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Honda is a Japanese auto maker that makes cars, SUVs, crossovers, minivans and trucks. Read reviews for their models:

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Honda Reviews

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Reviewed Aug. 4, 2021

Dealer says not willing to help due to miles and age?? Since when are Honda’s good for 138,000 miles? That not what I bought it for. I expected at least 200K. I thought they stood for reliability, durability, longevity. Clearly they don’t believe in their own product. We’re Done never another one. Nor can I in good conscience recommend them or their vehicle!!!

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Reviewed July 18, 2021

I requested for product issue with my Honda Odyssey 2008. I was declined just because the product issue later to service 13-081 bulletin period. This is unfair and no goodwill view to address customer concerns who went thru pain.

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Reviewed June 28, 2021

The Honda Service crew on 5244 Dixie Hwy, Louisville KY, 40216, has decided that they don't want to serve my car because I am unattractive in their eyes. They take out their hatred for me out on my car.

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Reviewed June 22, 2021

3 years ago I bought a used Honda Civic from Honda of Seattle. I am the 2nd owner of the car, it had a clean Carfax, and low miles, 36100 when I bought it. So, for a car like this, I paid a high price, about $12000 after finishing paying my car loan. I recently noticed a coolant leak under my car and a couple of days later I brought it in to Honda of Bellevue for an inspection. A day later they told me that my engine block is cracked and forgot to mention that this is in fact a manufacturer defect, that HONDA admitted and for several times increased the warranty up to 10 years. They insulted me, offering me a $300 cash for the car, or to repair it for about $10000 just for labor - engine not included!

I contacted Honda corporation and both dealerships here in Seattle area, they are all trying to wash their hands and not admitting to the fact that this is a MANUFACTURING DEFECT! They said, that they don't have maintenance history since I bought it. I bought this car in good faith, from a reputable dealership, thinking that it will serve me for many years if I treat it well, change oil and filters in time, which I DID! But I don't think it's my fault they tried to cut corners to make the car cheaper and then realized that they messed up.

All 2006 to 2009 Civics are in the position to have this issues at one point. For me it happened at 65k miles for others at 19k. Whatever the mileage, it will ALWAYS BE a MANUFACTURER DEFECT and HONDA should have the decency to warranty every person that bought this car, regardless of mileage and not just for 10 years. So, next time you're thinking to go to a Honda Dealership, to buy a car, thinking they are there for their clients...think twice. They are there to sell you a car, not to support you when you have a problem with it. I'm very disappointed in HONDA's dealership dismissing attitude and lack of care in giving their clients the support they need when needed!

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Reviewed April 18, 2021

Honda are terrible at repairing their vehicles for used cars “beware they can replace a secret computer on their cars and changed their information between yours and the used products. So they would need to use a new computer for 2019 and older SUV.

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Reviewed April 13, 2021

I called Honda Care from sticker in window. Roadside service. They got my money, never dispatched anyone to unlock my car. No callback. No confirmation. I was able to find a local officer in Florida to contact local locksmith. Within 5 min my car was unlocked. I was in route with a 7 year old, phone locked in car. Absolutely do not depend on Honda Roadside.

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Reviewed April 12, 2021

Well let me start by saying Honda has been my go-to for many years, 14 Honda automobiles, 10 Honda motorcycles, 6 pieces of Honda outdoor power equipment. I must say though the last 2006 Honda Civic that I purchased with 64K miles has bittered me after having to put a motor in this car for a problem that Honda knew they had but refused to stand behind it. After some minor research I have discovered Honda had a major engine block casting problem between 2006-2009 in the civics. I think a recall would have been a better choice for Honda owners rather than a lousy extended warranty period.

Honda informed me that I was just out of luck, after all the car does have 64K miles. How much more were you expecting? It was very misfortunate for me as I bought the car privately. What was even sadder is that I am really convinced that the people who sold me this car knew there was a problem, they possibly received the same great customer service from Honda that I did. VERY POOR HONDA MOTOR COMPANY. THE SAYING GOES ONE UPSET CUSTOMER GOES FURTHER THAN ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER!

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Reviewed April 12, 2021

Honda have good reputation for their vehicles and they last a long time if you keep them in good condition and make sure that you treat your vehicle well and maintain it. They do run well for the Honda vehicles and the company has been around a long time for the vehicles.

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Reviewed April 2, 2021

Now I'm officially freaked out. I bought a 2021 new HR-V from Huntington Honda (NY) and I’m discovering this new car with all this rust. I showed it to two local mechanics who are shocked and confused as to why there is rust underneath the steering column. I also noted the rust underneath my 31-day old 2021 Honda HR-V. Is this normal? And is there missing insulation in the photo next to the steering column? Is that maybe why these models make a horrible annoying noise when driving 35 plus miles an hour? I’m talking about a piercing whistling noise whenever I crack open a window or moon roof, which according to Huntington Honda, the noise appeared in 2 other 2021 HR-Vs they test drove, and I’m supposed to live with this as if it’s normal.

There’s video of this whistling issue in YouTube regarding a 2018 HR-V. In the comments for that video, you’ll see many other Honda HR-V owners complain about the same issue. Did I buy a lemon? Does Honda make bad cars or does Huntington just sell a batch of badly built Hondas. I'm wondering if the 0% APR was just a ploy so they could get rid of defectively built cars. I bought this new HRV because I wanted a safe vehicle for my family. The purchase was supposed to be such a joyous thing. What a mistake! My entire family is flipping out! What the hell else is wrong w this car?

Anyone experiencing this with the new Hondas or cars from Huntington Honda? Would I have had a better luck at a different Honda dealer? Should I have bought a Toyota, Nissan, or Hyundai? I'm super stressed about how much I spent on this car, and no one from the dealer is calling me back, responding timely or willing to help me resolve this. BTW, here's the YouTube video of the horrible noise that these Hondas are making. **

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Reviewed April 1, 2021

Do you think you’re getting a good deal when you buy a Honda. It turns out that the way they make their money off he was by nickel and dime and you throughout the ownership experience. The dealers will make money off you with the ridiculous service intervals from the car. The financial services part of Honda will make money off of you from hitting you with all sorts of fees. The cost of ownership of a Honda is much higher than people realize, because the company‘s business model is to sell good cars are reasonable prices, and then screw you for the remainder of your ownership experience. This was my first Honda, and it will be my last. I have since moved on and bought an Audi, and while the upfront cost is higher, the ownership experience is night and day different. I don’t feel like I’m getting screwed over every single interaction I have with the dealer or the company.

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Reviewed March 26, 2021

Bought brand new 2020 Honda goldwing and it stalled slowing down multiple times. Was charged fee to not find a problem that they said to make a case w Honda directly. It stalled again and corporate told me to screw and pay for the diagnostic again. Paid 28000$ for bike and they nickel and dime you over not backing their product.

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Reviewed Feb. 4, 2021

I purchased a new 2020 Honda Talon from Nash Motorsport, Mesa, AZ. I purchased the pre-paid service contract and extended warranty. I live in Mesa, Arizona and the vehicle has been ridden in AZ and once in Southern CA. The vehicle has never been in snow, sand dunes or extensive mud. Most of the driving is typical to the Box Canyon area in AZ or Queen Valley; sand roads and routes. Very rarely has LOW gear ever been used except for a few steep hills.

The transmission would not stay in gear during a hill climb and I turned it into Dealer for service immediately not to cause more damage in November. The vehicle is still there. The warranty customer support is horrible to deal with and no escalation process except open claim. They call you back with same answer. NO escalation process. Honda has out right lied and said the vehicle was driven in a way it was not and the damage was caused by switching back and forth between low and high. This is an out right lie.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2021

I leased a 21 passport with my husband last month from Honda. The sales team was great, price was good and team was friendly -unfortunately this car has some issues! I don’t blame the dealer. I blame the maker (Honda). Since we bought the car I have been driving it back and forth to work and with my son. After a car wash one day I had noticed rust behind the wheels. I told my husband about it he said it wasn’t like this when we bought it.

About week later I started to notice a weird feeling when driving so I gave my husband the car to drive. After him driving it he feels it has some transmission issues. Between that and the rust he was super pissed. He contacted Honda hq and brought it for service. The manager was super helpful and nice my husband said but unfortunately after the visit the rep that came from hq told us the car is normal! I’m sorry rusty/not proper functioning transmission is not normal. I am very unhappy that I do not feel safe to drive this car and now every month I have to pay for something I can’t even get behind the wheel. My husband's friend has the 20 passport. No issues. No rust. No transmission problems. Why is this the issue with the 2021? Issues after a little over a month of ownership not a good look. Awful job Honda!!

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Reviewed Jan. 22, 2021

I recently received a recall notice for a new Honda SXS we purchased. The recall was for a safety issue related to the steering joint assembly. They say they will repair it "free of charge". Keep in mind, upon receipt of this notice it is no longer safe to operate the vehicle until an inspection/repair is performed. Thus, rendering the vehicle unusable. The local dealer wants to charge to come pickup the unit or the owner must bring the unit to the dealer for the inspection/repair.

Due to COVID-19 we decided to go with the first option. However, that's an additional $100-$150 charge from the dealer for a problem that Honda created! Asked American Honda is they would reimburse and they decided to recite the warranty which exempts them from paying for the transportation. Under normal circumstances this would be acceptable, however, due to COVID one would think they would make an exception and do the right thing for a lifelong customer. NOPE! There are simply too many choices out there when it comes to vehicles and too many other companies willing to do the right thing. Honda will never see my business again and I would recommend anyone looking for a Honda to reconsider and go with a more customer oriented organization that would be more deserving of your business.

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Reviewed Jan. 6, 2021

My 2019 Honda is at the dealership for a covered warranty repair and my parts to fix it are on back order so I should get a loaner car or rental in the meantime... Wrong! Honda’s policy no rental or loaner car even if the car is under warranty. So don’t buy from Honda! You will be screwed if your car has to stay for an extended period of time for a repair. Mine has been there for more than 30 days and I’m left with a rental car bill.

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Reviewed Jan. 1, 2021

I bought 2018 Honda Accord about a month ago and it already had fuel injector problem! After I took it to a Honda dealership in Burnsville to fit it it stated to smell like gas in my vehicle after they fixed it. I took it back to them and they said, "Keep driving it because we don’t see any leaks." That’s where I went to back to the Brookdale Luther dealership to try and change the car out but they said it past the 5 day grace period. So they connected me with the service people to try and fix the problem but they told me to go back to Burnsville dealership because they're the ones who started the job and they have to finish it otherwise we going to have to charge just to look at it. I also got a extended warranty with Honda.

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2020

This is about Shellharbour City Motors Honda Dealership. ---They even don't know how to do a business--- Okay, on the phone they say car (Honda Civic) is only driven 500 kilometres and comes at $24000 with $500 accessories. They say they can consider bringing it down a bit if meet in person. They say the offer expires on 31st December.

When you go meet them, they said the car is 1500 kilometres instead of 500 kilometres. They say they cannot bring the price down (firm at $24000, which I think would be okay). But terrible manager says accessories will not be included. (even if the offer is valid until 31st December). If you go few days later, and ask for $24000, they said they cannot sell it at that price. They said they updated the price which is $24990. (wait...didn't you say that offer is valid until 31st December? and I'm making offer on 28th December.) Why wasting time of busy people if you cannot stick to your words and promises? This is enough, I am getting a good offer from Volkswagen and Kia who at least keep their promises.

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2020

I have owned the 2020 Honda Passport for 4 months. It has been in the shop more than I’ve had it, trouble with clunking in drivetrain when backing (not constantly). Previous pulling to the right issues, Break safety light issues, rattle in steering wheel, now stereo speakers on one side going out. Honda won’t back their product, won’t allow dealer to replace parts to try to get it resolved. I don’t trust this vehicle. So disappointed in Honda. Our last pilot lasted 193,000 miles and 13 years I loved it. I should’ve just kept it!

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2020

Updated on 11/17/2020: I'm not happy with Honda and customer service. They keep brushing me off and just saying, "Oh he has a case number." They don't do anything to fix the problem. I will never buy a car again from Honda. I'm not happy with Honda.

Original Review: I was shocked when my tire blew out on the road and I had no spare. I have to spend my time and lose of a day of work to wait for the tow truck to come to pick up the car and take to the tire place. And I have to spend money for a tow truck. That in itself is a rip-off. I will be filing a class-action lawsuit against Honda for the inconvenience and safety. Whoever had the same situation please contact me so you can be part of the lawsuit. **

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Reviewed Sept. 14, 2020

I have owned many motorcycles since my first in college but I keep going back to Honda. My most recent is the Shadow Sabre and I am very pleased with it. While there are a great deal of motorcycles out there with as good looks and features as my Honda not many that are as reliable. I have been problem-free with all of my Honda bikes over the last 25 years and will stick with them.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2020

I purchased my 2020 Honda CRV and immediately noticed a very loud static buzzing sound coming from my radio every time I drove by a radio or cell antenna tower. It is so loud that I can’t hear what is being said on the talk show. I took my 2020 Honda CRV into the Gunn Honda Service department and they tested the radio along with another new 2020 Honda CRV. Their conclusion was that the radio in all 2020 Honda CRVs makes a loud buzzing static sound when driving by a radio or cell tower. So they said they could not fix the radio and justified their decision by using the disclaimer that says that the radio may experience static noise. Even Honda Corporate refused to help. I have only bought Honda’s and none of the others ever had this problem. I would never have bought this car if they had told me about the radio problem upfront.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2020

I was raised in a Ford family and we rode Honda bikes and three-wheelers because my dad, who was a mechanic until he became a fireman, drove Fords and rode Honda motorcycles. It's all I knew as a kid and years later, after I got married my husband - who raced motocross on a Mako - bought me a Honda ATC. I loved that ride and was completely confident in its safety. So confident that I had no qualms about riding with my toddler son seated in front of me.

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2020

Goes fast, handles well, great torque and breaking. Excellent handling. Did I mention it's fast? Doesn't like to go slow, at low speeds gets kinda jerky. Tons of parts available to dress them up. I highly recommend this brand.

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Reviewed Sept. 10, 2020

I have a stock Honda Ruckus. It is a 49cc work horse. From ripping down to the store for beer to loading up the deck with firewood, and driving it into my backyard. I don't think it can be beat! I weigh 175lb and can hit 40mph. It may not be the fastest on the road but it does get the respect of the road. I run premium gas and keep the oil change and any other maintenance up to date. The only con, it does not like to start in the colder months. I was offer a trade for a 125 Kawasaki, NOT A CHANCE!

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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2020

I've been on Hondas since the late 60's, dirt, trail & blacktop versions. I've had other brands (primarily cruisers), but have been disappointed and have returned home to Honda. After playing in the dirt during my youth I graduated finally to the Wings. Got my first Wing in 1984 right out of the crate. Put over 250K on her and traded her in on a shiny new SEI in 1986. Kept the SEI in pristine condition until a moving company broke her during a military move & purchased a '95 anniversary edition, which I still have today. I've had hog riders tell me she isn't a "real" bike and I've told them that they are correct - she's a Cadillac convertible on 2 wheels.

Unlike an ultra glide I can be on her with my wife, all day long and at the end of a long day of 400+ miles I can still walk. Three cruisers, all with over 200K miles doing nothing more than typical scheduled maintenance or replacing small parts e.g., tires, brake pads etc. I've known several people that have well over a half-million miles on Wings and are still going strong - figure out how many V-twins you'd go through in that many miles. I've been thinking of trading in the '95 for another new bike, but really do Not like the most recent version of the Wing. I've been on the BMW cruiser and I've got to admit, it really has me thinking of changing. Thirty-five years of loyalty with Wings is hard to shake, but they (Honda) seem intent on taking one of their best lines (Goldwing) and making it into another sports bike. Buy a good used one if you can find one, you'll be very happy you did.

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Reviewed Sept. 8, 2020

I also like Suzuki motor cycles for durability but Honda has the comfort hands down. I have Honda cycles since I was a kid and always had great luck with them. I just sold my last one because of health issues that prevent me from riding anymore. If I could have just one it would be a Honda.

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Reviewed Sept. 7, 2020

I ride a Honda 1982 cb900f super sport and I love it. If I was going to purchase a new bike, it will be a Honda because they have the top of everything. Thanks Honda. It’s not hard to get a bike. Just hard to find a good bike. With Honda the door is open and all you have to do is give them a call. No worries????

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2020

I would recommend Honda for its reliability, durability, minimal repair if regular maintenance is followed. The ride is comfortable, not overly tiring during long trips, have ridden from Chicago to Orlando and returned, I even followed Route 66.

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2020

Owned a Harley full dresser for many years. It was fun to ride but maintenance was a bear, constantly repairing, tightening bolts, hard starting so finally parked it and bought a Honda. Rode the Honda for several years then parked it for lengthy time. Eventually pulled it out of the corner, charged the battery, put fuel in it and it took off on the second try. Very little maintenance needed and more than got my money's worth out of it. Eventually sold it moved to the mountains and took up riding horses.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2020

Very dependable. Easy to work on. Prices reasonable! Good designed bikes!! Easy to ride with great suspensions! The company is always focused on new innovation! Staying ahead of the competition!! Lots of dealerships throughout the United States so you're never left without a parts outlet while traveling! Great people to work with! The dealerships are always training their employees!

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Reviewed Sept. 3, 2020

Honda is very well made and pricing makes sense. It’s so many times you look at a motorcycle and you wonder how can it costs that much. American made motorcycle is so expensive and it’s offensive to your brain. One could figure the hours it takes the material and still find yourself feeling like this company wants a year's salary or to make a killing off one bike, instead of being fair and selling more.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2020

Engineering top notch, quality control excellent, super reliable, easy to ride. Great gas mileage stability at high speed, easy service, easy starting low cost operation. Available parts world wide. Many available aftermarket accessories.

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Reviewed Sept. 1, 2020

Love the Honda engine and ergonomics of the rider position. Replacement parts are very costly, but the quality of the build is outstanding. Overall a very reliable bike. Honda offers many models, but they will only sell them if the volume is sufficient. For example, the Honda ST 1300 is no longer sold in the United States but it is in Europe.

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Reviewed Aug. 31, 2020

I love Honda. I been riding on them since I was a teenager. I'm a lot older now and have rode different models. All are great. I have a lot of friends that ride Harleys and I love them too but My hondas are reliable. I ride mine alongside my Harley riders and go on toy runs, poker runs etc and Yes I'm cruising along on my golden wing. Love it. Comfort and never ever has it left me on the side of the road or never broke down. My harley rider buddies can't steal that? Lol. Just Saying!

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2020

This is on a Gold Wing. It is very reliable and most economical in maintenance. It is also the most comfortable bike on the market. It has more conveniences than any other bike on the market at this time.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2020

Actually, this is the worst ever place to purchase your car, I would like to share my experience about old bridge Honda Rt 9 NJ, I purchased my Pilot 2020 EXL with a problem in the windshield and when I realized, that issue within 48 hours I called the Honda dealer, and they asked me to go back for check, when I went back for checking with the Sales manager Jason **, he wasn’t professional at all and he asked me to wait, then another person came out which is Peter ** and he came to us while eating an ice cream, which is unrespectful way to treated your customers. Me and my wife was surprised from that attitude of Honda Old Bridge.

I left the dealer with 2 recall on my new 48 hours Pilot 2020 and no one even care, at the end Peter he still eating his ice cream and told me, "Just leave your address and we will get someone to you tomorrow," for fixing my windshield, however on my way back to home, Jason ** called me and said, "Forget about it<<<< Nobody will come to you tomorrow for fixing your car"!!!! So I called the corporate office to get a solution, but I think that I did purchase my car from unprofessional company, I really feel bad, as Toyota is more care about the customers, and I really blaming myself.

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Reviewed July 11, 2020

My name is Jose **. 2 weeks ago I took my Honda Civic to the Honda dealership to fix my 2 recalls On my airbags. Also had my AC fixed because it was not turning on, they told me it was gonna cost me a little over $500 To get it fixed. I said go ahead fix it, same day I called the dealership that car was overheating and shutting off after they did work on it, they completely denied it that they only touched the AC but I have proof from other repair shops there was nothing wrong with my car, I took my car for one thing, I don’t know what they did, it damaged another thing, now they say is a bad battery, a bad alternator and a bad AC compressor, but that’s not what they told me at first when I took my car to have my AC fixed, what can I do?

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Reviewed July 7, 2020

They started using a new AC system that is faulty and costs $500 just for a recharge and of course no one on the planet has the machine to work on it but the dealership. The car is great otherwise. Honda really let me down by simply creating a problem to make more money for service after the sale.

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Reviewed June 29, 2020

I bought a outboard motor from the Honda official website. When I queried my order the receptionist said that I was the 20th person today and basically it’s been hacked numerous times over 2 yrs so I must take it up with the bank yet the bank can’t do anything so now I have no boat motor and no money to get one. Absolutely disgusted by Honda!!!!

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Reviewed June 25, 2020

Replaced battery 3 times in 2 years due to, in their words, "not driving it enough"! What a load of garbage. Then charged me for the battery and a "diagnostic" fee. I have E mailed numerous Honda officials to no avail. Offered a Honda gift card which is worthless as I am trading the car in for an American car due to all these problems. You have been warned!

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Reviewed May 31, 2020

I was a Honda owner for over 20 years and always liked Honda. Generally they are good cars, but if you do have an issue, the customer service is the absolute worst. I have proof of trying to call customer service many times with no return call. It’s impossible to get a number for someone “higher up”. So I tried emailing and again can prove that not one person would respond to my emails. My email got the automatic response that someone would be in touch within 48 business hours, but I never heard back from anyone from Honda, despite trying to call and email every 2 months. I finally gave up, bought a Mazda, and never looked back.

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Reviewed April 14, 2020

I bought a 2011 Pilot Brand new and right now it has only 44,000 miles. I keep having problems with engine light blinking plus VSA on at the same time. I called Honda and they will not fix it because it is no longer under warranty.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed March 10, 2020

Just bought a 2020 Honda Rtl Rideline. Love everything about it except there is a whistling wind noise coming in from the front windshield and door almost like your window is not closed all the way. Honda kept the vehicle for 3 days and could not find the problem. Contacted the area case manager and his answer was that there is nothing they could do because that is how the vehicle is made. Just because that is how the vehicle is made doesn't make it right. There is definitely a defect that is causing the noise to come into the vehicle while driving on the highway.

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Reviewed March 5, 2020

I bought a brand new 2013 Honda CRV in Feb. 2013. I have spent a total of $11943.74 to date on my vehicle in just 7 years. That’s an average of $1706.25 annually. That’s got to be wayyyy above average. There are 255,000kms on the vehicle, mostly all highway. This doesn’t include cost for tires over that 7 years. Most of this has also been at the dealership; most people tend to agree that that’s my problem; stay away from the dealers, they say. I highly doubt I’ll buy another Honda.

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Reviewed Feb. 28, 2020

1. Only had car 3 months
2. Warning sensors in complete failure intermittently. Dealership cannot find problem.

3. Complete AC system ($3,000 job) had to be replaced after 4k miles.

Cannot imagine what this car will be like after 3 years/36k miles...

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2020

My issue is my 2013 Honda CRV I financed 3years ago. Vehicle has been stalling and throwing all kinds of codes out there. Almost put 2000 into it just getting it towed. Car stalled in middle of busy street, I almost got hit. I took it to my local PEP Boys and they did 500 worth of work to it, stopped the next day. I took it back to pep boys and they kept it for 3days. And said they didn't have technology to fix what was wrong with it. I got it towed to my dealership where I financed and the symptoms got worse. More codes, misfires, spluttering, stalling, shaking. Hill-Kelly Dodge my dealer said to have it towed to my manufacturer which is Honda. My vehicle has been there for days, the advisor called day2 and said all it needed was gas. I said, "Really I keep gas in my car." She also said it was driving good. I refused to pick up. I told her this has been going on for years. She kept it and said they would just run it and see if anything happens.

Eventually it did. It started throwing codes again and misfiring. So she said they would work on it and hopefully see what they could find. I called honda corporation and email twice. Representatives were horrible. Its was, "What do you want us to do about this problem." I said, "Your company made the car. This is a big safety issue." The representative just started talking about random stuff. I was very dissatisfied with the customer service there. I really wanna get a case started against this company. I will never buy another honda vehicle about this.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2020

I traded in my Dodge Challenger for a brave new 2019 Honda Civic sport due to commuting. Don’t waste your money, the car is made of plastic, you lean on it or even knock something lightly against it you will have a dent. For a $26,000 car. The sensor system is piece of **! Lights come on for no reason, I take it to Honda and they want to charge hundreds of dollars to fix problems that I did not cause as I keep the maintenance and upkeep on the car up. The tires are **! I’ve had my car for 3 months and have had 3 issues with my tires. I’ve never had issues with cars until this nightmare. Don’t purchase a 2019 Honda!

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2020

I bought a new car Honda HR-V 2018 at Honda auto plaza mall (Nostrand avenue in Brooklyn). I don't know that is going on but this car has been giving me so much problem. This car stopped with me in the middle of road. Sometime the steering wheel just locked when I am driving and the dash just went black. I brought it to Honda but nothing got done cause it is still giving me the same problem. They want me to keep driving it like that cause they cannot figure out the issue. I left the car with them until they can fix it. If you love yourself and your family do not buy this car. I cannot keep risking my life and the life of my family driving that car. I could understand if I bought a used car but I bought a new car. Hope this review will help you in your decision. Please see video.

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Reviewed Jan. 6, 2020

Went local and after 3 mo. they could not relate issue to area rep. Call for roadside assistance after car died. Seven thousand miles on odometer. Waited 4 min. For assistance then needed ID #. Find that in the dark. Called back. Waited 5 min. Got someone I couldn’t understand. Ask her to repeat and she hung up. She did not call back. This was your -Roadside Assistance??? I’d

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2020

I bought a 2020 Honda Pilot Black Edition. The electrical is crackling. The entertainment system (phone Bluetooth and radio) don’t work properly. Loud crackling in the windshield when driving. Honda does not know how to fix the problem. Also seen in new Passports. The dealership is trouble shooting on my car and had the vehicle 3 weeks. Buyer beware!

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2019

The car is under powered, electrically and gas horse power. They could and should have done better, that's why the car is not selling. Additionally, if it is raining and you get caught in it the car does weird unpredictable things, clunking along and lose power. Couple days later it was fine again. Now Chevrolet came out with a Corvette C8, looks like what an NSX should have been, even has a Targa top. I should have waited.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

Always had Hondas. We love their reliability. Wish the Pilot was less expensive, that's a favorite. Had a Pilot for years but I had to retire it. We now have a Civic and an Accord. Only problem with the 2016 Civic was the air conditioning but Honda is reimbursing customers for this.

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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2019

We have 2013 Honda EL. Nice vehicle but noisy on the road from wind noise and lack of insulation in cargo area. Good fuel economy but short on power going up hills and mountains. Seats are leather and good passenger leg room in front and rear seating.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2019

The Honda Acura is ergonomically superior to other vehicles I have owned. It is very user friendly in its location of buttons for cruise control, lights, and dashboard. Comfy and roomy seats. Gas consumption is very satisfactory. Great pick up and braking. It is a very reliable vehicle and have had no major repairs needed.

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Reviewed Dec. 7, 2019

My family and I have owned several Hondas. I have only had minor issues with my Honda. I have never had to put a lot of money in it to fix it. These cars just seem to last a lot of years and miles. I've had other vehicles that didn't last as long as my Hondas. In all they are very good vehicles.

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Reviewed Dec. 6, 2019

After many years of not owning or riding a motorcycle I recently purchased the Honda Rebel 500. I am more than pleased with the quality, innovation and affordability. Thanks Honda for your fantastic bike.

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Reviewed Dec. 6, 2019

I brought my leased HRV -- 21,000 miles and under warranty—into Ocean Honda, Ventura, CA. The airbag light had come on. I was told it was rodent damage. The repair is not covered under warranty and the charge is $2,200! This is exploitation! A simple google search shows that since Honda and Toyota changed to soy-based materials, rodent damage has increased exponentially. Honda is not standing by their manufacturing decisions. I did not make the choice of materials to protect the very critical electrical system, Honda did. I feel so taken advantage of; I don't feel as if I can trust Honda ever again. Honda put out a statement that their solution is the rodent tape - ha!

I called to see about buying a roll and the charge from Honda is $79! And how am I, an elderly person, going to wrap the car’s electrical wiring myself! That is outrageous. Not only is Honda not fixing the problem under warranty but is charging me outrageous prices to repair and prevent further problems. This is simply not acceptable when consumers have other choices in the market. I will not be silent about this issue and I hope others who find themselves in this position also voice their experiences and frustration. Honda was once considered a prestigious car maker. This is oh so disappointing and frustrating. If I could afford this expense, I would have a larger car and purchased, not leased. This is something like 10 lease payment for me to repair, no fault of my own. I live in a suburb, not out in the rural countryside. This is exploitative to say the least. Honda needs to step up and stand behind their product.

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Reviewed Dec. 6, 2019

Car is perfect for people who cannot afford large car repair bills. Even after 11 years of owning this car it still looks good! It was purchased in May 2010 and although I am ready for a new car, it is because I want change nothing else.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2019

Excellent vehicle, great value, great resale, longevity. Features like folding back seats, secure trunk in the bed, performance, safety features, wide body, comfy front seats. Drives like a large sedan.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2019

I was not a Honda person until I started researching them and found that everyone who had one had none to rarely any problems with them. In addition to their reliability, their fuel economy is very good and they hold their value if maintained and taken care of. There are vehicles that are more comfortable but if they are sitting in a repair shop draining your bank account and are unreliable as transportation offsets the difference in comfort. I have owned many new vehicles and the most expensive one (a Cadillac STS) is the worst ever for reliability and our Honda CRV has been the best with ZERO problems ever.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2019

Honda is a great car, but it lags behind many other SUVs in the area of safety. My 2019 has some safety features but they are unpredictable and touchy. I am reluctant to use them, for example, the speed control does not pickup the car in front of you until very late, scary! It also does not have pedestrians detection in front.

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Reviewed Nov. 15, 2019

I purchased a 2019 NEW Honda HRV Touring in January 2019. I returned it the same day because the backup camera screen and voice commands were not working properly. The main touchscreen unit was replaced. Since January, the screen has been replaced again (total of 3 units), the microphone, and the Hands Free Link module have all been replaced within 10 months. After 30 days total at the dealership for repairs and four attempts I opened a claim with Honda for the Buy Back Program. Now after an additional two trips to the dealership to diagnose my vehicle's problem including a diagnosis by the Field Service engineer, my claim has been denied. My vehicle still has the exact same problems that it had on the day I bought it.

I was told by Honda that there was a well known software problem with my car. Honda was aware and working on a fix. My claim rep could not give me a estimated date for the fix (told me to check every month at the dealership to see if the "fix" was available) and she could not guarantee the "fix" would fix my car. She could not give me a reason why the dealership didn't know about the "known problem" and her answer for why parts were being replaced was that it was simply done as a courtesy to me. Yet, as a courtesy Honda would not buy back my car. The claim rep would not give me a written denial. She stated, "It is Honda's policy to not provide any information in writing about your claim, only to give you the claim number."

On the SAME day I was being told all of the information from the Honda claim rep the FSE told the dealership that the problem was a frayed USB cord he saw laying in my car. Not plugged in, not in use, just laying in the car. His suggestion was to not use the cord and see how things go. I have never had an issue with Apple Carplay not working. What I have repeated had problems with is not even an option when the cord is in use. The dealership duplicated the problem without any cords being plugged in. Now I have a 10 month old car that has options I am paying for, but do not work. The options may never work. I guarantee this. I will NEVER buy another Honda vehicle. I will never recommend Honda vehicles. I hope this review helps someone decide NOT to purchase a Honda.

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2019

If Honda has Hancock tires on it don’t buy it unless they put a better tire on it! I’ll never have a set of Hancock tires, Honda nor Hancock tires will honor the warranty! I’ve have interior noise since I purchased the car, finally Brannon Honda told me it was cheap tires and wanted to sell me a $1100 set of tires. My tires have what you call CUPS and caused by not rotating usually. Not in my case because Brannon Honda was supposed to rotate the tires.

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Reviewed Oct. 29, 2019

I have purchased several Honda cars over the years only to find, in 2019, how far Honda has fallen from its benchmark. I will never buy another Honda automobile. I had the great misfortune of choosing a dealership in Racine, Wisconsin (Racine Honda) to buy a 2019 Honda CRV. When I arrived to take delivery, I noticed that several of the options I had ordered were either not installed or not installed properly. When I pointed this out to the salesman and expressed my displeasure (sincerely but in a business-like manner), the salesman simply walked away from me and did not return. Neither did anyone else and, after ten minutes, I left the dealership.

On my way home from this unbelievable experience, I called the dealership manager and expressed my displeasure with the salesman. Incredibly, the manager hung the phone up on me. The message was obvious: Mr. Customer, we got your money, now get out of here. With the dealership showing no regard for my problem, I called Honda corporate. Amazingly, Honda corporate would take no action to address my concerns. In short, Honda corporate told me that they created a file in regard to my problem, but that no action would be taken to resolve my concerns.

When you make your important decision on how to spend your hard-earned money, I suggest you remember this experience. Honda will be only too happy to take your money, but as my experience relates, do not expect this company to come to your aid should you have an experience of the kind described here. Absolutely shameful!

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Reviewed Oct. 25, 2019

I would give ZERO stars but the system wouldn't let me!!!! We WERE a loyal Honda customer until recently. We have had 5 Honda vehicles over the last 20+years and now will no longer buy them again because of a customer service rep. We were having issues with our Minivan (died on the side of the road) and brought it in for a $900 repair. Two weeks later, the same issue happened again. At that time we were told there was a recall issued for Piston rings on cylinders 1-4, which we were unaware of, so we brought it to the dealer. The dealer told us the recall expired 13mths ago so they can't do the work. The svc mgr told us to contact Honda and they may be able to work with us.

My husband called and spoke to a rep there who was the worst customer service person we have ever dealt with. She basically told us that Honda sent out 1 warranty letter and because it expired won't do anything for us. My husband explained we never received this letter but she didn't care. He explained we were told Honda would work with us and she said Honda won't work with us, it's not their problem anymore. She would not listen to what we had to say, what happened to us due to a defective product in their vehicle or at least try to work with us in any way. She just stated the recall expired.

My husband told her that our experience in dealing with her in "Customer Service" was the worst experience and he would NEVER buy a Honda again. She didn't care and just got off the phone. My husband called back later that afternoon and spoke with a dif rep to complain about our horrible interaction with the previous rep and she apologized and stated she will have the case looked over again for a second review.

The next day my husband was called by the very person he complained about and interrogated about the previous makes and models of Hondas we have had in the past. He said he was told he wouldn't have to talk to her again and there was another case manager handling our case and she said "no, this is my territory and I'm the rep". He then asked for her supervisor 5 times and was told "NO, you can't speak to them." He told her we spoke to a dif rep and she said someone will review our case with a different set of eyes and she said we shouldn't have been told that because Honda doesn't do that. She gathered the rest of the info that she needed and left it at that. She said we MAY hear from someone up to 48hrs but she doubts it.

Once again, we were not looking to get anything for free. Honda put a defective product out there and we drove it around without knowing of the lingering hazard. They washed their hands of the problem because they did their due diligence and sent out 1 letter. We never saw it and I know that's not their problem, it is ours. We did get stranded because of that issue, we spent $900 because of their issue. We have to spend $3500 because of their issue. The car is not even worth that. So we are out a vehicle. My husband is a retired Police Officer who was injured on the job which ultimately ended his career-he was hit by a drunk driver going 91 miles per hour. We have a limited income and now are out a vehicle because we didn't see a letter.

When we told the original rep all this information, she could care less and all she stated was that the recall expired. We told her we would never buy Honda again-she couldn't have cared less. So...sorry Honda. You are losing a loyal customer because of your customer svc rep and their lack of compassion and understanding. You are losing a loyal customer because of your lack of standing by your product and having a family drive around in a defective vehicle that put us at harms way.

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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2019

Sales department uses delay tactics to go through the process of purchasing a vehicle. Finance department tries to fiddle with numbers and charge for items that are optional...which they don't tell you until the very end, (e.g. 300 insurance fee, which is really an optional documentation fee). Service department confirms issues but does nothing about them. They lie about what was done or not done and use subjective tests to say that nothing is wrong even though a documented 3rd party assessment indicates otherwise. Do not recommend purchasing or servicing a vehicle from Richmond Honda in BC.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

I purchased this 2016 Honda pilot certified has powertrain warranty till 2021or 100k. My wife and 3 kids broke down in Canada Sudbury Ontario. I am from Michigan, the vehicle was broken in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal. Thanks god the kids and wife were safe after all, but the very bad experience starts. Towed it to Palladino Honda dealer in Sudbury. Took them 1 week to say that we need a new engine but I can not repair it because it is an American vehicle.

I called honda, honda care, my honda dealer. They did not help with anything. After 4 weeks I had to tow my car from them to Southfield Tamaroff honda to get the car repair. Eventually they repaired the car with replicating just the short block of the engine even the rod bearing was broken and metal shaving was all over the engine (car was not washed, no loaner offered, no alignment, bottom screws and push pins missing). Not understanding why they did not change complete engine.

It cost me over $2200 to tow it back here and rent the car for my wife, not mentioned all the headache calling every day the honda dealer in Canada and honda customer service where nobody helped even the car was certified and had an extended warranty through honda care. All I wanted is to get refund for the expenses, but no one want to step out and do it (sorry and sorry we understand all these ** answers). Very bad experience, I will never buy a honda again even though I trusted the engineering before no anymore, stay away from honda….

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Reviewed Sept. 30, 2019

I plan to buy out a lease and was informed by the dealer that Honda Canada requires a safety inspection and I have to pay for the inspection. My question is why the customer is responsible to pay. I think Honda Canada is the party who are suppose to make sure the vehicle is safe when selling to people. I called Honda Canada. The representative did not have a good reason except saying repeated that the dealer has advised me correctly and it is in the contract. I describe the representative acted somewhat professional, but definitely not friendly.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2019

This email regards a horrible customer service experience I have had with Honda. I have had a problem with my 2017 Hatch - the center console randomly begins a series of beeps (beep-beep-beep) and throws my iPhone, especially the navigation system, off of the system. I have video recorded the problem happening and taken it to my dealer and another dealer on 4 occasions. They cannot replicate the problem.

I called Honda USA to seek additional help. My case was given to a case manager - LUIS - who argued with me, made me cry on every phone conversation, even angered my even-tempered husband. I am seeking help with this problem and all I got was verbal abuse. When I asked to speak to a manager or another agent, I was told by LUIS that I could only speak with him. This one experience - this one experience alone - has decided me that Honda is not the company for me. You seem not to care about a problem that I am sure with time will end up in some sort of recall situation - I simply can't imagine that my car is the only one having this problem. If your customer service is so uncaring and apathetic, then I simply can't be a part of this company.

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2019

My Honda car had a problem with Motor Assembly. I checked the company website, and placed an order underlying the company's suggestion. After more than one-month waiting, I received the product, but found it was not the right part and could not be used. I immediately asked to return and the product was not trying to install and in the same shipping box. But the company replied me "Nothing's wrong with our company; Honda has the right to say what they will and will not accept as a return. And motors and electrical items cannot be returned, whether or not they're opened. We do make this clear on our Return Policies". I strongly recommend avoiding this type of company when you place an order online!

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2019

From the beginning of my lease of the Honda Clarity fuel cell car, I had problem with the car controller board. Then, the fuel tank problem had my car towed to their Torrance, CA. location for replacement due to unavailability of the service and hydrogen fuel. Then, the water pump corrosion recall to replace the water pump. Then, the True Zero hydrogen fuel cell producer depot caught on fire and their trucks were caught on fire. There's no hydrogen fuel and the long delay in getting the inspections and permit to re-open the True Zero hydrogen plant.

Meanwhile, the consumers face horrendous problems getting through to Honda Customer service to respond to deal with the rental car situation. A lot of time burden spent by consumers like myself to get Honda to help by providing temporary rental car. Honda customer service keep telling customers to wait for their case managers to call back if you can even get through to them. Honda Clarity fuel cell lessees are paying a high monthly leasing fees to Honda and not being able to drive the car and compounded by their horrible customer service and red-tape to make consumers bear the burden of time and costs. This doesn't happen with Toyota and Hyundai fuel cell vehicles when I talked to their customers. If there's a zero rating, I would rate it zero.

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Reviewed Aug. 29, 2019

I have a 2014 Honda Accord EX - current MILEAGE 38,000 miles. First let me review the product. My first experience has been with the XM radio antenna. The radio antenna is no longer working. The antenna went bad at 25,000 miles and after a Honda diagnostic, it is close to $350 repair. Ridiculous!!! Second, my display screen for my radio as well as special features and safety precautions randomly does not display when started. That has been an intermediate problem so I have not been able to diagnose. Finally and the last straw, my starter needs to be replaced in my car with only 38,000 miles. What??? I thought Honda are suppose to be reliable. It is going to cost me nearly $700 to replace the starter. This is ridiculous and the quality of my Honda product has not meet my minimal expectations.

Now let me tell you about the horrid customer service I received at three different levels of this problem. First I contacted my local dealer, Heather Cannon Honda in Ponca City OK, for a diagnosis of the starting problem. After waiting for my car, that has been diagnosed for six hours now, there was absolutely no paperwork ready or prepared for me when I got there. After watching the guy circle around three times, I was again irritated with Honda. Long story short, the owner called me a left a hateful and extremely rude message in my phone. I will no longer step foot in that dealership, so now I have to travel a total of four hours to the dealership where I purchased the new Honda. So I called Battison Honda in Oklahoma City. After explaining my situation with a service assistant, he told me it was above his pay grade and couldn’t help me.

Just to let you know, I told him that at the beginning of the conversation I wanted to speak to the service manager, he refused. What I was asking for was an acknowledgment that they would replace my starter at the same quote price as the Ponca location. I also asked for some considerations on the repair costs because I feel that a new starter, antenna and display at 38,000 is excessive and a company who believed in their products would support their loyal customers. The is not my first Honda but it will be my last. Now the service assistant told he that he would return my call or the service manager would return my call. That was over 48 hours ago and I have heard nothing from Battison Honda in OKC. Now it is the Thursday before a holiday weekend and I have no car. I sure all these people at Honda a car that works, so they don’t care.

During this time, I had sent a customer concern to Honda Motor Company. They said it was out of warranty and too bad, basically. I resent a response and someone from American Honda Motor Company was suppose to get back to me. Someone actually called and ironically enough, I was outside receiving my car from the tow truck it was attached to to get it home because it wouldn’t start. I returned her call immediately and have not received a call back. That was over 24 hours ago. The Honda tech's name was Belinda and her ext is **. That is just for the Honda people’s info to follow up this string of horrid customer service practices. I am on a limited income and some consideration for the poor quality product I purchased would be very helpful. However, I can’t get anyone to even contact me back. All I can do is refuse to buy another Honda and tell others of my experience and hope they can make a more informed consumer choice.

I do know the ugly manner in which Heather Cannon Honda of Ponca City OK has handled a customer has lost at least one Honda sale for her. (Not mine, another who I allowed to hear her message.) I am so unhappy with this Honda and Honda customer service that I hope this costs them a few more sales. Maybe then, they will make customer service a priority.

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Reviewed Aug. 29, 2019

I am very disappointed with roadside assistance. We waited over two hours and they never showed up. My husband and I were stranded and we called roadside assistance. After waiting for an hour we called again and they said they would be with us shortly. 40 minutes later we called again and they said 12 minutes away. 30 minutes later we tried calling again and they were rude and put us on hold. Thank God a nice couple driving by helped us out and then we were finally on our way home.

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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2019

I dropped my Honda off for warranty repair work on August 22, 2019. The warranty company approved the work to be done on the same day. I called the service advisor Georgiann. She did not answer. I called to speak to a supervisor to see when will my car be ready. No answer. No callback. I called today, August 26, 2019 and Georgiann advised me that my car would be ready for pick up August 27, 2019. I did not receive a call. I called and was on hold with Melissa for 30 minutes. I drove up to the dealer and asked, "Where is my car?" and nobody knew where it was. It took 20 minutes for them to find it. Deante ** was very rude and uncaring, Scott ** the Manager did not move out of his seat to help. They both were uncaring and did not try to rectify the problem.

My car was there for 5 days, they never ordered the parts and the manager, supervisor or advisor did not contact me to tell me what the status was. I have been buying cars from Motor Cars Honda for over 16 years and we have been getting our car service there for over 20 years and never have we received such poor service, uncaring and could care less about customer loyalty. Sincerely, A unhappy customer.

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Reviewed Aug. 23, 2019

Beyond dissatisfied with horrible paint quality and worse customer service from Honda USA. I am awaiting a reply from consumer affairs with regards to my wife's 2014 Honda Accord, purchased new from Jim Coleman Honda in Clarksville, Maryland. My wife purchased the vehicle, along with an extended paint protection warranty (to protect the paint finish against premature wear, rust, staining, etc.), which covers the vehicle for 7 years from the date of purchase.

In the past 6 months, we have taken note that the factory paint finish has begun to shrink and peel back from the rear window glass along the surrounding body panels. We notified the dealership, and they advised that there is a known factory defect with vehicles finished in Pearl White (my wife's paint color) and dark metallic blue, where this pattern has been observed. There are countless accounts of this paint defect online. Some representative web posts are linked below; There are many more...

There is even an entire Facebook group dedicated to raising awareness and seeking remediation to this obvious manufacturer's defect: The dealer advised that they believed this to be a factory defect, and not a warranty issue and reached out to Honda, USA on our behalf. We were advised that resolution was reached with Honda, USA and they agreed to pay on a 90/10 basis (90% of the repair costs would be paid by Honda; we would be responsible for 10%) and we were asked to bring the vehicle in to a Honda Certified Repair Facility (Chandler's Collision Center in Columbia, MD).

We brought the vehicle in to the recommended shop, and while we were able to obtain a repair estimate, the shop adjuster began scraping at the paint (causing further damage) which left an extremely unpleasant feeling about the shop. When we asked to see samples of paint work they had completed, the adjuster showed me 2 vehicles on the lot -- each one worse than the previous in terms of color match, paint texture and body work quality. Further, we were advised that Honda would not stand behind this shop's work, despite telling us that this was their shop of preference, deferring any quality issues with the repair to the repair facility policies.

We advised Jim Coleman Honda of our desire to have the repair performed at another facility that we had located (also Honda Certified): Subway Auto Body in Gambrills, MD. We had the opportunity to meet with this shop manager/owner who was very understanding of the nature of the repairs needed, the process needed to repair correctly and warrantied workmanship integrity. We asked about having the repair performed at this facility instead, and were advised that Jim Coleman would look into this with Honda and get back to us.

Weeks went by without any feedback despite numerous calls to both Honda and Jim Coleman, and finally I escalated the issue with Honda, USA. I received a call-back from Honda advising that we took too long to schedule the repair, and therefore they were no longer accepting responsibility. The Honda representative would not allow me to get a word in edgewise, despite pleading with them that the reason the repair was not scheduled was due to a lack of response in how to proceed on their end. They refused to listen, vulgarities were exchanged, and they refuse to address this matter. Subsequent calls into Honda, and we are seemingly black-listed from speaking with a representative.

Bottom line, we have email traffic assuring us that the repair would be covered at a 90/10 split, numerous inquiries on how to proceed that went unanswered, and now we are left with a nearly $2,500 repair bill for a factory defect. The shop owner at Subway has also attempted to reach out to Honda on our behalf and they won't even return a phone call -- mind you this shop pays annual fees to remain an accredited Honda Repair facility, so this says a great deal for Honda, USA in general. Since the time when we first notified Honda of the issue, the damage has spread to the full surround of the rear glass and is continually growing larger. It is despicable that Honda refuses to accept responsibility and worse that their lack of customer service follow through has only delayed remediation.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Aug. 13, 2019

Honda fuel door: 2017 Honda Ridgeline. There is an outside door with weatherstripping, however, dust can get between the door and the capless filler opening and then on into the hose leading to the cannister. There is a flap at the end of the hose going to the tank, and there is another flap inside at the top of the hose. Between the two flaps, there is a small hole at the bottom of the filler neck, approximately 1/4" by 3/8". Dust can get between these two flaps and be sucked into the hose leading to the canister, eventually plugging it and setting the error code. This is a design error for a pickup which is advertised for use on dirt, mud, and snow. Though there is weatherstripping on the outside door, there are two small drainage holes inside the door. These two holes empty just ahead of the rear wheel. Dust can enter either through the outside door seal or through the drainage holes.

At the least, there should not have been a hole between the two flaps without some type of filter, allowing dust to collect just in front of the second flap and be sucked into the cannister. Though one could clean the outside flap before filling the tank, that is not possible between the two flaps, and while driving dust can be sucked into the line going to the canister. I think Honda should pay to have the line cleaned and the canister changed if necessary.

History: At about 18,000 miles the check engine light came on, emissions problem. I took the pickup to Mistlin Honda in Modesto, CA, on November 13, 2018. Their report was that the car was dirty underneath, reset the computer and told me it would not happen again. The check engine light came on again at about 23,000 miles. I took the pickup in again on May 28, 2019. That time I was told there was dust in the system and it was not covered under warranty.

I called Honda at 1-800-999-1009 and spoke with a rep who assigned the call to case #** and was referred to Lovette, same number, Ext **. She called me back on August 1st and after I explained the issue to her, told me to call Dennis **, Service Manager at Mistlin Honda, 549-5000, Ext **. She said he would be able to agree that the problem should be covered under warranty. Dennis told me he was not authorized to do such a thing and I would have to talk to someone at Honda to authorize such a repair.

I called her back to tell her that Dennis told me he can’t do that. I left a message; since then I have called three times but she never returned my calls. Called Aug. 9 and got another rep who was of no help. Said a case manager will call me within three working days. Old case manager, Lovette finally called back and told me, essentially, tough. Last Honda I’ll ever buy. Have a Subaru with over 200,000 miles, same environment and no problems. Ready to replace it – will be with another Subaru.

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Reviewed Aug. 12, 2019

I would highly advise against ever purchasing a Honda vehicle as they have very sketchy lease turn in practices. My husband (a former Honda technician) and I turned in our 2 vehicles with the intent of purchasing 2 new Honda's, however they did not have any good deals going on so we chose to go with another brand. A month after turning our vehicles in we received a letter stating we owe close to 400 dollars for what I would consider to be normal wear and tear on my husband's vehicle (one small dent on one of the doors, a small tear in the floor under the accelerator and a small crack in the windshield which had just been replaced a few month prior, and had they told us this we could have gotten it fixed free through our insurance.) Our person who sold us our new vehicles told us they are pissed because we didn't purchase Hondas again, oh well we would have if they were more willing to make a deal!

Apparently on their website somewhere it says in fine print that before turning your vehicle in you can have your own inspection done. Who in their right mind would think to go looking for something like this, or even think that they would need to do this. Our vehicles sat on the lot where they were turned in for 11 days before they were inspected by someone from Honda, we did not turn them in with a crack in the windshield and dent in the door so this obviously happened while in their possession.

Following a few letters from an attorney on our behalf acknowledging that we are willing to pay to replace the carpet (even though I feel it is normal wear and tear) but we feel the other things are not our responsibility, Honda sent the matter to a collection agency without even trying to remedy the situation. Honda did not even reach out to discuss this matter with us, they just dismissed it completely showing they don't really care about their customers being happy. Had this have been resolved in a better manner, in 3 years when our leases are up if they had good deals going on we would have gone back to Honda, however now we will NEVER purchase a Honda vehicle again. I will also advise anyone we know who is thinking about purchasing a Honda vehicle not to for the rest of my life!

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2019

We have a 2013 Honda Odyssey in white. On June 1st 2019 Honda issued a service bulletin saying they would fix the defective pealing paint on “certain” VIN numbers. Luckily our car was one of those approved VIN numbers, HOWEVER.... they claim that they will ONLY repaint 2 areas on our car, the roof and the tailgate. We have other visible areas starting to flake off and peel away, especially around our windows and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of this faulty paint falls off. It’s the ENTIRE CAR that’s covered in this defective paint, repainting only a couple areas is NOT OKAY! We are extremely furious and want our car completely painted in order to fully fix our cars paint!

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2019

This will be my 4th lease will Honda and I’ve never once had an issue until now. My air conditioning stopped working. I called Honda only to be told they can’t fix it because I am over the miles allowed (36000). After doing my research I have read there are thousands of complaints about this specific model having a faulty AC. Why hasn’t this been recalled yet? Clearly money hungry! They will lose a customer now!

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Reviewed July 21, 2019

I have a 2017 Honda CRV Touring. Bought in Nov. of 2017. Has 11, 500 miles on it. Counting the original battery it is now on its 3rd one. As of July 5, 2019 I have had the 6th dead battery. I've had every excuse under the sun for these. First one was that we had to keep the key fobs for electronic start more than 20 feet from the vehicle when not in use. Electrical components in them will drain the battery. Most recent excuse was we don't drive vehicle enough. Was told to take car out on the highway at least once a week, drive 10 miles at 50 MPH and then return 10 miles. This is necessary to keep the battery charged. Rarely does vehicle ever sit 1 day without being driven and driven every week multiple times over 20 miles at 50 MPH. Other people have had same complaints with identical vehicle. I am in process of filing claim under Pa. Lemon Law. My 2nd and last Honda.

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Reviewed July 8, 2019

Probably the worst I will ever own. It was a 2019 EX-L. Infotainment issues were horrible, very buggy system. Dealership (Brandon Honda) told me it was a known issue and they couldn't fix it. One of the managers told me it was a Honda problem and not theirs. Awesome. Doors never worked right, trapping people inside. Transmission hesitated and jerked like crazy. A very poorly engineered vehicle. I traded it in and got an Accord Sport 2.0T...Can't believe that the same company could do things so differently with their products.

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Reviewed June 24, 2019

I purchased a 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback in November of 2017. Navigation system has not worked correctly from the beginning and other electronic problems have arisen since. I gave them 8 attempts to fix it, with my car being in the shop a total of 67 days. I started the lemon law process and after the final attempt didn't work, I requested them to buy it back. They sent me a letter declining to do so because they tried to fix it in good faith. They offered me a one time $1500 cash settlement for my time and to keep me a "happy customer."

I refused and filed with the state for an arbitration hearing. At the hearing, they tried to say EVERYTHING I did could have caused my problems- had to replace my window from a rock and that new window might be causing an interference, using a Bluetooth headpiece separate from the car might cause an interference, having my phone in the car might be causing an interference, using music on a usb drive could have corrupted files and cause an issue. It was horrible. The arbitrator sided on my side and they were told how much they had to pay me back. They sent me a letter stating in order to repurchase it back, they needed several items of information. I faxed all the information requested over the same day. A week later, I get another letter requesting one piece of the information to be sent again like I hadn't already sent it. I overnighted the entire packet to them again.

Then, I get a letter saying they are happy to comply and someone would be in touch, but when I dropped off the car, I owed THEM more than $6000 from prior debt I had. I refused and a gentleman called me to "explain" why, which made no sense. Then the very next day, I get another letter stating that was in fact exactly how much I owed them and I needed to contact the state if I had any further questions concerning it. The state rep said she even chuckled at that one because there was no way they were going to tell me that was correct since it wasn't what the arbitrator decided. During this time, I left a total of 4 voicemails for the Honda representative, and two emails. None of these messages were ever returned. Last week, I FINALLY received a letter stating they were going to comply with the request at the stated amount and someone would be in touch.

The very next day on Friday, I was in meetings for a total of 4 hours. During that time, I missed 1 call from Honda's repurchasing vendor about scheduling a time on Monday to return the car. I called her back when I got home, and we scheduled for Monday. She verified everything I would need to bring and I asked if I would be receiving my check at this time. She stated there was no check included in my packet. I told her I did not trust honda enough to give back the car without them complying with ALL the decision. The next morning, I get a call from the same rep saying she has the check as it was overnighted to her for me. The same day, I get a nastygram in the mail from Honda stating they had tried to call me, and sent a letter and had proof that I had received it (the same letter I received that stated someone would be in touch regarding scheduling).

The letter continued to state that honda had performed its due diligence in meeting the terms of compliance, but my participation was critical and they were requesting me to extend my full participation in this matter in order to complete the process. (All this because I didn't respond to 1 phone call until 4 hours later, when they have never responded to any of my contact attempts.) The car is scheduled to be picked up tomorrow and I can't get rid of it fast enough.

The local dealership has been wonderful (surprisingly for a dealership) and I originally thought about getting another honda because of this reason, but my experience with the actual company has made me swear off Honda for the rest of my life. This was my first and last one and I will take EVERY opportunity to post copies of these stupid letters for others to be aware what this company is really like. I will be posting reviews anywhere possible to warn people NOT to buy a Honda for any reason! Any company that treats its customers with such disrespect is worthless.

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Reviewed June 18, 2019

My 2019 Honda Civic, brand new 3 weeks ago, has been in the Honda service department 7 times for the same problem. The low tire pressure's warning light goes on after 2 days driving out of the service department. I have been given 7 different explanations & as many attempted repairs... Down to new tires. The problem is still NOT resolved. I bought this car for my teenage daughter because of its purported reliability & safety. The last time it arrived to the shop with a flat tire due to “manufacturing defect”! 1 of the 4 tires was replaced. Today they are saying a 2nd tire needs replacing. Would you allow your teenage daughter to drive this car? I am extremely distressed and she has spent more of her college summer break waiting at the dealer! This situation meets the trifecta of the LEMON LAW criteria. This vehicle is unreliable & downright dangerous.

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Reviewed June 8, 2019

Hello, I visited Metro Honda service center on 4/8/2019 for regular services. They change oil in my car on 28,503 miles and my current miles is 30,245 so just after I drive 1742 miles my car's oil life is 60% left. Actually when my car was on 30,000 miles that time I found that my car's oil life is now just 60% left. I clearly feels that this service center done something wrong with my car because as per my research I know that Honda Civic 2016 Ex-T model have synthetic oil and that have normally life of 7500 miles. In my car already 40% oil life is finished so I will get oil change soon around at 31,500-32,000 miles (from now after 1500 to 2000 miles).

Every time I go to this service center and they are only the people changing oil in my car when this time I went there that customer service representative asked me that, "Why are you just coming here for oil change and and why tire rotation and other services you are not giving us to do it here." I told them because they are charging too much money and not doing proper services so then customer service representative told me that, "then why do you came here for oil change, go to the another service center who ever is giving you cheaper service," and that time I didn't give him any answer but I feel that this is not the right way to talk with the Honda customer.

I am using Honda car because I have trust on the company. I strongly feels they did something wrong with my car's oil that why 40% of oil life finished too much early and previously I never seen that my oil life reduce this much faster. I am using my car daily. I have another same model car that is also 2016 Honda civic Ex turbo model and same silver color but that car I bought from another dealer and in that car also I drive same mileage and still in that car I change my car's oil around at 6000+ miles every time. I have trust on Honda that why I am using two same model of cars because I am driving it everyday. So I want refund for this oil change and also I want proper service for my car.

I clearly feels that Metro Honda from where I bought my car and there I am going every time for oil change they did something wrong. Also, one more thing I would like to describe here that is before around 10 months ago at this service center they found that in one of my car's back side tire due to manufacturing fault there was something wrong with the brake and that they found after 2 years and 3 months after I drive my car for 24000 miles around. This is the thing which is risky for someone's life. So you can imagine how much great services they are providing to the Honda customers.

I want you to know that this is not a good business practice where they didn't behave good with the Honda customer and not giving them proper service. Please take some strict action on this and I want a clear justice for my car. Please fix my car's oil life problem. I hope I will get back very soon from the Honda Company and please solve the issue in my car with the oil life. -Harsh

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Reviewed June 6, 2019

I have Honda Civic 2016 model. When I bought vehicle dealer told me that it has 3 year bumper to bumper and 5 year main part (engine warranty). On 31st Friday I was going with my wife on Steels Ave. Suddenly I heard a big sound in in my vehicle's front side. After that vehicle speeds start reducing then I pulled my car to the side. And entered into one plaza parking. Then my car's all engine oil got leaked. I talk to my dealer and they told me that my car is under warranty because Honda covers 5 years engine warranty. Then I called roadside assistance then dropped my vehicle at Family Honda, Brampton at around 7:30 but dealer was closed that time.

Next day my wife went to dealer and tell them everything. They said, "We will check and most probably your vehicle is covered under warranty." On next day they told me that car engine piston is broken that's why all this things happen. Today June 6 service guy from Family Honda told me that Honda denied to cover my vehicle under warranty. They told him that my vehicle is undergone any flooding condition that's why water entered into engine and vehicles engine stopped working. They also blamed me that I never did my last service from Honda authorized dealership. I tried to book service appointment with Honda dealer but I couldn't find any date within 3 weeks. My car's engine oil life was zero so I changed my car's engine oil and filter from outside. I used synthetic oil and best quality filter for service.

After talking to service guy I talk to direct Honda service agent. I gave her my car detail and dealer's service guy number. She put me on hold and talk to service guy. After hold she totally denied that my vehicle is not under warranty and I never did properly car service (I have audio recording). This is the worst experience that. I'm using Honda because of its brand name and service quality but reality is that it's all totally fake. They want me claim insurance as my vehicle's engine is still under warranty. My email is **. Please help me so that I can I can fight and get justice.

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Reviewed June 3, 2019

I have read reviews regarding the roof peeling. Exact same thing happened to me. After getting off the freeway one day and parking my car, the paint was just GONE! A rather large section. Cost me $1500 to fix. I can't believe this is a known issue that many people have had issues with and Honda doesn't want to address it and help us out.

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Reviewed May 28, 2019

I booked and prepaid to have my windshield replaced by Honda in Concord. I paid on May 15th, prior to going to SFO to catch a flight. I was informed by the representative at Honda, that the glass people would need payment up front, and then book a date and time and the glass people will come to Honda and install. Well, here I am, Tuesday, May 28th, been here since prior to 8.30 a.m. My appointment was at nine. First of all, I was told they had no record of our payment for the windshield, which was paid on the 15th. I told them I have the record on my credit card. They said they still don't have record, they then located it after taking my car and finding the receipt in the center console.

Anyway, here I am sitting at Honda, Concord, CA, 1.38 p.m., the service person came over approx. 1 hour ago, saying the car had GONE to the window place, and it will take almost all day. Okay, what happened to the window people coming here?!? Also, I have sat here for over 4 hours, unable to go to the bathroom, in case they happened to say it was ready.

Also, we paid a large amount of money for a warranty, every time we come in, they can't find it on the computer, and they charge us!! Why don't they ask the financial department, as they have got it from there once before after a fuss from my husband. Now, my husband called, asking to speak to the General Manager of Honda Concord, and was told he wasn't allowed to speak to him. Was he asked to leave a message for the General Manager? No!!! He was told to leave a message for the Service Manager, who is apparently in a meeting and will call my husband back. Let's see how long that takes....

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Reviewed May 18, 2019

I HAVE BOUGHT 5 HONDAS IN 6 YEARS. All were no trouble until this 2017 CRV would not start on May 16, 2019 in my garage. Battery dead. I was given two options, have it towed or jump it & bring it in. I charged it up a bit and drove it in to the dealer. They checked battery on a gizmo and said it was OK. I advised them I had checked the battery also and found one dry cell that was burned looking and three cells that were milky. My 40 years experience as a certified Auto mechanic meant nothing to these zomby robots.

Took car home and was dead again. I went out and bought a battery so the wife could use the car. Whole day lost, 165$ gone and was advise they could not do anything for me. Called Honda customer care, same garbage. One excuse after the other not to cover the issue. I advised the Dealer that if the mechanic did not have a hydrometer and only uses the gadget to check batteries then they need a mechanic that will invest in a hydrometer. Honda will no longer have our yearly purchase to look forward to as my money is good other places. Honda is now a forbidden word in our home.

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Reviewed May 5, 2019

I've enjoyed my 2003 Honda Odyssey as a family car and also to haul garden materials. The seats are comfy and the overall driving experience is good. My main complaint is twofold. First, it gets only about 16 miles to the gallon around town/18 on the freeway. This is pretty poor by any standards. And second, the clear coat on the dark green paint job has failed; this began within 8 years of purchase. Large portions of the horizontal surfaces have peeled off, leaving a white residue, while the vertical surfaces still look very nice. I see other Odyssey's around town of the same vintage and they all have the same problem. And a quick look on the web shows that this is a massive problem. I am looking forward to buying a new car soon but will not be buying a Honda due to the paint problem. It's a shame really as the car has performed well.

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Reviewed April 29, 2019

I have the remote app and it was working fine until February 2019. I thought it must be just my phone then noticed it is the actual app itself. So, I’ve purchased the remote app for 1 Year. The remote starter has disappeared and it was showing that my subscription has expired even though I’ve purchased it. So, I’ve called multiple times Honda Customer service and was told each time it will be solved. Then, a manager would get back to me and solve the issue. Nothing was done, after numeral calls made, I’ve realized this is the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had. I cancelled the subscription. Unfortunately, this is not something I’m used to as I’ve always had great customer service from other car companies.

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Reviewed April 19, 2019

I tried to ask for a roadside assistance for my 4 month old Honda Odyssey due to flat tire, they told me exactly it's gonna be 60 mins or less because it requires to be towed, 60 mins gone by but no roadside assistance. No call to tell me that it got delayed, waited. I tried to call them and follow up but they told me it's gonna be 28 more mins, this is really bad customer service, good thing it's not winter or snowing or I would've been froze to death.

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Reviewed April 4, 2019

I have the 2 year Honda factory with an extended warranty on my 2016 Honda HRV. After 18 months I am having it serviced here in Naples and asked what coverage is offered to correct hazing headlight lenses to make this right. They told me because it was caused by the elements Honda does not cover this. I would classify this as poor quality and workmanship. Extremely disappointed lifelong Honda driver! Oh well.

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Reviewed March 25, 2019

We have a 2013 White Honda Pilot. It has been a peeling mess. I see many others on the road with the same issue. We went to Honda and they will not cover it. It is obviously a bad batch of paint, I am not sure why they are putting it on us the consumer. We have had many Hondas in our family, this is very frustrating.

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Reviewed March 23, 2019

What a joke. I leased a car from here for 3 years. 6 months before my lease was up I tried going to Honda because I needed a bigger car. They wanted to work no type of deal with me. Said wait out lease blah blah then told me my Honda loyalty could get me far? But clearly did not. I ended up going to Chevy. Worked out an amazing deal for me and I returned my Honda early and under the miles I was suppose to return it with.

Of course Honda could fathom I went somewhere else and charged me a nice 375 which was explained to me, "Oh that’s because you didn’t get another car with Honda..." like what? I returned your car mint condition under miles and EARLY. You charge me a fee for not staying with you when you didn’t want to work anything out with me when I tried? A joke! Can’t stand this company and I tell all my family and friend to stay clear of Honda.

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Reviewed Feb. 18, 2019

All I was doing was trying to get a brochure of the 2019 Pilot mailed to me. Juan the Brand Ambassador couldn't help me, as he didn't see it on the website. Since it is a large company, someone there has it. They send them to the dealers don't they? I asked to speak to a supervisor. He politely told me no. So if Juan doesn't know how to solve a problem, NO ONE DOES!!! If this company is so hard to work with BEFORE there is a real problem, how will they be when there is one? TOYOTA here I come!

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2019

BEWARE. I love the car (2019 Honda Fit LX) and it's almost perfect, with a few flaws that I had to get used to. One being the headlights don't turn off, the audio screen is always on, going from reverse to drive sometimes has me ending up in neutral, and the rear view camera is always getting dirty. Other than that I love the car and feel safe in it. Until today, after a month buying and driving this car NEW. I went to unlock the car and nothing worked. I went to try to unlock it manually with my key. The whole thing was dead. Had to call roadside assistants and they brought out AAA, who kept saying someone either was trying to break into my car or I pushed the panic button by mistake. No sir, all wrong. I'm in a personal gated garage.

Anyway, nobody could figure it out but eventually they came to the conclusion that the alarm system just "glitched" and that I can come in and have the guy turn the alarm off. WTF so I can't use the car with a panic alarm or else I risk the car having me locked out until someone comes to fix it? What is this a stolen iphone. I mean come on! Being unable to get into my car was very scary considering the fact that if I had left my phone inside the car by mistake and needed to unlock the car there would be no way of doing so! Everything works fine again for now but I'm still feel uneasy about driving the car now. Again great customer service, nice car, and good driving vision from all views but one very unsafe experience. This car was purchased in Los Angeles, CA.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2019

Worst brand new car I have ever owned. One year ago, I Purchased a brand new Honda HRV from a new car Honda dealer in Puerto Vallarta. To begin with the car which is supposed to be very easy on gas never gets more than 15 miles on a gallon no matter how I drive. Unless you drive on the most unblemished smooth as roads in the world this is suspension is terrible and incredibly bumpy. In less than one year the dashboard rattles like it’s a 15-year-old jalopy. The air conditioning does not blow strongly enough to even moderately cool down the car in warm weather. So far the dealership is offered to do nothing about the terrible gas mileage saying they’ve checked the car and it’s fine. I will be bringing in the car to correct the other problems but I have no confidence they will be fixed either. Honda should be embarrassed to have put out a model that is this terrible.

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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2019

I am having intermittent electrical and electronic issues with both of my 2017 Hondas. I use to think Honda was a smart purchase but at this point I would never buy another Honda and I will also include Acura as the electronics are likely similar. Really disappointed with these two cars, thank god I leased them. Can’t wait to send them back. The dealers seem like they are so overwhelmed with complaints they will say anything to make you go away. Well guess what? After the lease I have.

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2018

Upon leaving the house a couple months ago, loading the kids in the car then, bam, the back passenger door falls, breaking the cable and damaging the fender in the process. Calls to Honda make it apparent they do not plan to do anything for a design flaw causing a safety concern for my kids who ride right next to this door. The repair from them is in excess of $1500! Then we are loading up today and bam, second back slider cable breaks! Now this door has our 6 month old baby right next to it!

This is our only family vehicle, and to put icing on the cake, the sole provider for the family is off work for a back injury! Honda refuses to pony up and assist with issues despite calls asking why our 4 year old car is falling apart, their answers, normal wear and tear is not covered and we will have to foot the bill entirely on our own! Honda quality is nothing what it used to be and their customer service and support is laughable. Before these issues we were ecstatic to share our new car and tell everybody how great it was, now I would not recommend this car to my worst enemy!

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2018

I took my Honda to a dealership to show them the paint coming off my car. They referred me to Honda C/S. I filed a claim and they told me someone would respond in two days. That was over a week ago. I talked to Mgr. Paul ** in Gainesville, FL and I'm still waiting for an answer. The paint is stripping off the hood, roof & fenders. They are calling it Clearcoat. It is only 8 yrs old not 20 yrs old. This is unacceptable.

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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2018

The 2018 Honda Civic Sport Touring that I purchased is the single worst auto purchase I have ever made, and I have owned more than several Honda automobiles and motorcycles. The build quality is horrendous on this new model, it feels as if you are driving around with the windows and or doors open at all times, the interior constantly fogs. The interior is extremely cold in winter and extremely hot in the summer, the climate is at 90% fan level at all times, of which the fan makes a subtle whirling noise. The collision mitigation system will brake randomly for you with no obstacles in sight, insanely dangerous. That same system if you attempt to disable you can but you only get like 10 disables before you can no longer disable for the following 2 weeks, really? A limit on how many times I can turn off this horrible dangerous feature????

The OEM tires on the vehicle are constantly either blowing out or running low on air, why they put such a cheap standard load tire on this hatchback vehicle should be considered criminal. I have now had to replace 2 blowouts and I'm re-filling a different tire's air at least once a week, I had to purchase a tire infiltrator so that I don't have to constantly visit and pay the gas station for air.

The wooden board that covers the spare tire in the trunk has curved and no longer sits flat, WT???? The molding/black rubber seals around the doors and jamb already coming loose. From what I have noticed on the driver's side door the interior section if you rest your arm on the panel itself it rattles, I'm assuming this is caused due to the flimsy nature of the panel itself. The driver's side visor rattles?

13, 000 miles in and I'm counting down the months over the next year to trade this junk in, I will never ever buy a new Honda vehicle going forward. I would without any doubt recommend Hondas from 2010 and back because I have had great experience with the year models. I'm sure I'm missing something here as there is just too many thing to remember. I get in the car daily thinking what's next with this thing. Living off the build and name of years in the past. Just HORRIBLE.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2018

Paid over $800 for tires and alignment and after I drove off I realized I had to force the wheel to the right for it to stay on the road. Then to test it I let go of the steering wheel multiple times and it immediately pulled to the left. I called the service department three times to speak with the man who oversaw my service, he didn't answer. So I made a u-turn and returned the vehicle. He did a test drive and came up with new terms to explain why it's pulling and blamed it on the road.

Three different men drove the car three different times on the main road including the technician and claimed nothing is wrong with the car. They refused to service it or even take a look at it. I told them not to drive out my gas and my mileage. They still took the car anyways and drove it around. The manager asked at first I said no then yes. He also did everything to try and keep the car on the road but still refused to service it or replace the gas in my car. As he was testing the car he was raising his voice at me saying "it's the road the car is pulling because of the road". I will never ever return to any Honda dealer to service or purchase a car. They are a bunch of criminals running a business.

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Reviewed Nov. 30, 2018

We have been a Honda family for many years. However, we have purchased our last Honda. In the last 5 years, we have purchased two Honda Accords. BOTH cars ran out of oil and damaged the engines. Honda tells us that the oil light only comes on when you are completely out of oil??? Well, by then, it's too late. The first Accord, they put in a new engine for $3,000.00. Right before the warranty expired... it ran out of oil again. They fixed the engine, we sold the car and bought another Accord.

On this particular model, Honda KNEW that oil consumption was a problem. Our car ran out of oil and did some damage to the engine. This happened 1,000 miles past the warranty date. Honda would NOT make good on this problem and wanted us to pay another $3,000.00 to fix this engine. We filed a claim with American Honda, and they said they would not pay AND that this car had a "fix" put on it because it had a recall for the oil consumption problem. We are now TOYOTA buyers.

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2018

I realized during a recent snowstorm that the rear defogger on my 2016 Honda Accord was inoperative. I took the car into the White Plains service station on Friday. After waiting more than four hours for an oil change and the repair of the defogger I was informed that the work was not covered although I still have bumper-to-bumper coverage. I called Honda Care; they told me that the work should be covered. I called both Jose and Maribel on separate days and was assured that they would contact Honda Care and would get back to me. They have not. Buyer beware at White Plains Honda.

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Michael increased rating by 3 stars.
After a positive interaction with Honda, Michael increased their star rating on Dec. 30, 2018.

Updated review: Dec. 30, 2018

Finally was able to get this horrendous situation rectified but I had to take the car to another Honda dealer to do so. Scott Honda, in West Chester PA, was able to quickly diagnose that there was a faulty bearing in the transmission and as such ended up replacing the transmission. ROBERTS HONDA had thr car for 3 weeks and did not diagnose the problem and they gave it back to me with it still making the noise loud and clear. Very good experience with Scott Honds though. They're team is very knowledgable, organized and customer service oriented. Only time will tell how well this car holds up but either way Scott Honda definitely has a fan in me!

Original Review: Nov. 24, 2018

First off the reason I bought a Honda in the first place is because my entire immediate family and some of my extended family members own either Hondas or Acuras and all have been very reliable cars for them (albeit all of them are older versions not the 2018's). Prior to owning Hondas I owned other makes and the reason I bought a Honda was because I got tired of spending all of my time and money visiting the dealer getting the cars repaired. I bought a 2018 back in April 2018 and initially was thrilled with it and so excited every time I got the opportunity to drive it. That excitement however was short lived as multiple things started to go wrong with this vehicle and I might add much, much sooner than my other cars which have included Chevys, Buicks and Nissans.

The first thing was the screen repeatedly freezing, then the insulation in the drivers side door repeatedly coming undone leading to rain water getting into the car. Then an annoying clicking noise that ended up being a noise coming from what turned out to be a faulty airbag. Most recently the driver's side seat creaking loudly all the time which they now need to replace. In addition to this a bubbling noise coming from the radiator which I am told may be a head gasket (although they still do not know).

Finally the biggest one is recently the car started to sound literally like a lear jet making a loud high pitched winding noise coming from the engine. I was told today that this is coming from the transmission and that they will need to replace the transmission but they cannot replace it until Honda corporate gives them approval. Now mind you, I dropped this car off 1.5 weeks ago and it took them until today to actually determine what the issue is and these are the same people that are going to install a new transmission on my car? I just don't have much confidence in this group of Honda mechanics given it took them 1.5 weeks to determine the problem in the first place.

To me, that seems like a really long time but that is a whole other story. I have had repeated problems with this dealership that orders on complete and utter incompetence. Plus they are now telling me that they have no flexibility in providing me a deal on a new car despite all of these issues on a 6-month-old brand new car. This is despite the fact that all of my family members will never buy another Honda or Acura again given the way Honda has treated me here in addition to all of the problems I have experienced with this 2018 Accord and I might add also the problems I experienced with my prior 2014 V6 Accord Touring (which for the purposes of time I won't get into now but that car was a lemon as well).

My point being consumers should be aware that Honda is marketing a faulty product here and not doing anything to try and rectify a long standing relationship that includes more than just me. It is very disheartening and if I were not tied to an 84-month financing agreement I would drop this car like a hot potato and get another brand car faster than you can say Mississippi. Going into the winter months I have zero confidence that this car won't stand me on a frigid day.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2018

I really love Honda but from now on I will not buy this brand anymore after they denied my complaint about the rusted I have on my two years old car with only 20000 miles in it. I have to fix it at the body shop with my own cost. The Honda technician blame on the accident reported that may cause the paint scraped off. But accident report did not really tell what kind of accident. So I took the car to body shop and they told me the problem start at the door seal have a hole right at the rust is. It cost me only $150 to fix the problems. Honda technician smart enough get my tiny problem fix instead denied it. You guys losing one customer and this message will passing on to other.

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Reviewed Nov. 14, 2018

We purchased a 2011 Honda Civic from a private owner over 4 years ago (2014). Would you believe WE JUST got the title clear and in our name??? (2018) Granted we started the process a year an a half ago when we tried to register it in a different state only to learn that Honda had some kind of hold on it. We kept getting someone from their customer service telling us they had fixed everything and would send out the title. Only to wait for weeks and never receive it. We couldn't register it until we held a title. They kept telling us they couldn't talk to us about why they couldn't release it??? WHAT? WE WERE THE OWNERS!

This went on for months back and forth with a new person saying they were sending the title and going through the whole cycle again! Omgosh, so frustrating! I had to track the original owners down to help us, who had since MOVED OUT OF THE COUNTRY, and guess what? They (Honda) said that they had to be in a US OFFICE to sign some paper! We waited for them to come back for a visit to the U.S. and then thought everything was squared away, guess what? STILL DIDN'T SEND THE TITLE. We ended up having to get an attorney and we used to be HUGE Honda fans.

Never again will we buy a Honda. The customer service reps were always incredibly rude and disrespectful even hanging up on the original owner. Very, very, very disappointed in Honda to say the least. Customer service is a reflection of the company, I feel very strongly about that. I don't want to support a company that doesn't honor and serve their customers.

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Reviewed Nov. 14, 2018

I am writing to you to inform that I am very disappointed with customer service care line from HONDA from the way they handle case. The story is like this: My nephew call customer service line at 1800-18-1177 on 13th November 2018 after his car ** accidentally hit broken hole at Bangi while heavy raining. He call at 3.00pm plus and towing truck only arrived at 7pm plus.

After they checked the car (in front 2 tyre burst and found the car cannot start) they say will send the car to the nearer HONDA which at Semenyih. They ask whether can they send to SAG ULTIMATE centre which my nephew do not know actually. The place is only for (Body and Paint centre) after accident. Here what I want to question how come Honda towing track staff do not know where to send the car base on the car situation and case. My nephew is not accident which I think they should straight send the car to the nearer HONDA service centre. How come they send the car to the body & paint centre???

14th November 2018. I went to the SAG ultimate and they mention they did not provide checking or repair for engine issue. Then I call back your customer service line and talk to Ms. ** to collect back the car and send to the HONDA service centre but she mention I need to pay for it which is the procedure is like that. I'm like… "What? I have to pay for your mistake?" And further I'm not asking to bring to other workshop. I'm asking to collect and send to HONDA service centre. I really hope the management of HONDA look into this issue. This will make your customer feel upset and HONDA reputation will affected. Your customer service never act professional in this difficult situation. It's not about the money that we need to pay extra for the towing issue but just the matter of professionalism and customer happiness

Lastly I would like to give compliment and professional sales services to SAG ultimate branch at Semenyih to the Manager (Steve **) which provide me efficient and fast respond on settling this issue. He take the responsibility to send my nephew car to the Semenyih HONDA service centre without any charges. Thank you for his staff at the SAG centre, Mr. Chin ** and En ** for the good customer care and professional attitude. Thanks.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2018

My tire was flat. I called Honda Roadside Assistance at 8:44 pm. They said they text me when arrived in one hour and half. Then I received a text at 9:06 that service come at 10:02. I was waiting in a restaurant on front and they never text me. I called again at 10:30 and never sent assistance. Called again at 11 and they sent assistance to be here at 12:52 am... and I'm still waiting... Worse experience and they provide the service through AAA.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2018

I purchased a used car from Hendricks Honda Pompano beginning August 2018. I was looking for a used car, and I found a 2017 Infiniti QX60 that I liked. Jose (Jose **) in sales helped me, I went, I tried the car, and after some negotiation, we agree on the purchase. When in the negotiation process, I asked Jose several times if the car came with 2 set of keys for it and he said that yes the vehicle had two keys. The day I went to pick up the car, after asking for the keys Jose mentioned that the second key was in a locked place and he didn't have the key for that "place" so we will send me the second key on the mail.

After requesting the key several times, finally Jose sent me a key in the mail, and when I tried it, it didn't work. I called Jose and mentioned what happened, and he promised to help me solve the problem. After several calls and texts, I have copies, that never happened. By the end of October, the car run out of battery and I needed a jump start, so I tried to open my SUV with the key with the physical key on the fob, and to my surprise, it didn't work. So the fob did work, but the physical key didn't. Of course, the second key sent by email neither. I called the dealership for some help, knowing that Jose will not help me since he never did. I was "helped" by Dmitry (Dmitry **), after recommending to change the batteries on the fob which I did, but didn't work, I explained that I didn't have access to my car, to open the hood for the jump start.

Finally, he stated that I had to bring the car to the dealership to make the keys, and I reply to, "HOW? If I can't access the inside of the car how can I take the car to the dealership?" His answer: "TOW IT!" After a long conversation he hung up on me, and when I called him back he didn't answer my calls anymore, that's what I call customer service!!! Needing to work and desperate, I tried to call the General Manager or CEO of the company and left several messages, and he never answered back. I also called several times Jose my salesperson with the same luck.

This happened on Friday, by Monday, and losing all those days of work, I called everybody again, and they transferred me to Manny (Emanuel **). Ohhh Myyyy, what an ignorant individual, impersonating a manager. After talking for more than 30 minutes, he never understood what the situation was, so I asked him for another manager, not knowing he was not, since he presented himself as a manager and not a sales associate. The phone call went to another voice message.

Desperate at this point not knowing what to do, I talked again to the receptionist, Ariana and I beg her to transfer me with someone that would care. She was extremely professional and helpful, honestly trying to help me and she did since she transferred me to Richard (Richard **). This guy in less than 30 seconds understood and asked me to wait for a locksmith at my location. I wonder why Dmitry didn't offer this four days ago, but I was glad that someone at least was trying to help me.

To make it short the locksmith came to my place, to make the physical key, I had no idea that with no original they can do that, he opened the car, then the hood and he jumpstarted the car, everything in less than 15 minutes. I was ecstatic, I was going to be able to work again, and I began to wonder why Dmitry asked me to tow the car to the dealership to make the keys when that was NOT necessary AT ALL! I showed the second key to the Locksmith that Jose sent by mail, and the stated that that key was never for my car, once paired it can not be changed, not the fob or the physical key and if I wanted another one I had to order one from scratch.

To summarize I'm not surprised Dmitry, Jose and Manny, still work in that company if we have in mind they have as General Manager, Mark **, who is a stranger to the concept of customer service. I still have to make the extra key that was promised at the purchase of the car more than four months ago. But at least I'm happy I can use my car. Hope someone in Honda will address this issues since this is NOT the way to handle any situation or customer.

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2018

Purchased a 2018 MDX Acura from Radley Motors, Bailey's Crossroads, VA. Water leaked into the new vehicle for an unspecified time from the passenger seat window when it rained. Misaligned door from manufacturer. Honda & dealer being sued. You cannot repair water that has been entering a vehicle for an unspecified amount of time. Will impact the electrical system. Honda & the dealer are fighting this claim and has not been responsive. The vehicle is at the dealership & car payments are being made. Honda admitted the misaligned door. Dealer delivered a new car to purchasers that leaked.

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Reviewed Oct. 25, 2018

Wife purchased a 2019 Ridgeline. At 89 miles vehicle would not start and was towed to Honda. Since then the vehicle has 1200 miles and has broken down 4 times. 3 times it was towed for not starting and the only reason it wasn't towed a fourth time was that it literally broke down at the dealership after they had it for two days diagnosing why it would not start. Literally did not drive 100 feet and the transmission stopped working. Talked with customer service a few times so far. INFURIATING!!

On my first call I was informed rather quickly I would NOT be getting my money back or a new truck. When asked what they were going to do for me... wait for it... they said "They would call them and tell them to fix it right!!!" AWESOME!!! In subsequent conversations all customer service regurgitates is "warranty and repair" talking points. At NO time will they discuss the consistent breakdowns as a problem nor will they let me speak to anyone above them. They disconnected me yesterday as I refuse to sit and listen to someone rattle off the business talking points. I would think any reasonable person would expect their new vehicle to not break down 4 times in the first 1200 miles. Seems Honda doesn't mind how many times it happens. Because remember... they will call and have them fix it right. NEVER AGAIN!!

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Reviewed Oct. 13, 2018

I'm your customer from Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. I buy Honda City car dated 08/08/2017. I need to make complaint because my car Honda City driver seat chair is problem, when I asking for check about 3 month, then the services company change new for me. But until now the problem still have, why the services company can't solve my proplem, when Honda staff recommend me to go another one car services center, when I call the services center, the Malay girl told me, because I am not a regular customer so I can't get appointment from their company, and I need to wait after DECEMBER '18 just can make appointment for checking my car. Can I ask you, if in few month accidentally I can appeal to court. I hope you can helping me solve the problem. Thanks & Regards.

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2018

I purchased a 2017 Honda Ridgeline truck. I live on a small ranch located 3 miles off the paved road. At 23,000 miles, my check engine light came on indicating a problem with my emissions system. I was told that the emissions canister under the truck was filled with dust and dirt (from my road) and that it would cost me $700 to repair this problem. I was told that this same problem would come back every 15K to 20K miles. The service manager told me that the truck was never designed for dirt road, but rather it was a city truck. I immediately drove to the Toyota dealer and traded in the truck for something more reliable. Buyer Beware, this little detail does not appear in the Honda literature.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2018

I can’t believe I wasted my time and money on them. I was safe but they kept me waiting for over 24 hrs for a tow. Had to call back three times. Then to boot the driver told me I could have gotten the same service faster and cheaper (if not free from AAA). You can’t rely on them and save your money for someone who cares about you and will get you towed quickly. Even sadder follow up call was automated. Don’t spend your money on them!

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Reviewed Oct. 4, 2018

I have owned 4 Honda/Acura vehicles in the past. I currently own a 2017 Civic hatchback and a 2017 Ridgeline. The Civic's TPMS sensor went off after a day or two of owning it. It took 3 visits to the dealer for them to figure out that there was a nail in the tire. It didn't seem to faze them that they missed this twice before. This was at Sunset Honda in San. The Civic has a dash rattle that they cannot diagnose or fix after several visits. This is at Santa Maria Honda, CA.

The Ridgeline's parking sensor warning chime comes on every time it rains. When I dropped off the car it was raining and the sensors was chiming incessantly. In spite of this fact after waiting the whole afternoon I was told the "technician" cannot reproduce the problem and it cannot be fixed. This was at Santa Maria Honda, CA. What is happening to Honda and their dealers? I don't think I will buy another Honda.

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Reviewed Oct. 2, 2018

Honda's PHEV Clarity cannot properly charge at public charging stations, specifically ChargePoint with dual ports. It handles fine at home with a dedicated 30A charger. We bought the car to take advantage of an employee benefit of free charging (up to 3 hours), but the vehicle cannot sustain uninterrupted charging. Numerous attempts to restart charging will cause the vehicle to malfunction including inability to start the car. This will result in waiting for at least 3 hours to allow the system to auto-recover from the multiple plug-in/plug-out attempts. Issue has been diagnosed by a local dealer, but Honda is too slow to address the problem.

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Reviewed Oct. 2, 2018

This is my 3rd Honda minivan and will be my last, since Honda doesn't want to stand behind their paint job on my van that is peeling in multiple areas. I was told by general manager at a Honda dealership to file a claim on it. I called, filed a claim. They gave me a case number. Had me take it to local Honda dealer to have it inspected. The case manager from Honda called me after about 2 weeks and told me the cost to repaint my whole van is $2,319.42 and I would have to pay $1700 of it since I'm out of warranty he said. I told him I wasn't out of warranty. When I called the man told me I was still under warranty. This case manager wanted to argue with me saying what I was told was wrong.

I just read an article on Consumer Reports that Honda extended their paint warranty to 7 years and unlimited mileage. My van was bought new 2014 and it's only 4 years old with 95k miles. I even have a body shop who fixed my tailgate under the care plan I bought additionally but they said when they went to fix the tailgate from the peeling paint it was so bad the paint came off in strips and that paint didn't adhere to the primer if any primer was even put on it. But the van is also peeling now in additional areas and Honda thinks I should have to pay $1700.

I told the caseworker if Honda had did the paint job the right way the first time I wouldn't be having this problem, I said I would be willing to split the cost to paint the whole van but will not pay most of it. This was last week. The case manager said he would relay my response and I haven't heard back from them. I have had a total of 5 minivans: 3 Hondas, 1 Nissan Quest and 1 Chrysler Town and Country and this 2014 Honda van is the only one I have ever had paint peeling off of it.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2018

DO NOT BUY A 2018 HONDA ACCORD - DEFECT ON BLACK PAINT ON HOOD & ROOF. I went to a Honda dealership in Nashville to buy a new 2018 black Accord on September 23, 2018. The paint was ruined on both the cars they tried to sell. They offered to fix it by wet sanding it. Who wants to buy a new car that has been wet sanded? I called 2 other dealerships, and the paint was the same way. One of the dealerships transferred me in another car, and the paint is also ruined on it. The auto detailer at the dealership said all the black Accords he has seen look that way. Stain in the clear coat due to tree sap, or bugs. It looks like acid rain spots. The clear coat must be incredibly weak. If the paint already looks like this, imagine 2 years from today. Honda this is fraud to sell a brand new car that paint is destroyed. A new car should not be a damaged car.

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Reviewed Sept. 25, 2018

I've owned Honda cars my whole life, and have had a 1994, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2013. Now I have a two 2018 Accord, they will be my last Hondas EVER!! Here's a list of my issues so far in my first 6 weeks/2226 miles on the car: 1. Paint defect on hood. 2. Paint defect on roof of car. 3. Paint defect on trunk of car. 4. Failed backup camera/console unit. Issues so far in my daughter’s Honda Accord first 8 months/12000 miles on the car: 1. Failed backup camera/console unit. 2. Weather stripping literally falling off driver’s front door. 3. Rattling noise that the dealership can’t hear when I take it in.

The district manager is saying it's the environment. Not true! I have not one but two 2018 Honda Accord's and it's only happening one. If it was the environment both of the vehicles would be messed up. My daughter’s Accord paint isn’t messed up and she has had it longer than I have had mine. I have another vehicle that I drive. I drive the SAME route everyday for the last year and I had the other car since 2017, it doesn’t have paint damage either. Something is wrong with the paint on the Honda Accord and I am very disappointed that Honda isn't owning up to it and fixing my vehicle. I have been driving Hondas since 1994. Besides the paint I am very pleased but unless Honda fixes my vehicle I will NEVER buy another Honda in my LIFETIME.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2018

Don’t even waste your breath with this. I got a flat tire on the highway and all they could do for me was tow my car to the nearest dealership. Couldn’t change the flat with my own spare either- just a tow. The lady helping me said I needed to give her an exact address- well I was traveling and I had no idea where I was. Also, after 30 minutes I called the towing company they dispatched and no one was even on their way yet... ended up calling non-emergency police and they came out in 10 minutes and changed my flat to my spare. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH HONDA.

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Reviewed Sept. 10, 2018

Having owned 5 Hondas over the last 15 years, I can tell you this is NOT the same company it once was! Customer Service, WAS their strong point, and was upheld to a standard that surpassed the industry. NOW it is just MAINSTREAM... MAYBE EVEN WORSE! We are getting ready to purchase our new vehicle and it will NOT be a HONDA. Not because the vehicles are faulty... but because the service standards have fallen to a level of disgust and unethical practices. I hope this review gets seen by anyone that might be considering a HONDA for their next purchase. BUYER BEWARE!

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Reviewed Sept. 7, 2018

Windows fogging up really bad. Takes forever to defrost just the front. The rest of the windows don’t really clear up. If more than one person in the car talking can’t see anything. Have to stop the car and wait till front window clears. I called Honda and they said no one has called in on this problem. If you are having this issue please call them. This is a very dangerous situation. Can’t see out to rearview mirrors or back. I am fighting with them to give me another car. I have read people having problems and being told poor heating system in this model. They must make this right with their customers. Please Please call and complain.

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