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My wife has a 2007 Dodge Caliber with about 80k on it. Purchased it after a lease in 07 right off the dealer lot. We've replaced every part in the front end of this car at least once and some twice. Now we had the car in for general Service on Saturday and the mechanic tells us the engine cradle is rusting out and tells us he's seen several of these cars with the same issue. I search and sure enough I see that they have issued an "extended warranty" for these cars with this issue. I called Dodge and was told that our "mdh sales code" isn't included in the warranty. This is nearly $1,000.00 of work for an issue caused by bad material that they are aware of and they refuse to make it right even though I have the right make, model, year, and the EXACT issue. Last Chrysler product we ever buy.

I bought a 2010 Dodge Caliber SXT in November of 2011 with 38,000 miles. I have replaced the battery, starter, brake pads and bought new tires so far. The other day we decided to take a road trip 4 hours away. 45 minutes into the road trip, the trans oil temp light came on and the car started running weird like it was struggling. We stopped and let it cool down and took it to an oil change place. It was due for an oil change so I got one and they couldn't check the trans oil because it requires a part only the dealer has. We decided to continue our road trip and the car was fine. The car also started making a creaking noise mostly at lower speeds and I'm not sure what is causing it or if it's serious.

The car currently has 106,000 miles on it. Because of bad credit from the time of purchasing the car, I had an 18% interest rate and currently still owe $6400 on the car. I am considering trading the car in at this point because though it has been a good car, after reading some of the reviews of things that have gone wrong it might be time. Unfortunately, the Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep that has been harassing me via mail pleading with me to trade in my Dodge Caliber because they need it for their lot so bad is only offering me $3,000 for it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I know it needs some maintenance and I need to have it fully inspected to see if it's worth keeping. Altogether it has been a good car requiring very little repairs.

My driver side headlight went out in October 2015. I changed the bulb twice and checked all wiring and couldn't find anything until I checked the internet and found someone had the same problem. She said they reset her TIPM at dealership for $100. I took my car to my local auto mechanic - Auto Medics in Auburn Hills, MI and I mentioned it to them and they tried it and sure enough, the headlight started working and they only charged me $30!

If your undercarriage is rotting out check with the dealership for a recall because they don't send the recall to you! The awesome manager, Nick, at Auto Medics checked with his friend at the dealership and my car was under recall. I was able to take it in to get it repaired but of course they want you to pay for any other parts that need to be replaced while they remove the rotting carcass. They wanted to charge me $580! for the parts that needed to be replaced (at Christmas time 2015).

They don't charge you labor because it is under recall but they will try to get their money somehow. Well I asked if I could get the parts and reluctantly he said yes. I got everything from Rock Auto for $170, and that is including $20 for shipping! These dealerships should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of people like they do!!! Good luck!!! Hope this helps someone!!!

When taking our 2008 Dodge Caliber R/T in for the yearly inspection, we were told that the subframe (what holds the transmission & engine in place) was completely rotted out. This is NOT normal and NOT wear and tear. The mechanic told us he's seen these pieces recalled and ensured us there was no way this was supposed to happen. So we took his advice and called every Dodge dealer in our area (Reedmans, Route 1 Dodge, etc) with no luck.

We were given the Dodge Customer hotline and spoke with a representative there who checked the part with recalls and she said that 2006 & 2007 were indeed recalled but NOT 2008 even though this is the EXACT same problem. This is bad steel - NOT a broken car part due to use. Dodge should be ashamed of themselves for installing bad steel and allowing small families to purchase this! Maybe when someone's engine falls out on the road and causes an accident they will consider extending the recall to the 2008 model.

I called the customer service about my rear hatch being stuck. All I got was "you have to really look for the black tab in order to release the hatch." I pulled everything out of the rear of the car and found nothing at all that looks like a black tab. I then checked the fuses and none are burned out. I then tried to find a repair manual and was told there isn't one. It's only on DIY not printed at all. I'm beginning to wonder if there is one at all? What can I do to fix this? Dodge doesn't seem to have an answer at all. Help me please.

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Purchased a 2007 Dodge Caliber with 47,360 miles on it to save on gas expenses. My husband was using a 2000 GMC Jimmy which wasn't so fuel friendly. At first I honestly thought this was a great buy. Much better on gas than the Jimmy. I couldn't be more wrong. Constantly replacing front end parts. No power whatsoever. CVT making noise. Replacing another alternator this weekend (stupid ADP design... this makes #3) apparently sucking in air somewhere. Have "spark knock." This is a new one. Coolant recovery tank leaking. Front wheel bearings are bad. I HATE THIS CAR.

I bought my 2011 Dodge Caliber new, and as of Oct. 2 it has less than 30,000 kilometres on it. So when the wiper blades on the front stopped working, I thought maybe a fuse. Maybe the wiper motor, said the tech at Varsity Chrysler in Calgary - we'll order the part. I've never had this problem with any other car I've owned. But then I got introduced to the wide wonderful world of that TIPN module. Apparently, mine was blown... And a $500 wiper motor part was magically transformed into a $1541.04 bill for module replacement/labor. No warranty, of course...except on the powertrain blah blah.

Best part of this odious experience - the service desk clerk who sympathized with my shell shock about the bill (she apparently has seen this before with low mileage cars and large repair bills). Oh, and when I tried to leave the lot, the orange engine light warning went on in the dashboard array. Another half hour to fix this... Which happened apparently, "just because it sometimes does." So said the tech. I asked for the damaged part back, and was told I'd have to pay a "core fee" of $160 to get it back. No way to prove blown TIPN... How convenient. And the vehicle maintenance package I purchased for oil changes apparently expired in June. Car needs an oil change, but I'm not giving Chrysler any more of my business.

Just bought a 2011 Dodge Caliber in San Antonio Texas, won't mention dealership. 65k miles. CVT, 2.0 four cylinder. The front washer fluid motor does not work. Only the rear washer fluid motor works. This car has only 1 (one) washer motor. When I pull back on the washer lever on the steering wheel for the front windshield the washer does not kick in. But when I activate the rear washer on the same lever it does work. Both wipers work well. Additionally, I have some hesitation and or stalling on low speeds. I will take the car to local dealership Tuesday the 15th of Sept. 2015. I have also noticed a grinding or growling sound coming from front of car when I turn to the left only. I am guessing it's the rack & pinion. In Spanish it's called the "cremellera".

According to the dealership my car has expired its warranty and only the resetting of the "emissions" will be done for the stalling and hesitation. However, the dealership worker said he may run a diagnosis on the car. I don't know what for since these cars have everything in the TIPM.... new word I learned today; TIPM; integrated power module.

This vehicle was purchased new and lady driven since. It had always been serviced at the dealer where I bought it. There were not too many mechanical issues, mostly regular maintenance repairs. A month or so ago, I noticed an oily leak under my car but we could not find where it was coming from. I had to drive 90 miles to get home. By the time I got home, the transmission was making a howling noise and bogging more and more when accelerating. When I stopped and parked, there was oil sprayed along the passenger side of the car. I didn't drive it until I could get it into the Dodge dealer for repair.

I was informed that the transmission needed replacement at a cost of $10,000 plus possible other parts and taxes. I was shocked! My car has only 155,000 kms! I just spent $2000 on maintenance, $900 on new all-weather tires and a new battery in the fall of 2014. I will never buy another Dodge product. This should never happen as cars should not be "disposable". I'm still in shock!

Bought the car used - it is an 08' with like 118,000 miles. Have it 2 years and now at 150,000 miles the transmission is shot and I am without a vehicle. Was quoted $6,000 for a replacement. I owe 5,000 as it is. This has been the WORST vehicle I have bought in my entire life. Feel like I got ripped off.

First new vehicle I've ever owned. I was 47 years old. Should have known better. The POS I got is a 2007 base model. Manual trans, nothing power, only has air. In 2015 this POS has a zero resale value. As a new vehicle on day 5 the dealer had it towed back for fixing as it would idle only. No throttle. Should have been a sign for me. Within a few months all the rear lights stopped working. No fuses! This is a DEALER only repair as you need to be authorized for computer updates. It cost me $80.00 for a diagnostic reset of computer which took longer to drive car in service bay then to reset. Because dodge (and some of the jeeps) didn't want to put fuses in some of the circuits.

Now at 100,000 miles had to replace struts, ball joints, tie rods ends, clutch. Now the tranny itself is bad. This POS never road well, was noisy, has very little torque, less than 30 mpg. Should have gotten a corolla like my wife because it's 10 times the vehicle at the same cost. Dodge caliber has caused me to never ever ever ever buy another new car and definitely never Chrysler or dodge. TOTAL JUNK CRAP.

I have a 2007 Dodge Caliber and my transmission is messed up. It whines and can't go over 50 mph or it goes into limp mode. Going to cost 1000 of dollars to fix. Thanks Dodge. I will never own another. Had too many other problems like suspension, alternator and also numerous other little problems.

This car is by far the worst most expensive car to own. You would think it was super fancy. I have a Caliber 2010. Yes, I did buy the car used but it was in great condition and it was certified. I've had the car since 2012 and have a little over 100k miles and it literally gives me soooo many issues. I just replaced the starter and now 2 months later it's giving me starting problems. It can't be the battery either cause I also had to replace that. I also experience some sort of jerking when I am driving, it's scary! What is there to do?

I purchased my 2008 Caliber with 23,*** miles on it from the dealership in Nov 2013. Car was ok, until after the winter season and the entire front end needed to be replaced including the ball joints - this was all under warranty. About a month after this repair I was pulling into a parking lot and my driver's side tire fell off, hitting all sorts of other parts and causing a lot more damage. This was 45 mins after I was in the dealership telling them there was something wrong with the car as it wasn't driving right, but of course this was Thursday and the first time they could get me in to look at the car was the following Tuesday. So got the front end rebuilt again including ball joints.

Later that summer started hearing this noise that sound like a bed spring constantly squeaking, but only when it was humid out. Brought it in and they couldn't figure it out, because of course it wasn't making that sound and wasn't humid. Went back a few months later and found out that the toe links were all bad and this is what was causing the sound. Went back in May as the ball joints were giving issues AGAIN. Replaced the ball joints, these have a 12,000 mile 12 month warranty. Not even more than 6,000 miles later the Electronic throttle control light is coming on and yes you guessed it the driver's side ball joint is bad AGAIN. Mechanic cleaned out the throttle body and reprogrammed it. Drove it around for another few weeks and here goes the throttle control again, so guessing it needs to be replaced. The car has 78,*** miles on it.

I am done with this car, if I can dump it I will. There is no reason a car needs ball joints every year. No one really has an explanation for me besides it is the design of the car or that Dodge is using faulty parts. I drive 30 mins to and from work and the occasional road trip. But nothing extreme. I feel like I have to baby the car for fear something will break off or wear out driving it. I now wonder if the person who owned this car before me dumped it because they were having issues.

The car has travelled 80,000 kms, now a whining noise coming from the transmission although I'm thinking it will be the noise of a faulty clutch. MY THOUGHTS IS DODGE SHOULD RECALL THEIR CARS, PAY BACK THE MONEY WE ALL SPENT ON THEM, AND RECYCLE THEM INTO SARDINE CANS. THIS IS THE WORST LEMON ANYONE COULD BUY. The only good thing about the car is the stereo but 30,000 is an overpriced stereo. Oh, I got a quote for the transmission from the Dodge Crowd that don't want to know about these cars, $10,000.

So now I think the only way to fix it would be to find a good, strong, concrete lamp post and hit it at 10,000 kms. Absolutely the biggest piece of ** money can buy. COME ON DODGE, TIME FOR YOU TO RECALL ALL YOUR MISTAKES. I'm in business too, how can you continually sell a faulty product and be happy about it? Look at the net, it is littered with all Dodge's car problems. The problem now is for the Dodge car owner has nowhere to sell his or her car apart for the scrap metal man.

Bought my 2007 Caliber fall of 2007 with 20,000 mile. Have done very little to this vehicle. At 150,000 miles fixed the lower control arm, shortly after that the alternator had a malfunction with the brand of alternator and at the cost of the maker of the alternator had it replaced for free another time. Brakes and such replaced for normal wear and tear. My husband services it and I only use Mobil oil. I drive 800-1200 miles every two weeks seeing patients so I need a reliable vehicle. It now has 262,000 miles and the tranny has started malfunctioning, the fuel pump needs replaced, and the wheel bearings finally need fixed. Not sure the tranny is going to be replaced as I think it's time to get another car, but overall it's been great! Have had it for 8 years with little money put into it. Thanks Dodge!

I have the 2007 Dodge Caliber R/T AWD. I bought new. For the past 4 years the headlights go out. The bulbs are good. Dodge says it's not a recall issue. However most mechanics tell me it is. Dodge dealers charge me about 200.00 every time keep the car a couple days causing me to have to rent a vehicle. I find out this is a five minute fix. Also Dodge won't release the program to non Dodge repairmen. And something that happens often! At the very least they should fix it without a wait or a fee!! I will never again buy anything made by this company and because of the way I've been treated my family have all with Honda, Mazda and Hyundai products.

I bought my 08 Caliber in 2013. It wasn't long before we noticed the chords were showing on my front tires. We replaced them a month after buying the vehicle. It wasn't three months later the chords were showing again. This time I took it to a shop which pointed out to me that it was out of alignment and something was wrong with the suspension. So we replaced both shocks, ball joints, and another set of front tires. Still would squeak going over bumps. We've had the car now a month short of two years and it started making a whirling sound when I accelerate. I'm now told that my transmission is going out at 148,000 miles and my suspension is messed up again. I wish I could just get rid of it but still owe $7000. I'm beyond mad! We bought a newer car so we wouldn't have these issues. Never buying a Dodge again!!

Bought a 2012 Caliber in August of last year. No acceleration, poor fuel mileage. Cheap fit and finish. Had 54000 km when I bought it, from Dodge dealership. 30000 km put on it, mostly highway miles. CV joint crunching and vibrating really badly. No visible wear cracks or leaks on any of the axle or suspension. Overall, extremely dissatisfied with this car. First, and last Dodge I will ever buy. Have had 2 Ford focus, looking for a new one, never had problems and enjoyed driving them.

I love my 2007 Caliber. This has been the best car I have had yet. I've got 168500 miles and have kept oil changed every 3,000 but needed repairs have been very minor. One thing that has been happening since I got it and that is when the brakes get wet and I back up it makes a really loud squeaking sound. Nothing I haven't been able to live with. This car holds about as much as a truck and handles great. I found tires that last 100,000 miles as the factory tires only lasted 25,000 miles. I would recommend this car to anyone who have children as I have my grandchild full time and it's easy in and out with room in the back for the stroller and all the rest.

2007 Dodge Caliber. It was a yesterday while driving on 95 North on Turnpike then I started hearing a humming noise on my transmission. OMG I cant deal with the noise. Please help. I bought this 2007 Dodge Caliber just for a days ago with 79,200 miles. Though I love Dodge but I like I said earlier I just can't deal with that noise. Please I need a help with a transmission expert...

I purchased a Dodge Caliber 2011 and my ball joints are going out at only 63600 miles!! I didn't know these cars had so many problems, I would have never got one and I also see that the government is also turning their back once again!!

I purchased my car with 147,000 miles and now has 158,000 miles and I mean this car has had its issues but so does every car. I absolutely love Dodge, their cars LAST a long time. Every car needs work but it's rare I have an issue. I will never buy anything but Dodge every again. My first car was Toyota and it was okay but Dodge is so much better, it has a great pick up, gas mileage, body. I'm very pleased with my 2007 Dodge Caliber.

Great car bought with 90000 on it. Just rolled over 160000 but I change out myself so all work. No major problem but throttle body and a crankshaft sensor.

We bought a 2010 Dodge Caliber in 2012 with 35,000 miles on it. First the battery goes out simple fix. The switch on the driver door's windows would go out intermittently, until it went out completely. The car only had 100k miles on it when the transmission went into safe mode suddenly on an interstate. The speed of the car went from 75 mph to 30 with no warning. Thankfully the 18 wheeler that was behind me was able to swerve to miss me. Took it to the dealership. They stated nothing was wrong with it. Just for peace of mind took it to a transmission shop. Sure enough it was the transmission going out. I did not waste any time trading that POS in. I will never own another Dodge!!! This problem needs to be fixed before someone gets killed!!

I bought a '07 caliber in '06 w/ 28 miles on it. Didn't have major issues until around 60k miles - the ball joints and lower control arms needed replaced, then as another person stated as I was backing out of my drive, the ball joint and axle snapped w/o warning. I've had numerous plastic pieces break from the rear hatch door to my washer fluid hoses and the liner on the outside of my car. Alternator went out right before 100k and now at 112k the transmission completely went out w/o warning. Not to mention every part seems to be dealer only and cost a fortune compared to parts you can purchase off brand. I will never buy a dodge/Chrysler/jeep vehicle ever again. Also let me add, I've always been up to date on my scheduled maintenance and do not consider my car as "drove hard".

2nd owner of 2008 Caliber. Recently quit running, towed to mechanic who thought timing belt. As he was researching parts, he found many recalls & told us he couldn't touch it until recalls were fixed. We needed a car right away, so towed the caliber back home. Now still paying for a "dead horse". Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Major Issues: Replaced CVT Transmission at 53,000 miles. Sealed transmission that CAN'T be "worked on"... although the manufacturer says to service every 75,000 miles, have your CVT fluid levels checked at every oil change!!! IMPERATIVE!!! CVT fluid is not standard ATF and has a lower boiling point!!!!!! Coupled to a weak 4cyl engine, means your transmission is CONSTANTLY over exerting itself!!!

Front/Rear Ball Joints keep going out, turns out the car is actually built too heavy for its own support!!! Thermostat housing is plastic and sits just over the transmission. Plastic will warp, leaking coolant on to transmission. Replace plastic housing, BUT WHEN YOU DO, use Air Craft Grade silicon gasket maker!!! This is very important... it is the only way to deflect heat at the seal between the plastic housing and metal engine!!!!!!!! Conventional auto gasket RTV or silicon WILL NOT WORK!!!!!!! Dodge uses DEXCOOL (Orange color coolant) ABANDON AT ONCE!!!!!!!!!! Flush cooling system and use conventional green coolant!!!!!!!!! DEXCOOL CLOGS COOLING SYSTEMS...

I have a Caliber 08. The transmission not working fine.

I bought this car October 2014 and have over $1100 in front end parts and went out recently one morning to open the hatchback and the whole handle broke apart from the body. Shame on you Dodge, I will never ever buy a dodge product. This car only has 43000 miles on and cannot to trade it in on something more reliable.

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