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All I wanted is new tires and they took my car out and intentionally put it in race mode and crashed it, then lied about it and tried to cover up the damage.

I went to Monro Auto in North Randall Ohio just for a tune up. After leaving the lot I notice my car was not running right. After taking it to three different auto repair shops to include the Toyota Dealership, it was found out that Monro had put in the wrong spark plugs. It is a shame after going to court on this, I now have to file an appeal because I didn't have the mechanics with me. I will find out it would make a difference when I go to court with the mechanics. A $234.00 tune ended up costing me over $500.00. The Monro on 117th Street is o.k. I strongly suggest you do not go to the Monro in North Randall Ohio. I believe it is on Warrensville Road.

I went to Monro for an oil change only. My tires were taken off and rotated. After what seemed like longer than normal oil change I was on my way. After pulling out of their lot my car was wobbling and I turned back into the shop. The service guy got in to put on lift and the tire fell off!! He forgot to put lug nuts back on. Would of been nice if it happened on highway. Could of at least got a free oil change. All we got was "So sorry." Will never go back there again.

Went in for a conventional oil change at Monroe on rt 57 in Liverpool for a special price of 14.99 on my new Altima. Charged me 64.79 for a full synthetic change, was going out of town the next day so I agreed. They said this is what the vehicle called for and would void the warranty if I did not. Called dealer when I arrived home, they said conventional 5w 30 oil is fine, this is what they used in the first change. Beware of this outfit, they will take for a ride. Do your research first on what you need done. Simple oil change cost me 50.00 more. So now I'm wondering if they even put the correct oil in this vehicle???

I've gone to a few different Monro's and I've had nothing but great experiences. One time I made an appointment to get a headlight replaced and they didn't have it the next day. I was not charged a dime. I also got my car inspected and they told me I could use new filters and showed me them. I didn't have the money and didn't do it, but at least they didn't act like other places and pretend like it was dire.

This is as opposed to another place. Let's call them STS Tire. I once took my car there for an oil change and the guy tells me I need a new transmission. His reasoning: "you have a lot of miles on the car." Now, my normal mechanic told me there was an issue with it, but I could see how far I went. The car went another two years and 30K miles before I traded it in with the same transmission.

Monro is very fair. They give you discounts without coupons and will do anything to help. One time I was in there and a guy was telling the manager about the new tires he ordered somewhere and the manager offered to see if he could get him a better price. He wasn't able to, but he did whatever he could to help. I can't stress this enough - ignore these negative reviews.

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Took a perfectly good running vehicle in for a simple inspection to Amherst Monro, two days later, had a bill for $3100.00 and a car that didn't run. Never received an estimate for the work they performed, which is supposed to be their policy. After being without a car for two weeks, and many trips back and forth so they could fix the work they performed, we had the car back. I received an estimate from another local comparable dealership (VIP) and it was much cheaper for the same work, which again, according to their own policy, they will beat a competitors price by 5%, which should have resulted in a credit of $1136.13. Presented all the necessary paperwork to corporate, to which their response was, "take us to court". Very disappointing when a corporation won't even honor their own written policy and would rather put you through the court system.

I went into the Monro location on Buffalo Rd in Erie, PA after setting up an appointment for my vehicle's annual state emissions and mechanical inspection. I usually go to the place I purchased my car from; Auto Express but their emissions machine was not working and I needed to get my inspection completed asap as it expired at the end of July. I had a pre-inspection done at the Auto Express location about a week prior to this which revealed only a few minor things needing repaired; bulbs replaced, tires rotated etc.

Even though the cost for the completion of this inspection at the time was just a little under $100 I was short on cash until my next payday and planned to return when I had the money. Obviously that's when things took a turn for the worse and I ended up sitting in Monro's little waiting room. When I arrived I showed the manager on duty the pre-inspection list given to me by auto-express so they would have an idea of what to be looking for. I also agreed to get an oil change because of their "$19.99 + tire rotation" special.

After 2 hours of waiting, the manager called me up to tell me that there were a number of other things wrong with my vehicle. Interestingly, as I was waiting, I heard him call another local store in the Monro chain and brag about how much money that location was making on its "mechanical services". I was told that my right passenger brake pad was cracked and that my driver's side caliper was completely frozen. It didn't sound too terrible until he showed me the cost of everything which totaled almost $500! I was gobsmacked and pointed out once again that it had already been through a pre-inspection and none of this was pointed out to me by the other dealership. His answer to that was that they probably did not remove the wheels to inspect the brakes properly.

I found this highly unlikely and in fact when I called the Auto Express service center back they said that they had completed a full inspection and there was nothing wrong with any of the brake components. I certainly wasn't experiencing any issues with it. I was told by the service mechanic that Monro had a reputation for trying to "make your car brand new" when you don't need it. My car is a 2007 Ford Fusion and I definitely do not need anything other than the absolutely necessities to have the car operate. Not only was I disgusted at their attempt to charge me for these unnecessary repairs but when I looked at their quote, they wanted to charge me $59.99 to replace the front fog light bulb. Something I was quoted $8 for by the previous dealership.

I told him just to stop where he was at and I would pay for the oil change. He tried to save face and lower some of the estimates but still wanted almost $400. I told him just to put it back together. They had completed the emissions inspection and oil change but failed me (and charged me $22 for the privilege) on the state mechanical inspection because I wouldn't agree to their repairs. They made it seem like the car was going to explode or fall apart if I didn't get the services they recommended. I was charged $77 for the two inspections (one failed) and the oil change and tire rotation. I had to remind him about the $19.99 deal as he was trying to charge me full price for it. This is something I've noticed they do with almost 100% of the reviews I've read on here so should you end up in there for their oil change special always check your bill and remind them!

After this experience I googled Monro only to find this website full of experiences like mine and worse. They seem to repeatedly charge people for work that they don't actually need and if that's not bad enough they do very poor repairs. It's not uncommon to read about people paying $400 for a brake job there and a week later the whole brake system dangerously failing because they put a brake pad on upside down or didn't install or properly tighten the correct bolt. Shoddy snake oil sales tactics and awful quality makes this place a breeding ground for disaster and I am total flabbergasted that they are still in business.

I went to this business because it was close to my house. Convenience and desperation because my inspection had expired. They feed on these things and honestly, if I hadn't already had that pre-inspection in my hand I probably would have swallowed what they were shoveling. Most people with older cars know that they're looking typically at spending at least a couple of hundred dollars when the yearly inspection comes up, especially if you live in a county where they require emissions test.

I watched two people before me fall for this same act. One guy paid over $400 for everything that they recommended. One guy was quoted over $900 with a list of things ranging from a new battery to completely replacing the rear struts. Did they need all of this stuff? I feel safe in saying "HELL NO!" after my own experiences there, after hearing the store manager on the phone admitting to his own selfish agenda, after reading disparaging review after review with the same common theme throughout all.

In the end with the help of my son I was able to replace all the required bulbs for just a measly $12 and took it back into Auto Express for the mechanical inspection only to be charge an amazing $6 for the price of the sticker. I had explained to them the whole situation so they didn't even bother charging me for the cost of the inspection as I'd already paid for it through Monro. Those are the good guys, looking to give you only what you need. That is an incredibly uncommon trait it seems now in these chain "quick oil change/brakes/muffler/basic" shops that have popped up all over the place. We live and we learn. At least that is the plan anyway. Please do whatever you can to steer as far clear from any of the Monro Muffler locations.

I went to Monro on Timberlake Rd in Lynchburg, VA a few weeks ago for an oil change and rotation and possibly change my front pads since Monro on Old Forest Rd said they need to be replaced soon and that my pads were going to be free because of the life guarantee. They called Old Forest for verification. I had to pay for labor. They pulled my van out of the bay. I went to pay my bill and the manager told me I had 50% left on my pads so he wasn't going to replace them. Okay. Then he comes back with, "You need a complete rear brake system because they are metal to metal". These are drum brakes.

He continues to telling me his guy had pulled it out but he can put it back to replace them. The price was over the top!! I know how expensive Monro can be so I said, "No", mentioning that I never heard a metal to metal sound in the back of my van even pulling slow or stopping in my driveway and no braking problems since I turned the rotors a few weeks prior to coming to the shop. I left with no new brakes. My state inspection was coming up in a few weeks so I made sure they checked front and rear. Report card: the fronts needed to be replace as soon as I can and the rear brakes were fine, no metal to metal seen anywhere so no need to be worried about replacing them anytime soon.

Monro would have sold me new brakes I didn't need? The Old Forest wanted to replace my rotors and I purchased them from Monro a few years ago. Rotors last a lot longer than this. I own a 2002 Chevy S10 and it has never had to rotors replaced and turned once. I held back and had another repair place near my home look at them and they were fine and turned them. I am quite frankly sick and tired of Monro telling me one thing and me finding out otherwise. I have been treated well by Old Forest Rd but can't say that for Timberlake Rd.

The only problem I've had is the ongoing, "I need this" sales pitch. I went to a closer shop for a few years after the shop retired. It was like a death in the family when we couldn't see him any longer. He was very reasonable and trustworthy, replaced only what was needed. Now, I'm going to a shop nearby and the same service as the guy whom retired. These shops price their repairs a fair price and don't over sell. What's up with Monro? The above brake issues don't jive at all. The costs for the rear brake repair is going to cost about $400 for brakes I don't need. My repair shop would charge me $250-$300 for the same brake job and they're closer. I don't like their sense of urgency tactics and I don't like being lied to by a commercial business.

My brake lines rusted out. Dropped my car off on a Monday, picked it up Wednesday night. They were supposed to replace the brake lines from the middle of the car back. Car was good for two days. I was driving to the gym the third day and the brakes went out again. It was leaking at the left rear wheel. I guess they did not do the job right. Charged me $432.00. I will not take my car there again.

I recently purchased a set of four Kelly tires and also needed a new TPMS Sensor. The tires were a great deal and I am happy with them. The problem started with the TPMS Sensor, when installed they were unable to shut off the low tire pressure light on the dash. After several tries, the manager, Nathan **, thought it might be a faulty TMPS and ordered another one and they would put it in when they got it.

I stopped by the next day and the manager looked at me like he didn't remember who I was. I brought him some articles I had looked up on the internet about programming the sensor. Well they knew how to do it and come back. We don't have time today. I came back the next day, once again greeted by his sour face. He had to install it himself since they seemed short staffed. After several tries with the new sensor, he said I had to take it to the dealer for them to get the warning light off. OK, I could accept that, but it was the disdain in his attitude.

A couple of weeks have gone by and I noticed the valve cap for the new TMPS they installed was missing. I stopped by and once again got that look and attitude like he was smelling crap. He went and got me a cap and I asked if he could please quickly check the tire pressure. He said he didn't have time, he's too busy and come back. If you tell a customer nicely you're busy or you're unable to fix something, they the customer won't mind, but with his attitude and disdain he shouldn't be in that position. There are too many other people looking for a job and enjoy giving good customer service.

I took my car in to be repaired for my entire exhaust to be replaced at this Monro Muffler location in New Brighton, PA on a Friday. When picking up my car the next day which was Saturday, I handed the manager my debit to pay for the amount of $566.04. He slid my bank debit card (which I checked 5 min before leaving to pick up my car and had 745 and change in my actual bank account) and when he claims it didn't go through proceeds to slide my card again on a different credit card machine another 2 times and it shows it would only cover $175.11 of the $566.04... Well that was because it went through and took that amount and also took the 175.11 that was remaining in my account. He claimed he called my customer service number on the back of my bank card and that the extra charge would be back in my bank account.

However, he did say since it was Saturday, they (again he was referring to my bank customer service) said it would definitely be there on Monday since Sunday wasn't a business day. Come Monday when I checked my account, still nothing. I called him and I had made a tire appointment to buy 4 tires and have them out on. Well obviously I cancelled because I was upset and didn't get my overcharged money returned to me. So I proceeded to call my customer service number for my bank on back of my card and come to find out the manager NEVER contacted my bank, and when I called to ask him why he said he had called his customer service help desk and they said it would be out back in my bank account Monday. I told him when listening to my transactions, the extra he charged was not saying it was going to be refunded, it was saying it would post same day as the actual payment of services amount would and on same day.

Therefore it wasn't in process of being put back in my account. When I called the manager Chris back for the 3rd time on Monday, I told him he needed to fix this and give me my refund right away. He proceeded to tell me he didn't have to do anything and hung up on me. Needless to say I was appalled and very angry at this point. My customer service number on back of my banking card said they scheduled it to be returned Tuesday. Why should I have to wait for my $175.11 4 days to be returned for services I never received!!! And so I proceeded to call Monro's head corporation to complain and also to get my refund. Well they were just as much help as the manager of their New Brighton, PA shop manager because she guaranteed my money I was overcharged would be back in my account that day (Monday) and within a few hours.

You can only guess how that ended up. It's now Tuesday and a check I deposited 3 hours at my bank after dealing with 2 hours of phone calls and at 5:30 am now Tuesday morning and my check went thru however the $175.11 he took from my account is still not in my account!! Horrible customer service from the manager of the shop all the way to their head corporation that supposedly fixes customer service issues. My next step is to contact an attorney to get my money back and see what else I can possibly do with them for basically stealing my money and refusing to return it. This was my first time actually trusting a shop and mechanic other than my father and it was a horrible experience!

I wish I would have done more research on reviews but took a chance because the insurance adjustor got the quote for my damages from them and they were pretty close to my home so I took a chance and took it to them... I ended up paying $745.15 for services that should only had cost me $566.04! NEVER AGAIN!!! And I believe he was angry I cancelled purchasing 4 tires and an alignment totaling over $520 and that was the reason he hung up on me and must of decided he was going to keep the extra he charged me... But that won't be the case because I have a witness. My mother took me to pick my car up from the shop and she witnessed everything!! I can't believe this wouldn't be illegal – he basically stole the remaining money after he charged me for the services I did pay for and receive!!!

Monro Muffler, Manchester NH - Went for an oil change. Had two dogs with me. After about 35 minutes went in waiting area with them. One other customers was there as well as 2 employees. No problems until about 30 minutes later when store manager Brett ** informed me that dogs had to be outside. Inquired why after 30 minutes he asked me to remove dogs. At that point he became verbally harassing me and threatening. When I continued to ask why after 30 minutes of my dogs allowed in they were not now allowed in. He continued to swear and threaten. Contacted Monro corporate and they stated that I was in the wrong. Please be aware that Monro corporate allows their store managers to verbally abused and physically threaten their customers. The manager's name is Brett **.

I went in for an oil change on 6/17/16 and the tire rotation was included. As the mechanic was rotating the tires, he check my brakes and stated I needed new rear brakes. They were not at the squeak point yet but close to it. The charges to do the brakes also turned into charges to replace rotors, that do not have extensive wear. All of a sudden my brake change turned into a $400.00 bill! I chose not to have my brakes done due to the unnecessary charge for changing my rotors. During the replacing of my brake pads (later the same day somewhere else), I noticed my tire pressure light remained on. Since I have owned this vehicle the tire pressure light has never been on! Monro rotated the tires but did not fill my tires to the appropriate levels. Every one of my tires were low but especially the one in the rear was reading only 17 psi!

Not only did they try to over charge for the brake service, they never put air in my tires. I could have had a blow out and an accident! I will never trust them again! It should have been my first clue when I went previously and I specifically stated that my county did not have emissions and he tried to charge me for it. It wasn't until the bill was being totaled that I looked at it and stated I told him that I did not have emissions in my county. Watch for the over billing/billing charges!

I went there, sat for new brake pads. Halfway home we stopped for gas and the pass side rear was smoking. We made it home because they closed five min after leaving. Called soon and they said “Bring it in and we will look at it.” They said “You might need a new caliper.” Called the place I bought the truck and he said “Bring it down and I'll look at it.” Well come to find out they put the pads on wrong, didn't tell me I needed new rotors and knocked off the pass side rear e-brake cable. Well now I need new rear axle seal rotor caliper and pads on both sides of rear and new front pads. Total cost to repair $1200 on top of 200 for the pads from Monro.

Was told needed tires and welding done for inspection. Took it and had welding done by who they suggested. Took it back to have tires and inspection done. And they tell me my brake line is leaking. Meanwhile they just put new brakes a month ago. Asst. manager was very rude. When I called the welder and asked him when he was doing my car, did he see any leak. Mind you there is nothing on my driveway. I called Monro back and told him, and told him the other Manager ** told me all I had to do for inspection was welding and tires. He told no he didn't care what he said. He was in charged today and it would cost me over $600.00 to have the work done. Will never deal with them again. Taking my car somewhere else.

On Thursday, May 5, 2016 I called the Vienna, WV store to inquire about getting an oil change and a State inspection. I was told that they had open space and to come on down. I got there around 2:30 - 3:00 in the afternoon and they took the car straight in. After about an hour the person in charge came back in and told me everything passed but I could use a tire balance and rotation. I told him to go ahead and approximately 30 minutes later I see them start to back the vehicle out of the bay. They got about half way out and stopped and pulled the car back into the bay. The gentleman came in and informed me that they have broken a lug off on the front left tire and needed to replace it.

They ordered a lug from Advanced Auto, which arrived in about 15 minutes, and proceeded to take the old one out. I heard considerable banging and beating and saw much frustration on the mechanic's face as he tried unsuccessfully to remove the old lug. After a couple hours they managed to get the old lug out and began to put the new one in. After about 3 hours, which was an hour after closing, they put the tire back on and told me I was done. I paid my bill and went out to my car. In it was my registration card but not my insurance information. I went back in and they looked and couldn't find it so they said they must have accidentally thrown it away.

I left frustrated but just glad the ordeal was over. As the weekend grew to a close I started a trip to the Atlanta area to visit my daughter and her family. As I traveled I heard noises coming from the front left tire but really didn't think anything about it. As I was driving around more and more in Atlanta the noise got worse. It got to the point that anytime I backed and went to brake I had a terrible grinding. I had my son in law pull the tire and we found that the brake caliper was missing the bottom bolt and then I hit the brake in reverse the caliper was lifting and grinding against the inside of the rim. I have attached pictures. I must say I was just going to let the entire frustrating situation go until this happened. I really doubt the ability of the mechanics in that shop and am telling all friends and family to avoid the place at all costs. It is apparent that when they get rushed they have no regard for the safety of their customers.

At first I thought it was just a bad shop in one location, but now after researching Monro Muffler and Brake it seems it is a system-wide scam they run. Ironically their website claims "HONORING WARRANTIES FOR 50 YEARS!" They sold us tires with a full 40,000 mile warranty. And we bought the road hazard warning. The tires have failed to pass inspection after less than 8000 miles. There are dangerous bulges in the sidewalls as well. When we returned to Monro shop 388 in Waterloo, NY they spouted a series of untruths. 1st: "Those tires were recalled." That was not true. We told them so with an easy google search 2nd: "They stopped making them." Not true. 3rd: "We stopped selling them." True, but that does NOT void the warranty. 4th: "Well that manager was not supposed to sell those tires and he got fired over that." Got fired over that? Or got fired over the fact that they did not note the mileage on the invoice which is required by NYS law?

So they proceeded to try and sell us "upgraded tires" for the full price. They claim it was prorated. It was not. (Google is your friend.) We told them "why would we buy more of your lousy products (along with a warranty they were touting) when not 5 minutes before you were telling us how faulty your business practice was, so much that the manager was fired?" Calling customer service lead to nothing but sad foot dragging before they in effect said take it or leave it - buy new tires or go away. They were almost happy when I informed them that we will just sue them in small claims court. In the meantime it is in the public interest to warn of their shady business practice. They have no intentions of honoring ANY warranty. All these bad reviews online are not just disgruntled customers. It is a clear sign this company is a bad one. Very bad.

Brought Chevy Equinox in for $19.99 coupon oil change with free tire rotation and air pressure check. I mentioned tire rotation specifically as I had seen other reviews where rotation was omitted. As soon as I said that I was told there would be a $10 extra charge because my care required a "cartridge oil filter". I paid the extra $10 and they did rotate tires and check tire pressure but charging extra for a cartridge filter? I later checked other Monro, Mineke and Midas shops. None of them charged extra for my car's oil filter. Watch out when you deal with this company!

I called Monro Muffler on 05/11/2016 to have my brakes installed on my car. I spoke to Jamau ** who actually ended up doing the work on my 2004 Ford Mustang 3.9. I had front and rear calipers and front and rear brakepads installed. It took a total of 7 hours to complete. After leaving Monro Muffler I went to apply the brakes and the brake pedal went to the floor. It did stop the car but barley which really scared me. Because Monro Muffler were actually closing I called the next day to explain what had happened. I spoke to the store manager Mike I believe his name was. He seemed to be nice and told me to bring the car back and he would see to it that it was fixed right. I asked if I could bring the car down now and he said today would not be good because they were as he put it SWAMPED!

The next day I called to let him know I would be bringing my car in and it just seemed like I was talking to a completely different person even though it was the same manager I spoke to the night before. He said "We'll try to get you in" so basically it could be quite a while before he got to look at my car. Because it was my brakes and I ended up taking my car to Firestone to have it checked out. When they came out to tell me all that was wrong I could not believe what I was hearing, I felt sick to my stomach. I was told the brakes were put on backwards, also there were no brake hardware kits on them as well. The emergency brake cable had been frayed and was told I was very lucky that I did not have an accident.

I was just so upset that I had been charged by Monro Muffler $391.56 for 7 hours of what??? I did not want to go back to Monro Muffler because I just simply did not trust them and I had Firestone do the work for me and paid $212.40 to fix what Monro messed up. I'm asking for a complete refund of the $391.56 to be credited back to my Firestone credit card.

On 5/2/2015, I bring my car in for back shoes and a repair on my hub bearing. I made appointment a week before. That day, I only got my back shoes done because they were very disorganized and they did it at the car place next door. Was there 4 hours. I paid them for both services that day. Told me to come back Saturday. And during my time there, I witness the manager get smart and disrespectful with multiple customers and was cussing and getting in a woman's face. Located on Euclid Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio. Today is Saturday and me and my daughter been here for 3 hours and my car hasn't been touched. The manager just told that the person been working on my car doesn't work for the company. Whatever that means, they are very unprofessional and rude and I never received a receipt for none of the service.

I went into the local Monroe Muffler place in Dunmore, PA. I wanted a simple oil change for my 2005 Mercury Mountaineer. A few minutes later the manager comes out with a long list of things that are wrong with my car. "You need upper and lower ball joints, a muffler, tailpipe, universal new muffler, tail pipes, and something called a control arm. Plus an alinement. To the tune of $ 1,499." I told him that less than 1 month ago I had the exhaust checked and a sleeve was the only thing needed. He said "Well come into the bay area and I'll show you." I refused because I have no idea what I would be looking at. I told him that I needed to wait on these repairs. The 19.99 oil change cost me 24$.

I took the car to Cole Muffler along with the paperwork received from Monroe. The manager at Cole couldn't believe the prices that were being charged. One part was only 79.99 and Monroe was charging me 374.00!! I got all the work done plus, an inspection, brake lines flushed. My tire had a nail in it so they repaired that also. Oh and by the way, I needed a new air filter which was never addressed during the oil change. The total cost for everything done was $745.00. Was given the most courteous service at Cole Muffler and more. Much less than the Monroe Muffler was charging me.

Managers have very poor customer service. Treat their employees like garbage. The way they talk to them... I'm appalled. I would never run a business like that and you Monro should be ashamed of yourself to even let people like that run your business. Very filthy. Their mouths are filthy. Asking employees' girlfriends for sexual favors which by law is sexual harassment. In front of customers I let alone. Not paying their employees the way they should be with commission having them work for days for free. Will they go in and edit their hours and not pay them for them? This place should be shut down or people should be fired it is giving Monro a bad name.

April 5th 2016 I bring my car cause the air condition belt was squealing. The technicians said I should change all 3, so I agreed. They put on the wrong belts. It only cost $365.00. The belt is squealing again.13 days here I am back again. They had my business for the past 18 yrs. I will never come back here again. I'm sitting here waiting. If I'm having problems after today the next call would be corporate. I would question their integrity where they acquire their technicians straight out of the pen.

Monro Muffler & Brakes service - North, 94 U.S. Route 9, Rhinebeck, N.Y. - BEWARE. I would never take my vehicle there again! NO STARS... Would not let me post unless I picked at least one star. I went in for an oil change and to have my brakes inspected. I was told my brakes were fine but my shocks and struts were bad. I agreed to have back shocks changed and was told it would only take an hour or a little more if needed. The Tech did NOT bother using any penetrating oil or heat to loosen the bolts but instead went full force with a torque wrench and snapped the bolts! The hour job turned into 6 1/2 hours and my entire day was screwed!

On top of that when I went to pay, the manager wanted to charge me for the new bolts that they snapped, a rear wheel alignment for 94.99 and the oil change that was $19.99 was billed $29.99. I notified Corporate Manager ** and was told I would get some credit for things I was overcharged on. Am I happy? Hell NO! They wasted 5 hours of my day off, that I could have been enjoying and on top of that they wanted to rape me with the bill! I will never!!! Never go there again. I sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and received this reply back. I received a response from the Better business bureau in regards to my complaint against Monro Muffler & Brakes concerning bad business practices.

"This letter is in response to the complaint from **, #**. "Shortly after his service, Mr. ** filled out a survey with our company which, due to the complaint in the survey, was turned over the District Manager in Mr. **’s area. The District Manager, **, contacted Mr. ** shortly after receiving the survey and spoke with Mr. ** about the issues that took place at the shop. ** explained that the Store Manager he dealt with had billed him incorrectly for the service and didn’t give the proper discount on the oil change and billed him for an alignment that was not done. ** agreed to refund Mr. ** for the full amount of the oil change for the issues at our shop; ** said that this was agreeable to Mr. ** so we processed the refund for him on 3/23/2016. We did bill Mr. ** $94.99 for an alignment that was not done however, $94.99 was discounted off of the charge for the shocks because of this.

I understand that Mr. ** is not happy with this outcome and because of that I will reimburse him the amount that our invoice shows he paid for the alignment. I want to make it clear that we have taken disciplinary action against the Store Manager who dealt with Mr. ** both for how he handled the situation and the mistakes he made on the bill. I will process a refund for $94.99 to Mr. ** and I will also send him a $40.00 service credit that he can use at any location for any service that we offer. I sincerely apologize to Mr. ** for the errors our shop made."

Monro's byline should read, "Home of the 3 Hour Overpriced Oil Change." Despite having made an appointment online, I waited 2.5 hours for a simple oil change service. My biggest complaint is that staff was not upfront about realistic wait time. I was told I would have to wait 30 mins from original appointment time but then I just kept waiting without any additional information. Staff appeared missing and not concerned about punctuality or efficiency.

When manager finally returned, I told him I needed to leave and he instructed to wait another few minutes so the technicians could put more oil in. The service and customer care I received is negligible. It is absurd for an oil change to take so long and it is unprofessional for staff to hold its customers hostage while we wait without warning. I had to cancel several morning meetings because of my wait and this cost me time and money in my business. I will not be returning to this place ever again. Customer be warned!!

I went to repair shop #3010594 Central Ave Albany, NY 3/8/16 for an oil change and current inspections update. Waited. Was informed that 2012 Ford with 54,000 miles FAILED inspection due to problem with CONTROL ARMS, Right Front and Left Front. Estimate fix $600+. Did not have time or ability to leave car and wanted to check with dealer about possible 60K warranty coverage. Brought vehicle to Orange Motors to check. NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE CONTROL ARMS... NO REASON TO FAIL INSPECTION. Paid the $10 inspection confirmation charge. MONROE... PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS!!!

So I took my new Civic for its first oil change and tire rotation. My wife and I have been using them for years. I dropped the car off and hopped into my wife's car to pick up our toddler at the nearby daycare. We came back to the shop within half of the hour and saw my car was being parked in the pickup area. Wondering, I asked if the tire rotation was done and the mechanic said, "yes." Making this story shorter the shop lied to me about the service. I caught them lying redhanded. They did not rotate the tires. No. They didn't. This makes me wonder what oil they had put in my car!!

They tell you on the phone their oil changes are $19.99 period! They don't say, plus additional charges. You give them the keys and they still say the fee will be $19.99, then when they charge you after your car is done they say "Oh by the way we have other fees you are on the hook for too and the real price is $28.00." This is credit card fraud plain and simple. Even if they stated additional fees may apply over the phone, they still have to INFORM THE CUSTOMER of those fees in advance and receive the customer's consent to do the oil change at the REAL price! They can't just add them on when you never agreed to them. That is a criminal act, plain and simple. I would urge everybody to write to the Attorney General's office in their state (there is a simple form you can submit online) and tell the AG how you were fraudulently up-charged without prior consent.

This does not just hurt the consumer who is being blatantly ripped off but it hurts the honest service stations in the area that can't get people in the door because they refuse to advertise a price that is deceptive. Monro advertises a price which it NEVER actually provides an oil change for. I can't explain any better how this is fraud. We are agreeing to one price, then they are charging whatever the heck they please. I would bet anything that another attorney somewhere is looking into a class action to shut these scum suckers down. However, we need the Attorney General's office to go after these crooks criminally.

I walked in with a coupon I received in mail. Asked for the upgrade on coupon. Which would of been 19.99 + 17.00 for upgrade of synthetic blend oil change. I showed mgr. coupon before work was done. And he said "No problem just give at end." I was charged 68.00 not 36.99!! He claimed it was what I asked for. What Bull! I asked for the synthetic deal on the coupon. That expired in 6 days! Poor ethics. And total disregard for customers request. I never asked for anything but what the coupon said. I have original coupon and photo of said coupon and he still refused to honor. Took 1 hr for change.

Then when he was cashing me out he said "Can you keep a secret? I can't adjust computer so you're getting a bigger savings but don't tell anyone!" Then told me it was 68.00!! He's the manager! What a con artist. I gave my son the same coupon. He went to the location in Lawrence and they honored what he presented! Stay clear of Haverhill MA. The Mgr. at least he said he was the mgr. is a con artist! Ripped me off 31.00 and it is appalling they send scam coupons.

When I visited there for an oil change, they said the brake pad is old. I requested to show where the problem is. The worker was very vague, just hitting the tire and said "here." I said "where?" to the worker. He said "here" again by hitting a metal wheel of the tire instead of pointing the problem part(s). Probably there was actually no problem with my brake because my car's mileage was very low at that time and I had no symptom (no squeaking sound, etc.) with my car.

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