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Adedeji of Ibadan, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

It has once been advertised that we consumers can recharge our AirTel line by dialing *555*PIN# and we'll be credited with 5 times of recharge and free data bundle alongside your original account balance. I try recharging NGN2000 today using that same method hoping to subscribe with the money but it turns out to be another thing entirely. My main account balance was cleared and I was credited with bonus of NGN12000.

This action wasn't publicized earlier before now which made me to call their customer care representative and they begin to tell me tales and fairy that the plan has changed. Changed???? Without informing the public about the change!!! WTF! Is that, then they begin to apologize. AirTel mislead people by changing from their initial plan to a new one without even informing the public about it. AirTel! You are a monster. AirTel! You sucks. :-(

Surajit of Pune, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I recently purchased the Airtel 4G LTE dongle in Pune. I was assured by the salesperson that 4G connectivity was definitely there in my society. I tried it and only got 3g and 2g connectivity that too at speeds below 2 MBPS. I have complained numerous times to Airtel Customer care. If you send them a complaint via internet they send an auto responder saying their executive will get in touch within 2 hours. It has been three days and after four complaints no one has called. I tried calling the customer care number three times, each time they would listen to me and just as they are ready to issue me a token number for my complaint the phone would get disconnected. I called the sales guy who sold me the dongle, he promised to raise a complaint and have it attended within 2 hours. Again nothing.

I even sent tweets to the official Airtel India number but only get assurances that they have forwarded my complaint to the right department and someone will get in touch. This "someone" must be a very busy person because no one from Airtel has bothered to be in touch. Meanwhile I have paid Rs 2300 for a dongle and am being charged for a service I am not using. Please do not waste your time with Airtel.

anand of Gorakhpur, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Two day ago I have lost my phone and my AirTel sim. And when I go to store he say "please purchase anywhere HLR-1 sim and comes with proper ID proof." When I do everything correctly, he say "we not activate your number." So this my important number. My all official and banking details connected so please reactivate my number please.

waseem of New Delhi, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I have ported my cell phone no from Idea to AirTel. Now I from Idea it is ported and not start in the AirTel they. If you complain to AirTel that your number is not working they will give assurance but they will not tell you the problem and also they do not resolve your problem so never port your number to AirTel. If you port ready to lost after waiting a month. I have to take new number.

Nisha of Pune, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

My mother went to AirTel store to have a particular number reissued to her because its my brother's number who is in US now and will be back soon. They took all the documents and said that someone will come for the verification. The verification guy checked everything and told my mother that they don't issue SIM cards to housewives??? Isn't that really stupid? Can someone please confirm if this is really true or the verification guy has no idea what he was talking about?

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Rakesh of Hospet, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Hello sir, if you can't give good offer, it's ok but don't send fake msg to recharge to get that GB data. I got msg that recharge 299 you get 10 GB data. Now I got 1 GB. What you all think about people if I call 198 now they telling "We don't know." It may come or may not. What it mean you should msg that is magic offer. Simply you waste money. This is not 1st time. I call 198 but no one reply properly. From many years we using 5 to 6 AirTel number from 9 to 10 years. If you play like this, you lost respect and your value from people.

sourav of Howrah, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I contact to AirTel customer care about 2 hours. I want to take help about AirTel 4g hotspot setting but each department just they are transferring from one to another. And again and again. Finally they are transferring to offer department. When I called to technical department of AirTel but they are also not avail to help about AirTel 4g hotspot. I am fully disappointment about AirTel Telecom. I am fully shocked that they don't know about AirTel product and services. I called to 121, 9831717070, 12118, 18001022244, 9900900789. All are AirTel customer care number. They are not useful. AirTel service are going down. Regards.

Prashant of Ghaziabad, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

From past 6 months I has been charged for that data which I never been used. The senior supervisor of AirTel Miss ** told me that "you made the usage of 500 mb in just 2 mins over whatsapp." I can't understand that how a person make the usage of 500 mb in just within 2 mins. That is totally fraud done by AirTel. Instead of getting AirTel services I prefer to use Vodafone. At least they know the importance of their customers. Customer support of AirTel is so pathetic and they are working like govt. officers. They really don't know the value of customers. I am using AirTel from past 6 years because before AirTel is a good company but now from past 2 years AirTel made lots of unnecessary deductions or fake deductions from my account.

Darrell of Auckland, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

You buy a prepaid package and are told AirTel will call you. We went to another province so missed that call, but did continue to receive calls. Spent 5 calls to customer service to get connected and kept being told will turn the service on in X hours/days but they NEVER DID AS PROMISED. Finally left India with no service although paid for it. You would think that AirTel customer service lies but the fact is I think they are incompetent and seem to just say whatever to get you off the phone. I read in a forum that if you go to another province then they can't connect you. Well if they had told us then we could at least accept that somehow. On one call we were told to go back to the shop in New Delhi. Well we were Goa hundreds of KM away how could we do that. The only positive is that Airtel answers its calls. We were told by an Indian person that customer service doesn't fix problems. Try Vodafone, maybe they are better. Avoid AirTel.

Nadeem of Pune, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I am fed up from AirTel network connection. They claim that they are best but actually they are worst. AirTel company does not provide good network even I recharged 3G but speed is meeting like worse than 2G. I tried every technical things setup and connection but no improvement met, even am calling then no network available. Tried everything but no good consequences got. Finally I am converting my AirTel to another one and my colleagues too. It's been a worst experience with AIRTEL. I would suggest to all of you never ever try AIRTEL if you want to use hassle free network. I never thought that if AirTel company become brand then it will forget to their customers. But customers are not fool, AIRTEL rectify your mistakes otherwise nobody will use it. A frustrated customer.

Anirban of Mumbai, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

My mobile no ** has been deleted and blocked by AirTel Two months back. I have been running AirTel gallery in Mumbai to restore my number but in vain. I contacted AirTel Customer care but they could not locate my number at all. I have been using this number more for more than 9 years. How can this be solved?

Airtel of Freetown, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Am not ok with the 3G connection and the network.

Rajat of Bangalore, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I had an Airtel broadband connection and I wanted to surrender it on 5th May 2015. I called customer care for the same and the lady over the call listened everything and asked me that she is transferring the call to other department keeping me on hold for 11 minutes, then I went to Airtel store. They asked me to write a mail to Airtel customer care. I did that on 9th May. On 12 May, I got response that the amount will not be charged after 10th May and it will be disconnected. Starting from 1st week of June I am receiving automated calls from Airtel to pay an amount of 1600+ which was my normal monthly rental. While I disconnected on 10 May, why should I pay for whole month.

I am trying to reach customer care since morning, it always repeating same automated promotional message. I have been to Airtel outlet in JP nagar 7th phase, they said they cannot help me out and I have to talk to customer care. On afternoon one guy from customer care picked the call and told me servers are busy and I have to call after 4 hours which I am repeatedly doing. Finally, I can say while taking the connection they are like treat us as guest and at time of disconnection, they behave as they don't know us. Please do not take Airtel service as their after sale service is pathetic.

Rasika of Chennai, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had a post paid connection from Air Tel since 2002 (Mobile no **). I changed it to a prepaid in 2007. It is my personal Number. I have been living in the UK for the last 8 years and my family have been keeping this number active in Chennai by making a few calls and texts every month.

On 14th March when my sister switched on my phone to make a call she found that my connection was disconnected. I wrote to the Chennai Nodal Office on email and they told me that it had been blocked because I was making 'telemarketing calls'. I however fought the claim as I have never used my phone for telemarketing calls. I have exchanged 30 emails with them asking them to prove that I made these calls. No response. The last call made from my phone was on 30th Jan - This was to book a gas with Indane. Air Tel disconnected my phone on 12th March - without any prior warning.

Air Tel did not intimate me by email or text or call that my number would be disconnected. Air Tel claims that I have made telemarketing calls - which I deny. They have no evidence to back up their claim that my number is being used for telemarketing. I have exchanged emails with your Nodal officer in Chennai email since 13th March asking for proof - the time, dates and numbers to which these telemarketing calls were made. But they have not been able to provide proof. And neither do they answer my questions. I have asked for a direct number of someone I can talk to in air tel. No answer so far. All I get is the same email saying that my number has been blocked under NDNC barring.

I have all my bank and utility bills linked to this mobile number. I have exchanged over 35 emails with Air Tel in the last 13 days and I am getting the same ridiculous reply from air tel. They are not being helpful. Really don't understand how my number which I have had for 12 years can be blocked as air tel have no evidence to back your claim. Without concrete evidence this is against the law to block my number. Please provide the dates, times and numbers to which you claim these calls were made.

This is not my first bad experience with Air Tel. End of last year I found that my number was suddenly in someone else's name. Though I had been the owner since 2002. Had to go through all the paperwork again. Get my old Sim disconnected. And get the same number back in a new SIM as a new account.

This is surely some mistake from Air Tel. And my number has been wrongly blocked. I request you to look into it. And restore my number. I am in London and can be contacted on this email or **.

A. K. of Delhi, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I called up Airtel and rep asked me to hold the line but he transferred my call to normal IVR over and again. Secondly tried calling IVR and was asked to wait while the call is being received by rep and after a while no one received the call and call was disconnected. I had to do the same thing over and again.

Muzammil of Mumbai, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I tried to transfer money to Airtel money and I got an error message stating that the "service is not available, please try after some time." The amount which I transferred got deducted from my bank account. I called up Airtel money, they said that the money will be refunded in 5 working days. I am really upset with the service as the company is deducting money from the bank account and giving an error message on the screen. Keeping the money with one's own self for 5 working days I believe it's a scam which this company is doing. Airtel money scam.

Asha of Gurgaon, Haryana, India, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I am using Airtel network from past 3 years, but from last couple of months I have faced so many problems like, no network signal, internet not available but this time it's a big one. I am not able to make calls from my phone, not even customer care. Every time I make a call it says CALL ENDED. I have switched off my phone, removed and reinserted the SIM several times, logged out from all the accounts - still not able to resolve the problem. I am using Moto X. Now whose going to help me. Pathetic network, I will never use it again. The only option left with me is to port my no.

Pradeep of Trichy, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I live in a joint family and we have near about 6 mobile phones at home out of which 5 are AirTel numbers (**, **, **, list continues). I am facing no signals problem at my home from the last one week and I am regularly complaining to AirTel through emails, customer support, telephone calls to Officer and I have proofs for all my complaints. We are into business and have to take calls from customers for which we are carrying 2 mobile phones (the other one is Non-AirTel). Every other mobile service works perfectly except AirTel. I got fed-up with the response from AirTel. AirTel customer care officers are of no use. They just give false commitments and nothing will be taken care. I think there is no use to complain to this people. Instead of complaining better I change the network by portability. I thinking off.

Maheswari of Coimbatore, OTHER on
Satisfaction Rating

I am using the Airtel network for past 9 years, but past 3 months often I am getting lot a problem in this network. Last 1 week before, I got a problem with my network. I cant able to make an outgoing calls from my mobile. Issues coming like call failed, but I can able to receive incoming calls, msg and I can able to send msg also, only I can’t make outgoing calls. I talk with 3 senior supervisor, but they can’t able to give a proper information, just they are reading the default solution which was updated in their system like switch off your mobile, put your sim in another sim, switch off your data mobile.

For whatever complaints you call Airtel customer care, they will the same answer for all the problem. They ask me 24 hrs time to solve the problem, but they didn't solve my problem. And at last, I spoke with one manager. He said "it was a problem in your data mobile." He told me to "sign out Gmail account properly from your mobile". I was using iPhone 4s. I have a default mail account. I don't have an option to sign out. I told him about that I don't have an option.

He told, “You have any option in your mobile so ask your friends who were using iPhone and try it off.” And temporarily, he solve my problem. Again next week, same problem started for me. They gave same solution - switch off your mobile and ON the mobile it will work. But this time, I deleted my Gmail account from mobile also, but still I can’t able to make a call. None of the senior supervisor were not ready to solve my problem again and again giving same solution. Still I can’t make a call from my mobile. Very, very worst network.

Chandranath of Bangalore, OTHER on
Satisfaction Rating

On 25th July, 2013 my Airtel 4G no. got activated which I've taken for my office work; and from the very first day I'm facing issues with my device. Most of the times it's not getting started. I found no way to resolve this issue. Even after plugging-out and plugging-in several times, the issue is not resolving. When it's working, if I continuously use it for 3 hrs., the dialer is stopping automatically. And no way to restart it again. This is seriously hampering my business.

I called customer care several times to change the device as it's under warranty for the first year, and they sent one support person for a few minutes to my place and I could not show him the exact issue (as at that particular moment it was working fine). But he found that there is poor 4G network in my place so he had taken a note on that. After he left, like any other day, my device started behaving the same way after a few minutes and I again called their customer care (on that day and several times after that day). They said they will send the support person again but they never did that.

I put several mails to them regarding the issue. And got reply for each mail saying that they will contact me in 24 hrs. but not a single call they made. Also, they are saying that one complaint has been already registered and they are working on that; and after resolving the network issue in my area they will inform me. I tried make them understand that the issue is with the device not with the network, as most of the times it's showing NO DEVICE and the dialer is stopping and not getting started. But they are saying they can only see what their support person had mentioned; they don't bother about what issue I'm facing. Before getting the connection, they assured me in an e-mail to give my money back if I'm not satisfied with the service. Now, they are simply CHEATING.

I'm always ready to provide all those e-mail communication between me and Airtel. Please look into this matter and requesting you take some proper action to stop them CHEATING with customers.

Karthi of Vellore, OTHER on
Satisfaction Rating

For the worst service, I changed from Airtel to Reliance. I informed Airtel’s customer service. Suddenly they cut my booster pack and other services. I made a call to customer care first and they attended my call, but they told me to wait, but after 15 minutes they did not answer my question. Once again I tried on that time onwards from my mobile not going to customer care. I tried more than a hundred times. In India, only Airtel can give this worst service. In other countries, they do not give one-day service that much fraud that Airtel and its customer service are doing. Very, very bad. Shame on me for using 6 years a fraud company.

Ravibhushan of Mumbai, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I am an Airtel customer from the last 8 years. Three months back, I have moved to Mumbai and in the end of March, I asked to terminate the number and to correct the bill as I have to pay the full amount. I have taken the 3G service 500 MBs in 200 rupees twice. Then, I called customer care to deactivate the 3G service and activate the 2G service. Your customer care person told me to hold the line as he was deactivating the 3G and activating the 2G service. He told me that I will get a confirmation through SMS. I did not receive the confirmation so I called customer care 4-5 times.

Still, the service did not get deactivated. I stopped using it as I had to use my Mumbai Airtel number. But when I got my bill, it was more than 3,700 rupees. I called customer care immediately to correct the bill and terminate the number. I called them 7-8 times more but on my current bill, I was again charged unnecessary fees for 3G and monthly plan.

Please do what is right and settle the amount so that I can pay the reasonable amount. I really had a very bad experience with customer care. You can call me any time on **.

Varad of Virar, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I have stopped video talkies subscription several times, but it gets reactivated again and again! Please stop it permanently! It deducts my 30 RS. Otherwise, I have to change my sim. Thank you.

Arup of Kolkata, OTHER on
Satisfaction Rating

Rs 30 per month was deducted for 2 months via Video Talkies subscription. Please refund my money; otherwise, I will exit the company.

Manish of Agra, OTHER on
Satisfaction Rating

A person in one of the branches of New Delhi naming sanjay, ph. **** of your Airtel Office is continuously calling us and some of our relatives and using abusive language and giving us threats in the name of some other person’s recovery. Help and take immediate action against him.

Jatin of Ambala Cantt, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

Airtel has 3rd class services and their customer care executives are also 3rd class. My 2 Airtel postpaid numbers are barred (**)(**), and they are barred without any reason. They generate my bill and didn't lessen my message pack free message balance.

Now, they are saying that you have allowed to send 100 messages per day, but this rule is run on 27th of September, but they are calculating for the whole month (i.e. my billing period from 8th September to 7th October). You don't know how much problems I am facing from the past 3 days. I am missing my very important calls, and Airtel Nodal officer is doing nothing about my problem and making fun of it. Contact me as soon as possible at **. I hope you will get back to me soon.

Suniel of Bangalore, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Over the last four months, I have been experiencing frivolous deductions by Airtel in the name of caller tunes, hello tunes, Hungama Club, Airtelgyan, etc.! The list is endless. Whenever I call the customer care at 198, no one would answer our complaints and the call eventually gets cut off. After several patient trials, they told me that I have subscribed to such services. Hence, I can now unsubscribe, if I want. First of all, I have very limited usage of voice and text on this number and I don't have any other requirement. But still, I am being harassed by these deductions towards these unsubscribed services.

Santosh of Fatehgarh, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

I had recharged my AirTel no 7607477740 with Rs 98 mobile office. I received setting of MO through 6123 and saved them but still, my balance got depleted on 10th of September, 2011 in the evening. I had only done surfing simple sites like, etc.

Kindly check this.

Kimi of Bangalore, Karnataka, OTHER on
Satisfaction Rating

I was about to shift to my new home on August 14th, 2011 and hence I raised a transfer request of my Airtel internet broadband connection and telephone landline service on August 8th. The days passed and passed and I kept on calling them daily twice and thrice, following the above mentioned idiotic process. Every day the customer care people would tell me the same thing: "We have updated the status, we have put it as high priority and it will be done by end of the day". Till now, I've not seen their end of the day and it is already August 23rd today.

Now after much emails and calling, they have given the following reply: We regret to inform you that we are unable to process your request for shifting the connection due to some technical constraint in the area.

This is ridiculous. When I raised the request on August 8th, why didn't they tell me about the issue that time? I'd already spent around 300 bucks calling their customer care center for support and everyday they just made a fool of me. Are they going to compensate for that? And how are they going to compensate for the internet online business losses that I've made because of their poor service? I don't want to pay any money for this month's internet at all. I don't want to pay any additional 300 RS shifting charges since these guys gave so much inconvenience to me regarding the transfer request. They shouldn't have committed to me for August 18th if they couldn't do that.

Pushpendra of Delhi Shahdra, DC on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been trying very hard in the last 15 days to get port out from Airtel because it is the most pathetic company I have ever come across!

My request to port has been rejected and customer care department asked to visit local Airtel outlet to resolve the issue!

But the local outlet (communication zone, rohtash nagar, delhi shahdra) didn't even listen to my issue since I am a prepaid customer. They showed me a notice board which was displaying "no help to prepaid customers".

Tell me what to do to leave this dirty company.

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airtel is one of the largest global wireless providers in number of subscribers. The company operates in Asia and Africa and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. They offer both prepaid and contract plans.

  • airtel Money: airtel customers can add money to an airtel Money account. Using airtel Money, they can pay bills, purchase railway tickets and more. These activities will not count against their text message or data services.
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  • Payment options: Customers can pay for service online or from their phone. They can also refill their account directly from an ATM. This option is available at ATMs from major banks.
  • Features: airtel prepaid plans include voicemail, call waiting, holding and caller ID.
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