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Roughly a year ago I was told in a text that for being a loyal customer can get a loyalty program that if I don't or can't make a payment on my date I pay that I can get free 15 days so I don't have service turned off. Have been with boost for 8 years. I realized after 3 months started getting emails and text saying your services will be going off due to non payment and I just made a payment a week to OR a week and a half before I got the text or email.

I called numerous I should not have my service off yet and just made a recent payment - I told them I got emails showing I made payment. The boost customer service and managers said you have used up your 15 day grace period. I explained no I made a full payment for my full month. They argued Andi called the last 6 months told them take that loyalty program of many times and you never due.

I started looking at my service and realize that you are paying a bill and a half every other month with that program. I just made payment 2 weeks ago to get my service on after service off was off and after I told them in the past take off the loyalty program. I got those emails saying service going off due to make my monthly payment, which did to weeks before email. Next thing I realized my phone was off 3 days later.

I called 4 times to get my service back on and verified the little program off acct. They said no. I argued with them, "That's why you say I need to pay and I shouldn't." Again they called me a lied about calling many times to get it off being told is off with the customers service persons every time. Now my service is still off and said they won't turn on due to I used my loyalty 15 day grace, I told them I am not to have it on my acct. They called me a lied and I said I wanted in on acct. I lied service calls and internet but customer service is very very bad.

I've been with Boost for a few years now because they are "affordable". They came out with a "shrinkage" plan that would allow you to drop your monthly service plan down to 35.00, but in return discontinued all of the phones that were on the 35.00 eligibility plan so the lowest available was 40.00. The coverage is the worse ever. If you are traveling you're lucky to keep service 30% of the time. In rural areas FORGET about it... you will have NO service at all. Recently we were hit with a hurricane where we lost power for days and my Boost service went MIA for days as well. Everyone in the house had service but me, the only Boost user.

The internet is unusable, it only works in rare places (IF at all). Boost phones are not transferable. When you buy a Boost phone, you can NOT take it to another carrier, it is for Boost networks ONLY. Boost has to be one of the worst service providers out there. I have been around many people who use all of the other "prepaid" companies and they have little to NO complaints about their service. PLEASE STAY AWAY from BOOST, I'd say, you get what you paid for, but this isn't true. There are other no contract companies that are the same cost as Boost and the service is SO MUCH BETTER. I've since left Boost and will NEVER use them again.

New to Boost... as of 10/19/16 - purchased a Samsung phone & mobile hotspot device, serviced by Boost. After phone activation ($25) for hotspot, I sent an e-mail & looked on my FB page (for about 10 mins). Shut down FB and stepped away for about an hr; when I tried to reconnect to the internet, Boost blocked my attempt with the only option to re-connect being that I do an 'add-on' of $5 or $10. SURELY, something had to be terribly wrong!

With my [somewhat] computer savvy self, I tried to reestablish my connection - to no avail!! I, then, spoke to several customer service 'reps' who each read from the same script telling me that "I used up all of my data," which I believe/know is complete bs. Not one of them believed me when I told them what little I was able to do before running out of 'data'. Not one of these 'reps' could explain how, based on the information I'd given, my experience could be possible. When answering their survey questions I gave Boost Mobile the lowest possible rating, outlining my experience as well. I told the good Boost Mobile folk that (I believed) they had a pretty [unimpressive] scam going on & that I was planning on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau - they really didn't seem to care. Now, I've got a phone that I'm gonna try to exchange (my sis lost my receipt) before the 30-day time period since purchasing, cause I want NOTHING to do with Boost Mobile... ever!

I applied to Boost special promotion plan back on February 4th 2016. Boost Mobile have not meet plan instead they changed my service without my knowledge or permission. Played service for 8 months now and they've refused to compensate me in any fashion. All they can say is "We don't offer the plan anymore."

They say it's unlimited data with 50 dollar plan. I got the plan then at the end of the month they said I went over my data so they said I used up my data for the following month. So I have a phone that does nothing but make calls. Boost is the worst company. I am so hurt and upset. I am going to tell all my friends not to deal with this company and their customer service people don't want to help you. I guess once you are a big company ** the little people. You showed me Boost. Thanks. They got me and my money.

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I have been a very loyal customer to this company for 2 years. I called yesterday to get a 14-day extension which has been an option on my account for over a year that I have only used one other time. The lady I spoke with was very kind and hopefully help to me and told me that my bill will be due on the 14th. I very kindly thanked her and told her it would be paid by the 10th and she said, "No problem ma'am. It will go until the 14th if you need it."

I woke up this morning and went to go make a call and was told that my phone was no longer working and connected. I called first thing, was put on hold for 20 minutes, told that they could not honor their mistake. I ask for a manager and after another 30 minutes of holding I finally was put through to the insurance department which was not what I asked for and they are not even in on a Sunday.

I then called back and after an hour of being told the same thing over and over and over again that yes they realize they made a mistake however they cannot fix it for me. I asked for a manager again and then the manager repeated over and over again the same thing that the stupid customer service girl told me. Yesterday when I called I had two bills due. I had the money until the 10th of this month to pay one of them.

So I called Boost Mobile first and ask them for an extension and as I stated before they made it sound as though it was no problem and that it was done until the 14th. I went and paid the other bills and planned to go broke until my payday and then pay my phone bill. Now what am I supposed to do? They will not fix this. I am such a loyal customer and I told them I know that there is always a way to fix something especially when you know it is your fault. I have a recording yesterday of the phone conversation where this was promised to me that I could have an extension and I have documentation on my call log and the duration of the call. I have all the proof in the world that it was their fault and then they would not follow through and fix it.

This is terrible customer service and I'll just sticking up for them in the past when other people talk down upon them. I now see what others were talking about. I plan to switch immediately to another phone company and never deal with this company again. You can barely understand their customer service Representatives anyways. You have to ask them to repeat themselves repeatedly and I will not be treated so poorly. I am a single mother of 4 children that now has to go without a phone for 13 days because of their mistake. It is not fair and just terrible customer service. Do not ever go through this company. They make things sound so good at first and easy and it's not it's a bunch of chaos and terrible customer service!!!

I used to be a Clear internet user. I was a faithful customer for 5 years because they had a great deal, $35 a month for a fast internet connection with no data caps. Then Boost Mobile buys Clear and the price goes up to $55 a month. All of the sudden my internet connection becomes painfully slow and my modem will not even connect half the time. I spent many hours trying to resolve it with tech support, but they cannot solve my connection issues.

Then they announce that the old Clear modem will not work with their service anymore and I have to pay for a new hotspot. They assure me that my internet connection will be faster but it is not. It randomly disconnects me from the internet at least 4 to 5 times a day forcing me to restart my computer to get back online. On top of that they give me a data cap so I can't watch Netflix or Youtube videos anymore. Boost Mobile really turned the screws on me. I tried to write this review on the Boost website and they would not publish it.

I have been a Boost Mobile Customer since 2014. I was a happy and satisfied customer until just recently. They screw over their customer on the data, also, the shrinkage plan was untrue as well. How they screw over the customers is they replenish your data a week or two before you pay your bill instead of replenishing it on the day of paying your bill so it will look like you used up all your data real quick.

Another thing which I have in writing. My shrinkage plan started in 2014 with a $55 dollar plan... I have paid on time to where earlier this year, my bill is down to $40. On the contract I have, it is suppose to go down to $35. I have been paying $40 for the last 8 months now. All customer service does is find every way and angle to blame the customers. I will be speaking with my attorney and filing a lawsuit. The documents I have and how they do their customers. The have breached in many ways... People... Beware of Boost Mobile. They ** over people bad!!!

I paid my cell phone bill on 9-1-16 and my due date is 10-1-16. However a few days after I made my payment I received a text message from Boost stating they have changed my due date to 9-16-16. That is wrong. They cant change my due date but they did. Now that is hardship on me. Something need to be done.

I purchased a phone and service at Target December last year **. As of this morning 9/17/2016 my number doesn't show as even owned by Boost. They have another number from another state registered in my account **. My contacts are unable to reach me. I have a serious health condition and this will be a hassle for me if my providers cannot reach me in the number they have on record. They cannot give an explanation and the person in customer service was very rude.

I was originally a dedicated Sprint client. Last year I decided to try a different company to see if I could save some money and still get quality service. Well I signed up with Boost Mobile in November for their 35 2GB Grow Date/$30 ReBoost plan. I was told by the salesman at the store that all I had to do was go on the site and sign up for automatic payments with a credit card and my plan would go to $30. The first month I paid it myself, $35 for the plan and 7$ for insurance a total of 43$ (no extra taxes or fees). Ok so I figured no problem I will sign up for the automatic payments to save some money. Now I did notice that the service was crappy. I almost never had a signal, calls dropped all the time and sometimes I would get a text the next day from the day it was actually sent. But I figured the cost is lower than I was paying at Sprint so I would try to deal with it.

I signed up for automatic payments figuring I was going to be charged $37 only. I signed up in December, I should have paid attention to my bank statements. I would receive a text alert that my account would be charged $37 on the 6th of every month. One day in August of this year I noticed my bank statement said Boost was paid $41.61 not $37. I called Boost to find out what was going on. The rep said they only see $37 being charged and received. Finally she switched me to a manager who said the same, then the manager tried to tell me maybe there was taxes. I asked him for a written statement because I was told my charges included all taxes. He informed me Boost does not have any written statements, they don't have a way to send me a fax or any type of written statement and he doesn't have a # for the corporate office.

He was so rude and disrespectful, he told me to contact my bank and ask for my money back and have the service canceled. So I did, the bank informed me that Boost was paid 41.61 since December. They did an investigation and found that Boost was overpaid. The bank refunded me the difference for up to 3 months and informed me to contact Boost for the remainder. They mailed me a letter with their findings. I contacted Boost and a really nice consider female manager offered me a resolution. She explained that I should have been told that if I pay with my credit card there would be fees. I was supposed to get a reboost card and pay that way before my credit card is charged. But since no one told me this she would credit my account the remainder of the fees Boost charged since December totaling $35 which would cover my bill for September. I was happy with this.

I removed my credit card and went back to paying manually. So when September 6 I received a text that my account was paid. Then yesterday 9/14 suddenly my account was suspended. I went on my Account info and it said I lost my phone. I couldn't get customer service on the phone and the # that the automated service told me to call was not in service. I finally went online and found a # to customer service. I got a night manager who told me I owe Boost $11 that was given back to me in August. They would not be able to turn my phone back on until I paid it. This was the money the bank gave me back since Boost overcharged me. Now Boost wanted me to give that back.

The manager would not rectify the matter, I asked for corporate's # again he told me they don't have a # for corporate. I told him "You know this call is being recorded" (which as soon as you call Boost the automated service states "this call is being recorded for quality management") he told me recording a call is illegal and now he must hang up and said good bye.

They are the worst company ever. The customer service is horrible and they don't care how you feel about it. I will never go to Boost again. I never had this type of problem with Sprint and because Sprint would help you and show you appreciation when you had a complaint. I will be going back to Sprint. You get what you pay for. CHEAP SERVICE. It's just that. CHEAP SERVICE!!! I am going to try my best to rectify the fraud and the lies from Boost the American way (LAWSUIT).

I got Boost Mobile WIFI and cheapest pay as you go option. One pays for the Boost Mobile box on Best Buy shelf w/ WIFI inside plus cheapest pay as you go plan starts at $50. Additional top ups for 1 or 2 GB are very pricey. Getting through to a customer rep took over 3 hours who's screen/tool were not working and another 40 minutes to get another call center who had a screen that worked. Number first entered starts with a 5, but 5 is also the option for Spanish callers so kept getting Spanish desk, not English desk for numbers starting with 5.

I had added 50.00 for upcoming cycle in a few days but then when I tried to add a top up for delta, Boost Mobile website & support say "you have to cancel advance payment". I was told by 1st rep there was new better plan that was unlimited data, phone, text for 50.00. Sounds good, but he could not make change. Tools were down. 2nd Rep said that did not apply to WHI only phones. So how is it they can afford on 50 dollars to give phone free data, text, phone but not to wifi that only wants data?

I was told by 1st rep the device should say how much data is left. I told him there was no indicator. He left me thinking because it was at zero no data was left. Second rep said "no, that was not true." Boost Mobile put out a cheaper WiFi device without that function and only if you had a Boost Mobile Netgear device did it show that info, one would have to keep logging on to the Boost website versus a quick glance at the device. I will be looking for a replacement phone company even though it means I will have to but a new wifi device. Ironically I have a unlocked wifi device but US users will only let one use their device with locked sim so the commitment to change means a new device. UK is much better.

I have been a customer with Boost for going on 3 years now. I had a ZTE Maxx for 2 of those years and it just recently broke. I used a older phone that we had lying around the house to substitute until I could get to the store to purchase the phone that I truly wanted. I have never had any problems with Boost Mobile previous to this and have referred numerous family and friends to them. I could never get the sub phone to work. Called customer care only to receive the runaround. One rep sent out a new sim card and assured me that it would work in my phone. Well it didn't. After about a week of calling I was sent 4 of the same sim card all backed my guarantees that this one will definitely work. NONE OF THEM WORKED.

Finally I escalated the call to a supervisor and was hung up once, then I called back and he had the worst attitude EVER. Finally I spoke to a woman who offered to send me a new phone for all of my troubles. When I received the phone it was a phone that retails at Walmart for 19.9. Since I hadn't got paid yet I activated it, ultimately losing my upgrade that I knew nothing about! The rep told me she could have sold me the phone that I wanted for 250.00 (iPhone 6s plus rose gold). I was FURIOUS!!!

Fast forward to today, I guess they don't have enough unlimited data for everyone and they put a cap on mine. So I tried to add a 10 data pack but was informed that they couldn't because of the hotspot that is included with my plan (that I use for my online classes) so I went ahead and paid for my month's service 60.00 and restarted my plan 7 days early so that I could continue with my class work. I have not been able to access a web page for the past 2 days and I have spoke to 5 different reps all giving me different stories and excuses as to why my phone doesn't work.

The last lady I spoke to told me that my data didn't work because ZTE phones weren't compatible in my area!!! WTF??? Then why would you guys send me a ZTE phone knowing that it doesn't work. She hurried and transferred me to ZTE manufacture and that lady laughed at me and told me that the Boost rep was just trying to get me off the phone and there is no way possible that a phone is not capable of working in a area because of the brand of the phone. Boost reps are idiots!!! Maybe if they hired people from the United stated instead of India we would be able to get the answers to our questions the first time instead of 5 calls per day!!!

The Saleman stole twenty five dollar from me. He charge me twenty five dollars for destroying my data and all my contacts number. I have this as a Business Phone and he was suppose to be taking T-mobile out and put Boost Mobile in and He said that he will add hotspot and that didn't happen either. What happen was that he destroyed all My business contact and Phone contact. It shut down and never started up again the minute I left Decatur enter into Atlanta. I had no service until Labor day Morning.

I have had Boost Mobile for more than 3 years. Since I can't afford anything much but prepaid, I have signed up for the unlimited call, texting, data. Whatever unlimited is suppose to mean to them sure isn't what it means to me. My internet is so slow. That's before the middle of the month. I don't go on the Facebook, YouTube much because my kids tell me that could use a lot of my data. Well the data still sucks. Looking into going to another company soon as I find a better one that actually does what it says. I just called them and they told me the apps run in the background so this is why it runs slow. They offered another plan for more money, of course... But to help ME... nope, no help at all. Thank you BOOST MOBILE for saying unlimited service. Sad customer.

I recently purchased the new Boost mobile hotspot. In addition to that I purchased 10g bytes of data. I only had the hotspot device activated for two days before Boost mobile told me I used up all 10g bytes of data. I asked how since I only have one TV hooked up to this device and when I'm not watching TV I turns it off. The customer service representative told me that even when the hotspot device is off the data is still running. That's a load of **. This company continues to steal from its consumers!!

For one they do not even deserve one star. I called Boost on 08-30-2016 to complain about my service. I was greeted with "Our system is down right now." I asked why my phone had not been working, and the man on the other end said because they were phasing out my phone - that all the Nokia phones have been experiencing the same problems. He went on to say that I could go into a Boost store near me and upgrade because I am due for an upgrade that would cost little or maybe just paying for the new service. Well I still can't use my phone while I still have service I have paid for. So I called back today and wanted to talk to a supervisor only for the guy to say "Well what is wrong?" and completely ignore the fact I asked to speak to a supervisor. I then told him again "I want to speak to a supervisor." I got put on hold for almost a half hour to be hung up on before they ever even spoke to me again.

Now you can imagine I am piqued. Yes that is a word. I call back say "I want a supervisor and get one who I then go off on." He said I have never called about problems with my phone before. When the guy I had just talked to previously said "I see here you called in last May." I have been having issues for that long. This guy is now lying and so I started cussing at him. He kept saying "It is a manufacturing problem not a service problem." I asked "If that is the case why is it my service that I am having FN problems with?" I asked "You do sell the service correct?" He replied "Correct." Now my question is why if Boost Mobile knows these phones do not work correctly how can they continue to sell service that does not work? Legally? Then this ** says he is going to say "I just want a free phone and free service", and he is going to "flag" my account to make sure I don't get that.

In the process of trying to migrate over from Virgin Mobile. So many problems, I've lost count. 1st huge issue, the Boost Mobile rep did a factory reset on my phone, but didn't mention I would lose all of my pictures in the process. These were pictures from the past three years of my son, and are irreplaceable. Called Boost back to try to bring over my husband's phone number to the new family plan. Was transferred to 5 different reps, and only when I requested to speak with someone from the technical department did I get any real help. Can't seem to make this happen without lots of time and pain. I've spent "hours" working on this, but had I know this before, would have stayed with Virgin Mobile. Can't even understand many of the reps, who seem to be from somewhere in Asia???

My phone reset on its own. I called Boost to help walk me through the process but they were no help. No supervisor on duty, no access to my gmail or information to help and all of their reps talk in another language which is annoying. Especially when you're already annoyed over your phone not working. They told me some bs about me needing to send my phone in to them or something about 24 hours before they can help. This company is a piece of **.

This is the worst service company I could get. I ordered a phone online with this company but the package never arrived and when I called back, first they hung up on me and when I called back again they kept me a long time on the phone trying to get a representative, everything so just at the end they told me the package was cancelled 4 four days ago and I had no idea since they never called me. Besides, the supervisors didn't help me at all. This is the way how they lose customers. I hate this company.

I've been a Boost Mobile customer for about 1 year. I purchase $10 2G mobile hotspot almost weekly because that is what works for me. Each month at least once, after purchasing my hotspot, I will attempt to access it through my tablet and they will claim I have used it up within moments or hours of purchasing it without me being able to access it. When I call customer service to get the problem fixed I am never greeted with a customer service agent who understands my issue and can fix it, only to be told I have used it up and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it and I will have to purchase another $10 2G mobile hotspot if I want to use it even though there is obviously something wrong with their system and I have already purchased a 2G mhs that I have not used.

I beginning to think they are just yanking my chain to see which customer service agent can piss me off the most before they fix it. I literally have to hang up and call back until I get a customer service agent who will fix it and once I do find one they never have an explanation for why this is happening. Today I got the most rude customer service agent in Central America by the name of Robert. Not only was he rude and not understanding my issue he attempted to tell me about a free app that offers hotspot for a month when in fact I paid 10 bucks for a service mhs that I wasn't able to use! And Boost Mobile claims I used up... Not sure what's going on although they need to fix this issue immediately!

I didn't have my phone service for like 2 months (I know it's my fault). However, when I finally paid the $40, the service didn't come on. I called a representative and he told me my account was deactivated. I asked for a refund since my account was inactive and he hung up. I called back and had someone different. She asked for my PIN and I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I had the correct PIN (**). Whenever I had to change my payment plan it ALWAYS went through for **, now all a sudden it's not going through? I asked them when they deactivate a phone, do they delete the entire account info? She said no. I asked why did they take my money when my phone isn't even in service? If my phone wasn't in service, they should've rejected me making a payment in the first place. So I was pretty much scammed. Screw you Boost.

I just purchased the service and went onto a monthly plan. The roaming service SUCKS, hotspot is just as bad. As soon as possible I am canceling my account. Save your money and go with a reputable company. Why our government allows this company to exist is beyond my understanding.

I had been a customer of Boost Mobile with this recent phone for over 5 years. I had use them for over 10 years. I always make an advance payment before due date. I made a advance payment on June 23rd. On my account section on website there is a feature to cancelled advance payment which I did because I decided to switch to another company. On June 27th I switch to another company and the representative from that company spoke on my advance payment and was ensured it would be refunded. My due date was not until July 4th so service was never rendered. As of this date Aug. 3rd I still have not received my refund.

I spoke to a Jasper ** who childishly told me that I can't get my money back because I switched to another company. I filed a dispute with my bank and Boost told them they don't have to return my money because it was a legit payment. Payment was not due and service was never rendered so it was not a legit payment. Spoke to a Moses ** (that is the way he spelt his name) today. He refuse to give me his I'd number or transfer me to a supervisor. He repeated same info that I no longer have an account so they have no info to use to return my funds. Yet he took old phone number and pin to check my account. Refiled dispute with my bank if no success. Next step is small claims court.

I JUST bought my phone one month ago. I've been kicked off line, dropped calls, getting messages that I'm out of data, and a few other issues. I've contacted customer service three times within the past week. All three times I've gotten different agents on the phone. They all use the same two "solutions" for the problem, when neither of those "solutions" addresses the issues I'm having. It's as if they're reading from a handbook and no matter what the problem is, they have this rehearsed dialogue.

Even when I told all three of them that the problem they were addressing wasn't the problem I was having, they persisted as if they didn't hear a word I was saying. They weren't exactly rude, but it's as if they're robots and can't deviate beyond certain "solutions." It's not the people per se, it's the company. They train their people quite poorly. And the fact that one has to jump through hoops to even reach a human being is really annoying. Really terrible customer service.

I been a customer for over 7 years. I opted for auto pay so I can avoid late charges, fees, and/or interruption of my service. I get charged every month on the 21st but today (July 27, 2016) I decided to upgrade my phone plan from $30 per month to $55 per month. When I made change online in regards to the upgraded phone plan I was not informed or found any disclaimer/verbiage stating I will forfeit my previous payment. Neither was a prorate applied to the new monthly phone plan premium. How does Boost mobile stay in business cheating people?!? Where's the government that regulates these businesses and their unfair business practice?!?

I pay $55 a month for the services I receive. I enjoy watching movies on my phone but Boost is making it almost impossible for me to stream movies. Around about a week of watching movies on my phone, my service slows down drastically!!! The movies start to freeze every 5 seconds or less and the freezing time varies but it's at least 5 minutes long each time. I ended up buying a $10 data pack to watch more movies and that was gone in less than a day watching a couple of tv episodes. I'll be switching to another company very soon.

Boost customer care is easily the worst customer service I have ever dealt with! No one can ever figure anything out or explain anything. I've been mischarged and treated like crap by everyone I've talked to. It's like they train them to treat people that way! Here is my recent experience : On June 6th when I changed my plan to a family plan and added my daughter the guy on the phone at Boost mobile charged me $89 something then charged a separate transaction for $40.01, then I had a credit balance of $30.03 on my account. After multiple calls and about 3-4 hours on the phone with customer service they were gonna open a case to refund me only $30.03, the credit balance on my account, but the guy told me I would get my money back quicker if I just disputed it with my bank. So I did dispute the extra $40.01 charge that I didn't authorize him to charge anyway and my bank refunded me the money.

This morning I woke up and my phone wouldn't call. I looked at my account online and it said "sorry you lost your phone, your account has been suspended" or something like that. I used my other daughter's phone and called them. They charged me like 10.87 or something. I paid with my debit card, because of that $40.01 charge back that I should've never been charged in the first place. When I paid the 10.87 or whatever the lady said it will be restored by the time I'm off the phone with her, to shut my phone off for 10 sec and turn it back on. When I did that it still didn't work. I called back again and was told this time that because there was a charge back that service won't be restored for 24 hours. I asked to talk to her manager. She put me on hold, came back on and said the manager was not gonna take my call, that there was nothing I could do, it will be on in 24 hours. Lol. Absolutely crazy!

Boost mobile sucks, the data doesn't last even if you get the plan that's suppose to last a whole month. The data is gone less than two weeks. They are liars and they just want your money. I will be switching to another phone company Friday!! Sometimes you won't even get your text messages or calls, I had family and friends tell me they called and text me and I didn't even receive it, SMH! Terrible, just don't waste your money or time with Boost mobile!

I've been a customer for a few years but their last few months have been the worst (and ultimately the final straw). Their customer service reps are rude, argumentative, and overbearing. 3 times in the last two months (yes you read that right) I've been told I've used 85% of my data with 3 hours to 7 days. I question how this is possible when for years prior to that, this was never an issue but now all of a sudden is. Not only that, I turn off my cellular data when using wifi (which would be at he, at work and all of my family and friend's homes). When I call Boost the responses are never the same or accurate. I've also been double charged on multiple occasions. There's no online chat available or after hours call center options. Overall... They're FULL OF CRAP!!! Seeing as how I just renewed my plan last week I have no choice but to wait it out (not going to let them have my money for nothing) and switch companies.

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Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint and is headquartered in Irvine, Calif. The company was founded in 2000 in Australia and New Zealand and became available in the United States the following year. It offers unlimited prepaid cell phone service for smartphones.

  • Boost Dealz: Customers who download and use the Boost Dealz app from the Google Play store can receive a $5 discount on their service each month. The app plays videos and shows ads every time the phone is unlocked. If users regularly view ads, they receive the discount.
  • Data packs: Customers who occasionally need extra data can buy data packs when they exceed their high speed data limit. Data in data packs is available for 30 days, and prices start at $5.
  • Incoming calls/texts on unpaid accounts: Boost customers who have not paid their monthly service charges can continue to receive incoming calls and text messages for 60 days.
  • Features: All Boost Mobile plans include call waiting, voicemail and three-way calling for free. Consumers can also add on boostTV, a television streaming service, mobile hotspot connectivity and phone insurance.
  • Music streaming: When customers subscribe to any Boost Mobile data plan, they can download one of the company‚Äôs partner music streaming apps and then stream music without having it use their allotted high speed data. Partner apps include Pandora, Spotify and others.
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