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I don't even know where to begin here. I've never written a review about a company but I can't hold back on this one. Don't expect them to ever get anything correct. You'll be on the phone with them several times before they actually do what they say they will do. There is no accountability because you speak with a different person every time. Don't do it.

Our business was talked into switching payroll companies and this was the worst decision ever. Though their program is very user-friendly, they can't seem to get account details correct like payroll input dates, payroll dates, YTD information and YTD tax information. Because of their lack of detail our staff did not get paid twice, you cannot use this company and be stress free - you always have to be watching for a mistake they have made. The support staff only seems to know how to do half of their job and then you are told to call back so someone else can hopefully help you. The past 6 months has been a nightmare with only running 1 successful pay run. Avoid this company at all costs.

I have now been on Cobra through ADP since 6/2016. I have had to call this company every month after the first of the month to get them to update the prescription plan to my insurance. Every time we go to get my husband's meds a few days after the first we are denied because eScript says we have no coverage. I pay my $873.00 monthly payment on the 19th of the previous month, that is 2 weeks early!!! I call ADP on or around the 5th of the month so have them call eScript and resolve this. I send emails to ADP and file complaints with their supervisors as well. And nothing gets resolved, nothing. It's the same issue month after month. This has got to be the worst company I have ever had to deal with. And to think that I will have to continue to do this for the next 12 months!!! It is disgraceful.

I have this load card for my paychecks. I was overcharged at a fruit stand in Florida. I contacted the owner and customer service. I explain the situation and I kept getting, "I'm so very sorry for the issues you are having. We can reassure you that in 7 days your card will reflect the overcharge. Please contact the company..." Well at this point I'm boiling mad. I've done told the operator I was in touch with the owner of the fruit stand and I just needed to know my next move to get my money back. She goes right back into.. "I'm so very sorry..." STOP READING YOUR PAPER AND ASSIST ME. I called again and was asked my last four of my ss # three different times. I asked for a supervisor and was hung up on. Placed my second call and got a supervisor... Now if the call is monitored... look it up. I laid it out as plain as one could... hung up on again!

I tried to look up corporate number... It's automated and they can't find my account. I'm livid. I will be contacting my corporate office to file a complaint and hopefully my company (nationwide) will pull the account with these crooks. I know the people I spoke to couldn't speak plain English so I assume it's another company outsourcing jobs. AMERICA THE GREAT... Let's bring these jobs back to USA!

I have worked with this company as a 'new' small business owner. In that 12 month timeframe, my business had to move a new location. There are now collections accounts that have been filed against my business because ADP is 'handling' them. Monies transferred in and out of my account in the last 5 months has been in the THOUSANDS of dollars. And just last week, another set of THOUSANDS of dollars was taken out with no explanation.

I get all of the apologies in the world, but this company cannot account for all of the phone calls that I have made over the course of 5 months to follow up and get everything corrected as needed. Supposedly there's a transparent process of transferring funds between taxation agencies that I would never see. Hmmmmm so if I was paying taxes already, how can there be THOUSANDS of dollars that I need to pay again? And no one can verify that the transfers between taxation groups has happened. So again, how does anyone know that THOUSANDS of dollars are owed? Do not use this group as it is an accounting and an accountability nightmare.

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Horrible!!! I'm very frustrated with ADP and their horrible glitches that constantly make us look incompetent with our employees. They have made mistakes almost every time I ask them to change/correct something on our payroll. On 09/28/16 I realized that 12 employees were not going to get pay for PTO hours... I was on the phone for almost 4 hours!! Not to mention that ADP employees seem like they have no idea what is going on. I've spent hours and hours regarding our data mapping and PTO earnings, every time the calls get picked up is by a foreign call center (India I believe). I spent so much time rejecting and uploading payroll, making sure it's perfect. It shouldn't be this difficult and painful!!!

Our company switched to them and it's been a nightmare! Something so simple. What do I need to submit to file a claim form for transportation to a doctor's appointment? Simple... Told me I need to print out Google Maps. Told me I needed Google Maps and a spreadsheet. Told me I needed a copy of my appointment card and one of their forms. Apologized for the people who came before her smh! I wish there was a way to get my money back because this company is HORRIBLE! Why does it take 4 people to get a simple answer? At this rate I probably should just give up.

Do not use under any circumstances. My representative Michelle ** was very friendly on the initial contact and set me up at my bank BB&T in Mount Pleasant. Then all of the problems began. I was being charged taxes on employees where there should not have been taxes. The call center was incompetent and I eventually paid my account to fix the problem. Several months later I received information that I was being find by the state of SC due to not filing forms (ADP was supposed to do this). When I contacted Michelle to pushed me to the call center and then stopped returning my calls. The call center pushed me to management who stopped calling. The most helpful office was the state of SC (who has now fined my company). 9 months later - still no resolution. Do not use ADP.

I have avoided ADP and companies like it for years because the reimbursement process is so cumbersome as to be extremely stressful and even more so time consuming. I was not able to register and they were not at all helpful in rectifying this. Being registered would have made my life much easier. Instead, I faxed requests, which they claimed never to receive. I then mailed (via USPS) and they quickly reimbursed me. If only I could register. I've called many times and I think I'm going to send a letter so that maybe they would take my request more seriously. I was alarmed because I have > $500 stowed away with ADP for health care reimbursement for the year. That's a lot of money to not have easy access to.

This review is for their flexible spending account system... You submit the claim for X dollars to ADP, your flexible spending account as X dollars as a balance and they end up reimbursing you x minus y dollars saying it's overpaid account. Really - How is it overpaid when I have a balance of x dollars and I'm making claim of x dollars? Their logic, I had an outstanding payment substantiation of y dollars therefore they withheld the money - wait. They should not have any right to hold my money, substantiating an existing charge should not be co-mingled with the outstanding balance. Keep in mind - the balance in the account is my money and not ADP's, they should have no right on determining that they need to subtract y dollars and call it overpaid. Frankly - they're acting like bullies and should get their act like a professional company.

Other issue with ADP is that most times the ADP flex card you use at the doctor's office, they are unable to verify it automatically. This results in a constant additional process of substantiating the charges and additional burden on the users to submit documents. We are so glad we don't have to use ADP in future since the employer change and I hope we never have to use them again.

In Nov. 2015 I called ADP and told them the two companies that they were processing payroll for were no longer in business and that they needed to make sure that the end of year processing completed. I again called their service center on January 28 and checked to make sure that they were sending out the W-2's. Before the end of the month my former employees had contacted me about not receiving them. They told me at that time that they had processed them. About a week later I received the hard copy in the mail and sent them to the employees. In March 2016 I received a bill from the state of Utah for penalties for not filing the W-2 with the state of Utah. I went to the Utah State Tax Commission office with the W-2 required by the state. A slight problem there were to be filled by ADP electronically and would not take a hard copy.

I called ADP and told them what was happening. They told me that they would get it taken care of. I receive another bill from the state of Utah now doubled. Again I called ADP and was told that their system was not interfacing with the State of Utah's and was told that they would get it filed. Every few weeks the same answer. We are working on it. NOT happening. In May after the state had taken my personal tax refund and applied it to the penalty bill, I went in and talked to another Utah State Tax Commission employee who took me to a small office and help me file them manually. It was May 24, 2016.

Not done yet, I received another bill, remember two companies. You are right second company penalty. They never filed any of them. I filed them all only all late. As for ADP. Expensive, no follow up, only want your money. Remember that they are only a payroll processing company. Get a employee leasing company much easier. Never your problem with things like this.

We discontinued services with ADP in Sept 2015. Actually they suspended the services and we moved forward. Right after that we began to receive GA Dept of Revenue notices that ADP had been submitting our State taxes under the wrong ID number. It took months to get right. ADP has continued to deduct their service fee monthly as if we were still processing payroll. When I called today they claim we did not give them notice of our intent to leave. Hello ADP you are the ones who suspended the service. Also during Sept 2015 we had several calls obtaining reports and information to move payroll to another company which we are very pleased with -- Paychex. Now they are offering 3 months refund. This is nothing more than theft. We will be contacting their corporate office and allow them the opportunity to refund the monies that were taken from our account unauthorized before proceeding with legal action.

First ADP set me up with a salesperson in Nov '15. They asked for wrong info so we had to go back to bank and re do much of initial app due to their lack of info. Salesperson set me up with a program. I chose the lowest cost option. She told me they had because I am a small startup with 1 -2 employees. Then they transfer you into the system of customer service agents... After running my first couple of payrolls I see my payroll acct going into the negative, oops I thought. I remedied the situation I thought. Nope - ADP is charging me some additional fee that I never authorized and it has caused a cascading chain of negative balances for my simple, old payroll account.

I spent hours/days with different cust service agents finally getting credited back. Then just yesterday, July '16, I had called them for a couple of simple processing questions. The cust serv agent says "you know you could be paying a lot less for your monthly fees - about 40% less..." So I said "let's do it." Then agent sees another fee I was double charged for in a previous month. I then asked if it was fair to get a refund for the fees I was overcharged for? The agents responds by saying that I should have negotiated a lower price at the time of signing the original sales contract.

She transfers me to manager. Manager hears the story... Manager says she needs to talk to "customer retention" department. Says she will call me back. A day later I get a call from someone in the retention dept. She says that they can only lower the fee going forward. I point out the fact I didn't ever get an option to choose the lower fee nor do I accept the double charge. She points out the fees the refunded for previous mistake(s)!! The agent spoke as if I should be thankful for getting my money back from them in the first place.

I told the agent I would most surely take my business elsewhere. She more or less said "we don't care." If ADP gets away with overcharging on even just a few hundred of their thousands of accounts they stand to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenues and commissions. I was obviously placed into the higher priced program by the initial sales rep because it boosts her income, then I was repeatedly overcharged and/or mischarged by ADP which caused additional fees and headaches at my payroll bank. Then when their own customer service agent points out that I have been needlessly overpaying for services not received - the management decides it's just cheaper to keep my money and let the future business go. I am done with ADP payroll services for these reasons and advise other small and micro businesses to think twice.

I've been with ADP for two months. In the last week I've received no less than six calls from different sales people trying to sell me the same services I've already denied. They are relentless. Meanwhile, I've had a tax issue that no one would help me with until I sent an email to Investor Relations. Now they are suddenly on top of the problem. The company is disconnected and automated to the point that you will need to work hard in order to get personal service. I'm dropping ADP after the next payroll cycle and writing a "do not call letter." The number of sales calls from ADP employees who have no clue you are already with ADP is ridiculous. One sales person tried to hide the sale call telling me he needed information that I knew they already had. Three sales calls were in the last 24 hours. This company simply wants sales, they have no interest in service.

We have now told a specific salesman over six times that we are not interested in ADP. He continues to come in and call, occasionally there are times when the office only has one female working. We are now afraid to leave the door unlocked because this individual continues to come to the office unannounced and unwelcome; even though we have made it blatantly clear we are not interested. It is now harassment and even further reasoning as to why we refuse to use this company.

I absolutely do not recommend ADP as a payroll provider. I am an accountant doing payroll for 3 separate companies and every time without fail when I call them it takes over an hour to actually speak to someone and get my problem resolved (when they can actually resolve the problem). I encounter problems with the 1 out of 5 times that I prepare payroll. The problems are either with login credentials, or data entry errors that they imputed etc... It is the MOST AGGRAVATING experience having to deal with them. You get transfer from one person to the next without them even telling you where they are transferring you to, so all you hear throughout your hour is "WELCOME TO ADP, BIENVENUE CHEZ ADP... for English press 1" etc... I know their answering system by heart. I will definitely change companies and never go back to them. They make some of my days miserable.

Don't sign up for ADP Payroll Services. Their refund policy is the worst!!! They informed me that my disputed transaction will take 90 days for them to investigate review and process if they're found if it's found that they owe me a refund.

During the last few days has been very hard on me. Depression and anxiety has kicked in on over time. I've had my ADP card for about 5 months now seem to be working perfectly fine. I get paid every other Tuesday at the job I work at. I recently got paid by my job and order pizza Friday as my gmail stated 19.92 cent to be taken. When the pizza man popped up he was asking if there was a problem because all my order charged was 3.94 cent. I said no, showed him my email to let him know I've paid. He said okay, left it alone, and it could be a issue with the computer...

Saturday I went to work 2-10 and swipe my card to eat. My card declined. I was in shock when I heard so I rush to check my account on my phone as soon as possible... My card account balance was at 0.00 cent. I'm a Las Vegas Nevada citizen born and raised and transactions from Sacramento California from a ATM has pulled my money clean off my card... I gave this a 3 because the man I talk to was upfront and kind. What I don't understand is this being my first card with ADP and not having a duplicate and even the file says no duplicate was made. How can someone take money out a ATM without my card with it in my possession?

I believe electronically it's someone from the inside of the firm. I don't want to make assumptions but it's under fraud investigation and I have to wait 10 business days for a denial or acceptance letter to get my approval to retrieve my money. As they could clearly see I order food same time they swipe me clean from my account. Then I have to wait 5-7 business days for a new account. As I'm looking for a car and a place to stay. I have no money to my name. This is hurtful and makes this card to me not trustworthy as this shows anything can happen... even through a work pay card. To be continued... I will push forward and seek justice as this is not right. I am a victim of fraud.

I am a new HR manager at a company that uses ADP payroll and HR services. I have been here for two months and spend more time on hold with ADP customer support than on any other task. I have tried to be patient and understand that I need this service to provide some much needed automation to the company I'm working for, but at this point, I'm ready to give up. The people on the support line are not trained well at all. There are varying levels of expertise, so the correctness of your response depends on who answers the phone. You get a different person every time you call so one issue takes weeks and weeks to get resolved, if it ever does get resolved, before you tire of the runaround.

At this point, I feel as though ADP should reimburse my current employer for half my wages due to the amount of time I have spend fiddling around in their system trying to get basics set up so that we can provide the options that we were sold. I would not recommend this company to anyone looking to begin with an HRIS system or to switch from their current vendor to ADP. There are so many others out there that would be better. I only wish I had been involved in the decision making of this selection.

I've faxed authorization forms 3 times to their fax number. They always claimed they didn't receive it. I faxed the 'Lost Check' claim form to the number printed on their PDF form downloaded from their website, they never received it. Nightmare.

Every time I want to look at MY pay stubs or MY W2's, these ** jokers reject my login and password information. I then have to send an email to my company's ADP admin to get it unlocked. The FACT that ADP does not allow me to see MY personal information when I request it is OUTRAGEOUS. If you are a company administrator, look elsewhere. This company is crap and will just piss off your employees.

This company is the worst. If your company uses them for any kind of payroll services, I would recommend you not to use them for any commuter benefits. If you do not receive your commuter card in the mail, they will only reimburse you once per calendar year. They do not have this policy on their website. However their policy does state that if you submit your claim before the 10th of the month then you will get refunded. Then, they will turn around and say that they have to receive the card back to them before the 27th of the previous month. They are a fraudulent rip off. They basically have stole my money.

I have paid for monthly transit passes and I never received the passes in the mail for the months of January, February, and March 2016. This is $241.70 per month for a total of 725.10. I filed a "never received pass" claim form for all 3 months. I received credit on my account for 2 of the 3 months for $483.40, but for March the claim was declined. Here is the problem: ADP continued to debit my checks but also apply the credits to my bill at the same time. My pay check was still being deducted for $241.70 while I had the credits on my account but I was told that my pay check would not be debited because the credits were on my account. So they essentially did not give me my credit or took them back.

ADP stated they mailed a check to me for the 3rd claim. However I never received that check. ADP verified that the check had not been cashed and cancelled it but stated they could not reissue me another check because their policy is not to issue two checks in the same year. I faxed my claim for the March pass on March 3rd. They declined the claim because they said it was received past their cut off point. The policy on their website states that claims must be received before the 10th of the month. I met this deadline and they still refuse to refund me stating the claim was received after the due date but I see on their website where it was sent on March 3rd.

Of the 2 credits that they initially gave me, they did not credit me properly. They gave me a credit for December 2015 which was paid for with $130 pre-tax and $111.70 of after tax money. I never filed a claim for December. Only my January claim should have had a credit for pre-tax and post-tax. My February and March passes were paid for with $241.70 of all pre-tax money. They decided to take it upon themselves which credit to give me without checking with me. Their reason was they cannot issue a refund check twice in the same year per their policy.

I want all monies refunded to me. That would be the two months that continued to be debited from my check while I had the credits on my account ($241.7 per month) and also my refund for missing check credit for $241.7. This should be a total refund of $725.10. Their policy on not issuing a second check in the same calendar year needs to be removed.

My boyfriend entered my social security number into the computer by mistake while filling out paperwork online for his new employer. He was half asleep and looking down at mine on one of our tax forms when this happened. He has made several attempts as well as his employer to rectify this and nada, nothing, no help from these bums. They pass the buck, stall and just down give a damn. Our next step is to go the SS administration to ask for help out of total frustration. They stink.

Omg! I hate this damn company. I had a garnishment that was complete and ADP sent back a refund check to my employer addressed to the garnishment department instead of in my name. I sent the check back 3/20/2016 and they received it 3/22/2016. I called adp on the following day 3/23/2016 and asked about the process. So I waited until April 8, 2016 to call back to ask about the whereabouts of my check. According to the sorry ass rep who answered the phone she advised I should receive my check one to two pay cycles via direct deposit. :(

It is now 5/11/2016 and still no check nor direct deposit. I called them back and they said the check was mailed out and could not provide a date, a carrier or nothing about the check even where it was mailed to. I asked to speak with a supervisor. This dumb ** tells me “I have to create a ticket for the back office team to call you back!” I’m furious behind what’s mine and these people have been giving me the run around for too long. How the hell can any company use them to manage payroll. I wish there was a minus -five star button but there isn’t.

Today I noticed a -33.33 debit from my business account stating something Pizza on the end and being applied by ADP Payroll. I immediately went over every statement and it dated back to 1/23/15!!! Thankfully we only use that account for payments to ADP Payroll. I called and explained the situation to them and after several holds and transfers I spoke with a lady Carol... who gave me her fax number and told me to send all copies of transactions. I asked her to make sure. Since she is sharing the fax machine with other team members could she please call and confirm she got all pages. She agreed and promised to call before the end of the day. Tried to fax... their machine wasn't working... said this number didn't work. So I called back again... same process.

Finally another Fax number to try. It finally sent through... no CALLBACK. I called to confirm she got them. 5 hrs later and they said she wasn't in. My biggest concerns besides these payments that were made but about looking at every transaction that was listed on that statement didn't match up with my binders of ADP's Invoices. I have been contacting our Rep. Sienna to go over all the prices and see if there was a better policy for us before today. She said she might stop in tomorrow. But that is always her answer... I wish you had a no star rating for them!!! DON'T USE THEM!!! I better get some answers tomorrow if I don't get one back today.

I have just taken over the matter of my husband Michael's account. My husband hired ADP payroll services over a year ago. They have continually failed to report and pay our accounts. They claim it is not their fault and responsibility. My husband has spent most of that time receiving notices and trying to contact ADP, who never returned our calls or simply just passed us on to the next guy. I am thoroughly outraged and what has happened. I need information. Anything you have, late notices, communications, documents, and where our account stands. I need to know what I need to do with your office to take care of this matter. I have so many notices and so many letters from.

Check the status of workers' compensation CLAIMS or employer ACCOUNTS - file employer's QUARTERLY REPORTS. Going to get us audited. ADPs letters say if you have questions contact your representative. WELL WHO IS THAT? None of the letters have names on them. Hello, can you help with the following information. Is there anywhere online I can view them? If not can you email them or mail them to me or mail them. We have paid adp a lot of money. All communication is never signed or with any contact information. We have contacted adp and had 17 different people say they would help and most never got back to us, never responded to our messages. We were never able to find out what was going on or even who was handling our account. I have asked for billing statements and monies paid to the state. They continue to refuse. They have never told me anything.

Today I received a message from the latest district manager who says they can't give me any information and they can no longer help me. You are my only hope. I have no idea what has happened and I am and have been for many months been trying to get this information. ADP is negligent and I would like to be able to have this information to make them responsible for their actions and get the money back that they stole from me. And the money I paid for a service that was not only incompetent and has caused us so much time and money and pain. I also want to solve this issue with the state. Thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Why were they late from adp and their reasons are? Were all the returns and monies owed late? Which return was filed last and which is next and the due date? What fees were we charged by adp, & I, and the state? What taxes were owed, how much adp paid? All late charges and an accounting of the accounts. All communication sent to ADP and received. How many notices were sent to adp about this matter?

Created an account to specifically talk about how non-functional this website is. Unable to complete important payroll info for my new job because of a glitch on the emergency contact page. Won't even let me back out of it. Tried three browsers on two computers and it will refuse to let me do anything at all. When I called for help or to complain about this, was unable to get hold of an actual human being. I am beyond livid. Please don't use this service unless you absolutely have to. Currently making it impossible for me to get my paychecks on time.

Totalsource failed to notify me about change in FSA Account deadline causing me losing $1000+. This is the worst experience I had with any payroll provider, not admitting that they should have notified me, letting me use the remaining account.

I'm an IP for the state of Washington. They recently changed our payroll system. Using IPOne and ADP. I decided to use the ADP Aline card with direct deposit. My first payday with the Aline card, no card. They sent it to my old address from 4 years ago. They do have my current mailing address. I was told I had to cancel the first card and it would be 7 to 10 days for the new one to arrive. Well I haven't had a paycheck in over a month and just about broke. I asked if they could give me the numbers from the new card so I could transfer the money myself because they do not offer that. I was told they could not do that and that they would send me a check by mail in 5 days so I could use MY money. It's been 7 days and still no paycheck.

I get a phone call from ADP telling me my next paycheck will not be deposited into the card and again another check in the mail. Technical issues of some sort. So here I sit, with my family, payday #2 and no money. And to make things worse, this was not my mistake but yet customer service was terrible and the wait was 30 minutes to be told there was nothing they could do. I'm going back to my old direct deposit if I ever get paid. PLEASE stay away from ADP!

This site is a joke to say the least...can never access pay stubs. When my information is added at login says no person found. Ridiculous. No wonder this co. has a 2.0 rating. It's garbage.

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