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The Chevy Cobalt is a compact car that was introduced in 2005. Read more Chevrolet reviews to learn about other models.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 16, 2020

I bought my 2008 Chevy Cobalt in 2007 when the new models came out. 13 years later I am still very happy with the vehicle. Yes I do want more room, more power etc. But overall performance of this vehicle has been no major repairs, still using the same factory battery from day one which is unusual for a battery to last thirteen years in a vehicle. My Cobalt is a basic, no frills, hand roll up windows, no cruise control car. I still get excellent gas mileage. The only major repairs I have had done is ball joints, tires, and all the recalls that has been done to it over the years.

My mom was in an accident in it, got hit by a uninsured drunk driver in a full sized old truck. Just about totalled my Cobalt but it ended up being repaired. And with all the airbags and built frame in the Cobalt, it did save my mom from injury. I would not hesitate to drive this thirteen year old car coast to coast and back again without any worries whatsoever. One of the best vehicle purchasing I have ever done. I have just under 70,000 miles on it so I don't put the miles most does on vehicles. I am confident I can get another 200,000 miles out of the motor no problem as long as it is serviced as needed. I would give ten stars if possible.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2020

The left speakers in front and back never worked. Bought car brand new in 2007. Passenger airbag warning light has been on for 13 years.... No mechanic can find a code to fix. Dry rot or wiring has cost us 15 trips to mechanics and $3000 or go w/o air condition in 105 degree weather. The air goes off while driving and you're in a suit pouring sweat have dinner with your bosses. Because of the bad wiring the harness moves and blows fuses. It is cheaply made. Soft plastic undurable cabin light, plastic door handles, inside motor to side mirrors has burnt out long ago.

4 people found this review helpful

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 14, 2019

    Mother wanted me and family to have a safe car to drive in. We bought 2007 Cobalt. Serious problem. Has at least 7 recalls. Waited 1 year for a 57 cent part. Had front end pulled off at my request. Car has 74.000 original miles. A/C Heater Defrost do not work. 1st time ever had a brand new car. It's awful. I am disabled on SSI. Now have no car. Learned a lesson. 1st never buy a new Chevy. I will never buy a Chevy again.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 11, 2019

    My experience is exactly like Bambi’s from PA. The check engine light comes on then the service traction light comes on. If I shut the car off, light goes off. It’s comes on usually when I’m sitting with car running, in/out of gear and foot of the brake. Very scary. If Service traction wasn’t enough, the check engine light goes on & I have had multiple trips to mechanic to “fix” issues. I have spent a considerable amount of $$ for repairs, pulled out from having it serviced & a few miles down the road check engine light comes back on. Take it back, they say it’s a different problem. More $$.

    Finally had a reputable mechanic do a thorough check on it & found the #3 cylinder is misfiring and needs a valve job! $1650! I also noticed a slipping when I change gears (automatic) with a jolt upon engagement. Is that another problem? Called Chevy to lodge complaint: no recalls for my vin # so no recourse. This reminds me of 1973 & the problem with Chevy Vega aluminum heads! Nightmare! Went to Toyota but wanted to buy American in 2008. Big mistake. I only have 57,000 miles on the car. I take excellent care of my cars. This is just unacceptable. Thought I had done my homework & made a good purchase. I can see now, in the long run it was quite costly. Should have stayed with a Toyota!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 31, 2019

    Able to escape danger quickly! Hi, I am Hover Lioness. I was able to quickly escape the vicious lion Quickmane, My Cubs were screaming and said, "Slow down mommy!" This saved the life of me and my Cubs. Thank you Chevrolet Cobalt!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 26, 2019

    I bought a 2008. I had to have the fuel injectors replaced twice within the first 10,000 miles. I had concerns with it having to be replaced that early and so close together. In the very beginning Within my warranty. The car made a big thump sound and jerk. I thought I had hit someone so I got out of my car to check. It still happens to this day. Mechanics cannot explain it. The engine light has been on for 5 years now. Had it checked several. They cannot determine the reason. It keeps saying number 3. I have replaced the coil packs twice on their recommendation but yet the engine light still on.

    The power steering light came on and I had no steering whatsoever!! Very scary and dangerous! It's not a simple fix I've just adding power steering fluid to it. There is not a place to put power steering fluid in you have to buy a whole part. I also have to add dot3 often. The gas mileage has drop drastically even when it was under warranty. Yet, they still could not find the problem. I'm now getting about 19 miles instead of the 32 to 34 originally. even though it was properly maintained it drives extremely rough. I also have gotten all the recalls up to date according to them. Also, there was a recall on the seal I believe? I started smelling gas all the time. I was getting ready to take my car in to find out why when a friend told me that there was a recall. I was never notified about it. However, I do blame a lot of the issues not being fixed on the dealership. Every time I took the car into the shop it came out with another problem.

    So to sum it all up: My 2007 Chevy Colbalt 2 door has had or still does have the following cons.

    1) Fuel injectors going out way too soon.
    2) Something causing the car to make a loud thumping sound and a jerk. (Still can't find out why.)
    3) Small leak having to put in DOT3.
    4) Engine light on for over 5 years when having it tested States number three. When they check it out they can't figure it out!!
    5) Power steering light on and immediately no way to stead.
    6) Car makes a real loud noise & shakes while foot on brake and in gear...but put it in park does soften it.
    7) Horrible Gas mileage.
    8) Short in the running lights on the back of the trunk. They go out but then when you barely touch them they will start working again this has been a long time issue also.
    9) Seat belt holder on both sides broke easily.

    10) The cigarette lighter plug are where were you would charge your phone quit working three times during warranty. I finally gave up.

    ***** Every time it was taken into the shop for a recall after warranty. Something else came out wrong.

    1. Light to show up the degrees outside stop working
    2. Front speakers stop working. They worked fine going in.
    3. Right turn signal would not shut off automatically and you had to hold the left down in order to make it work.

    *** This was after they did the ignition switch. I was told that they did not have to go anywhere near that when they replaced it. Which is a lie because when I did have to replace it you have to take the same parts off that you would to do what they did. Or at least that was my opinion.

    So to say the least I will never purchase another Chevrolet again!! Very curious to find out if others have had the same problem though.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 23, 2018

    I bought my 2006 Cobalt new because it was cheap. It is now December 2018. It now has 202K miles on it. The car pulls to the right when you take hands off the wheel, it always has and probably always will. The struts wore out in 20K miles, so did the tires. Cheap Cheap Cheap. Alignment after alignment after alignment couldn't solve the "pulling to the right" problem. Chevy told me they couldn't and wouldn't fix it. The tires wear normally now after the "creative" (cover up the problem) factory alignment was fixed.

    There were two recalls on the machine (my wife calls it Trixie), neither of which made it run better or worse. The first 25K miles were stressful trying to get warranty service out of Chevy. After the first alignment problems with the car I have had NO NO NO other problems with it. It has been a stellar performer. I like the ride after replacing the struts and tires. The mileage has been as high as 38 (rare) and as low as 28 (bike rack and high wind). 90% of the miles on it are on a nice smooth highway with a daily commute of 75 miles/day, elevation change of 2200 feet. I plan on getting 250K miles before buying another car. At 202,000 miles it is starting to burn oil. I have to put a quart of oil in at 2000 miles and it is down another quart at the 4000 mile mark when I change the oil (50% on the counter).

    Next summer I will have to change the water pump, which by the way is the dumbest, stupidest, idiotic-est, criminal-est, way of designing a water pump. One side of the pump is in the oil galley so if the water seal leaks, it leaks water into the oil pan. Guarantee of a blown engine when the water pump fails. Very Very VERY stupid. If you are getting brown oil, this is probably why. The engine doesn't rattle or knock and the transmission is still tight. A reminder that I drive the car on the highway about 90% on the time so wear is minimal.

    The car has never quit or left me stranded. 3 windshields, two sets of rotors (they make two sizes, large for the turbo model and small for the LS) which are cheap and come with brake pads and easy to change. The water pump is not easy to change, it is rather involved. Would I buy another? I am an electronics technician so electrical problems are just a challenge. Yes I would buy another one unless I retire first.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 15, 2018

    Purchased a 2009 Chevy Cobalt with 14,000 original miles. Good car until the lines to the fuel pump dry rotted this past August. Car only had 37,647 miles on it and the lines dry rotted? My mechanic said I could get reimbursed for the $486.00 it cost us to repair it. Took it to the dealer. Dealer gave us paperwork to fill out and send in, said we would get reimbursed. Submitted all paperwork and spoke to customer service in August, was told we would be reimbursed. Never heard back, so today I call customer service and was told that I would NOT be reimbursed. Really??? I am beyond upset but what am I to do?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 21, 2018

    After being in a treacherous car accident in a previous Cobalt -- and coming out unscathed -- we insisted our next car, with our 2 young kids, would be another! We have found our Cobalt to be safe and reliable. While it is basic, it is also uncomplicated and easy to drive. We initially chose a Chevrolet because it was American-made and reasonably priced. But they no longer make Cobalts, so we would have them continued! The interior got worn out quickly though, we would have definitely made the fabric higher-quality. We have loved owning a Cobalt and will be sad to see it go.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 17, 2018

    So far, I have been having good luck with this 2007 model year Chevrolet Cobalt. It is easy for me to drive. It does not have a high entrance and fits in my garage well. I got over the need for a 6 cylinder car and am perfectly happy with this 4 cylinder vehicle. It has every bit as much acceleration as my previous Buick. But this car is pretty spartan; wish it had a back seat that could be lowered. Also, it has a seal leak in the brake system; it is too difficult to go in and fix it, so I have to add DOT 3 brake fluid every couple of months. My mechanic has been a bit frustrated trying to fix something wrong with the emissions control system; the dashboard light keeps coming on. Had a problem with the front end, but other than that it's been good.

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