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Worst experience ever. I cancelled service with ATT wireless back in October paying off my monthly payment. I spoke with customer service that for the equipment how much do I owe and I will pay when my transfer will come in. They said "no problem at all. We will work with you." Received my payment from the company I switch to and paid my att bill for equipment. I called them in February to check and make sure all the payment has been received and everything is good, since I could not get on online to check my balance. I was told back then that yes everything is of no payment is needed. I again confirmed with them, "yes for sure you have a $0 balance."

After 7 months I am receiving calls from a collection agency telling me that I owe a balance of $500 some for outstanding payments. I asked where is this bill coming from. "Oh, we have been calling you but never got a hold of you since May." I said **. My phone number has not been changed. My address has not been changed. I have not received any kind of notification from either ATT or this collection company.

So I call ATT and wanted to sort out things with them. Was on the phone with Customer relations and Dispute department for more than an hour. The lady said "call back. I will talk to my supervisor and we will work with you on it." I called back, had to go through everything all over again, spent another 25 minutes with them and they said oh since it's with collection agency they can't help me anymore, I will need to talk to them. ** people. You just wasted my 3 hours for nothing. I was willing to work with you but as always ATT ** don't care about their customers. I am so glad I don't have them anymore. Do not change your service to ATT. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE, WORST SERVICE AND WORST PEOPLE THAT WORK THERE.

I have been a loyal AT&T; customer for over 15 years. Recently, we decided to switch our internet from U-verse to Time Warner. Mainly because U-verse was inconsistent, more expensive, and really, really slow. I called to cancel and had to wait over 20 minutes on hold. Then went through some ridiculous back and forth to prove who I was, as I didn't know my pin number, and they "needed" that to continue. Even though I'm the only one on the account. I was told that they would send me an email with directions to return the equipment, and a mailing label.

Days went by, no email. I didn't want to be fined $150 for not returning the equipment in time, so called customer service again, and had to wait AGAIN for a long time to actually speak to anyone. They didn't acknowledge not sending the email, and when I asked for a list of what needed to be returned, she just said "all of it" and just to take it to a UPS store and that they would know what to do. I did this, and found out later that I didn't need to send them all of the wires. How pathetic, you work there and you don't even know what equipment to return? Then I had to call back to confirm that they'd received the equipment, as again, no communication.

They had - and at this point I'd gotten the bill for the next month. They wanted me to pay for a whole month of service, even though I'd canceled two days into the billing cycle, and before the statement was produced. I asked if they could pro-rate it and the answer was NO that I'd need to pay the entire balance and they would send me a refund check in 30-45 days. Are you kidding me!? But, it's gets worse... I'd been paying my Wireless and U-verse on a combined bill for years. The customer "service" rep. never mentioned that those would be separate bills from then on, so when I did pay that month U-verse and wireless bill, it all went to U-verse. So I paid over $100 for a service I no longer used. Then I get an email from AT&T Wireless saying they are going to terminate my service for non-payment of bill that same month.

I used chat this time and all the rep kept asking was if I could pay my bill that day. I asked how come no one told me they would be separate Then I asked if I would get a refund from U-verse, "yes, 30-45 days". The email from AT&T said that if I didn't pay my bill, they would disconnect my wireless service, and charge me $40 to reactive. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? 15+ YEARS A CUSTOMER AND THIS BS. They wanted me to contact U-verse, which confused me as I'd been paying the bill combined for years, so obviously that billing had never been an issue.

So, I had to pay double for wireless last month, and am very curious as to how much I will be refunded by U-verse, as I only owed them about $4.00 last month, and paid $120. How can two divisions of the same company not communicate? Do they think customers just have endless amounts of money? Who does this? How can they get away with it? My advice to you - don't ever use U-verse, go with anything else in your area. You'll get better deals and hopefully better customer service. So sad, because they used to be really good and have integrity.

I was told I could have an iPhone 7 for only the cost of the shipping. There would be no change to my bill. After they charged my card, they sent me an agreement for installments to buy the phone which is exactly what I told the representative I did not want to do. He lied to me. Now I have to try to get my money back.

Considering AT&T? Think twice. Once again, AT&T has completely screwed the pooch. After 3 hours on the line with customer service, your Philippines representative neglected to ask SEVERAL crucial questions before transferring my daughter's phone from her T-Mobile account to my AT&T account, among them, is the phone locked (whatever that means). Now, my daughter, who was just left by her husband directly after having their third child, is left home with three small children and no working phone. I can't begin to tell you, AT&T, how utterly disappointed I am by your efforts to save money and outsource your customer service.

This only slightly overshadows the time your cable company required that I agree to another credit check when they inadvertently shut my service off a week before my last move. YOU shut my service off a week early, but to turn it back on, YOU required a new credit check?! No. I canceled my U-VERSE service (which was absolutely horrible by the way - no one week without problems during the entire year of service), and I shall wait out my current phone contract if I have to and move to literally ANYONE ELSE. Joe Bob's Down Home Cell Phone Service? Sure. Whatever. Nothing, nothing at all could be this awful.

I am with AT&T for 4 years. I added a new line yesterday. When I called to port in new number, they are saying they would not port until I pay the amount in full. How the hell it's related. I told her I am not a day late in 4 years and I am planning to pay it EOD as today is the last day to pay as per current bill. She insisted that she would not provide guidance until I pay the bill. Her name is Domique **, very horrible person. I wasted one hour talking to her for nothing and was not able to get any direction. It pisses me off.

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When I cancelled my AT&T service due to their horrible international plans, I spoke with the AT&T representative to cancel the phone. No one bother to tell me I had to specifically cancel the iPad too! So while I am off on vacation, AT&T racks up over $100 in charges on an iPad no longer connected to their system. Multiple attempts to call customer service resulted in "Sorry about that but you just have to pay." What a scam!

Absolutely horrendous service. I initially went into this store to switch a cell phone from Verizon to AT&T. The individual working, ported over the wrong phone number to the account - causing the Verizon users to go without phones for several days. I was promised a $100 credit to my DirecTV due to this SNAFU and had to call a total of 3 times before it was "credited to my account". A month later, I get a bill stating this credit was NEVER put on my account and that my bill is late. In addition, I was charged for the wrong number that was ported over. After 45 minutes on the phone one morning I FINALLY got this issue ironed out.

I go into the AT&T store today to purchase 2 new iPhones and a tablet and was given even WORSE service. When Lauren casually watched TV while my account loaded instead of engaging in conversation about my issues with the tablet. Another customer walked in and she began to work on his account and did not say "I will be just a moment" or anything. I was completely ignored, so I left. I called in to get the store manager's name and Lauren's name and she said "WHY DO YOU NEED IT? I WAS JUST MAKING COPIES." Terrible customer service, incredibly rude. I will be contacting the Store Manager and posting my review on every site that I can find. Sadly, this is the last straw with AT&T. I will be making a switch to Verizon due to the terrible customer service I have received at this store.

Yesterday I decided to subscribe to U-verse. The initial part went well but then the nightmare began. After signing up, I was told I would be transferred to "combined billing" because they would combine my cell with my U-verse. That's when the nightmare began. Over an hour later I had been transferred numerous times and no one knew what I was talking about (of course each person claimed they were transferring me to the right dept). Finally someone transferred me back to U-verse (no clue why) and they said Billing was closed on Sundays so I would have to call back! Mind you, at this point I had been on the phone OVER AN HOUR! Ok, so I call back and of course get disconnected. So I call back. Of course no one knows what I am talking about.

Finally today I call and I actually get "combined billing." Do know what they said? They are undergoing a software update and need me to call back in a few hours!!! I'm calling during the day... Not at night... Not after hours... During the day! They said they cannot even help me or call me back, instead if I want to speak with them then I need to call them back in a few hours! I guess AT&T is the only company that decides to do major software updates during the day when customer call, updates that prevent anyone from being able to even look up accounts.

So I call back and guess what. Of course once again I get routed through phone hell. Transfer after transfer... No one knows how to help. No one answers. Transfer, transfer, transfer... Disconnect, disconnect, disconnect. Routed to U-verse, who again tells me that combined billing is done through AT&T and they (again) don't understand why people keep routing me there. So I get routed again to some department and this time I cannot understand anything the person is saying. I have no idea of where their accent was from. She (again turns out) is with U-verse and doesn't know what I am talking about even though she repeatedly says she's with combined billing. She has no clue as what I'm talking about when I said I needed it combined because there was a discount if services are combined. She actually asked me the amount of the discount, why there would be a discount, etc.

I finally told her that she works there and should know what the discount amount is and should know about the discounts offered when everything is combined. Silence. She then tells me that I just need to call back. Again, I need to call back!!! Argggg! End of story: call after call and still NO RESOLUTION. Not a single person has assisted me, gotten me to the right department or has been able to combine my bill since everything is bundled.

The end of July I went on a 5 week vacation; the first 10 days of which was a cruise. I called AT&T wireless asking for my phone to be unlocked, but they refused because it was not fully paid for. This never was an issue in the past, as I use a local company's SIM card, but I waited too long to argue with them. So I asked about the international plan. They told me for $40, I could have unlimited messaging and some data allotment. They provided me the cost/call. However, I forwarded my cell phone to my home phone so that would not be an issue. I had no intention of using my phone for calls. I did tell them the vacation was 10 days on a cruise, then the rest of the time visiting family in Sweden, with a trip to Ireland. I agreed to the 30 day limit for the plan, and went on my way. 2 weeks into my trip (my 9th day on the cruise) I received an AT&T text message informing me that my "international plan" did not work for cruises.

A bit late for me, as I had already sent a number of messages that I would have used email for. When I got home and saw my bill, I called and told customer service what happened. I was told I had to return to the AT&T service store where I received the incorrect information. I was quite angry about that (thought they were one company, but I guess not) so I told them to send me to the Loyalty department. Jeffrey was very nice, and told me he would provide full credit for the $51.98 charge. I just received my new bill, and not only was that amount NOT credited, I was told I was past due, and they charged me $5 for being late!! So I called and was told 'sorry, we won't credit you'. So, after 27 years, I will go to Verizon. My sister and brother both moved to Verizon and appear to be quite satisfied with their service.

Some friends used Verizon internationally both on land and on a cruise without issue (it was a daily charge, not a one time 30 day charge). So, after all the issues I have had with AT&T Wireless (and there have been a lot of issues!!) and all the poor customer service that I put up with, I say 'goodbye' to a long time vendor. For those of you that choose not to move off of AT&T Wireless, I suggest you ask questions that you may not know you need to ask, and that they don't tell you about or you will be charged for service you expected or be threatened with collections when you had no idea that the credit that was promised did not go through! So good luck with that. I will be at a Verizon store by the end of this week to start my new service!

I've been a client for 25 months always paying my bills and without having issues. I happened to lost my phone and got another one not from the company, that happened to had the same carrier originally. I called AT&T and ask if I was going to be able to unlock it in August since I had been paying the phone I lost and was going to continue paying for it. The answer was clear: since I paid in full my phone, I was not going to have any problems with the new one. I now am in Argentina, no AT&T or any carrier associated to AT&T, when I tried to put a SIM of a local company, it says locked phone. I called AT&T with google phone and they said the recently acquired phone "has not completed all the payments for the device", so the unlock code is denied. I then asked for a solution and after talking to several customer service agents I get to supervisor Ernesto **.

Of course he automatically blamed me for buying the phone from another person instead of AT&T. My argument was, if the debt is from the guy before me, why don't you go and collect from him, and unlock my phone. I'm a hostage of the situation. He "explained" that they will do nothing of the sort, I should go complain with the person who sold me the phone, but I am now on the other side of the world and have to go through a pain in the ass process just because "my" company, after 25 months, instead of realize that I am not the guy that stopped paying them and I have nothing to do with that other guy, punishes me.

According to Ernesto, the company doesn't even care about the phone just the debt, but depending of the amount and the time, they don't even care at all. The problem is that in the process I can't use my phone and there is no solution at all to my condition. They even suggested that I could sell the phone to someone that has AT&T so they can use it... What kind of solution to fraud is that? The company doesn't care about me being a client for 25 months, they just say "You should have bought the new from from ass to ensure there is no problem." I say AT&T should tie their debts to the clients not to the phone. I even asked, "What if I wanted to pay what's owed to be able to unlock the phone," the answer was: "You can only do that if you know exactly what it's owed and you have the information of the account." Therefore I have no way to even pay to solve the problem. In the meantime I'm screwed.

Later Ernesto decided he was entitled to give me advice and that it was a good moment to learn a lesson before I interrupted him and he hang up. AT&T is a terrible company, who doesn't care about their clients. They don't help me out with my problem, make ridiculous suggestions, blame me for buying the phone somewhere else when all they should do is just have a registry of who buys what phone, collect the debt with them, and stop bothering their loyal clients.

I'm never going back to them, they are horrible, and I'm super disappointed on them. They gave me wrong information when they said I'd be able to unlock it just by paying my lost phone, they never said the phone had debt when I registered the "new one" with my number, and what is worse, when I said they were not helping me this Ernesto ** got offended.

Because if they really want to stop fraud, they would have asked me for the contact of the person who sold me the phone, that way they could collect the debt, but they didn't. They just said that I have to complain to him... They are joke. They want me to go to some guy and say: "Hey dude, please pay your debt with AT&T so that I can use the phone." AT&T is a terrible experience, with ridiculous rules that don't help the client, just covers their backs. I'm cancelling my account, never going back, and I will make sure that every time I have the chance I'll say how bad as a company they are.

After moving to AT&T last June my wife decided to go with the "yearly upgrade plan". It seemed like a good idea since she usually need a new phone every year anyway. Usually because the phone goes to crap shortly after a year. I brought my own Oneplus One and we got connected. It's been shortly after a year and shortly after the warranty ran out with her phone. Of course her phone starts going to down as the reception stopped working and the battery began to drain extremely fast. My phone remained fine.

After dealing with customer service and trying everything we could to fix this issue we gave up and called Samsung (since the phone was out of warranty at AT&T). We then moved her onto a backup phone with a sim and things are great with her but I now have no data connection. This is all very suspicious behavior and due to our "contract" being up I have to conclude that we are being pushed to buy another phone and stay with them. I feel like I'm being bullied by this company.

I recently vacationed out of the country with my two sons. We all have service through AT&T. Before leaving I purchased the passport int'l plan for us. While away, the hotel offered free wifi, of which we all took advantage of. We were at an all inclusive so only went off the resort for a couple days of the week that we were there. I rec'd a text message that we were approaching the data capacity that I purchased. I turned the boys' data off immediately. Long story short, I was charged $1200 for overages. I TURNED DATA OFF.

When I called, they offered me very small credit and I was told that just because data was turned off, it really wasn't off that the "sim card was still active". Isn't that FRAUD? When I asked for an address to mail a complaint to, I was told that no address, phone number, or email address existed. Really, no one to handle complaints. I have been a customer of AT&T for over 20 years. Well, I am currently looking to switch. These large companies could care less about the consumer. I had to pay AT&T $1200 for overages I never incurred. There is no fighting them. They always win. Sad state we live in.

After trying over a month to get a bill corrected with people overseas, who speak English, but do not understand, I cancelled ALL my AT&T acct. I have had cell service with them since my first phone in the early 90's. I don't know why AT&T thought farming out their customer service to India or wherever, but it is the most frustrating thing I have ever had the displeasure of having! Then when you want to cancel, they transfer you to a Supervisor who IS IN the US to talk you out of it. I'M DONE! They got me for some money, but I will NEVER have any service they offer, and certainly would not recommend them to anyone.

The customer service of insurance department of AT&T is hands down the worst I have experienced. My iPhone 5s got damaged and as I have been paying AT&T mobile protection pack for the last 3 years, ($10/month), I asked them for a replacement phone. And I specifically told that I did not want a refurbished item as I have had bad experiences with refurbished items in the past. Each of the 3 times the customer service representative gave me assurance that it was going to be a "NEW" device. But here I am disgusted with them after 3 successive shipments of refurbished items. Too tired of traveling to the post office each time to return their item and talking to deaf ears, I cannot be a customer of AT&T anymore. I am now switching my carrier. Thanks to the super bad customer service.

I switched to AT&T from another carrier and was participating in the switcher offer. I did everything that I was supposed to do except I did not keep a copy of the tracking label for my old phones. Now, I am out of my money that AT&T was supposed to pay me for buying out my old contract and 4 practically new phones are "lost". I have contacted customer service numerous times and they were going to research the issue and call me back, and no one has called me. I do not recommend using AT&T for any services. I have been to the store too and their experience with the "home office" was exactly like mine. We got nowhere and no one will track my "lost" phones that I mailed back to AT&T using the label that was sent to me.

The AT&T policy for making excuse to not answer the legal and customer right is really interesting: AT&T drop the call in the middle the conversation and never call you back and when you call you again they didn't have any record or note (on the ones they don't want to answer). You should talk and explain again. When you ask them, "Why you don't call me back?" They says it is protocol and again AT&T call drop at end and... For 6 times in three different cases. I recorded all of my conversation by the chance and I want to begin Law Suit against them. Please contact me if you have bad customer experience and you saw that how they ignore your rights as customer. Regards.

I switched from Bright house to AT&T U-verse cable and internet. Since doing so it has been a nightmare. I have had billing and service issues since the installment last month (August). When the installment took place I wanted 5 receivers for 5 TV's. The service person that came out Chris ** did not have 5 regular receivers. He only had 3 regular and 2 wireless. I did not want wireless but he after asking questions and being assured I would not be billed for them I had him install them.

After a week I saw on my bill I being charged a one time fee of $49. I proceeded to call customer support twice on 29 August. The first person had no clue on how to take care of it and after being put on hold to talk to a manager or higher I got disconnected. I called back and after 1.5 hours they finally took the charge off my bill. Two weeks later today (Sept 15) after paying the total bill owed $230.16 I received a credit for the charge for the wireless receivers $52.19 and proceeded to make a payment for the balance of $177.97 on the same day (Aug 29).

On 15 Sep, after checking my account I find out that I still owe $32.50. I proceeded to call billing again and after being put on hold and waiting almost an hour (55mins) again I got disconnected. Am fed up and realized that I am not calling back and if they do not call me back I am switching back to Bright house. What happened was, and I figured it out. I thought they were still charging for the wireless receivers and the representative also thought the same. They credited me for $145.47 instead of $177.97 I paid. Which is a difference of $32.50 the balance they on my bill.

I could see this in my account online but the representative could not for some reason and had to talk to another department when I got disconnected. Again I figured it out while on the phone and it still did not get resolved after 55 mins and getting disconnected. Terrible service. Now I know why they are enticing people to switch services with reward cards. My service has not been the same as Bright house since changing as the service has went in and out along with it going still.

I don't usually take the time to make these kind of complaints. However, I am fed up with false promises and advertising! First, AT&T promised a free iPhone 7 with the purchase of another one when you change to them. Not entirely true. After a credit check, they told me that I would have to pay for the free phone upfront and they would credit it back to me over a 2 year period. My credit is about as high as you can have. The AT&T representative said he could not explain? Second, he promised me that I would get my rebate for the phones we traded in within 2 to 3 weeks. It has been 3 months and they still can't tell me when I will get our rebate. I guess I am just tired of false advertisement and promises from companies that don't deliver. This is without a doubt false advertisement!

Our family moved from AT&T to T-Mobile due to cost. The phone numbers were moved over. AT&T decided to charge us $500 for the month after our numbers were moved from them. So they were not able to see there was no use on phone numbers they did not have anymore. When we went to an AT&T store to clear this up, no one in the store was authorized to terminate our contract! They tried to damage our credit rating by dinging our credit report.

My daughter added me to her AT&T account to save me some money. I purchased a phone at the AT&T store and was assured I could return it if I didn't like it because they didn't have an active phone I could try before I bought. Well, the phone was terrible so 3 days later I went to exchange it and was told by the AT&T employee that there would be a $45 restocking fee (on a $50 phone)! The restocking fee was never mentioned when I bought the phone. What a rip-off! I'm going back to my old cellphone service provider even if it costs a little more every month. I'VE HAD IT WITH AT&T!

I am beyond upset. I called customer service center in another country. They are all reading a script and cannot even understand what I am asking. I asked for a person in the US and they sent me another person with less of an accent. Really? Did they think I am stupid? I called to ask about my increase in my bill and all they cant saying was "ok, ok." They said they can give me more internet service for MORE money but not get me into another promotion. They offered me long distance and unlimited landline minutes for $9 more a month. WTF. I am trying to lower my bill. I asked once again to speak to someone in the US and they hung up on me. Nice. Real nice. How about bringing these jobs back to the US?

I requested the Customer Service to port my prepaid number to existing postpaid number. I spend nearly 2 hrs every day with different department of people explaining the situation. They said that they canceled the postpaid and added to existing postpaid. But after one day I got another SIM with different number and requested to activate it. I called the Customer Service again and they said they completed my requested but next day I saw the prepaid charged my monthly payment. The issue is not resolved yet.

Our neighbor has AT&T for a provider. When the guy came out to bury the cable, he cut our lines which disconnected all of our Comcast service (phone, internet, tv). When I called AT&T to tell them what happened, they said it would be the next day before someone could come out. I told them I needed it fixed right away and asked for a supervisor. They told me that the supervisor "Ana" would call back in 15 minutes. After 2 hours, I called back and they were closed. I did an online chat with another rep who told me that someone would be out first thing in the morning. Well, no one ever showed up or called me back. Comcast came out and fixed what AT&T had messed up but they should have had to do that. AT&T provides very poor customer service.

I have been a customer of AT&T for over 20 years. Even longer if you consider that we had their long distance service when we had Bell South for a land line. I am appalled by their greed! However, I digress. My husband of 39 years passed away Aug 2nd, and I called AT&T to pay the cell phone bill, removed my deceased husbands cell line number, and to have the account turned over into my name. Our monthly bill for 4 lines two adults and two kids in college was originally $239 a month. However, when they took off my husbands phone the monthly bill jumped $20 to $259 a month without any explanation!!! I asked the agent repeatedly why this was the case, and she couldn't give me a valid explanation.

She then proceeded to try and get me to change my plan, and told me that I could save $30 if I took a lesser plan with lower roll over minutes, and lower data. However, two of my existing phones are grandfathered in as having unlimited data, texting, and calls, so I said NO to getting a new plan so I could keep them the way they were. This customer service call was almost two hours long, and totally worthless and a waste of both the agent and mine's time. AT&T is gouging millions of customers each month with data overage fees, texting fees, and they are shameless about it. My dear departed husband was on business in India two years ago, and he told me that everyone (even street kids) had a cell phone and were paying pennies a month for the use of them. I can't understand why here in the United States the rates are almost as high as a mortgage payment!!! It is criminal.

I made the mistake of purchasing the uVerse and DirecTV deal. The problem? You get ONE day to change your mind on DirecTV. UVerse, you get a week or so. But they don't tell you up front about DirecTV. This locks you in for two years, and costs $450 to get out of it. The story: Kiera and Pablo... I believe that was their names. Two young people, came to our house. Offering 14 mbit uverse and DirecTV.

I already had Time Warner's 60 mbit, so I asked them to clarify. Was it megabit, or megabyte? Oh it was megabyte they said, over and over. If if I didn't like the deal, I could change my mind right? Oh yeah, you have weeks. WRONG. You may have weeks on the uVerse but DirecTV... you get one freaking day. THAT'S it. After that... boom, two year contract. Locked in. If you want out of the DirecTV contract? $450. Sorry.:) :) :)

Oh... and I hear people ask about satellite reception? We were on Dish before. They don't have some of the nicer features of DirecTV, but it was rock solid, even in reasonably heavy storms. Our DirecTV is much less so. Kiera/Pablo? Shame on you. You are either grossly incompetent or flat out liars. Kiera, I felt you were an honest person with integrity, Pablo was in training. Shame. On. You. Swindlers, sharks, cheats, that's pretty much the word I would use to describe you and the company you work for. I'll never buy another AT&T product if I can help it, ever. Dish wasn't as "modern" as DirecTV, but at least it wasn't a racket that locks you in with handcuffs on your wallet. I hope this review helps someone to NOT choose AT&T for any of their services.

Wow this company is so shady. They lie about the packages, they lie about their pricing, they lie about everything they possibly can to make money off of you. Crooks. Wow I am so glad I canceled my services with them. Been on the phone for 40 min now and I am still on hold. Wasting my time that costs way more than their ** service will ever be worth.

After FIFTEEN YEARS with AT&T, I'm DONE dealing with their shenanigans! I stuck in there through a lot of, but in the end, they do not care about loyalty. They offer all of their great deals and specials to new customers, but do not take care of the customers who have been loyal to them. After 15 years, and an enormous amount of money I give them every month (for 4 wireless phones, digital life and direct tv), they do not care that they will lose a customer over $10 a month. When I upgraded my phone, the sales person talked me into a tablet (that I really didn't need) that was $10 a month, but told me that because I had direct tv and digital life, I could combine all of my accounts and get a $10 a month discount so it was a wash. So I agreed. I could never get the accounts to combine online.

So after spending a week in the hospital with my dad who had a heart attack, I finally find time to call them. After several transfers I get the response, "I'm sorry that promotion has expired and there is nothing we can do." So I want to return the tablet... "Oh I'm sorry it is past the deadline to return it." I called all the way up the chain and just got a phone call yesterday from AT&T... "I'm sorry there is nothing we can do to help you." So I asked it they were willing to lose a 15 year customer over $10 a month and he basically said there was nothing he could do. It's not even about the $10 a month... It's about showing some type of loyalty to a customer of 15 years. If I was a brand new POTENTIAL customer switching to AT&T, I'm sure they "could have helped me." So I'm switching EVERYTHING to Verizon and anything else but AT&T! Not that they probably care.

Live in South Louisiana and just went thru major rain and flooding. For several days had no cell services or very limited from AT&T due to the rain, flooding and power outage. During this same period Verizon had no issues with cell service. AT&T announced they would credit all customers affected by the flood with a 50% reduction on their cell phone bills. I received my bill today and it was at the full price. I called and they said it would take up to 3 billing cycles for the credit to appear. What a ripoff.

It is a scam. Bad customer services, overcharges without notifying the customers. When complaint, gave bad attitude and rude. Feel so regret to open account with them. Can't cancel it because it is 1 year contract. It sucks.

I have been a customer since January and have called every month regarding the internet. It's slow and sometimes it completely stops. It happens multiple times throughout each day. Their tech support has came in and changed the modem 3x already. As far as their billing, to make up for the horrible experience we are having with this company, they promised to upgrade our internet speed for the same monthly payment we were currently paying. Sure enough our balance did not remain the same but was an extra $15. When I called to clear it up they gave me no options except to go back down to the lowest internet speed we began with. I do not recommend them at all.