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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I made it to 2016 without ever needing to submit an online review. However this experience went so horribly that I felt the need to share my experience for those considering moving cable and or internet service to AT&T. I called to switch service per a personalized mailer I received and the rep was very helpful, and gave me one install date within the week. I was purchasing their basic cable plan called Select and the Turbo Max internet - the rep's internet package label not mine. We discussed the internet speed in depth and even though she couldn't answer all my technical questions she gave me enough info to want to proceed. I then paid a one time $30 installation fee over the phone. The night before the tech was to arrive I checked my email. It seems there wasn't one install date - there were two, the 2nd one being 5 days out.

This may not seem like a big deal, but 1. I wasn't available for the 2nd install date, which wasn't discussed with me at all, 2. I don't see why I should take off work twice, 3. wasn't comfortable canceling just a part of my current service or going without TV or internet for 5 days. I called the number back and explained the issue to a new rep. She rescheduled my install date for 8/25 and apologized up and down for the miscommunication. The next morning an AT&T tech arrived at my home, waking me up (I work a later shift), he seemed a bit put out, and I did apologize. No one told me to cancel this. One would think the rep the night before would have taken care of it. Thursday 8/25/16 the DirecTV rep arrives and informs me he is only there for the TV install - hasn't been trained on the internet install. (DirecTV rep was nice and professional.)

I called AT&T for the 3rd time. This rep was also apologetic but when I explained I would not take more time off work she replied the next install date was the next day Friday 8/16 or 11 days out for Saturday 9/10. I said I could take the afternoon install on Friday so long as the rep arrived at the end of the window time (1 pm- 3pm) but could not be available before 3 pm so she said she would make a note and request the tech arrive as late as possible - translation, if they come at 1 pm and you aren't there it will be rescheduled yet again. I then received an automated call later that afternoon asking me to confirm the 9/1 install date, so I stayed on the line to see what this was about.

After several prompts another female rep answered and proceeded to ask every security/identity question possible. I mean they called me. She then verified that she saw an order for Friday 8/26 for them to install Elite internet service. I stopped her and explained I was told the Turbo Max. It was discussed in depth - I even gave her the date/time/phone # and name of rep I set the order up with. She put me on hold, came back several minutes later, and let me know they can do the Turbo Max for $20 more than the price we had set up. I asked to speak to her supervisor, it took several minutes for one to get on the line. After going through the issues again, he finally just offered the Turbo Max for only $10 additional to price I was quoted, and I said no. At this point you can either honor what I was told in the initial call or I will just cancel the internet install altogether.

He transferred me to yet another manager/resolution specialist and she was the worse one yet and flat out said it can't be done, it's not possible, so I ended up canceling the AT&T internet service install altogether. A very good friend who lives in my zip code signed up for the same package. She had no issues. She had 1 install date and she was also told Turbo Max, quoted the same monthly price as me, which tells me it's possible they just didn't want to work with me, even after they kept compounding the install error.

In all I spent over an hour on the phone with just install and package discrepancy issues. Will now have to find a different internet service, then have two different bills to keep track of monthly for the next two years. I would suggest they train their sales reps better and then when one is wrong take responsibility for their mistakes and work out the issue with the customer. Also the paperwork said I would get a whole home genie and I did not. The DirecTV tech who did my install told me that was more expensive and had to be included in the original order - which apparently it was not. All around bad experience. It's a shame DirecTV will have to be accessed through AT&T.

We have been customers of AT&T for over 20 years total - not adding in Directv services. I've had years and years of issues with AT&T - I can't even begin to outline them here or want to waste them time. So my most recent issue has begun with data overage charges in the last 3 months or so!!! I've called numerous times - been told that I have to shut my data off at night when I'm in bed even connected to WI-FI - really!!! CRAP!!! After talking to customer service 3 reps and 2 hours later this all became very clear to me on what is going on!!! SCAM - SCAM - SCAM!!!

About 2 years ago, I was on "then" unlimited data plan - on the phone with customer service as usual with our monthly customer service issue - the rep says, "Well ma'am if you'd like I can evaluate your data usage and see if we can save you some money on your overall bill". Ok great - we "evaluate" and lo and behold - they take me off the unlimited data plan and put me on the 15B plan. HMMM now all of sudden nothing really changes in our lives - most of us are always connected to wifi with a few exceptions here and there in cars etc... but definitely not enough to be incurring data overage charges like we have in the last 2 months.

We had never had a data overage charge that I can remember in the last 2 years. I call customer service the first month it happened. I was able to get one $15.00 charge credited - oh really thank you for NOTHING!!! I contacted Apple Care to work with them to see if they could help me with why I might be incurring these overages - we reset my data history and tracked my usage. I called them back in 2 days - according to Apple Care - connected to WI-FI no reason for data overages.

Today I took the time to call AT&T Customer Service 1-800-331-0500 called - didn't write down the reps name - she was being helpful (I thought). She was sounding like she was hearing what I was saying - offered me other options and plans that might work better for "my needs". Oh and she informed me that the 15GB plan that I'm currently on is no longer available - and that I can change from my 15GB account for $235 a month to a plan for 25 GB for $223 a month or an unlimited plan (which I was originally on 2 years ago but they "suggested" that I change to a 15GB plan and now I can go back on that unlimited plan for $260 a month). WAIT WHAT??! So at this point I was so frustrated that I asked the rep for a number or name of an escalation department for me to go to and work with because I had had enough of the smoke flying and wasn't getting anywhere.

At that point she realized I had a "combined bill" and that I would get better resolution with the "Combined Billing Department". I was in the middle of talking to her and I hear a phone ringing in my ear - she had just dropped transferred me to another department. And can I just say the level of professionalism in that first department was awful - there was some guy in the background talking and yelling so loud at times the rep was so distracted I had to repeat what I was saying and I could hear complete other conversations in the background!!! SO AWFUL FOR THE CUSTOMER!!!

So here we go - person number 2 Danisha (wrote this one down). I go through it all with her again and asked her the name of the previous person, she couldn't give it to me due to privacy rules - what? So now I'm on the phone with Danisha starting over with my issue - went through the whole thing what my issue was; why I was calling; what the last person had told me; still very calm - didn't raise my voice once or get sarcastic. So we got through it all and she says she understands - gives me a Wireless Customer Complaints address for me to write to - saying Fort Wayne, IN (Indianapolis) is what she said.

So now she said she understand that I should be issued a credit and she's going to contact the "customer accounts" department and tell them about my situation. So now I'm on hold for some time. She comes back and says, "I've spoken to them and they are on the other line, when I transfer you they will be prepared to work out the credit with you". Phone rings... Dyshon answers - asking me how he can help and can I give him my passcode so he can access my account. I literally saw red - but didn't raise my voice or lose my patience with him. Instead I said, "Did Danisha not just tell you what my situation was and how I was looking for help?" He said, "No ma'am I just received the call". Unbelievable so I asked him what department he was in - wireless customer service.I ended up right back in the same department that I was in with the first agent. I was furious!!!

So I told him a bit of my issues but instead I didn't go into too much detail. I asked what a person needs to do to get a phone call back from a manager or higher up person - and noting that I had run a call center before and no I didn't want him to get up and have his co-worker in the next cubicle sit in his seat and say they were a manager -I know that trick all too well!!! He said he could take my number and have someone call me back in 15 - 20 minutes.

I have to say this overall issue has taken up to 4 hours of my time today. I am an Interior Designer and charge $250 per hour for my services - $1000 worth of work that I've lost by having to work with AT&T on this issue!!! Wonder if they would wait that long to get my money when they were due that much money!!! So I do finally get a call back from Wallace - he's from Customer Attention - Floor Support. So Wallace had been briefed at this point from looking over my history that had been documented from the last 3 reps - if they wrote it in - but I'm guessing mostly from what Dyshon had told him in order to get him to call me back.

So he apologizes for my frustration and here's what he's going to do for me - they will give me an additional 5 GB to my monthly data usage for no charge and credit me $70 to my next months bill and I should definitely not go over that extra 5 GB given his evaluation of my data usage. So I had some questions for Wallace that simply put he could not answer:

Why was I removed from my unlimited data plan 2 years ago to be put on the 15GB plan to "save" money? Why when nothing has really changed in any of our lives all of a sudden our plan in the last 2 months we are going over data usage when we are almost always connected to WI-FI? Why can I get a 25 GB plan for $223 a month but will continue to pay $235 for 20 GB on the current plan with the 15 GB plan that's going away? The first month I called I was told that I needed to shut my data off at night when I'm in bed - if I'm not using my phone and all my apps are closed when I go to bed, and I'm connected to WI-FI, how can my phone still continue to use data to drive up my data usage? How can AT&T continuously treat customers this way - the customer service (if that's what you want to call it) that I received today is totally ridiculous?

So Wallace heard me out, he said, "I understand stand it's been a frustrating day for you and I would frustrated as well". So he put me on hold to give me my "credit" and change my plan adding the extra 5 GB - but before he would finish the "deal" he came back on because I had mentioned that I was writing a complaint on Consumer Affairs and then to Better Business Bureau and writing into AT&T Complaints - he said, "So with the offer that I've extended, I have to ask will you still be filing the complaints?"

I said, "What difference does it make - if I say yes you won't give me the deal?" Seriously my complaint wasn't all about the overage charges and the running out of the data. By the end of the day my issue was with the customer service - the fact of the plan changes that AT&T seem to think is ok to keep doing to their long time customers constantly playing games and changing them so people get confused and pay more constantly... I really don't understand how they can conduct business this way and get away with it like they do...

AT&T is the most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. They are constantly making offers with hidden charges and hidden terms that you don't find out about until you take them up on their offers. I have spent 12 days trying to get a commercial account set up with them after they offered it to me, then could not verify who I was even though I have been a customer of theirs since they bought Cingular and I've been in business for 38 years. Then they wanted full credit info, Tax ID info, SS number and a $1,000. per line deposit even though I have been with them in good standing for years. Our credit history with at&t meant nothing.

I angrily refuse to be ripped off like that and they suddenly were able to "find another way". Then they changed the 4 line minimum to 5 lines after it was all set up and after I had been repeatedly told at two different stores that 4 lines were fine. Then they mentioned that it would still be several more days to get it done. Originally, it was a simple matter of getting the extra line and telling them I wanted a commercial account. "We'll just switch you over" was the smiling response. NOT true. Then the "free" phone pitch started which has several hidden charges and is not free. Then the "add a line for $9.95" pitch started which requires a service upgrade of $50. to become eligible.

Then the attendant at the store cannot get the account set up and the delays begin. "We'll have this done in six hours." It's now been 12 days and counting. "I'll call you to verify in the morning". Nothing. "I'll have my accounts manager call you when he can. If not by tomorrow, it will be probably Monday." More waiting. "We can't verify who you are", "your tax ID is invalid" (it's been good enough for the IRS for 38 years). "You have no credit" (even though I'm at 790). "I never told you 4 lines minimum" (it was repeatedly said and I told them I was only getting the 4th line to qualify for the commercial account). It just goes on and on and has for years.

Then I needed help with a better number while buying a new phone. The attendant insisted I do it on line. Of course he failed to mention that it was free if done while buying the phone and $36. if done on-line. The ONLY reason I am still with at&t is that it is the only system that works at one of my locations. As soon as another tower goes up that's it. We will cancel and move on. I will not be lied to and over charged by arrogant or incompetent representatives. I will not be told one thing and then figure out later what the catch is. No more bait and switch!

I have had the most awful, unpleasant, dreadful, put off until the VERY LAST minute experiences since joining the AT&T/DirecTV. Issues: I have never been assisted with ANY problem that I have called AT&T customer service that has resulted in a desirable outcome. I have never had the undesirable outcome resolved in under 30 mins. Every time I have called I have spent an hour or more easily being transferred from person to person, lied to, hung up on (line disconnected), told the supervisor unavailable, wait a hour to get a supervisor on the phone for that individual to be worst than the representative. Never felt valued as a customer (they could care less about losing my business). Always a very frustrated experience.

AT&T is a top dog in the mobile industry, however, when you take away the self created image of the "honest, best in customer service" BS, they are very much in comparison to the crooks Comcast. The only difference between Comcast and AT&T is that Comcast gives their bad customer services with no chaser. It's straight up, no masking. AT&T lies, smile, and stays polite while they screw you over. That is just my opinion... my experience. I am still upset with my family member for recommending AT&T. It is my hope that once more people start complaining that customers will experience better service for their hard earned money. One should feel good about spending their money, pleased, not robbed.

Please if you are considering any type of phone or internet service don't go through AT&T. The customer service is Horrible and the Company is not honorable, They owe me a 100 refund for two months. Been calling consistently and still haven't received it. I called customer service and they told me that it's in the mail but then I don't receive it. I called them back after several weeks. I get disconnected, transferred and then told the same thing. Guaranteeing me it's in the mail, Still have not received it, Save yourself the headache with this dishonest Company and stay away.

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I am writing on behalf of a 6-month issue I've had with AT&T. On February 17, 2016, my husband and I went into the AT&T store by the recommendation of the DirecTV sales representative. He stated that since we signed up for DirecTV and U-Verse we were eligible for unlimited data through AT&T mobile services. It was at that time that the sales rep explained there was a promotion for buy1/get1 Galaxy s6, unlimited data and since we, currently at the time was with Verizon, would get up to 650.00 to switch if we had a contract of monthly cell phone billing charges. Also, since we just bought a house, he advised us of the security system AT&T had to offer. He first signed us for the security system, and then the cell phones. We were told we had to put a deposit on both phones totaling 430.00 and 330.00 for the video equipment.

I traded my Note Edge, given 140.00 toward the deposit for the phones. He explained that our first bill would be somewhat higher due to activation fees and we were given a "my next bill estimate" showing it be close to 290.77. He went to explain that it takes 2-3 billing cycles for us to receive a credit for the deposit on the second phone and at that time, we would start seeing a credit for the monthly charge for the second phone in the amount of 14.61. We were told we would receive a gift card up to 650.00 for the switch from Verizon credit. Everything the sales rep explained to me was false. I have had to go into the store every month regarding my bill. The bills have been $584.37, $667.49 (I misplaced the 3rd bill and no one could tell me what it was), $338.51 and my last current charges are around 250.00.

Two weeks after I signed for the account, my husband went to his native home in Gambia, Africa. While he was there, I bought phone cards to call him. When I received my first bill, it was explained that they could not guarantee me that I would not be charged for international calls. I was charged 2 something per minute. I was credited for a portion of the bill and was advised to sign up for international plan, 59 cents per minute, which I agreed. My husband's phone was stolen in Brussels on his transit home. I went to Walmart, bought a prepaid phone, and had it activated so that he would have a phone. The rep never reported the phone stolen and two weeks later, I received an email stating that the phone was activated.

I went back in the store and was told that since we already activated a new phone, there was nothing I could do. I was fearful of my banking info being compromised. In the meantime, as my husband made calls, our bill was extreme once again. I went back into the store and was told that even though I had international calling on my phone, you have to pay the 5.00 fee on each individual phone. I agreed to put on his phone but the next month, the bill was again extreme with international calls on my autistic son's phone. I explained my husband would never use his phone, I was never given the credit.

In the meantime, my internet went down and I locked myself out of my account. When I called customer service, "Dave" was a pervert. When I gave him my email address, being 6369 as the last portion of the email, he decides to tell me that "69" was his favorite number. It caught me off guard so I pretended to ignore it. After troubleshooting the internet, I made the comment "Yes, I'm in..." He says "these are words he loves to hear." I felt violated. When I explained this to the next rep about my extreme bill, she decided to credit my account to accommodate the issues I'd been having.

The general manager left a voicemail on my husband's phone at the end of May stating we'd get the switcher visa card before June 4, which we never received. It was at the end of June something was stolen off my porch. When I called Digital Life, the security portion as to why I couldn't see the video, I was told that if there is too much movement (at the time, a house was being built next to mine), the video camera will not continuously record, it will jump every 15 seconds. If I wanted to cancel, it would cost me 553.00.

To no avail, August 14, I return to the store because my bill was 343.00. Last month, I cancelled international calling due to not being able to see a detailed bill. I was told it was never cancelled. My husband was using a free app called Viber to call his children. We were told that it didn't matter if it was free, AT&T was going to charge us. My husband sent money to his son to call him. We were finally told that he was being charged 3.12 per minute even though his son is not with AT&T. Anytime an international call is made to or from the phone we'd be charged. The rep told me she would escalate a ticket and we would hear from her on Wednesday. She explained we were not in danger of the phone getting turned off. My phone was turned off Monday, the 22nd. When I went into the store, I was told that the RA, whoever that is, was on vacation and she just didn't call me back.

It was explained to us that we were not getting any more credit because we used the network. It was at that time the rep on the phone explained to me that we were never getting a credit for the switcher credit or deposit for the 2nd phone, if the bill is ever late, it voids the promotion. I asked her why I was never told that because IF my bill was late it was because we were waiting to hear back from AT&T to adjust the bill. We were told our normal bill would be around 175.00 and it has never been that amount. Because the phone was turned off, we could not transfer our numbers unless the phone was turned on.

We paid the bill, to find out that if we cancel, we have to pay for the buy one/get one plus the last bill close to 1000.00 as we are still paying Verizon on a monthly payment arrangement to keep from the last bill going on my husband's credit. The stress has taken its toll on my health. I'm not sure if it is legal to mislead customers as AT&T has done. My husband is 64 years old and works 85 hours a week to take care of his family. I type this letter with the hope that no one else is mislead and lives disrupted by the greed of this corporate business.

My family has had a hardship recently and been a AT&T customer for over 15 years... I had 5 lines and slowly but surely canceled them... I made a insurance claim on my phone August 1st 2016 and was told it was a $99 deductible and that what I have always paid. I get my bill and was charged $199.00!!! I called them up and told them that I wouldn't had made the claim and I wanted my old phone back with a cracked screen... They refuse and refuse to work with me, had the nerve to tell me to go down on my plan from 30 to 6 gb... So looks like they lost a 220.00 customer a month over their $100 mistake they made!!! I'm just sick of dealing with them. I wish another company would buy them out!!!

Worst ever. I have cancelled my account with AT&T back in April due to overcharging me. It is August I have not been able to clear my balance. Called in many times, been on hold over 45-60 minutes and transferred many times, spoke to managers. They have cleared my overcharged balance few times and still sending me bills for services that they have not provide on cancelled account. The call center is overseas, agents have heavy accents and hard to understand. As I am typing this, I have been on hold for 50 minutes waiting for a manager to go over my issue for the 8th times.

I received an outrageous billing contrary to my online agreement with AT&T representative. I attempted to correct the error by logging onto AT&T and discussing the mistake with the AT&T representative. The representative put me on hold and never returned. I called back and went through the same thing again and was told I would have to pay the bill. I had never been late with a payment and have always had a problem periodically at the "end of contract period," reaching a suitable amount for services provided. In this case, they would not honor what the representative told me my bill would be. I could not find anyone who would review my file and honor their previous agreement.

I asked to reduce my service with them to bring it down in cost. Again, they put me on hold and never returned. It is very frustrating to try to deal with AT&T online. They come on in the first instance as courteous (once you get past the recorded message) but if you have a problem with anything on you bill, it is a lost cause. In this case. I guess I will have to find another service which is hard to do in view of the fact we are limited in my area. This is a conglomerate gone amuck.

I called AT&T retention starting August 9th to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with BOGO (Buy one get one free). I was told that only retention could upgrade my line from a contract to a two year installment and that retention was the only group that could order the phone and they couldn't pre-order phones. Wanting the Samsung Promotion for the free 256 GB microSD card with limited quantity, I patiently waited until August 19th, the release of the phone to call and found a deal. After a deal was reached, their "system" was no longer working and that I couldn't place the order.

I called the next day when their system was back online to place the order and was told that AT&T would no longer honor that deal. This seems to be indicative of a larger issue of certain customer reps promising customers one thing and not honoring those promises, basically lying and tricking customers. I would 10/10 not recommend AT&T based on their customer service. I've been a customer with AT&T for 11 years and will no longer be one.

I have been struggling with canceling my services for over a month now. I canceled my account in a AT&T store before my account became what they like to call "suspended" even though I had requested to cancel it at a store. Now I am struggling to get rid of the account and every person I speak to tells me that the amount that they are charging me is valid even though I didn't have service and I had canceled. Their claim is based solely on the fact that their accounts are pre billed and the bill for the month I didn't have service for had already been processed. Every representative has disregarded the fact that I canceled my account before this billing cycle had even started and they all claim that is valid for me to be charged for services that I didn't receive.

I have spoken to dozens of representatives and I get different information each time. Last customer service representative I spoke to told me that I needed to go to the store I did the cancellation with because she couldn't help me. (I have an issue with the way the store handle my cancellation so let me go back to them so they can mishandled my account again. That makes sense.) I understand that for a company of this massive size 796$ is nothing but for a college student who can barely afford her bills as it is that is an insane amount specially when I am being charged for services I didn't receive. Emotion: Angry.

I have been with ATT for as long as I can remember (I am a 67-year-old attorney - sole practitioner). I should have my head examined for staying with the company, as they continue to find more ways to charge me money when my life should be getting simpler. I used to have 3 lines and my internet. Easy. One invoice to pay per month. I now have 3 bills: (i) telephone, (ii) U-verse, and (iii) wireless. I don't know why since I get no additional benefit. No one at ATT has been able to explain to me the reason for getting bombarded by them with three separate requests for payment each month. I am now paying ATT about $340/month. I know this is wrong but no one can help me with my questions when I speak to an ATT rep - they are only concerned with getting a good review from me.

Jesus, I'm a sole practitioner. Why so many bills and nothing to show for it? When I re-upped in March on my telephone for another year, I was told that in order to keep a lower rate on the bill, they would have to send me a tablet (which I did not need and which has never been out of the box!). Good God, what is going on? All I need are my telephone lines and one internet line. That's it! Oh, and ATT sends me letters constantly telling me that I have to call by a certain date to lock in or they will increase my rates. I know I'm getting screwed by this company and I just want to know why?

Today August 22 my service was interrupted. For the past two weeks I've been trying to call and schedule a late payment because I wasn't going to be able to pay until the next week. I go online onto the chat services and immediately the service agent was rude. She told me "You do realize you have the same options online as I do." I tried to explain my situation and that's the only thing she kept saying.

I've been in the hospital for a few days so I told her I wasn't going to be able to make a payment until next weekend due to a short check. She told me she couldn't restore service until everything was paid even after I told her about my experiences for the past two weeks. I asked her, "So what happens if I go back into the hospital and I have no way to reach my family?" Which she replied "I'm sorry you've been in the hospital. They have phones you can use to reach your family." My heart broke. AT&T you have lost a valued customer and your employees aren't ** for that.

Beware of AT&T Bait & Switch!!! My wife & I have fallen victim Of bait and switch by this AT&T store located inside Potomac Mills Mall suite #436 in Woodbridge Va. We switched from Verizon to At&T for the unlimited data with DirecTV bundle when they had the promotion. When We did the switch, the sale person Oscar ** assured us 2 things: 1. Trade in my 4 phones and trade in values from the 4 phones will be credited into our new AT&T account and we can use the credits toward our monthly bills. 2. Receive 100% assistance up to $650 rebates in form of Visa card per line on early termination fees. Rebates should be received within 8 weeks from the date application is submitted.

We went ahead and did the switch end of March 2016. Now it's mid Aug 2016 and we did NOT receive any rebates on early termination fees which we paid $1020 for the 4 lines. We submitted the rebate application on May 10, 2016. It's been 3 months and we got nothing. We called AT&T to follow up on 7/19 and was told that our application was processed, approved and we should received the rebates by end of July, 2016. We waited until Aug 11 and still received no rebates so we called AT&T again on 8/11 and this time was told that the application has not been processed.

We then called Oscar, our salesperson for help. Both Oscar and his sales manager, Denny ** told us that we will NOT receive any rebates on 2 of the 4 lines because they already gave us the trade-in values for the phones. It's the same as rebates on early termination fees. The other two lines, we might get rebates base on the difference of early terminating fee and trade in value. Why? We were assured by Oscar that trade in values and early termination rebates are two entire separate things. We asked him multiple times & he assured us before we signed up. Why the mix up now? It is sure a "bait and switch" because there is nothing we can do now since we are stuck in a 30 months contract.

For those who are on the fence of switching to AT&T, my honest advice is to stay away from this store and from AT&T all together. Sales Manager kept saying "I don't see where the problem is." The problem is you just scammed hard working folks their hard earned money. As of today Aug 13, it's been 3 months since we submitted the rebate application together with our Verizon final bill. We received no rebate Visa cards from AT&T and we paid $1020 early termination fees for the 4 lines that we switched. The only thing we received are two text message from AT&T -- 1st on May 10 and 2nd on Aug 12, both message saying the same thing "AT&T Free Msg: Your rebate request has been received. You will be notified when it has been mailed. Please allow up to 8 weeks for processing." FALSE PROMISES!

Lastly: on Friday August 19th, 2016, we received 4 letters from AT&T stating they have no record of our trade ins, therefore no rebates will be sent out. After months of dealing with AT&T, it's been a nightmarish ordeal & we need help suing them. This could well become a class action lawsuit as we are sure we aren't the only victims out there. We are also filling a complaint with FCC & BBB.

When my recent AT&T wireless contract expired on 8/1, I started to investigate phone upgrades and options available. Went to AT&T first, who I have been a continuous customer with either a landline or currently with a wireless and U-verse subscription. Both AT&T and Verizon had a BOGO offer on the Samsung S7. In order to qualify for the AT&T offer I had to change one of the two phone numbers on my wireless account. But with Verizon I could qualify AND retain both my existing phone numbers.

When I asked an AT&T 'retention specialist' if they would waive the invasive 'number change' requirement to retain my 40 year relationship with AT&T her answer was 'Sorry, we're offering the special to attract new customers and can't allow you to keep your old number'. So AT&T would rather have 1 new customer with NO track record than retain two existing customers with credit ratings over 800 and a 40 year history of on-time payments. Nice business model AT&T. The wireless accounts were migrated to Verizon yesterday and U-verse is next. Ba-bye AT&T, and good riddance.

On 8/16/16 I added money to my acct using my credit card. I then realized I didn't get a confirmation number. So I called customer service, got someone in the Philippines who did not speak English, after 15 minutes I repeatedly asked for a supv, this operator continued to ask me questions (couldn't even understand her). After 30 minutes on the phone, I hung up. Called again - again long wait another operator from the Philippines. Same lack of response. Today, Tried to use cell phone when I was out & was told no minutes. I called & spoke to John, ** - after repeatedly asking for a supv., he said we'd have supv call me back. This has been 2 days of rotten service, on the go phone site & worst customer service.

I brought my final bill from T Mobile $1,807.04. And I gave ATT my phones, which were Samsung 6 (3 of them). This was in the latter part of March 2016. I was told I would receive up to $600 for each line. #1 phone had a $670.07, #2 phone had $434.97 and #3 phone had $526.39. Next I find out I had to pay $175 for each of the new Samsung 7 phones. This is sprung on you at the store. Well, that lowers my $1807 to $1282. And, of course, you have to wait for them to process this. The first process, somehow was denied, even after the store clerk double check the figures.

Then I waited another month. Somehow, my rebate was lost in the shuffle and another month went by. I called number after number and received different info for each clerk I spoke to. Then one great store clerk worked with me for 2 1/2 hours to straighten things out. Well, this was rejected because one digit was wrong with one of the phones, even after the courteous clerk checked and rechecked and rechecked everything. Then I got a text stating eight more weeks I had to wait for it to be mailed to me. I was given 3 different dates that everything was expedited and was on the way.

Remember, this all started in the last weeks of March. Now I'm told it was mailed on August 8th and another call stated August 11 and I have to wait 3 more weeks. Well, I'm still waiting some 5+ months and nothing. Also, my gold plummeted, like the stock crash of '08 from the $600 on each phone (tops to be reimbursed) to phone #1 $670.07 last bill to $378, phone 2 $434.97 to $260 and phone #3 $526.39 to $309. Is this a bait and switch scam or not? I reported this to the Federal Trade Commission to be false advertising and a scam (still waiting for a response).

All I can say for ATT, is they are still the same old company, empty promises, employees assuring you they are expediting this because I should not have waited this long. WRONG. When, and if when I get my money, I will bring back everything - uverse, DirecTV and internet but not my cell phones and calmly place them on their store counter and leave. Let them sue. If they cannot deal with you in "good faith" well, neither can I. I'm going to cable tv and internet and Walmart for cell phone service.

I would really like to write what I REALLY FEEL, BUT I'm not going to stoop to ATT levels. I would not recommend ATT to a dog, if it could use their services. I've been screwed, chewed and blewed. If you are smart, like I was not (and I'm 70), I should have listened to my dad's advice on things - IF IT SOUNDS GREAT. RUN!!! They really don't even deserve a 1 star. Don't you have burned out stars, like about 10???

AT&T is the worst company to deal with. They will cheat you and charge inflammatory charges to you every chance they get. Do NOT use AT& "cheat you" T if at all possible. I have had nothing but BAD experiences with them!

I went into this store because it's home town. There were 2 young ladies working. I informed one of them that my phone was turning off by itself often and alot of my calls were not able to be heard clearly. The young lady went around corner and called my phone. I answered and she said "I can hear you clearly." (DUH)Then she said the phone didn't turn off. I was so ticked off that she was this stupid working in a place of business. I left with my phone knowing I just wasted my trip there.

My AT&T Wireless service used to be excellent and dependable. Recently, when attempting to contact this service by dialing 800-331-0500 or 611 (their customer service) I experience "Ring Around the Rosy" teleprompter automation answering service that never ends. This service keeps going in circles to no end. One never reaches a human being. Therefore, any issues you have cannot be resolved.

In addition, their directory service automated answering operator, never understands your request. Instead, one is given any old number and can be charged. When attempting to complain, that a wrong number is given, you can not.. It is my understanding that this service is not regulated. My concern, as an elderly person, is what does one do in an emergency? Especially on the road! My neighbors say they carry their telephone directories with them; however, does their directory cover the whole United States?

If one pays their bills timely, why can't we speak to a service agent when needed regarding our bills and wrong numbers?. My question is, "Why can't we reach these people?" Should paying customers be left with no recourse? AARP or somebody has to provide a better service. Seriously thinking about exploring my options.

Recently was a victim of identity theft, and after checking my bureaus I felt assured that all the transactions done under my name were addressed. However, received a bill in the mail from AT&T approximately two weeks later. They had opened a fraudulent account at an authorized retailer. When trying to rectify the situation AT&T was both unhelpful and uninformative... and it seems negligent in their business dealings. If it were me - and you are researching to choose which company you want to go with - I would suggest you stay far away from AT&T.

My spouse and I went to at&t to upgrade his g4 to a g7. The sales rep said oh you can also upgrade yours because its buy one get one. So of course we did. He said it would be a couple months before we see the credit. We waited and waited. It never came off. When we called they said that promotion was for new customers or adding another line. Now you owe 700.00 more dollars. I was fine with my g4. I am 60 years old and don't need the newest gadgets. I can't believe this is happening after over 20 years of being loyal customers. I guess that doesn't matter anymore. That sales rep got us good.

8/03/2016 Got service with AT&T. When I got home I had no signal bars or service so I called store and they gave me 800# to call. Was told I was in bad area and they could not do anything but, "thanks for doing business with us". I returned to store which sent me to Sprint to see if they'd buy my contract. Went back following day returned everything I purchase, was charged $455 dollars. They know their service doesn't work in this area, but they will continue to rob customers and they DON'T CARE.

I have had it with AT&T. It will be my last bill, even though I will need to buy my phones. Spoke to a rep, who didn't know from left to right to go over my account properly. My bill last month was too expensive and asked why? She went over with me and said that I also have 2 additional lines, in which they were not used. 3 months ago, I had 2 guests visiting me for 2 weeks from a different country, so I offered to give them free lines as courtesy. AT&T told me it would be $20 per line per month, so I added them to my package. 2 weeks later, I forgot to cancel the lines and didn't realize until last month that I kept these lines for an additional 3 months.

I asked if AT&T can do something about getting a credit for the non-used months. They said someone will get back to me in a week, but didn't. I asked to speak to a manager, in which an idiot by the name of William ** (customer care manager), who thought he was a big shot with AT&T just kept on telling me that AT&T didn't approve the credit and that it was my responsibility. The idiot William ** did not help whatsoever. He was nice and polite, like a robot. Let it be known, AT&T do not provide any type of customer service and a special thanks to the idiot William **. They heard my frustration and did nothing to calm me down.

I have been an AT&T customer for about 13 years now. The company is getting worse and worse over the years. I used to consider AT&T one of the "top of the line" wireless providers, but they are just horrible now. The customer service reps are however very nice and accommodating (with the exception of a few), but the service sucks and the prices are way too high, I don't feel like I am getting my money worth at all. The only reason I am still with AT&T is because I am financing my phone, but as soon as it is paid off I am leaving and going to T-Mobile.

A particular experience I had recently: I have not been able to receive or send calls, I called AT&T on 08/13/2016, the rep that I had spoken with attempted to troubleshoot my device, she stated that she was unable to access her system due to an outage. I asked her if my bill could be credited for the inconvenience, she stated that she was unable to make notes in the system at that time and to call back on Monday and ask for a credited, well I called back today, I spoke with a rep and a supervisor who stated that I cannot receive a credit because the previous rep did not leave any notes in the system. I find this to be very unfair as I only did what I was asked. So basically I am paying for service that I did not have. I don't see a point in keep AT&T when I can go to another company and have service issues for a lower price.

I have been an AT&T customer for almost 20 years and I have to say the service gets worse over the years. The service is HORRIBLE. I live in Brooklyn, NY and where I work and where I live my phone only shows 1 bar within a 10 block radius and when I call they say "let me check if maybe there's a tower down in your area". I mean come on really. Do you think as I travel from work to home, I am knocking down cell phone towers? I'm paying so much money for a service that not even worth it. If you plan on switching to AT&T think twice. You are better off with Metro PCS paying $40 a month for good coverage instead of the $150 AT&T charges. So, After all these years I am dropping AT&T (even with my truly unlimited data plan that I've had for about 10 years which I was grandfathered into is not worth the money). Bye bye AT&T.

While visiting from out of town, I bought a phone for my parents from a "authorized AT&T retailer" in Portage, IN. They told me they had coverage where my parents reside. Took to my parents home only to find out that AT&T DOES NOT have coverage for their home. Returned phone within 45 minutes and they issued me a full refund. I have all the paperwork showing a refund of $739.99 due to "Defective - No Reception". However, they never cancelled my contract. After repeated phone calls, they refuse to credit my card or cancel the contract. AT&T tells me that they cannot help me because this store is a "franchise".

I signed up for the DirecTV and Wireless package which was a big mistake. I had to go back into the store not even a month later because the charges were not correct. Finally I had somebody in New York fraudulently add two phones and iPad to my account so I then call AT&T, explain my problem. This problem went on for almost 4 months. Spoke to at least 15 different people including managers from the fraud apartment which are very difficult to get a hold of.

By the way after spending 16 hours of phone time in going to the AT&T store because they cut my service several times because I obviously would not pay $3000 for fraudulent fees. The unified billing with AT&T is so screwed up. I am still fighting with this company three months later. I've never been treated like this is as customer. I expect a credit. Have not received one. I've had managers promised me that they are going to give me a credit and fix the problem and they have not because their unified billing is screwed up completely. My advice to anybody going for this service, do not get this service!

I had the security service in my home and sold the property. I call AT&T to cancel my service. I told them I sold the property and wanted to cancel. They asked if the new owner wanted the service, I said yes, since the new owner told me she was interested in obtaining the system. AT&T then suggested I place the account on temporary hold, told me it would be easier for the new owner. AT&T tried to get as much information about the new owner from me, the even asked me for the new owner's phone number, which I didn't have.

Anyway, AT&T gave me all the information to give to the new owner to call and transfer service once she moved in. I hung up believing my service was now cancelled. I moved into my new property, a month later I received a bill from AT&T for the next month's bill. I called, explained that I'd canceled the service and do not send me a bill, remove me from your system. They transferred me a few times, I hung up believing this was resolved. The next month I received another bill, this time the bill indicated I was past due for 2 months.

I called again, this time upset. They told me the new owner did not start up their service with AT&T and since she didn't start the service I was responsible for the bill. WHAT!!! I was transferred several times, and told since I did not cancel my service, the bill is due. I explained the situation over and over and over. The bills were dated after I no longer lived in the property, I had already moved out. AT&T asked me my new location, and I told them, they then told me that AT&T does not service the new area I moved to, then said THE 2 MONTH BILL IS LEGIT and I need to pay it.

They apologized, told me it wasn't right, but they are trained to make money and tell the customer whatever is in the system. AT&T changed the dates on the bill and SENT ME TO COLLECTIONS. I know this since the collection agency called me. I explained the situation again, gave them the dates of the bill. They said the bill they had was prior to the dates of my move. AT&T changed the dates of the bill before sending me to collections!!! RIP OFF!!! LIARS!!!

2 years ago I got a prepaid AT&T phone from Radio Shack and I put $100 in it. Every time I would use a phone I would deduct from my hundred dollars. After the 2nd or the 3rd month I noticed I was getting text messages for $0.02 deduction at a time every 30min. They were straight up robbing me $0.02 at a time. I finally called AT&T to see what was going on. At first they said "you are getting on the internet" and I told him this phone that I have does not have a browser. They immediately looked into it and decide to give me $5 credit for me to basically keep my mouth shut and be happy. I'm with T-Mobile now and they're different kinds of the thieves. They tried to make you buy their phones by giving you a poor service and telling you when you talk to them that is your phone, not their service. If anyone finds an honest provider out there, please let me know.