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My 2006 Chrysler 300 was purchased brand new by my brother and I purchased it from him in 2012. The car has the 2.7L V6. The only "major" repair that my brother ever had done was replacing the rear differential (done at dealership) within the first couple of years. The car had routine service done at the dealership, including switching over to full synthetic oil just after 70,000 miles. After I purchased it, I continued with the regular oil changes with the full synthetic. I replaced the oil sending unit and the trunk hinges (trunk would suddenly slam down) in 2012. In late 2015 the check engine light came on and the car started running rough. Took it to the mechanic and one of the engine coils had gone bad. Replaced it, then another went out about a month later. At this point I had the mechanic go ahead and replace the remaining 5 coils and plugs. Car ran like a dream again.

Fast forward to August 2016. Took the car to get the oil changed and 4 new tires on a Friday. Drove around that day, and back and forth to work the next 2 days. Went to start the car on the following Tuesday and it made a horrific sound that I've never heard a car make before, some kind of grinding, thumping noise. Immediately turned it off and called my mechanic. He came out the next morning to look at it, checked the oil, water, etc... and listened to it when I started it up. It did not make the noise again, but did have a much less distressing noise, which he said might be the water pump bearings. The car never overheated, no lights, NOTHING, before making the noise. He was going to be on vacation, so he recommended a local auto repair shop to take it to. I had it towed (didn't want to risk driving it) and they called me the next day and said that the oil was full of antifreeze and I needed a new engine.

The car has 188,000 miles on it (mostly highway) and had absolutely NO warning signs before just quitting. (Actually, the car will still run, my husband drove it off the tow truck and over to the side of the house.) After doing some research, I now realize that spontaneous engine failure is very common (actually to the point of being almost a given) in these cars, particularly the 2.7L engine. Chrysler knows this. They refuse to do anything about it. I have now lost my dream car, even though I've done everything right and had anything mechanical fixed immediately by either the dealer or a certified mechanic and have run full synthetic oil for over 100,000 miles.

On the other hand, a lot of people have had the same thing happen to their 300's when the cars haven't even had half the mileage mine has, so I guess I got "lucky"? Overall, I cannot say that I would ever recommend anyone buy one of these cars because there is a KNOWN problem with the engines that Chrysler refuses to acknowledge and continues to put these terrible engines in their vehicles.

I am Ayodele ** and a Chrysler 300 Touring user. I bought a used Chrysler that has given issues but now am enjoying it. Most Chrysler's problem are all from the engine so here is the good news... When you purchase a Chrysler please try to change the engine to a Benz engine and that's what I did with my and am enjoying it now.

I own a 2013 Chrysler 300 that was purchased as a Chrysler certified pre-owned vehicle. I have had numerous issues with the car, the most recent being the dashboard separating at the seam near the windshield. Parts cost is $2,500, VEHICLE IS 3.5 YEARS old with 50,000 miles. Chrysler offers no help but the dealer is offering some assistance. A major disappointment and a shortsighted decision on the part of Chrysler. Great car but lousy quality and a manufacturer who will not acknowledge the problem or offer anything in the way of customer service. Needless to say my last Chrysler product. Chrysler you won the battle but lost the war.

I own a 2006 Chrysler 300c w/ hemi. I have really liked this car and enjoyed driving it. However, about a month ago I was on my way from GA to KY to pick up my grandson. Everything was fine, then all of a sudden the need gas sign popped on then I felt the power go low and I pulled off the expressway just in time and the car died. I let it rest for a while and tried to restart it and it would not crank. After trying to call someone to help us, the TN police stopped and ask us if we needed help. The only person who could come help was 2 hours away. I tried to crank the car once more and nothing. Thank the Lord the policeman took us to a restaurant to stay cool, as it was almost 100 degrees outside. The man arrived in 2 hours and tried to check it out, but it was not even turning over. He hauled it to a mechanic that informs me the engine just blew up and it would be between 6,000.00 and 7,000.00 to replace the engine.

It only has approx. 87,000 miles and is just about to be due for a 90,000 mile tune-up. It is back in GA in the repair shop. My mechanic said the same thing needs a new engine and the same approx. amount of money. He does not know why it did this. I have read numerous complaints on here and other sites that many people have had the motor blow suddenly with no warning. If you have had this happen to your car, please file a complaint and I plan on suing if I have to get my car repaired. My husband and I are on a low fixed income, so we can't afford to fix this. We are out of transportation until this is resolved.

My 2011 Chrysler 300c had the alternator burn up during operation making the vehicle inoperable. Smoke was pouring out from under the hood and my battery was compromised as well. The v6 equipped models have a recall for this very same issue. Chrysler corporate was borderline rude and contentious and unapologetic in regards to the matter and I find that disturbing given the material safety defect.

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I bought my Chrysler 300 certified used 37,000 mi, about a year ago. A vibration that keeps getting worse by the month had my car at 4 different dealers. Now no one can fix. New set of tires, rack and pinion, tie rods, CV joint all been replaced still vibrates. Please please please do not buy Chrysler.

I am writing to you as a highly concerned citizen about a life threatening issue. I recently lost my dear mother after she suffered a head injury (subdural hematoma) when she was abruptly hit on the head by the car trunk of her 2005 Chrysler 300 sedan (VIN#**). The struts that hold up the trunk lid of the car failed and the trunk lid slammed into her unexpectedly. This is not a case of overuse. With the trunk, the usage was limited to grocery shopping. This vehicle has never been wrecked, never been in an accident, nor ever been damaged in any way. This vehicle was very well maintained and regularly serviced at a Chrysler dealership.

This vehicle has had only one owner. While some might say that the parts of a vehicle are not designed to last forever, it simply should be unacceptable for a vehicle to have such a heavy trunk with a structural design that allows the trunk to come crashing down, without warning, on the unsuspecting owner, with enough force to cause them bodily harm or death. I am 100% convinced that if my mother had never purchased and owned this vehicle she would still be alive and well today. I am so very fearful that others will die as a result of this trunk design malfunction. I see so many of these cars, of the same make and model, out on the road during my daily commute. This is a hidden danger that puts many people's lives at risk.

While driving my 2013 300s the lights on my dash began to flash. A few minutes later my radio cut off and would not cut back on. About a minute later I got a message on the dash that said "battery saver mode". I had no idea what was going on and all of a sudden my the car just shut down. I had no control over the car, no brakes, no steering... nothing. Luckily I was not in a position where I needed to avoid hitting other cars because I could not steer. I then started to smell burning rubber. After the car came to a complete stop the lights started flashing again and then the wipers came on. (They were not turned on.) The wipers slowed and then the car went totally dead (again). I Googled "battery saver mode" and saw that it was my alternator.

I then saw that Chrysler had a recall out for their alternators so I called their recall center. I was told that, "Yes, there was a recall." And I had the right kind of car and the right engine but my alternator was 180 amps. (They only recalled the 160 amps.) I read most of the complaints and their experience was almost identical to mine. And I also read that there were people with the 180 amps had the same experience and was also told the same thing as I was told by Chrysler ("At this time we only have a recall out for 160 amp alternators. Save your receipt and if and when we do a recall on the 180 amps we will reimburse you.").

REALLY!? My total cost was $1260 (alternator, battery and a belt). Come on Chrysler you know that these alternators are bad (both 160 and 180)! I guess until someone reports a death they won't recall the 180 amp. I would tell any buyer of the 300 to beware. I personally will never purchase a Chrysler again. (I have owned 2.) No matter how cool they look.

2015 Chrysler 300 - Within 30 minutes of driving car from place of lease, the AWD warning light came on. Was told by dealer that it would be Two weeks before they could look at it. I have continued to drive car and now have 4000 miles on it. AWD warning stays on most of the time. Now, during the last week driving at 70mph, the car loses power and warning light comes on saying the throttle is the problem. If I let off on the Accelerator for a few seconds, car then gains full speed. Anyone else have this problem?

2005 Chrysler 300 - After I will fill up the vehicle with fuel it will die when I go to turn out at an intersection or at a corner. It doesn't matter, the car will just lose all power. I'll have to put it into park and restart it which is very dangerous. Trying to teach my 15 year old daughter with her permit, now fearful every time behind the wheel.

2008 Chrysler 300 C, Hemi. Car parked in park in our home garage, went to start and anti theft system device prevented start. Car had to be towed to dealership. Keys used was newly replaced by ignition recall order. Total damage unknown at this time, towing cost $120.00.

I loved this car! Researched it endlessly until I found a used 300 in August 2013. I had 3 requirements: American made, V6 and AWD. At 8 months old with 15,000 miles, I found my dream car. I live in a remote, rural area and commute to work 42 mi one way, frequently take trips over mountain passes and have grandchildren with me all the time. I had this car serviced every 6 months and a alternator recall satisfied in June 2015.

No other problems until December 7th, 2015. I started my car to warm it up for my morning commute to work (at 05:00), returned outside 5 minutes later and my car was on FIRE. Engine compartment and into drivers area burned to a complete loss. Distressed beyond belief, this has caused a hardship in commuting, but I'm thankful no one was hurt. The "IF's" are endless. I love this car so much that I really contemplated getting another one, but reading all these reviews and my god a FIRE, I probably will not. My insurance (State Farm) has been great in handling my loss.

I really love my 300, but the car sucks no one can say exactly what's wrong with the car. The car keeps shutting off on me if I'm stopped at a stoplight or stop sign. The code is reading I need a throttle body position sensor. Can anyone help me out with this problem because Chrysler have no idea what's going on?

I have crazy problems with my Chrysler 300, they started last year. While I was approaching a "STOP" sign my car started to idle low, then it just shut off. I had my ASE Certified mechanic come to my house to diagnose the problem. No problems were revealed thru the diagnostic machine so he said to change my crankshaft sensor. I did that. It shut off again a few months later. I was told it my fuel pump might be going bad but usually when it goes, it just goes. So I was told to change the throttle body. That was done. My car shut off again. The crazy thing is if I sit for about a minute the car will start back up like nothing was ever happened. With all of this happening, no error indication lights ever come on. What the heck do I do next? Contact me, anybody, if you have experienced this and have a solution.

I went to the dealership with a problem on my '08 300 erratically not starting, have taken it to 2 dealerships and was told to bring it in when the problem occurs, but if it is happening. I will be unable to get there, the dealership above on the last visit flashed my PCM and said that would fix it as they have seen the problem before. Less than 2 weeks later same issue and sometimes spending 20 minutes to get it running again.

I have paid in best interests what was thought the issue was, but, having to try and go 2 weeks for an appointment and getting rental cars to get to work is ridiculous. I cannot pay for a laundry list of shoot and replace fix actions and when I asked for a credit for the work I had already had done, I was placed into a holding queue on the phone and eventually told they would schedule an appointment in 2 weeks.

I bought a 2011 Chevrolet 300 3 months ago and the back door handles soon broke.

We traded in our Jeep for a beautiful 2015 Chrysler 300. I fell in love instantly. We got it home and realized it had a finger sized scratch on the trunk. Took it to the dealership to be fixed. Started driving home and all of sudden a door open alert started to turn on the lights in the front part of car and the locks started clicking and going crazy. We stopped and checked all the doors, once again this issue started again. Got it home and noticed a chip in the paint. And still had the same sensor issue when my husband sits in the passenger seat. Taking the car back to the dealership and getting our jeep back. I am so disappointed and sad. I fell in love with a broken car :,(.

1/2014 bought used 300C w 5.7 liter Hemi & all wheel drive. Every bell & whistle included. My dream machine. Had 11,000 miles on her. At 12,250 the alternator caught fire. Luckily it happened just as I entered the car wash!! Took it back to the dealer the next morning. Spent considerable time with the G.M. explaining how I didn't want this car. Owned 29 days at that time. The maintenance manager stepped into his office as we were talking and interjected that the wiring harness in the 300s is not heavy duty enough gauge wire to carry the charge. They replaced the alternator. Apparently they changed my oil as a courtesy, because the next morning following picking it up from the shop, it spilled a large pool of oil under the filter. They tightened the filter.

In February, I took this car on the ferry down the inside passage to see my mom in California. Drove from Washington, to Idaho, to Oregon to Cali. The anti-lock brakes failed in Oregon. Once again it was in the shop where they relocated and replaced a fuse. I was notified that the timing chain had been recalled, so I drove back up the Alcan to Alaska & put it in the shop. Two weeks later I picked up my car and headed North to work. Three days into my new job, they asked me to run back to Fairbanks for parts. Of course I took my car, it had a navigator. Returning from Fairbanks the rear end of the car began jumping from side to side. I fought for control as it pulled me into the left oncoming traffic lane and over the shoulder where we rolled multiple times. The airbags failed to deploy even though the car was COMPLETELY totaled. The seat belt worked so good it torn right thru the tendon on my shoulder. We were lucky to be alive.

Apparently there are thousands of these cars manufactured in 2010 that they failed to put a locking nut on the pinnacle bolt that holds the rear suspension on. The wheel broke from its suspension. I've had a major concussion for over 18 months and am just now trying to figure this all out. I'm disabled for life. No one returns my calls & I'm very angry. Help! Get these cars off the road before more innocent families are destroyed.

I have not got a response. I been hearing my car has been recalled. My car cuts off when I am driving. I have electrical problems. I hear clanking sound when I am driving. Since I bought it I had nothing but problems. Rear end - did, Front end - did, transmission now. I'm told I need pcm. I'm broke. I hate Chrysler now.

My 2006 Chrysler touring keeps dying after battery light goes. Took to have battery charged which has no dead cells. Then it dies again!!! Not sure what else to do. Have had several problems with electrical system. Due to faulty installation on rear mirror which leaked into trunk. Problem resolved after several days in dealer! Then Sunroof went out and cost close to $900 to fix. However, dealer idea of fixing is that I cannot use sunroof again!!! Overall, very dissatisfied despite leaving my car which gets regular oil checks and whatever is recommended. Don't know what to do!!

I was excited about getting a Chrysler 300. Ever since they came out in 2005 I really wanted one so I got a 2006. I wish with what I know now I should have googled up some research from other previous Chrysler 300 owners. Well at any rate for months after I got the car I started hearing this tapping noise on the driver side under the hood in the engine. A friend of mine noticed it, a woman and the first thing she said was "is your car supposed to sound like that?" At any rate the car kept on making that noise. I took it to a mechanic - first thing he said was "buy another engine or get rid of this car." I tried adding Lucas Oil synthetic to it didn't solve the problem. Is sad that Chrysler put out a car like this and won't fix it.

I still owed $8000 on the car and it would cost 3000 to replace the engine - no way. Thank God the car was repoed before it actually broke all the way down. I must honestly say I will never buy an American made car again. My best cars have been foreign vehicles. The Chrysler 300 year 2006 was a very grave disappointment for me.

First I want to say that this car was my first 'big purchase' and I was immediately smitten with my 2010 300 touring AWD. It's definitely a head turner with the stock chrome wheels shining against the bold, blue metallic paint and it drives really smooth like a luxury car should - when everything is working. I purchased the car with 54k miles and since I had never owned a Chrysler before, took out an extended service contract, which I'm glad I did. Now the car is at 103k miles and I'm ready to part with it. Overall it hasn't been the nightmare some of you had, but my experience with the car make me really nervous to drive it with no warranty.

First I noticed the 3.5 liter V6 engine drinks oil and I had to add a quart every 2k miles. I did some more research on the engine and learned I shouldn't be changing the oil at 5k like Chrysler recommends, but at 3k like older cars because of the potential for sludge build up (which causes the engines to blow). My first out of pocket expense (besides regular maintenance) came when a tie rod went out at 70k.

Then, all was well until about 99k when 3 major events occurred. 1) The car started an unnerving grinding while accelerating when AWD was engaged. After being misdiagnosed at 2 independent mechanics and one other Chrysler Dealership, another Chrysler Dealership figured it out, just in time for the Powertrain Warranty to expire. I barely made it but they accepted a complete replacement of the output yoke and nut after removing the T-case which resolved the issue. 2) At the same time this problem was making my life hell, both the front and rear suspension went out, and my mechanic was surprised they wore down so quick. He had to fight tooth and nail with the Master Tech service contract to cover the expensive repairs, though ultimately he got only partial coverage.

3) The infamous Airbag recall. I only found out about it after trying to trade it in to a Volkswagen dealership right which prevented me from trading it in. They told me there probably wasn't going to be a fix for quite a while and that Chrysler should have notified me of it. I was clueless up to that point and this was in June when I found out. Just last week 8/4/15 I got the letter from Chrysler telling me how concerned they are about their customers and their safety while this issue is being resolved, and yet they're telling people that they don't have the materials to fix this.

I really do feel grateful that this is all I had to endure, but I had nowhere near these kind of issues with my old Park Avenue. Not once did that car require a complete suspension replacement (even at 250k miles), have any engine, powertrain problems, or safety concerns, and it didn't drink a drop of oil. Funny thing is though, when my dealership in town fixed my T-case issue weeks before, they were somehow able to fix the airbags as well. Sounds like some misleading information on Chrysler's end, though I'm just thankful I didn't get in a situation where the airbags deployed and caused a very horrendous death indeed. Overall, I'd say I came out lucky, though it was quite a headache these last couple months and if it weren't for the great service at my local dealership, I would've probably taken further action.

I have a 2006 300. The car keeps on shutting off when I fill up my gas tank, or on the highway. VERY DANGEROUS!!!!! Everyone has a problem. Please Chrysler do right by the people. It's getting very expensive to fix the car. It's in the shop every other week. Now my mechanic is telling me it might be the computer. I'm hoping that's the only problem to fix on the car. I have done everything possible to the vehicle. My mechanic and I can't think of anything else to fix for the car to be safe on the road. GOD PLS HELP ME!!!!!!

I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring. The 2nd week we were stranded 3 1/2 hours away from home. After 2 more weeks, cab fare, hotel, rental car, and finally a towing charge for the car to be brought from that corn-fed country dealership to my neighborhood up-to-date dealership, the fuel pump was changed. I ended up writing a detailed letter to Chrysler's corporate office and to my surprise, they sent a check covering all my costs. No letter, no apology, just an envelope and check. Beggars can't be choosers, well maybe I did pay $35000 just four weeks ago.

Fast forward 5 months starting to hear mystery noise (clunk) in the front end. Took car to dealership (under warranty), they changed tie rod ends. (Still clunked with each bump in road.) Over the next year and multiple appt., they changed upper and lower control arms, struts, entire steering rack twice. Finally they told me there was no more that they could do, it was just a bad design, please don't come back. (Seriously, LOL.)

Took to another local dealership. Another year of motor mounts, tranny mounts, various Bushings. This dealer suggested me go on the interweb and see if I can find out if anyone else is having this issue. Well I found out that a lot of people were experiencing the same exact problem. I also have had to replace (some on warranty, some not) EGR valve three times, those idiotic tire air pressure valve on three rims, some sensor inside the tranny, the power control module, the power window switch panel on the driver side front. Need I mention that at one time or another, both rear doors would not open? Did I forget that it still goes clunkity-clunk even on test drives with perspective buyers?

The second dealership that I go to for certain parts, the service guys all laugh at me for having a TRUE LEMON. Just one question - is it just me or do you guys and girls out there expect a transmission dipstick when you spend $35k on a car or is it cool to spend $30 bucks for one, plus $80 dollars for a laser thermometer to check oil temps? What happened to engineers...SERIOUSLY are these ones proud of this car? Chrysler has the best-looking but they are the worst mechanical I have ever worked on. It's actually funny nowadays 'cause all the tears are gone and screaming gives me a headache.

I have a 2007 300. If I drive from A to Z then turn it off It will be fine. But if I drive again and shut it off it won't start till it cools off. It's not overheating and battery is good. No one knows why when you try to start it it sounds like the battery is dead but it's not. I'm disabled, a cancer patient and I need my car. Can anyone shine some light on what it might be. I'm thinking my starter. Maybe it's not grounded properly.

I purchased my car new and the first three years were great. I had problems with my car shutting off in midst of driving. My car was under extended warranty. I continued taking the car in for service for about year. Each time I took the car in something was claimed to be fixed. My car would work fine for a short time and then the problem would start again. The dealer could not find a solution for my car stopping. I tried on several attempts to contact corporate office to voice my concerns about the car and no returned my messages. I would not buy about Chrysler product. I was very pleased with the design of car, however I did not feel safe to continue driving my car.

On my 2007 Chrysler 300 Limited sometimes when I'm driving my wheel gets really stiff like there's almost no power steering but then goes back to normal. What is this? And do you know how to fix it?

My 2011 Chrysler 300 is eating rear tires. Rear control arms must be replaced, Conway Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Conway, SC tells me. This is an item that should be adjustable, not replaced at a cost of nearly $900 for both sides. Chrysler customer service was pleasant, but refused to offer any help, AND refused to allow me to talk to a supervisor. I have no complaint with the local dealer. I do not believe this is a normal wear-and-tear issue. This is a design flaw that Chrysler should take responsibility for. My intent is to NEVER purchase another Chrysler product again.

My car was stuck in PARK. This problem, according to the handbook, said that the small blue plastic clip under the removable tray to the side of the shifter should be pressed and this should release the gears so I could get to the dealer. It didn't work. A quick look through YouTube showed there was a fault which was on recall number F38 but when I mentioned this to the dealer I was told this does not apply to vehicles in Australia. WHY? After paying $150 for repair I would warn owners to be careful as this could happen at any time and anywhere.

Own a Chrysler 300c, 2005. I have experience the same thing with my car door handles -- all 4 handles have broken.

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