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I placed an order with Cellular Country and then started reading the reviews. My heart was pounding after reading them and I was expecting a horror show. My package arrived two days later, I opened with fear. To my delight, the phones were as expected and better. They perform like brand new. The one that was listed in good condition was hard to see the flaws. This led me to believe that not all you read is true. Sometimes when in business, as I know from my own job, you can't make everyone happy. I am safe to say that this company came through when I was expecting the worse and made me smile.

I ordered a Galaxy S4 on September 1, I paid for the excellent condition one. I received it on September 3 as promised. After receiving it I transferred all my info from my old phone to the new one. The battery would not charge. I had a S4 so I figured out that the battery was fine, the phone was not charging the battery. I called customer service. They gave me a RMA number. I asked them for a shipping label to send it back. They told me that it was my responsibility to ship it back to them at my cost. She also asked if they found defective they would send me another or refund my money. I said send me another, I still needed a phone. I sent it back at my cost and time. I sent it back USPS with a tracking number. After a week of not hearing from them I tracked the shipment. I called on a Tuesday, it had been delivered on Monday. Customer service could not see my return arriving. They told me that it might take a few days.

Later that evening I received a email saying that my phone was defective and I will be getting a replacement. That was on September 13. Today is September 22, I still had not received the phone. I called customer service to have them track the shipment. They told me that they credited my account on the 14th. So after 3 weeks of waiting for a phone, paying for shipping back to them, taking the time to pack up and go to the Post office, had to figure out how to reset the phone because I loaded all my information to it (Took 2 hours). I am back to square one. In a nutshell this company is not worthy of your business. Don't waste your time.

I order a HTC One M8 from them. After ordering it I read the reviews on here and became scared. The phone, however, arrived on time, in perfect condition, along with the accessories I ordered. Once I got the Sim card from AT&T, it worked perfectly! Great price. No hassles. Thank you Cellular Country!

Wow. I was a customer of theirs in the past. I just bought 2 used phones from them on 7-10-16. Samsung S3 and S4 mini in excellent condition. When I got the phones on 7-13-16 the S3 was in excellent condition and my wife was very happy with her phone. Now the S4 mini was in bad shape. Has a small smash in the bottom right and top right corners, also has scratches on the glass and scratches on the camera lens and on the back cover. Instead of sending out a new phone in excellent condition with prepaid shipping to receive the bad phone they just sent out. They want you to send them the phone they just sent you back at your own expense. Then you need to wait for their claims department to say yes or no to sending you out another phone for their screw-up. I will never buy from them again.They just lost a customer that used them in the past several times.

They charged me twice for the same phone. I now always have exact amount on card when ordering from anyone. They refuse to answer the phone. Cellular Country make you answer a "Are you a robot form" before you can write to Customer Service. It take 15 mins and they just still don't send your complaints. I really want my money back. It was close to $200. The cell phone was $89.00. Cellular Country charged me twice. I should have read the complaints. This is my first time buying anything on Cellular Country. I was happy at first for discount phone but now not so much.

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DO NOT PURCHASE A CELL PHONE FROM THIS COMPANY! They are complete and total scammers! I purchased an Iphone for my son and the microphone was broken. When I asked, "How you are supposed to use a phone without a microphone?", I was told that they can't check everything. Are you kidding me? And certainly do not ask to speak to a manager because he is magically never there. Check out their rating with the Better Business Bureau. It is an F!! I sure wish I would have before making a purchase with them. Save yourself the time, aggravation and money and stay away! Reading all of these bad reviews I can't believe they are still in business. I hope they aren't much longer. Rip off!!!

Take this to the bank... Before I would ever buy a phone from them again I would blow my head off. Ordered a Droid Maxx phone - that one did not work. Ordered a second one after someone in customer service assured me that she will test the next one, and that did not work. Both going back and lesson learned. Let the buyer beware.

Phone when received was not working. Support number was not helpful. Asked to leave a message and then told mailbox was full. Sent email indicating that I was disputing charge and following up with credit card company. Their response was that the charge was valid and I should send phone back to get a "refund". Declined to play that game. Some reviews say this outfit is a scam. I can't confirm that but I've seen nothing inconsistent with that hypothesis. Suggest people stay away from this vendor.

This is very much the scam. They sell broke, outdated, or otherwise unusable phones. Customers pay shipping both to receive and return the phone. Cellular Country charges a 20 percent restocking fee. That's how they are making their money. You can not call them. The only help they offer is to return the device. Which they WILL find is working just fine so they will refund all but the fee. Or you can get a store credit and keep paying shipping on a POS phone. This is a scam!

After reading all the other reviews on here I am almost certain that this company makes their money off of selling faulty phones and charging a 20% restock fee and then reselling the same faulty phone. They tried to force me to get store credit instead of a refund first off. I persisted because when I received the phone it didn't work at all. I inspected it and it appeared to be in pristine condition. No water damage, no scratches, no drop damage, nothing. It would not turn on and it would not charge. Didn't matter what charger I was using. I even tested the charger they gave me on another phone to make sure that it worked. They didn't put a hazard label on the box so that could be the problem. They sent me an email telling me they were reviewing my return. And then I get this email...

"We have taken the following actions for your order. We have refunded the following items: Samsung Stratosphere Android PDA 4G LTE Phone Verizon with 20 percent restocking fee Reason for return: other phone charges and turns on fine, amount of refund: $23.99. Total refund: $23.99. This amount will be refunded to the credit card used to place the order within 3-5 business days. This time may be longer if you used a debit/ATM card to make your purchase. We apologize that the phone did not work out and appreciate your business." What a piece of work. So I paid 44 dollars, got 24 back. I just wasted 20 dollars. They don't pay the shipping, that's all you. They didn't inform me of this over the phone. They just sent an email out and basically said ** off.

I ordered an iPhone 5 for the AT&T network and to my surprise received it in 2 days. Unfortunately, that is the only positive comment I can make about my experience with this company. All the other negative reviews you read are very similar to my experience. There seems to be a very consistent and real issue with customer service and unethical business practices.

I could not activate the phone on the AT&T network with a SIM card that worked just fine in another phone. Since I received the phone on a Saturday (Cellular Country is closed on the weekend), I started by taking the phone to my local AT&T store. They also were also unable to get service on the phone and even gave me a new SIM card just to 100% rule out the card as the problem. I called Cellular Country for technical support on Monday. It took me about 2 - 3 hours to get through to someone as my call was dropped at least 3 times after being on hold for 20 - 30 minutes on each attempt. They had me try various things, none of which worked.

It was determined that it must be defective phone. I requested an RMA for a replacement phone and was emailed a return shipping label immediately. This label was for UPS Ground shipping rather than 2-Day USPS Priority which was how it was originally shipped. Thus, it took about 7 days to get back to California from the east coast. Once the tracking info showed that they received the return, I attempted to contact them to verify receipt of the return. I emailed their support department 3 times with no response. I tried to contact them by phone for 3 days only to be sent to a voicemail or to have my call dropped.

I finally reached them on the 4th day and they claimed it took 1 - 5 days to process returns as they are handled in "first in - first out order." I could only think that they must have a lot of returns and that was troubling (my original order was shipped out the same day). At this point, I am no longer comfortable with this purchase and on day 5 request a refund instead of a replacement for the defective phone. Within 3 hours (coincidence?), I receive an email stating I would receive a refund minus a 20% restocking fee as they claimed they found nothing wrong with the phone.

I am not happy about losing the money, but it is almost worth the 20% not to have to ever deal with this company again. Maybe that is exactly what they bank on? The sad thing is that a defective phone will supposedly be put back into inventory, sold, and shipped to someone else. Or was I that someone else? You certainly do not want to be that someone else. Please hear this review as well as a majority of the others. Avoid doing business with CELLULAR COUNTRY!

I ordered an Apple iPhone 48GB Black WiFi GPS PDA Smartphone Verizon from Cellular Country. The company said the carrier on the iPhone was Verizon. When I took the iPhone to my Verizon store in Boise, Idaho, they told me that the carrier was not Verizon but was Sprint. Because the iPhone was a 4, Verizon was unable to connect with Verizon. I have a 2 year contract with CenturyLink and Verizon so cannot activate with Sprint. I have tried for three days to get in contact with Cellular Country with no success. They tell me I am first in line for customer service... I wait anywhere from 13 minutes to 25 minutes then a voice comes on the line and tells me that line is busy and to leave a message.

To date I have left 7 messages with not a single return call. I resorted to emailing the company 24 hours ago with no reply to my email. I am concerned that the company will not respond within the 30 day period and will no longer be responsible to resolve the question. I have filed complaints with Idaho Attorney General's Office and Idaho Better Business Bureau. Lack of response from Cellular Country is inexcusable.

Cellular Country, Fountain Valley, California - I ordered a Verizon compatible phone from Cellular Country on January 6th, 2016. When I went to my Verizon store to have my new phone activated, the phone came up as stolen from a Tennessee Police Station. I contacted Cellular Country and they said they would send me a new phone. Today, I received the 2nd phone... You guessed it, I went back to my Verizon store and this 'new phone' had also been stolen. My Verizon rep called and spoke to customer service at Cellular Country and they treated him like dirt. I also called to ask them why this happened a second time and I got no response. I asked for an immediate credit back onto my credit card and they refused. I was told that they will only give me a credit when they got their stolen phones back! This is a company that should not be allowed to do business.

We purchased two Samsung Droid 4G LTE Google phones from Cellular Country on November 4, 2015, for our business. Both phones were lemons. They've had numerous issues. Both phones would never hold a charge, they wouldn't read any SD cards and the phone would freeze up all the time. I called their support department and because it was over 30 days they would refund. The phones were lemons from the start! One was used a week, the other less than a month. If I could rate a minus, this company would have a minus 10!!! Don't throw your money away!

This company doesn't deserve 1 star. I ordered a Galaxy S6 on 12/21/15 in hopes of receiving it by Christmas as the big gift for my kid. After I placed the order and my credit card was charged, I received the following message: "Your order will ship tomorrow, December 22nd, 2015..." I assumed this was a done deal, but I was terribly mistaken! On 12/22/15 I received an email as follows "Your order has been held pending additional verification." I would think they could have called me to get the verification they needed to get this order out, but they didn't. I happened to check emails and saw it, so I called them. I was told that they needed me to call them to verify the order, due to the large dollar amount of the order. The person I spoke with confirmed that my order was released and would ship on 12/23/15 via Standard Next Day Delivery (I paid an extra $34 for this delivery) and that I would receive it the next day (12/24/15).

To my dismay, I received another email from them on 12/23/15 stating "We have voided your Cellular Country order ** for the following reasons: unable to ship order as placed..." When I called them on the 12/23/15, the lady I talked to couldn't explain why they cancelled my order, so I asked to speak to the owner or manager. I eventually spoke with the supervisor and he was unsympathetic to my situation. I asked him how he would feel if this happened to him and his reply was "I don't shop online, so this couldn't happen to me." Stated they had an issue with verifying my address. I advised, "I'd spoken with the young lady the previous day and she confirmed my order was shipping." Then he basically went on to state they ship orders at their discretion...

I told him they could have simply called me if they needed to further verify any info but he basically got an attitude with me for not being happy about this -- they ruined my Christmas gifts. I was told my funds wouldn't be returned for 72 hours (business days), had to scramble to find this item elsewhere. Don't waste your time or money shopping from Cellular Country, just not worth the hassle for a used phone.

I initially purchased the phone on 10/06/15. On 10/15/15 I contacted the company for the first time to inform them there were issues with the phone. I was sent a new battery to try and resolve the issue with the phone. This was after only 9 days. I called again on 11/16/15 and told technical support it did not fix the phone and received a return authorization number - this was after 41 days. Their argument to me was that I did not request a refund within 30 days of the initial purchase. That is because every time I called or sent emails I was "highly suggested" that I get a replacement. I was told there would be nothing wrong with the replacement - then why did I get 2 defective phones?

I did notify the company within 30 days of the original purchase that there was something wrong with the phone - that phone call was made on 10/15/15, which was after 9 days after the original purchase. I received the first replacement on 11/20/15. On 12/04/15 I again contacted technical support and was informed that the 2nd replacement phone was also defective and received a 2nd return authorization number. This was after having the 2nd replacement for only 14 days. Before I even finished telling the technical support person what was wrong - they immediately identified the phone and said it was defective. If they knew the phone was defective in the first place - or had a history or being defective for the same problem - why did they send it out to me?

Requested refund, sent 4 emails, only one response stating I was not going to receive a refund. I tried to appeal with higher management and was told it was the manager who made the final decision that I would not get a refund. I gave up with the emails. No responses. I figured they did not want to talk to me. I was right, they just automatically send me a replacement phone. I'm betting at this point it will also be defective.

I have spent $50.00 returning phones to them and now have a phone I'm not even going to use. I gave up and purchased a phone elsewhere. Everyone was very nice upfront when they want you to purchase their product and it's like they become possessed when you try to reason with them. Very rude!!! I am a senior citizen and have worked professionally since I was 13. I am currently a Compliance Officer for a very successful financial institution and never in all of my years have I ever treated anyone as bad or unprofessionally as I have been treated. There is no customer satisfaction with this company. Bottom line - once you have paid for the phone you are no longer important to them. My recommendation to anyone even considering purchasing a phone from this company is DON'T.

I ordered a Samsung SCH1200 PP Phone from Cellular Country. When I received the phone it was not a Prepaid phone but one that needed a Sim Card. I could not use this since I did not have an account with Verizon just a prepaid card. I called Cellular Country and explained to them what I had ordered and what I had received. They agreed that I had ordered a prepaid phone and told me to send the phone back but since I wanted a refund they were going to charge me a restocking fee of 20% for their mistake.

Now from the reviews I have read online I would have never ordered the phone from them if they were the only selling them. I do not know where they get their business ethics from and I cannot see how they stay in business by robbing the American public with the way they do business. Will never do business with them again and will not recommend them to anyone. I will though tell everyone I can about the way they do business.

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S 4G for my daughter's first phone. It arrived within a few days and I took it to Sprint that afternoon to connect it. I was informed by Sprint that we would have data issues with the phone since it was YMAX and would no longer be supported after November 2015. Sprint suggested I return the phone for a refund which I did.

I know the Cellular Country returns explain they will give full credit only if the device is broken. They refunded all but 20% for their "restocking" fee. They should not restock to resell this phone knowing that it is an obsolete item that will stop working in a month. I replied to them that they should not charge me the restocking because they sold the obsolete item but they ignored that correspondence. I'm writing this poor review not because it's a lost ~$15 not including the shipping both ways but because that money and time was essentially stolen from me per their poor business practice. I want to warn others not to make the same mistake.

I purchased an allegedly "mint" Samsung Galaxy S4 for around $263. Within the first month, it started freezing up and locking. I contacted the seller, and found the two personnel with whom I dealt patronizing and rude. I had possession of the phone for around a month when I called, and they said I had no warranty with them! They insisted I do a "factory reset" - and I step by step followed their instructions even though it would cause me a lot of effort to reinstall everything. After doing exactly what Cellular Country insisted, the phone was locked! When I went to restart the phone, the phone said it was an irregular factory reset and wanted sign in information which I did not have - presumably for the original owner of the phone! Cellular Country basically said it was my problem! OMG! and RUDELY! They made the phone unusable, and then declared they had no responsibility! And they were so RUDE!

I contacted Samsung who informed me that they could do a flush at no charge, so now the phone is with Samsung for two weeks. I am beyond horrified at the way I was treated by Cellular Country and will NOT be ordering anything else from this company EVER. BUYER BEWARE!!! If you go with this outfit, you better buy an extended warranty AND be prepared to be treated badly. Thank God for Samsung and their excellent consumer service - with Samsung I am SO impressed. As part of this same order, I also ordered a used iPhone for my husband, and he decided after a few days he did not like the Apple product - Cellular Country did take this phone back, but charged a very high (and until then unknown to me) restocking fee! I was really surprised, but at this point just relieved to be done with them.

I ordered a Motorola MOTO X. I carefully made sure what I was purchasing had a 64 gig storage capacity. 32 gig internal and 32 gig external. I purchased the phone and the external storage disc. What I got was a 16 gig capacity phone with no possibility of expanding to 64 gigs. They were all too happy to sell me the 32 g disk knowing full well there was no way to expand the gig capacity. And I didn't even get a 32 gig but a 16 gig. I called and they told me there was no such thing as what I ordered so I sent them all the pages that I printed each step of my purchase. It was clear that I purchased a phone that was 32 gig internal and a 32 gig disk. They want to charge me a $40 restocking fee even though it is in black and white what I was ordering. They are quite simply crooks and buyer beware. I should have done more homework and research before giving these thieves my money. Maybe this will help others not make the same mistake.

I just spoke with a very rude gentleman. When I purchased this phone, order # **, it was suggested to me that I purchase an additional warranty because it was such a good deal on this phone. This would be worth it if something should happen to the phone. I was misled. I believed that this included cracked screens as well... It was never expressed to me that this DOES NOT COVER things like this. A dropped phone is an accident... why on earth would I pay for this additional warranty for anything other than this? Neither here nor there, the person I just spoke with called me a liar and had no time for me... did not want to hear my complaint or concern. What a sad experience I had when I believed that I really found a great deal. The customer support was horrible and the fact that I was misled on this warranty in order for them to get more money from me is very frustrating.

My phone arrived in the heat of a NC summer with no signature request so it sat in the mailbox for the entire day to cook. Then when I opened it the battery was in the phone completely drained. Finally got it charged (which if fully charged only lasted about 3 maybe 4 hours not being used ) and on my plan we couldn't send a text from it because the app too crashed the phone to black screen 90 percent of the time, and then when I called to get the refund processed they wrote in their notes that the speaker was blown... never even mentioned the speaker once they received it in the mail. I called 2 days later and they hadn't processed it and then not even 2 hours later I received an email saying that I was being refunded my money with a 20% restocking fee because the speaker was in better shape than most others of similar make. End of the day I ended up spending about forty dollars on a phone that I don't even have.

I ordered a replacement phone from Cellular Country. It arrived quickly. We were not able to activate the phone from home and we were told to bring it to a Sprint store. The store confirmed that the phone could not be activated. We called Cellular Country and they confirmed that the phone was not able to be activated. I was told that I could not exchange for the same phone because they did not have one but I could choose another. We did not want a different model so they sent via email a return label. The rep said upon receipt, they would issue me a full credit. They did not do so. They charged me for the shipping of the broken phone that they were not able to replace.

I purchased two Pantech phones from Cellular Country almost a year ago to replace my phone that had gone bad. They were low cost and were labeled good condition. The first one has worked almost a year without any problems and I dropped it and then ran over it so, I had to use the second one (which is why I purchased a second to start with, a backup). I've been using it for 3 weeks, again without issues. Having seen all the negative comments for this company I thought it necessary to submit a positive one. I have enjoyed a great experience with the products they sell. It's been a year since I purchased and I cannot find my receipt, sorry. Have the box.

We ordered phones that were advertised as sprint phones that turned out to be AT&T phones which won't work for our service plan. We put in a return authorization request and have called every day for over a week leaving emails and messages with absolutely no response. They say they have a 30 day money back policy if the phones are not damaged which these are not being that we could not use them. The phones are not good anyways being that the batteries both need to be replaced. No charger came with them and once you get them charged they are dead in an hour. Wish I would have noticed all the bad reviews before dealing with this company. What do I do now?

I ordered a phone from this company the first one was so obsolete I couldn't activate it and, then I exchanged it, the second was reported as lost or stolen. I ended up having to pay to return the phone because the company was so cheap they never sent me a return envelope. This company is fraudulent!

I purchased a replacement phone from Cellular Country & have had no problems at all. The phone works perfectly and costs a fraction of what Verizon wanted for the same phone refurbished. I will continue to do business with CC.

I purchased a phone from them. After four days the charger broke and my phone died. The internet never worked. I tried calling and it's been a week with no response!!!

The shipping date as shown by USPS is March 5, 2015, so your "Shipping Label Created" on March 3rd simultaneous to drafting my account and actually shipped March 5th the day after we exchanged emails. As an attorney I'm telling you this is a clear violation of the Texas Deceptive Act which, in the event I prevail in a law suit, provides treble damages. You better hope and pray that VISA successfully drafts you account for every dime of my money, otherwise we are going to find out whether a jury believes your story or my documents.

If you check with the website Consumer Affairs under your company name you'll find 35 people surveyed responded negatively about Cellular Country. Out of a 40 person survey 35 complained of such things as selling lost or stolen merchandise, non-delivery, failure to answer or return calls and/or respond to emails, and all manner of other deceptive trade practices. Out of the entire group your firm has only one fully satisfied customer. What a record! Now you're probably wondering, what difference does that make? Well assuming I still have damages, when VISA finishes their investigation, I plan on contacting Consumer Affairs for the purpose of finding out how many of your customers would be interested in joining me in a Federal class action law suit to end your firm's reign of terror.

I ordered a replacement flip-phone for my daughter and it turned out to be a phone that required a data plan so we returned it but they only gave us a credit card credit of half the cost of the phone (didn't learn this until after I ordered another phone). The second phone arrived and did not work right from the get-go so we returned it but you only have xx days (one month I think) to call them and get the "okay" to return it. It is very hard to get through to them. I finally managed to get through to them and they said I was a day past the deadline date. At first the woman on the phone said I would get store credit but she had to get the "ok" for that from her manager. Her manager said no store credit because the phone was working when they sent it. Do not use this company - it is way too risky. You get the feeling they are working out of a garage. Find another one that has real customer service.

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