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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

This problem dates back to July 12, 2016. There was a promotion going on with the unlimited data family plan with U-verse TV. However, for some reason, although DirecTV was available for my apartment, it wasn't reading properly. But, I was promised the unlimited plan without the ATT U-verse TV as long as I had their U-verse Internet. My wireless plan was going to be cheaper as long as I had the ATT U-verse Internet. Today I received a text that stated I was going to get the plan removed and my payment was going to be higher. So I decided to call and fix the problem. Pretty much after one agent named Eric couldn't help me with my problem he decided to transfer me to Tanya at the Escalate department. Apparently what I was promised was a load of lies because she said I can't get it without the TV. THEN WHY PROMISE SOMETHING?

She says it was the agent's fault. I told her fine, I just want it to go back the way I had it before the mess up. So she submitted a case and now it's getting fixed. I thought everything was fine and dandy, but then I receive a text from my sister who said she wasn't getting any data service. I was on Wi-Fi the whole time so I did not know that there was an issue. So I called again at 12:00PM and was speaking to a representative who asked me for my story, and again couldn't help me. Then my phone starts acting up... great service ATT.

So I call again at 12:02PM and reached this person named Kenisha who has an attitude problem. Like seriously, I tried to save her the trouble of going through my issue again but she was adamant about fixing it and hearing my story (which was told a gazillion times). Told her my situation and she could not understand me because she kept asking me to repeat myself at least 4 times. So tadah!!! After spending 10 odd minutes she figures out that she CAN'T HELP ME! So she brings in her Lead Floor Manager named Jordan, who transfers me to the technical service department but the line was NOT WORKING! WOW JORDAN! Both of them gave me an attitude and BOTH of them were incompetent.

So I call again. This time to the technical service department and reached Anthony. It's 12:21... yes I have gotten so desperate that I'm time stamping EVERYTHING! He said he will try to fix my problem, and he did but he had to put me on a temporary data plan until my issue is resolved. He left me a voice message at 12:36 stating: "Hi Kim, this is Anthony calling you from ATT... I'm not sure why I can't get in touch with you... I added a data package on all the lines. We will go ahead and get you a refund for those until they resolve your issue." AND JORDAN SAID HE ISN'T GIVING US FREE DATA! Like who the hell asked for free data? I'm asking to give me what the hell I paid for!!! Even with Anthony's help, I am so angry I can't even give more than a 1 star. I am just hoping that everything that is promised this time will be kept.

Have been with AT&T Wireless for 11 years. Used service in OK, TX, KS, MO in all areas without any problems. Defended and supported this company even when friends and family had poor experiences with them. One week ago, we lost the ability to receive incoming calls. All other features worked on the phones. Called AT&T repeatedly. Had to repeat same information over and over. Was assigned a case number and assured they would fix the problem. Each time I called, I got different person, different answers and NO RESOLUTION to problem. Was told I would have to drive to the closest AT&T tower to receive calls!

Now I am told that the problem is that AT&T acquired Cellular One and that the switch over is causing this problem. However, there are no Cellular One towers even remotely close to my location. I was lied to, mislead and nobody took my cause seriously. I am looking for another carrier but AT&T is telling I must pay for my phones (over $500) and I cannot send them back for a refund. So much for customer loyalty. Had a similar TERRIBLE experience with DirecTV, won is now owned by this underhanded, criminal company. I will NEVER recommend AT&T to anyone!!

I called AT&T about getting the cheapest landline possible for emergencies only. I told him I had a cell phone but I didn't get good service at home. I also have a magic jack but I've been told that for emergencies I need a landline. I am a senior. I live alone in the country. The guy said no problem tells me it will be $10.00 a month. I'm thrilled. When it came in the mail it was the same thing as a magic jack only magic jack is $100.00 for 5 years. I call back. They say no problem and set me up with a landline saying it will be $25.00 a month.

I just got my bill for my cell which is $71.57 a month and the total bill was $170.18. I call them back, spend and hour on the phone getting switched from one dept to another, sit on hold get disconnected and no one calls back. As soon as my contract is up I'm leaving AT&T and getting a cheap service since they suck in my area anyway. When you call with a problem they send you from one dept to another. You have to answer tons of ** questions and never get an answer. AT&T YOU SUCK!!!

I talked to several customer service people at AT&T in the last few months trying to reduce my bill. They told me several different things, never telling me the same story and finally said my best option was switching to Direct (actually the only option for lowering). That screwed up my billing cycle but they had also put me on direct billing so I showed all of it was coming out. It didn't before they shut it off, charged a reconnect fee & made me pay some up front. This was after I had paid over $300 in deposits for setting up DirecTV.

I called once again & said I had just talked to someone and that I didn't see why I would get charged a reconnect fee - they said they would note the acct and an adjustment would be made. They didn't, they took it out automatically & today's representative said SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!! None of that was on my acct, they couldn't waive fees like that, I was making this up etc... If there was any way to get out of the contract they just locked me into I would & never look back! AT&T makes Time Warner look like customer service of the year!! THINK TWICE BEFORE USING AT&T FOR ANYTHING!! They leave out 1/2 the story, tell multiple stories & take your $$$ all without thought for the customer!!!

Customer service agents and supervisors are deliberately misleading and incompetent. I called in to reactivate my line and I asked them what amount I had to pay specifically. I had to go in store to pay that exact amount. When I got home, they told me that I had to pay an additional amount, which they did NOT say I had to pay over chat. This was Saturday evening when the store was already closing up. The next AT&T agent said they would call me the next day as their offices were closed and couldn't resolve the issue. They did NOT call again.

The next day I had to contact them at least two times and they told me that I still had to pay the additional fees, this time they changed it again. Instead of providing any accurate reassurances most of the agents kept giving me wrong amounts to pay and wrong times to call in. They keep adding and changing fees and then deferring me to people delaying service for four days without any courtesy to account for the delayed service through some courtesy credit or refund. I have literally contacted at least ten different agents and they keep giving me conflicting and misleading information.

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It has been such a frustrating experience with this company since we decided to have them be our internet providers. A few months ago we were having issues with our internet and called them. They said they were no longer offering the service we were using and we needed to pay and upgrade to Uverse so the problems would stop. Supposedly Uverse was to be better. It has not been. For the last week our internet has been horrible. Constantly disconnecting and slow. We finally got fed up and called customer service. It usually takes about 10 times to get through to someone and they are usually less than helpful when we do. The rep said that he sees there is a problem with the line outside, but he is not sure. I have lost my trust, patience, and understanding with this company. They overcharge, provide mediocre services and products, and the customer service is horrible. Stay away!

I have been with AT&T since the beginning of cell phones, even stayed when they went to Cingular and back to AT&T. I went into an AT&T store to have my iPad fixed, they fixed the problem by replacing the sim card. The sales rep then asked me if it was ok to review my account, I said sure. She told me that they were running a special that included DirecTV and that if I went with the North American plan, everything unlimited, it would include DirecTV for $20.98 a month and my total bill would be $283.00 before taxes and fees. This would save me over $100 a month, so I signed up. During the next month, I received 3 bills from DirecTV, so I call DirecTV, they told me that I was not on a combined plan.

I went back to the same AT&T store, met with the manager. He told me that the bills were combined on May 23rd and the next bill would show correctly. What do you know it didn't. So I called 611, after more than 60 minutes and 3 different people, I was told that they were putting my plan back to the way it was prior to the change, because they could not combine the bills, because I had a work discount plan that did not allow more than one discount on the plan. I was also told to contact DirecTV and cancel the service.

I was happy with that. Until I called DirecTV and was told that if I cancelled, I had to pay $440.00 for an early cancelation fee and that one company could not help me with the other company's problems. So, I went back to the AT&T store, met with the manager, he worked on it for about 30 mins, came back to me and said everything was fixed. (By the way, I paid the bill in full that day, so I know that I had no balance). In the past 3 weeks, I have received 3 paper bills, all 3 for overlapping time periods, all with different amounts owed and all with different payment dates. The 4th, my online bill was also different.

I was being billed separately for $174 for the first 2 months of DirecTV and $80 a month for the continuing TV service, remember, Directv was supposed $20.98 included in my $283 bill. So, I called again and again after 3 different people, I still have to pay the bill in full, but they are going to give me a credit. (We'll see). In addition, after I have moved to the North American Plan, which includes Mexico, my daughter had to go to Mexico for work, so I called AT&T and they said, "no problem", the new plan includes Mexico. She landed in Mexico at 9:30 am and at 9:35 am she received a text saying that she had gone over $100 International data fee. Whattttttt.

I contacted AT&T and they said that they could see the text, but didn't know why it was sent and that the only way to fix it was to give me a credit for what they billed me for. Since May 2016, I have wasted about 10 hours of my time, both in person and on the phone, just trying to resolve the issue. If it doesn't work this time, I think it's time to go to my Local TV station and have their consumer advocate make it public and help me out. I'd hate to say it couldn't get worse, but you never know.

On June 26, 2016 I called AT&T sales rep about switching to AT&T. I was told I could get 2 iPhone 6s plus. One with a $650. Credit and the other with a 50% discount!! I paid the taxes upfront and was told my 1st phone would be $3.33 a month for 30 months and the second phone would be $12.50 a month for 30 months. My first bill would be $157. And all other bills would be $97.00 a month. The middle of July I called customer service and was told none of that was true and I had to pay full price for 30 months on both phones. I thought customer service was there to help resolve problems with customers. Someone at AT&T changed my plan and sent me a message telling me that I had changed it. (Not true).

Supervisor told me he was sorry but that he could not do anything to fix these problems. I asked for his supervisor and was told it would 24 to 72 hours for that. (Note: I am still waiting for that call). In the meantime my bill seems to have doubled!!! I will never go back to AT&T after this, for anything and will tell all my friends about this also!!!

My wife and I were with AT&T for 20 plus years. Main residence in western Washington. Vacation home in eastern Washington. No problem for the last 13 years at the vacation home. Last month our service went away for the vacation home area. Called many times. I had to drive 3 to 6 miles down the road to get service. I did the chat online numerous times. Lots of excuses but bottom line our service is gone. We were told verbally over the phone and during our "chat" session "go find another carrier ". Three times we were told this. So we went and switch to Verizon. Just got the last bill from AT&T and they charged us $125.00 termination fee. They will not remove or reduce this amount. They discontinued our service and told us to find another carrier and then stick us with a termination fee. Total BS.

My son had the misfortune of his phone breaking. He bought a new one and went to the AT&T Store to have it registered for use with his phone number. Two hours later, after he was at the store and my husband and I were on the phone with customer service 3 times, online support with 3 different people and many times lengthy waits for people who couldn't help, he managed at the store to get his phone working. This was the final straw for a long time customer. Earlier this year, my older son established his own account and we were surprised to find no decline in our bill (one less line, we assumed we would see some savings). Tired of poor customer service. Tired of overpriced bills. Tired of AT&T. Are you listening Verizon? Because AT&T sure isn't.

I have been an AT&T customer for over 25 years since At&t was Southwestern Bell. I have never had another phone company and never understood all the people that would say they hated them and had all these problems. UNTIL! My son went off our phone plan and went to a different company and we talked him into using the offered switchover plan where AT&T will buy out your remaining contract. Big Mistake! We began by calling AT&T to find out if they did this and how it worked. They set us up on the phone telling us (a lie) that the store couldn't offer the same deal as they could offer us on the phone. They told us the bill would be $50 a month WITH 5GB of data plus 18.98 per month for the phone.

We asked multiple times "so the bill will be $68 a month?" After getting off the phone we went to the AT&T store to get a sim card for another phone we needed. While there my son asked why he couldn't just pick up his phone at the store. They said you can and that the guy on the phone could not offer us a different deal and we were there 4 hours in total waiting for our turn and to get the deal done. They canceled the order we did on the phone and set us up. I again, explained what he had told us on the phone and asked "so the bill will be $68 a month?" "YES MA'AM!" My son had just paid his phone bill with the other company that day and then had to pay $250 down on the phone for the switch.

I asked about an activation fee or they probably would not have told me about that either. They told us on the phone that we would get a card with the money to buy out the contract. At the store they said "no you will get a credit on your bill for the amount to buyout the contract so you won't have a phone bill for 6 months." When I got the last bill I was to upload it on this site and they would take care of it. I called to make sure I was uploading the bill correctly and at one point she said "NO WE WILL PAY THE OTHER PHONE COMPANY."

After a long hold she comes back and tells me "NO, you pay the other phone company" and they told me on the site I would receive a card in 10-12 WEEKS! Well in the meantime I have to pay the buy out to the other company myself because the other phone company will ruin my credit if I don't pay it when it is due! Meanwhile back on the ranch, it had been 3 weeks and I already received a bill from AT&T for $134 due in a week. On the bill I was expecting the activation fee but was not expecting a 40$ per month charge for IPHONE ACCESS? WHAT THE HELL IS IPHONE ACCESS?

THE 5 GB OF DATA COMES WITH THE $50 LINE! BUT TO MAKE IT LESS CONFUSING THEY ARE GIVING US A $15 PER MONTH CREDIT ON THAT $40 iphone access charge so actually it is $25 a month. Being so thrilled with this news I call them and tell them how I was lied to and not told everything about the deal and thought they were very sorry, there was nothing that could be done about it. Thank you for nothing! So my son was out over $800 in one month for his phone on this great deal!

This is hands down the worst cell phone company I have ever had. Each month they attempt to bill me for a U-verse account I don't even have and I spend on average an hour on the phone with customer service until they refund my account credit. Additionally they always say "a manager will be contacting you in 3 days and you will not have this problem with your account any longer" and surprise surprise each month they try to bill me for U-verse. This month they were really were awful. I broke my phone and even with insurance it was almost $200 to replace. To top it off they sent me the wrong color iPhone. I called my nearest store to see if they could fix the issue and of course they told me they can't help me. I pay my overpriced bill on time each month and can't even expect decent customer service or follow through. If you're searching for cell phone companies be warned this is the WORST.

I called AT&T to get assistance with my bill being extended to a later date and was advised there is no way to get that done. After requesting to see if a manager could help I rcvd a manager by the name of Amanda who was extremely rude and refused to provide me with the number to corporate or the number to the Office of the President. I asked to speak with a higher manager and was advised there will be a call back placed in the system for a higher manager to call me back. AT&T has the worst customer service I have ever seen and for someone to refuse a manager above them or to provide the number to corporate that's really sad???

This company is probably the worst telecommunications firm I have ever dealt with. I run a small business in San Diego and have been using them for over 10 years. Their business practices are nothing short of abysmal. Their contracts are deceitful and designed to confuse the customer. I have two accounts with them - one for my Uverse account and one for my phone account.

Just recently my Uverse bill more than doubled. I just got off the phone with their customer service department (on the phone with them for 1 hour, 5 minutes and 15 seconds) who explained that I had been on some sort of promotional plan for the cheaper service and because I hadn't contacted them to renew I was placed on their open plan. Meantime they were jerking me around with my phone bill which I decided to cancel.

NOW they are charging me an early termination fee because apparently there was an automatic renewal clause that had been triggered, locking me into their lousy service for another year. So, let's see what we have here. I'm dinged by AT&T Uverse because I didn't contact them to renew my original plan. And then they ding me for an early termination fee when I do contact them. What a great business model for an obviously dubious enterprise.

Every year I have to call and spend hours arguing with AT&T about broken promises and billing mistakes. Good luck getting discounts if you are an existing customer. Usually it takes 15+ hours worth of phone time over 3 months to get things straightened out, and then I am good on billing for the next 9 months. Rinse and repeat. I get headaches and anxiety just thinking about the required call every year as it approaches.

In between the billing problems service is slow and spotty. I have U-Verse internet and phone services. Invariably we have some issue that requires multiple tech visits and replaced modems at least every other year. I cringe every time a new home is built in my neighbourhood, as I know the speed will get even worse. The costs are insane. $94/month for two basic services (they only offer 3mbps internet in my locale). When I have asked to disconnect my phone and keep my internet (hoping to use a booster for my cell phone (Verizon) and make do) they threaten to drop my internet to 1mbps or dialup and say I will no longer be a priority for internet service. I would drop AT&T in a heartbeat if they didn't have a monopoly deal with our state legislature that makes it so they are the exclusive providers where we live.

When I signed up for AT&T internet they were advertising a $100.00 reward card for new users. I never got anything in the mail about it and when I called to find out when I was getting it, they said I only had 3 months to claim it online, therefore it had already expired and it was "impossible" to give me a new one or credit my account. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred a total of 7 times but none of them was willing to get me a supervisor to talk to, then the last person disconnected the call. This company was already on thin ice with me since the last time I used them (as a landline provider), they erroneously sent me to collections when I canceled even though I had paid the last bill over the phone. No letters or notices in the mail, just directly to collections. Inexcusable.

Received broken television. No reply from AT&T. Took 3 months to get broken television. Called the number on receipt and was told they don't deal with televisions anymore. Must call promotions. Was on hold for 30 minutes and got an agent from India I could not understand. He asked for the TV serial number and I will hear from them in 48 hours. 3 days, no word.

We made an order via their Bundle promotion. We ordered Two cell phones, a tablet and a watch. WE were on the phone almost two hours completing our order. We were described our cell, giving cell numbers for each cell. We were told the monthly cost, and were told of the service we would receive. The package was to arrive in two or three days. That didn't happen. When we called, we were given total run around. We were told it was shipped, picked up at a store, and was still in progress. THEN WE WERE TOLD THAT the order was cancelled. There has been no correspondence from AT&T. We are at wits end. We are considering a formal complaint. I paid $92.00 to make this happen.

We decided to switch cable/internet/home phone providers as we had a lot of technical issues with our current service. AT&T offered a great priced bundle with DirecTV. The online order experience was very good so I was hopeful that their customer service had much improved since leaving as customers years ago! Well that is where it hit the wall - the installer never showed up on the Monday date we selected and were confirmed for and took the day off to wait at home for. When I called, AT&T said that they rescheduled us for the Saturday 2 DAYS BEFORE and also the following Wednesday without ever checking if we would be there! To make it worse, they said that the technician had called and rearranged these dates with me which he never did - so were they lying?! Had I known they were going to switch dates, I would have made sure to be home that Saturday prior!

When I asked when I can get the install they said it would be another 2 weeks out! So at that point after no apology or any attempt to fix it by AT&T I asked to just cancel my order. That seems easy right? Well... it took me being transferred to 5 different departments as each one "claimed" they didn't have the ability to cancel in their computers. After a total of 55 minutes on the phone and 5 different people I had to retell my issue to each time, I was told I was cancelled by "Jimmy" in the Arizona office and even gave me a confirmation number. 3 days later the AT&T/DirecTV installer showed up at my door! I told him that we had cancelled and he was never informed by AT&T. I did feel bad for him though - not his fault!

So I called AT&T to confirm my order had been cancelled as confirmed 3 days prior and they said there was NO RECORD OF IT! And it gets worse... I was transferred to a sales dept to try and talk me into staying and when I said no - again! - they transferred me to another department who said they didn't have the access to cancel. I was bounced back and forth from DirecTV and AT&T customer service and no one could even explain why I had a cancellation number but my order never got cancelled! Finally after another 45 minutes on the phone and many different people, they were able to make sure my full bundle was cancelled - but tried to blame it on DirecTV who I ordered thru the AT&T bundle in the first place!

I will never fall for their deals again and the illusion that they have improved their customer service! I almost feel that they have unethical business practices and intentionally give you the run around so you can't cancel - hopefully the regulatory agencies will take notice. It has been one of the worst business dealings I have ever had with a company - and it takes a lot to get me upset! I just want to warn others as they are heavily promoting their bundles but cannot fulfill even the minimum level of customer service! Do not get locked into the 2 year contract! While this was so frustrating and took 3 days and 2 one-hour phone calls later, I am glad I didn't proceed with them and dodged that one!

I recently signed a 2-year agreement with DirecTV who is partnered with AT&T. I was told by the DirecTV agent that if I signed a 2 year agreement the monthly charge would be guaranteed for 2 years if I also purchased any AT&T service during the first year of the agreement. So I called AT&T and asked about cell phone plans. I found one that was perfect for me but after speaking with the AT&T rep he informed me that particular plan did not qualify for the price guarantee with DirecTV. They suggested a different plan which was more expensive. I reminded them that I had been told ANY AT&T service would qualify me for the price guarantee but to no avail. This little "misunderstanding" cost me over 400 dollars during the second year of the term.

To make matters worse, the DirecTV rep who sold me my new TV plan told me that one of the channels I wanted which was not in the plan I had chosen could be added for a fee of 4.95 per month which I agreed to. After installation of the dish and activation I discovered my extra channel was not included in the channel lineup so I called DirecTV to get them to add it. They informed me that was not possible and that in order to have that extra channel I would have to upgrade to a plan that was 18 dollars per month extra. After arguing with DirecTV for nearly 2 hours we finally agreed that they would credit my account with an amount I could live with - still much more than the original agreement but that was all they were willing to do - an increase of 36%.

Companies that engage in this kind of bait and switch tactic must not realize that in the State of California, that is a felony. But our law enforcement seems to be governed by big business - not law enforcement. I literally have no recourse other than to post these comments which do nothing to change the culture of deceit which exists within AT&T and DirecTV. Somehow, despite their illegal and immoral tactics they have survived but not necessarily thrived. In order to thrive a company must put customer satisfaction first, regardless of the financial costs.

AT&T and DirecTV not only lied, cheated and stole money from me but more importantly they have gained an enemy for life, or until such time they can make this right to my complete satisfaction. How stupid does a company have to be in order to behave this way? For the answer to that just ask AT&T or DirecTV. Either one will do because they both are non-believers in true and honest customer service. To them, getting as much as they can from their customers, regardless of the consequences to their image is much more important. Such a shame. To make this right, all they have to do is what they promised. Nothing more, nothing less. Seems pretty simple.

The AT&T sales sold me $80 a month with 2gig data, free telephone, and texting. They included a 'free' tablet which would 'share' the 2g data. I was not told about a $45 activation fee for the tablet. I was not told I was authorizing a 2-year contract at $10 a month in order to use the tablet. I was not informed I had two weeks to change my mind about the tablet. As soon as I saw the billing information on the tablet, I called and told them I did not want the $10 a month contract. This information sorta got 'lost' in AT&T's records.

When I tried to correct the billing I was told I was 5 days over the 'two-week startup'. Bottom line, it cost me $150 get out of jail free monies to get out of the tablet contract... the one I wasn't told about until I got the bill. I could have bought two tablets with $150 and used wifi as I did with my previous tablet. It took me 4 hours... 4 HOURS... OF BEING SHUFFLED AROUND AND HAVING MY CALLS DROPPED UNTIL I WAS TOLD THE ABOVE.

MOST OF THE REPRESENTATIVES I TALKED TO DID NOT SEEM TO HAVE POWER OF ANY KIND TO WAIVE FEES THEIR SALESMAN DIDN'T TELL ME about. I would recommend that you do no business of any kind with AT&T without written documentation all along the process... but then I don't recommend AT&T Wireless at all.

I have had so many problems with AT&T I don't even have enough room to type all of them. It's not as much as my cell phone. It is my internet and cable. I have had numerous issues as well as dealing with horrible customer service. I have been with AT&T for 10 years and I used to be a huge advocate, not anymore. I am leaving them as of 7/18. I have submitted to have my service cancelled as it is such a headache. I just can't deal with it anymore and I am taking the plunge to go somewhere else. If you are thinking of joining AT&T... DON'T!

AT&T has the worst service. AT&T internet tv and phone always drops signals daily and very overpriced.

DO NOT USE AT&T unless you are comfortable purchasing their unlimited package for $$$ or you never use data. I had XGB for X dollars and went over 1GB for a $15 multiple times, so I decided to switch to T-mobile where I wouldn't have been charged extra with a reasonable base package price. When trying to unlock phone, I was held hostage as an AT&T customer for over 5 weeks. I paid all bills on time, I paid phone balance and time after time after time they told me "ok, we've unlocked the phone and in 48 hours you should get the unlock code via email." Never WORKED!

I spent hours on the phone for over 5 weeks trying to get that unlocked, meanwhile I was going over on data while being promised "in 48hrs you will receive unlock code" time and time again. I asked to be transferred to managers, to different departments, NO ONE COULD HELP or they told me there was no one else to transfer to. Finally, a customer service rep figured it out within minutes of my call in the 5th week and I was given code. End the month with a $100 data overage charge while it was COMPLETELY their fault. They will not credit me the money despite it being their fault. NEVER EVER EVER USE AT&T. I hate this company! HATE. SHADY, INCOMPETENT, FRAUDS!

AT&T has over-billed my account 3X's in the past 6 months. After speaking customer service reps on 2 occasions I canceled all services & started services with a competitor. AT&T acknowledged my complaint, apologizing for the customer service incompetence & tried to keep me as a customer. I was under no contract & my bill was paid up. My response was "No, I'm leaving!" They again apologized & stated that my services would be terminated effective 06/12/2016 & I have a zero (0) balance.

Three weeks later, I received a bill with outstanding charges. I contacted customer service reps again, explaining my issues, including a supervisor from their Dayton, Ohio call center. The supervisor basically had stated that I have just terminated services as of today 7/10/2016. I tried to explain my case, but he basically called me a liar. I told him that I had placed the call at an AT&T store with the assistance of store employees, who had dialed the customer service telephone number for me. The conversation was on speaker phone & was heard by two additional employees of AT&T. AT&T are intentionally over-billing customers and I will contact my State Attorney's office to lodge a formal complaint. If anyone else has a complaint against AT&T Wireless, in any state in the union, I urge you to do the same.

Needed to connect laptop to authorize account for work. Called to add personal hotspot, was told I needed to change my unlimited data plan to a tiered plan in order for tethering to be allowed. Even though I was willing to pay an up-charge for the service I was unwilling to change a plan that would end up costing me 40% more for a simple feature. They are not on par with other services and will eventually lose my (2) five phone family plans.

After spending a month on the phone resolving AT&T not fulfilling a DirecTV/U-verse bundle, a 3rd(?) level customer service representative quoted me a promotion to switch my wireless service from Verizon. I accepted and executed my obligations. I asked for a confirmation and received only the standard service order details, not that of the promotion. Direct email with the Rep was reportedly prohibited by AT&T. Thirty days later, another Rep confirmed the promo and claimed I have to wait 1 more day for the promo to post. Ninety days after the order, AT&T has refused to provide the $1000 in benefit claiming they cannot find that promotion valid at the time of their offer. They have though quoted me 3 different dates of the promotion's expiration.

AT&T is no fly-by-night company, but no business can succeed long when the customer has to spend countless hours arguing with them to fulfill their contracts (written and verbal) for services - their senior leadership REALLY wants the customer to purchase. This DirecTV/Mobility bundle failure is either another AT&T error or an intentional bait-and-switch. How many errors should one accept before suspecting fraud?

We first switched to AT&T about 4 years ago from Sprint! I was a Premier Preferred Member with Sprint having been with them for 25 years. Upon my switch to AT&T everything was great. Got the new iPhones at the time for free, practically got several rebates back from AT&T and Best Buy. After the first contract was up we were convinced by the sales people we should go with the next plan, and upgrade our phones to the iPhone 6. Well little did I know I would be in debt to AT&T for $2997 for phones, you would have thought I bought gold! The phones should have been free since we are on a service plan and have to commit for 2 years!

I went to auto bill so I never would be late. AT&T can basically bill me anything and take it out of my checking account. That involves a level of trust with a business that is surmountable. The last three months I noticed we have kept going over my data plan, and I was getting dinged extra charges. This last month in June '16 we went over 6 times right before the billing cycled ended. The monthly bill would have increased to $90.00, and I wanted to avoid that overage charge, therefore, I called AT&T and asked them if there is anything that can be done to avoid these charges. They asked me if I had DirecTV. I told them "no", they said "Great. If you sign up with DirecTV you will automatically qualify to be on the Unlimited Data Plan."

I asked them several times "are you sure this will not increase my Wireless bill?" Two people (One of them being a Supervisor) told me "Absolutely not. Your bill will stay the same. We will apply the promo code and apply all the discounts and you only will pay $75.00 extra a month for DirecTV." I thought wow that is a great deal. I received my bill this month. It went up by $100.00 because I switched plans, to the unlimited plan. I called AT&T customer service. They could not help me. They sent me to Customer Care, and Customer Care acted like they were doing me a favor to give me a $75 credit on the bill. I am still paying $25 more than I paid last month. The representative alluded to being able to comp the rest of my installment plan that I had left on last phone, that did not happen.

I have lost absolute faith in this company. I had to wait a good 30 minutes to speak to someone in Customer Care, which means more people are complaining!!! This company is not trustworthy. I feel they jacked up my data usage so I can change plans, and they can exploit more money out of me, because I am about to finish paying for all the iPhones (one phone left and $312.00) and they are seeing that my payments are being reduce down to $250 a month! I think I will report them to FCC as well, something is certainly fishy about their data plans. How come for 12 months or more I never went over my data plan and now all of sudden every month I go over! Sick and tired of their games, and deceitful tactics! I will be giving Sprint a call to see if they want their Premier Customer back. They may pay off my entire contract, and I can tell AT&T to take a hike!!!

AT&T promotions are a scam, customer service sold us on a bogo free iPhone and then when we went to check out, the promotion was no longer valid. Then the customer service person switched us to a free TV when you buy a Samsung and 8 weeks later we get a letter saying we don't qualify. When I called AT&T to see what they could do their answer was the promotion has ended and there is nothing they can do. Wow great customer service. I just spent 1 1/2 on the phone giving them every opportunity to make it right, and they claim they did everything they could. And yet, we are still empty handed. So yes promotions are a scam. Buyer beware.

AT&T is by far the WORST cellphone/internet/cable company ever existed. With my 10+ years of experience with AT&T in the past, they've changed my rate and never failed to surprise me each month with overcharges, extra fees, etc. I'M SO DONE WITH AT&T, BUT WHAT CAN WE DO?? SADLY, THEY'VE MONOPOLIZED EVERYTHING!! I'm just ready for another BETTER, MORE ETHICAL company to overtake AT&T!