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I got this card for the 6 months of no interest. I pay all my bills on time and I'm very careful not to let one lapse. The CFNA site won't allow you to set up automatic payments, which is the first bad sign in my book. They will let you set up payments for up to 3 months though. I work on a computer all day and know how to use one. I pay almost all of my bills online. When I set up the first payment to come out prior to my due date, it appeared to go through like it should. (It doesn't show anything like "Payment Accepted" to let you know though.) The due date rolled around and it did not come out. I was charged a $23 late fee! I called, but they wouldn't remove the fee. Since then, in the middle of the month I randomly pay the minimum just in case. They make it confusing on purpose. It's almost paid off. I've already cut up the card!

I reviewed my credit report and saw a 30 day late mark for CFNA. We noticed we stopped getting our bill. Somehow we got switched to paperless billing. We always pay all our bills on time. We called them up and they agreed to remove it as they saw I do not make a habit of making a late payment. They said just dispute it and put that it was an oversight and they WILL remove it. Well I did what they said and they did not remove it. I will never get any credit with this company again.

I have had a Firestone card for at least 15 years. I think that was even before Credit First. I am very on top of my finances and am never late or forget a payment. I check their website twice a month when I have an ongoing balance to make sure everything is correctly posted. For this company, all of this mandatory. The result is I get six months free financing on my tires. It has worked well for me but don't use the card if you are not willing to put in the time checking up to be sure your account is updated; use another credit card or pay cash and be safe.

I wish I had read these reviews before I let them talk me into an account. Same exact scenario as those mentioned above. Buying tires at the local Firestone store 4 years ago and I got the hard sell on this card from the assistant manager (who must get commission for signing folks up). So, I was a good customer, paid off promotional rate on time. 2 years later a family member used my card for an oil change (unbeknownst to me), apparently they switched me to a paperless bill. I didn't pay the lousy $40 because I DIDN'T know about it. 3 months later I get an overdue notice which I immediately called and paid. A customer service rep told me "don't worry, this won't hurt your credit".

Fast forward to today: so for the past few months I've been monitoring my credit. Score was consistently 785ish. Went to get a mortgage for a new home and discovered that when they did a "hard pull" my score was 715. Needless to say that affected our mortgage greatly. When I called them I got the same runaround that everyone else has described. I'm furious!!! So to sum up, if I had gone to Goodyear 4 years ago or just paid cash (like I knew I should have), I would be getting a better interest rate and paying less fees at closing on my new house. Thanks CFNA.

It turns out that I made an error in writing my account number. I thought it was weird because I used the same number I have used with other EFTs and never had a problem. Oh well, I guess things work differently with certain businesses. However, I am happy that I can finally build my credit back up again.

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I applied for and was approved for a card through Credit First in January when my dad's 2001 Tahoe needed a new alternator. I have made online payments on the card and it says on the website that the payments posted to the CFNA account, but they never deducted from my personal bank account. This really makes me nervous as I feel like they are going to try and hit my account at an unexpected time. I know for a fact that I put down the correct routing and account number for my bank. Another auto repair loan credit card I have, CarCareONE, has no issues deducting from my account and I am satisfied with their service. However, CFNA seems very shady and I feel as if they are going to hit me with unwarranted charges thanks to their negligence in taking my payments.

In addition, Firestone (at least the one I went to) is a shady automotive shop that overcharges for shoddy work, and on top of that they sign you up for a gimmicky credit card. Do yourself a favor and do not do business with either Firestone or Credit First. I am trying to build my credit back up to get myself a car and an apartment soon, and this institution certainly is hurting that cause.

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Never sign up to go paperless. They never send you reminders or bill updates. They want you to forget so they can hit you with late charges. I have a bill reminder on my phone. My phone broke so I work by paperless bills from my emails. I have about 20 bills that I pay a month, all paperless. All got paid but Credit First because they never sent a electronic reminder. 2 months later I get a letter saying that I am two months behind on my account with a 25.00 late charge and a 35.00 late charge. I tried talking to customer service and a customer service manager. Mind you I have used this card for over 5 years, never been late, paid out accounts and open new labor jobs. She said they could not help me. OMG.

This is not happening to me. I know well I am not one to go back and forth on a phone so I will pay out this bill, cut up the card which I have already and never use Firestone service again. Someday someone will make the foundation of Firestone and Credit First. Feel cheated and taken for a bumpy ride as they made me feel. Firestone overcharges for labor and work is half done. Who charges 900.00 to put in a fuel pump on a SUV when all you have to do is take out about 6 screws, lower the tank, knock off the top with a driver and hammer, take out old, put in new, line up top, press down and tap in top, push up tank, put in screws at home. About a 2-hour job in a shop with 2 people. 30 min tops. Goodbye Firestone. Goodbye Credit First. Sign, one of your best customers.

I have been a customer with CFNA for over 5 years with proof of great history (credit report). Recently, I forgot to make two monthly minimum payments due to being on a no interest installment plan. I changed emails and wasn't checking my previous one very frequently and basically forgot about it. Instead of calling me and notifying me of a late payment, they cancelled my card, reported me to the credit bureau and ruined my credit. A simple phone call would have got the whole thing paid off along with fees I was willing to pay and a continued customer. No bank has ever treated me in such a poor manner. I would highly suggest to stay away from this company!!!

I had this card about 4 years. Over the course of 4 years they have constantly changed their credit card agreement. I finally have taken this matter to a consumer fraud lawyer regarding their unethical practices. They advertise 6 months interest-free, but if you have a revolving credit none of your payments go towards that balance until 2 months beforehand. They will not allocate any of your payments if you ask them to. They told me they were not set up to allocate payments and they are withing the 2009 credit card law to do so. I submitted a complaint with the consumer fraud site and went back and check all statements over the last year. I found 2 promo balances that they never applied any payments toward the last 2 months like they state in their agreement that they would. I ask everyone to go through all your statements. Do not let them get away with what they are doing.

I have had two cards with this company. Ironically as I was making the last payment both times, they seem to have disappeared from their system. I was then hit with a late fee. I did not receive any notice that my payment was late. I have had several other credit cards and I have never ever paid a late fee.

I always make sure to pay off credit card before promotional date. I had one small payment left before the promotional deadline. Almost 2 months later I get a letter saying that I'm past due $19.00 fee and $51.00 charged in new interest. They purposely did not deduct or post my payment. And I did not get a Statement prior to let me know I had a "balance". Plus if you make a payment past 2pm Pacific time it counts for the following day with $19.00 fee. Every other bank is midnight East Coast or 9pm Pacific. I can't believe they have not been sued for ripping off all these people in the other post.

I have taken more than 45 minutes out of my day to write you this letter and deal with this situation. 4 months ago I opened an account with Firestone/Credit First NA. 6 months same as cash. What a scam these guys are playing. They alleged that my first payment was late, which at this point I doubt that it was. The day I got home from Firestone I set up four installments to be paid through my bank to First Credit NA. FCNA got all four payments. The last of the four payments left my bank on the 4th of the month and took 11 days to get to their offices in Cleveland. I think the pony express could have gotten it there in half the time.

After lengthy discussion about how this will affect my credit score and all the scare tactics they use to pimp you for $19, I looked here on Consumer Affairs site and found that this "company" should be shut down! If you can't afford to actually make 6 months of money "free" then don't offer it!! I have read the other reviews on this site "in favor" of this ** and realize that they are probably all written by interns for FCNA...

I used my Firestone card twice in the past 1 year. About 2 months ago I set up schedule payments online. Payments did show that I have been paying on my account. I am in the process of buying a house, so completely forgot about this good standing account. Last night I received a notice from my credit monitoring service, that my score dropped 80 points! Due to a delinquent payment. Guess who? I received no communication from CFNA in regards to a bill or late payment. No paper bill, no email, no phone call... nothing. Terrible website not friendly, people there try not to respond to your needs or questions; never on the same page to help resolve issues. False statements to Credit Bureau.

I used my Firestone card twice in the past 4 years. About 2 months ago I used it just to keep it active. I am in the process of buying a house, so completely forgot I used it. Last night I received a notice from my credit monitoring service, that my score dropped 80 points! Due to a delinquent payment. Guess who? I received no communication from CFNA in regards to a bill or late payment. No paper bill, no email, no phone call...nothing.

This people sent me to a collection without contacting me for a payment. I had my credit card payment taken from my checking account automatically but somehow they have a bad website that is not working.

In short, I paid my bill early, and then I receive a $19 late fee charge (for what they say is 1 day late). These people are **, and I'm being polite.

Needed new tires and didn't have enough for all 4. I was approved with CFNA. I have used this card for many years, no problems. It does help to read all policies with any credit card company. I see many have not done that.

I got my Credit First card from a Firestone dealer some years back. They sold it hard, saying they wouldn't take cash or check. About 2 months later, I get my first statement (I did not recognize the Credit First name, but I figured out the Firestone connection eventually) and it was already late. I sent the amount in the same day. Then I get another statement with late fees added. They did not give me enough time to pay the balance, and I felt that was clearly part of their business plan.

Luckily, when I got through to someone, they backed off the late fee. I tried to cancel the card several times, but they will not do it, even though they agree on the phone to do it. I still get random mail from them, and it appears on my credit report as open.

I cannot believe a company can get away with deciding which charges they are going to post payments to. My son opened an account for new brakes and the balance was part of a promotion. So he had 6 months to pay the balance without having to pay any interest. A couple of months later, I used the account for a couple of tires. All the payments I made went towards the tires and not the brakes, so now we are being charged the interest! When I called customer service I was told payments are applied to any non-promotional charges first. This is complete **! Payments should be applied to the OLDEST balance! This is very unfair and crappy service!

I opened an account w/ CFNA to replace 4 tires at Firestone. I let them e-Bill instead of paper. Huge mistake. After having faithfully made monthly payment more than the minimum payment for 7 months, I was 2 days late in making my payment. After that they continued to increase my payment due & assess higher & higher past due fees. Since I did not receive a paper bill & only used the payment area of their website, I had no idea I was accumulating all of these fees. I continued to make my payment & in June I scheduled 3 months worth of payments still having no idea there was a problem.

Today I checked balance as I knew I was lose to pay off and was shocked to find I owed more now than in April. When I called customer service it was like talking to a robot. The representative said "I can tell you exactly where all the fees came from." That is when I learned that this was all a result of 1 payment made 2 days late. When I said I thought this was not a very customer friendly way to do business and why didn't I get some kind of notice of the past due bill, she insisted they always call. I told her I never received a call. She said she would check my number in a tone that sounded like, "yea, sure". The representative made no attempt whatsoever to do the right thing and drop the fees compounded on that original 2 day late payment. The supervisor I requested was not any better. As I told her, "you could use some training in the art of active listening." I basically felt like I was talking to myself, as the supervisor also had no interest in doing the right thing.

I have never had so much problems with a credit card. I noticed that I was getting charged late fees when I had paid my bill the month before so I called the company and they said that they see that I got charged the month before as well. Now yes I am late lately a lot but not these 2 months and he said that I was paying my bill too early and it was going towards the month before's bill. He said he could not do anything about July's bill but gave me $35 for August bill. Looking at my statements they also charged me in March and May.

Why am I paying late fees for paying my bill 2 or 3 weeks before due date. One day was the day of my due date and was still charged. I complained to them online and they wrote back all the legal bs and rules but did not explain reason for charging fees. They just said late payments fees will be charged for late payments. When I paid on 7/27 $200 and my due date was 8/13 for around $48.00 how is that late and I also paid 6/23 $100 and due date was 7/13. These people are scammers, I will pay this off as quickly as possible and never use again.

CFNA is the worst credit card company I have worked with. I am disabled & have requested them to change my due date to coincide with my disability check. They have refused & this has made it hard for me. Yesterday I had heart problems & was past the cut off time paying online - this will mean a late fee unless I can get them to reverse it. I have no difficulty in paying all of the rest of my credit accounts or my other bills - this is the only one that is difficult for me since it is all by itself (in terms of due date). I only have so many days that I feel up to doing bills and it helps a great deal to sit down and do all of them at one time.

I have requested a change in date from other companies and have had no difficulty - the other companies have been glad to make changes to help. The CFNA representative said I could pay early - but not too early (or it wouldn't count for the next month's payment). It almost seems as if they want me to accidentally pay late so that they can charge me a late fee. They are not sympathetic at all when it is due to medical issues (even life threatening). And it is not as if I am really late paying - the times I have been off it has been a matter of 30 minutes after the time (or something along those lines). I cannot wait to pay these people it is, the last time that I went to Expert Tire (Firestone) they seem to me to have made up a lot of issues about my car (requiring a very high mechanic bill) and the car was worse off after being there!

I am 100% pleased with Credit First. I have less than perfect credit (all 3 scores between 550 and 590), so when I applied online for the charge account, it referred me to call in to give more info, which I did, and they approved a new $900 credit limit charge account for me. I do appreciate that.

I am shocked to hear about the horrible reviews thus far of this company. My husband and I have been pleased with our credit account with CFNA. We haven't paid interest on car repair work thanks to their 6 month free interest. We've had some costly repairs, but if you have the means to pay it off in 6 months, this account is gold. The "catch" is that you have to spend at least $299 before tax to get this promotion. What others also don't realize is that if that balance (even if there is 10 dollars left and the promo time expires) is not paid in full by the promo end, you will pay interest on the WHOLE amount you originally financed. Not just that 10 dollars.

I am a banker by profession so I keep a close eye on agreements and the "fine print." As long as you pay your balance off within 6 months you don't pay interest. I normally divide the payment into 6 and then make my first payment to include the change on the balance so that you know (with whole numbers) you aren't being charged a finance charge when your statement arrives. I hope this helps. It all depends on how you use this card and who you deal with. The Firestone location closest to my home is terrible but a guy named ** at the Bob Wallace location changed my mind about Firestone and he is now the only person I use and trust in the Huntsville AL market. I drive across town for him specifically to do my work. Cfna is not all bad. Just really read and understand what your signing and ask questions!!! :)

I opened an account with this company in June 2014 in order to pay a bill with Firestone. I went in for an oil change only. They found a nail in one tire, told me it couldn't be repaired, and I had to buy a tire. I was told at the time that if the bill was paid off in six months, no interest would be charged. I have been late with payments, but although I have paid $165.00 of the $204 owed originally, my balance owed is $207.33. Even with late payment fees, I find this totally unreasonable. I advise anyone doing business with Firestone to refrain from getting a credit card with this company. I will certainly never do business with Firestone again.

On 6/18/14 I'm so sorry I open a account with these people, I never paid late, always before time. I always thought a credit card was to build your credit not DESTROY it. They mess my credit score, in the beginning the company reported that I paid on time, but they didn't put the correct balance and I lost 28 points on my Beacon score. And now, the start of a new year, they did it again. I always check my score after this, my credit score was 649, it drop to 604 base on the report they sent to the credit bureau. Now my credit history is destroy.

I had some big issues with Firestone destroying my truck and overcharging my card. CHRISTINA, an employee of Credit First, was very nasty, unprofessional, accusing me of trying to scam them so I don't have to paid my bill, and I told her she work with collecting money, not fixing on cars. When I told her I was a retired law enforcement officer, she change her attitude real fast but it was too late. I truly believe she did something to my credit, but I will FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY FOR DESTROYING MY CREDIT AND IF A LAWYER READS THIS, PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL. CREDIT FIRST HAS DESTROY MY CREDIT BUT THEY SHALL PAID FOR IT!!!

I received a second privacy notice (after filling one out a few months ago) that they said had to be filled out to prevent selling my private info. When I tried to call them to inquire about the issue, I had a hard time reaching a human. It took several phone calls because even the phone number for questions put me into an automated system. The system told me to leave my social security number on a messaging system. Who knows who would have gotten that info and what they would have done with it. When I finally reached a human, I was told they needed my SSN. I refused because I did not know who I was dealing with. Upon reaching a supervisor, I was told that it was common practice to use the SSN to locate an account that it was usually left on the recording by customers. My account was located with my name, so the SSN was unnecessary. I am concerned about their use of private info and risk of identity theft.

I was persuaded by Wheelworks to open up this account to give me a couple of months to pay my bill. I paid the first payment of $249.00 on 10-6-2014, then on 11-14-2014 since I never received a new bill for payment I called the so called customer service number which is always automated no matter what time you call it and paid my bill in full $1,000.00 authorization #**. On 11-23-2014 I finally received a statement stating that payment was received, but still owed $1,000.00. So, I wrote a detailed letter on 12-1-2014 after trying numerous times calling customer service with nothing. I never heard anything until tonight I received a letter that I was past due!!!

Cfna, aka Firestone credit is a disgrace. They encourage online payments, and I use this if for no other reason than using their representatives is a 10.00 fee, and paying at the store creates a backlog situation where billing is not necessarily updated with data bases from stores in a timely fashion. Consequently, you can make a store payment up to 3 days early, and they will still assess a late fee because the stores and the credit card payment databases are not aligned.

So, the website is the best option short of snail mail for payments. BUT, even here you run into problems. Apparently, if you make your payment ON THE DUE DATE, but after 5 pm eastern standard time, they will count it as the next business day, and charge you a late fee, ANYWAY. The problem with CFNA, and apparently, Firestone credit, is their antiquated billing systems. Even the website seems like something designed by a 15 year old, if not younger. It is the only credit card I own where you can't just think to yourself, oh, the payment is due today. No, you have to consider your time zone, the time of day, and so on. It's ridiculous. Combine that with the high interest rate on the card, and it's basically grab and go for Firestone. I won't be using this service again. It is more inconvenient than convenient.

One last word of warning, the late fee assessed if you get one, is equal to the amount due. If you owe 19.00 dollars as a payment, and are late, even by 10 minutes, which was the case here, the late fee is 19.00. If you have a 34.00 payment due, the late fee will be 34.00. This begs the question. Late fees were designed to protect the company from the failure of customers to pay. If you pay your bill at 5:10 pm, on the due date, it is past their cut off by ten minutes. Did this REALLY cost the company 19 dollars? Hell no is the answer. Anyone considering CFNA , just don't. They are not providing you with a service, they are billing you for a service that is antiquated, has severe data base corporation problems, and is backed up by a team of call center representatives who basically act as if they simply tolerate your call.

I had paid my bill by the due date at the store and on my next bill I had a late fee from my last payment but why, I ask. The due date is not actually the due date. If you are paying the bill in the store you must get your payment paid well before the due date on your bill. I had requested it be reversed and it was. I then knew for future payments to pay well before the due date if paying at the store. I now have been paying before due date and payments are still not being received at cfna on time and I receive more late fees. This is bull crap. I have no interest for 6 months because it helps me save money and pay for unexpected repairs on my vehicle. But this is just a way for cfna to make up for that. Bs!!

I have had my credit account with Firestone (Credit First for quite sometime). My dad recently passed away and I missed two payments. When I called them, they were rude and nasty and when I tried to speak with a supervisor, she was not compassionate at all like the previous customer reps and supervisor. I put a call into the office of the president and have not gotten a return phone call back yet. How uncompassionate can you be. They told me that they could not remove any fees from my account since they removed, to which I would not have encounter had it not been for the people in their credit department. I was told that I could make the payment in the store and when I did, they gave a later charge stating that it takes 3 days to credit payment to my account from the store, something I was not aware of.

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