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The Nissan Armada is a full-size SUV that was first introduced in 2003. Read more Nissan reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2018

I bought a used 2011 Nissan Armada Platinum. I enjoy this car. Recently, the airbag light came on, the rear liftgate died, a rear fan is now being really loud and the driver side window will continuously go up and down. This all happened in one day. The truck rides great, just disappointed with the problems.

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Reviewed July 7, 2018

2009 Nissan Armada - Rear console has fallen down and hanging by the electrical wires. NOT happy!! If this had fallen while I had passengers, the console would have fallen on their head and caused injury. Does anyone know if there is a recall on this?

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Reviewed June 13, 2018

I love the Nissan Armada Pathfinder. It's definitely worth the money. Enough room for all my kids plus groceries and stuff when we go shopping. I could even fit my sisters and their kids in the vehicle along with my big family and we could do a road trip and not have to worry about room or the vehicle breaking down. It is an amazing vehicle. Also, it has a DVD player that comes with its factory style and that works well for me cause I have four kids and they all pretty much hate going anywhere. I can play their favorite movies and makes it a more easier and quieter ride. It's awesome but it could of been easier to get stuff for it for the inside. It is really hard to find a bench seat covers for them.

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Reviewed Dec. 26, 2017

My 2015 Nissan Armada suddenly stalled out on a busy Atlanta interstate. After having it towed to the dealer, they revealed they thought it was engine related with timing issues. The skid indicator light came on as well that day. I am having a lot of trouble understanding why I am having this issue on a 2 year old car; I know I should not be having to write this review.

Secondly, a month ago, my brakes starting shaking when I tried to stop. I took it into a repair shop to find the calipers had actually broken in half on the driver's side of the vehicle. I questioned how that could possibly happen as well. After a fight, the warranty did cover the cost of the brake system components. Has anyone else experienced any engine issues? To note: the dealer did give me a loaner car (however, I chose to use a different dealer than the dealer I purchased the car from originally). As of this review, my car is still in the shop, and per the service department, it may be at least of week before it is repaired due to the amount of labor hours needed for the repair.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2017

I just bought 2017 Nissan Armada Platinum in June 2017. Right away I noticed something odd. Happened one day while braking. The car seemed to brake all by itself. I just kind of shook it off after the scare and continued on. Then I started to notice that the accelerator kind of dies when you are taking off sort of between second and third gears shifts. It kind of just fails. I then pushed the pedal harder to find it jump into passing gear right away and gets up and goes with half the gas tank with it. Really weird I thought.

Then while picking my little one up from school one day it was pouring rain. Had been for several days and we were going down the road when suddenly all the inside lights starts flashing and warning lights and all lights start coming on saying malfunction and not responding. And I got really afraid and went straight to my dealer and pulled it right away into the shop. They hooked the thingy to it that tells them what’s going on and I ask what’s wrong with it just to hear, "I don’t know. I haven’t seen this before." Ummm hmmm ok. Well they reset it and I drive away. I told the mechanics also while I was there that sometimes the gas pedal just seems to die while it’s shifting gears while driving and they know of no known issue.

Well I took in again for this gas pedal issue just for them to tell me that it’s a sensored gas pedal system. Maybe that’s it. I’m just not use to it. I’m use to a regular v6 and they’re different shifting. I said ok and left. Was pumping gas (all the time) when a man came over to my husband and asked if we had any trouble from our vehicle and he said like what when he explained his wife had same problems with her brand new 2016 to find out it was a transmission issue and when fixed on her car no more probs and better gas mileage also. I’m going in tom for another visit to dealer about this issue and pray it gets taken care of. Good luck Armada users and buyers beware. Wish I had known before I bought!

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Reviewed Nov. 27, 2017

My Nissan Armada front overhead console fell down and hit me in the head when I was parked one day, waiting on my husband. Then the rear console fell and was hanging by just the electrical wires. There is no way to simply repair the problem because the plastic broke around the screws. My mechanic noted that there was no insulation between the overhead console and the metal roof - no wonder it became brittle and cracked. In order to replace the 2 separate panels, even with used parts, it is over $1000! There needs to be a recall AND a class action lawsuit filed. If so - I want to be a part!

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2017

We own a 2006 Nissan Armada. The air conditioner recently quit working. Every time I tried to refill it the fluid would disappear and evidently evaporate. Took it to the shop and discovered the coolant tube had something too close to it and it rubbed a hole in the tube. The tech said the part would cost $1,700 not to mention the labor cost. He said it is a manufacturing mistake but I looked up the recall list and there is nothing noted about that problem. Has anybody had that happen to their Nissan Armada? Love the car, hate the problems.

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Reviewed July 12, 2017

I bought a 2006 Nissan Armada in May of 2016. Immediately about 2 months into it, my wife almost crashed as the Emergency Brake light came on and the brakes completely failed. I reported it to the Dealership and they claimed they've never heard of such an incident and claimed to know nothing of this obvious factory malfunction. I've taken it to other mechanics and they have told me that the issue has come across to them often and that Nissan needs to put a recall, but they haven't and probably won't until more people file complaints. How many people have to die or get injured from the inevitable crash happening because of failing brakes. Nissan needs to own up to this problem and resolve it for the safety of the public.

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Reviewed July 11, 2017

I am reading the reviews on the Nissan Armadas. Very disappointed to say the least. My ex-husband and I purchased a 2010 (used) Armada. We haven't had any problems with it other than having to replace the tires due to me driving it a lot for my job and the numerous trips we would make out of town. In 2016 the passenger side back door got stuck and still to this day is stuck. Will not open up. When you drive off in the car right around 15 mph the locks engage and the passenger side door makes a really loud noise. The back hatch only opens when it wants to. AC box is out on the driver's side, so I have to roll the windows down. I live in Texas and the heat and humidity are a killer. I took the car to a Nissan dealership where they proceeded to tell me that the actuators are out but they want to charge me over $5,000 to get it repaired.

I took it to another mechanic and he only wants to charge $1300. However, recently going through a divorce, filing for a bankruptcy and now I am getting ready to move to New Mexico, I do not have the extra funds to get it fixed. I refuse to put all the money into this vehicle. Brakes were sticking and grinding in Oct 2016 on my way to court for my divorce hearing. Of course it was pouring down rain at the time so I just figured it was the brakes getting wet. Yesterday, 7/10/17, I got in my car to go home and the display screen wouldn't come on, radio didn't work and the AC button wouldn't even turn on.

Got in the car this morning and they all work now. I can't purchase a new vehicle until Oct. Very disappointed in this vehicle even though I haven't had too many issues. Did have the starter replaced which is normal due to the car being used when we bought it. Nissan needs to do a recall on the brakes, AC not working and the actuators going out. I spent $40,000 on this vehicle.

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Reviewed May 9, 2017

I have a 04 Armada purchase used and inspected by Nissan. I was not advised that the brakes are a death trap and that I should change the booster or delta sensor to keep the brakes from NOT functioning. I have 2 small children is why I purchased this truck. I called their consumer department and was told to go and have a diagnosis and then contact them back. Anyone did this with a positive outcome??? (Ex: them paying for those two repairs and did that solve the problem?)

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Reviewed March 16, 2017

I bought my 05 Armada 2 years ago and am very unhappy! I can't wait to get back in a Chevy. Nissan has not done right by me or any customers with this major brake issue and it is horrible! Brake lights and ABS light and others come on and I lose my brakes all the time. I bought this truck for the safety of me and my 3 young kids and I feel anything but safe. The brakes grind and lock when these lights come on but if I shut the car it resets. I know many people have same issue and Nissan will not recall this and reimburse its customers.

I did the brake booster replacement for over $1,000!! It has helped yea but has not completely fixed the problem. The lights and brake problem happens less frequent but still happens and that's not OK!!! The front end is extremely squeaky and noisy and Nissan dealership and service is zero help. I always maintain my vehicle with service and oil changes and regular checking of brakes and all fluids. This car should not be like this! I bought it 2 years ago with only 50,000 miles on it and it has been a nightmare to this day. Nissan is the worst and ignores its customers! They take our money and turn their heads! People have died because of these trucks and Nissan is not held accountable how is this allowed???

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2016

My wife and I bought a 2007 Nissan Armada back in 2012. We had the truck shipped to us from Miami FL, To Panama FL. When we first bought the truck it was warm out so we didn't realize that the front and rear heater core didn't work. Good thing we bought an extended warranty. But why should we have had to use our warranty on something that wasn't working when we bought it. My wife wanted it fix so we took it to the Ford dealership in Panama city FL. These idiots took the truck to the back revved the engine for 10 minutes and gave it back. "Oh it's fine" he said. "It's just been sitting for a while." We got it home and same thing. No heat. Took it back on a full tank. The same idiot came out and did the same thing running out all our gas. Then he ask do we have a warranty because the heater core in the front and rear was out. They kept our truck for two weeks. We only had it for a month now. Got that problem fixed.

Next, the rear suspension went out. We have air bags. Took it to the Nissan dealership in Panama city. They first replaced the pump. Truck still didn't lift. They replaced the pump again truck, now the pump won't turn off. They replaced the leveling sensor still won't stay up. They replaced one airbag still won't stay up. They replaced both. That's the whole rear end of the truck so we thought everything was fine. Six months later same problem. Now all this is being covered by the warranty because they're half adding their job. They charged our warranty again because the pump went out.

Another problem was a grinding noise from the brakes. Brake light comes on. Pedal goes to the floor when you press it. They told me I needed new rotors and pads but the warranty doesn't cover it. $750 if they do it. No hell. I went to AutoZone. Bought everything and did it myself. It still happens. They told me next time it happens to bring it in but when you turn off the truck it resets and nothing shows up in the computer. So when it happened again I recorded it and my wife took it to the dealership. He act like he couldn't hear the noise and didn't understand the video.

"Next time bring it in when it happens" he said. I guess he wants us to die on the way that way we can leave him alone. Will NEVER BUY ANOTHER NISSAN AGAIN. Customer service sucks. One problem after another. Had it for 3 years only. Have 115,372 miles on it and nothing but headache. Warranty is about to expire in 4000 more mile. Have to renew it. Because truck is not paid for. Can't afford repairs and maintenance.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2016

Bought a 2013 Nissan Armada with only 30,000 miles. The heater was not working. Brought the car to Nissan for repair. Service advisor informed me that is a very common problem for the Nissan Armada to have the heater out so soon. Shame on Nissan! Will never buy a Nissan again!

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2016

No one will help me fix a part that is defective. I have had the car less than a year with extended warranty... Do not I repeat do not buy Nissan... They will do so much to sell the car but service is nonexistent.

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Reviewed June 30, 2016

I just purchased a Certified 2013 Nissan Armada Platinum on 6/7/16. A week into purchase, since then Nissan replaced my a.c. compressor. CarFax showed another a.c. Replacement in 2015 from previous dealership. It only has 39K miles in it. I still have the same issue. I live in Az allergic to the heat. It is medically necessary I have cooling a.c. I had an appointment to get a.c. serviced again, until the sales manager asked me to come in to see if they do another trade since this truck has ongoing a.c. problems.

My concern is this. I love my Armada Platinum and I love the terms of my loan. Will Nissan have to give me what I originally have with same terms? I haven't even made my first payment and need to send my last down payment check too. I'm scared to even go see the sales manager fear I get ripped off. Is this a good thing or bad thing? I tried to Google get information on this situation no luck. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2016

2008 Armada - This has been the 3rd time my brakes did not work. As mentioned in other owner complaints, turning off the car and restart cleared the problem. First time was on a long trip to Georgia. While breaking on a six-lane highway it resulted in grinding and shaking of front end. Topped off fluid and resumed trip OK. Eight months ago, Sept 2015, I rear ended a car while attempting to stop. Felt like the brakes didn't respond. Tonight 2/6/16 my 18-year-old daughter rear ended a car while attempting to stop at a light. Low-speed approx. 15mpg, and the brakes did not respond to the brake pedal. What the heck is Nissan doing? There is an awful lot of people having the same problem and they are not responding. This was a $60K car new, I bought it with 100K miles and have put an additional 39k on it.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2016

I am the owner of a 2006 Nissan Armada (NOT A HAPPY OWNER!) I am the only owner of this vehicle. I have been having problems with my vehicle that date back to 2008 starting with the braking system etc. I am still waiting for a response. It all started about 4 years after the purchase of my 2006 Nissan Armada, which I bought brand new in Arizona in November of 2005. The vehicle started having problems and falling apart. I am the only driver of this vehicle and very seldom have people in the vehicle with me.

The first thing was my Braking System. This started in about 2008, and still happens to this day periodically I will go to stop and I have no brakes. It grinds, slips and sounds like it is metal on metal. I have to keep a safer distance from vehicles at all times. It has almost caused me to get into an accident on multiple occasions, or lose control of my car.

EXAMPLE: a few days ago I was headed home from work went around the corner to turn, I went to apply my brakes and they did not work I had to hurry and swerve into the oncoming lane as I could not slow down fast enough with my failing brakes. Scary to say the least. I looked down to notice the brake light was on, once I was able to get the car to a complete stop I put it into park shut it off and restarted it to reset it and then it went off. The car has been taken a few times to the dealership but no one can seem to locate a problem with the braking system as it is not having the issue at the time. But it happens when you least expect it.

I have had 4 sets of brakes put on this vehicle with the last ones just being put on in June of 2015, replacing front and rear rotors as well. When they replaced the rotors they also noticed a busted front end tie rod. It does snow in the state I reside in and just hate the thought of the icy roads and the possibility that my braking system will fail and I will end up dead.

Air Control Knobs. The center air control knob stopped working in approx. 2009. It was always slipping to the right and would not adjust so I took off the knob and I can control it by the small black peg located in the center of it. I was told it would cost over $700.00 just to fix as the whole unit needs to be replaced and not just the center knob.

Back Hatch. Latch opens when it wants to. This started having issues approximately 2009. I would use my key fob to unlock doors and latch, you could hear the back latch unlock but it would not open so I would have to crawl through the back area of the vehicle to open the back door. I still have to do this today. Driver window stopped working approximately in 2009. One day I rolled it down and it would not come back up. I had to take it in to repair shop they had to take off the door panel and raise the window back up. They tested the motor and the motor was bad. So YES as you guessed I had to fork out over $300.00 to fix the window.

Front driver seat started showing wear in 2010. At first it was just light wearing to where you could see a difference in the color of the fabric as it was wearing thinner. It then was rubbing right off to where the foam was showing through just from getting in and out of the vehicle. I contacted Nissan at that time and never heard back so I went out to my car with an iron and ironed on a patch. Yes it sure is attractive and really upsets me for the amount of money I paid for this vehicle that the fabric on the seat cannot even last but the 1st 4 years. I have had older cars where the seat fabric last the length of the vehicle and then some of them beyond. I just noticed in 2014 the front passenger seat is now looking the same way, although it is hardly ever sat in.

Front Driver and Passenger air vents. The ones that are closest to the doors when adjusting the vent it broke so now you have to adjust all of the little vent bars individually as the small piece that adjusts it is broke. That happened in approximately 2010. Both front center vents are fine and have had no issues and they are the ones that are always adjusted. The vents by the doors seldom got used but were the first to break.

Steering wheel controls. I was headed on vacation in 2010. I went to use my cruise control and it did not work. I then tried all the controls on the steering wheel like the radio and nothing worked. I have to control the stereo by the knobs on the unit. All of the controls have not worked on the steering wheel since 2010 with the exception of the horn.

Tire pressure light. In approx. 2011 my tire pressure light kept coming on. I am on my 2nd set of tires that I have purchased. I just had a new set of tires put on in 2012. I took it in several times when I would get my tires rotated, as I do every 6 months and they would reset it only to have it come back on as I am driving down the road. I went in for my last rotation in 10/2015 for this set of tires and the light was on. They tested it and said the motor sensor is bad and will need to be replaced. I was told it usually last about 8 years. REALLY??? Well that will have to wait to be fixed as well. Right now I cannot afford it!!!

Back Window. Approximately in 2011 my back latch would not open so I could put in my groceries. So I thought well, I will just open the back glass and do it that way versus jumping over seats to open the back latch. Well guess what??? To my surprise it would not open.What the hell??? Yep and it still will not open to this day. I also noticed while washing my back window a few days ago that the top latch on right side of the back glass window was raised up. I lifted it right up and the bolt that is attached to it rotted right off so part is in the plastic and the other part is still in the glass. So being that the glass will not open I assume it will not fall out until I can afford to get it repaired.

HORN. October of 2014 I went to use my horn. HMM. Should I be shocked that all of the sudden it did not work??? For some reason it started working only when I was turning left if I accidentally pushed it while making a turn. Well it no longer works period!!! My car is due for inspection in December of 2015. I CANNOT afford to pay for the horn to get fixed and it will not pass Utah inspection without it. JUST GREAT!!!

Windshield Fluid. April of 2015 I went to use my windshield wiper fluid. Nothing would come out. It is always full. I took it in to have it looked at and it was full of fluid but I was told the motor no longer works. WHAT??? So now I cannot use windshield wiper fluid. I am just waiting for the wipers itself to stop working. Airbag Light. August of 2015. I was coming home from the grocery store started my car and noticed what at the time I thought was my seat belt light flashing on my dash. I am checking and rechecking my seat belt to make sure it was latched. I then get home and get out my owner's manual to see what the issue could be. Only to find out it is not my seat belt light, yet the Airbag light. It constantly flashes. I contacted Nissan in Sandy Utah and was told it would be $120.00 just to diagnose the issue.

So everything I have mentioned is NOT my normal maintenance issues. This is a vehicle I paid off $45,000.00 not including interest for a vehicle when all of those things should last the lifetime of the car. I take care of my car and all of the maintenance. I feel as though I am riding around in a death trap!!! The failing brakes, NO horn to warn other vehicles of a possible accident should my brakes be failing and now my airbag warning light will not go off. SUCH A DEADLY COMBINATION!!! I will be reporting these issues on every website that I see that has ratings and reviews for the Nissan Armada. I am not expecting my car to be in new condition. I do want my car to be fixed for the items that should last the length of the car. So I want to know what it will take to get my car fixed???

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2016

I bought a new 2015 Armada when I decided to let go of my 2009 Chevrolet Express, big mistake. After 3000 miles, the left front suspension made a squeaking noise. Took it to the dealer they fixed it. A few times after that sometimes reverse has a delay to engage. When it start to move backwards it vibrates. I don't think this is acceptable for a 42 THOUSAND DOLLAR vehicle. Tried to contact Nissan North America. They ignore calls. Now the noise has returned. Guess I have to live with this until I can buy another Chevrolet or GMC...

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2015

I purchased a 2004 Armada with approximately 100,000 miles with the intent of protecting my family. Loved the truck for the first 2,000 miles and could not believe what a deal I got. Was heading to the airport to attend my aunt's funeral and luckily was by myself. In heavy traffic driving through Atlanta I lightly applied my brakes to give the car in front of me more room and I get what all the other many people describe as the loud, grinding, shaking and brake light comes on. Only god knows how I did not hit the car in front of me. I would say, I had about 10% of braking power and was able to pull over and stop. It resets when you restart the truck and appeared like it never happened.

I am a Mechanical Engineer that has switch career into software development so I can pretty much put together what is happening and I see a small handful of you on this forum mentioned it, Anti-locking-brakes. Anti-lock-brakes is meant to keep each wheel of a car from locking under hard braking, thus helping you to maintain control of the car. It does this by having an actuator release some of the brake pressure to a wheel that the computer think is locked (definition of locked: Sensors detect car moving + Wheel sensor detect a wheel not spinning)

Some poor Nissan engineer designed a circuit that can enter a logic loop where it thinks all 4 wheels are locked. So when you press on the brakes and try to stop by applying pressure to the pads, the computer still in the logic loop, keeps releasing pressure to all the wheels. Thus the grinding and shaking in pressure actuators releasing pressure, releasing pressure, releasing pressure as your brake pedal goes to the floor and your car don't stop. Every time you press the brakes, this is what happens until you turn off the Armada and break this logic loop.

What is more disturbing to me is the fix I am speculating they did to fix base on the many posts that I have read. I believe they put in better sensors to keep the computer from entering this state, but it can still happen because in electronic signaling, there is something call noise, or random signals that increases with vibration and heat for example. So they figure out how to keep the logic loop by reprogramming the computer to instead fail the front brakes. There were a few post and I thank the posters for their detail posts, where loss of front brakes but the reprogramming was already done. Guess they figure you could still stop with back brakes.

Even more disturbing, Nissan knew about this as far back as 2011, (sure it is longer, just tired of reading all the posts) and the amount of money they charged customers for repairs in 2014 for example is absurd. Save your repair receipts, this to me is worst than VW. I am sure there are some deaths involved here also.

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Reviewed Oct. 25, 2015

I took out 2012 Nissan Armada in for shaking and shimmy at every bump and was noted on Repair Order as well. It was at United Nissan from September 3, 2015 through October 14, 2015, in which I was told there was nothing mechanically wrong with the vehicle. I received the vehicle back in the same way I took it in. All they did was an alignment which I already had done and replaced the shocks as a goodwill through the used car dept. stated failed bounce performance. I never approved them of this nor did my extended warranty. I was told at first the control arm bushings were all cracked/broken and separated.

I went back to United Nissan on many occasions when they said the vehicle was ready just to find out it was still doing the same thing, all over the road when hit bumps etc. and still pulls to the right. I have been asked and told to leave twice from there because they still will not address the problem. My warranty is owned by the same owner of United Nissan and had the GM Nick ** approve or disapprove work to be done. Don **, Nick **, Brian **, Gabriel **, Mike **, Nissan America Corp. First Automotive warranty are all aware of this situation and still will not address the issues. Please contact me regarding their practices and policies. Thank you.

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Reviewed Oct. 13, 2015

I have a 2006 Nissan Armada. About a couple of years ago my emergency brake lights would come on. I took it to Nissan and of course they charged me $2000 to fix my brakes etc. Now, the emergency brake lights come on once a week while driving. The brakes basically stop working when this happens, when I push on the brakes they make a loud sound. I have to turn the car completely off and turn it back on and then everything goes back to normal. I have taken it to different car shops and no one can help because they say they don't know what's wrong. Took it to Nissan again and of course they want to charge me $2000 and they said the problem is the brake booster. Nissan, this should be a recall! I shouldn't have to pay for this. I have already gotten into an accident because of this. Fix it Nissan. I will never get another Nissan again.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2015

I currently have a 2012 Nissan Armada. I came home from store the other day and accidentally left my ignition on while the car was not running. The battery was dead so I had to jump the vehicle. When I went to jump the vehicle the battery terminals had excessive corrosion on them. The battery is less than a year old and vehicle gets oil changes almost every month because I drive over 30000 miles a year. I cleaned the battery cables only to find out that corrosion ate through the battery terminal in less than a month since my last oil change. I have the extended warranty from NISSAN which states electrical problems are covered but the dealer tells me that the parts may not be covered because there is a short in a wire somewhere.

I called Nissan warranty up and they told me they can't tell if parts are covered. What a big runaround. Hertrich Nissan in Delaware is just out to take your money and whatever happened to helping customers out instead of trying to rip them off. The Armada was working fine the day before now it has electrical problems and all the lights are flashing and they want to tell me I must have jumped the vehicle with using the cables incorrectly. I have jumped hundreds of cars and know the difference between red and black. This is my first and last Nissan, time to go back to Honda

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Reviewed Sept. 8, 2015

We purchased our 2010 Nissan Armada at the Gary Mathews Nissan in Clarksville Tn in 2011. We spent close to 50,000 on our SUV only to start having problems with it right from the beginning. We had to take our car up several times for a recall on our heated seats about 3 times and there was also some banging noise coming from the front tires when we would turn hard or shard corner that they also had to fix.

We purchased the oil and tire change for life of the vehicle. But they neglected to rotate our tires several times. My husband marked them after thinking this wasn't being done, and found they indeed had not. So after contacting them to let them know they apologized and asked me to bring it back. When I did they proceeded to tell me we needed new tires because the wear on the tread was uneven. At 30,000 we should not need a new set of tires. So I contacted Michelin and they said they should last up to 50 or 60,000 miles and uneven wear and tear is due to my tires not being rotated properly. I contacted Nissan again and told them what was said and they said we could get a set of tires through them for a discount. We decided to go somewhere else, being I shouldn't need new ones from the neglect of them not rotating them.

Somewhere during 2014 my heat went out and there was a clicking noise in the back left side of my vehicle. I wrote nissan consumer affairs then to let them know the problems and how disappointed we were on this vehicle. They called me to set up an appointment with our nissan to check out the now two major problems we were having. Nissan said that they heard was a piece broken underneath the dash board, "that someone with a very pointy shoe must have broken it" and the clicking noise of course did not do it while we were there. But they could of course fix the heat for 2000.00. My husband and I googled problems with Nissan armadas and the heat piece. Being broken was very common because of the design flaw. And the clicking noise is the a/c actuator. Although they have tons and tons of bad reviews about these particular things being broken they are not responsible to fix them because it is not a safety hazard.

On January 15th 2015 our youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Which has lead us to many driving hours and time in our vehicle. My best friend's husband who works for Nissan in Murfreesboro called our Gary Mathews Nissan to see if they could do anything to help with our car and getting the heat fixed because we had not been able to afford to have it done yet and he knew we had a lot of stress on our family now. He spoke with one of the managers and they said there wasn't anything they could do.

We are in the process of trying to fix the things so that we can trade our armada in. I'm just now writing this review because I was just told this past weekend that johnathon had made that phone call to try and help our family out and that they could ace less to try and help! It really saddens me to know the car industry makes millions of dollars a year and we spent close to 50,000 on our vehicle that has been falling apart, and that they are not responsible for fixing the mistakes that are very small to them but very large to a family in need and who trusted in their product enough to purchase it. This is and will always be our last Nissan ever!

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2015

I buy brand new Armada 2008. I have only 72.000 miles. Last week the inside console drop down in middle of driving, miss my grandson by 2 inch from his head. It'll make very loud noise. When I went to service department they told me it is common problem. I still have a warranty but they told me it doesn't cover this part. When I call Nissan they told me I am not cover even it is malfunction from the manufacturer. Is any one experience this problem before.

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Reviewed Aug. 28, 2015

I have driving my Nissan Armada and towing a Sea Doo when the brakes failed on me. I have limited braking with a grinding sound and a shaking of the vehicle. I had been slowing down since I was nearing my turn. I was able to make the turn and pull the vehicle and my 3 children to safety. I had the vehicle towed to the dealership, but like everyone else once the vehicle is turned off and back on... the issue goes away and everything looks fine to the dealership. We were told a code came up for the Delta Sensor. It is sickening to read all of the posts about the exact same issue. This is not just in Armada's, but the Titan's and Infiniti's version of the Armada. Not only is there chatter all of the internet about this issue, there is a class action lawsuit that was settled pertaining to this part. However, some people have reported that the issue persists after it is "fixed." We contacted Nissan for some retribution and we got nothing from Nissan.

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Reviewed July 24, 2015

I take good care of my 2008 Nissan Armada, but it has put me down more than my 1999 Nissan Maxima. I should have got rid of it when I had problems with the struts at 35,000 miles and the company tried to wait until my warranty was up to fix it. Just recently my brakes went out, the overhead console has fallen down, and now my driver side window motor has failed. I'm like what is next on this truck. I only bought this vehicle because my Maxima had lasted so long with minor repairs. I will never buy from Nissan again. I am currently looking for a new or used vehicle and from research I have narrowed down to BMW, Audi, Honda, or Toyota. This SUV is too new to have so many problems. Would not recommend Nissan to anybody unless you have money to waste.

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Reviewed July 22, 2015

I have a Nissan Armada which I love my truck but the boosters are bad on them. When I'm driving it goes out sometimes which is not safe. I had to check several times. When the light goes off it starts back working again, so therefore the mechanic can't tell what's wrong with. I think we need a recall on the boosters. Sunnyside can clear this up before someone lose their family and himself behind the bass booster on these truck are a refund for the truck I at least another car in the place of it. This is not faith and all please help us to clear this problem. Thanks!

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Reviewed July 11, 2015

2004 Nissan armada - On several occasions when I'm driving the vehicle with no warning the brakes go out, grind, make like a spring sound, and I'm not able to stop the vehicle. I'm so afraid for my family and our safety. Not to mention the innocent people that could be affected by this defect in the manufacturing and sales of this Nissan. I'm going to the newspaper, news, and social media if this problem is not recalled. Inevitably this is going to cause an accident! "Recall Nissan."

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Reviewed July 6, 2015

So I bought the truck in 2005 November. It's a 2006 Nissan Armada LE 4x4 fully loaded. I got it with about 18 miles on it. Now it just reached 108k about a week ago. SO FAR THE TRUCK HAS GAVE ME %100! I have taken this truck to mexico 6 times (10k miles each time) And I don't stop on my way to sleep. Only gas stations and two or three rest areas +100F with the AC on and it has never overheated on me once!!! Reasons why it never gave me problems is because I've gave it service whenever it needed it or even before it needed it. (Spark plugs, injector cleaner, air filters, oil change and oil filter) the basics.

About a month ago my truck started leaking oil from the 4x4 transmission. I believe that has a name but idk what it's called. Mechanic said it's the gasket on the 4x4 transmission that they will eventually get hot and start cracking but its normal. Plus I never use my 4x4 so I really don't care. But why risk it leading into a bigger problem? So I fixed it... I recommend this truck ONLY IF YOU TREAT YOUR CAR RIGHT! Some people want it to be the best car In the world but all you do is pump gas and drive...-___- Also I highly recommend to buy the truck first owner that way you don't get it all messed up. Some people like to abuse these big v8 trucks (5.6 v8 305hp.)

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Reviewed June 26, 2015

I took my wife's truck to work yesterday which is something I never do. On my way home the brake light came on and I had no braking power, while I was on the highway. There was a grinding noise and a buzzing sound. Luckily, I made it to a service station and had it checked out. They called me today saying it was fine now but are suggesting I replace the front and rear rotors and pads plus changing the brake fluid costing $850. I'm glad I looked this issue up before telling them to do the work. This is not a mechanical issue.This is a computer issue Nissan needs to address.

This site saved me a lot of money that would not of fixed the problem. I will contact Nissan to see if there is a recall or if they will fix this. If not, I will file a class action lawsuit. There is no way they can say that they are not aware of this issue. I'm just glad it happened to me and not my wife! It's a shame because other than this, it had been a good solid vehicle. Now I also have to deal with this Meineke shop that tried to swindle me of $800. I'm sure they looked this up and already knew what was wrong.

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