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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2022

They should change name from lifeline to d.o.a (dead on arrival.) have been trying to activate phone for a month. Had to cancel all cancer treatments because I can't receive phone calls. The only thing customer services does is hamstring you along like no problem will fix. FCC takes forever to open up a case that's another month.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2022

My phone service stopped working. It may be an eligibility issue where I need to provide new information. But they gave no warning; just shut off my service. When I would call in to support the automated system couldn't find my phone number; I have to spend 10 minutes each time trying to bypass it. After bypassing it the support people couldn't find my phone number/account either.

First they would transfer me to the enrollment department and the connection would hang up. Then they said "call this number and it will put you through an automated system to fix the issue". I call the number and it goes dead right away. Then one of them was straight up trolling me. They would make me repeat long numbers 5x in a row, with the excuse that their system keeps erasing it. One told me my phone wasn't compatible with 4g (a lie); they would say they're sending an authentication email which I would never get.

I tell them there's something wrong with their system because for months they've never been able to send me an auth email to gmail (I confirmed the correct email and I get other emails from them). I said they need to pass this on to their IT department since there's clearly major problems with their system (erasing info, not finding my number, not sending auth emails). They completely ignore it and repeat some irrelevant information.

They avoid/ignore most of my questions & concerns, and simply repeat unrelated & irrelevant information. I also have a verification pin. The person lied and said they need more than that. They asked for the "most frequently dialed number in the past month". An absurd request. There's no way to sort call history by "most frequently dialed".

They told me ridiculous things like "restart your PC/phone to get your email working then call us back." Told me there's no supervisor to speak to. These people kept me on the phone for more than 2 hours and my phone still isn't working. I now have to try to switch to another lifeline provider since these people are straight up trolling me. These people should not be getting Gov money.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 31, 2022

    I had SafeLink for about 2 yrs and after they change from T-Mobile to Verizon the sim card they sent me never worked on any of my phones. Wasted my time calling for nothing. The last time I had called they told me I can request a new sim card replacement since the one received never worked, but customer service refused to help me so I had to cancel service. Michelle and Rea was the last 2 I spoke. Stay away. They also are rude.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 29, 2022

    The cellphone signal for Safelink is hit or miss at best. Most of time barely have 1 bar of service and the data only work half the time so make doing anything difficult. I've been all over my state and it's like all over sadly.

    9 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 8, 2022

    I had received a phone from Safelink Wireless and at 1st I was very happy until that phone was lost/stolen. I call cust. Service to report the phone stolen/lost they tell me I can't get a replacement phone after speaking w 3 different people. So I pay for a new sim card and my mom gave me her old phone which she never had any issues with. When I activate the service it didn't work. After 8 calls to SafeLink I could only get phone calls late at night away from my home and never was able to send or receive text messages. After about 2 months of having half phone service the phone blacked out. So I start reading the lost stolen policy they sent me which said I should have qualified for 1 replacement phone. I double checked online to make sure it said the same and it did, I then check their site and it said the same so at this point I have no phone again not that since the 1st phone I really ever did.

    So I call them again run down the whole thing again and I get transferred but before being transferred I was told I qualify for a free sim card. Ok so I'm transferred explained everything again just to be told that their policy doesn't replace lost,/stolen phones. So I'm so mad at this point. So I ask them to send me the sim card. And guess what. Turns out I'm supposed to use the 1 that never worked. I'm so mad this whole time. I have literally missed out on so many jobs due to them never being able to fix the issues and I'm supposed to put it in another phone .. Yeah right. These people are liars which leaves the staff clueless on what to say or do. Stay away from this company.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 16, 2022

    I was receiving EBB benefits until I was deerolled. I had to buy minutes to call customer service, problem #1. My benefits should of kicked in in May. It's now June, problem #2. After finally getting through to the agent about the issue she transferred me to another department, problem #3. Then the automated system hangs up on me, problem #4. I call back and the agent I get cannot get it through her head my issue and it took me getting belligerent to finally transfer me, problem #5. Then I get hung up on again, problem #6. I call back and ask for a supervisor, she transfers me and the system hangs up on me again, problem#7. Stay away from this company. They are useless.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 15, 2022

    I have been trying to upgrade my phone for the last week. Not only did they send the wrong sim card but I call back after a disconnect and they want me to buy a new phone. They didn't even provide me with a phone. I would recommend any other company besides SafeLink Wireless.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 14, 2022

    Ok I read all complaints about Safelink, IDK why anybody is having trouble with this company because they sent me a cellphone back in 2018 and I've had unlimited talk and text for free plus data they give last me all month long. This company has done me right, only complaint I have is I needed a new cellphone because my screen broke they I wasn't eligible for another new phone. So I bought one through Amazon that was unlocked, but you have to buy the TLC cellphone to work with Safelink. I took SIM card from cellphone they gave me and put it in my new TLC cell and I everything I had switched over to my new phone I bought, but still Safelink has helped me out for yrs with free unlimited talk and text with free data. I just wanted to let people know Safelink is a great company.

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    Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: July 28, 2022

    I contacted Net10 support directly over Safelink-Verizon, where I was told that T-Mobile sim cards actually still work despite the Verizon CDMA sim card mobile network exclusivity Safelink-Verizon otherwise claims. So I ordered a T-Mobile GSM sim card (the same compatible one I'd gotten for my Samsung Galaxy S9+ in January 2022), & now my mobile data is working consistently again, so in this particular case the matter is resolved.

    Original review: June 6, 2022

    Updated on 06/30/2022: The successful re-activation of my Verizon-Safelink service by Net 10 online support, turned-out to be another temporary reprieve towards my issue reaching the point of surreal, when I learned my service was once again shut-off, which led to another Net 10 live chat. But this time I was informed that the original cancellation of my service in late April was actually official, due to the nearly 2 week period I didn't get the sim in the mail that was supposed to have been ordered, therefore it was considered a lack of use of my phone for a 10 day period, subject to "de-enrollment" for not using the service!

    The de-enrollment in turn, deactivated my Lifeline eligibility, so Net 10 could not help me online this time, forcing me to make the now-familiar trek down to the local Verizon retailer to call a Verizon-Safelink rep again, who informed me that my only option was to submit a new Safelink application so I could be enrolled again with a new account & enrollment ID. But for the interim during the new application process, my service was reactivated as a "courtesy"! To be continued....

    Original Review: I truly apologize for this lengthy complaint, but what I've been thorough was much harder! I've been dealing with Safelink service nightmares since upgrading my phone based on the Jan. 2022 5g deadline & worse, since the Verizon takeover kicked-in. As a disabled adult on a fixed income using the free EBB program (now called the Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP) under Lifeline, after upgrading my phone in January, I had to get a new T-Mobile GSM sim, & the service itself was fine. However, Safelink deactivated my service 2 out of the first 3 months instead of "auto-refreshing" it under my free data service & requested I pay for more data. With no email or live chat available both times, I had to drive to the nearest area Safelink dealer that only sells data & use their phone to contact Safelink tech to reactivate.

    When I got the new free Verizon CDMA-Only sim, I intentionally waited 2 weeks before switching out the T-Mobile sim anticipating trouble, & was I ever right! First, the online "DIY activation process" as stated in the sim kit doesn't work for Safelink customers, one must call them using the working sim so tech can activate the new Verizon sim on their end via porting the service & cell number (if you wish to keep it), then the phone must be turned off to swap out the deactivated sim for the Verizon, then the phone booted back on; unfortunately, after doing this process, mine didn't work.

    After 3 days of no service I had to visit a Safelink data retailer a few blocks from my place to contact Safelink, only to learn that tech could not port my number via their system, it had to be manually ported, so after 3 days the Verizon sim was finally activated but the service kept cutting off then once again, was deactivated. I made a 2nd trip to the Safelink retailer & call, where I learned my Verizon sim was defective so the auto-refreshing of my free service by tech wouldn't go through; they ordered a replacement sim for me.

    Nearly 2 weeks went by with nothing mailed, thus no working phone either; so now I make a 3rd trip & call to the Safelink retailer, where I was informed the order never went through (despite my having & giving them the order conf. number!). So this time they expedited a mailed Verizon replacement sim, & yes, I had to make a 4th trip to the retailer in order to call & have the replacement sim activated.

    Even with a so-called "working sim" & a Verizon dealer only a few blocks away from my residence, the Verizon mobile coverage is still spotty & I rely on my T1 WiFi service to do most of the work, with no self APN configuring available based on the CDMA network. Many of the text messages I got from friends during the time I couldn't use the phone are currently bottlenecked & cannot download, even with all of the suggested tips utilized to clear the texting app's data & cache. And if all of this wasn't enough, Safelink then not only deactivated, but cancelled my service instead of auto-refreshing, even though my Lifeline eligibility is extended another year, with my enrollment eligibility clearly shown on my Safelink account!

    This time, out of sheer stubborn will, I was ABLE to find live online chat support by using Safelink co-owner Net 10, & the rep reactivated my service. But by NO means does this guarantee any future issues are over; "Free is free" is what I must keep reminding myself, & is what Verizon agreed to continue covering for those in need, prior to approval of the Safelink takeover; but they should NOT be making "Free" such a hassle, here.

    16 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 6, 2022

    My dad's had cell phone service through SafeLink Wireless for many years now, but he just recently received notification that his phone is outdated & he will need to purchase a new one. I purchased a phone from their site right away, but an error occurred with the payment and I was not able to update the order with correct information. However, SafeLink's system still shows that an order was placed & therefore cannot cancel it & help reorder the phone. I've called their customer service over 50 times (several times a day for a month), but each call ends with "let me transfer you" & ultimately hanging up on me. I'm out of options at this point. Can't get anywhere with their customer service & their website doesn't have any help options either. I'll have to seek coverage for my dad elsewhere.

    24 people found this review helpful
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    TracFone Wireless operates SafeLink Wireless, which is a plan designed for people who meet certain income qualifications. Consumers who qualify for a SafeLink plan receive free cell phone service and can add minutes on a pay-as-you-go basis.

    • Lifeline service: The Lifeline program was established in 1984 to help low-income families access telecom service. SafeLink’s plan gives qualifying customers cell phone service for free. Consumers may only enroll in one Lifeline program, but those enrolled in another program can easily switch to SafeLink.

    • Features: SafeLink’s plans include caller ID, call waiting and voicemail. As long as the phone consumers select can enable these features, they are provided for free.

    • Extra minutes: Consumers who need additional minutes can purchase a TracFone Airtime card. The company will automatically add extra minutes to these cards for free when they’re applied to a SafeLink account. TracFone Airtime cards are available at major retail stores.

    • Customer service: Customers with questions or problems can reach a technical support representative from 8 a.m. to12 a.m. seven days a week. Those wishing to enroll or change their service can reach a customer service agent during extended business hours seven days a week.

    • Qualification: Consumers who are not already enrolled in a Lifeline program can find information about qualifying on the SafeLink website. They can also submit required documentation and check the status of their application on the site.

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