.

Again I waited another 5 days and never received anything so I called Straight Talk to be put on hold, disconnected, transferred then again transferred and again was told that they had got everything straight and it would be shipped again. After waiting another 5-6 days I called again and requested to speak to someone in management. I was told that they could help me. They done the research and then was told that the warehouse said that my phone was not available in the warehouse and as soon as one came available that they would ship my phone.

When asking when they would have one available the response I got was they did not know that it would be shipped as soon as one came available and that I would be compensated for a free month of service for any inconvenience again. I am still sitting here and have not received nothing. How is this good customer service or even how is this a good company to want to switch your phone service to? It's been 2 ½ months. Irritated.

Somehow my number was deleted from their database so when I tried to give them a replacement card for the one on file to stay in the program, I was being told my number was not on file even though I was talking on IT! The representative told me not to worry that I would still receive the benefits just like I would--BIG FAT LIE! I have been lied to more by this company than I care to mention. It is sad that they could be a really good company but refuse to keep their word.

This is a absolute outrage! Stay away from these idiots! I just lost $50 and can't get it back. I purchased a Straight Talk package from a local Walmart. After spending a hour on the phone, I finally got service. But when I discovered I had some internet issues, I called the Tech support. This is where things went to hell in a hand basket! My phone is a AT&T phone. So naturally I used the AT&T Sim Card. The Technician told me to use the T-Mobile Sim card because they had better coverage where I am. So against my better judgement, I put the T-Mobile Sim card in. The Tech then told me he was gonna transfer my number over to the T-Mobile Sim and that it should come on in a little bit. So he hangs up.

Well, my phone never came on. And it's the only phone I have, and I live in the country. So I walk across the road to my neighbors house to borrow a phone, and after hours on her phone they tell me since the tech turned my AT&T sim card off that it wasn't any good anymore. What a crock!!!! So after being shuffled from person to person, they finally tell me they will send me a new sim card. I told them it had to be over night, that I had no phone whatsoever. Next day, No card. Day after that, no card. So I go once again I go to my neighbors house and call Straight Talk, and may I add, you have to tell your whole story all over again to each person they transfer you to, and they tell me that the card hasn't even shipped yet. And that it's against their policy to overnight things. Well, that's not what the representative told me. He said "OVER NIGHT."

After arguing and arguing, they tell me there's nothing they can do. WHAT A DISGRACE! 5 days go by, and 5 days without a phone, finally my card comes. When I open it I find they sent another T-Mobile card. It's the wrong one! So back to my neighbors, another couple hours on the phone, then they tell me they have to send me yet another card. I told them, "NO WAY! I am going to get service with another provider." So I go to AT&T, where I should of went in the first place, get my phone turned on and take my Straight Talk packet back to Walmart, and I then get told that they will not refund it, and I would have to deal with Straight Talk on the refund.

To make a long story short, I left a message for the Return Department, they didn't call back. I call again today, once again to tell the whole story about the agent that screwed up my card, and they tell me, "No Refund!!!" Since I had AT&T activate my phone, they would not give me any money back. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!! Now I'm out the money for the Straight Talk, and the money to activate my phone, and first months service. STAY AWAY from these PEOPLE!!! Save yourself the stress and headache. Choose someone else.

We just switched over to their service. Not even 24 hours has passed and they got us so screwed up it's a nightmare. First off we were told to cancel our service with Sprint immediately. We did. They told us our service would be activated in 2-5 hours. It seems now it will be 2-3 business days. WTF. They took our money had us believe they would provide a service. I mean is this not a crime? It is in my book. Talk to someone in who knows what 3rd world country and get the runaround. Should this provider not be held accountable for their actions like any other? Yes they should. Please reconsider using this poor, poor provider before you become their next victim. The consumer affairs part of our government should really look into shutting people like this down.

I have had straight talk for probably 7 or 8 years and in begging was good. Now it's terrible. The service as years go by is just continuously getting worse everyday. You can't understand (anyone) when you call for help cause apparently there's no americans that work for straight talk only indians. The hindus. From the experience I've had over the years I suggest to anyone thinking about going to straight talk don't do it. It's a very bad idea. Boost mobile is such a better plan and they offer better cheaper phones. Oh yea and they are all americans so not hard to understand them when you need help about your phone.

I am switching this month. This will be my last 50.00. I give to straight talk for unlimited service which it isn't unlimited nothing but calling and text. I will give that same 50.00 to boost mobile keep my phone number the same and I get unlimited data phone calls and text and I get a nice water proof shatter proof phone for 50.00 cheaper than I paid for my 100.00 straight talk phone which by the way the phone is junk - I got from walmart. Much better deal and I get to talk to americans when I go for help. To sum it up (nothing) straight talk says is true. Their service and products are as poor as it comes and there is a lot of other service providers out there that are always better than straight talk. Go anywhere other than straight talk cause you're wasting your money if you give it to this company each month.

Oh boy, what a mess. Let's warn anyone thinking about using this company, yes? And start from the very beginning. I purchased a phone from a third-party seller, for Verizon, and unlocked for Straight Talk, and used their BYOP service to set it up (and attempt to port my number from my old service provider, another no-contract company). I was told it would take up to 24 hours, but potentially a few days, to successfully port. Of course, while they say that, you don't reasonably expect it to take that long, right? After several hours of waiting and restarting my phone, I contacted customer service again. They said everything was moving along fine, and to wait a couple more hours. A few hours later, I tried again, same response (this time, she threw in the ringer of "Only a few more minutes and it'll be working.")

Nearly 20 hours later, I talk to a third person, who finally informs me that, no, it shouldn't take this long, and yes, he would look (deeply) into the issue. After staying on with him for nearly an hour and a half, he finds out that there is an issue with porting my number, and it needs to be rectified (by me) before my phone will work. Well swell, and I figure I've been waiting this long, I just want to cancel the port and get a new number. He puts that through, and within ten minutes, my phone is working.

Now, this part is related – my phone has a defect in it, and I contact the company I purchased it from (remember, third party seller who was fabulous through all of this). They send me a replacement and I send the old one back. I simply put my SIM card in to my new (absolutely identical) phone, and proceed about my life. My phone, SIM card, phone number, everything, works absolutely fine for THREE MONTHS. There were no issues for three months. I was enrolled in auto-refill and paid on time every time. One morning, about two weeks ago (a Monday) I woke up with my phone greeting me with the message "Your SIM card isn't readable. Contact service provider." of course. I get to work, fidget with my phone, restart it, remove and replace the SIM, etc, and decide, "Well, maybe something happened with my card. Maybe my payment doesn't process."

So I log in to Straight Talk on my phone via WiFi, and pay the bill on the only phone number listed on my account – a weird number with a California area code, but I've never looked too closely at this screen before. Maybe that's what my number is listed as here online? (Stupid reasoning, but I was worried and desperate for my phone to work). I also saw it wasn't enrolled in auto refill and assumed it got cancelled somehow (again, stupid reasoning). I pay around $50 and wait patiently for my phone to start... well, still not working. I contact a representative and I'm told (very rudely) that I was stupid and apparently SIM cards are locked to the phone you put them in, and because I swapped phones, my SIM "hasn't been active" in months and my service was terminated. What. So apparently, the phone, SIM, and number I had been paying for and using, were inactive and unused (but paid for?) for three months. Great.

When I get home (to get the SIM card number), I'm told there are NO records of my SIM card, or phone number (that I've used for three months) ever having belonged to Straight Talk. That's BS but whatever, moving on, because then they tell me if I want my phone to work, I need to purchase a new activation kit and SIM card for my phone. $60 later (that's $110 in one day, for whoever is counting), I pop in and activate my new SIM card, aaand... "SIM card is not readable, contact service provider." Fantastic. I contact customer service again, and try to touch on this subject, but they're not having it. "Well, all is fine on our end." "It's not our fault." "Your phone may be defective." And finally they agree that there is a chance that the SIM is defective and they'll just send me a replacement. I don't believe it, but okay, it's worth a shot. Better the SIM than my phone.

Here's a good place to note that. Remember that fishy number on my account? Well of course that wasn't my number. It was the number randomly assigned to my account when my last number got "terminated", and this new SIM card has a new number, and now that old number has $50 worth of service on it that it will never use. I ask if it can be transferred to my new SIM card (first person says yes, a person I spoke to later specifically about this said no), and eventually ask if I can be refunded. The answer is no, and that I'm a liar about never having been able to use that service. Well then. Several employees, much fighting, and some tears later, I'm given a number to call and a ticket number to use to discuss a potential refund. More fighting and trying to out me as a scam artist and liar later, I get my money back. Hallelujah, though you'd think this would be a non-issue.

So here's the fun part. I get my new SIM card in the mail, and it's the wrong size – for the record, my Samsung takes micro SIM cards, and they sent me the nano SIM card. I'm annoyed, but since no one ever bothered to ask me what size SIM I needed, I chalked it up as a mistake, and contacted them again. They apologized and offered to send me a micro. I agree, and, irritated, wait several more days for a new SIM card. The new one comes, and, for the love of god, they sent me ANOTHER nano SIM card. This time I'm furious, and make a point to try to drill it in that I don't need nano, I need micro, and it's the second wrong one they've sent, and to make sure they note down that I need a MICRO. Of course, after several more days, I get the package aaand... it's another nano.

That's it. I'm done. I quit. This is stupid. There are too many other just-as-good (or bad, whatever) no-contract phone plans for me to deal with this, so I contact them one last time, to tell them I want my money back for the (additional) $50-ish dollars currently credited to my account (for the service I purchased with my second activation kit), and my account cancelled. The woman I speak to spends a few minutes getting the SIM card numbers of all the SIMs that came in my activation kit and the ones I received in the mail, and then comes to a shocking conclusion – my phone isn't defective and neither is the SIM card. Somehow, some way, the person I spoke to when I got the new kit used the wrong SIM card number (even though I had to give them the number many times over???) and that's why my SIM card wasn't working. It was completely unregistered and "brand new"...

So, they screwed up setting my phone up the first time, they somehow managed to "lose" all of my information that I used for months and then claimed to never have had it, then don't want to give me my money back, send me the wrong SIM card three times, and then find out that "Oh... it was an error on our end." I'm gonna use the credits on my account until the end of next month, and then I'm off to literally any other service provider. I don't exactly trust them with my info or cash anymore.

Well I've been a Straight Talk user for years but I'm no longer with them. About 6 months ago I switch my phone from an HTC phone to a Samsung phone. Well in the last 3 months I've been having trouble with my Samsung phone. It keeps over heating and freezes up. I wanted to change my cellphone back to my HTC phone. Well all I got is I needed to buy a new sim card. I'm OK with that but it was going to cost me like 65 dollars and I had to contact the Straight Talk main office. I only paid 100 dollars for the phone. For that much money I could buy a new phone. It's ridiculous. I took my phone to T-Mobile and it only costed me like $25 for new sim card and I still pay around $50 per month.

Bought an LG phone plus extended warranty ($245.00) from Walmart 3 months ago. Speaker went out so called Straight Talk to get phone replaced. They sent me a FedEx box to return broken phone in. Returned broken phone (still without working phone this whole time). 4 days later FedEx delivers me a Samsung Centura phone ($14.00 phone from Straight Talk) to replace my $245.00 LG. Called Straight Talk Corporate office and they stated they had not received my old phone and it was up to me to track where my old phone was. WHAT? Called FedEx and they stated that Straight Talk had the tracking # and it was up to them to track the phone since they sent me the box with the FedEx shipping label.

Called Straight Talk Corporate office to state they had the tracking #. Agent on the other end nicely told me that of course they had the phone or I would not have received a replacement. First, Straight Talk needs to have employees who are better informed of procedures and who can read a computer. Second, if I am going to pay for replacement insurance (speaker went out, LG problem) then send me an equal replacement, not a $14.00 phone and call us even. They are a bunch of thieves and was hoping that I wouldn't say anything and just be happy I had a phone. WHATEVER! Called Straight Talk 3 times and was on the phone for over an hour trying to get this problem taken care of.

I bought a new phone and wanted to do a simple change. Called and the gentleman said, "No problem. It would be 1 to 2 hrs at the most but please turn the new phone on and off again." It has now been 48 hrs, and several phone calls. They (straight talk) keeps passing the blame to me. Saying I asked for several new phone changes and then when I said I worked for the city and would complain, I got, "would you please give us 24 more hrs." I said, "What you need to do since I am losing business is offer me a free month and get my phone working." Still blaming me. And guess what? My phone don't work.

I have been with Straight Talk for a few years now and it seems like every year I have had to replace their phones!! It seems like after a year of usage their phones "glitch out!" Today was the final straw! Last year around this time (August/September) I purchased their LG Sunrise (Android) phone to replace their Motorola because it messed up and just a few days ago it started freezing up on me. I use their "chat" service yesterday and the representative told me that my SIM card "expired." Well, that was news to me because I didn't know that SIM cards had an expiration date! To my surprise my SIM card arrived today (9-20-16) free of charge. I put it in and the darn phone was still freezing up and so I jumped back on "Chat" and the representative had me to try a few "trial/error" techniques which didn't work.

And then she goes on to say, "Haven't you dropped your phone?" I told her, "No, the phone was working just fine a few days ago!" Then she informs me that my 1 year warranty has expired therefore they can't send me a replacement phone. So, I already know what that means. I have to spend another $30.00 plus on phone number four for the year of 2016!! I told her that their phones are of "poor quality" and that I was switching to another carrier that has a better "quality" of phones! Do you think she cared? Do you think she attempted to keep a faithful and loyal customer? WHY HECK NO!! She asked me if there was anything she could assist me with, goodbye and a FOOT in my POSTERIOR!!! Straight Talk should be ashamed of themselves selling phones made out of cheap material!!! :(

I had only had this phone for about 6 months and then one evening it went to blue screen then screen gave date service good until... then white screen with red LG then back to blue screen, service date, white LG over & over again & again... Customer Support had me remove battery, look for a red or white dot, which wasn't there and mind you they had me do this over & over again...with no change in the phone then they tell me that they will need to send me another phone which will take 5-10 days. Who out there can be without their phone for 5-10 days?! Now 7 calls later finally a girl (Mary) takes my mailing address and by the way NOT 5-10 days BUT 15+ days it should arrive! Then I'm told that when phone arrives call them back to set it up. She won't tell me now, I must wait!

I personally used to love Staight Talk. A $45 5GB plan USED to last me all month! Heck, even the 3GB plan USED to last me before they upgraded. NOW, since they have come out with this 10GB $55 plan my 5GB doesn't even go through two weeks!!! I haven't done anything different and I even turn my data OFF when not in use! So, is Straight Talk a thief? YES! They're trying to get consumers to buy the 10GB plan by STEALING the data off the regular 5GB!!!

I was told that my phone with a Sim card would change over fine. That was a lie... I had patchy service at best! I finally changed over and they continued to pull money from my account. I called them to have them put it back and they would not replace the money they stole from me. I had to contact my bank and tell them about the fraudulent charges... (they won't replace the money). This company is so far from honest... Avoid them.

I have been an autopsy customer since May 2012. I had a phone hardware failure last November 2015. I am not working and do not use my phone often. I called about closing my account, transferring my number and hardware to a different company to save approximately $30 a month. I contracted with a different company. We made calls to Straight Talk customer service during the process. The Sim card would not work. After being on hold for 30 minutes, they said my phone was locked for 65 more days. After complaining to customer service, supervisors in conflict resolution and unlocking dept, they refuse to unlock my phone and my hardware is useless even after 65 days if I do not continue active service. They did not tell me my phone had a lock on it until after I had already contracted with another carrier. My hardware will no longer work even after 65 days unless I keep my account active for the 65 days.

Warning! Don't use Straight Talk's phone app to purchase airtime for your phone! Me and my son both use Straight Talk. I added airtime for my phone, it went through just fine. Then I tried to add airtime to my son's phone. It said the payment was rejected. I tried again, and it said again that the payment was rejected. I went online from my laptop to check my bank account. I had three charges of $49.10 on there. So one was mine, and the other two were for my son's phone. The payments that were supposedly rejected were not. So I did the online chat thing, the guy said I would have to call them, and gave me a number. I could barely understand the woman. She sounded like she has a strong Indian accent. She said her records showed that the payments were rejected. I told her they showed up on my bank account. She then wanted my credit card number, which I did not want to give out. She said I would have to call my bank.

I called the bank, and they basically said I would need to call Straight Talk. Today, my phone gets deactivated! I called Straight Talk again. I got what sounded like the same Indian woman, or maybe the same one, who knows? I asked if they were in the US, and after a bunch of words that I didn't understand, I heard the word "Florida". Whatever, I don't care. Anyhow, she said that my son's payment was accepted, and mine were rejected. She said the other charges would drop off of my account within 72 hours. I checked, and there is only one charge on there now, which would be my son's I guess. So I decide to go to Walmart and get me a physical phone card, rather than getting from the messed up phone app.

I get home and have my 25 year old daughter try to add it to my phone. She goes to my Straight Talk account online, and sees only one phone, so she added it. Turns out my son's and mine are on the same account. Over on the left, in tiny writing it showed my phone as deactivated. And so she accidentally added the card to my son's, and this extra one went in reserve on his phone. Nothing to do about it, I can't switch it to mine. So in the last two days, I have spent $200.00 on phone service, and my phone is still deactivated. The first time was because of their stupid phone app. And hopefully these charges don't reappear on my bank account, or I will be calling the troubleshooter in my area.

I have been treated horribly by Straight Talk and now all I want is my money back, but that seems unlikely at this point. I have been a customer for about 5 years of theirs and only had the occasional minor hiccup. That all changes when I needed to replace a phone. On 6/15/16 I ordered a phone directly from their website. The phone stopped working so I was told to send it to Apple for a repair, which I did. I got a replacement phone, but the one that Apple sent back only worked on the AT&T network. I called Straight Talk. They send me a replacement SIM Card to correct the error, but that didn’t correct the problem.

I called Straight Talk and was then told by their representative that it was Apple’s responsibility to fix this issue. I called Apple and they said it had to be fixed by AT&T as the phone was set for their network. I called AT&T and they refused to help as I was not their customer. I chatted with Straight Talk's representative about this and was told if I paid them more money they would send me a SIM Card that would allow the phone to work on their network.

That really pissed me off so I asked for a refund of the phone that hadn't worked since I ordered it. I was told to mail the phone back which I did. Straight Talk got the phone on 9/4/16 but I am now told it will be at least 2 billing cycles before I have my refund. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the person answering the phone told me that they were the only supervisor available. I asked for a different number I could call to speak to someone else and was told there wasn't any such number.

I have been a loyal customer to Straight Talk for three years. Never had a problem. Until my service was gone and while trying to make a call a message would say my # was invalid. When I called Straight Talk they asked me if I authorized this phone to be transferred to another device with a new number. No I did not. They fixed it and gave me my service back. Well, my service now has been stolen 3 times in 1 week. How does this happen? I do not understand. The second time they did not want to turn my service back on but I still had 2 weeks of service left so of course I want my money back which they will not do. So I complained and they did turn my service back on and I updated my "security questions". I don't have the answers written down anywhere. The only way anyone would get that info from me was if they were psychic but Straight Talk insists someone has access to my information, I insist someone has access to their information.

Sure enough 2 days later my service is stolen again for the 3rd time. This time I need to file a police report and fax it to them so that I can get me service back because they will not give me a refund. I don't want their damn service anymore, for what, so I can be calling in 2 days because someone stole it. No thank you! I did not even know someone could steal your cell service. I also did not know a company like Straight Talk will not give you a refund. Straight Talk does not stand behind its service nor do they protect their consumers. It's hard when you have been a loyal customer to a company but they don't care about that, they will screw you when they can. I won't use Straight Talk again nor will I suggest it to my friends and family.

I've called Straight Talk several times and got no results to my cell phone that I transferred to the same kind of straight talk phone. Was supposed to have unlimited text time, which I had none. Also only had 250 some minutes left. I was suppose to have 1500. There's no way I went thru that many minutes. What really made me very upset was keeping me on hold and not resolving anything and I end up hanging up coz Im waiting too long using up valuable min from another phone. They had no intention of reimbursing me. I'm going back to a land line. I'm tired of all the horrible cell phone companies! Please stop this company for ripping people off! Thank you.

First off, NEVER USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE. They do not deliver on what is promised, they blatantly lie to their customers, and have horrible customer service representatives. Now that said: I needed to reactivate my service with them. They were to send me a new sim card. I was quoted 3 business days - it never arrived. This went on for two weeks of me calling and them telling me a new day. Never once would they actually give me the FedEx tracking number so I could monitor it myself. This was suspicious in and of itself. I had to call back four times (one for each different delivery date). During this time a "supervisor" advised me due to the inconvenience they would add air time to my phone for every day I was without my sim card when I activated my phone.

The sim card finally arrived two weeks later, I called in, and set up the phone. Sat with dead air for 25 minutes while the representative activated the phone. Had he not been breathing I would not have even known he was there. No rapport, no trying to make things better, nothing just dead air. Then refused to deliver on the air time due to the inconvenience. Their customer support is NOT in the United States. They refuse to transfer you to supervisors when you ask, they simply place you on hold and then hang up on you. They do not give any kind of customer service. They are cold, uncaring, underhanded, and cannot tell the truth whatsoever. Their phone service is spotty as well. They deliver on nothing that they claim, and have the world's worst customer service. Again stay away from this company if you have a choice.

Was looking to transfer my Sprint account so I purchased one phone from them, so glad it was only one. First it was 55.00 straight fee. Then one the first billing it jumped to 60.30 and they double billed me. To no surprise the phone crashed because they claim I was using an obsolete phone. Mind you they just sold it to me. This company is worse than Comcast. I am still trying to get my money back. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

I bought a phone from Straight Talk Wireless. I have had to send the phone back 3 times and they keep sending me refurbished phones. Even though I paid full price over 200.00 for this phone. The phones keeps blacking out and will not let me swipe answer a call. It has taken over a month every time I get them to send me the new refurbished phones. I have been nothing but lied to over and over by this company and their employees saying the phone will be here by Friday then Friday or Wednesday arrives still no phone. So I call them back and they have no clue. After all this I asked if I could upgrade pay for a different phone or just get a refund and have been told no every time... Someone needs to look into this company further, they are CROOKS!!! I got the newest phone 1 week ago and it's broke and they can't help because I've sent phone backs that did not work!!!

This company has the worst customer service, no one has the same story, no matter who you speak with. My son's phone was not 30 days old. It tore up. I called on Sat and told them the screen was black with green lines going through it. I did all the things the IT tech stated to do, it still would not work. I asked could his replacement phone be rushed. He has to ride the city bus to school, and I did not want him without a phone for 14-20 days, and I found this unacceptable. So at first the lady seemed confused and kept stating did I want a refund, I told her no I needed a replacement. He had to have a phone. Finally getting nowhere with her I get to a supervisor after 3 call backs on my behalf to get someone who understood what I was saying. She tells me send the phone back Monday and give them the tracking number and they will go ahead and send his phone.

I called Monday after leaving FedEx, gave them the tracking number, and the man said he entered it that I would receive a tracking email for the new replacement phone later that day. Tuesday afternoon I called because I had not received that tracking number. I was told do not worry about the representative stated they saw the shipment order was sent over to the warehouse, everything is fine. The phone would ship that night to be in hand by Wed. Wednesday 15:30 I call asking where is the phone? I still had not received a tracking number. The first representative was being very vague. Stated they had 14-20 days to replace the phone. I informed him of my conversation Sat. He again repeated the 14-20 days.

I asked for a manager and he states he is a manager. I told him I was unhappy with the service and this was unacceptable. He then sat quietly. I told him I wanted a manager. I sat on hold 52 mins before Richard the manager came on the phone. I told him everything. He repeated 14-20 days. I told him I wanted to file a complaint. He says, "Is there anything else I can help you with?" I said, "Yes, I want to file a complaint." He said ok. I asked who the CEO was. He said we don't have to tell you. I asked was he refusing. He said, "No, but we cannot tell you." I told him I wanted to file my complaint and after being on the phone for 1 hr 46 mins, 52 of those mins waiting for him to get to the phone he just hangs up.

Absolutely the worst customer service in the world. Bought a new phone and they sent me the wrong size sim card. When asked to replace I had to wait another three days on these ** to send a new card! What ** BS. I even offered to pay overnight!

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