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Horrible build quality in your vehicles. I have a 2014 Cruze Diesel with 63k miles on it. So far the issue same include fuel door basically falling off, transmission cooler hose leaking, sun visor breaking, sunroof seal not staying in place, radio settings not working since day one, headlight #1 burning out at 39k miles, headlight #2 at 45k miles, dash rattles all the time and now I have a horrible oil burning smell. Plus, parts and maintenance is way overpriced, $100 for an oil change and almost $200 for a fuel filter. Easy to see why GM has gone from a 100k mile powertrain warranty down to a 60k mile powertrain warranty.

I bought a brand new 2013 Chevy Cruze late in that year and the car has just done a 60,000 km service on 08 August. A few days after the service, the car momentarily failed to start. I turned the ignition off and removed the key. A while later the car started and I drove home. It was late afternoon. Come September, the car would not start after shopping at the local mall. A friend suggested the battery because all the settings on the dash, except kilos, would revert to Zero. I had my doubts given the car was just two years old and expected to last an average of five years, based on the cars I drove before.

I however jump started the car and I drove home. Two more experiences, I went to the battery center for a test, and yes they confirmed my battery needed replacement. I regard this as a ground-breaking record for a car battery to die in two years - it can only happen at Chevrolet, given similar experiences I read about on this blog. Chevrolet has just lost another future client.

Cheverlot Cruz - my car is now 147000KM and the Gearbox is damaged fully. The Chevrolet service center replace the entire gearbox which they took 3-4 weeks. The next day while I was driving I noticed that the gear is stuck in the 5th gear. It's not shifting up or down. I again took the car to the service center, they did so many testing and couldn't find any issue. After two days, the same problem occurred and I can see in the dashboard the RPM is above 3. My car is now in the Chevrolet service center for the past five days, and there is no updates from their side. I am really tired of call the customer care and sending emails to the GM. No proper reply for the complaints I send by email.

I bought Chevy Cruze 2011 second hand at 11000 miles with 5 year loan on July 2013. At August 2014 after driving 1 years at 32000 miles the car got problem in highway with the transmission so we need to tow the car and bring to the dealer. That time they give us a good service and solve the problem, but a year on the same month the problem for the transmission coming back again so we bring to car dealer and they want us to paid $110 for check up not including the part which they told us is not cover anymore. What a piece of a garbage that I bought, give me headache year after year. So I want to tell the world not buy any Chevrolet product.

I should have demanded another car after having to bring it back three days after I got it because the antifreeze kept leaking. It's been in 2 recalls I believe and the thermostat has been replaced twice. I have only taken my vehicle to Chevy dealerships and they tell me it looks like someone else glued things where they weren't supposed to. I should know more about car but I don't. Just fixed the thermostat in Nov 2015 and it's Aug 8, 2016 and we need another one AND a timing belt. I do have 100K miles on it, I bought it brand new.

I'm just so disappointed, life is hard enough to maintain and we should be able to buy cars that last. Car service is getting as bad as medical care, what's next Donald Gump becoming president. Maybe all our cars should be made in China because I'm losing faith in American brands, I've had a 2000 Mustang, 2001 Ford Expedition, and now this Chevy Cruze. There have been so many problems with the Cruze I wish they'd just credit us the loans we have left to pay and allow us to trade these in. Or would that be the "right thing to do?" Nobody wants to be that guy anymore.

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36,000 km, all highway, bought new from dealership, Krown rust proofed both winters and full maintenance done as per GM specifications. Improperly hung driver's door and driver's side quarter panel. Improperly aligned left rear quarter panel. Failed coolant pump. Failed A/C compressor and condenser. Failed right front axle seal. Failed driver's side window actuator motor. Infotainment center and all internal chimes, turn signal sounds etc. failed. Right front air dam deflector fell off. Cabin pressure release valve fell off of firewall. Screw cover fell off of driver's side door just above the door latch handle. Left side rear door weather stripping split and peeled back. Have asked GM Canada numerous times for simple explanations and not for something free; so far they have only tried to sell me a 2016 Cruze. My faith in GM is finished!

Within a month on buying my brand new 2015 Chevy Cruze car it was in the shop for tire sensor, 3 had to be replaced. I have had them all replaced 2 times now. Now 10 months later I am noticing rust everywhere - even the bumpers which are plastic. When I called they tried to tell me it's the air quality and it's "fall out". What? Who do they think we are? They must assume we are completely stupid!! So my other new car (2014) same color (white) must be immune to this "fall out" epidemic that has seemingly hit only Chevy cars. I am not a Chevy vs Ford guy but I thought Chevy did a great job on the design of this car. That is all they did right! Now less than one year into my brand new car I need a full scrape off and repaint... Oh yes this will not be covered and Chevy refuses to admit they used crap paint. Less than 8000 miles and my car is looks aged years. I am sad.

I bought a brand new Cruze Diesel...within one month I had to have the heated oxygen sensors replaced. After 4 months...same issue and a leak on the seal of the turbo. 4 times having the oxygen sensors replaced then the heated temp sensor. 1 1/2 years later the diesel fuel particulate filter had to be changed. Now exactly 2 years later, check engine light has gone on and off again for every emissions part that has already been replaced on this car. Oh the parameters for the vehicle had to be reset after the first year.

If you have bad credit and GM does the buy back program don't even bother, it will cost YOU the consumer they sold the bad car to. They don't buy back the car. YOU are responsible for getting yourself into a decent car...not GM. I was able to get an extended warranty through GM and I am grateful to GM for that because at this moment, 2 years needs it. I will never do business with GM again. I am a single, female disabled veteran and GM obviously does not respect this.

I am writing this e-mail to you in order to complain about the horrible service advisor you have there by the name of Dan **. My wife took her 2012 Chevy Cruze in for service on 5/2/16 because the window fell inside the door panel and we also had a check engine light on. Dan initially told us that the turbo was bad and won't be covered under warranty due to it being an emissions related item. I told him that it is part of the power train and not an emissions related part. He later called us back and said that the turbo would be covered under warranty. We picked the car up on 5/5/16 and my wife got 2 miles away and the check engine light came back on. We brought the car back in on 5/6/16 and were told that it was probably a bad turbo and it was too late in the day to get it fixed, so we took it home. We brought it back in on 5/9/16 and picked it up on 5/13/16.

I called Dan on 5/12/16 to see if the car would be ready by 5 pm and he wasn't sure, but he did tell me that this time it's a bad solenoid and it was not covered under warranty (of course). I informed him that I would call back at 4:30 to see if it would be ready because we live in the mountains and would need to stop by on the way home. I called at 4:30 and left him a message that we would be driving home and for him to call us before 5 if the car was ready. We did not hear back from him until the next day. He called me the next day and asked me why we did not pick up the car. I informed him why and that we would pick up the car after work on the 13th because we get to work before the service department opens. When my wife picked up the car, she asked why it wasn't washed and Dan told her that I requested not to have it washed. She called me right then and there to see why I would say that and I informed her that Dan was lying.

I never said that. He never apologized to her but said that he would take care of it. He made her wait 20 minutes and was questioning her why we wanted a print out of all of the work done to the car since we bought it. She explained that we have law offices contacting us regarding the Lemon Law and Dan proceeded to chastise her for taking this route. We have had at least 5-6 recalls regarding this car. It has been the worst Chevy we have ever owned. I currently own a 2002 Chevy Tahoe and a 2006 Corvette Z06.

I have owned 5 different Corvettes and 6 other Chevy vehicles. Yes, I am loyal to Chevrolet. I am planning on trading in the Corvette for the new Z06, but after this experience at your dealership I will take my business elsewhere! We will also be contacting an attorney to pursue the car being bought back under the Lemon Law if you are not able to do this for us. PS. Dan never got the car washed for us. My wife was so upset, she left so as not to have Dan make her wait another 20 minutes to pretend to wash the car.

I bought a new 2011 Cruze Eco with 1.4 Turbo. From day I bought the car it had a strong odor like some type of fluids getting hot. The longer you drove the car it got worse to the point your eyes and throat would burn. First I was told it was because it was new, then it was a filter, then they said they couldn't smell it. Had it in and out of shop several times for coolant leaks. Lines changed a couple times and a tee changed, cracked inter cooler and other minor and recall related things. At 65,000 miles I still had to drive with windows down even in winter because of the smell. That's when the real trouble began. Lost all power and made loud noise like no muffler.

The turbo went bad and tube broke away from turbo. Oil was everywhere. At first dealer said it was because I used wrong oil. When I PROVED the oil was changed ahead of schedule and right oil used every time, they replaced turbo. When I picked it up I made it about two miles and lost all power. Dealer got it and said something was not installed right and it was now fixed. I drove 4-5 miles and no power. Dealer got and said they would have to order another turbo. When I got it back, I drove out of their bay where they had it and drove around to front of bay and told them it is now making a slight knocking noise. They looked at and said it would go away, that it was just because oil needed to get circulated to lube engine good. Yeah ok.

Drove for a couple days and it got real bad. Brought it back, they looked at it and said it was because when I brought in, it was a quart of oil low and engine blew. No kidding, tube blew off turbo and oil was everywhere. I wonder why it was low. Was told 5000 for new engine plus labor and warranty would not cover it because of the low oil. I threw my oil receipts at them and told them politely where they could put them. The car had sit in driveway ever since that time. After about a year and a half I was talked into contacting Chevy. They told me to bring to another dealer and have diagnosed.

After three dealers said need engine but wouldn't diagnose the problem and they wouldn't mess with it because it had already been worked on and needed to go back to original dealer. Then was told because now that I no longer have receipts it would not be covered even though I had already proved it and only 53 miles more than when the last turbo was replaced so parked in the driveway and sat in driveway for another year. Got talking with a guy and he said "bring it over to my shop" and he would find the problem.

Pulls oil pan off and all kinds of metal shavings. Number three cylinder had groves in bottom. He pulls head and embedded in head and valves were chunks of metal that he says were pieces of the turbo propeller, cylinder has a few gouges. new engine needed. Used engine for about 1100 with shipping plus labor. I will contact Chevy again and see if they or the dealer will do anything. If not, I will drag it home and have an expensive piece of yard art with flowers that I will post all over social media. I have owned many Chevy's including two Cobalts that I currently drive and both with over 220,000. If they do not take care of this I will never buy another Chevy.

I purchased a 2012 Chevy Cruze and have nothing but problems out of this car. It has been in the shop at least 20 or more times with recalls on the vehicle. The braking system messed up first. You would go to stop and the car would lunge forward or just take off. Almost had several wrecks because of that. I broke down on the side of the road because the car just shut down and died. The car was overheating and the thermostat was burnt up. Had to go in to have that replaced. The turbo went out and that was replaced. The coolant reservoir had to be replaced 2 times and still leaks now and the car is constantly overheating and I have to put coolant in the car daily. Then I lost power in the car. The car was making a horrible sound.

Went to the dealership closest to me at that time for them to tell me I couldn't drive it and I had to take it back to the dealership I bought it. So we trailered the car back to the dealership. Come to find out the turbo had gone out again and even though it was under warranty the dealership wouldn't honor it. They said I had never had my oil changed and serviced. I had my paperwork showing I had all my work, oil changes and services done at the same dealerships. After 3 months of fighting with them I trailered the car once again 2 hours away to pay for it out of my own pocket to replace the turbo and fix the engine.

Got the car back and within just a month or so car shut down again, overheating and needing coolant. My car was steadily leaking and overheating. A hose was fixed at that time. The coolant reservoir still leaks and has to be checked on a daily basis. And once again broke down on my way to work. Car wouldn't go, lost power. Turbo once again GONE. So I had to trailer it back to my home and it still sitting there. I do not recommend this car to anyone. I will never buy from that dealership or buy another Chevy Cruze again.

I have a '14 Cruze with the 1.4 turbo. First thing that went wrong was the water pump at 56,000 miles. Then a month later, the car started to lunge and the CEL came on. It was the EGR valve, the cam cover and the intake manifold. NOW the car lost power and the CEL came on again. The code said it was a turbo issue. The car itself is nice. But GM really dropped the ball on this one. So now, I think I'm going to buy a Camry.

At 36K miles my computer started acting up. I'm an IT guy and motor geek so I know when something is wrong and usually what it is. I told the dealer the computer needed changed. They then swapped the MAF body out and charged me $350 only to have me come in 1 week later for the same issue. They then swapped the computer out and refused a refund for the unneeded repair. Bowtie ** you will never have another penny come in from my entire family.

So, this is now officially the worst car I have ever owned: 2012 Chevy Cruze LTZ. Right after I bought the car the radio would turn off, not come randomly. Researched and figured out it is a bad battery cable - I replaced it. I have gotten used to and deal with the weird braking thing where the car kind of surges forward when I brake at a stop sign. So used to it. In fact I have a hard time driving other cars because I have adjusted the way I brake. This past October, I was driving down the highway and the car felt like it "missed" - lost a little power and then sort of backfired - in my rearview I saw a white puff. Yet, it kept driving about 5 minutes later... every warning light in the car lit up, looked like the space shuttle going down. I pulled into the closest thing I saw - the car would barely move, NTB.

They were looking at it and oil was dripping down like the gasket was bad, but it was not acting like that was all. Quickly determined this was something severe and therefore covered under power train - $99 diag. to them. Had it towed to dealer $85. After 3 days of run-a-round and providing every oil change slip and service record (60k miles) - they finally told me - turbo blew and blew the engine. They replaced the entire turbo and engine. Yet, they will not pay the tow or the $99 diag... 2 days after I got the car back it would not START. Could not even pull it out of garage. I was freaking out. Called tow truck and back to dealer we go... Oh just bad battery... $55 tow (didn't use dealer reco. this time) and $185 battery.

NOW 5 months later car idling a little rough but not quite sure... driving down highway 2 days ago and exact same thing - small miss, then a backfire, no puff this time and no lights. Continued home and very rough idle at stops signs - almost like it will die. Read a bunch of stuff said it was coil pack - thought I could wait a day and take it to a shop - NOT under warranty. Nope. Not enough power to really go faster than 35 - and stabilitrak and traction light came on.

Went to service center told them what I thought. They looked over and said Cylinder 1 on coil pack is gone ($122). Fine. I ordered coil pack myself and replaced... Just drove around a little all those lights are on and check engine and the thing is idling rough. OH and I just found a coolant leak at the hose from the coolant into the T junction. Headed to dealer in the morning - this is unbelievable - I just want to get rid of this car. I want it fixed so I can trade it in on anything but a Chevy. Owned Chevy most of my life - never again.

I bought a 2014 Chevy Cruze at the beginning of February this year and I am having trouble locking and unlocking the car using the remote control. There does not appear to be a way of removing the battery (if there is one).

I own a 2014 Cruze Diesel and it has 68k miles on it. This is the 3rd time I have had it in for service for something to do with the diesel exhaust fluid. This time it will cost me $375.00 to replace the diesel exhaust fluid heater. Really? It's a 2014??? Not happy with the performance at all. How many more issues am I going to experience with the diesel exhaust fluid???

Wife and I bought a 2014 Cruze Diesel loaded with almost every option available. The car has been fantastic. I would never have bought a 2011 or 2012 since they are new model years. Never buy a model of a vehicle until it has been out for a few years. I worked at a GM dealer for almost 12 years and that was a common rule. Another issue is most dealer employees are horribly incompetent from the techs to the salesmen. These are the main reasons for the problems I read here. My Cruze has been pretty much problem free short of a random software glitch with the infotainment system, but no real complaints. Power is great, mileage is awesome, Pioneer audio is fantastic, and car simply drives fantastic.

I have driven many of the gas Cruze's as rentals and I can say on the power thing that on regular fuel the mileage is terrible and power is way down. I always fill them with premium fuel when I drive them and mileage instantly comes up along with power. For the minor cost difference in premium fuel and the gains that come with it, I highly recommend it to anyone running the 1.4L model. It is a turbo engine and should be treated as such. I'm completely surprised by how many complaints I see about having to pay for repairs. That's part of owning a car just as is the value of a car going down. I drive a 2006 Silverado 1500 that I bought brand new and the wife drives the 2014 Cruze which we also bought brand new. Both have been problem free and both have lost value since new purchase. I'm still a happy customer.

I bought this car in 2015 and it was a 2011. I have had it less than a year and have had to take it into the shop three times. Twice for the transmission and once for the air conditioner. I have been told that there is nothing that they can do because they were poorly designed. My car just jerks forward and has a very difficult time trying to speed up. It is dangerous and I regret my purchase.

Brakes failed going about 45 mph. Someone stopped about four car lengths ahead of me, I kept putting on brakes they would not engaged. I was yelling frantically car stop. But my car didn't stop until it hit a big pickup truck that decided to stop without warning and no turn signal. Even cops questioned why airbags did not deploy. Stands right now five thousand for repairs. As they dismantle my car they will see how much more it will cost on repairs. I have pictures of brake reservoir. It's full. Brake pads were not an issue. I really don't trust my life or anyone else's with that car now. Also when hitting brakes dash lights including radio lights go either dim or become very bright.

For the first 2 years that I owned my 2012 Cruze that I bought new, I had no problems and really enjoyed the car for what it is. Then right about the 3-year mark the nightmares began and it started with the recall for oil lead and brake failure at slow speed. My dealer at that time Bachrodt Chevrolet in Pompano, FL confidently assures me that everything was fixed under recall.

However, soon after the alleged brake fix, we hit a wall and damaged the front end when the brakes failed again at low speed. Bachrodt to me they could find nothing wrong, and I was imagining it. I was about to take further action including legal, when I started to experience excessive oil leakage. Back to Bachrodt who after about 2 visits for it, said they could not see anything so there is no problem.

At this point I complained to General Motors directly, and they sent me to another dealer. This dealer found that yes, the brake sensor of some type failed, and I am awaiting word whether they will repair the damage caused by the brakes failing. As for the continuing oil leak, this dealer said at first they pulled the spark plug and saw no evidence of damage, and that I would have to bring it in each time the oil was low, which I assume was because they did not believe me. I told them I have all the oil receipts and do not buy motor oil to put on my salad. They came back and said, lo and behold, there is a major leak and that oil is all over the engine.

To make a long story short, it appears that one of two things is true about Bachrodt Chevrolet, 1) they were simply incompetent or 2) they ALLEGEDLY committed fraud and did not really fix anything and simply billed GM for the repairs that ALLEGEDLY were never made. I have no proof of this ALLEGED fraud, but to me I cannot see 2 repairs made and then immediately failing. So, we shall see if the directly involvement of GM solves the problems once and for all - and if they will pay for damage caused by the brake failure at low speed

I purchased my 2011 Cruze with 9K miles in 2011. I enjoy the automatic start and styling of the vehicle however I have had major problems. There have been multiple recalls, replaced water pump, replaced air conditioner's condenser, and now a burning oil smell at only 52K miles. I am a young female and can barely afford the repairs along with my payments as well as being scared to drive long distances due to this car. I regret my purchase; I should have kept my 1997 VW!

Worse car ever, this 2013 Chevy Cruze LT. Car won't start or starts seldom. Car hesitates or skips also makes a horrible ticking noise, not even had it 3 months and had it exactly a week and rest it's been a Chevy dealership or garage. Not even with under 50,000 miles on it. It shouldn't not be running like this. Worse car ever. Engine light usually on.

I have a 2012 Cruz with approx 53000 miles on it, purchased in 2011. Up until this purchase, I bought used vehicles. I have never encountered so many costly issues & for the life of me I don't understand why recalls weren't issued. Few months back my engine light came which resulted in a costly repair. Last week, my driver side wiper stopped working while it was raining @ night driving in the fast lane. I had to replace the wiper transmission which was also a costly repair. I purchased a new car to avoid having to put money into it for repairs. I've spent more money repairing the Cruz than I did on my 2003 Impala. Then there are 2 recalls on the vehicle that can't be repaired unless a problem occurs. I have always been a Chevy girl, every vehicle that I have owned was a Chevy. I'm about to buy another vehicle but I doubt it will be a Chevy. Very disappointed customer.

I bought a 2013 Chevy Cruze with 2000 miles on it for 15500. The car has had multiple mechanical failures and spent multiple days in the shop for repairs. After being fed up with this repeated unreliability, I decided to sell the vehicle. One year later the best market value is 8000 dollars. Which in turn puts me upside down on my loan to the tune of 5000 dollars. In turn leaves me stuck with a car not worth half what I give for it. The market value is based on multiple recalls and mechanical failures due to shoddy manufacturing at gm and Chevrolet’s facility. Yet apparently, the general consumer and I are expected to pick up the tab.

I bought this car with 28k miles on it. It has had a total of 6 recalls so far. I've already had to replace the entire intake system and the ignition coil (at around 60K). Of course, it drove fine when I test drove it, but ever since I bought it, it has had no get up and go. If the AC is on, it takes forever to accelerate. I am now smelling rotten egg (catalytic converter) and the check engine light is reading an evap problem. When I hit the slightest bump in the road, it hits hard - has never driven smoothly even after purchasing brand new tires. I've never gotten the mileage that has been determined. I hate this car and can't wait to get rid of it! Sadly, this was my experience for my first newer car I've bought. Unfortunately, I still owe $13K and dealership only offered me $8K! I bought this lemon for almost $19K! Not even worth $8K in my opinion.

On Dec. 17th 2015, after some Christmas shopping and ready to head home, my Cruze would not reverse. Had it towed to dealership next day. 4 days in shop, Transmission Control Module, was replaced. Dec. 25th, service engine soon light briefly came on. Called nearest dealership. Boxing Day (I was 3 hrs. from home), but it was closed. Service engine soon light came on again briefly, but went out. Got home safely. However the following day (Dec. 27th), after driving no more than 5 mins. and while in the process of turning left at a busy 5 corner intersection, the ENGINE POWER IS REDUCED light came on and within seconds (while turning) the power cut out to a snail's crawl. Several vehicles went out of their way to avoid hitting me. Finally got safely over to roadside and called for assistance. Once again towed to dealership. Will call them in morning when they open. I am not feeling safe in this vehicle.

So many recalls, 3 oil leaks that were all from different places so it doesn't qualify as a lemon. Many problems that are not covered by my warranty which is almost up and at that point I will be screwed. I wish Chevy would do something to make it right with all the Cruze owners who are going broke from repairs and being inconvenienced. SO UNHAPPY and stuck with this car until I can pay the loan down.

Bought a used 2014 Cruze diesel with very low mileage. Use it for a day and the engine warning light came on. Dealer could not fix it and returned my money. Next day bought a brand new 2015 Cruze diesel fully loaded. Drove it for about 2000 miles and the engine warning light came on. The dealer fixed it. A few miles later the engine warning light came on again. Dealer fixed it. A few miles later the engine warning light came on. Dealer fixed it. Few miles later the same problem and keeps on happening. I have been in contact with the Consumers Affair at the Chevrolet corporation. Nice, polite people.

However they have not provided a solution. It looks that the Chevrolet people are just polite but are not allow to provide solutions. Tomorrow my Cruze diesel goes to the dealer again for the same issue. Every time/day that I cannot drive my car it costs me a $100 per day. And someone erase all the maintain economic records that was established on my account at the Cruze diesel owner forum. The whole situation smells bad. If there are other Cruze diesel owners with similar issues, do contact me. Thank you.

Traded in a 2013 Elantra. Good car kind of buzzy, noisy motor. A lot of road noise, a flawless transmission. Cardboard interior. Overall nice styling. Bought a 2015 Cruze 1lt auto 1.4 turbo. Purchased 8/2015. Driven 3 months. No problems. Period. Great gas mileage nice interior a step above the Elantra. No road noise, quiet ride. The balance of torque band and horsepower is very useful. Transmission takes a little while to learn your driving style. Plenty of front leg room. Controls are easy to reach. I have the technology package awesome.

I have terrible credit and GM Financial stepped up. Affordable down payment and 6% interest. The is no Z06 vette. But it's comfortable, economical and good looking. Silver ice color so it stays clean. Super quality affordable. Going to keep a few years and trade up!!! GM you're going in the right direction. I previously owned a 70 GTO convertible, 3 Buicks. A 2002 TA WS6 DROP TOP. A 99 Z28, A 95 S10SS. A 2004 Monaro GTO, a YUKON 2004 and I'm retired and my 2015 Cruze. When something works you stick with it. The Daytona Turbo Flash.

We bought the Cruze when they first came out in 2011. Over paid to begin with because I had to have all the bells & whistles. And of course it's a beautiful black car. It has never had any power, has only once got the estimated miles per gallon. If the air is on it slows at times to almost a stop. Not running the air I have had it slow down to almost a stop twice and had to steer off the road. We have had all the recalls done on it. I am afraid to take off due to the fact it pulls back before it gets going. We have had it in probably a dozen times. Last service we got home and it was leaking by the engine, took it back, they said "it drives like a new car".

Got home (2 hr drive to dealership) it's still leaking. Leave it for a week, fly out of town, come back to pick it up and was told, hoses were leaking and needed to be replaced. Car was not finished, we now have a loaner car and find out they had to replace the turbo. I had called Chevy and reported to them all of the problems we were having. They apologized and told me they wanted their customers satisfied, and wanted us happy with our purchase. They were amazing to talk to. After I hung up I thought, I just got nowhere with them. My car is a lemon, and worth nothing to trade in. So now, has the turbo never worked? Has the car always leaked? Will I ever get the great gas mileage it was advertised to give?

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