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C Spire Wireless

formerly Cellular South

C Spire Wireless
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    Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: Aug. 14, 2019

    I spoke with a representative today and we discovered that there was a billing error in the system. I only owed my normal monthly charges for my final month with them. I feel much better about the situation now.

    Original review: Aug. 8, 2019

    I have been using C Spire since the company was Cellular South in 2005. It is the only company I have ever used. I've put up with the lack of service and remained a loyal customer. I had an unlimited plan that cost me a total of $68 per month and OUT OF NOWHERE my bill jumped to $171 in one month. I figured this was impossible because A) I have UNLIMITED B) I stay on wifi everywhere and mostly converse within network people I go so this shouldn't be an issue.

    I called to complain and they reassured me that this was correct and I should update to a newer unlimited plan for $5 more a month. I waited until my data cycle was over, paid my next bill in advance and quit services the day my data cycle ended to avoid any other bills. I confirmed that I wouldn't receive anymore bills after cancelling because of my timing with THREE associates. I cancelled services in June and all of a sudden I get hit with a $233 bill. $171 is "past due" from June 19-July 19 (I didn't use services then, I already ported out) and an additional $50 for "usage fees" along with "late fees".

    I went to check my online profile to see where the charges were coming from and it won't let me see anything because I'm not a customer anymore... lol. So I randomly get this paper bill in the mail and when I went through the online chat I was told that the amount was correct and that I needed to pay it. I won't be paying this, I am livid that I was told something different and now I have to pay 4x the amount that my bills were supposed to be. I would have continued to use services for the month that I cancelled if I knew that I would be charged that amount anyway. I absolutely don't deserve to be paying this amount ESPECIALLY because I was told that I left with a clean slate by three associates. Do not choose C Spire.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 2, 2019

    This is our 3rd year of C Spire service. There have been very few problems and only a couple of glitches that were quickly resolved. The overall rating is based on our experience of using many of C spire’s services thus far. We have encountered a few low signal areas in more remote rural and fringe coverage areas, but this is to be expected. We also use a mobile hotspot router for secure connections when traveling and that has also has worked well for our applications and purposes. Overall, we are, and have been very satisfied with the provided services and equipment thus far. From our experience in the U.S. geographic areas covered we would highly recommended this company.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 16, 2019

    I pay over $200/month for mine and my kids' phones and rarely ever have 4g/LTE no matter where I am. I barely have 3g and live less than 10 minutes from the C Spire store. Year after year the internet service on my phone has gotten worse and worse. Every time I have had complaints, it's never their service. They suggest it is foliage, my phone or my roof. They know they have the monopoly in South Mississippi so instead of using the millions of dollars they make off of us towards building new cell towers, they are obviously wasting it to pad their pockets. The warranties are a joke, the service is pathetic and they will NOT do better until something is done about it by someone other than their customers.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 15, 2019

    This company takes full advantage of the fact that they offer the only cell and internet services that work in some parts of Mississippi. In some areas, there is no competition that their customers can turn to, so they offer the absolute worst customer service. I had been struggling to find a service that worked in my area, after moving to rural coastal Mississippi. After trying all the name brand people (including Verizon and T-Mobile), none of which worked, I decided to take the plunge and try C-Spire.

    When I signed up, I explained my situation, and asked about the hotspot they were selling me, as the solution to my internet problem. I was told by the sales person that he had never had anyone complain about connectivity with the hotspot. But that I could return it if I did have problems. Unfortunately, he did not stress the fact, that I only had a 4 week window to return it in.

    I set it all up, had sporadic internet service only, which I decided was better than none. It was only one month later, when I had to do my tax returns online, that I found out just how bad that service was. I had not had to work online with the hotspot until then, so I did not know that I could not connect to Turbo Tax, or other types of websites, for extended periods, because the connection was just too bad.

    I immediately went to the store I'd used, and told them that I'd had no way of knowing that I was not going to be able to connect to do online work until I'd had to do my taxes, and I was told that was just too bad, I should have done my taxes earlier within the 30 day return window. And that I was still going to have to pay the remaining $110 balance on the hotspot. I took the issue to the supervisor at the customer service number, and got the same response. When I had tried Verizon at the beginning of the year, and found out that they also did not work at all here at my location, I was refunded everything. They waived the fees because there was no connectivity, taking responsibility for that fact themselves. THAT is good customer service.

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    Rated with 1 star
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 19, 2019

    First and foremost, your customer service reps who assisted me were wonderful and did their job to the best of their ability, BUT you as a company are the opposite of what you claim to be. You are not for your customers, you are for yourself, and anyway that you can squeeze more money out of someone, you will take. What I am asking for does not seem like it should be so hard to do but apparently it is. The sad part is that this is not even the first time that you have failed to do something that you are perfectly capable of doing. I let the first one go as that one I could see as just a policy to drive sales of devices and although I did not find it appropriate or fair, capitalism is our economy. HOWEVER, the loopholes that you have in your policy to charge the military and have no accommodations for the men and women serving our country to protect us is just dirty!

    If that is the way you want to run a business then fine – to each their own – but don’t lie and say you are for the customer, and don’t hide your policies. Not to mention all your other screw up and false promises. It is bad enough when your “policies” treat regular consumers like crap but when you are doing it to our military, I can’t just let that go. You do not offer a way to suspend their services (ie, the calling, texting and data – you know the services that don’t work where they are deployed) and keep their device WITHOUT charging them a lump sum of the device! The only options you have for suspension are:

    - NOT AN OPTION! - Suspend the line, only hold the number for a year and return the device (which does waive the EFT – remaining device payments).
    o Problem 1 - most deployments can last up to 3 years or even longer in certain cases.
    o Problem 2 – cannot keep the device unless you pay the total remaining balance in a lump sum payment.
    - NOT AN OPTION! - Retain the device and continue making device payments and reduce the line’s cellular service plan to the lowest option (ie, $25).
    o Problem 1 – you have to keep paying for actual cell services that you cannot use to be able to keep your number.
    - NOT AN OPTION! - Deactivate the line, lose the number and return the device (which does waive the EFT – remaining device payments), no early cancellation fees.
    o Problem 1 – cannot keep the number.

    o Problem 2 – cannot keep the device unless you pay the total remaining balance in a lump sum payment.

    All I am asking for is to suspend that line (ie, stop all cellular services), hold that number until the end of the deployment, and keep the device while still making the monthly installment payments! I am not asking for anything free! Since I am expressing myself, my other recent issues with your ability to provide the services you claim to have are as follows

    - Claims to have reliable service but does not, not even in larger city areas (ie, greater Jackson, MS area) so I am not complaining about poor service in remote wooded areas.
    - Boosts about having eSim capabilities but will not allow you to use it unless you buy the you buy the eSim/dual Sim compatible phone from them.

    - You cut off my service with no warning even though I was not 30 days past due – your excuse was that I went over my credit limit, which by the way I didn’t even know I had, or what the limit was, or that I could go over it, or that if I did go over then my account would disconnected until I made a payment to bring the balance back below the limit.

    Why did you not inform me of these policies when I was in the store purchasing those items? I didn’t put those items on my future bill for no reason, I did it because that was going to allow me to pay for them one the next paycheck. But because I did not have all the facts, my service was disconnected, and I was forced to pay an overdraft fee as I could not wait that 36 hours (without phone service) that it would have taken for me to get paid. That was not due to impatience, it was due to the fact that my clients use that number to reach me in case of emergencies.
    - Your service practically stopped working for hours with no warning or even an explanation, even though you claim to have redundancies and contingency for those scenarios.

    - You make so many claims, promises and guarantees but you do not honor nowhere near enough of them, consumers understand that mistakes happen and that there are no true guarantees in this world, all we want is fairness and honesty. Why do you have such a hard time with that?

    Slightly unrelated but I wanted to make sure that I address every issue that has bothered me enough to write this. Your Fiber Internet: I understand it is new and will have some problems in the early stages but seriously, be open about the problems! Let consumer know about the router you install as it does not have the ability to provide the speeds you claim to be able to produce. You try to make justifications for it by saying that you have to use an CAT6 ethernet LAN connection using a motherboard and network driver capable of producing gigabit speeds however that is only true because you provided the weakest gigabit compatible router you could. This would not be that big of an issue if you did not brag as much about the speed as a justification for your high prices, then charge an extra monthly fee to “rent” the router. Anything to make a little extra money, huh.

    Don’t forget the part about not informing new customers that the installation process is 3 visits, or that the free part of the installation only includes one connection and each additional one is $99 but none of your other connections will be usable without paying more money to C Spire. To anyone who actually took the time to read this, I hope it made you think, whether it was about your business practices, or about the company you work, think hard.

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    Rated with 1 star
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 8, 2019

    My husband and I have had issues with our phone data service since the last storm caused an outage. The area where we live doesn’t offer internet so we use our phone internet for important matters. We contact C Spire 05/05 and they submitted a ticket as the steps they provided for us didn’t fix anything. 05/06 they contact us back and requested screenshots of a Speedtest. We texted it back to them and they came back and said it was due to the metal roof on our house. Informed them that we no longer lived at that address and that when we did live there, our service was wonderful. Told us to then go to the store and update our Sims cards and that would fix everything.

    We went same day extremely hopeful and while in C Spire, the service worked wonderfully on my husband’s phone and was somewhat slow on my phone, though better than what it had been. As soon as we got to our car, the speeds started to drop and by the time we got on the highway they had dropped. My husband’s speeds on his phone went from 23 mbps on download to .8 mbps. Mine had gone from 6 mbps to .2 mbps. We contacted customer service once more and they reopened the ticket with our new address to check the cell tower out there and I informed her that it was an issue everywhere, even in town. She informed me that she’s not sure what it may be as the sims card update should have fixed it. I don’t see why we’re paying for unlimited LTE when we don’t even get to use it. I’m about to the point of switching carriers.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 12, 2019

    My family and I have been on this service since it was Cellular South. Everything has been great up until the last year and a half if I recall. Where we used to be able to use our phones to update weather apps while away from home, we can't anymore. I have personally seen my iPhone have FULL SERVICE bars and performed a speed test and only get .06 Mbps download speed and a upload test fail. When I first got my current phone, I was able to get about 75 Mbps download and had no issues loading weather pages or other apps.

    I have had coworkers switch from C Spire after 5 months only after they made calls to the Better Business Bureau and nothing is still done to correct their issue. The voice service only gives me trouble every once in a while. The data is the issue and I believe it's because they lost about 75% of their data coverage when they dropped the Verizon tower relay program they were on. So basically, everyone I know is having the same issues, but, they still want you to pay for something that you cant use on their data side.

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    Rated with 1 star
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 27, 2019

    I paid for unlimited data and in two days they say I was over my limit. One of them days wouldn't nobody at my house until after three o'clock so how can we use unlimited data like that. It was just a complete waste of money. Then when you call in they always have an excuse for the reason they messing up. After this I'm going back to ATT where I can use my data wayyy longer than two days. A waste of money I tell you.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 25, 2019

    We had C Spire years ago and don’t remember service being this bad. We decided to switch our 4 accounts from Verizon back to C Spire. Worst mistake ever. The internet download time and upload time is sooooo slow. Many many dead zones. It’s rumored they use to bing from Verizon towers but now they use sprint towers and that is why the service is bad. This is going to bite them in the??? When it’s it’s time to renew and the majority of their customers go elsewhere. As soon as Verizon offers a plan for us to switch to them. We will no longer have C Spire.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 24, 2019

    In Starkville, we are fortunate to have super fast cable internet. Have never had a problem with their service and have had C Spire since it first started here. When I do call the company, there is a real English-speaking person on the line and I don't have to wait 30 minutes before someone answers. Last summer my husband was critically ill. I stopped in West Point on the way back to the Tupelo hospital and the manager there could not have been more helpful. He realized that I was in a hurry, fixed my phone in about 5 minutes, and I was on my way. I was a former AT&T customer and I will never again put up with their poor service.

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