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If I could give a 0 star, I will. I took my car at Discount tire and they cross thread a lugnut. Discount Tire told me to take my car to Meineke on (1810 N Story Rd, Irving, TX 75061) and have them make the repairs and Discount tire will take care of the bill. When I took my car to Meineke and the guy saw the discount tire paper (haven't said anything yet), he told me that they cannot make the repair that Saturday (09/17/2016) because it will be a 3 hour wait and they already have other cars waiting. The guy told me that I can make an appointment or come back the next Saturday (0924/2016) at 7:30am when they open to make the repairs.

The next Saturday (09/24/2016) I arrived at 7:25am and waited for the shop to open - another customer was already waiting. When the guy came and open the door, the other customer walked in first and then me. The same guy from last Saturday took the first customer car. When I get to the counter and he saw the paper, the guy told that they cannot make that repair today (this is at 7:30AM). He said that they have other vehicles waiting. I reminded him that he told to come at 7:30AM and now he said he cannot make the repairs.

As I proceed to ask him why he told me come this early and cannot make the repairs, he shrub me off, told me to take the paper back to discount Tire (in Irving) and tell discount tire that ** the owner at Meineke do not want to make the repairs. The guy then open the door for me to leave and said have a good day. I have never been insulted like this in public. The guy was rude and condescending. During this encounter, I was never rude, curse or yell, although I was treated the opposite. I will NOT be going back to Meineke and I will let my friends and family know of my TERRIBLE experience at Meineke.

My wife is camping near Syracuse, NY. She heard noise on a 2013 Ford Explorer that she thought might be brakes. We had the brakes serviced 3 months before. My wife dropped the car off at Meineke in Syracuse. They said EVERY thing was bad. They took advantage of a senior female away from home to the tune of $1600. Vehicle is still unseen by me, so I didn't see ANY old parts or know if they made the repairs that they said they did. Doubt they used OEM parts, but charged $70 for brake fluid & another $50 for brake flush. Totally unscrupulous in my opinion.

I was supposed to get a $10.00 rebate on my oil change, never got it. Called them up, 8 times they said they resent it. Double checked name and address, I still never got it even though they said they sent out a new one 8 times. It is a total scam.

My son goes there to fix AC my Toyota Sienna 1998. They give estimate of changing whole unit 1081.76. I do have other estimate of all AC system replacement was 1100 with compressor and condenser and other hose repair, Freon and labor cost. They sent coupon of $150 that's why we hold the work. When job done they did not replace the compressor and said the deduction is only when you applies our credit card. When I ask them "you did not replace the compressor," they did not give satisfactory answer. I showed the other estimate. Is a FRAUD COMPANY. JUST MAKING MONEY WITH NO WORK.

On November 23, 2015 I had my AC condenser go out and went to Meineke in Deland, where I have had my KIA serviced many times. I really thought I could trust going to Meineke because the Management was a Veteran and would look out for one of their own. (My husband who died a service connect death.) I am also disabled from a severe spine injury! I do not make a lot of money to live on each month! I am so upset that I was taken and scammed/ripped off by Meineke in Deland that I cannot even go into that place without fear of losing my temper and freaking out on the management & if that sorry mechanic that took advantage of a woman!

I had my AC stop working and I knew what it was, it was my condenser and sure enough it was. I knew it would cost about $1000.00 repair while there for this repair I thought I would do my maintenance too. I buy only the best oil to put in my vehicle! I use Valvoline Synthetic only which cost me about and extra $50.00 plus cost of oil change!

The mechanic came back in shaking his head and said I had major problems. He took me outside to see my engine and said "not only is your AC condenser out but you have a blown head gasket!" Showed me some oil around a few bolts on the side of engine I could see due to engine cover. (Now I know what I seen was fresh oil placed there, it was not old oil not only that there is no leakage of oil that would be on my engine.) I also park my KIA inside a garage with a large white carpet ruminate as to keep an eye on any kind of fluid leak - a trick my father taught me!

There has been no fluids leaking on that rug, I never lost any oil, never over heated, my spark plugs had no moisture in them - it was a pure scam! I actually got viciously ripped off and person who is on SSA and VA/DIC and it is not a lot of money! Shame on this type of horrific discrimination towards women and mechanics using this to take advantage of!

I only drive my KIA maybe once a week if that! I take good care of it and it's a 2003 with only 75000K miles on it, yes it is under 100K! I always keep up maintenance and have taken great care of my KIA and I drive it carefully. I am not a motorhead that would race it about! Not only was I mislead, lied too costing me over $2200.00 repairs, the mechanic left all kinds of hand tools in my engine! He did not even bother to tighten back the pulley at which caused it to snap and wrap my serpentine belt all around the front of my engine!

I was left stranded and remember I am disabled with a spine injury! I did have my friend that is a mechanic, he takes it to their shop and he was stunned at such sloppy work and in fact confirmed I had been ripped off! I have photos of the serpentine belt and invoice dated Jan. 29, 2016! Remember I do not drive my KIA a lot or it would have happened much sooner! And if one of those hand tools would have been tossed up in fan or other areas of my engine it would have also caused more damage!

I checked my oil in January and knew it was not the oil I had purchased separately for it was a nasty black cheap oil vs my *Valvoline Synthetic that does not turn black like that! I was ripped off on my good oil too. I checked my air pressure in my tires too and that mechanic had lowered all my tires to 25psi! Told me soon I would need tires lol, well I guess so running them at almost 10psi under their required psi per tire! I am now wondering what else they have done to my engine, because the manager claimed "oh you have an air leak but don't worry it is nothing that will put you on the side of the road!" Lol. Really thanks for that one but your mechanic's sloppy work did in fact put me on the side of the road! My check engine light is on now at 75879 miles on it after Meineke worked on it. (My next schedule maintenance is 78998 per Meineke, this shows you the miles are very few that I have put on my KIA since Nov 23, 2015.)

I am now addressing this horrible rip off with the website of Meineke to see what type of answer or acknowledgement I will receive. Shame on all of you at Meineke for ripping off people, doing sloppy work leaving a disabled woman on the side of the road and stealing money from me too for lying about the unnecessary work done on my KIA! I am wondering if I even have a new head gasket or not, if I do not I am not just going to end with this letter. Yes, I finally stood up for myself and addressing this!

Images are of the pulley and the belt. You can clearly see pulley in photo and what a sloppy job that left me on the side of the road! Now that my check engine light is on, yes what else did they do to my engine while doing a sloppy job on head gasket, no telling what else was left inside my engine due to what all hand tools that were left on the outside of my engine! I just thought I should step up as to prevent anyone going to the Meineke in Deland, FL!

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On July 7, I experienced a road emergency, and that is the reason I came into Meineke for service. The temperature gauge in my 2002 Volvo V70 XC registered hot (completely to the far right) for a time and then slowly moved all the way left to cold (as if the car had never even been turned on). I was on 83N at the time and took the first exit I came to, which was Falls Road. Meineke was the first automotive shop I saw. When I pulled into Meineke, I was met by the Acting Manager (Mgr), who raised the hood and immediately noticed that the coolant reservoir was bone dry. Coolant had been topped off about two weeks earlier (before a road trip), so it should not have been empty. Provided below is a synopsis of the events that followed.

July 7 The assessment of Mgr was that there was an obvious coolant leak somewhere. Further, he determined that the radiator had a split in it (which he showed me) and that it required replacement. His position was that once the radiator was replaced, there would be no more leaking. I specifically asked if they felt comfortable working on Volvos. I have encountered automotive garages where the preference was to not service Volvos (lacking the necessary expertise). I was advised that they were perfectly comfortable working on my vehicle. Given that, I gave consent to repair my vehicle. The location of this Meineke shop is in an area of the city with which I was totally unfamiliar, and since my car was being kept overnight for repair, I was stranded. I was finally able to contact a family member to pick me up to take me home.

July 8 I arrived at Meineke at around 5:30 PM to pick up my vehicle. The car was ready at about 6 PM. I paid my bill of $984.80 and left the shop. At ~6:10 PM (on my way home from work), my vehicle started to lose power. I'm depressing the gas pedal, and the car is slowing. Then, the car loses power steering, the dash panel completely lights up before going dark, and then the car completely shut down and would not restart. Again, I was in an area unfamiliar to me.

I called the Mgr immediately to report that my car was experiencing problems I did not have before going to Meineke, which was obvious to him as well. Quite clearly, with the exception of the tear in the radiator, there were no other problematic issues with the vehicle before this point. The Mgr told me he spoke with the mechanic who worked on my car, but that the mechanic had no explanation for the problems I was having and, therefore, assumed neither responsibility nor interest.

Mgr called for a tow truck who advised they would not be able to come out to my location for at least 90 minutes. Given all this, again I asked if they are comfortable working on a Volvo; Mgr said yes. Soon thereafter, the Mgr came out to see if he could assist. After briefly examining my car, Mgr surmised that the turbo had not been reconnected correctly. Mgr affected the repair using a screwdriver at curbside, and then followed me home to make sure I was safe.

August 20 Until this date, I had no reason to look under the hood of my car (following the radiator replacement). However, I took my vehicle to my regular mechanic for its planned 135,000-mile maintenance check and a great many issues became apparent. Immediately upon their lifting the hood, I was asked who replaced the radiator. Virtually all of the equipment (hoses) that needed to be removed to replace the radiator was misaligned and/or loose. And, the coolant reservoir again was bone dry. There is a leak somewhere that is not in the radiator.

I was advised by both my mechanic and another local mechanic that when they are researching the source of a leak, in both cases, their practice is to pressure-test the hoses to confirm that the exact location of the leak(s) has been found and corrected, so that any hoses that require replacement can be addressed that time. (I have since been advised that some shops automatically replace all hoses if they have to replace the radiator.) Clearly, Meineke does no such thing or they would have realized that there is a leak somewhere in the system not just that the radiator required replacement. My mechanic filled the coolant reservoir with water and suggested I immediately revisit Meineke. My mechanic said it would be unethical for him to take payment from me to effect a repair that Meineke has already been paid to make.

August 21 As of this writing, I have had to add coolant/water to my vehicle every day because of an apparent leak. In closing, I expect Meineke to give immediate attention to the repair of my vehicle (again, since you have already been paid well to do that) and replenish my coolant. I took and forwarded photos taken to illustrate my issues with Meineke. Should Meineke be incapable of correcting this work, then I will expect a refund so that I can secure the services of trusted reputable mechanics. I could not be more displeased with any established company. Very poor customer service. Both the BBB and the Attorney General's Office will receive copies of my formal written complaint to Meineke.

In July 22 my car broke down and it was towed to the Meineke in Poway. The manager, Sascha, told that he would charge $100.00 for diagnostic my car. I agreed. In July 27 he said that my car was ready and my husband went there to pick up my car. After my husband and I drive 6 miles the car broke down again. I call him and he send a tow. My car went back to Meineke and he said, "I'll fix your car and I won't charge you." I call him the next day to know if he found the problem and he said, "I spent 2 hours in your car today and I didn't find yet." The next day I went there in person and he wasn't there. I talked directly to the mechanic and he said, "We didn't touch in your car yesterday just this morning." Because he wasn't there I went home and call him in the next day.

For my surprise he said, "I'll spend more hours than I thought and I need charge you for find the problems in your car." I'm from other country and I don't speak English very well. Every time that I talk to him he was always making fun of me. He never took my case seriously. In July 30 I have reported the case to the franchise and they gave 2 business days to answer me and until today I didn't receive answer. This is my last attempt, otherwise, I'll sue the company.

The shop is new. They paved their parking lot. It has entrances from all sides. I guess they decided they don't like people driving through the lot which area residents have been doing for years so they block the entrances with cones and vehicles and if you accidentally drive on the lot which happened to me, they come out and confront you! Really? It's not life or death. It may not be a drive through but it doesn't disrupt their business in any way, get a life! It's a reality for the area, get used to it, long before they moved in. It's not good relations for the community, should have thought of that before the renovations. Maybe post signs but don't be rude.

I love the Meineke here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The first time I went there I was having my air conditioning looked at. Turns out my compressor went out. It was going to cost over $1500.00 to fix. The mechanic told me right off and said it is not worth it to put a new one in the car. My old car was a piece of crap. Barely running. I was already looking for a new one anyways. Well I ended up buying a new car. And I have taken it to the Meineke here in Tulsa to have oil changes on it several times. I drive it a lot. About 1200 miles a month. I decided I wanted to get several things checked on it and repaired. I gave them a list of things. Brakes, transmission flush, radiator flush, belts. I was willing to have all the things done that needed to be done.

Being a woman most mechanics will tell you that you need things done to your car you don't. Not this Meineke. I was willing to pay for all these things done. They came back and told me that everything look great. There was no point in having things repaired that did not need to be done. I had just got my tax refund back so I was willing to pay $5000.00 if need be. I know they knew it was tax refund season. Point being out of all of the things I wanted to have done. The only thing I had done was a transmission flush. Which they said I did not need. But I had it done because I wanted to. And I got an oil change. I think that is so awesome that they were so honest when they could have ripped me off. They chose to tell me truth. And they gave me a discount on my transmission flush. I will never take my Daisy Mae (car) to another dealership. Thank You so much Meineke in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Yesterday (6/30/2016), another automobile technician at (Midtown Tire, Atlanta Georgia) look at my vehicle's brakes to find out why my steering wheel had vibration when stopping. By the technician at Midtown Tire, Atlanta Georgia. Figured out that my rotors and brake pads were 95% worn out, and my rotors had hot spots and warped. I had my rotors and brakes done at Meineke Car Care off Marietta, Georgia last year 2015. This morning (07/01/2016) went into Meineke Car Care today because Meineke is negligent and at fault, in placing non-quality parts in vehicles they service which could have caused a life-alternating accident for me and anyone on the road if my brakes and rotors were to give out. Was told by the owner ** (Owner), who is of Haitian nationality states "that is why I don't do business with ** people because they complain."

The racial slur made by this business owner against an ethnicity group is an insensitive, offensive and derogatory comment made by this Meineke owner due to the fact this man is in a business that services all different ethnicities of individuals in Georgia. I plan to file a race/color discrimination complaint formerly in the court of law against Meineke Car Care, 3020 Canton Road, Suite 1, Marietta Georgia 30066.

I went to this location on May 25, 2016 for preventative maintenance and had a 60K miles preventative maintenance done. I was told that I had about 20% remaining on my front brakes. Alarms went off in my head because I had my rear brakes changed one month earlier and had been told that my front brakes was fine as it had over 50% remaining. On June 15, 2016 I remembered what the service technician at Meineke had told me so I took my car to the dealership to have the front brakes inspected and have changed the brakes changed.

I was advised that the front brakes still have over 50% remaining on it. I still had the dealership changed the front brakes and asked for the used brake pads so I could asked the manager at Meineke why the technician misinformed on what needed to be done. As he going over my copy and his copy I noticed that his copy did not match my records and while I was making my complaint that he had changed his copy of the receipt. The owner/manager did not like my assertion and became very defensive to the point where he was using profanities to me. He told me to get out of his ** shop or he was going to call the police. Folks stay away from this establishment as their practices are dishonest.

I had my brakes done yesterday (01 Jun 2016) 368 dollars and three hours later my car was being towed due to the brakes not being put on correctly. All I get is I have to get my own car towed to another Meineke to have them fix it. No car, no nothing!!! My peace of mind is gone. I am scared to get behind the wheel of my own car!! I have to take it to another mechanic because I cannot trust the work of a BRAKE PROFESSIONAL!

Meineke Car Care Center #197 Indian River Rd Virginia Beach. I dropped my vehicle off for inspection and I was very disappointed when I got a telephone call from someone telling me that my vehicle was not going to pass inspection because I needed to replace my Belt Tensioner. Also, I would have to pay them $430.00 to replace it and I would have to wait until they could get the part. The young lady tried to give me rational on why it was imperative that I had this part replaced. I told her I could not afford it and she began to explain the financing options. I told her that I did not want to finance the part and that they could put a rejection sticker on it and I would pick my vehicle up.

I then called a friend who was a State Inspector and he called and asked the young lady "was that part necessary to pass inspection according to the State Guidelines?" She called me back and said that my vehicle would pass inspection. I had my friend pick up my vehicle and the inspector showed him the part in question. I took my vehicle to another place of inspection and inquired about the part. I was told that the belt could be loosened and put back on to a proper fit and it did not need to be replaced at this time also. It was not frayed. This was a horrible representation of the company. I was already leery to bring my vehicle there because I am a woman and I now believe that this company tried to escalate the cost because I am a woman.

In January 2016 I took my car for a transmission fluid change. The technician failed to refill the fluid resulting in damage to the transmission. Meineke's complaint department was non-responsive after many attempts. I filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General and after many weeks Meineke's response was that not refilling the transmission fluid was not the cause of the damage. An independent transmission repair shop stated the low level was the cause of the damage. Meineke also inferred that they do not change transmission fluid as part of regular service and that this was done as a favor to me. Meineke's negligence has cost me over $4000.00 in repairs.

Meineke 7950 East Thomas Road, Scottsdale, AZ - What I needed was new tires on my daughter's car and that was fine. I also got a whole lot of CYA excuses for poorly trained staff and a manager (**) who is not a qualified manager to deal with the general public. You will be OK if you are young and female. They overfilled the tires and tried to justify it. They broke the tire sensor and put the wrong one on to replace it. In the end, it was my fault because after five hours for replacing tires, I rushed them, according to **.

I refused to send my daughter back to **. I called customer service to complain. They said I had to deal with **. ** called and yelled at me for calling customer service on him. He said I could go to a different Meineke. I called customer service and asked why they told me I had to go to **. They said because ** told them I had to go to him. I asked to speak to the owner of this location franchise. They contacted the owner but I received no response. Again, I was told that I have to deal with **. The owner would unlikely respond and I should deal with **. I took the car to a certified dealer and they pointed out the after market tire sensor that was the wrong frequency. ** would not stand behind any portion of the follow up issues.

Recently I visited the Sunridge Heights location in Henderson, Nevada. I had just purchased a 1993 Isuzu Rodeo with 62,000 verified miles. I had checked all fluids on the vehicle and they were full. In fact, I thoroughly checked the trans fluid 3 times and found it to be clear and free of grit. I felt the car was not shifting as it should and the "check trans fluid" light was staying on a little too long. With 62K on it, I felt that there was probably nothing seriously wrong with the transmission, so I took it there to check the charging system, a weak alternator or battery can cause this.

Meineke performed a complete inspection of the car, which to their credit, I was not charged for. The inspection, however, revealed a "bad transmission and shifter", (due to metal particles in the fluid, how did they discover that without considerable labor which they would have charged for?), bad valve cover gaskets, and power steering pump. I had not noticed any of those conditions when I looked under the hood myself. I then added Sea Foam Transmission Tune to the fluid (cost $12.00) and drove the car, shifted perfectly, no light! What a wonderful alternative to a $4,300 transmission rebuild by them! Simply a-MAAAzing. This additive has been around for 75 years, but was conveniently not suggested by Meineke.

I just sold the car to an experienced transmission rebuilder who said he would take it even if there were any transmission problems - it was an extra vehicle for me, and I had purchased it for a terrific price. At this time, he has no plans to rebuild the transmission and shifter, power steering pump, or valve cover gaskets that Meineke discovered. I know that this owner has at least 2 other shops in Las Vegas, so maybe he is getting a wee bit hungry, if you know what I mean. In addition, my wife hit an obstruction in the road, damaging the suspension of our Acura MDX, and had it towed to one of his shops in an emergency. Long story short, the Acura dealer stated that the repair work was done improperly or not at all. Bye bye $1000. It is possible that down the road, those items could show up, but in the new owner's opinion, there is nothing wrong with the vehicle. I will not use Meineke again for so much as an oil change.

Meineke @ 4330 Jonesboro Rd Forest Park, GA 30297. I made an appointment to have a catalytic converter put on in Feb. 2015. THE CHARGE WAS $276 with a 1 year warranty. A couple of days later, the check engine light came on again. I had it checked and it was the catalytic converter! I made a trip back to Meineke and they gave me a lame excuse, checked out my Jeep and assured me it was taken care of. Days later the check engine light was on AGAIN.

To make this short, I made 7 trips to Meineke (within the warranty time frame) concerning this converter. Each time Meineke reset my Jeep so that the check engine light would go off. A year later, my check engine light is still on... catalytic converter. I called corporate with a complaint and they were not helpful at all. They recommended that I take my Jeep to the dealership. This location is not worth the time or money!!!

Went to Meineke to have my muffler replaced. Started getting nervous when everyone went up to desk to pay and every single person was surprised at the cost of their repairs! Each of them asked why it was so much. Of course, I did the same when my turn came. The guy doing the repair quoted me 185.00 and when I paid it cost me $265.00. That's almost double for less than an hour of work and the cheapest muffler they had. Will never set foot in there again. When I asked why it was so much more the guy at the desk said, "taxes!" He said that to every customer. The taxes were $20.00. Pissed off!

I went online and made an appointment for new brakes. I also live in the mountains and the closest big city/shop is over an hour away. I even got a reminder in the morning via email that I had an "appointment at 10:30 this morning". Drove to the address on the email only to find the shop was no longer in business. WHY was I allowed to make an appointment and even sent a reminder??? What a waste of my time. After reading all the complaints I guess I should be glad they were not there to work on my car, but still it was a pain to then have to drive around to find someone else to do the work.

I brought my 2005 Ford Escape for minor exhaust repair. It sounded like minor hole in the exhaust. Meineke in Lowell, Ma charged me $236 for what they claimed will be a permanent fix as opposed to charge me $125 for a temporary fix. I paid the $236. Less than a month later the entire piece fell off from one end. Meineke told me that will be $400 to fix. NO WARRANTY! I asked for a discount and they said NO DISCOUNT. I took my car Jay's Custom Exhaust 2 mins from Meineke. The humble guy replaced the converter for a new one, additional piece of pipe, the supporters and even replaced the lousy job done by Meineke right in front my eyes in few minutes. All for less than half of the price I paid in Meineke.

Fraud, deception and liars as well. Requested Pennzoil 10w30, received lesser quality bulk oil. Oil was 1 quart low when finished. Mechanic spilled oil across 5 feet under the hood, left to right and front right to firewall. Mechanic wore keys on a front belt loop damaging paint to the metal. Mechanic and manager lied. Said they would replace the oil with Pennzoil but he did not. Meineke #2510 9140 Telge Houston TX 77095 281-858-3000.

My experience here was not great. I took my Honda in to get a new tie rod put in as well as an alignment. About two weeks before I had purchased brand new tires from another business. In a matter of a month both of my tires were completely bald and the left tire got a flat. I took it back in to Meineke on Metcalf and he said that it wasn't anything wrong that they did, it was just that my "control arm" was damaged and needed replaced. They told me this without even looking at the car. I just had a weird feeling that these guys were not trustworthy, so I took my car to O'Neill Honda so they could look at it and figure out why my tires wore out in a matter of weeks.

After looking at it the O'Neill guys told me that the control arm was just fine and the tie rod was put in incorrectly. They said that without a doubt the person who put the tie rod would have known the correct way to put it in and did it in a way that would cause the tires to wear out very fast. Of course I went in to see if they would make matters right, and all they had were excuses and then they tried to tell me I still needed the control arm fixed even though it had just been cleared at O'Neill Honda. Will obviously never go back and hope others don't trust their cars or money to these guys.

Meineke at 6650 Kee Ln, Harrisburg, NC 28075 Phone:(704) 455-3870. I came in for a motorcycle inspection on 3/29/16 during my lunch break. Have been a customer for close to 5 years inspecting 2 bikes each year. It took 45 minutes for **, the owner of the franchise to come out to where the bike was parked. As he was approaching me all I said to him was: "Well, it is about time!"

In his response ** gave me back my registration card and said: "I only make $6 on an inspection so I don't care and if you do not like to wait 45 minutes then you can go somewhere else." I even pleaded with him: "Please, I already waited all this time here and I am late from my break at work, please just do it." But NOOO, ** had to go on a power trip as a proud franchise owner that he is and flat out refuse to inspect which takes ONE minute to do - lights, brake light, blinkers, tire tread and horn. Yes, you read it right, full refusal of service because I dared to complain about the wait by saying: "about time!" Avoid this place at all cost. If this is how an owner of a business behaves then I do want to imagine what the rest of the employees represent. What a joke!

I brought my car in January 2016 for a fuel filter. Well that took 1 and 1/2 weeks also check engine light. I had to pay Cash because Meineke claimed the credit card machine is down. I have been in every day since. They said it was sensors had them replaced still not fixed. Had to pay Cash - no credit card machine. Still been going in every day - it's now the end of March. Car still not fixed. I just keep getting run around. It only takes a day to order parts and if parts are faulty it should be corrected ASAP BEING CUSTOMER PAID FOR SERVICE. Only taking cash I think other things are going on. I just want my car fixed. Corporate doesn't care, sent emails never received a word back. Meineke is a shotty company. They don't give receipts or order#. I'm screwed.

If there was an option to give store 2006 no stars I would. It is a sad day when you have to call the police to have a center release your vehicle to you. I have had nothing but problems since being forced to drop my vehicle off here. The staff is unfriendly and was of no help. After calling several times asking had they even began work on my vehicle, I was asked to not contact them anymore. Keep in mind this location still had my property and had not performed any work for over a week. The manager proceeds to tell me he will not be contacting me, the owner of the vehicle but instead would only speak with my wife. My wife is not even listed on the title!!! I was never informed from any staff at Meineke that my car was even ready to be picked up. Once I make it to the shop and go to pay, they tell me they have to verify that the car in fact belongs to me because the signature on the title didn't match.

They were never presented with a title to begin with and never asked me for any identification. When I asked for their corporate number, business ID, store number, any information I was told they didn't have any of that because they are a franchise. It took me having to call the local police for them to even take my payment and finally have them release the car to me. I will never do business with any of your locations. The most incompetent staff I have EVER dealt with. I will never take my business to any Meineke. I will let everyone know how big of a joke this was and how you do not value your customers!!

3 weeks ago I took my car to Meineke because it was overheating. They quoted me $800 for the repair on Frankford Ave. They then stated that they did not have all parts and could only fix the top section of the hose system that was needed. They did and told me to come back Monday. My car didn't make sure to Monday and I had to have it towed to the dealership. The dealership had to replace the same hoses that were done at Meineke 2 weeks prior. They installed the wrong hose system. When I called to ask for a refund or speak with the manager they told me I couldn't and yelled at me and hung up on me saying I refused the other services. I called corporate, my lawyer and the better business bureau. If this is not resolved and I do not get a refund I will be filing a lawsuit against them as well as a racial and gender discrimination suit for the way I was treated and spoken to.

My husband I had a horrible experience at the Meineke on 34th St in Caldwell. It started with the front desk guy giving me attitude because I didn't have a physical coupon for the 14.95 deal they were offering when it was being offered on the window of their store. He told me the process of the oil change and after going back out to get my wallet rudely said I couldn't pay until after the oil change was finished. Then to top it off my husband went inside and told him there wasn't any need for him to treat me the way he did. They literally pulled our car around and kicked us out of their store without doing our oil change. So much disrespectful behavior. I was appalled. We will never be returning to any Meineke location and will warn anyone we know about this company. Absolutely uncalled for!

I went to Meineke for inspection because of the special going on for $39.67. I did not expect to be quoted $556.30 for parts that failed my safety inspection. When I told them I'll get a second opinion they turned from very nice to hostile and the guy was laughing and embarrassing me in front of customers. His demeanor was very mean and kept pushing me to get work done there. They do not treat their customers with kindness unless you get ripped off and pay for their service. The reason I feel ripped off is I want to double check if those parts belonged to my car. I get all the work done from my dealership.

Another issue I have is why do I have to pay their regular price for each inspection when there is a special going on. They made me pay the regular price for the emissions test which came to $31.42 and he told me the next time I will have to pay for safety inspection which is $18.00 and additional $6.00 for sticker. Why is it that I am charged regular prices? How do I get charged regular inspection prices when they are running a special for inspection? I will never go to Meineke again! I will never recommend this place to anyone!

Do not take your car to this Meineke!! Learn from my horrible experiences!! Inexperienced “mechanics” damaged my car and owner Rob refuses to pay for repair!! Read for whole story! The first time I took a car to Meineke for an oil change, they failed to put my oil cap back on and did nothing to make the situation better for me. I stupidly kept going there after they got some new “mechanics”. This last oil change with them will be my last. My car operated just fine before taking it in for an oil change; afterwards it made a loud clunking sound from the rear of the car.

I took it back the next morning and asked if they had taken my wheels off during the oil change. The person working said that the “mechanic” who had worked on my car wasn’t in yet, and when he came into work they would find out; it obviously wasn’t important enough to warrant calling him and I was too nice to demand they do that. After having my car for 5 hours without calling to update me, I called to find out that not only were they claiming that they had not removed my wheels during the oil change, but they had proceeded to take them off that day without calling for my permission first. To my horror we also found out that they had dropped a lug stud into my drum and attempted to remove my drum brakes, which they could not do.

When we went to pick my car up they showed my husband that they had tried removing the drum with a pulley, and when that had not worked they had tried hammering on it many times to dislodge it. I demanded they take my car off their lift, and my husband had to wait over 30 minutes while the mechanic struggled with the simple task of putting my wheel back on. I will never know what they did to my car the first time they had it, but on this visit they damaged my car while incorrectly attempting to take my brake drum off.

I got my car out of there and I took it to Les Schwab’s where they diagnosed that the lost lug stud may have been the cause of the loud clunking sound (which if it was the cause, proves that Meineke did indeed take my wheels off during my oil change, then they lied about it). They also diagnosed that my drum had been excessively hammered on, warping the wheel mounting surface, and that the spindle had also been damaged by what looked to be a pulley being used while not properly centered causing a divot in the top left of the spindle. Lucky for Meineke that was able to be fixed with a file. When my husband called and spoke with the owner of this location, Rob, he sounded as if he doubted what Les Schwab was saying and that he would covered the cost of the drum but that was it. I wouldn’t accept that so I called Meineke “customer service”. I had to file my complaint then wait for an agent to call me back.

I found the agent who called, Leah, very rude and unsympathetic. Leah informed me that this Meineke is a privately owned franchise and she couldn’t actually do anything to make the owner pay for the damage his “mechanic” had done to my car, so all she was doing was playing mediator. She told me she spoke with Rob who said that drum brakes can’t be damaged from the outside (which is false) and that he would only pay $150 for the drum. I told her I expected him to pay for not only the drum but for the labor and two other parts that would not have needed to be replaced if not for the drum having to be replaced, which came to a total of $293.15. After waiting several business day without hearing back, I had to call myself to find out that Rob, the owner, is refusing to pay the total bill.

In August of 2015, I took my perfectly running car into the local Meineke for a routine oil change. Within a week, a warning light came on informing me the engine was not getting oil. Because the engine was overfull on oil, I immediately doubted the capabilities of the shop (it says very clearly, do not overfill!), so I had it towed to a reputable import shop to have it looked at. Not only was the oil overfilled by three quarts, there was no oil filter in the filter housing. The result was a damaged engine. Meineke will not own up to their mistakes and it looks like I will have to take the matter to court to settle the dispute. Bottom line, I took in a perfectly functioning 2007 Volvo S60 R, and because of the shoddy and incompetent work, I now have a ruined engine and a car sitting in storage waiting for a new engine (while I continue to make car payments).

Additionally, Meineke made no attempt to contact me after I sent my complaint letter to them. They have responded to a BBB complaint (because as members they have to), but they still deny culpability. Apparently Meineke, as a brand, once trusted as a nationwide chain to which we could all take our vehicles, has gone down the tubes with customer care. Somewhere along the line, they took the shady route to make their money. I can see on the complaint websites that I am not the only one who has had a terrible experience with Meineke.

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