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I received a "FINAL NOTICE" in the mail that states: "Our records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehicle service contract activated. We are informing you that if your factory warranty has expired, you will be responsible for paying repairs..." This is designed to dupe unsuspecting/uninformed into paying for something they may not even need. In my case, my car is just over 1 yr old, still under factory warranty AND covered thru the extended coverage protection purchased w/ the vehicle. I will be forwarding a complaint to the State of Kansas A.G.'s office.

I had brought my auto for repair for a tested bad alternator. American Auto Shield has to be falsely manipulating the info in alldata software as they are saying the repair and diagnostic should only take 45 minutes to replace on a 2008 Toyota Tundra V6 4.0 engine. First of all my Diamond package warranty does not state that alldata software is used to determine the repair labor cost and part. Instead of me just paying the deductible of $100.00 they also had me pay a extra portion of the labor total $235.78.

This company is very fraudulent. I have contacted the Texas attorney general's office and will also fill a complaint with the BBB. I advise all that have done business with this company to do the same. I asked for all the data for my vehicle year, make, model repair information from alldata software and they say they cannot supply. You would think our government would have laws to protect us from these companies. After the BBB my next move is to go to my local news agency.

I have received a "Final Notice" in the mail from this company with penalty threats and mentions of records, warranties, and urgent time-sensitive information. I did not knowingly sign up for their correspondence. This is spam advertising that preys on gullible people. My husband is an immigrant, and now I have a foreign last name too. I am getting spam calls from people claiming to be the IRS, the government, and now Maryland's MVA (it says Maryland Vehicle Services, so I know better). This is one more company that preys on immigrants and their ignorance of the legal system. SHAME ON YOU.

Called to cancel policy within 30 days after re-reviewing the policy (which reads as a 15 page DISCLAIMER). Realized that I had been hounded by Telemarketers for almost two months and that I had signed under duress. My request to the representative Ms. Gina ** was rudely rejected as not meeting her specifications. Whether she represents works directly for National Auto Division or American Auto Shield, I had been hounded for over two months by their telemarketers when on August 17, 2016 E. **, a snake oil salesman-- called to told me that the company I was already with was a rip-off fly-by-night outfit which did not honor claims, that I needed to change my coverage right then as time was running out. He stated he had nine complaints from my company on his desk which he was working with to get those persons' vehicles covered because their claims were not being accepted.

I realize now that ** is paid by commission and needed to push a sale before the end of the month. The final kicker is the rude disrespect by Ms. Gina ** with my cancellation request from National Auto Division. Advice... unless you are actively looking for extended warranty coverage DO NOT agree to anything where the call did not originate with you. Do Not deal with any TELEMARKETER.

American Auto Shield / Empire Consumer Services / Liberty Auto Protection are fraudulent companies that implement their fraud by hiding behind each other. Empire Consumer Services, based in California, is the selling agent. American Auto Shield, based in Colorado, is the administrator of policy and Liberty Auto Protection, based in New Jersey, is the parent company. Empire Consumer Services sells the fraudulent auto policies for Liberty Auto Protection. They promise they will cover mechanical issues with your vehicle, take thousands from you, but their policy administration is another company, American Auto Shield, who denies all claims, even when the parts are listed as covered.

Empire then says they will get American Auto to cover the claim, but Empire never calls or emails you back. Then, American Auto sends you to the parent company, Liberty Auto Protection, who says they need more time to work with Empire to enforce American Auto to pay the claim. This is a SCAM. Your claim will NEVER be covered. You should have a negative rating on them. They are very dishonest people. Americans should be able to trust that their governments would stop this kind of behavior, but it seems that hiding in different states allows this to go on.

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I have 100 deductible for my warranty work and now they already found a different alternator rather than dealer part they had at Auto Zone and now disputing the labor cost at Fairway Chevrolet. 3 days over 116 dollars they don't want to pay. Doug ** actually referred to YouTube video for reference of the speed an alternator can be change out.

I would not have no more contract with this company. They never send parts that work, parts they send for your auto don't work, so they send in another part. This can take up to two weeks to get your car back. This is doing without your auto. Take advice do not get their contract, it's not worth it. Check complaints first, before getting a contract. Nothing but rudeness and misleading. They put in overhaul parts that don't work. Not me. Never again.

I had to get a work done on my H3 Hummer. First at all, my dealer called the recommended number to get approval. No way, I had to wait almost two hours before someone from the claim department called back. The next issue was that the representative from American Auto Shield, Inc found the radiator cheaper on AutoZone. It doesn't matter if it is re-manufactured, exchanged or a used component. If your dealer cannot match the price, you have to accept what your warranty company is willing to cover. Otherwise you get a check. By the way, don't forget your $100 deductible. When we bought the contract last year from CarTection.com they told us how great the service is. My recommendation, read your contract (18 pages) and stay away from that kind of business companies!

When my warranty expired on my Kia Optima, I was very worried about how I would pay for costly repairs. I did a google search and found their website. I talked to a sales rep. We set up a plan, the process was very easy and painless. 12 months later my transmission went out :( It was going to cost over $2700 to fix it. I called American Auto Shield claims number and they took care of the rest. I only paid $100 for a deductible, that was it! They also gave me a FREE rental car for 2 weeks. 5 Stars!!!

I work for repair facility and this is the 2nd time that I've hassled with this company. Two "listed" covered parts (and 2 sub-sequential parts) were not because of failure of an o-ring that wouldn't be visible until torn apart! Their policy states vaguely that rust inhibits coverage but the rusted parts were not visible either! Therefore they were not going to cover any parts. The "independent" adjuster they sent out not only lied about the o-rings that he couldn't see, but he commented that the power steering didn't make any noise but never started the vehicle. This was in regards to another observation of a power steering leak, which wouldn't know isn't covered by their warranty; we knew about leak but never mentioned it as wanting it covered. AAS should change the name to "cover our own ass". Worthless!!!

Bought warranty from Smart Choice USA which turns out to be American Auto Shield. Takes two days for an adjuster to approve repair, then they looked for cheap parts another two days, ordered wrong part even though repair shop told them it was wrong so now will be Monday before part gets here. This will take a week for an 11 hour job. They refuse to pay more than extra on rental car. Rude and don't care about their customers. Smart Choice phone number no longer works.

I work for a repair facility and have had nothing but poor experiences with this company. They do not care about their contract holders. Their customer service is rude, slow and unhelpful. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. I deal with extended warranty companies regularly and this American Auto Shield is by far the worst.

I paid $2885.00 for an extended warranty in 2012. I canceled the warranty and only received 582.00. Warranty was until May 2017.

I have paid for an extended warranty for almost 4 years. This warranty is not cheap. When I was offered this contract, I was told it would cover all motors on my car. Well that was a lie. The motor that moves my side mirror recently died. I took it to the dealer and they contacted this company. They were told that they do not cover this type of motor because how do they know it wasn't caused by an accident. WHAT?!! The dealer explained that my car was not in an accident and the broken motor was most likely due to the fact that the car is a 2008. Since they are absolutely useless when needed, I discontinued their services. I should have stuck with the extended warranty offered by my car dealership!

I paid for a 4-year/60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and over the 4 years, I only put 30,000 miles on the car, and never used the warranty. On 2-9-12, I had work done on a throttle sticking issue and Warranty America said it was not covered. It cost me $506, then on 2-23-12, the electric window failed. I took it to the dealership on the 23rd and it took them until the 28th to get the parts and finish the repair.

When the dealership called into Warranty America to file a claim, Warranty America said nothing was covered since the policy expired on 2-26-12 at midnight. The dealership explained that the car was in the shop being repaired on the 23rd, but had to wait on parts to finish the job. I do not feel they are correct and would like some help with this. Thanks.

I purchased the extended warranty not long after I purchased my car from Heritage Honda in 2007 and made monthly payments until it was paid off. It was a bumper-bumper plan and my car had 8,150 miles on it. This past June 2010, my air conditioner went up and it was covered on the policy. I took it to Heritage and that's when the saga began. Heritage did what they asked, ran a diagnostic, I paid my deductible and then they wanted to send out an inspector before they would send parts. Oh, did I mention parts that were used that came from a junk yard?

Malcolm at Heritage told them he needed not only the compressor but the dryer unit; they refused which ended up causing the compressor to blow because of dirt that was in it. They sent another unit, it wouldn't work. Then another, this went on and on. I finally got my car back the end of June. Heritage informed me they would no longer deal with this company and their junk parts. I drove my car 2 blocks and it blew out all the antifreeze and it locked up again. Needless to say I have called them with no avail, all I get is put on hold.

This has been the hottest summer I’ve experienced in my life and my 90-year-old mom has to be transported to doctor’s appointments, and I have no air. They never sent decent parts so I am asking to be reimbursed my full amount of $2722.00, what I paid for the warranty. They have done nothing for me. At least I can get my car fixed if I have my money I paid them for the service they never gave. I have allergies and a 90-year old Mom who is not well and can't withstand the heat. She has many doctor appointments and has been subjected to some pretty high temps this summer. It’s really taken its toll on her. I need to get my car fixed. Plus, I will have no heater because I can't use the fan, it’s all connected.

I bought a Polaroid 32" LCD TV (FXM-3211C) for $470 from Ubid.com with an extended warranty for $166 from WaCa. The TV started to have a "fuzzy" picture for a minute when first turned on; this progressed to 5+ minutes. I called in on the warranty, and a pre-paid foam padded box was sent to me. I shipped it.

2 months went by with no communication, so I called. They said the LCD panel was cracked, and they called it customer damage and would not repair it. I explained that nothing was wrong with the screen when I shipped it and asked them to file an insurance claim with the shipper. They said no and gave me the option of having them ship it back. When I got the TV back, the screen was severely cracked, and no image could be seen at all.

Contract provides for 100% coverage on vehicle parts and labor and rental car coverage. Warranty America refuses to pay even reasonable cost for parts (non dealer replacement parts) and states that the contract holder is responsible for the excess charges or Warranty America will supply the part. If Warranty America sources the part, they will not cover the extra day (or 2 days if part shipping cutoff is missed) that it takes to get the part to the service center.

This does not honor the contract. Also, Warranty America makes it difficult for the service center to deal with them (not paying reasonable cost for parts, excessive hold times, arguing) that the service centers do not want to deal with the warranty company. I believe this is a blatant attempt to make it so difficult to deal with, so that they do not have to pay for the warranty. The damage is that my vehicle is non functional for additional days and a rental car is not covered for the extra days. Also, it’s becoming difficult to find someone who will deal with Warranty America.

End of Sept 08 I purchased a 03 x-type 3.0 allwheel drive jaguar. miles 57541. weeks later i purchased an extended warranty thru Fidelis, warranty co. being warranty america, llc. miles 57916 when purchased warranty. Feb 18th 09. I took my car in for service (Dealer where i brought the car)because i started hearing like a whistling noise coming from my tires or the rear of the car.

Dealership service department called my warranty co who in turn said an inspector had to inspect the problem to see if repairs would be paid for by warranty co. Problem was the drive shaft and transfer case. Inspector comes on feb 23rd 09 inspects car, reports back to warranty co. who says that they will not pay for repair problems because the problems occured before we purchased the warranty.

My car is still in service department at the dealership with repairs over 4000 (dollars) not being taken care of by warranty co. and myself fighting trying to get help for this co to honor this contract.

I purchased a 2003 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor in February of this year. The vehicle had between 44,000 & 46,000 miles on it. I purchased the vehicle because it did not have very many miles and thought that this car would last a long time without needing any major repairs. Recently my check engine light went on and I took the vehicle right away to the Mercedes Dealership. The car was first diagnosed with misfires. The service department replaced an ignition coil and also had me replace the spark plugs since the vehicle is now five years old. Currently the vehicle has about 60,000 miles.

The engine light came back on about a week or two later. I took my vehicle in again the same morning. Warranty America required the service dept. to break down the engine before sending an adjuster out. The adjuster went out and inspected the vehicle. On the 10th of Oct. a message was left with the service adviser that they, the Warranty Co., would not be covering the claim due to sludge. The service adviser contacted the warranty company and told them that this was clearly a mechanical breakdown. The warranty company said that the contract excluded sludge/carbon build up.

When I contacted the warranty company it was told to me that the vehicle would not be covered because of maintenance issues. The adjuster had notated in his notes that I was not using the correct fuel (which should be Premium). The warranty customer service rep asked if I had any gas receipts. I did not at the time but did tell him that I did indeed use the premium fuel. The customer service rep then transferred me to a claims adjuster who said that the company would not cover the claim due to contamination. The claims adjuster then had his supervisor take a look at the claim. Later that day the claims supervisor called me and said that Warranty America would still not cover the claim due to contamination and because of maintenance issues. The service department at the dealership told the Warranty Company that there have been no maintenance issues.

The warranty that I purchased was their "Bumper to Bumper" coverage with wear and tear as well as gaskets and seals. I also purchased the emissions package all to total over $2800. On their website it clearly states under the "Bumper to Bumper" what is not covered: The Bumper to Bumper program covers the cost of repairs due to failure of all manufacturer installed mechanical and electrical part, this coverage is so extensive, only the following are excluded. Paint/carpeting; frame of structural separation; manual/hydraulic clutch assembly; trim; hoses and rubber part; fiberglass top; any repositioning, refitting or realigning; moldings; distributor cap/ rotor; tire/wheels; air bag/supplemental restraint systems; lenses; battery and cables; all maintenance service and items such as alignments, wheel balances, engine tune-ups, spark/glow plugs, plug wires, brake pads, linings and shoes, filters; lubricants and coolants (unless in conjunction with covered breakdown); hoses and v-style; belts; bright metal; light bulbs/headlights; exaust system; weather stripping; body panels; brake rotor/drum; normal fluid/oil lubricant seepage; canvas, vinyl or fabric tops, satellite/GPS systems, video systems, remote compact disc or DVD changers; (unless surcharge has been applied); shop supplies, hazard waste removal; body adjustments; buttons, handles, door hinges, glass; service adjustments; cleaning; retrofits or replacements of any components caused by or due to compliance with law or legislation including the 1990 Clean Air Act, and including emission control equipment and sensors. Tires The tire must be an original vehicle manufacturer equipped tire, or replacement tire of the same size and type, with no less than 3/32? tread depth, properly installed on you r vehicle. Reimbursement is based on the price of original tires purchased with your vehicle. Covered damage is defined as any road hazard caused damage necessitation replacement of the tire.

In the contract that I purchased it does list a separate section of exclusions: A BREAKDOWN CAUSED BY CONTAMINATION (FOREIGN OBJECTS OR SUBSTANCES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO SLUDGE) OF OR LACK OF PROPER FUELS, FLUIDS, COOLANTS OR LUBRICANTS, INCLUDING A BREAKDOWN CAUSED BY A FAILURE TO REPLACE SEALS OR GASKETS IN A TIMELY MANNER;. The warranty company when asked by the service department and myself to continue reading the clause instead of just stopping at CONTAMINATION they will not and tell me that I need to just submit a letter to them telling them that I disagree with their decision. The contract clearly states that if they continue reading the contract due to lack of proper fuels,(which I now have receipts listing that I put in premium fuel), fluids, coolants etc. I have not lacked in any way of the proper fluids and the Service Dealership has confirmed this. When the computer in my vehicle told me that I was nearing my Service A in July I took the vehicle in as required.

When speaking with the Warranty Company the warranty company also said that the carbon build up could of been prevented by having a Top End Service performed to clean the fuel injection system? which is recommended but no where are they able to locate where Mercedes Benz requires that nor their (Warranty America) company guidelines. Warranty America then on a separate phone call said that then the claim was declined because carbon build up causing damage to a covered component is not covered. Their stating that in the contract definitions area under Breakdown is the main reason for their denial;

BREAKDOWN? or Mechanical BREAKDOWN? means the event caused by the total failure of any COVERED PART to work as it was designed to work in normal service. Please refer to the wording under exclusions for a listing of conditions under which the failure of a COVERED PART is not considered a Mechanical BREAKDOWN.

Warranty America keeps giving me different explanation for their denial every time I give them a call. First it was due to sludge, then because of not maintaining the vehicle properly, then contamination and inputting the wrong fuel, contamination and because of not performing the top end service to clean the fuel injection system and then because of the Breakdown definition.

I purchased this contract from Carchex who assured me that this was the best contract that I could purchase. Ive called Carchex recently and asked a general question about their bumper-to-bumper coverage and asked a question about having to have my engine or engine head replaced and they said I was covered. I then asked if I would be covered because of carbon build up. Ryan the representative who I believe was the same representative that I spoke with before said that it should be. Ive spoke with the specialist Manager Tom from Carchex and he said that most often Contamination is caused by maybe water in the fuel or maybe a bad seal and oil then leaking from the seal and causing the engine to be contaminated. An engine light should be alerted which at that time the consumer should take the vehicle in right away. When my engine light came on I took the vehicle in that same morning. My vehicle had not started running inaccurate in any way anytime before that.

Bought Bumper to Bumper coverage and was assured that everything other than ocvious wear and tear items (ie. tires, braes, spark plugs, wipers, paint...would be covered 100%. Went to put a claim in and was told 75% of the work I needed would not be covered. Asked to cancel policy and was told I couldn't get an amount that would be refunded until it was processed. I've paid in almost $800 and owe $1000 in 11 months. These people won't even cover the nuts and bolts required to fix a "covered" part!

They tried to sweet talk me into a $200 credit to my acount and a two month deferment on my next bill. I am infuriated. I spent over two hours of my day today going back and forth with them. I was told when I purchaed the ceverage that I could get a full refund at any time within the 5 years and they lied. Apparently if you never use it in five years you can get a refund or if you cancel it within 60 days. They lied. Now if I want to cancel it they won't tell me how much the cancellation fee is or what my pro rate amount is. So now I don't know if I should just never use it and contact them in four years for my refund or cancel it.

They are sending an adjuster tomorrow to see if they will approve the questinable items...a child safety harness on an integrated child seat, contacts and weather stripping for the sliders that open on their own, and the nuts and bolts that hold together the manifold that is a covered part. I am disgusted with the way I have been manipulated, lied to and spoken to in regards to this company. They are a fraud!

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