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I just bought a second hand Toyota Insight 2012- what a disgrace. A four year old car, just under 89000 has engine leak issue, radio doesn't work, faulty air bag that can kill drivers and consume oil excessively. I took the car to Honda (Glyn Hopkin in Romford, UK) and it appears that Glyn Hopkin does not really care. They do not show a bit of shame, as they did not manufacture the car, they only sell it. The car still looks new from the outside but the engine is build with components that leak. The vehicle becomes heavy to move. Honda is surely aware of the complications with this model, but the recall to fix the engine and the rest are too high.

The dealer (Andy in the service department) asked me for £645 to investigate the leak in the engine and excessive oil issue and the car may stay with them for 2-3 weeks. On that I took the car to Honda. There was another Honda Insight there. They were taking the engine down for the same issue, Andy told me. Andy told me that he is not too sure who would pay to re-fix the issues. I don't think anyone will agree to pay for that, customers have been cheated. If the previous owner got rid of the car because of these issues that I have mentioned, then I don't blame him. It's a real shame on Honda to produce a car and sold it to a high price that is going downhill just after 88000 miles.

But, the most important question is on whose account does the loss goes to, Honda or Customers who purchased the Honda Insight 2012? I think Honda should be honest and take the responsibility for the faulty products that cannot last over 88000 miles. It's a real shame on Honda. Customers please do not trust this organisation ever. Can someone advice me how I can make a legal complain to Trading Standards about this in the UK please? Car Reg: **.

All in all, I think this was a wise purchase. It's not as swift as some cars, but it's got it where I need it. I'm a lead foot and average 38 mpg - mostly city miles in Atlanta traffic. The first day I bought it, I averaged 50 mpg while playing the game with the green vs. blue lights on the dash. I paid it off today just a smidge over 3 years. Yesterday, I babied it and got 45 mpg on a trip in traffic. Pros: My gas cap collects dust. It's a Honda. At 77,000 miles, the only thing I have done is a seat belt recall, oil changes and front brakes (airbags recall forthcoming). Yes, it can go 100 mph, try it. Love the cargo space in the hatchback area. I have fit 8-8' 2x4s inside this sucker with the hatch closed.

Cons: EX wheels aren't so fancy. Interior isn't exciting (beige). Overhead dome light burns out often. Tire pressure alert comes on when it's too cold. Back is a little cramped, but most people don't mind. I beat a Nissan Leaf off the line once (my only victory). I haven't picked up a single chick because of it, but this isn't Portland. Paint is a little suspect. Synthetic oil changes are a little pricey. My next car will be a Volt, Bolt or whatever Honda comes out with in 2020. I'd love a 2016 Volt if my living situation allowed installation of the charging station. I hope the battery lasts on this car so I can hand it down to someone who is turning 16. Would be a great first car.

I bought my 2010 Honda Insight with 143,000 miles on it. It had been sitting on the lot for 3 months. Because of the high mileage and slow sell time, I got a fantastic deal on it. The purchase made me nervous at first, but I had a gut feeling that this was the car for me. I have never been disappointed in my car since the day I bought it, aside from once when the car had a delay when I hit the gas to avoid another car backing into me. I made it out just fine, and I am convinced that was operator error due to panic... I have never had a single malfunction, never get less than 50 mph. I frequently drive from Tacoma/Seattle WA to Portland OR with absolutely no issues.

After one year with this beauty, I am comfortably sitting at 180,000 miles with no worries on the horizon. People regularly compliment the interior when they step inside, as well as add something along the lines of "You need to drive Uber!" or "This looks like a spaceship". The only minor irritations is the lack of lights next to the sun-shield mirrors, and when I drive with my Yakima rack. I can feel the difference in its handling SIGNIFICANTLY when the rack is on there, and it drives me crazy. I appreciate how zippy my little car is when I finally can take the rack off. Other than that, never had a single complaint. Love it.

I have had my 2014 honda insight one year. I had to have in the shop 2 times. Both were senor. The last time they had my car one week I had no car and now my car on the recall list air bags. My car is now at honda. I'm have rental car. They use too much gas and they have my car now 7 days. I was told I am looking at June before I get my car back. Overall I love my car - so good on gas, a lot of room in the back. Miss my car.

This is a follow-up to a previous "Review/Complaint" regarding the airbag light that appeared on my dash. I scheduled a service call and was informed that I would have to pay $122.00 for a diagnostic report and that the money would go to pay for the repair if required. I disputed the matter and suggested that the light was a malfunction resulting from a defect in the electrical system. I presented an official recall I discovered on the internet involving the airbag and its failure to engage due to moisture within the module.

After discussing this matter with my service advisor and the service department manager it was agreed that if the problem was due to a malfunction or defect the repair would not cost me anything. They discovered a disconnect or bad electrical connection and contacted Honda Corporate and received approval for the repair at no cost. I was very pleased with the outcome, but if I didn't investigate the matter or raise issue with the approach to this matter I may have been out $122.00 or more.

Original Review

I decided to purchase my lease. At this time I was required to have my vehicle pass inspection, for which Honda charged. Once the vehicle was checked for any problems I purchased the Honda using Honda Finance. Not thrilled with the % rate, so I paid it off as soon as possible. Soon after and around 65000 miles my airbag light went on. I drove for a while and it went off only to come back on a few days later. I took my vehicle into the dealership and was told that I had to pay a diagnostic fee of $125.00 so they could determine what the problem was.

Here is the crux of it all, and what irks me about the handling of this matter. The light did not come on as a result of a collision and there was no reason for it to come on, so it must be a malfunction, or so I thought. Unless of course they schedule these light to go off when they reach a certain mileage forcing the owner to bring the car into the dealership for the sole purpose of generating revenue and simply resetting the computer because the system malfunction. In either case, there is absolutely no reason this light should be going off and if it does it should not be at a cost to the consumer. Unresolved.

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My 2012 insight stalled on the highway due to eng emission light on. Car has done only 60 thousand km and just passed the 3 year warranty. It had to be towed to Honda workshop as it can start but cannot move. Most of the oil had been lost. The car needed a full overhaul to replace piston rings. Now waiting for the engine to be rebuilt. Hopefully the engine can last. It is a very expensive job and damage was not due to owners fault. Honda should recall all these defective engines and replace them to be fair to the owners.

I am an avid Honda lover. So after driving a 2002 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L for a while, I switched to a 2010 Honda Insight EX. At first, it was a difficult adjustment going from a 250 HP car to the Insight. But, I have grown to absolutely love it. I haven't had any issues with the battery dying on me, even after leaving it sitting for two weeks. I notice that when it's really windy the car tends to blow around a little on the highway, but that applies to any light car. I have a Yakima roof rack and bike rack attachments installed on the top of the car, which I think makes it look a lot more sporty and attractive, as well as useful. It is difficult to find aftermarket parts for the car since it isn't as popular as a Civic or Accord, but the gas mileage makes up for it, even with the roof rack. The interior is great as well, with the lights and other quality assets, such as the radio. All in all, this car is great. I would recommend it to anybody.

My wife car 2012 Honda Insight was bought brand new and at 30K miles, I discovered the car uses oil and requires addition of oil, one quart every 1200 miles. I brought the car to the dealership and they added the quart of oil and told me there was no leak. I kept informing them of the problem and kept record and receipts. Finally after 5 or more visits to the dealer and at 60K miles they agreed to replace the engine block after my wife gotten stuck 2 times. Within one month span, Engine light came on, the car won't start and the second time the car won't perform going up hills no matter what we tried to do. We towed the car both times, complained to customer service and the manager and then they agreed to perform the repair.

Battery is similar issues as the other posts where the battery test showed the battery is based within 2 years. The new engine block is fine now and the car doesn't uses oil. However I am concerned that the additional wear and tear experienced by the transmission during the issues my wife encountered between 30 and 60K may cause other problems with the transmission or the rest of the powertrain in the future. The other complain I have is the lack of power going uphills with full load of 4 people in the car.

Let me tell you my story. I drive a 2004 Ford excursion Diesel 6.0 me and my wife was talking about if we die we should trade in the truck for a Honda van. So we drew all day looking for a Honda dealership we finally found one in Van Nuys. We talked this was going to be a good dealership and treat us with respect and kindness. I needed a van because my wife is going to have another kid and that's going to make our family was four so now it's going to be six of us - that's a big family.

So when we walked inside the dealership. We were greeted by a guy name ** on this date 8/12/15. He asked me and my wife what are we getting for. I told him we are getting for a van. It will fit six. He showed me a silver van 2008 Honda Odyssey. It was really nice. My wife told me she really likes it. We should get it. I told her OK so we got it and my wife for me was very happy before I sign the papers. I ask him one question "could I take off my equipment off my truck?" He said it was no problem, "you can have anything you want long as you don't not destroy the truck".

I used to do search and rescue. I had a lot of equipment installed on the truck - was no joke. I had a bunch of stuff like sirens, speakers, lights on top of the truck, lights in back of the window, on the side of the window, on the bumper. This truck was for search and rescue. The loaded it was like a fire truck.

It was really awesome. I would hate to see go but I have to give it up.

I judge the van for three days. The second day I called the dealership. I ask him did they finance me for the van. They said "yes". I was very happy to my wife. She was very happy. I ask who is financing me. They told me Wells Fargo. I told him "OK" so I went down now. The next day took off. All my Quitman off my truck. Cut the wires with a box cutter. Took out all my equipment. Cost me a lot of money just to install the equipment. Probably paid up to 25 or $3500.

He called me on the third day and told me he had some bad news and some good news so I'll ask him what's the bad news first. He told me the bank cannot finance me for the van. I kind of got pissed off and I ask him what's the good news. He said "oh but they finance you for 2015 Honda Odyssey". Know I was thinking in my head something is wrong - no **. When I went down knew something was wrong. He tried to get me into a 2015 Honda Odyssey as a lease for two years for 350 for Mark. He is crazy. I did not take that deal. I told him to give me back my truck now so they gave me back my truck. When I got back my truck I noticed some parts were missing off it. I was missing one key - a chip key. A police interceptor sticker. A brake control module to tow the trailer to send a signal from the front to the back on breaking. And some aftermarket lights.

So I talked to was in charge of that time. They ours so for giving me the one around sending me to order dealerships trying to find the parts. This is not right. I work very hard for those things. I don't have that much money but I try to make. My truck is nice. I am very upset. I am tired of this. I contact at least 20 people. I called the dealership. I called the main office nobody returns my calls. I called at least 20 or 50 times. I complained. I complain and complain but they don't give a ** about me. I just want my key and my parts back and they can kiss my ass. I will never buy a Honda or walk into another Honda dealership again.

This is how they treat people. This is wrong. I am going to take him to court - small claims court or I am going to try to get attorney because me and my family are stressing. It will hurt from what happened to us. This is wrong - very wrong and I have to take money out of my pocket and fix my fix my truck back how it was. This is going to take me a very long time just to do this. I'm very upset up so that's my story. Sorry if it was long. That's exactly what happened to me and I will never buy a Honda again or step into a Honda dealership. This is how they treat people. This is wrong - screw them. If you going to buy a Honda do not buy at this address 5355 Van Nuys Boulevard Van Nuys City 91401.

Hi I have 2010 Honda insight ex. Great car all aspect but if I don't drive it for more than 2 days the battery is gone, rather than that it's just a great car. Reliable. I love it. Tires are hard to find and somehow expensive.

I left my 2010 Honda Insight parked for 4 days while I went on a trip and the battery died. I did not leave on ANYthing that could have drained the battery. My car has about 50K miles. I read another entry on this site and found that this happened to another person who had left his Insight parked to 2 weeks and got the run around from Honda Dealership when he took it in to get checked. The solution seems to be... don't leave your Insight parked for more than... 4 days, drive your Insight on the Highway at least 30 mins everyday, make sure you have an Auto Club if you go on vacation so you can get a jump when you return.

I have two used 2010s, a bright blue LX bought in January 13 with 31000 miles on it, and a metallic grey EX with nav bought in Jan 14 with 17000 miles. The trick with these cars is to put the right tires on them and then to find the right tire pressure for your driving style. IMHO the Dunlop P31 OEM tires are crap. They don't last long and they don't handle terribly. I replaced them with sets of Yokohama Avid Ascend orange oil tires--the ones that grip more as they heat up. They make the Insight drive like an Accord, a very great improvement. The difference is phenomenal. The Avid Ascends are warranted to 85000. I keep my tires at 45psi. I think with the Avid Ascends it tends to wallow at 35 and above 45 the road noise and ride degrade. 45 gets me good mpg.

Second--if you can--find a station that has no-ethanol regular. There's a website, puregas, where you can find the nearest station. Fortunately there is one in my little town. The performance of the ICE (and therefore the charging of the battery) is greatly improved by using true regular, which has about a 3% higher power density over 10% ethanol gas. You will notice that in your gas mileage.

Finally, don't rely on the readout for fuel mileage. It is almost exactly (with large scale sampling) 7% too high. So my vehicles are averaging from the gas pump--not the car info display--right around 48mpg. That's a very respectable figure, about 2 mpg short of real-world full size Priuses (see to get the straight mileage dope) with a car that is so much more fun to drive. Hope this helps: Switch to Avid Ascends, ethanol-free gas, and 45 psi on the tires and enjoy the ride, the handling, and the very good mileage!

My Honda Insight is burning Lot of oil before I get to my next oil Change. I have to put in more oil because my emissions light keeps coming on. When I checked the oil there was no oil on the stick - I added 2 1/2 quarts of oil. Took it to the dealer. They topped off the oil and said bring it back after 1000 miles of driving it. This is the third time this has happened. They found no oil leaks.

I bought my 2012 Honda Insight LX with 41K miles on it. It checked out with a local mechanic after I bought it. I drive 40-50 highway miles per day and average 45 MPG. Highway speed averages 45-70 MPH. When I drive locally, my MPG drops significantly and I average 40 MPG or less. No whistling noise above 50 MPH as others have mentioned. I updated the on board computer software for the battery in November 2014 after a recall was issued and noticed no change in MPG. Does tend to struggle up hills but otherwise no problem. I average 50 MPG on drives to Los Angeles.

I purchased a Honda Insight 2012 not even a year 1/2 ago. My insight keeps having an emission light appear. The first time this happened I checked oil and NO OIL! I have now had this happen at least 3 additional times and each time I have to put oil in before the next oil change! I keep reading this as a problem with this model... WHY IS HONDA NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS ISSUE! This appears to be a common problem. I have maintained my vehicle as instructed, no other issue other than this problem. I am taking my car into the dealership to have it looked at. Truly unhappy about this if I end up having to pay a big bill for this when this is something that could be a RECALL due to defective parts that I have no control over.

I bought my Honda Insight in 2010. Puny as it is, I understand the limitations in its flimsy build to be the actual reason for its "fuel efficiency". I have never obtained mileages more than 51 mpg, which is a very good number to start with, anyway. The car hovered around 48-49 mpg for the past four years. In the past six months, after the battery recall, my mileage is steadily dropping every few days, and stands at around 38 mpg as of today. Another three months and I will be in the regular Civic mileage zone. Any cure for this or am I doomed! I was a happy customer, and now I am not. My three stars do not reflect my current state of mind, and the good experience I have had with this car for about 3.5 years until this point.

I have a 2010 Honda that has been running well until now. The dealer changed the code a couple of months ago from a recall supposedly so the battery wouldn't appear to be low but now I get almost 10 miles per gallon less than previously. Thirty-six miles per gallon is not a strong selling point when they advertise it should get 45-48. And also the windshield washer doesn't work any longer since the recall maintenance. I only have 17,000 plus miles on it and I am thinking of getting rid of it because this is the second recall and things are starting to go wrong.

We purchased our Honda Insight new in August of 2009, and we have put over 47,000 miles on it and still love it. I tend to accelerate rapidly and drive slightly over the speed limit, and I average 43 mpg. My husband works at keeping the gauges in the green (it's almost like a video game to him ;-)), and he averages over 50 mpg. The only minor annoyance has been that we get a low tire pressure warning whenever the temperature drops. At first, we took it to the dealer to check it out and turn off the warning, but now we just add some air with a bicycle pump, and the warning turns off.

I own a 2010 insight. Bought it with 3 miles on it. Now has 56000 and going strong. Have done regular maintenance on it and doesn't let me down. Get great gas mileage. Full tank last me about 2 weeks. The only repair I have is the battery, other than that it's great. The truck is spacious and the back seat is big. Downside - no cruise control. Have had 2 other Hondas and all are great.

I purchased a used 2012 Honda Insight and had problems with the motor right away. I took it to the dealer several times when the Check Emission System warning light came on. They could not figure out the cause but they did notice one plug was fouled. After a few trips in and out of the shop, they decided replaced the whole motor (large block) with a 2014 motor. Fortunately it was under mftr warranty and a $5k-$6k repair, didn't cost me anything. It looks like there may be something defective with the 2012 motor so be cautious when purchasing. If you are considering a purchase, I recommend that you have a mechanic visually inspect the spark plugs and do a compression check. My hats off to the Honda Dealer Service Dept. They were awesome!!! On a side note, I own a 2002 Honda Civic with 150k miles and still going strong.

Also have the horrible whistling noise above fifty, very loud with a crosswind. A way around the air cond. turning off at stops is to make sure the temp shows low, not a specific temperature number. Lots of rattles and squeaks. Passenger side mirror came off in car wash, back plastic window cover, drivers side just fell off one day. Mileage stays around 39 combined no matter how I drive, metal (plastic) molding around drivers air vent coming loose, very sharp edge to it. Cut my thumb pretty bad on it, but pushed back in place easily. Just keep your fingers out of it. Air filter clasp made of metal with a plastic piece, left side towards back, plastic broke off first time I changed the filter. Put a larger tire on, that cut down considerably on the road noise. That's about it... good luck everyone. Hope the engineering is better thought out than the body.

Loud whistling wind noise at 50 MPH and above. The car gets decent gas mileage, I cannot complain about it. The wind noise is terrible. The third time the dealer checked it out they said it was coming from the air intake to the engine and they could not do anything about it. Quite frankly, I found the answer hard to believe but there does not seem to be anything I can do about it.

36 mpg city or hwy considering I drive the freeways at 85 mph as often as I can. I also use the A/C full blast almost always.... So pretty darn good gas mileage, I must say. Drives great, very low maintenance, good looking exterior, especially in my snow white exterior and double dutch black tinted windows throughout (including medium gray illegal tint on the windshield).

The only thing I thought was very very lame was that the only difference between LX and EX is only one thing - alloy wheels on EX versus ridiculous plastic wheel covers. Both have unfortunate cloth seats and lackluster carpet. Why no sunroof, Nav and Bluetooth, kids? Because they wanted to keep price down and I appreciate that as I bought mine with 30k miles for 16k and change from a Honda dealer (whoever had Shonda before me took great care but they dumped her and got the Chevy Volt because hybrids can't cruise in the diamond lane anymore....) No fog lights, no leather, no sunroof..... but other than these annoying things, I love my Shonda the Honda..... Best part is the hatchback - I can fit so much junk in there, honey. I'll probably trade her in next year just because the front seat is getting annoying for my big azze self.... a little too small for all the continuous driving..... I guess I'll get the Range Rover Evoque instead, why not?

I bought a used 2010 Insight about a year ago. It had 37K miles. I consistently get 46.9 - 47.3 when checked each 1K miles at which time I reset the trip meter. I was skeptical at first, but checked it by checking mpg the old school way, and it agreed with the car's on-board computer.

I was braking seeing red traffic light, having my nine year old on the passenger seat onto her ballet class. Watching my car kept rolling toward a SUV in front, although my foot on the brake constantly pressing on it, drove me into panic mode. It was 5mph at the collision - air bag thrown with smoke all over, gosh! My little one has a congenial heart condition! The rest was horrible experience, ER and overnight watch for three nights, extra night just for air bag blow on the heart. Air bag didn't even reach my chest, but for the passenger seat and for the smaller person, had different result.

The passenger side of front window cracked due to the blow while driver side was clean - says about the danger involved with passenger side air bag. I have heard about air bag causing more medical problem than it should have been especially for kids. Yes, back pains, headaches, bruise, abrasions... My main concern comes at brake problem. It is not new issue with my used Honda Insight. I had felt the brake response time slowness often. And I believe it is the culprit of the collision. I am a person who would rather go slower, yielding at others than rush. Anyone out there, please help me how should I go with this problem.

I bought a Honda Insight 2012 on February 7, 2012 knowing that I'm gonna save gas because the car is a Hybrid. After a year of driving the car, I noticed that the 38 MPG initially shown in the dash LCD display keep dropping even I followed the driving procedure to save gas while I'm driving in a highway. On today's date Feb 12, 2014 the MPG showing in the dash LCD display is 35.4, the battery display is discharging rapidly when I drive my car in a uphill. The battery indicator is inconsistent, sometimes its full sometimes its drain. I'm looking forward that the Honda Company in Japan will take immediate action with this matter before some accident may happen in the consumer that may cause loss of life.

I bought a used Honda Insight 2010 with 20,000 miles on it. I was assured by the sales people and owners of the Honda store that it would get 40 mpg in town and 45 mpg on the highway. The first time I filled it with gas, I found that I got about 36 mpg, mostly in town driving. When I complained about it, they found many ways to blame me for the bad gas mileage. I invited them to come for a ride with me to see how I drive, but that didn't happen. They supposedly put the car through their shop and found nothing wrong. I have never gotten close to 40mpg. The mileage that shows on the dash is not accurate either. They told me it only needed servicing at about 7000-10,000 miles, but when I drove it about 3000 miles I had to have it serviced and they warned me about certain filters that were very costly that will come up and have to be replaced. I bought the car because of being a hybrid and with the thought of the good mileage they told me about. Now I feel the whole thing was a very sorry mistake!

I have found this to be true consistently: I drive the 2010 Honda Insight to Jerusalem or to Haifa and of course it does okay on the level roads. When it begins to climb the hills, I noticed that the IMA battery gets discharged and while the car is driving uphill, it begins to charge the Hybrid battery. Sometimes the graph indicates the battery is half full and the IMA is not working. If the battery has power why shouldn't the IMA help the car go uphill? If it charges the battery while the car is going uphill, isn't this the most expensive time to charge the battery and stealing power from the motor? The car consumes gas in stop and go traffic.

Surge of power when you use brake on Honda Insight.

I'm so thankful for Keith of Kenner, LA on Oct. 3, 2012, letting me know I'm not the only one that has the most nerve-racking noises from your Honda Insight. I've called Honda Dealership in Florence, AL several times about it. Had them take my wheels off and see if something horrible was happening to them that was making that noise. They "say" they had one of their people drive it and they didn't hear anything. They also took it to someone to reseal the windshield and it didn't make much difference. Why won't they fix it? I've asked them a couple of times if anyone else has this problem and they said not that they know of. I'm going back and taking a copy of the Complaint that Mr. Keith provided. Thanks Keith for your help!

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