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First Extended Service Corporation

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Last updated: Dec. 14, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2017

I run a new car dealership Parts and Service Department that does not sell this companies' policies. However in my years, I have dealt with hundreds of Extended Warranty companies. I have a customer who purchased one from this company. I have spent hours upon hours on hold, promised callbacks that never came, received authorizations numbers that later were rescinded after the fact. I fear for my customer and have informed them that I will not be contacting this company on their behalf ever again. All communications will need to be direct with customer to this company. Worst experiences ever (4 separate instances) ALL the same! Horrifying!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

I purchased a 2015 Nissan Versa Note SV used with 34,750 miles on it and a expensive warranty from First Extended Service. When I encountered transmission issues with the car I called to make a claim. They informed me that I was out of coverage. I was asked how many miles was on my car at the time the car had 105,000 miles on it, and I asked why is my warranty out. The lady was rude. “She stated the car has over 100,000 miles". I informed her that the car had 34,750 miles on it and I done the math and I still should be under warranty. Her response was "No. You're out of warranty". I said, "So I paid for a warranty and never used it and I have to pay for a transmission?" "Pretty Much yeah".

She was really rude. How can a company take money for a service that was never used. This company needs to be investigated and everyone that they have cheated out of money should be refunded every penny. Now I have to pay for a car and a transmission. Stay away from companies like First Extended Service. They are sorry in my opinion they need to be banned from selling such phony warranties.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and should be investigated! They sell bumper to bumper warranties for car repair at various car dealerships then absolutely will not honor the warranty for COVERED repairs. Shame on the dealerships who are in on this scam with this company! We paid for their highest tier warranty and the parts on the contract in black and white that said they are covered this company will not cover and use a play on words using a different term hoping the consumer will not know anything about car parts!

The dealership that offers this warranty (DEACON'S Chrysler Dodge in Mayfield OHIO) has to know this company is a scam and yet they sold us this $4000 dollar added warranty to our car payments knowing First Extended does not honor their contract on listed parts!! If a contract says for instance it covers brake work like backing plates, calipers self adjusters, brake lines, springs, and DEACON'S service garage says I need new rotors because the self adjusters are sticking, how can First Extended say they will not cover ANY brake repair because brake pads are self maintenance? It was the rotors and self adjusters that need fixed! The brake pads wore down because the COVERED self adjusters were sticking and caused my rotors to warp. This is just ONE of MANY play on words this company uses to not cover what they put on the contract that says it's covered.

Another one was a broken strut that says right on the contract it's covered but they refused to cover it because they said the coil around the strut was the broken part and that wasn't covered yet, it all comes together from the factory in ONE PIECE. It's mind blowing that this company is still in business and hasn't been shut down. Especially after reading I am just another complaint to a list of complaints a mile long. I will never deal with any of these scam artist companies again. Be warned!! Stay away!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

I purchased the extended warranty as recommended by Dorsch Ford staff in Green Bay when I bought my 2013 Ford Explorer. The coverage was suppose to be the best money could buy. Well unless you never leave the purchase area that still may be true but having moved to Texas and having to file a claim I can say it is a very difficult and painful process and coverage is not what you expect. Don't waste your money on the warranty. Rude and disrespectful call center staff and warranty language about exclusions is very misleading.

Even the finance people at Dorsch didn't understand why they declined coverage but couldn't help me because I wasn't at their facility. Which is 1100 miles away, not just a day trip to get the service I paid for. Started dealing with the company around 9:00 am and they told me after 4:30 pm that the normal process to approve repairs can take up to 48 hours. Funny the contract doesn't say that. It also doesn't say they can jerk you and the repair facility around, but rest assured they will.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 10, 2017

If I could give this company negative stars I would. Purchased an extended warranty on my 2014 ford focus when I bought the car less than a year ago. Now my clutch needs to be replaced. The dealership I bought it from called the warranty company to come and look at my car and they automatically denied my claim stating that even though my car is an automatic they consider it to be a manual because of the dual clutch system. However, on my warranty contract it specifically states that clutches are covered in automatic vehicles. Called them five times last week and nobody answered, left messages and nobody called back.

Finally got a hold of an associate today named Cam, extremely rude, probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced. He told me I have no idea what I'm talking about and it's not his fault that I don't understand. I will be reporting them to bbb as well as having my attorney look at my contract. I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2017

I put my vehicle in the shop on two separate occasion for warranty work. Both times I was without my vehicle for OVER a month. The work itself was less than a week's worth. They drag their feet and try to find reasons why they are not required to cover said part in their contract. It's been 3 weeks at this point just to get the lifters inspected and replaced. First they said a hydraulic lifter was not an internal lubricated part and denied that part of the claim. I called and went over the contract (their contract) with them and defined in Laymen's terms what "ALL INTERNAL LUBRICATED PARTS" MEANS. Then, all of a sudden they never got a claim for that and it IS covered, BUT we need copies of all oil changes, then we will send out an inspector, then he will file his findings, then we will approve or deny, then we'll get in contact with the service dept.

"Oh well we offer a rental car service, but it's a maximum of 5 days, 150.00 per claim, IF APPROVED. So you have a car to drive for the first week. You pay though and we will reimburse you. That process takes a month minimum." I am totally disgusted with this company and STRONGLY recommend they be investigated. I will NEVER buy another car from a car lot that sells their plans. Don't even get me started on the first time. 3 months I waited and had to have the vehicle towed to another service center because they did not want to pay the dealer rates AFTER I was specifically given permission to take my vehicle there in the first place.

Horrible customer service on top of it all. You could just record them and play it back and you wouldn't know the difference. No way to get in contact with anyone above the call center because they tell you the manager is busy and will have to call you back. I have never spoken to a manager in the 8 different times I have tried. Again, this company needs to be seriously investigated and someone other than an answering service needs to be held accountable.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

Took my vehicle to Chevy for 2 minor recall issues. Asked them to look into odor of anti freeze/coolant that was easily observed but no puddle seen. Fixed recalls same day and stated there was a small leak in the radiator and warranty company was contacted to authorize the repair. Next day warranty rep at Chevy dealership had determined that the vehicle needed to stripped down to better see problem and document with picture. Day later they claim rep was never there at the dealer and they have no record of claim. Back to square one - rep to be sent to look at problem.

Three weeks later, I'm still waiting for the claim to be approved - now by upper management. BTW - they never came back to photograph the radiator leak or look at it. The part has been on location since day one. The cost of the part and labor is $1000. Really - three weeks to be approved along with several stories and lies. Worst company I have ever dealt with and I will be initiating a complaint with the Dept. of Consumer affairs - Ins. Claims Division.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2016

After reading all of the reviews for this company I wonder why I sit here having to complain at all. Has there been an investigation? Has anyone sued them? They denied a legitimate claim today without even knowing the details, and after a complaint they asked for pics from STS and denied it again. I have two front tires with metal sticking out of both of them, and they are talking about tread wear! Legally maybe they might have a leg to stand on, but morally and ethically they are bankrupt. How can they be allowed to be in business scamming a trusting public to pay them every month, month after month. I am filing complaints everywhere, they should be stopped.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2016

When I bought out the 2 nissans I was leasing (one for me and one for the wife) I purchased the extended warranty through Nissan. My car a 2010 maxima has just about 50K miles. My wife's Rougue has over 67K. I get the oil changed in both regularly. I start hearing a ticking noise not too long ago, in the maxima. I bring it to my guy. He takes a look, calls Extended warranty, adjuster comes. Tells them tighten the adjuster on the timing chain and clean the oil out of the timing chain. This gets done.

Within 24 hours noise is back and car is undrivable. I get it towed from my house to my guy. This time he calls extended again and asks them to come and look again. Extended tells them to send it to Nissan smithtown. Nissan tells me the motor is blown. I ask how we went from a timing chain to a blown motor. No answer for that. That is still a mystery. Then Nissan tells me they see sludge in the engine. I tell them the oil is changed regularly and several times I used synthetic. I also explain that I drive this car to work mainly.

I live 4-5 miles from my office. On several occasion the heat is not hot when I get to my office and when I get home. That is how short of drive it is. I also explain that sludge can be caused by oil not getting up to temperature. Which I believe is the case here. Nissan and First Extended want oil change receipts. I explained that I did not keep those but my mechanic has them. My mechanic calls me and states he lost info in his computer and do I have or have I kept a log. I did, but it only has dates, no mileage. I give it to him and he writes up oil change receipts sends them to Nissan. First Extended will not approve the repair because of insufficient maintenance records. I explain the situation. Both the beginning and up to now. They could care less.

I ask First extended how they can explain - I first have timing chain issue, then a blown motor, and that the motor is not covered because of maintenance records? I was told I have insufficient records. I say, "Look I have a 2010 nissan Rogue with 67K miles on it and the oil was changed just as often as the Maxima. There is nothing wrong with the Rogue. Then I say don't they find it odd that 6 year old car, (and the maxima was recalled in 2009 for timing chain issues), with 50K miles on it with a blown motor sounds as though the manufacturer could be at fault. They would not answer. They just keep telling me my maintenance records are insufficient. They won't even entertain the log.

And Nissan tells me while all this is going on, "It looks like your oil was just changed." And I said, "YES IT WAS." Just like I do when the date or mileage on the little sticker on my window from my mechanic tells me to get the oil change. Even I am missing 1,2,3, records of an oil change. There is no way driving 8 miles a day would blow a motor. If they do not want to approve the repair I want ALL of my money back for my warranty. But what I would really like is for them to repair my car. Which I believe was damaged by a faulty timing chain, which all should be covered under warranty. It is not as though I am not able to prove oil changes. It is because they do not want to believe my mechanic. Whom I have taken every car I have owned in the last 20 years to. Who changes my oil every 3-5k miles, religiously. I have NEVER missed an oil change. Never.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2016

Answered the phone and needed information on the type of warranty and the cost. Spoke to three people in less than 5 mins. Last "Finance Manager" explained the cost and terms to me and when I asked if I could call back he said that this was a one time deal. So I said that I thought they had called me before and I'm not sure what happened. He just started yelling at me telling me that they had never called me before, and I'm "bringing this on myself" and lots more. I have no idea what warranted this behavior. Eventually I just hung up. This is an UNPROFESSIONAL organization that smells of SCAM artists. I tried calling the number back to ask that I be removed from their call list and as predicted I was unable to get anyone. The call just hung up on me. Scary... I hope that they are investigated and this horrible person that yelled at me for no reason today is put out of business.

Original review: April 26, 2016

This is not even a company. They are a joke. The supervisor/manager yelled at me and all I was doing was asking him a question. I request that the Consumer Affairs Division commence an investigation into this company immediately.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2016

By far the worst, rudest, most unprofessional company I have dealt with. I own a 2012 Fiat 500 Sport and bought an extended warranty through this company when I bought the car. The front passenger side ball joint broke, leaving the car inoperable. I had the car towed to an authorized dealer for service. The service center immediately faxed a report detailing the repairs, including written information from the manufacturer detailing why each part was necessary. Despite several calls from myself and the service center, they took almost a week to come look at the car. The individual who looked at the car then didn't bother contacting me or the service center and a couple more days passed, so I called the company.

They said that the repair would not be covered because the parts being suggested were not necessary and just "upgrades". I asked to speak to a supervisor to discuss the claim, was transferred to a voicemail and left messages on 3 different occasions with no answer. Called again, asked to speak to a supervisor again, and was told I couldn't that there was no need to and was hung up on. Called again, stating that as a policy holder I was entitled to speak to a supervisor, and they finally transferred me.

Tried talking to the supervisor but was told that despite the service center and manufacturer's reports they weren't covering the repairs, and if I wanted to I could talk to the service center again, and call the company back. Called the service center again, got details again on the repairs and parts needed. Called the company again to give the info from the service center, and was asked why I was calling since they have already settled this claim. Explained that I had spoken to a supervisor and this was what I was told to do. Asked to get transferred to a supervisor, get transferred to voice mail again! Called back, hung up on!

Called Fiat, and asked them to speak to the company to explain the necessary parts and repairs. Fiat graciously did, and again a refusal to cover the repairs. So... 2 weeks and 2 days later my car is still sitting at the service center and no repairs have even been started. What a waste of $1200 spent on this useless warranty. Save your money folks - First Extended Service is just plain awful!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 23, 2016

I own a 2007 Chevy Equinox. I took it into the shop and was told the master cylinder, power booster, and front two wheel bearing hubs needed to be replace. My luck was that all the parts were covered under my warranty. After looking at the reviews I was prepared for an uphill fight to get my work completed. To my surprise it went smoother than expected. The dealer Autonation submitted all the proper paperwork for me. Made time for the inspector to look at the repairs needed. The inspector was fairly quick in looking at the vehicle, and submitting the information for review. First Extended Service quickly approved the repair with only the cost of wheel hubs as a sticking point.

So after the wheel hubs were ordered and arrived I was put in a rental while repairs were made. Luckily the dealer was able to include it on the claim so I was not out of pocket for the rental. Every time I called the agents were very helpful. So after it was all said and done 7 days from start to finish I was back on the road in my vehicle. Longest wait was for parts to come in. In total 1900 worth of work cost me 180 after charges for fluids, taxes on rental, and deductible.

I understand my experience is not shared by many on here, but I was never rude to the agents. I didn't scream into the phone about what they needed to do. I honestly believe that because I was more than 40 miles from the dealer I bought it from made the biggest difference. If I would have gone through my original dealer and his network of mechanics more issues would have come up. So I got lucky in my experience, treated the customer service agents with a little respect and got my repair done quickly and under budget. I'm hoping I don't need to do this again, but I won't have my guard up as much as when I first started the process.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 22, 2016

I must say this company is one of the worst, shadiest, and companies I have ever dealt with. I would not ever consider applying for a warranty with this company again because they really aren't even a warranty company. This warranty was purchased with my vehicle by the dealer. First Extended only authorizes the claim. The dealer underwrites the contract and decides whether to pay for the repairs. First Extended will literally just deny your claim, and refuse to pay for anything. I thought Portland BMW would have a reputable extended warranty company but I was wrong. Don't get ripped off by this company and don't purchase this warranty plan from the dealer. VERY BAD COMPANY.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 23, 2016

By far one of the worst, shadiest, and disrespectable companies I have ever dealt with. Don't even consider applying for a warranty here, because they really aren't even a warranty company. This "warranty" was purchased with my vehicle by the dealer. First Extended only authorizes the claim. The dealer underwrites the contract and decides whether to pay for the repairs. First Extended will literally make you jump through 6 hoops to try and deny your claim, and then it's still up to the dealer to pay for it! How is that a warranty?

I purchased my vehicle from a dealer that should be in jail. The vehicle's engine immediately started knocking after purchase, and the front axle seal was leaking. Per advice of my dealer and the warranty company, the vehicle was brought to an "authorized" repair facility who told me there was "nothing wrong" with my vehicle, siphoned over 1/2 tank of gas from my vehicle, and destroyed my $300 front bumper with their boots. After this happened, I kept fighting with First Extended. There were only (4) authorized repair facilities that the dealer had listed, and First Extended will not cover your repair if it is not brought to one of these facilities! It only states in my contract I need to bring it to the dealer, not to a specific repair facility! After (4) months, I was told by First Extended I could bring it to my own mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

In February 2016, I again called First Extended to inquire about getting these repairs performed to my vehicle. I was told by (6) repair claims representatives, including Edward **, Jose **, Mike **, Christian **, and Travis, to bring my vehicle to my own repair facility once again. On February 29th, my mechanic diagnosed the vehicle as needing a bad engine and a new axle seal (surprise) which the authorized mechanic couldn't see or hear? Really? Then it gets better. After I bring it here, I am forced to pay a $75 diagnosis fee because, after 1 week, they then tell me I need to bring it back to the original facility that diagnosed it with no problems. Why would I bring it back to the facility that said it had no problems??? Do they really think I'm this stupid? After another weekend, they finally tell me to bring my vehicle to ANOTHER repair facility, who ALSO REFUSED to work on it.

Then I had to bring it to ANOTHER repair facility, one that wasn't even authorized to begin with! TWO WEEKS LATER... THEY SEND AN INVESTIGATOR TO VERIFY THE CONCERN - WHERE IS THAT STATED IN MY CONTRACT? The contract states "used parts" of the same like, kind, or quality, can be used. A used engine was originally found for $3,800. Then the repair facility found an engine for $3,000. Then the dealer and First Extended find an engine for $1650? Where does it say in the contract First Extended has the right to find the used part? It doesn't! Their "part" is an LKQ engine - they wont tell me where it came from, and then they lied to me and told me it only comes with a part warranty. Why would I pay for a warranted part replacement that might be bad and pay to replace it again?

That is NOT stated again in my contract, and it is illegal to replace a warrantied part with a defective part. Even better... I found through my own research the engine they found for $1,650 that they wouldn't tell me about isn't even for my year of truck! So now, I'm out $350 (since I'm not putting in their bad engine), plus $100. They also won't pay for oil - even though it's being taken out of my good engine - or an oil filter. You can't swap spark plugs and wires - and they won't pay for that? YOU CAN'T DO AN ENGINE SWAP WITH ONLY INTERNAL PARTS BECAUSE IT IS CASTED TO THE EXTERNAL PARTS OF THE ENGINE!

BOTTOM LINE: First Extended is a ripoff. They help the dealer and screw you. I jumped through 4 steps, waited two weeks, and lost over $350 on something that isn't specified in the contract! They won't authorize the repair if the dealer won't cover it - so how is that a warranty on a defective covered part? Read the contract very carefully if you have this contract - and be prepared for hours of calls! Mine are still being rejected/disconnected!

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Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Resolution response: Jan. 21, 2016

This is a follow up to my Blaise Alexander/First Extended Warranty issue. The authorization for repairs took four days, the car was at the dealer for eight days. Fortunately, I had access to a vehicle to go back and forth to work. Repairs were paid for by First Extended with the exception of a hundred dollar deductible which I was aware of. In the end, the warranty company paid for seven hundred fifty dollars in repairs, Blaise Alexander threw in a free oil change and did not charge me for a duplicate diagnosis charge. I must retract my previous statement regarding First Extended but they did take too long to authorize payment. Kudos to First Extended for standing by their agreement. Kudos to Blaise Alexander for repairs. Thanks to both companies.

Original review: Jan. 14, 2016

I purchased a comprehensive care plan from First Extended Service Corporation. The cost was 1800.00 and supposedly the top tier plan, bumper to bumper for 5 yr or 100,000 miles. I purchased the vehicle from Blaise Alexander in Muncy, Pa. The salesman assured me that there would be no problems because even Blaise himself approved of this company and it would be honored at all Blaise Alexander Dealerships. I brought my car in for repairs to the Blaise Alexander dealership in State College, they diagnosed the problem for me but could not fix it because it had to go to the Ford Dealer in Lewisburg, PA.

They also charged me 84.00 for a diagnosis that they could not repair. The reason was we need special Ford tools. Well if you knew that to begin with you should have sent me to the correct dealer to begin with. I then took the vehicle to the Lewisburg location and dropped it off, they then rediagnosed it and gave me an astronomical quote of 1400.00 dollars for a new water pump and a leaking timing chain cover. I told them I had the extended warranty and they said they would get back to me. I had to call them every day for three days to get updates.

The warranty company will not give them a quote or approval for repairs. I called the company and the reason for the slow quote is that quotes are given in the order they are requested which I find hard to believe. When I asked the service rep for Blaise Alexander he states that they {the warranty company} were debating to pay or not to pay for the repairs. He also told me that there was never a problem with this warranty company. It is day four and I have no answer from the warranty company. The dealership said they will move forward with repairs next week and I'm looking at least 7-10 days with no vehicle because the warranty company is holding me hostage and the Blaise Alexander sales rep sold me a bogus repair warranty.

I'm hoping Blaise Alexander steps up and pays the warranty portion of my repair work, if so they will have restored my faith in their company. For now though, NEVER BUY A EXTENDED WARRANTY FROM First Extended Warranty Corporation. They will screw you, it's the same as theft by deception. I will update on the final outcome hopefully next week. Again, stay away from these people.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2015

Recent broken water pump (covered on the insurance policy) on a Sprinter Roadtrek Motorhome. The broken pump also broke a fan belt, and the entire repair required 4 1/2 hrs to repair. The warranty DOES NOT COVER any item broken as a result of the covered part--which is inappropriate. ALSO, the warranty does not cover our three day's hotel expense since the repair hours was less than 8. Both these limitations on the warranty are too restrictive.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2015

BROUGHT my 2010 GMC Canyon to dealer for repair rack & pinion, steering, & hose leaking. Dealer called warranty company informing them what needed to be replaced. They would not use dealer parts. They would ship aftermarket parts to dealer, but they also refused to pay for hose, or realigning truck after replacing steering. They also refused to pay for all labor that was quoted. I paid good money for insurance & have been jerked around every time I needed to use it. This time it is costing me over $400.00. This company needs to be investigated. It seems like they rip off everyone that purchases insurance. They wanted me to use a used part one other time repairs were needed.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2015

We spent $2,000 for an extended warranty from this company. After 4 weeks of it being in the shop without them coming out to look at the blown engine, they finally came out. The truck was towed in to the dealership and they notified the company of what happened. After numerous calls and attempts to get a hold of the company, they said they would send someone out within the next couple of days. 3 weeks later and after several rounds of phone calls, they finally got someone out to look at it. The warranty we purchased was supposed to cover everything.

They requested maintenance records, which were submitted. They said that the water pump failed causing the truck to overheat. But they always have a way of getting out of paying. They said they would pay for the water pump but not the blown engine because they said he drove with it overheating. How can you drive it when the whole motor shuts down with no indication? I spoke with several people, including a supervisor and he told me that I was upset because he was not telling me what I wanted to hear. Really??? I spent a lot of money and I just want the truck to be fixed!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2015

I spent over $3,000 on their top of the line plan, the high tech plan, and when I had an issue with my truck, which I've only had 3 months, they cited my loopholes and b.s. about why they don't cover that particular part, and I was forced to foot the bill. This warranty is worthless unless your engine dies or transmission fails. Save your money or find a better company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2015

Customer service is very poor and contacting a person is difficult to resolve issues. Supervisors do not keep word and call you back, as promised. Poor payment policies to servicing dealers causing additional problems. Buy Good Sam's and save headaches.

Original review: July 29, 2015

Had a vehicle that I purchased stop running. I took it to the nearest garage who told me the engine was shot and it looked like a timing belt. They called First Extended people with a diagnosis and told them they would be able to complete the repair. Two days later with no response, they called back to seek approval to work on the car. They were told the car had to be sent to the dealer it was purchased. So, the car was sent there was a copy of the diagnosis. Service Manager from dealership verifies that engine is shot due to non-lubricated reasons, so the warranty for the car should kick in.

First attempt - denied. First extended requested maintenance records... very limited for a car only driven 27k since purchase. They stated that 3 forms of oil change documents were required... faxed the next morning. 2 days later after 10 calls - denied again. They state that engine needs to be examined internally to proceed with appeal... $300 later and same diagnosis - denied. They state that due to the timing belt failure, proper maintenance was not done. I called to ask for a refund of the warranty since they were clearly in default, they play the prorate game.

All of their call service center reps are uneducated in automotive knowledge. They do not listen to the advise of trained mechanics. They refuse to handle issues in timely manner. They do not honor warranty commitments. They need training in the English language being they are from Chicago and dealing with Americans, not foreigners.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2015

I have a high tech warranty on a 2006 Jeep Liberty that needed a part to be replaced in the back driver's side window. The repair facility said that I needed a "regulator" and replaced the part needed. First Extended will not cover the part because they say, in the contract they cover "motors" for the window. The repair facility said that to buy a "motor" you purchase an assembly called a "regulator" which includes a motor or vise versa. If they had bought a motor, a regulator would have come with it. How ridiculous, and what a way to rip someone off by refusing to agree that a "motor assembly" and a "regulator assembly" are the same thing! Bye First Extended after purchasing two warranties from you, and was about ready to purchase another!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2015

I purchased a vehicle less than 8 months ago, and have put 10,000 miles on my vehicle. The odometer is currently at 46,000 miles. I have a leaking thermostat housing and a leaking radiator. They are refusing to cover the cost of the radiator. The average life span of a radiator is 125,000 miles, and yet I have been told that my radiator must be faulty. My concern is that I bought this vehicle from a reputable dealership, and they told me to speak to the dealership. Had I known that this extended warranty was just a scam, and really does not cover bumper to bumper as I was told, I would have never purchased it. I own a 2013 Jeep Wrangler.

Verified Buyer
Original review: June 2, 2015

Sunday 5/10/ 2015 our 2011 VW Tiguan broke the timing chain in our driveway. I then read our contract from First Extended Service Corp. It said "if your car is within 40 miles of selling dealer you must deliver vehicle to the selling dealer". We live 57 miles from that dealer. So I had the car towed to the closer dealer (closer to me). They checked the vehicle said "yes, it is the timing chain" and "yes, we would be glad to call your warranty co". Warranty co says "yes, that is a covered repair but because you are within 40 miles of selling dealer we won't pay for repair".

"Ok." So I call First Extended and got nowhere not rude or anything just a very thick brick wall. "All right tow the car to the selling dealer so the repair will be covered". This is 5/13 car arrives next morning dealer says "No appt. We will get to it asap and credit to them". They got it in next afternoon. 5/18 dealer calls us says he needs to get adjuster out from warranty co to sign off on repair. It's going to take two days for adjuster to show up (he later told us adj was there that day for other vehicle but would not look at ours without appt). Long story (well not so) short they did pay for repair.

When we got the car back found out the rental car we had for three weeks would only be covered for one day because the actual repair only took 9 hours. Every attempt to reason with this company was met with an absolute unwillingness to bend or absorb any of our rental costs. I got the very distinct impression that since we had already paid for the warranty we were the last people they wanted to hear from. This was the most frustrating lack of customer service I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. If you are considering a extended warranty please read the fine print very very carefully. The loan officer/finance person is trying to sell you something very expensive, ask to read the contract.

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Original review: April 8, 2015

Paid 7000.00 for a policy to First Extended. According to First Extended, they did not have a policy with Me or My RV! I bought a brand new Coach last year from McMahon’s RV Dealership and never had anything corrected with them, and they went under. And when I tried to get some work done, I found out that they did not have a policy. My suggestion to other prospective buyers is not to purchase any extra coverage because they all seem to be lacking some sort of integrity! This may have not been caused by First Extended but something about all the other stories depict a less than honorable service! I have other stories with other extended policies that were never fulfilled in their service agreements and it almost seems as if they are all connected to the same moral character!

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2014

We purchased a motor home and an extended warranty contract through First Extended Service Corporation from McMahon's RV in Palm Desert, California in April 2013. We sold the motor home in October 2014 and have tried to cancel the contract. According to the contract, the dealer from whom we purchased the motor home will cancel the contract after I write a letter to the dealer requesting same. Unfortunately the dealer is now out of business and in bankruptcy.

I called First Extended Service Corporation to explain that I had sold the motor home and that I wished to cancel the service contract and that the dealer through which we purchased the contract was in bankruptcy. I was told by representative Beverly, they were aware of same and that if I submitted by facsimile - attention to Beverly - a letter requesting cancellation, a copy of First Extended Contract, information from purchasing dealer regarding mileage on motor home at time of sale, copy of trade/sale receipt from purchasing dealer and copy of retail installment sale contract from McMahon's RV, a check for the pro rata amount of the contract based on mileage at time or sale or number of months elapsed on the contract would be sent to me with a letter explaining what to do if the amount did not match my calculations. The requested information was sent by facsimile on 10/24/2014. It has been a month since I sent the requested items to First Extended Service Corporation and have not received any communication from First Extended, let alone a check.

On 11/21/2014 through the First Extended Service Corporation website, I sent an email requesting status of my request for cancellation. I received a return email stating that a representative would be contacting me within a few days. It is now a week later and I have not received any communication from First Extended.

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2014

On July 2, 2014 my husband's car over-heated. After having the car towed to our mechanic to be looked at we were told by First Extended Service (FES) it must be taken to the dealership we bought it at (Car Vision). After a few weeks, yes weeks, of back and forth and submitting every oil change receipt etc we were told yes, the head-casket would be covered. A few weeks later, yes weeks, the car was still sitting at Car Vision because they did not have the tools to fix the car. After battling with FES we were told the repairs could be sub-leased. It's now September 25th, and we are still waiting for payment on the repairs.

This has been the most expensive, stressful, and long few months. My husband is on the phone with Car Vision and/or FES almost every other day. In addition to continuing to make car payments, pay for towing, insurance, and a rental car repeatedly we have spent a fortune on a car we haven't used for almost (3) months. Please beware of both Car Vision and First Extended Service.

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Original review: Aug. 6, 2014

Had heater hose fitting on heater core, broke off. Made it to chev dealer, They called First Extended Service Corporation. I have 2011 GMC canyon 4x4 with 62000 miles. They said Part not covered, It cost me 300.00 to fix. I paid 4,500 For This. Truck over Heated - Still Runs. No Thanks To Them.

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Original review: July 11, 2014

Bought coverage based on guidance by dealer employees. Coverage was implied to cover everyday dings and dents in car to keep it looking new. Car had two small dents and a scratch on driver's side, typical parking lot type of damage. Repair was either not covered or poorly done.

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