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I bought a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 crew cab Jan. 2014, it's Oct 2016 now and the transmission is done. I spent over $80,000 on it and now I'm lucky to get $20,000 for it. There's only 176,000 kms on it. I thought these trucks were built to last, it's supposed to be a work truck and I used it as my personal vehicle!! I took very good care of it, always changed the oil when necessary. Did everything I was supposed to. I was told my transmission fluid needed to be changed so I did just that. Well now I don't have a vehicle and I'm out $60,000. Biggest mistake of my life was changing the transmission fluid. Reading some of these reviews also has me regretting buying this truck even more!! This truck was built on a Monday when everyone was hung over or a Friday when everyone's in a hurry to leave 'cause this is unheard of for GMC trucks or at least I thought. :(.

The chrome started peeling from my wheels about 12k miles and 9 months of ownership. I took it to Don Elliott Autoworld and addressed the situation with Theresa **, the service manager. Theresa immediately said that the "DM" would deny the warranty claim. I urged her to submit it anyway, so she did. I had to bug her for nearly two weeks to get the denial, which was total BS. I contacted GM directly and they just agreed with the "DM" and dealership and would not do anything but state that "environmental issues" caused the flaking/peeling.

Posted today, 03:28 PM. I purchased a completely loaded 2016 Sierra 4x4 Double Cab. Tax, title, extended warranty, everything out the door was pretty close to $60,000. Now when I test drove the truck I instantly noticed a vibration on the freeway. The salesman told me that it was just a simple flat spot in a tire from sitting in the lot. Sounded reasonable to me. He said, "Don't worry. It would be 100% fixed!" Well my truck that I've only owned for six weeks has now been back and forth four times, and the last time being for 10 days, and the dealer has now put three sets of brand new tires on the truck, and tested other miscellaneous things, and it still has the same vibration, and they are now telling me they don't know what the problem is that I'm going to have to deal with it! So as of right now I am searching Lemon Law lawyers! So if I was you I would stay as far away from any GM product that you can!!!

Thank god I leased and not bought a new 2016 GMC Sierra SLE. At 362 miles the engine blew up and the #7 piston was trashed. Dealer blamed it on the FMS. Truck has had constant hesitation along with hard shifting and loss of power from time to time. Now with exactly 5100 miles on it the same issue happened again. Engine light flashing, clunking noise under the hood, engine kept shutting down and now engine is once again torn down. 1st time the dealer had my truck just shy of 1 month. Hit over a month and the lemon law in Indiana kicks in. 3 days now on round two and no news. I'll be going back to Ford next time. Lesson learned.

I noticed a couple weeks ago that the dash on my 2011 GMC Sierra was cracking in three different places. I called a couple dealerships and they told me it was happening a lot. So I told them I only have 41000 miles on the truck would they be able to replace it under warranty since it is a flaw. I was told they are doing it only for the people that purchased the truck no one else. I ask them to explain that to me and they said that came from their head office. If you know you have a problem the smart thing would be to fix it so people don't go sour and tell everyone you don't care about their problem. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I will tell you this I will not purchase a truck from someone that knows they have a problem and don't fix it. Now I know why everyone says buy a Ford. What a shame. I do not recommend anyone purchase a GMC ever.

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Bought my 2010 GMC Sierra. The windshield wipers started acting up, just move a little and stop. I replaced motor and switch but that did not fix. I found out it is the wiper transmission (linkage). I took that off and it was rusted and froze up so will not move wiper arms. I ordered one from Dorman and after 2 days they call to say they are out of stock, so when I call all the part houses no one has any of these parts. First of all this should not happen on a 2010, second of all they need to have a recall on these because from what I have read my GMC is not the only one this same part has messed up on.

To sum up what happens when you buy a brand new vehicle from a GMC dealership. I bought a "brand new" 2016 Sierra 1500 All Terrain in black with only six miles on it. Photos will show just what you get from GMC or an affiliated dealer. Where did the damage to the paint come from, who knows? Both GMC corporate and the dealership where said vehicle was purchased both deny they did the damage. I guess it's normal for brand new black vehicles to look like this. Mind you the photos don't even show all damage... more like only 10 percent of the swirls that are really there. Uploaded is one picture of the vehicle purchased and four more photos of the swirls that cover every square inch of my truck minus the tailgate.

I was robbed when I bought 2015 GMC S. I have inherited a lemon with no fixed insight, I am too stressed to deal with runaround with the dealership. I got a $50,000 vibrating vomit truck. One of my child is 4 years old and can't long rides in my truck because he gets vibration sickness. This really problem I think GM is getting away with and should be on Nightline 60 Minutes. I wish the lawmakers would buy this truck and maybe they could write some laws protecting the consumer. I know one thing for sure. GM is writing their own death certificate. The amount of people this affects are mad just like me.

My new 2015 Sierra SLT has had hesitation issues since the day I bought it. I was told over the phone the computer needed to learn my driving habits. Then I was told in another phone call that this was the normal operation of active fuel management. The dealer never went for a test drive or even looked at the truck. I finally went to another dealer when it got to the point where it felt unsafe. I often pull off the road or interstate to avoid being hit in traffic. I never know if the truck will go forward or hesitate or how long the series of hesitations will last. It feels like the transmission is confused.

The new dealer has tried to help me. Here's a partial list of what's been done so far: The torque converter has been replaced. The rods in the transmission have been polished. Plugs have been replaced, fuel has been tested and most recently the transmission was replaced. I've driven several new GMC loaner trucks and they do not drive like mine. My last 2 GMC Sierra SLT's also had active fuel management and did not run like this. I've been offered trade assist dollars, but what is being offered will just about cover the loss in value due to mechanical issues. Yup, the dealer has reduced the trucks trade in value for a GM issue - nothing I caused. I will lose $15,000 if I trade for another like GM. I am left to shoulder the depreciation and price increase.

GM customer service has been horrible. You can never reach them. I have called my agent at least 60 times only to get voice mail. Even after I was given specific times to call. I am so disappointed in GM. Over the years I have owned many GM vehicles and praised their product and service to my friends and colleagues - even during their financial difficulties. What has happened to GM? GM - step up and do the right thing. Fix my truck or replace it. Do not expect me to take on financial burden for a defective product that you made and sold to me!

Bought a 2015 Sierra. Almost immediately after purchase exhaust started making sounds on acceleration. Multiple times in shop and 3 exhausts later it may finally be fixed. I have hardly had my truck on bumpy roads. Dash rattles... driver's side window is loose, that's being fixed this week. My z71 suspension is very rough. Bumps feel like the box of my truck is going to come right off. Recently my steering column started making rubbing sounds. I'm so thankful I spent $60 000 on a truck that's unreliable and proving to be more of a hindrance than pleasurable. GMC will not buy my truck back. I'm left with the option to trade in and lose $20000 or keep the piece of crap. The dealership returns my vehicle with the gas tank on empty and not once have I been offered a courtesy car. This has been by far the worst purchase I have ever made.

I am a 2004 GMC 1500 truck owner. My truck has anti-lock brakes. I am fully aware of the recent disallowance of recall for 2004 GM truck era rusty brake line issues. The anti-lock modulator effectively negates dual action breaking because of its less expensive design. The brakes effectively become a single action braking system and ANY broken brake line results in a complete loss of ALL braking ability. This is a violation of consumer safety protection law. I know that this loss of ALL braking ability happens because it happened to me!

I buy 2011 GMC truck 1500 about 2 years ago. The anti lock comes on. I change fuse 4 times!!! And my radio went out too at same time anti lock!! So now at dealership they call me say my truck don't start really!!! I told them it might be bad wiring inside. That is common sense!!! I might get my truck back when it is paid off.

I purchased a new 2013 GMC Sierra 4x4 new from a Bedford Hts, OH GMC dealership. At just under $50,000. I have the Vortec, 6 liter and the truck is a 4 door with a long bed. I run a construction company and needed a reliable truck. Thinking GM has made some significant strides forward and being fond of GM, I bought this truck. I was a little disappointed with the fuel economy of 11.2 miles per gallon. At 36,500 miles the windshield wiper arm assembly froze up. I replaced that myself after discovering there was no warranty. I replaced oil and filter with synthetic on the recommended basis in accordance with the computer display. I also do almost all of my own maintenance as it is required.

At about 40,000 miles the interior door plastic started to shed parts, specifically behind the interior pull handIe used to pull the door shut from the interior. I have lived with the missing plastic for quite some time now. I now have 65,000 miles on the truck. Last night, I couldn't get out of the driver's side door, even when I opened the window and reached out for the exterior handle. Neither worked. Today, I removed the interior door handle and ordered the new one. I have been reading up on the door handle and it is a very common problem with this model. It is all plastic and the handle is mounted with plastic rivets and melted heads to secure it to the subframe brackets on the door. While it was apart, I looked into the pull handle. I peeled back the door pull handle and plastic pieces fell out. No wonder the door pull was deflecting every time I pulled the door shut from the interior.

I looked around the shop and found some 1" x 1" aluminum angle and I cut a piece about 10" long and slid it underneath the vinyl overlay wrapping the interior door pull. I also cut & bent two pieces of 16 ga. steel into a channel that had an o.d. of 3 1/8" with two (gauge line) legs of 3/4". The channel width was 5/8". I stitch screwed the angle with # 8 stitch screws thru the angle & legs of formed channel. The other end went thru the interior door bracket (had to remove one existing screw to flinch channel to angle). I'm going to wrap the mess with some black electrical tape until I can get some black vinyl to cover the pull. I'm going to find some black vinyl or leather with some PSA backed Velcro to cover the door pull. It's just shameful, that some of the little details get overlooked.

Before I buy the next GMC, I'm gonna check out with some weight the door pulls to see if GM got it right this time. Also, I'm gonna see if they are getting any better on the MPG ratings on these 2500 series trucks. Did anyone think about 7 or 8 speed transmissions like the German have in the Mercedes line-ups? How about some two speed rear ends (including the 4 wheel drive units too). The other problems were some head light replacements replaced twice, now. Changing bulbs is not as simple as days gone by. You had to unbolt air boxes, hose etc. to get them out. I will be a little more conscious on my next purchase. Although I like to buy American, there comes a time when maintenance cost & fuel economy is becoming a bigger factor and from reading some of these forums, GM is not too consumer conscious. I buy something new, so I do not have to spend my leisure time fixing a poorly designed engineering flaw.

Let's do a little more testing and listen to the consumers "automaker's" or you won't be getting the repeat buyers that keep you employed and pay your retirements, 401's and aged cost of your retirees. At 57 years old, I'm getting tired of spending my hard earned dollars on truck maintenance & parts for something that is only three years old. Also, it is tough for a 57-year-old, 285# guy climbing over the center console so he can exit through the passenger door. Thank GOD I didn't have an accident and need to exit quickly.

The paint on my 2015 gmc 2500hd started to show rust spots all over the vehicle about 6 months after buying it and the dealership claimed that it was environmental so I called GMC custom care. Well months later I'm being told to either just deal with the paint issues or trade it in. This is the worst customer service I've ever dealt with.

My 2014 Sierra Texas edition A/C went out after 1st summer with 45,000 ml. I'm told I'm looking at a 500.00 repair, can't see 50' in front of you with headlights, H D is in and out on radio enough to drive you crazy. I'm very dissatisfied after reading all the problems with this year model, record breaking problems in 2014. I'll never recover from this purchase of $41,000.

I purchased a certified used 2014 GMC Sierra All Terrain 4x4 with 17,000 miles on it. It has been an absolute nightmare. I have taken it to the dealer numerous times for vibration issues, rust issues, transmission issues, broken seat (and I'm not that big), leaking radiator, engine noise, shock issues, electrical issues...and probably more that I have forgotten.

The biggest issue is the overall driveability. It clunks and jerks into gear, and often won't disengage 4x4. It gets TERRIBLE fuel economy, way below the advertised amount. I average 14-15 MPG routinely on the highway at a 65-70 MPH pace. It shakes terribly, and idles rough...and the entire frame has rusted on the truck. I had the frame stripped and repainted under warranty, and it's rusting again, worse than before and it's only been 6 months since the work was performed. The drive shaft has been replaced twice, tires 3 times, wheels once, rear differential once...unbelievable. Now it turns out it won't even tow as much as a considerable amount, thanks to GM "misstating" the towing capacity.

I can't even begin to say how disappointed I am with this truck, but what has been more disappointing is the abysmal customer service I've gotten from General Motors. I asked for a warranty extension because I obviously have a lemon--denied. I asked for a buy back--denied. I keep getting stock answers from GM, and everything refers back to the dealer...but the dealer refers everything back to GM. Unreal.

I know all manufacturers have lemons from time to time, but the superior companies take care of their clients. GM could care less and it has cost them a customer. I have been a lifelong GM buyer, but never again unless GM fixes my situation. I will also make sure that I spread the word to anyone who will listen about how terrible GM has been in dealing with me. It's a shame that such a once great company has turned into this poorly managed fiasco.

Bought this truck new in 2008. Drive less than 5K miles/yr so it currently has only 38K miles on it despite being 8 years old. Way out of warranty so I don't bother going to the dealer with issues. Only I drive this truck and am very easy on it. Last week started making horrible noises from front drivers wheel. Thought it was CV half shaft assembly and bought the part. When I jacked up the truck to start changing the half shaft I discovered the wheel bearing completely shot. What kind of junk is GM using to build these expensive trucks when a major part (a safety part) fails at 38K miles?

In December 2015 we purchased a new 2015 GMC Sierra SLT 4x4. In a matter of weeks, we started smelling a terrible odor like a dead animal. When we took it to the dealership, they said it was leaves and cleaned the leaves and filter. However, that did not resolve the odor. We took it back and was told that there was a water leak around the brake light over the cab. They replaced the carpet and insulation and sprayed. It was a very strong deodorizer. The dead animal smell was removed but there was still a very strong odor.

My wife and I both have a lot of health issues and we were very concerned about the mold spores that would have spread to the HVAC system. When we turned on the heat, a white mist was sprayed throughout the cab of the truck. By the time we drove the truck 30 minutes to the dealership, both of us were experiencing headache, burning eyes, difficulty breathing, etc. While at the dealership we learned that they were aware that the odor had spread throughout the system. Because of our concerns for our health, we traded in the vehicle at a loss of several thousand dollars even though it had only 5,000 miles on it.

We bought this truck used in December of 2015. We have put 15000 km on it. The exterior mirrors fold in for no reason (4 times). The forward crash avoidance light has come on for no reason 3 times. The heated and cooled seats do not work on the command start. The dash display has 2 circles instead of one. Service alert comes up on display numerous times. I have discussed with local GM dealer and they have twice looked at it and tell me there is nothing wrong as they can't replicate it and there are no code error present.

I am 60 years old this week. My 2015 GMC SLT Z60 is my 50th personally owned vehicle - of the 50 vehicles, 27 were GM's. Summary first - I have hired a lemon law attorney and I will NOT be fooled by dealer BS such as "that is normal, acceptable, and inherent with all trucks like yours". PLEASE - save it for the cerebrally challenged - won't work with me, or my LEMON LAW attorney.

I first thought my problems were caused by the Active Fuel Management system, but realized later it was a combination of the transmission and the AFM system that's causing throttle response delays, rough shifting (up and down) clunking and an occasional launch hesitation that makes me think Mr. AFM and transmission are on lunch break...

I love the look of the truck and the engine performs great, but between the issues caused by the AFM system and the transmission I am over it. Let's take a minute to talk about brand loyalty, beyond the 27 GM's I've owned. When GM decided to dissolve their common shares of stock, to save the company I lost 12,500 shares of GM stock - well, I really did not lose the shares, the day after the bankruptcy announcement, they were worth .37 cent each. My point - I STILL BOUGHT MORE GM'S - 2007 Corvette Convertible, 2011 & 2013 Corvette Grand Sport Convertibles, and now this 2015 GMC Sierra SLT Z-60.

Another piece of advice, after I heard all I could stand from my GMC dealer, on the subject of "it's normal and inherent with your vehicle" I bought an aftermarket program (tuner) in an attempt to shut off the AFM system, but it did not fix my transmission problems - and when I went in for my final service session with an area GM rep to get to the bottom of the issue, just in front of LEMON LAW claim being filed, they called to say, "come get your truck, your warranty is VOID, there is nothing we can do." No explanation - just come get your truck!! To that all I can say is - see you in court GM... And I will not only NEVER buy another GM but I will make sure I thwart every prospect from buying one, and trust me I will stop many more GM purchases than the minuscule cost GM could have spent to just fixed my truck.

2013 Sierra Denali 40,000 mi. Contacted Customer service concerning Dash cracks & was told my part would be $250.00 for replacement. My question to G.M. is why are some done for free & others charged $1,200.00 or more? These are clearly cheap pieces that were falling apart long prior to 2013. I was also told G.M. does not offer "Special Consideration" to owners whose vehicle are out of warranty & the $250.00 was the "Best" they could offer. "REALLY" G.M. it is time to step up & treat your customers as if they had "Bailed" you out in the past. I have always had a G.M. in my garage but no more.

We have a 2008 Denali Truck with 110,000 miles on it and the value spring on the No.1 piston went out of it and when we took it to the mechanics, there were two other GMC trucks being fixed for the same thing; and we have friends who have relatives with GMC trucks that have had the same problem. Should there be a factory recall and how many complaints are there with the same problem.

I have been greatly impressed with the comfort and reliability of my 2011 GMC SIERRA. I purchased my 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab in November of 2012 with just over 20k miles on it. Since it was a certified used vehicle I received about 3 free oil changes as part of the package. Also the dealer gave me a free oil change for buying it. Altogether I didn't pay for an oil change for the first 2.5 yrs I owned the vehicle. Since I have had no repairs and free oil changes I literally drove the vehicle with no cost of maintenance for the first 2.5 yrs I owned it, and it was used!! Talk about impressive. I currently have just over 50k miles and still have the factory tires. They are close to needing replacement due to tread depth but have only had 2 low tires, which I was alerted to prior to further damage with the tire monitoring system, and they were both from nails I picked up somewhere.

I traded in a 2003 GMC Sierra for my 2011 GMC Sierra simply to get a crew cab instead of extended cab. I had almost no problems with my 2003 GMC so I am glad to see GMC has kept up the good work!! The only thing I can complain at all about is that my crew cab pickup is not as quiet on the interstate than a Ford of the same year. I inquired about this to the dealer and they informed me that GM had to put a vent in the back of the cab to equalize pressure and that has led to more road noise. This has been change in the newer models, along with many other improvements to make them far superior to fords.

I will take a little road noise for the outstanding reliability I have been afforded with my GMC products! Ford can't come close to these wonderful pickups!!! I can hardly wait to upgrade to the newer models when the time comes! I wish I could keep every one of these pickups I have owned and just take turns enjoying each of them. 7 years on my first pickup and only had one minor repair for a couple hundred bucks. Going on the 4th year on this new pickup and not a single problem!! Thank you GMC.

We bought a new GMC Sierra from Bob King Auto in Wilmington NC. The headlamps are defective and very dangerous. You can't see well at night or when it's raining. I had an appointment with Bob King to have this issue with the headlamps repaired. All because of the bad review I gave GM, they are refusing to work on my truck which is under warranty and has a little over 5000 miles on it. So I'm being punished by them for being honest. General Motors has been aware of these headlamps on these trucks since 2014 yet they refuse to correct this. Not only is these headlamps putting me at risk, they are also putting others at risk. Also, I did take my truck to another dealership to fix this problem but they couldn't fix the problem. They tried. In my opinion, the only way to fix the headlamps are to replace them.

I have a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE. I love this truck! I bought it at 187,000 miles and it now has over 206,000 miles. Only issue when I bought it in Feb 2015 was the EGR Valve and the battery needed to be replaced. I have replaced the tires and there are minor issues with the truck that I haven't fixed. These issues is that the fuel sensor went back and the AC Regulator went bad. I think I could drive this truck for at least another 100,000 miles. Prior to this truck, I owned a 94 Silverado with 305,000 miles and was still running! Treat the vehicle right and it will treat you right!

I have a 2011 gmc sierra that engine burns oil more than gas. Service stabilitrak comes on randomly. Fries 4th cylinder spark plug every 30.000 thousand miles and they think it will be fixed by replacing a valve cover. Last gm for me.

I bought a new 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 in September. My son bought new 2015 GMC Sierra in October. We noticed his truck had rear wheel liners and mine did not. I called the dealer I bought my truck from and they said some trucks came without. But they can order them for $120 each. I called my friend that owns a body shop and ask him to get a price. He called and said he can get them from the dealer for $60. What the hell did the dealership I bought my truck from, think I was an idiot? Now, my question is, am I supposed to have these on my truck as normal equipment? Did GMC forget to put them on my truck?

This is a truck that we walked in and paid cash for and that was where the friendship with the dealership ended. We started having issues about four months after we bought it with interior issues. Then the engine and transmission issues started. Codes, tows, recalls and bad service. The dash cracked after two years and we were told it was no longer covered.

Today it sits in the shop with a $500 bill for two batteries two months after being towed in for a transmission issue which was partially found to be causing electrical issues which is documented in the repair receipt. We feel the dead batteries were caused by the electrical issues. We now have a recall in our hands for a possible diesel leak that will only be covered for about three more months but we've been asked not to take it in unless we have the issue. How am I supposed to guess whether this is an issue or not? We are going to demand that they check for it and then we are selling the truck to Carmax to buy something else. I should note, I sold my GMC Terrain a couple of years ago because of mechanical issues. GMC featured us as a Professional Grad family and literally said, "Welcome to the family, we'll take good care of you."

Transition hesitates, seems to struggle pulling an RV. Brought in 3 times, was told computer reads all good. Nothing they can do!!! 85000.00, 2015 and they need to wait!! For what, a recall? An accident! Ugh.

I have an '03 GMC Sierra 1500, and I'm pretty sure it's made out of recycled Datsuns. Everything is rusting on it. Everything. Brake lines failed 5 years ago, the rocker panels are non existent, the fenders will be missing after this winter. I had a spring shackle break off of the frame while driving on the highway 3 months ago... And the sad thing is, I've taken great care of this truck. It's embarrassing to drive. Even the chrome bumpers have rusted through. Then there's the wind noise. I had a passenger ask me if a door was still open last week.

What else... Front crash sensors failed in 2011, it needs rear brakes every 15 months like clockwork (and at least one caliper every other time), instrument clusters last about two years before the speedometer fails, the rear differential cover rusted through, front wheel bearings last two years maximum. I don't remember when the A/C stopped working, the windows hardly go up on their own... It's the worst vehicle I've ever owned, and I've had over 100 cars. Fuel pump failure has left me stranded three times now. Alternator has failed twice. (And now, although the voltmeter sits at 14.5 volts, the battery light stays on.) The truck is at 180,000 km, while my '99 Volkswagen is at 675,000 km and has zero rust perforation, original brake lines and still looks great, drives great, and everything still works.

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