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Chrysler is an American auto maker that specializes in making cars and minivans. Read reviews for their models:

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Customer ServicePriceStaff

Reviewed Jan. 7, 2022

I purchased a 2015 FIAT 500e a couple of years ago. I am now the third owner of the vehicle, and ever since I purchased the vehicle I have been having multiple problems with it. First, the 12V battery went out, so I purchased a new battery. Secondly while making a right-hand turn all the lights suddenly came on, the ABS light, the RBS light, the ECS light, and then a Red Turtle would appear and the car would slow down and stop.

I towed the car to the dealership for repairs @ Larry H Miller Chrysler Dodge Fiat on Havana in Colorado. They did an ECU scan on the car and said that the HV battery under the car is bad, and wouldn't take a charge, which will need to be replaced. I doubted the notion because the battery charges for me every day and the battery was at 90% when I brought the vehicle in for service, but since the car was under warranty for the HV battery the dealership was able to complete the replacement at no charge, and the only service charge was for scanning the computer.

After changing out the HV batteries the lights were still present and they said that it was from the vehicle speed sensor and I needed to get both the rear speed sensors replaced. I doubted this notion as well because before I brought the vehicle in for service I changed out all four-speed sensors, but their explanation was aftermarket speed sensors are not good and they can fail out of the box. I decide to take the car home and change out the speed sensors myself if that was the case. I changed it before so I can do it again if it was actually bad. I didn't get but halfway home and the Red Turtle came back and the car stopped. I couldn't start the vehicle or do anything at this point but at least I was able to place the car in neutral and push it out of traffic.

I called the dealership and told them what had happened and they said I needed to get it towed back in so they can replace the speed sensors because that was probably the problem causing the vehicle to stop. I paid out of pocket and got the vehicle towed back in for service again. After they changed out the speed sensors the problem still remained no change and no fix, back to square one. The car has now been at the dealership for a month now, and still no solution.

The next option was to try and change out the ABS module to see if that was causing the issue. I agreed to the repair, and after the replacement of the ABS module the lights all went away according to the service writer, but now the car cannot be driven above 50 miles otherwise the Red Turtle comes on and the car slows to a stop. They towed the car back to the shop and did a re-scan on the ECU module again. This time it shows up as the power inverter module, which is the reason the car cannot go above 50 miles an hour. I was quoted $6000 dollars if I wanted this part replaced and for the repair.

Keep in mind I am still paying for the purchase of the vehicle and now $6000 for repair on top of that to get this vehicle running and the part replaced, I can't afford that! So I went online and did some research myself and searched if there were any recalls on the vehicle pertaining to this issue in the past. Unfortunately, there were back in 2016 the vehicle had a power inverter module recall on the vehicle which was taken care of by the previous owner and replaced.

So I decided to contact Chrysler Fiat Customer Service to see if they can help, either reduce the cost for the repair or help with anything basically so I can get the car back to use again. I was given a case #** and was assigned to a Case Manager named "Jerry". Jerry was very hard to get a hold of and not very helpful at all to start with. The tone and the attitude coming from Jerry while speaking with him was basically "this is not our problem but yours". After speaking with Jerry for a while and letting him know my frustration, he basically said did everything in his power to NOT HELP and in the end said the inverter is out of warranty and I can't help you. What???? This is how you treat customers?

After giving him every detail I could about what's going on and that this vehicle is now a paperweight since I can't drive it and still paying for it, he said he will call the Dealership where the car is being serviced and see if he can do something, and he did mention several times that most likely it'll be a waste of time because there's nothing he can do. Really!!!...again...WOW!!!! Great customer service.

Three weeks has gone by and still no word from Jerry. I tried calling several times for an update, but keep getting pushed to a voicemail. Even the Service writer "Chris **" in the service department has tried multiple times to get a hold of him or another Case Manager and nothing. I finally received an email today from Jerry, stating he would like a callback to discuss the Fiat 500e being serviced. I spoke with Jerry and basically gave me the same story as before "I talked to my manager and there's nothing we can do to help you". WOW!! I am really shocked. Way to stand behind your product!!! No reason as to why the only thing he can say was "we can't help you!"

Well, with that being said, I guess there is no more for me to say except I am no longer purchasing anything from Chrysler, Fiat or Dodge because of the poor customer service and satisfaction provided or should I say not provided. The minimal support they can give is at least knock down the price for the repair so I can afford it, but all I get is "sorry there is nothing I can do to help you!"

It has now been 2 months to the day that the car is in service. I texted Chris ** the service writer and told him the situation and he basically agreed with me on the poor customer service I was provided by Chrysler Customer Service and with Jerry. I know there are other vehicles in service at the same dealership for the same reason, and I'm sure Chrysler does not want to assist for whatever reason that isn't helping us customers. My understanding is, and with any dealership if there are several vehicles being serviced for the same exact problem doesn't that raise a Red Flag to say we need another recall or we need to get an Engineer involved to figure out the problem? He wouldn't even give Chris a reason or an explanation on why they couldn't help. I proceeded to tell Chris I will pick up the vehicle tomorrow and try somehow to get it repaired somewhere else for lesser the cost or get rid of the vehicle all together probably the ladder most likely.

Chris ** the service writer has been on top of his game the whole time...he has been keeping me updated as the vehicle is being repaired and also trying everything he can to assist with the repair of the vehicle, and definitely awesome service on his end. I just wish he didn't have to work for a company that doesn't give two cents about their customers. Again....never will I purchase another vehicle that has any affiliation with Chrysler.

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Sales & Marketing

Reviewed Dec. 5, 2021

I Own a Chrysler Town and Country 2008. The purchase of the new vehicle was reinforced by Chrysler lifetime warranty on vehicle powertrain. In 2019, the vehicle transmission failed and Chrysler would not replace the failed transmission, thus not standing behind its advertised warranty. The company is a simple failure.... You can expect to be flat when you are looking to use their advertised vehicle warranty. I will never buy a new Chrysler/Jeep vehicle again and all my family and acquaintances have learned this lesson and will never buy a Chrysler anymore. This sort of issue relies on a long term warranty promise. If you happen to need, you can be sure, you will not find it. Simply said, Chrysler/Jeep warranty promise is a marketing scam.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Nov. 19, 2021

They are professional and get the job done with care. They are men experienced in their work. If you want quality work done and not half ass work like Les Swab, go to Firestone. Very happy and satisfied.

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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed Nov. 4, 2021

My first car was a Chrysler Lebaron Convertible. It was a beauty. The best part was the rear seats which are really crampy in all Convertible even the top of the line one but in Lebaron they were spacious as Lebaron Convertible is made out of a Lebaron Coupe which gives it the back seats as wide space as in any other 4 door. Bought a Sebring Convertible as Lebaron was taken off production & replaced with Sebring to increase the price. Chrysler again played a game, took Sebring off market so ended up buying a 200 as fell in love with Lebaron so had to have Lebaron or its babies as I call Sebring/200. Anyway I have been happy with Chrysler since my first purchase of Lebaron & will still love them.

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Reviewed May 27, 2021

After making several inquiries online and by phone I went into the dealership to lease a new Pacifica. They knew who I was upon entry due to my multiple inquiries and I surely should have been flagged as a serious buyer. shows a special for 229 per month. I meet with Basir and explained that I wanted that specific car under those terms. He proceeded to disappear for 25 minutes, to then tell me the lease would actually be $440 per month, and the 4400 down payment jumped to 7400. Total cost of 17,960 for 24 month lease with 10k miles per year. (748.33 mo) (How did a 229 lease on a $41k car double???) I said no thank you, that I was not interested, and having driven an hour to get there and waiting a half hour while there, I asked to use the restroom on my way out. Basir told me "NO, GO OUTSIDE." UNBELIEVABLE!, UNACCEPTABLE! INEXCUSABLE!

- I expect that dealerships will often be shady in their pricing practices and I usually choose to simply go elsewhere, but for this miserable excuse for a person to tell a prospective customer to relieve himself outside is unbelievable!!! (I went to the front and politely asked the receptionist and went anyway. I should have listened to him and relieved myself on their car lot). In any event, not only will I never go to or recommend DeCozen, I am no longer interested in buying a Chrysler. Good job guy!

Point of fact, that evening I got a Volvo XC90 T6 through Volvo care for $825 per month. This includes 15k miles per year, includes car insurance, all maintenance, and wear and tear. Best car purchasing experience of my life! 10 minutes, online, and I didn't have to deal with a lowlife like Basir. DONT GO HERE! BUYER BEWARE. If you do, be sure to use the restroom prior.

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2021

Leased a Chrysler 300S AWD in Sept. 2017 for 39 month/49000. The sales rep. suggested I purchase an extended warranty to cover the vehicle after the manufacturer (36 month/36000) warranty expired so I did MOPAR maximum care for $381. Mid-summer 2020 I noticed my door panels were warping and rising up. Almost like the glue holding the top edge had failed, this happened to both the front passenger and rear passenger side doors. I didn't think too much about it because the vehicle was being turned in in a few months and I'd just have it taken care of then.

I returned the vehicle a week early to have this addressed. A few days later my sales rep called and told me this is a cosmetic problem and is not covered under my extended warranty. I was furious! This isn't as much cosmetic as it's a defective material/design...I started looking online and guess what??? 1000's of customers are, or have had the same problem. FCA-US has been selling 3 models of vehicles with this design flaw since 2015. I called MOPAR to ask about coverage, a 'RUDE' individual at MOPAR, accused me of doing this. He said "I have friends that own the same vehicle and this hasn't happened to their cars" and he's never heard of this problem.

After getting UPSET with my sales rep. for selling me a warranty that doesn't cover the vehicle like he said, I got a call from the dealerships Service Manager. He went to the lot and inspected the vehicle and told me the leasing company won't even notice "don't worry about it". Well, they did notice and now US bank is charging me almost $800 to fix this door panel. I'm also going to report US BANK for price gouging... an issue with the other door has a chip out of a plastic trim piece (OEM part cost $73) and they say it costs $965 for a markup roughly of 864%. WOW!

My overall experience= POOR from all. NOT buying/leasing a Chrysler (or any FCA) cars again; This was my 4th and last purchase from LaFontaine Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM in Fenton, Michigan; I will never use US BANK for any of my financial needs. After doing more research I've found a Class action lawsuit filed Sept 10, 2020 against FCA-US for this, over 30 pages of people with the same problem.

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Reviewed Oct. 6, 2020

I and my family decided not to buy any car in future from them and related brand. So poor after sale and customer service. Representative of Chrysler was so below my expectation, I cannot believe. My request to C level officials should revisit their attitude and to teach them empathy and when a customer call what should their voice tone and level. Not all customer is same. Customer they deal with that customer also have so much experience you may not even think.

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Reviewed Oct. 1, 2020

Bought a 2013 200s in December of 2012. From the beginning every time I went in reverse it sounded as if my brakes were going to grind and fall out of the car as well as squeal. We kept bringing it in and asking if it could be fixed and we were told and it was documented that this was a problem Chrysler knew about and we're working on but had no resolve as yet. I now have the car pretty much eight years and it's still the same problem with no help.

Try this week with all of the pertinent information to get customer service to give me a hand. After three people and over 45 minutes of my time I was told that if the problem we're going to get fixed that I was going to pay for it out of pocket! Even though I pointed out that we had been complaining about this and had documented proof since day one of which no one helped us with. We have been loyal Chrysler buyers for well over 30 years and have purchased well over seven cars. We even have a 2015 200s and when we asked if those brakes could be put into my car we were told no. And they still think they're in the right not fixing a car that has had the same problem for eight years. Not only will we never buy a Chrysler product we will do whatever we can to dissuade others from purchasing it.

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Reviewed Sept. 8, 2020

Just after warranty is over, transmission died. We had a family trip to Montreal and there was issue with transmission. Started with whining noise and car jerked every gear shift. On the highway stuck at 80km/hr. Engine RPM hit 4-5000. I got out and called CAA. I had to tow my van from Montreal to Toronto. Now I have to pay 4000+ dollar for transmission. Chrysler says out of warranty, we don't care. Dealer, yeah don't give a damn. Never buy Chrysler again.

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2020

Purchased a 2015 EcoDiesel Ram 1500 Pickup and in late 2019 was pushed numerous times to complete a software update in order to comply with their "Ecodiesel Settlement" and in return, they would mail a check within 6 weeks after completion for doing so. I had everything they asked for completed in early January of 2020. It is now the middle of August and still no check. In fact, there is no real person to talk to if you call their supplied number (Only a automated system that eventually ends the call for you without helping), my claim status has showed "Check Mailed" for months now yet when I chat with an agent online, they claim they have received everything and apologize for the wait. Really? How does 6 weeks turn into 6 months? No update as to why, nothing! If they were shooting to make me think twice about purchasing another Fiat Chrysler product, they have succeeded.

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Reviewed May 21, 2020

I put my trust into Chrysler And they have ruined my vehicle. They advised me I had an oil leak. Okay fine, I allowed to fix it $500 later. Very same day oil lights comes on with brake light and can’t drive past 20 miles. No loaner vehicle given, advisor quit responding.. Had to reach out to manager who was way more helpful and listened and provided next steps.

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Reviewed May 16, 2020

I have a 2012 Jeep Liberty with the Sky Slider option, it is a cross between convertible top and a Sun Roof. It will not close all the way. The dealer tells me there are NO parts available to fix this. Now mind you they put this option in the Dodge Nitro as well. This car is only 8 Years old, and now can't drive it for fears of the top coming off, being rained on and damaging the leather interior, electrical components etc. The vehicle is useless.

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Reviewed May 1, 2020

I leased a Jeep for my daughter. The dashboard lights were constantly on and several dealerships could not get it fixed. Finally we turned the car in at the end of the lease. When my daughter dropped of the vehicle - we leased another brand- she was told everything was OK. Weeks later we get a bill for damage which did not exist when the vehicle was dropped off. We were told we would need a certified appraiser to challenge the findings but the vehicle was long gone. I was not impressed with the quality of the vehicle and I certainly would avoid leasing from Chrysler. I feel their dealing are dishonest. Will not buy any Chrysler product ever again.

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Reviewed March 11, 2020

I am in the middle of having to get a new transmission on a 2016 Chrysler Town and Country. I am 9,000 miles over my warranty and just got the word today that they will offer no assistance to me. I have owned a Chrysler brand for 12 years and they will not offer assistance because I did not get my maintenance at a Chrysler dealership. Even though I have taken it ten times to be serviced in 18 months. They will not help me and not let me speak to another person that may help me. Sad to say after 12 years I never want to own another Chrysler again!

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Reviewed Feb. 13, 2020

We bought a 2014 Town and Country, 2nd owner warranty ended in November. Transmission went out in January. With 59,125 miles on it. Chrysler refused to help us because it was 2 months out of warranty.

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2019

Never have I had as many issues with a vehicle as I have had with my Chrysler 200. As I sit here stranded on the side of the road I want to warn consumers. You get what you pay for. There is a reason why Chryslers are priced lower than Toyotas, Fords, etc... The savings are not worth being stranded 6 times a year. This car is 3 years old and has already had brake failures, starter failures, transmission issues, air bag sensor failures, etc. If you buy a Chrysler you just have to accept that the car will only last the length of the warranty and then it will be time to buy another car.

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2019

It is a bit on the higher priced end, but everything looks and feels like it is higher quality. Only thing I wish was that it mimicked my iPhone screen on the display like Chevy does. Otherwise it does sync with my phone well for the hands free option. Love the DVD player for the kids. Plenty of storage and can’t live without the stow and go seats.

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Reviewed Dec. 14, 2019

This old workhouse is the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. I don't know if they still make vehicles that stand the test of time, this one certainly has. Maintenance costs have been low, replacement parts have been readily available at a reasonable price, and I enjoy driving this now as much as I did when we first got it.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2019

I leased a 2019 Jeep Cherokee. The car has failed to start 5 times now and had to be towed. Each time I get a different explanation from First Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership. After the 4th time, I submitted my paperwork for the lemon law. It was denied because they claim the car is fixed. Last week the car failed to start for the 5th time. After 6 days at First, I was told they tested the battery and it failed. They replaced the battery now. The car has been in the shop for a total of 35 days since delivery. I’ve asked to have the lease broken because I shouldn’t be paying for a brand new car that continues to break down. I’m afraid to take the car out of town and getting stranded. Chrysler is not doing much but apologizing. How does that help me? I will never buy a Chrysler product again. Beware. They do not stand behind their cars.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2019

2005 Jeep purchased used. Almost no problems. I bought this vehicle used with 60,000 about 10 years ago. The only unusual repair if you can call it that was the radiator. It now has 135,000 and runs like a charm. The only rust is on the fenders with a little o the back. The soft top has never leaked.

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Reviewed Nov. 22, 2019

Over a period of several years under warranty, Chrysler has been unable to localize and correct intermittent transmission lockups that render my 2016 Chrysler 300 platinum temporarily useless. Since they cannot repeat the problem in their shops, they contend that they have no responsibility to repair the transmission, and have blown me and my defective Chrysler 300 off.

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2019

They installed a 9-Speed FWD Automatic Transmission in the 2017 Pacifica. And it has been nothing but problems that Chrysler either refuses or can't fix. My car has been to Outten Chrysler in PA 4 times for the same transmission issues. They even claimed to have given me a new transmission. But I think this is a lie. I am going to have the vin # checked on the so called new garbage transmission. Outten Chrysler even seems like they would rather avoid me than to fix the problem. Doing some useless computer update (3 times already) that fails every time. I am not the only one. There are many complaints like mine for the same van and same issue. RIP-OFF. Stay away from Chrysler.

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2019

Jeep is garbage. Do not waste your money. The service depts at Tate and Criswell, Chrysler, and Chrysler area managers don't give a crap that you are in a dangerous vehicle that does not accelerate 100% of the time when you step on the gas or that it accelerates on it's own when you take your foot off the gas!!! Not to mention it stalls at random times. No it's not due to low oil which this jeep is known to do! It shuts off while people are driving on the highway!!!! Really??? Jeep needs to recall this vehicle!!!!

They can't duplicate my concerns in their 20-30 minute test drive so they say nothing is wrong and I am stuck with a dangerous vehicle! No codes can tell them what's wrong but that is not surprising because my electronic system is not working properly and they can't fix that either. No code was thrown but they had to rebuild a 2 week old jeep engine!!! Stay away!!!! Your life will depend on it!!!!!

My case is not unique! They know about this. Others experience the same issues and are stuck driving unsafe Jeeps!!!​ 1 year am in a scary vehicle. At 6 months I am told to trade in Jeep! Really?! That's what I get? I was on the phone with the Tate svc dept the other day when my Jeep accelerated on its own. I screamed because I almost lost control of my Jeep and that is not proof enough to believe the Jeep has a problem?! It's been in the shop a good 1 1/2 - 2 months in year for the same issues!? Come on!!!

The Chrysler area manager told me in December 2018 they will replace my car or give me my money back if they can't fix the car. Loophole!!! If they can't duplicate it, they can't fix it!!! Wth!!! He also told me he didn't want me in the Jeep in December because it was unsafe that it did not accelerate 100% of the times. I reminded him of this (Conrad **) a few months ago. He asked me if I had it recorded and now he denies it!!

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2019

Our car has safety issues with electrical failing and the airbags and brakes are not available. The car shifted into neutral while driving and they claim the car is safe. This company does not care about customers lives. They cannot figure out the issue so I guess it must mean the car is safe.

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Reviewed Oct. 8, 2019

I have had nothing but issues with my 2013 Chrysler 200 since I bought it brand new off the lot. Started having issues with the brakes within the first month. Took it to the dealer multiple times for inspection. Was always told nothing going on. Just clean them. Turns out the brake pads from the factory were defective. I also kept having issue with a tire deflating frequently. Took it in multiple times to be looked at and was told nothing is wrong. After having the tire replaced it turns out the wheel from the factory was also defective and wasn't letting the tire get a proper seal.

I have had two sets of the active assist headrests malfunctioning. First time the one headset didn't deploy in an accident. The second time a headset deployed for absolutely no reason and injured my wife. FCA fixed the headrests and then told me since I didn't take legal action they would be more than happy to help with any issue the car had in the future. I was stupid for believing that. I have had 2 sets of faulty struts. First set from factory was defective and second set gave out within 10k miles along with the mounts. So 3 sets of struts and 2 sets of mounts within 60k miles. Car only has 63k miles total.

Had to replace the Throttle body within 30k miles because the sensor went out. Normally you could just replace the sensor at around $60 but FCA encapsulated the sensor inside the TBI so that the whole mechanism has to be replaced which cost over $500 because at the time you could only get the part through the dealer and not on the open market.

Recently, after having an issue with the recent strut replacement. I took the car back to have the dealer look over the struts because they were making noise to just double check they were defective or installed improperly. Dealer drove the car around the lot for 1 min called it good, never put the car on the lift and never did a visual or physical inspection. Then turned around and told my FCA Case Manager a whole different story. Case Manager chose to believe the liars over the customer. Issues escalated to the Head of Case Management. The guy I dealt with was very unprofessional and even did some illegal things.

1st off if a call is going to be recorded the company has to disclose it before the conversation is started. That why you always get the automated message "call will be recorded for quality assurance and training." They are required by law to do so. Well the gentleman never disclosed that the call was being recorded until the end of the conversation. Then the gentleman threatened to file a Defamation Lawsuit against me if I used his name or other employee's name in my review of my personal experience with him and FCA.

FCA's solution was to have a low level customer service employee call and apologize for what upper management did. What kind of half hazard way of dealing with such a serious situation. Told them I wanted to talk to the Gentleman's superior not an empty apology from a CS Rep. I got one call from the guys superior and that was it. Though she documented that she called 3 times. Well my phone log on my phone shows one call on 8/13 and that is it. Checked with the phone company and they had the same info I did. So the lady falsified information in my record stating she contacted multiple times. Another rep documented that I replaced my own struts instead of the dealership so they were trying to nullify the warranty on my struts.

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Reviewed Oct. 5, 2019

DO NOT BUY A JEEP. My husband and I purchased a brand new, 2018 Jeep Compass back in November of 2018. It is now October of 2019 and we haven't seen our vehicle in four months. It has been in the shop since July, awaiting a new instrument cluster. The dealership we purchased through, AutoNation Jeep Broadway here in Denver, Colorado, has contacted us about once a month to give us new ETAs on the part, but apparently they have all been made up because Chrysler has told us that there isn't a part available in the United States.

We have reached out to Chrysler for a buy back, because obviously we don't want to have an unreliable vehicle OR deal with deceitful dealerships, but they refuse to work with us whatsoever. The most they are willing to do is help us trade our current Jeep in for a new one at their dealership, which is going to leave us with negative equity and a hit on our credit. This would obviously be a horrible resolution for us, especially because this is Jeep/Chrysler's fault. I had also purchased a brand new, 2016 Jeep a couple of years ago and the transmission went out in a year in that one. I thought it was just a fluke and that they deserved another chance, but I know differently now. Save yourself the stress and frustration of dealing with such a poorly run company. They truly don't care about their customers after their sales have been made.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2019

I purchased a 2006 Town and Country Limited in 2009 w/ 32,000 miles with maint. records. Today it has 145,250 miles and is as solid as the day I bought it. My only expenses is 2 batteries, 8 tires, oil changes and fluid checks every 3,000 miles, 2 tire sensors and I was told if well maintained could easily run 250,000 miles. We just moved back from Florida so at my age of 83 I should have 4 wheel drive. So we went shopping for a 4 wheel drive Town and Country and found out they don't exist. So we purchased a 2017 Subaru Outback 4 wheel with 25,000 miles and couldn't believe how roomy and road quiet they are and the 3.6 engine has a lot of snap. Just so you know if Town and Country made a 4 wheel drive van I would own it.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2019

I have been waiting for a car part for my car for 3 weeks now. I talk to someone online on Friday from Chrysler, who told me that she couldn't find any information my car part. She told me she was going to assign my problem to case manager. Today is Wednesday and I haven't heard anything. So I called them instead, the lady on the phone just told me the same crap, "I will I assign a case manager to your problem about your part." I told her wasn't I suppose to have one already, she told me no. I ask to speak to a manager, she then tells me that the manager has to call me back in 1 business day. What kind of crap is that. The worse service ever. I will never buy another Chrysler or Fiat ever.

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Reviewed Aug. 31, 2019

I would rate this a zero if I could. I have a recall on my Dodge Dart for the shift latch cable. I made an appointment to get my car fixed but will not be scheduled until next week. I was not given a rental, so I will also have to pay for a rental and I will not be reimburse. This is ridiculous.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Aug. 28, 2019

I have been a loyal customer. I have purchased a new 2008 Ram, 2008 Durango, and 2013 Ram. I bought the Durango for the lifetime powertrain warranty and also purchased the wrap around warranty. It is currently sitting in the service center with the heads off since July when the Chrysler adjuster shows up and denied the claim, saying that the warranty was canceled because it wasn't inspected 5 years ago, which is bs because it was in the service center at the exact time it was due.

The receipts say inspection on them 3 times. They say the people who worked there at that time are gone, so there is nothing they can do about it! Have talked to everyone up and down the chain. You never get the same person, and they all point somewhere else and don't know who I talked to before. I am so disappointed. The 5 year inspection is due again now. They want me to take it and get it repaired. If I do that then it will for sure be canceled. Chrysler is no longer trustworthy in my book.

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