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The Nissan Armada is a full-size SUV that was first introduced in 2003. Read more Nissan reviews to learn about other models.

Nissan Armada Reviews

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Reviewed Nov. 18, 2023

From dealership that alternator will not turn on unless driven 8 miles, that car is made drive on battery, that car does self checks while off, Nissan has long history of this problem in their cars, instead fixing the problems, they don't they rewrite the computer code get around the problems, car has what called smart charging system, it does not do real time load test, it does not messer the voltage, it does turn auil off, problem here is the batteries are not made be used in this way, they was meant to start the car and alternator would recharge the battery and then take over all power, in this case it is turned off, this can become very dangerous as it can lead to motor just turning off.

There was recalls in 2019 Nissan Armarda for this reason. The 2020 has same problem. All cars after will have same problems, Nissan has built a tank but put a pin light battery so speak to run it, this car should have not a 140 amp alternator but a 260 amp alternator and battery should be twice as big, another problem is grounding the only grounding points it inside the hole where bolt touches sheet metal, they never taken time to remove the paint on top to ensure max contact with surface, if this was home it be never up to code, anyone ask why EV cars blowing up, wire used is to small to handle the amount of power given as in this car. All the self checks doing while car is off is destroying the batteries.

In 8 months my cars went through 3 batteries, 3 car was unable to fully charge the car battery, even after driven for 2 hrs car battery is not fully charge, There huge amount of complaints on this and Nissan offers no fix, throw one fix could be just turn off the smart charger, and shut down devices that the user does not need, there huge amount devices put in stand by mode, like roll down all windows, don't need it. Remote start well ok when cold up be useful, remote rear door lift what the point, and list goes on and on some things is must have. Some are not.

Finally the alternator will not charge the battery when idling or sitting in trafic, the rpm are too slow for alternator to charge the battery, this is key point to why all these cars are having battery problems, that one a alternator must be built to run on such low rpm or up the rpm on cars so battery can charge, each of these points is huge problem in this car, in short Nissan new these problems would come up, Nissan chosen to gamble with the problem any way in hope that problem would fall out warranty, and time it failed no one would understand why till much latter, we demand a fix a permanent fix for all Nissan cars that has this problems, in 8 months spent 5000,00 to fix a problem which it still has to date, I never wanted a car that was in shop more then I was driving it,

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Reviewed Aug. 8, 2023

I've made some bad decisions in my life, but buying a Nissan Armada was one of the worst. It started blowing blue fumes within a week. Turns out it had a blown piston ring and needed a new engine. The Subaru dealer where I bought it said I would have to take it to a Nissan shop. They charged $11,000 for a new engine and $8000 for labor. I bought it for $17,000!! The dealer wouldn't do anything for me, nor would Nissan. My mechanic said he was putting a new engine in a Nissan even as we spoke!! Never buy a Nissan!!

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 14, 2023

    2020 Nissan Armada I purchased the end of last year. Have been deal with this for 4 months. I did get a call from a manager. He thought by just SELLING me an older Armada with lower miles would take care of my problem of being sold a lemon from their dealership. So I'm supposed to fork out another $4500 and my problem would be solved! After I told them that I could not justify spending more money on a 3 years older Armada it wasn't what he wanted to hear. Total silence, NO reply! Nothing!! I should just give them more and nothing about the $500 an unjustified repair bill. I just shake my head and kiss $30,000 goodbye.

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    Reviewed Dec. 28, 2022

    I've heard this from multiple people with 2019 Nissan armadas - there is some malfunction with the battery causing it to not start frequently. Extremely unreliable and Nissan won't recall it to fix, although many have the same issue.

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    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2019

    We’ve had our 2018 Armada Platinum for a few months and since then, the check engine light has been on three separate occasions, the computer has needed a flash update, the AC has gone out (middle of TN heat), the dash has come loose, there’s rattling in the back door panel and transmission is acting up. The dealership claims they have “fixed what they can” but we end up at square one within a couple weeks. I’m definitely not happy with this vehicle!

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    Reviewed May 22, 2019

    Bought a new Armada last year (2018) and within months the paint started to chip. It is chipping all around the vehicle not just the front end. The dealer claims it's rock chips. I don't drive on gravel and the chips are everywhere and numerous. I am very disappointed in Nissan. I have had many vehicles of all makes and models and never have I seen this before. Unacceptable for the price I paid!

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    Reviewed May 1, 2019

    We bought a new Nissan Armada last year and it suddenly stopped working. Flashing engine light and decelerated in the middle of the freeway. Almost got in an accident. After a week of it being in the shop, we were told it may have needed a software update. This is crazy to me that when a new vehicle needs a software update it stops working and you may get in an accident. I smell a lawsuit waiting to happen. After nissan’s lengthy decision process (this all took a month) they decided that we can take our new car back to the shop to have another look-over. I would’ve hoped they were a better company than this decision reflects. They should buy it back. In that month another “unknown” issue occurred. The car is a lemon and they know it.

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    Reviewed April 26, 2019

    I bought a used 2012 Nissan Armada. After about 8 months of driving it I started to see different spots where paint had started to chip away. One spot on right bumper, another on the front hood and many many more all over the top of the roof. A local Nissan dealership took pictures and had me take my Armada to two different body shops to get quotes.

    At both body shops I was told as well as got in writing that the paint chipping is due to factory flaw during prep. Nissan Consumer Affairs was submitted all pictures along with the written estimates (which also state factory fault) and yet I was told Nissan could not help me. They had determined that it wasn't factory fault and it was 38,000 miles out of warranty, therefore they could not help me. Even though I had two body shops tell me the same thing. Will never buy a Nissan again because of this.

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    Reviewed Feb. 21, 2019

    I purchased my Nissan Armada two and a half years ago from a dealership in Blue Springs, Missouri. Horrible experience there from the beginning. After about 32 days the vehicle started smoking quite a bit so I took it back into them and they kept it for a few days and stated that there was something wrong with the engine but I could still drive it but if I wanted it fixed I needed to pay out of pocket 1800.00. I thought what the hell? I just bought this and they aren’t willing to fix this? They said it was past the 30 day warranty.

    So as time went on I continuously had to put in no smoke all the time and fast forward to this year when it broke down twice. The first time I made it to the shop and they replace the plug and said there was some oil on it. The second time I had to have it towed in and the shop stayed that oil was getting into the plugs and basically I needed a new engine. I contacted Nissan in hopes of some guidance or help with the situation seeing as obviously this was an issue with their vehicle. They stated they could not help at all. I had a 2001 vehicle that ran smoother than this vehicle ever did and never had a problem. How on Earth can a 2010 already have this many problems with the engine?

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    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2019

    Well I don’t know where to start with the issues with this truck. I supposedly bought a 2012 Nissan Armada brand new in 2012 at 19k miles. I had to replace brakes and rotors all the way around, heat shields stay coming loose and in need of constant tightening, about a month or two the brake light at back of truck fell in, the passenger window motor went out, I had to replace all tires at around 25k miles. I was told they were dry rotted.

    Last year the truck was making awful noise like the whole exhaust had fell off. Took it into Nissan. I was told the entire bottom of truck was rusted (How? I live in Chicago. It has never been sitting in water and it’s a 2012. It shouldn’t be old enough to have complete rust under bottom). My back up beeper been out of whack, light is on like I turned it off, it sometimes accelerates on its own, trunk button one day fell inside console panel which shocked me 'cause I barely touched it and one day I decide to use it instead of key fob it went in and last but not least the battery dies all the time. Leave lights on for any amount of time and it needs a jump... I’m thinking this was not a 2012 but was sold to me as a 2012. How do you tell what year the vehicle actually is after all the body style just changed?

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