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    Choose Ship a Car Direct if you're in need of an honest, friendly, and fair priced Car Shipping Service. Every order comes with $500 in added insurance, free of charge. Our job is not just to set you up with one of our Pre-Screened Car Carriers, but also to answer any questions you may have about Vehicle Transportation. We offer both open and enclosed vehicle transport and will accommodate any size. Contact us to get a fair priced quote for shipping your vehicle.

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      Rated with 5 stars
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      Original review: Feb. 25, 2019

      It's not easy at all to choose a transport company. Everybody is horrible. It's so cutthroat and nasty out there. If you don't know what you're doing or you don’t have the right person in place, you can be screwed. Shipping a car is a scary thing to do especially when you got a $100,000 car that you’re moving. I talked to a lot of people and they have lots of promises. I purchased a car and it sat there in the car lot for a month. I looked at the reviews on Ship a Car Direct and it sounds like it’s a big company and it sounds good. But then, you can’t trust them because I was hearing that they have fake reviews out there, and they pay people to put reviews. I heard all that before so I don’t trust anybody. But I looked at reviews, I looked at the BBB, and Ship a Car Direct looked legit.

      I called up the girl, her name is Jennifer, and told her what I want to do. She was awesome. I called her and she’d answer. If I emailed her, she answered as well, and that was tough. In addition, she was honest and she didn’t bash any other car shippers as everyone else did. She was just, “Here’s what we got,” and she didn’t put anybody down. She even gave me a price deduction. She was like, “Hey, we’ll only charge you this amount of fees.” Within less than a week, I had a driver. I talked to the driver and brought my car. He too was awesome. I called and he’d answer right away. I text him, he’d text me back. I have no anxiety about where my car is at. I was at the gym and so he dropped it off at the gym.

      Since I live literally down the road, I asked him if he can help me drive my car and he helped me out. Back when I bought the car, I told the people there to be honest with me. I asked them to walk around the car and if there's minor damage, I need to know. After all, I'm expecting scratches. And they’re like, “Nope, there’s nothing wrong with it.” But when the driver got here, he brought all the scratches out and there was a lot more than I thought. But he already had them marked down and had the car lot sign off on them.

      So, it’s nothing that he had later. It was before, like a pre-delivery check. The driver probably did it to cover his own. He didn’t wanna see something not on there and then get here, and then I see it and he can get blamed for it. But he did a good job. I had an excellent experience with Ship A Car Direct. I’m happy with them, 100%. They did a good job of finding me the right driver and interviewing them. If I have to use Ship a Car Direct again, I would call the same person back. I would definitely recommend them.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Feb. 13, 2019

      I was moving from California back home to Connecticut and I had to transport a 2011 Hyundai Sonata as well as a 2013 Nissan Altima. I have used Ship a Car Direct before when I moved to California and the transport went great. The guy who picked up the car, as well as the one who dropped it off was super nice. But this time, I was helped out by Scott and he helped me the entire way through. He gave me his phone number and helped me even when I didn't set it up yet. I blew up the guy’s phone, calling him all the time and he always answered it. If not, he'd give me a quick call back and was never annoyed with me even though I have a million questions.

      When I first set it up, I was given a quick quote but Scott called me and he let me know basically what he was guessing. I had been planning to move for a year and I called Scott three months before I actually set everything up. He made a quick estimate of what the cost might be, but he said that it was not even worth setting it up right at the time because the way that the whole system works, they don’t look at the actual appointments until like a week before. I would call and ask if it was a good time to do it but he told me to wait until December and it should be good.

      The quote I was given was at $1,200 and it ended up like another 200 just because it was taking a while for the companies to send a person out to do it. He said that the first company to take it wanted another 200 extra which was fine with me and I think they can get it out as soon as we need it to. Then, we tried to get the vehicle picked up before I left California. But since there was stuff going on in the area, I ended leaving and then, it got picked up. All I had to do was to give the keys over to my girlfriend and she didn't need to sign anything. The guy picked it up, loaded up the cars and brought them halfway through.

      There was a checkpoint where they switched off the cars and another person brought it the rest of the way. I was told that it would take up to like 10 to 11 days but it was quicker than that. When the guy came, I paid in cash and talked to him. He was super nice. The cars came perfectly fine, other than it was a little dirty, which makes sense because it was not an enclosed space. I got them washed and it was perfectly fine. Scott handled everything and was always helping me out the whole way. For me, he was the calm in the eye of the storm.

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      Ship A Car Direct response

      Hello Romeo,

      We are so happy to know that Scott handled everything and was always helping you. Thank you for trusting Ship A Car Direct! :)

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Jan. 11, 2019

      I relocated from North Carolina to Arizona. I called somewhere between 8 and 10 different companies and I called two shipping direct companies as opposed to a broker. I went with Ship a Car Direct because of timeframe, feedback on reports from people who utilized their services, and their ability to do what they said they were going to do. Their reps were easy to reach. When I called after hours, they forwarded it to a third-party that did what they could to handle the questions at the time. And they got back to me when they said they would get back to me and went through the process.

      They had videos on their website explaining various components of areas where consumers would have questions probably, along the way. So, they obviously have done this for quite some time and learned from past experience as to create all these videos to make the situation less challenging, because it's a difficult process. I'm a person who plans ahead of time and when you ship a car, you can't plan these things ahead of time the way you normally would. If you call and say, "Okay, I'm giving you eight weeks now, so you had plenty of times to set things up,” the broker doesn't get the information until 24 to 48 hours prior by the driver saying, "Okay. I'm going to pick up the car.” Everything is last minute.

      One of the things that Ship a Car did was they said they were gonna need a three-day window to make sure that this was all handled properly. I gave them a five-day window but didn't need it. So, that was a good thing because they were able to get the driver in contact with me, within that three-day window that they said they would. And they gave me the driver's number direct. I got to choose whether I wanted that driver or not. Also, they did not take deposits until I authorized that and accepted the driver they assigned. So there were all factors that played into as opposed to some companies that won't take the deposit upfront.

      The pick-up went well. It was a 93-foot truck. I had anticipated because I wanted an enclosed vehicle for my two vehicles that I was shipping. And I didn't realize it was going to be a soft cover enclosed. But I could have asked the driver. I just assumed that it was a hard shell enclosed. He came into my development and for a 93-foot truck, that was not an easy task. He manipulated part of the way into the development and then he called me and said he was not gonna be able to get all the way to my house but he was only two blocks from me. So I was able to drive the car to him without difficulty.

      The loading of the vehicles, everything went smooth on that end. There was a complication on the delivery end and it was considered on his end that a claim might be put into the insurance company. This would have affected somehow his standings with driving and he got very agitated. I have a Corvette that had 3,000 somewhat miles. It was nearly mint car and there was a very, very small paint chip. On the original bill of letting, he put marks on all the areas he saw. And on his bill of letting, he had this area marked and on our copy, it wasn't there. Now, all the other areas were. He said he would give us 50 bucks and they would call. My wife said the broker said if this happens, she'll pay him in full. There's no holding of payment. But she had to get a note from him saying that this was on the original bill of letting and he just went ballistic.

      He started putting the cars back up on his truck and pulled the bill of letting out of her hand. Ultimately, the nephew of the driver held our copy up to the sunlight. Although you couldn't see anything, you could see the impression of PC which was paint chip. And as soon as that was pointed out to her she said, "Fine," and the deal was finished and he drove off and we got our cars.

      But the bottom line is, in all honesty, the driver did a good job of getting the cars here. He got them here too early because we told them when we would be here and he was going to drive around with the cars on his truck. So, it was just a miscommunication in the end but I thought the driver was good and the company that hired him was good. Ship a Car Direct did everything they could and they did it well.

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      Rated with 4 stars
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      Original review: Dec. 30, 2018

      I was moving from Texas to California and I needed to ship a 2015 Acura. I have never transported a car before so I asked my colleague what he used when he moved from Maryland to Texas. He said he used Ship a Car Direct and that they were very good. So I blindly ran based on his recommendation. He said he spoke to a person from Ship a Car Direct who introduced him to John, the rep, through an email. So I sent an email to John in general and asked how many days the transport would take and what was the process. He explained it very well and I was comfortable.

      During that time, I also Googled a couple of other companies and they started to call me. Some of them were not very instant in giving their quote and some of them were instant but I was not satisfied with the quote they gave me. But when Ship a Car Direct gave me the quote, I was totally happy with it. I was also happy with the app and their customer service was really good. So I was talking to John whenever I had a question, plus their reps were available through chat, text messaging, and email. Overall, the experience was really good.

      There was a delay in picking up the car but it didn’t affect me much. I was a little nervous though because I had to fly out that day, so they just picked it up two days later. And when they were delivering it, the driver got sick so they had to deliver it two days after the scheduled date and that bothered me a little bit because I was at a new place and I needed a car. So, I was feeling kinda stuck. I sent an email to Ship a Car Direct saying that the driver was not here and every time I asked them, they said they would call the driver and they sent me the information. But when I called the actual shipping company, they told us that there was nothing that they could do as the car was on the road. So, Ship a Car Direct was at least talking to the driver and letting me know the information.

      When the driver arrived with my car, he stopped on a street side and called me half an hour before. Then he called me when he was here and I went outside. I was a little frustrated because there was dirt all over the car and since I did not have any experience in shipping a car, I was not sure that it’s a common practice for every car to have dirt and dust all over when it travels through stuff. Other than that, everything went well and the final cost I paid was the same as the quote they gave me.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Dec. 10, 2018

      My son wanted to move from Virginia to Texas and I shortlisted Ship the Car Direct. When I submitted a request through Google I got hundreds of replies and phone calls and was really scared about it. When I called him he explained they are the brokers and they are going to find me a right shipper based on our data. He also explained how the process is going to look like, that we would tell them when we want to ship and have the car picked up. He explained how they were gonna charge me in the front.

      I was skeptical about what was going to work because I was also talking to another shipper. But finally, I decide to commit to him just based on his email and the list of emails changed. It looked like that the process is little bit streamlined. I also looked at the comments about them from various sites. And then he said that, “Once you committed, I’m going to find the shipper. But once I find the shipper, you have to pay this amount of money, that first phase, and then rest of the money you pay directly there.”

      And then he called me and said that, “Afternoon Saturday, you are ready to go, and this is when the guy’s going to come, this car is going to be shipped.” And then I also got the shipper’s details, who the contact person, then he emailed details. I was feeling little more comfortable because now I was getting the responses one after another. The driver called and said that, “I’m going to come in the afternoon. I said that, “Great.” And he said that, “Probably, I’ll come in the afternoon because I don’t want to have traffic.” And he didn’t come. I called him, and he said that, “No, no, I think there are issues there, traffic today. I’ll come tomorrow.”

      He said that he was going to come at 3 o’clock. Probably he came at around 4 o’clock. Me and my son went there, dropped the car. He inspected the car and checked every single thing, and he said that, “Here’s the number, and this is the day.” And I told him that, “I need the car on Monday, and I’m going to call you.” He said not to worry and that my car would be there. I booked another rental car for my son just in case, based on the comments that it takes very long time.

      I called the driver and he said it was our choice when we would pick up the car. I realized that he was already there, and I canceled my rental. I told him that I could pick up the car. I gave the office address of my son, where he works. And I told him where he was staying and it was in a hotel. He said that he could drop it there and just make sure that there is enough area where the vehicle could go. He went there around 8 o’clock and this was one day early because I thought that my son could use that vehicle.

      Everything was pretty smooth. In between, we also got a text and email messages regarding, “Hey guys, you could upload the car’s photos and every single thing just in case if your vehicle is damaged. So, we have the details and then we could do it.” I was feeling very much comfortable, and then the process just worked right on the money. I was extremely, extremely happy. And I never thought that it could be this easy. I will definitely recommend eShip again and again. If I will be using a transport company tomorrow, I’ll just use them.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 30, 2019

      All the people at Ship A Car Direct were very personable and my direct contact person, Cory made feel at ease through the process. My car was picked up on time and delivered to me earlier that my original drop out date. My car arrived in great shape, a little dirty but happy to have my car back with me.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 28, 2019

      Matt was very helpful and responsive. When the first carrier he picked could not fit our car in his delivery schedule to Los Angeles, Matt was able to find another carrier, Novagram Transport LLC, the next day. Dan at Novagram was very polite, professional and helpful. My 2006 Mercedes Model 280 car was picked up on Thursday and delivered early on Sunday with no damages. He kept me informed until the car was delivered. I was very pleased with the overall experience. Thank you!

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 27, 2019

      Great, pain-free, service from start to finish. Picked up right on time and delivered a day early. Stefan was great at communicating and very quick to follow-up. Highly recommend! Will definitely use them again in the future.

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 23, 2019

      We had a really smooth experience with Ship A Car direct. There was only a brief moment I was nervous when our driving was running a bit late to pick up the car, but I called my representative right away and he reassured us it was a reputable company and drivers can sometimes just get held up in traffic. In the end, we got our car two days early and in the same condition. Great experience overall!

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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 18, 2019

      The service is extremely poor. I booked the shipping 10 days before the pickup date but they waited until 2 days before the pickup date to provide me with the carrier info and the price is 10% higher than the original quote. The experience is very bad and I ended up to choose another company.

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      Ship a Car Direct expert review by Lauren Fix

      Ship A Car Direct has been shipping cars for customers since 2008. They changed their name from Honesty First Auto Transport, which emphasized the importance of honesty to them, in order to make their services clearer to customers.

      • Free added insurance of $500 on every order: Every carrier they use carries the standard insurance coverage for any damage during transit. Ship a Car Direct also offers an additional $500 on every order – free of charge.

      • Door-to-door transport: Ship a Car Direct loads your vehicle at your home or other location, transports it on one carrier and unloads it at the new address you specify. You don't have to worry about multiple modes of transport or about where to arrange pickup or delivery when you use this company.

      • No upfront fees: Ship a Car Direct does not charge you any fees to place your order. There is no payment due until the carrier who will pick up your vehicle is confirmed.

      • Short lead time: If you need to move a vehicle at the last minute, Ship a Car Direct does its best to accommodate your request. At the most, you'll have to wait one to two days to get the process started.

      • Cross-country moves available: Ship a Car Direct offers service throughout the USA (except for Alaska), so you can move your vehicle across the country if you need to.

      • Best for: Out of state movers and small business owners.

      Profile picture of Lauren Fix
      Lauren Fix Auto & Finance Contributing Editor

      Lauren Fix, also called The Car Coach, is an automotive and auto finance expert. Her understanding of vehicles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print media and the Internet. She has authored multiple books and writes a column for several outlets, including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on major news and morning shows, discussing the latest updates on cars and car financing that will help drivers make smart decisions when buying, maintaining and financing cars.

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