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I visited Quirk at least 3 times and spoke on the phone at least 3 times. The salesman Karim ** that I first spoke with and he showed me a 2016 Chev Silverado with a sticker price of $ 53,265.00. I showed him my trade which was a 2013 Silverado LTZ with approx 36,500 miles on it. In speaking to him I told him that I wanted a bed liner rain guards and Steps installed at NO ADDITIONAL COST and he said he would have to talk to his manager Monenes **. When he came back to me he said they could not do that so I left. Later that afternoon I got a call from the manager telling me to come back down that we could work something out. I returned the rolling Tue and spoke with the manager and told him the same thing I had told the salesperson about the extras and also keeping my payments about the same. He said that he was going to see what he could do and if I could come back the next day.

When I returned both he and the salesman greeted me and told me that they could not keep my payments the same that they would increase by over $150 a month which I found unacceptable so they tried to talk me into a lease for less money and said they would give me 29,000 for my truck. (By the way I have a credit score of 798). I asked if the extras were included and the salesman said yes. When all was said and done and I got paperwork which was a week after I picked up the truck most of it was missing. When I called about it they said it would be mailed which I never received. When I looked over my lease papers they ended up charging me over $62,000.00 for the truck. They are real crooks in my book and I highly recommend that no-one ever purchase a car or truck from them. I have written GM a very nasty letter stating that they should pull Quirk from their dealer list.

I leased a 2016 chevy silverado ltz... I have had the vehicle 3 months and put 1700 miles so far. The truck has broke down 4 times in the time I have owned it. Quirk has attempted to correct the problem three times with no better results. The problem is the truck will shut down at any time while driving. It has happened while in traffic, while going 60 mph on the highway and the last episode occurred while getting off a down ramp on a major highway. A truck nearly ran right into me because the vehicle shut down as I was driving. This truck is a death trap. The dealer has been passing the buck so to speak among its sales and service dept. I requested a replacement vehicle since mine is too dangerous to drive. The (Quirk) refused to work with me to resolve this. They are arrogant to say the least... I now have a 48000.00 vehicle I have great fear of driving... Buyer beware. Quirk only interest is moving vehicles without standing behind them.

I got 3 letters from them about trading my 2014 car with a new 2016 one as they are opening a new dealership. So I called them and one person called "Lynn" talked to me and gave me a great deal. I repeated her deal to make sure that what I understood is correct and had about 15 mins. conversation with her on the phone and told her to confirm the deal over the phone so nothing would change when I come in person to the dealership and she confirmed the deal after she took all my information. So I took an appointment the next day at 11 am.

When I came in, they told me that she is not in!!! And that this deal is not valid!! I spent one hour between waiting and talking with salespeople. I requested to talk with the manager and even the manager was not honest: he told me that this deal is for new customers yet the 3 letters that I got say clearly state "trade your vehicle with a new one." I am attaching the letter for the records. So I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there. They are dishonest and they are great in wasting your time! Simply discard any deal you get from them - they are fake!

Absolute scum. Wasted 3 hrs of my life on a BS online add. No speaks English. They pass you off to different people - try and confuse you. Lie after lie. Any positive reviews are made up from employees. Save your time. Scammers! Scammers.

I bought a 2012 Chevy Traverse and my salesman was Brett. He went over and beyond to make sure I got into the vehicle I wanted. Before I went to Quirk, I went to Clay Chevrolet in Norwood and they had horrible customer service and they lied to me. I am so happy I went to Quirk. Mike one of the managers went over and beyond to make sure my vehicle got delivered to my house tonight because I had no one to drive the vehicle home for me. Brett is in the process of driving my new Chevy Traverse to my house. This is my third vehicle I have bought from Quirk.

Quirk won't let you settle for less, you tell them what vehicle you want and they will make sure you get in that vehicle. If you go to Quirk Chevrolet, then I promise you won't go anywhere else. Ask for Brett when you go to Quirk and he will help you make your new vehicle transaction as smooth as possible. He has awesome customer service. And so doesn't the manager Mike. He's an awesome manager. I have nothing bad to say about Quirk.

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If I could give ZERO or NEGATIVE stars, I would. This dealership lives up to every stereotype of the car salesman or dealer. Just dishonest!!! They manipulated the dates of my documents, pressured me into a loan when I wanted to pay cash for a new 2015 Silverado, then entered details for a sub-prime loan even though I have an 800 credit score. They conveniently messed up on the math in the contract (to their advantage of course) and then attempted to pressure me when I pointed out the flaws. I will never buy from this dealer in any of his locations. If Chevy does not reprimand him to prevent them from treating customers, I will never buy another GM product again either. I feel bad for the salesperson that is stuck working for people he knows have no ethics. I hope he finds a better dealer to work at. Stay away. Trust me!!

After asking for the price on line of a leased Equifax, I got a written email giving me a price and term. When I called to accept that price, I was sent to the Lease manager (Greg), and he told me they sold the car, they wouldn't be able to honor the price, and that there was nothing I could do. I hung up, wrote an email to Quirk, and within an hour Greg called me back to say we could make a deal for what I was offered in writing. I sit here waiting to hear when I'm "suppose" to come into sign the papers. I really have no idea how this is going to work out, but I will update this review. Up to this point I'm dissatisfied. If they honor their agreement I'll update the review. It looks like this is regular practice. I hope that they don't disappoint and have another dissatisfied customer.

Customer had $6500 stolen from her by salesman, manager did nothing for her. Quirk Chevy Braintree had a salesperson, Peter, fired for writing phony RMV forms and has since then REHIRED this person back. My relative recently purchased a car from this salesperson and was RIPPED OFF for $6500 by Peter. She went to the bank with the salesman, got $5000 out of the bank, and went back to the dealership to finish the transaction. Confident in her transaction, she handed the $5000 to the salesman at the desk towards her down payment. The following day, Peter calls her and explains that the sales tax was not covered and that another $1500 was needed to complete her purchase. She asked how she was supposed to fill out the check and he said that he would write it in for Quirk. As it turns out, he wrote his own name on it.

When my relative returned to the dealership to investigate why this had happened, THE MANAGER, JAMES **, did provide her with the information that she needed, but otherwise, DID NOTHING FOR HER. He didn’t call the cops and didn’t offer help in any which way for her to build a case on him. Peter is still collecting unemployment after he was laid off from the company.

How could this company still continue to provide unemployment pay for someone who has stolen this much money from a customer? How could the manager, James **, just drop this matter and not pursue it further when I am positive she wasn’t the first victim of his? Her bringing this to his attention should have prompted them to investigate all of his transactions, because I AM CERTAIN THERE ARE OTHER VICTIMS OUT THERE. The $5000 was clearly a Quirk transaction and they should be responsible for it, but the manager doesn’t seem to want to see what he can do for her.

I brought my blazer in for some problems I was having. After watching the service tech spend more time in his locker than on my truck, the service advisor came to me and told me that there was nothing at all wrong with my truck and it was running fine. They then wanted me to pay for 4 hours of labor for the diagnosis. I did not pay and brought the truck straight to another dealer that found the problem in about a hour.

We have been buying our cars from ** for about 20 years. He's very personable, and knows a lot about the vehicles. He helped us select the right car for our family and our budget and made sure we knew how to use everything before we drove off the lot. With the help of ** in finance, we were in and out with our new car in a couple of hours. I strongly recommend this dealership!

My husband and I saw an offer for a truck lease for 195 no money down. We live in Maine so emailed to get more information. We tried calling numerous times no one answered and no one returned our voicemail. Emails wouldn't be responded to for days at a time. They were not very direct with any questions asked (I.e what rebates did we have to qualify for, how much would the acq fees be etc). We had looked at some reviews and the majority of them were poor which concerned us.

We mentioned this to David ** (the person we were emailing). He never mentioned anything about the reviews and proceeded to tell us that we would have to make two trips because we would have to drive back to register it and it would not be worth our time. We have bought vehicles out of state before (everyone always seems to have better deals than Maine) and we like the road trip portion of it. The last one was in Maryland so Mass is not that far. The reviews made the place sound sketchy and the salesman did not help the case; what car salesman turns down a sale no matter where they are coming from!?!

I was there before the snow storm after I talked to Michelle couple of times about a Silverado. She hand me to Ali who makes the whole buying experience nice and painless. I already send my cousin to get same deal.

I had a great experience at Quirk Chevrolet Braintree. With the help of Manos and Becky we got the perfect vehicle for our family. They were both very informative and patient as we had our baby with us. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know that is looking for a new car.

Made a deal over the phone on a new truck and went to the dealer to pay for the truck and was told that the truck was sold but they had the same truck at a different location and was only going to cost me 700 dollars more. Same truck, same dealer, not same price. Do not go to Quirk for a truck.

BUYER BEWARE!!!! If there was a zero star option I would have chosen that! This dealership is sneaky & scummy. Do NOT buy a vehicle from them! The Vehicle won't even pass inspection. I purchased a truck from them in November 2013 & the asking price of the vehicle listed online was $30,995.00. I had not looked online for a price prior to going to look as vehicles. The number the sales person discussed with me was $31,600.00 ($605 higher than their asking price). I had purchased the truck & went home & reviewed the contract as this was the only documents they sent me home with (no Purchase & sale, no service contact, no warranty info, no odometer disclosure for either my trade in or new truck), when reviewing the contract I notice the cash price of the vehicle say 38,036.19!!!!! After trying to dealing with their finance manager who was a total & complete jerk I finally get the GM on the phone who agrees to meet with me & explain the numbers as they are not what was discussed.

James ** the GM shows me the purchase & sale & explains that they moved money around to do me a favor & get my monthly payment where I wanted it. I went home that night still confused & the more & more I looked at the paper work (which I had to request to be emailed to me & there are multiple sets of the same paper work with different signatures from dealer employees on each one) it still made did not make sense. After finally figuring out there numbers they raised the price of the vehicle to this made up number that was $3640.00 above asking price which also caused me to pay $352.50 extra in sales tax. Needless to say they did me absolutely no favor at all by over charging me $3992.50 for the truck. To do me a favor would have been to let me drive home with no new vehicle & go to a dealer who was not scumbags. If I were to get in to an accident & the truck was totaled I would be on the line for probably about $5000 - $6000 after the insurance company paid out the claim. The truck won't pass inspection due to them selling an unsafe vehicle as well. Do not buy a vehicle from Quirk!

I am writing this regarding my recent purchase of a 2013 Chevy Spark from Quirk Chevrolet in Braintree, Massachusetts. I am extremely satisfied with my decision to purchase this vehicle. Before I made my final decision on the Spark, I compared the Nissan Versa and Fiat 500 since I live in Boston and parking is limited. The reason I chose the Spark was not only the price, but the technology, warranty and spaciousness that the Spark offered. I felt as though that the interior far exceeded my expectations from what I would expect from a small car.

The layout on the 7-inch colored screen that controls the MyLink smartphone integration, Bluetooth, XM radio and OnStar is very easy to read and understand. Also, the colors and fonts on the screen give it a nice touch. They all come with a USB port so as disappointing as it may sound that I had to transfer over all of my music to my iPod, I am happy about it because I will no longer misplace or damage any more CDs. I can actually view pictures, watch videos like The Real Housewives on the screen in my car. Also, I downloaded the app BringGo on my iPhone, which is a navigation app, that easily synchronizes with my car's screen and has the same functionality as any other navigation system.

Overall, I am very happy with my Spark purchased at Quirk Chevrolet. They did an exceptional job in selling me this vehicle. I feel that the quality, style, cost, impressive technology and fuel economy that this small car offered far exceeds any other vehicles in its class.

Quirk listed a 2013 Chevy Silverado LT 1500 EXT Cab All Star Edition for $23,500 which included a trade-in bonus of $1000 on the first page of the "Specials" website. I talked with a salesperson several times saying I wanted to purchase it but that I didn't have a trade-in which would make the price $24,500. He was supposed to email me the price and called me several hours later saying the price is $32,000. When I told him about the "special", he explained how the vehicle he was trying to sell me was much better because it was an "All Star Edition". I told him that was what was listed on the special. He gave me all kinds of similar, invalid excuses as to why the vehicle was actually $32,000 and when I countered them, he agreed the price would be $24,500.

I told him I needed it in white and he said he had "plenty" of them in white. He was to email the price that night, which he never did, but kept asking when I would be in for a test drive (which I now know was a ploy to get me in there and sell me something other than what I was asking for). The next day I told him I needed the sticker and the price emailed to me and I would pay the deposit and come in the next day to sign the papers in person and take delivery. He emailed me saying, "The link will bring you to the window sticker, and our best price for the truck is $$29,840." I called the sales manager who kept interrupting my story.

I became angry and raised my voice to which he objected. I told him I wouldn't have to raise my voice if he would stop trying to speak over me while I was explaining my story. He gave me several options, none of which satisfied me or held to my verbal conversation with the salesman. I suspected when he would not email me several times that he was avoiding putting anything in writing. I have no proof of our conversations. I own a small business and have purchased about 40 vehicles over the past 10 years. It's never easy dealing with car dealers who are seriously lacking in customer service skills. But this was one of the worst experiences of deception I have encountered and I will be reporting them to the state authorities.

My ex-wife and daughter bought this nightmare from Quirk. Big mistake. Vehicle has had the catalytic converter welded into place and is no longer replaceable under VW warranty. Someone at Quirk welded the item in place to make it saleable (VW dealership service dept assessment), or if it was purchased that way by Quirk at auction, then it would be their poor inspection process that let this defective vehicle be sold. Now, they will not take any responsibility for this dealer related screw up.

I have called the pre-owned service manager, he won't take ownership, I spoke to the General Manager, who told me I was out of luck and hung up on me. I called Daniel Quirk (he's the president and customer service manager) but he never calls back. Wonderful customer service, can't you tell? They sold a 22 year old this automobile, knew it had been tampered with and would be a problem, and now they are backing away from any responsibility.

Eventually, I did get a call from a guy named Chris. According to him, he ran all the dealerships, and he spoke directly for the owner. He said I'd never get a call from the owner, and he also reiterated that I was out of luck. So, from all I can tell, this dealership subsists on screwing their customers over and have little or no concern for the costs involved in fixing the problems they sell to unsuspecting consumers.

Eventually, we ended up paying $1300.00 to have the catalytic converter replaced along with the pipes Quirk had welded into place to keet the catalytic converter working long enough to pass inspection

I purchased a Ford windstar Van from Quirk Preowned from J. Greenwald. The next day it rained and it turned out the van leaked like a sieve. I tried to go back and return it and got zero sympathy/respect/or options there response was you drove it off the lot its your problem. I did take it 4 times or more to MR Quirks repair shop and was assured each time it was fine. The most outrageous of the lies was that they put it under a 6 hour high pressure leak test and it showed no leaks. I drove home got out my garden hose and a step ladder ran the "low Pressure hose spray" over the top of the van for 3 minutes and there was immediate leakage into the interior of the van. So much for the 6 hour leak test huh.

After taking it back to service 6 times or more demanding satisfaction a second party intercided on my behalf I was finally allowed to turn in the leaky boat and chose another van, The ultimate insult was I had to pay another 4000 dollars to do this even though their own web site advertised it for 4000 dollars less. I ended the experience feeling basically raped by ther Quirk francisse and it really taught me lesson on trust.

The funny thing is since then I have talked at least 10 people out of going to quirk dealerships. I take comfort in knowing as much as they screwed me out of all that time and money their dealership lost out tenfold due to their treatment of me. I can only hope in the bad economy that mr Greenwald and his crew are sweating a bit maybe if they were a bit more honest they might be weathering the storm better.

At least a 8 thousand dollar loss not to mention the stress knowing you just spent your last 17,000 on a van which turned out to be a leaky moldy ripoff.

I purchased a brand new Cobalt in December and Mr. H and James were very helpful and coordinated with the whole transaction. Thanks to Quirk, I will recommend them to anyone in need of a new vehicle.

9-22-08 purchased a preowned 2007 hyundai sonata. while driving to work the next day i noticed the steering was pulling to the left severly while on the highway. complained of the trouble to the saleas man that day. brought car in to get inspection sticker the next day and have the front end looked at and an alignment check. they could not find any problem and said everything looks good. the next morning the same trouble with the car still pulls to the left. repeated attempts to fix this problem have not made any diffrence the problem still exists.

the origional tires that were on the vehicle showed wear problems. Inside edgeges were worn on three of the tires and the fourth one was newer than the other three. they installed new tires to hope to shut me up. but the problem didnt go away. also they were negligent about paper work. they never had the consumer give a discription of the problem and sign a work order to repair. and i also had problems with them on getting coppies of my paperwork.

now its off to arbitration and hopefully a good result to get my problems fixed. Complained to the better buisness bureau but they were a watste of time. they only listen to the facts of the dealership.

I bought a brand new 2008 chevy colbolt 3 months ago.I got off of work and got into my car,and it would not start.Needless to say that I was livid.So, I called the dealership where I originally bought the care. I was treated so poorly, and shabbily by everyone there from sales to Management.They started off by giving me GM roadside assistance. Which I called and was greeted by the most rudest customer service rep ever, I excused her and told her to let speak with someone else.

GM Roadside sent Needham towing to take to the nearest dealership in my area.I got off of work at 4 and waited in a parking lot until 6:30.While waiting I am calling the dealership asking them may I have a courtesy car or a rental because I had no way of getting home. I was stranded.I was told by Quirk that service was closed and there was nothing that could be done, to call back in the morning.

Now, when they were selling me my car, the attention was astounding.Than, I called the salesman Guillume that sold me my vehicle.All he did was ask if I was mad at him, no alternatives for my situation or whats going to happen to the vehicle.Later on that evening after my car was towed to Clay Nissan, which is part of the Quirk family. They were able to have me rent a vehicle from BOCH HYundai;The service manager handled all the details for me, and was very attentive, I felt that they really cared wheather or not I was stranded with no way to get home.

My car is still in repair, I am waiting to see what the outcome.

While I was doing my paper work to purchase the car, I told Fred M. I want my payment to come out every two weeks and he told his manager who was there and he said ok. I was told to give them two weeks and they will take care of it. I call the office on August 25, 2008 and I was told I have to send out the first payment and then call the bank to set that up. The manager refuse to talk to me and Fred M. was not helpful. I would never refer another customer to them. They are not professional and they don't threat their customers with respect. They need ethical classes.

Here is my horrible story with Quirk Chevrolet.

I purchased a 2005 Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van (plain vehicle without any option) through Quirk Chevrolet in Braintree, MA in mid-August 2005. The salesperson, Sofiane Chahed, and his sales manager, Erik Coggings, pushed me very hard into buying this vehicle. They offered me $18000.00 including tax and fees. When we were signing the purchase contract, they modified the price to the sticker price minus $2000.00 employee discount which they give to every buyer.

They told me that it had to be written in that way and it reflected all the interests in financing ($0.00 down with 6.29% APR interest rate). I signed the contract and they did not give me any proof of the transaction. I picked the vehicle up on the next day. They did not include any paper work in the vehicle, not even the owners manual. I drove back three times among the first 3 days of ownership. They gave me the owners manual on the first day and the purchase contract which was without any signature on the second day. The request for a copy of the signed contract, as well as the loan installment contract was denied. The excuse they gave was that the buyer was not supposed to have them.

Although I felt suspicious, I did not realized it was a fraud until I requested the pay-off balance from the Chase Bank who quoted it for around $23600.00 by 10/06/2005 (I have made one payment). I, then, called the salesperson in Quirk Chevrolet and told him the number. Nevertheless, he still admitted that he sold me the vehicle for $18000.00, but plus tax and fees (the price was supposed to include tax and fees). I took a looked at the purchase contract and the loan account detail on www.chase.com again more carefully. It appeared that the amount financed was $23804.00.

Notice that there was a financing program that the dealer offered me. The program pushes about $4000.00 to the end of the term which makes the final payment to be the monthly payment plus about $4000.00. I think they used that to accomplish the fraud.

On the other hand, the vehicle was brought back to the dealership for repair on the third week of purchase. The driver side seat belt got stuck, the plastic cover for the middle door popped out and the window roller handle fell out.

Please do not go to Quirk for anything. They are professional cheaters and liars. They push you into something but never keep their promise. Simply put, they will rip you off!

On the 27th of July 2004 i called Quirk Chevy in Braintree to see about trading in my 2004 Grand Am for an SUV. The salesman i spoke to said he is sure he can find me something and he will call me back shortly. Hykell Ammari (salesman) called me back a short time after stating he found a pewter brand new blazer so i thought that sounded good and went right down to Quirk Chevrolet.

Upon my arrival Hykell met me in the parking lot and brought me threw the garage to show me the vehicle he picked out which was already being detailed in the garage without me even saying i wanted it. I then told him i cannot afford 2 car loans so i am looking to trade the grand am in. Hykell stated that i could voluntarily reposess my grand am and i asked him what this meant.

Hykell stated it means that i am giving my vehicle back to the bank and will never ever have to worry about paying another penny on it. So i thought that sounded really good after he assured me i wouldnt ever pay again on it so i accepted the offer. I drove my new blazer home that day to receive a letter about 2-3 weeks later from the bank stating they auctioned off my vehicle for $9000 and i owe the $1500 difference plus tow fees. This is a warning about this dealership apparently this isnt the first time they have done this be very careful if you decide to do business with Quirk they are very sneaky.

I have hired an attorney for this case at this time, and the case is pending for many charges being brought up against Quirk Chevrolet in Braintree.

purchased a 2004 chevrolet silverado 4x4 extended cab from quirk,not even sure if it was the same vehicle I test rode as they asked me to test drive 2 vehicles,the one I purchased mostly because the salesman played on my wife to apply pressure on me to purchase the vehicle,i now have a brand new truck that has been in the shop at least 8 times from the drivers side door falling off(hinges loose on all 4 doors) to the transmission having to have a new program downloaded,to the gasket around the windshield coming undone ,now its in the shop for a new headliner,that was rattling and ready to fall apart,still have to deal with the door problem on the drivers side,from being loose i believe the hinges are no good because even with the bolts secured now the door still moves up and down and allows air into the cab.

by the way don't bother to go to quirks repair shop,they don't have a clue on how to reair their own vehicles,I am also getting ready to file a small claims action against GM for lost wages that I have incurred as a result of not being able to get to my work do to having no transportation while my $26,000 dollar vehicle continuously sits in the repair shop,and I sit at home.Thanks Mr. Quirk for making the pleasure of trading my other truck that ran fine for a brand new trouble ridden truck,

On Sunday 12/30/01 I test drove the advertised 2001 Chevy Malibu EX#C12577A advertised in the Patriot Ledger Newspaper,Quincy for $10,999, After driving the car and sitting down wth the salesman (Kevin Baker) I told Him I needed to think about it due to the low price of my trade-in. I called and left a message on 1/01/02 to say I was interested in th car please call me back, No Phone call was returned. On 1/2/02 I called again finally spoke to Mr.Kevin Baker explained after speaking with My Father re: this deal I would like the car is it still available?. He said he needed to chck on the car and see if it is still there. Mr Baker called my place of employment, left a message with the receptionist at 4:30 PM stating They still have the car there that you test drove, Please give him a call. I spoke with Mr.Baker at 4:55 PM he told me they still had the car and I would need to be there before 6:30 PM since he had another commitment at 7:00 PM. I told him I would do my best to get there by then I am comming from Boston in Rush Hour Traffic.

I drove faster than normal just to get to the appointment on time only to find out by Kevin Baker (Salesman)He could not fnd the car and it was now not in the computer. Nobody seems to know what happened to this car in a matter of 1 hour 15min. Then he tried to sell me another car a 1999 Malibu for 4,000.00 more than whatI was going to pay for the 2001 Malibu.

I told him I was not interested in doing business with him.I was extremely angry that my time was waisted. I drove faster than I normally do, changing lanes just to insure I reached Quirk Chevrolet by the 6:30 PM time limit that was imposed on me in order to purchase the 2001 Chevy Malibu.That was advertised in the paper as well as told it was still there. As I got up and stared to walk out the sales manager stopped me and asked me what was the matter, At that I told him after this I would not purchase a car from this dealership, after makng me risk my life by driving abnormally to get to the dealership by the time stated by the sales man, Stopping home running in the house to get the title and of I went driving through the back roads to get there. Emotionally I am very upset as well as extremely Angry over this, I feel this was a total waste of my time. I could of stayed at work, to work overtime instead of racing home only to find out that the whole scam was nothing but a joke to these people.

I had been looking for a long time to purchase a new car and I did a lot of research in reading any and all autovotive reviews on different vehicles and extensive research on the internet. After many months I had finally decided the car for me, even though it was a little bit out of my price range. It was a 2001 Chevrolet Impala LS, a vehicle in excess of $26,000. Every indication I observed or read and saw pointed to a solid American built automobile. Boy was I shocked. I spent months looking for the best financial deal which happened to be at Quirk Chevrolet. Little did I know that the vehicle I purchased was damaged goods. /news04/2008/08/delta_wifi.htmlI paid premium dollars for a lemon. When I saw the vehicle for the first time is was all covered in plastic directly from the factory and I mean everything was covered, flors, doors, seats, dashboard, everything. However when I took delivery all of the plastic was removed and the floor mats were moved from the trunk to inside of the vehicle. I picked up the vehicle on the evening of Thursday, December 21, 2000, and it wasn't until Saturday of that week that I went into the car and found the passengers floor mat frozen to the floor of the car. I couldn't believe it./news04/2008/08/delta_wifi.html THE ENTIRE PASSENGER FLOOR COMPARTMENT WAS FLOODED AND FROZEN SOLID. Prior to my purchase of the vehicle the car had leaked and flooded with rain water and due to the locally cold weather from November on the water always froze. The problem is that the person at Quirk Chevrolet who preped the car for delivery plus the sales rep Ron, who promised to personally inspect the vehicle, put the floor mat over the ice and never told me about the water leak. At this point I was still within my three-day window of cancelling the order. It seems to me that everybody knew there was a problem with the car expect me and once I signed for it it was my problem, now I know why they wanted me out of there so fast. I really don't think that it is fair that I should have to pay the premium price for a vehicle that should have been sold as defective. I paid for a brand new car and I still want a brand new car.

I contacted the dealer and after two attempts to fix the problem they think they have finally fixed the leaking problem by replacing the windshield. The most serious problem it still the fact that I paid top dollar for this car and I was given something far less then what I bargained for. As a consumer, it just isn't right. I want what I paid for. If I bought a lemon let me pay a lemon price, I paid for a brand new vehicle, with no problems, please give me what I purchased.

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