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Salem, NH

NOW Open Every Saturday. We run an honest & fun auction. In 2002 we were a tiny 40 car a week auction & have grown into New England's largest public auction with 300 cars a week & over 60,000 sold!

We offer benefits that other auctions won't. Before the auction, you can test drive cars on Sat's, research cars using VINs online & we give full refunds until Tuesday if the motor or transmission needs to be replaced. We check all car's motors & transmissions before the auction and you have the opportunity with this time after bidding to ensure this.

Buying like a dealer is not for all. So feel free to pause and imagine yourself buying like a dealer. Prices lower than anywhere else saving you thousands. Of course after purchase you need to fix the cars issues that will average $300-$900 & double that for luxury cars, SUVs & Trucks do to the cost of parts being higher. That's the key to what a dealer does. You buy Low, Fix the cars issues & save thousands of dollars in the process.

This is your chance to turn the tables. You can save thousands doing it yourself or pay thousands more & have a dealer do it for you? It's your money, it's your choice.

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Consumer Reviews and Complaints

I originally found this auction when I was browsing for used cars online, but decided not to bid online because I'm not really a fan of making large expenses online (my choice). After viewing the inventory, I decided to head over to the auction in-person with my son for the following Wednesday auction (you can actually test drive the cars this day). To make a long story short... we ended up driving about 7 cars that actually seemed to be fairly nice!!! At the end of the auction I was the winning bidder of my third choice - but not my first pick (I think I might have been a bit nervous when I was first bidding). A great "first" vehicle no matter what... but I had the intent that something on it would need to be fixed before I even started looking at anything.

Finding out later, she needed nothing more than just the normal routine maintenance items. I didn't mind one bit if it did have other issues though, because I had planned to spend time with him going over the repairs with him. When we went home that night he was so excited, I don't think he even slept though the night. So far, we have not had even one issue with it yet and my only hope is that he treats this new car with respect. Now, as far as the action goes itself... I will say this. Buying here was a great choice for me (it was fun for the both of us). I've never been to a car auction before, but when I arrived I found staff helping and assisting other customers - some who I overheard had many of the same questions as myself. I had a very pleasant overall experience as you can tell, and if I had to do this all over again - I would!

My error reading the description of the vehicle. Read every word before bidding.

Original Review

Jeep listed as 4 wheel drive on their description was actually 2 wheel drive. I won the auction but lost my deposit when I would not accept the vehicle. Auction of 5/21/16 -- lot #** -- Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.

She is the worst. I will never buy another car there again and I'm telling everyone I know not to buy there! Been in car business over 30 years. They are the worst!

I got to their website via Craigslist Ad. Registered on Proxibid with the software they use being very difficult. In fact you can be bidding on something that you don't want to bid on. Anyways, I saw the car which I liked with beautiful pictures of the car all around. The picture did not show the flaws on the car, but there were a lot of them. I mean a lot of them. The hood that did not fit the car, 4 dents, the lights on the dashboard were like a Christmas tree lights, (service engine soon, 02 sensor/02 sensor/Evap/Camshaft sensor/ etc). I am spending more than the car is worth, but still I have been rejected for Mass. Inspection.

When I told them that the service engine lights were part of the engine that they guaranteed as "Green Light" they said that this was not true. The green light only guarantees the engine and transmission. Oh well, the State of Massachusetts has failed the car for inspection and I am still doling out money. I have a feeling that the car will end in the yard or part out. There goes my 3000 dollars.

When I drove the car home the check engine light came on. I was not happy as this was supposed to be a green light. So I called not knowing what to expect thinking that most likely no one will help me out. But actually I got the opposite. Sean was so kind to me and he was able to help me out. It ended up being a false alarm. But when you talk to them they do honor the green light. It is just that it has to be the motor goes completely bad not just a check engine light. Although it was frustrating to buy a car without a check engine light on and then to have it come on when I drove home, they did care about finding out why the check engine light came on and off to make me feel that if it was a serious matter I can tell they would have stepped up to the plate. People, the cars just clearly need work after you buy them because they have not been fixed by a dealership yet. Actually it is kind of funny because I did not know this before I bought the car. But when I look at this review site I see that they actually put in the description that the cars do need to work. This place and the employees are good.

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A person from Interstate called me back. And I was very shocked. I was like, “Wow!” And they were very apologetic. He even said that he would go to the dealer and talk with him about his practices and how he should be honest with people about the cars that he’s selling. And they reimbursed the auction fees. So they didn’t even make any money off the sale. All the money went to the dealer. I was very pleased with them actually being concerned. It doesn’t ever happen. I don’t think a company has ever cared what I said. I was happy with the resolution and pleased with them caring!

Original Review

We heard about Interstate Auto Auction from a neighbor and they had a good experience there and so she suggested and we decided to try it out. It was my first experience there. The staff there was extremely friendly. I will have to say that will get a ten star out of ten stars! They were very helpful. I was actually there all day test driving cars and I would have to say that the best experience of the whole thing was the staff.

We purchased our car last Wednesday and I feel that we had an okay deal. We looked at the Blue Book value before we went and it was roughly 4,500. So we got the car for 3,600 so that price is not too much outside it. The next day I brought it to my mechanic and I just got it out of the shop yesterday and it took $1,100 for the brake line for clutch. The brake lines were totally gone. He said, “I’m surprised we didn’t get an accident coming home.” The axle was really stuck so bad that the minute that we tore off, it started making noise and both wheel bearings had to be replaced. I am absolutely very disappointed in that. I guess I assumed that when they’re selling the car that when they state that it’s in good working order, I take people at their word, and that was not safe.

I don’t think it’s a good experience. I would never go back. I would never recommend it to a friend because I wouldn’t want them to go there and get a car. I would feel awful.

They offered me $800 to help fix whatever problem the car had. Just to replace the head gasket, it’s going to cost $1500. He offered me a mechanic. He knows the guy or he’s a friend of the owner or whatever. But the guy is supposed to do it for like $1150 and they offered me $800 to help out with the cost. So I told him I’ll take it. We had a problem but then they stepped in and they helped fix the problem. Right now, after this, I would absolutely recommend them.

Original Review

I didn’t have enough money to buy at a dealership so I went to Interstate Auto Auction and I regret every single moment of it. They sold a vehicle on green light which means that the vehicle is good and fooled me. The vehicle has a blown gasket. No mechanic is open on Saturdays and Sundays so I have to bring the vehicle to my mechanic. And by Tuesday, it was too late for me to go over there because the mechanic said he’ll be looking on my vehicle on Tuesday afternoon. So by this time it was too late.

I would rate my experience with Interstate Auto Auction as a negative hundred. You want to sell me something that is broken at least tell me so I have the option to choose. That's false advertisement. That’s against the law.

I've bought cars at auctions before and I've found out about Interstate Auto by doing a Google search. I needed a car because mine was junked. I wasn’t able to test drive the car in person before the auction as they don’t do test drives on Saturdays (according to their online ads). It was a good experience overall.

Not only is the merchandise garbage. But, I wouldn't trust their word on the green light. I've heard a lot of people have had problems with their engines and transmissions after I talked to a guy who knew them after I left. But the people that own the place and the people that work at this place are evil. One guy that works there was abusive and they let him be abusive. I was there to spend money and they were severely nasty. I'll bet this company is from Florida. You can just feel it in their attitudes. That guy was seriously yelling at me because I asked a question. Well, needless to say don't go there. Seriously this place is real trash and so are the people.

It’s my first time to buy a vehicle from Interstate Auto Auction last week. Bidding process was over quick. I’ve known about them for a long time. I don’t remember how I learned about them but I knew about them and the one in Manchester too. I’m from around there so it’s just a local business there. I chose them because I could pay cash and it was cheap. Overall, it was a good customer service experience.

I first heard about Interstate Auto Auction through my brother and the experience was good. It was awesome. I’ve seen my brother do it. He bought a car before me a week before me. I just purchased my vehicle with them yesterday and it was my first experience with them. I was not able to test drive the car in person before the auction because I got there a little bit too late. My interaction with the staff went pretty nice. The bidding experience went fine. It was kind of like competition. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I’d recommend them.

I was checking online when I first heard about Interstate Auto Auction. I actually went the week before just to check it out and then I came back there on Saturday and bought the vehicle. I didn’t get to test drive it. I just looked at the inside of it and outside but I got to start it up and just testing it. The bidding process was okay and easy and everybody from the staff was good to me. Overall, I think it’s a good place to buy a car from. They have good prices and a lot of nice vehicles with different varieties to choose from.

I got two really nice cars from Interstate Auto Auction. They were really cheap. I'd give them a 4.

I went onto Craigslist and saw a vehicle for sale by Interstate Auto Auction. This was my first experience with them but I actually bought a few cars. I went to their location in person and was able to preview and test drive the car before the auction. The bidding experience was easy. They're pretty clear to the point of what the price is. If you've been bidding and bidding and bidding and then you're kind of backing up, they'll even go down to like say 50. Like let's say we're at $1800, they'll say, 'Will $1850 help you?' Overall, I would say they're excellent, friendly and just accurate.

I bid on a vehicle that looked like it was in amazing condition. It was a Mercedes E320 and it was rebuilt. I understand that the motor and electrical of the vehicle would be a gamble. When I arrived to pick up the vehicle I was very excited to have won such a great looking car. Well when I approached the vehicle I immediately noticed the large amount of rust that completely encompassed the vehicle. It basically had a large gold ball size rust spot on the door that was not visible in the pictures and not described in the description of the vehicle. The lights look like they had been sandblasted and every panel on the car was rusting.

I advised the front desk of my issue with the vehicle and immediately was given a attitude. She then started to look at the online pics with me at the desk and she zoomed in on every picture and could not find a picture with rust on it. So she then said, "I need to go outside and make sure you are looking at the same vehicle." She came back and said, "Yup that's the same vehicle". She said, "Well, it's not a softball size rust spot, more like a golf ball," and then tried once again to look online at the pics to try and defend the online purchase. I was not trying to just point out one spot. It was on the edge of the hood, around the windows, and under the paint. Basically she then said, "Let get you a manager."

So ** came over and said, "Your purchase is a purchase that you're stuck with no matter how it looks online." She said, "You should have come in and test driven the vehicle and looked over it with a fine comb and magnifying glass." I said, "Well, you have an online dept for vehicle purchases and pictures built for online purchases." I did not argue but simply stated that the pictures I based my purchase off of were deceiving and not at all described in the description of the vehicle. She saw that I was being very calm and nice so she then offered to take me in her office to talk in private.

When we went into the office she stated that she would refund me half of my payment and only charge me $150 and made me sign the form for the original $300. I trusted her that she would only charge me the $150. I now look at my bank statement and I am being charged $300 for a car I did not touch, open, or start, let alone own. I am pretty angry right now and I would recommend them to take down their internet buying options if they can't afford the time, effort, and equipment to give the proper descriptions of vehicles.

I found Interstate Auto on the internet. There were more cars to look at and at a cheaper price. I went there in person. The staff was very nice and polite. The procedure - buying the vehicle, getting the title and the process from the vehicle with my name - was quick and we didn't have to wait, though I didn't get there that early for the test driving. It was good.

I've already been going at Interstate Auto for years. I like the way they switched some of my paperwork into my business name that I had to do this otherwise. I also like the pricing and just the way the services run, how they quickly get it in and out and do what they got to do. Everybody in customer service was great. As far as the auctioning part, they're very good at pacing out. When you're valuing the money, you can talk to them. You can also talk to the dealers themselves that are there. It's an auction setting, so people are bidding. It went pretty well. So most part, I have had great experiences with it which is why I keep coming back. We have recommended them already to many people. For years we also referred friends and family as well there. You take a risk because there are always little things that have to get done. But that's up to us to know that. Ask the right questions and you'll understand it. You know how it works.

I purchased a 2004 Saturn Vue and I wrote a review about this SUV for transmission problems. After dealing with the manager and another worker, Shawn, we worked things out and they stood behind what they said about the motor or transmission problem; you would get your full amount back of $2755.00 once I gave them the title. I brought the Saturn to their repair shop and he agreed the transmission had a problem. I feel they stood behind what they say and give them a good rating and may buy another car from them again. I run my own repair shop and purchased many cars for customers and would recommend them again.

Original Review

This SUV (2004 Saturn Vue) was a bank repo and was a green light car. Nothing was wrong with it and it was loaded leather power all options. I purchased it with a gentleman's agreement with a full refund. I found it needed the front struts in the parking lot. We also spoke of the transmission because they are known for problems. I drove it for a couple of doctor's appointment and noticed a shimmy. My daughter and her friend used it and also felt it. Then my son tried it, who is a mechanic (which I also was for over 35 years), and noticed the battery was changed. Sometimes you need to drive them to relearn the computer.

I called Interstate and they gave me the seller's number. I spoke with him and he said I own it. Under Interstate's rules, no car with major motor or transmission problems can be sold under green light buy and drive. A couple of days later, the manager called me and asked me to bring it to their mechanic. I dropped it off on June 17th and had to call Interstate back on the 24th to find that the transmission is bad. She needed to speak with the owner of the business of Interstate about a possible repair for around $400 that they may try. But if that does not work, they want me to take it even if the trans is still bad. If I take it like that, then it's my problem and not theirs.

Well that's not going to happen, sorry. It's on YouTube how it was sold and in black and white cannot be sold under green light with trans problem.

I don't like a normal dealership in getting a car because sometimes prices are high. I prefer the auction better because you can test the car and drive it. I've seen Interstate Auto on the internet and since I was looking to see if there's a nice car there, I went to their location. I was able to test drive a car that I liked, check it out and make sure that everything is okay. The bidding was a fairly simple process. I'm satisfied and I'll tell my friend to just go to the auction if ever they need a car. That way, they can see the car, test drive it and check it out personally.

A few of my friends and I needed a new car so we decided to check out Interstate Auto. I never went to an auction before, but every one that was there was pretty helpful. I didn't really know what I was doing, but they explained and provided directions. Since I didn't show up on time, I wasn't able to test drive or inspect the car before it was put up for auction. I'm satisfied overall. Like I said, if I continue to ride the car that I bought for a long time, I'll keep referring people. I already told some people from the town ever since I bought the car to go check it out.

I figured I could find something cheaper, something I can afford at Interstate Auto. There were cars out there but at the time, it just happened to be convenient that day. And I just happened to find a car that was in my price range so I ended up just getting it. I would rather have gotten it from someone else. If I had a little bit more money, yes, I would have. But I already had because I've already had to put money into the car already. And I'm just dying to see how much more I would have to put into it, because it wasn't at all like I thought it was going to be, like everything was going to be good and there was going to be no problems. I've run into a problem after problem already.

You got to figure no matter what used car you buy, you got to have to put some kind of work into it. So far it hasn't been major stuff and I'm hoping it stays like that. So far, I've only had to do some minor work, $40 here, $60 in other days. The gas has been very expensive on it but gas is expensive. But this car in particular is a gas hog. It's a Lincoln Town car. It's a big car. And I've already had to, of course, do an oil change for there was no oil and when I had it checked, it was old, dirty oil. And I had to have the engine cleaned out because it was horrible. And I had to have the steering fixed on it because the steering went on it. And they put it on a lift and my brakes, everything was soaked in steering fluid.

Another one that I didn't like is how the auction guy was talking. I liked the whole experience, I but I didn't like how he talked. You couldn't understand what he was saying. A lot of people that was in there said the same things. Not that he's talking fast but the way he was talking because he wanted to sound the way he did like an auction. The sound was mumble-jumble.

And I kind of got pissed off. They said $700, I raised my hand, I went up to the counter, and the guy was like, 'Oh, we called the dealer because he wanted to sell it for $1000. So we got to call and get his permission.' Well, if he didn't want to sell it for no less than $1000, then why did you go ahead and said $700? You guys shouldn't have said $700 if he didn't want to sell it for less than that. That's not fair to me. All of a sudden, they see a girl coming up and they want to change their tune and I end up paying $850 for the car and $150 for the dealership. They see me coming up and they said, 'Let's see if we can get more money out of her.' That makes me think that who knows if that was true or not. That wasn't right.

The whole fact of the purpose is like would I buy another car from there? Yeah, I would. But if they did that to me again, I would be so totally pissed off. Then that would mean they really do see me coming. Because that wasn't right. But I'm just talking about the experience as far as the money situation and the car itself, but the people there were very nice and great. They were very helpful and very courteous.

I found Interstate Auto on Google. I chose the car online and did not see or test drive the car in person but if I wanted to, I'm able to drive a car before the auction. Everything went easy. It was not complicated. I had a talk with somebody over there and it was good. They were nice when I talked to them and I really like the treatment they gave me. When somebody asks me, I can tell them it's a good thing to go there if you want a good price in an auction.

I enjoyed the time being here where I had ample time to check out the cars and drove them for a test. The whole family enjoyed the experience and would like to come back in the future. At other auction, you feel lost. Here, you feel connected. The staff members are willing to help and give you advice and guidance. I had a great time and so did the whole family.

I enjoyed the auction with the spirit and professionalism of the auction staff. The upbeat presentation with music and the explanation of each vehicle given by the auctioneer. The staff kept moving the cars along as they entered the building and the variety of choice vehicles. I like the ability to look at and test the car if one wants to prior to the auction.

4 stars. Customer service at this place was good. Very painless. Process is quick. All staff is wonderful. I have bought cars from them before and had no problems. I would come back again. Cheryl was a great help to me. She was professional and very very very pleasant and helpful! Thank you.

I'm a 100% disabled veteran of Vietnam and Rob is the same, but from the Gulf. We needed a Conversion Van for our needs and finally found a 2000 Dodge for a price we could afford. This Auction is corrupt. At $1800, the reserve was met and the only car that went to $25.00 increments was this, out of 150 sold that night. The Auctioneer said it sold at $1825.00, quicker than you read $1825. Wife is Antique Dealer for 17 years, and attends hundreds of Auctions. She just looked and said the Auctioneer did it. It must be a little fat guy sitting up front who buys cars all the time and gets them just over the reserve. Auctioneers always know the reserve. I complained, they would get back and would work with me. Ten days later, they told me the tape shows I had plenty of time to bid (yea, like I'm Nixon). It took you that long. I was online bidding, going $375 more. Some poor smuck who owned this car got screwed of that money, had the bidding continued. I'm IU Veterans status. I want my car. I know my enemy and will continue to protect my rights. The best is, I find another car and this soldier will retreat with Honor.

I brought a car at an online car auction. When the shipper went to ship the car, the brakes didn't work. I had to pay 260 dollars to fix the brakes. Before I did that, I signed a paper to put the car up for auction; again the auto auction company never did. When I got the car to my house, the car didn't start. I had to pay 200 dollars for a new battery. After I did that, I decided to try to trade the car in on another car only to find the car has been a buy back lemon since 2003 and has been sold only at auction.

I have invested about 9000 plus dollars in the car and would like to know if there's anything I can do. I am still having to pay for a rental car to go to work. When I try to drive the car I bought at the auction, I get sick from the fumes that come out when I drive the car.

I bid on a "Green Light" 1997 Honda CR-V with 127,774 miles. A green light car means the seller indicates that the motor and transmission are in good working order. My husband and I had the winning bid of $3,550 on Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 auction. The car's book value is $5,500. We were to pay by Thursday night at 5 pm; however, because I could not get to the bank due to work to transfer money, my aunt wired the money to Interstate. Due to the time of day that the money was wired, the bank did not update the payment and Interstate could not mail me the documents to register the car until they received payment.

They ended the payment deadline until Friday. Because of the extension, I asked if we could pick up the car on Saturday since the paperwork was delayed. Interstate said we had to pick up the car by 11 am on Saturday the 29th. My husband, I and our 11-year old son drove up Friday night and slept over to be ready to pick up the car. We picked up the car prior to 11 am on Saturday and after we were on the road about 10-15 minutes, the check engine light came on. Since we were on the highway and not near any exits, we continued to get to the next exit. The temperature of the car was still stable. As we reached the exit, the car started to overheat. We got off and pulled over to let the car cool down. Across the street was a gas station.

As soon as the car cooled down, we drove to the gas station and had the car checked. When the mechanic opened the radiator cap, brown water poured out. The mechanic put in antifreeze and filled up the car with water. We ran the car for 20 minutes straight. No leaks, the car cooled down and the mechanic felt that we were good to go. We left and proceeded to get back on the highway. Once we got on the highway and drove another few miles, the check engine light started to flash and then stayed on. We pulled over. The car again started to overheat. We called Interstate and were told to drive the car back. We told them the car was not drivable and they said to have it towed.

We waited over an hour to an hour and a half for a tow truck who towed us to their repair shop so we could make arrangements to tow the car back to Interstate. Through stopping and pulling over to have the car checked, we were about 50 miles from Interstate. The car was towed to Interstate at a cost of $171 to us. Interstate took a look at the car on Tuesday because of the holiday weekend and phoned my husband on Wednesday to tell him that the head gasket was no good.

My husband told them that the car was not a "green light" car if it had a head gasket issue. They told us that the car had to be picked up by Friday 10 am for the motor/transmission to be guaranteed. We told them that they waived the payment and pick up time and we were never advised that by not picking up the car by Friday, we would lose a guarantee since we couldn't pick up the car without registering it and we didn't have the paperwork.

We also reiterated that the problem was in the original listing of the car as a "green light" car. With a head gasket, you are not to drive the car and a green light car is a car with a motor and transmission in good working order. Interstate said the they had a mechanic who would repair the head gasket and do all the work. We were to pay half of their cost which came to $237.50. We agreed to this only if the car was repaired properly.

We picked up the car on Friday, June 4th. I got no more than a mile to a mile and a half down the road when the check engine light again came on. We called Interstate and drove the car back there. We then followed them to the mechanic who fixed the car. He reset the light and put the car on a computer. He let it run for about 20 miles. He said everything was fine and it was like a "hiccup" which happens some time. We left and drove the car home.

On Sunday, June 6th, we took the car for an oil change. After we picked up the car, the check engine light soon came on. We brought it back to where we had the oil changed and they said it had a misfire code. We then brought the car a mile down the road to our Honda dealer who did a diagnostic for $90 and said the head gasket was no good. We told the mechanic we just had that done on Thursday, not even 4 days ago, and he said the car was patched together and the head gasket was not new and it wasn't done properly. We called Interstate who wanted nothing to do with the issue. We explained again about the green light status of the car at time of auction and how it was misrepresenting the true condition of the car. We told them the car wasn't fixed as we were told it would be.

They told my husband the owner would call him. My husband received a call from Interstate, not the owner. Interstate offered him $1,500 for the car. They said we are not entitled to a refund. When I spoke to Mr. Alan ** and the owner, they said I would have to have a judge in New Hampshire make them give me back my money before they would comply. By Interstate auctioning a car with a head gasket problem as a car with a motor and transmission in good working order, they are putting consumers at risk. The mechanic told us it was dangerous for us to be driving the car in that condition and that it would knowingly break down--all kinds of dangerous scenarios could have occurred.

We do not want other consumers lives at risk. We would ask for our money to be refunded on the car for all the expenses including towing and repairs that were not done. We ask that Interstate be asked to comply to better representation of their cars in terms of how it is listed at auction. The previous owner of this car was a car dealership who received this car by trade (Subaru of Nashua). A car that is returned for trade in is usually driven and checked out so that an appraisal for trade in value can be given. The dealer based on experience and knowledge of cars would have been able to detect this problem. It should not have been listed as a green light car. If it was listed as a red light or yellow light car, there would not be an issue.

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