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Last updated: Oct. 19, 2017

60 Tampa Electric Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

I moved from Indiana not knowing when I paid with my American Express and even getting a confirmation charged me a non fee charge. My bank confirms nothing was sent to them for a reject. Once I received a card in the mail to shut my power off is how I found out. Then was told, "We don't take this type of payment." Instead of as a courtesy adjusting off the charge they continue to add it to my bill. No one will even acknowledge the non communication or the incorrect charge.

Also States they have sent me disconnect cards every month. Which today shows the first one I have received 10/19/17. I have been here since 12/2016?? Poor customer service. I called today and the representative hung up on me. After I waited 30 minutes on hold. Trying to make an arrangement on my bill since the Hurricane issue. States no arrangements since I pay my bill the day after it's due?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

TECO's gone from bad to worse. We lose power all the time in my neighborhood, for no explicable reason (no storm, nothing... Just constantly blips out, and resetting every clock in the kitchen, etc.). What's worse is since Aug/Sep (last two months), TECO is charging almost $100 more a month to every customer! It's UNBELIEVABLE to be limited in choice of power company - monopolies shouldn't be allowed - and TECO is using their POWER (pun intended) to rob customers blind! Disgusted. No more words for blatant robbing customers blind!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

Dealing with moving, let alone from state to state is exhausting, but dealing with TECO has been a horrible experience. This company only cares about overcharging customers and getting their money at any cost. No sympathy for customer's hardships, or trying to work payment arrangements for first time customers; why does that even matter. Explain how do you get a $600 bill on a first month's of use?? I think they abuse their power and treat customers like crap because they know they have control over your electricity. Sadness! These people should be investigate.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

Irma was downgraded to a tropical storm when it hit Tampa with winds maxing out at 80 mph & we only got 8" of rain. There was not a single downed power line or tree anywhere near my neighborhood but we were without power for 5 days. The power went out before the storm even really hit Tampa. Checking their "outage map" 70% were without power by Sunday at 8 pm when the worst of the storm didn't hit until 2 am. My office which is by the coast did not lose power at all. I did not find a single business that was without power that wasn't caused by a downed line. I firmly believe that TECO caused the majority of the outages when they messed up shutting down their power plants. Why did Teco even shut down their plants when they knew it was not going to be more than a category 1 storm at the most? Why is it that most businesses did not lose power and neither did the richer part of Tampa lose power?

I checked their outage map and the richer parts of South Tampa had power including my office, Harbor & Davis Island had power. All the coastal regions had power. Why did all the forced evacuation locations have power but the places like my home that are not in an evac zone and have no chance of flooding without power for 5 days? People died from the power being out from Heat exhaustion. I posted a comment asking Teco to be honest about why the power went down on Teco's blog but it is still "pending moderation". Teco claimed they have put a billion in upgrades to our power network since 2003 by charging us a 40% increase after Andrew took down 80% of their network. That was a category 3 storm that barely hit Tampa with winds reaching up to 140 mph. If Teco has really put in a billion in upgrades for 770,000 homes & businesses that is over 1.27 Million Dollars, per location.

How do we not have a Tropical storm proof electrical grid? I get a few people losing power from downed wires but 80% from a category 1 that got downgraded to a tropical storm? People were without power for a week. Teco bragged it was working around the clock but their deployment center was packed with trucks with it looking like NO one was going out. This is why I believe the problem was internal and caused by a huge mess-up on their part. I drove my whole neighborhood before, during and after my power was restored and went up one road and down another seeing who had porch lights on and who did not. The whole section that did not have power did not have a single downed line nor a single repair truck anywhere.

I believe that this means as they fixed their plants & what they messed up, then replaced the places that blew out when they shut it down they simply had to ramp up production to get the majority of people with power again. I have also had problems with Teco where my bill keeps going up steadily over time. I pay a flat rate from my bank that I did not check and Teco disconnected it. I paid the balance the same day and Teco restored power the same day. However, from that month on, my bill was not rising steadily. It was $100 less a month for the next 2 years. After a few years of still paying the same amount, it happened again and started rising. It got disconnected and restored and again the power was around $100 less a month. A Teco tech said that this was common. Electrical surges cause the meter to read more than it is supposed to.

I said I suspected that after each time but Teco assured me that they tested correctly as I was asking for a refund for what I felt was overcharged. He stated that once the meter is unplugged it resets itself back to the default so that when it is tested it reads correctly. If you see that your bill is rising steadily over time ask Teco to come swap your meter. You won't get a dime back but your bill will be lower for the next 2-3 years. I have shown this a third time with Teco that we have no additional appliance, that each appliance we get is better rated, that we constantly improve our insulation & switch to LED's and yet our bill goes up after 2-3 years steadily & after switching the meter it goes back to normal for the next 2-3 years.

They said that the only thing I can do is ask for them to conduct an energy audit (which they would charge for since they did one for me 10 years ago & said there was little I could do that I haven't already done). I asked if I could put in my own meter but they stated that they would not trust it since it was not calibrated by Teco. For all we know Teco does this on purpose to overcharge people on their bills. I noticed that the last two months of my bill were way higher than normal so I will see if losing power for 5 days reset the meter or not. But I know for certain that I will not get the $400 back just from these two months.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

TECO is absolutely the WORSE in regards to emergency responses. Irma was not even as bad as anticipated and yet thousands of people are without power. TECO's empty promises stating they would be working around the clock were just words. Forest Hills is an area filled with elderly people and NOT one truck is in the area. I guarantee the CEO of TECO or the high paid executives who live in Hillsborough County did not lose a minute of power. Teco should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES and if there were an other energy source...Teco would lose the majority of their customers and I hope the greedy executives reap what they deserve by way of payback for being so complacent.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

Tampa Electric is the only source of service we have in Tampa. After Irma, of course, as with any storm, the power is out, and there is no information as to when it will be restored. No estimated time - nothing. This is unacceptable for a company of this size. The company is aware of where their trucks are scheduled to go and when they are scheduled to go to a location. If they are not going to be in my area, I would appreciate the information to be communicated in some form - website, text, voicemail, but, some form of communication is mandatory. The City of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn managed to get a phone message out to the citizens about a curfew and the lifting of that curfew - call him - find out how he called all of the citizens in Tampa!!! Come on TECO!!! EARN YOUR HIGH FEES EVERY MONTH!!! This is ridiculous.

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Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

I filled out the claims form along with what I could get for estimates and photos of the damage TECO and their tree company caused & they denied it. I called multiple times on 8/17 And 8/19 and didn't receive a phone call back so I did the online form and they emailed me back saying they would mail me a claims form and to call as well which I did with no response... I filled out the claims form along with what I could get for estimates and photos of the damage TECO and their tree company caused while cutting branches and bushes something my husband and I had complained about that needed to be done for 5 years! Instead they decide to do it in August after the power goes out with close to 100 temps and definitely 100% humidity!

Synopsis: Our power went out 8/16/17 during the storm and I reported it. TECO came out and needed to cut trees and clean up the "fuse". Then they decided to cut/trim all the trees along the power line from my backyard down to the next block. Oak tree branches fell on our fences and popped the tops out as well as either the wood chipper truck (which came on 8/17/17) or the crane device they used to cut (used on 8/16/17) backed into or drove into our gate causing damage as well. So you can hardly open the gate now... All this took over 6 hrs and we were without power the whole time while at some point they decided to sit and eat pizza in our driveway while laughing and giggling and doing nothing and we are cooped up with our dogs and cats because we can't close the gate and the dogs need to go out etc... Our food is spoiling and they don't care. They are too busy taking their time... destroying our fence and eating pizza!

The other side is a wood fence that branches and the bucket device hit. I submitted their claim form with picture and wait over a week for a response only to get a denial saying that: "I spoke with a Tampa Electric Company Representative in our Line Clearance Department who was on site when Davey Tree was trimming and have been advised that the fence was damaged prior to the work being started, and that neither Tampa Electric, nor Davey Tree caused any damage. Therefore, we are denying your claim."

Total non surprise there... The investigation was "they talked to TECO rep". Wow. I assume that was the heavy set guy who ordered the pizza and never set foot in our backyard... Also the same guy that yelled at me for videoing them eating pizza! The monopoly they have should be illegal and they get to investigate their own damage claims... And even though I show photographic evidence and got estimates... They spoke to someone who they work with who says... "Nah... We didn't do that..."

TECO needs to be investigated for negligence among other things. I wish we had more options for power in Tampa. TECO would much rather see you die of heat and lack of electricity rather than actually provide good customer service to the people they have a monopoly over. The way TECO operates their business should be criminal but with the help of the Public Services Commission who is more than likely in their pocket they're able to continue out their criminal operation and walk all over people. They put you on an endless hold and still do not assist you! I never got anyone on the phone, our fence is still messed up and they do their own investigations by "speaking" to their own employees about what happened when the customer has photographic evidence of what happened.

I wish now I would have saved the videos that I took that the heavy set guy from TECO yelled at me for taking because he said they do not appreciate getting posted on Social Media or other outlets and now I understand why because they are doing illegal things like messing up our fence then refusing to compensate for it and just saying they didn't cause the damage by letting their own people investigate their own people and having no proof to back up their words.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

I really wish there was more competition for energy. How does TECO still remain a monopoly in this day and age? I pay every month, and I was a few days late and they send someone to disconnect... I get it... But they send the rudest, nastiest pieces of ** out to do it. I tried asking a question and was met with attitude because they know, you have no other choice... So what do they care. I tried asking if he could wait and I would make the payment right in front of him, he started yelling at me causing a scene in the middle of my neighborhood. I wish I got his name so I could have posted it here in the hope everyone would troll this **. To make matters worse, when I called to provide my receipt, the ho on the phone gave me nothing but attitude like I was interrupting her Jerry Springer reruns. I really hate TECO and hope somehow, someway they just get fined for creating a monopoly.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 6, 2017

Trying to transfer service with TECO experience has been a living nightmare. First of all they no longer transfer your deposit, they will final out your bill, apply your last bill to your deposit, if any credit remaining they will mail you a refund. Tampa Electric will charge you a new connect fee as well as a new deposit. So in other words I'm basically opening up a new account. This is not consider transferring service. This is when the nightmare begins. I was quoted a new deposit of $263. Already had a $400.00 deposit on my original account. After finalizing the final bill I was left with a credit or about $135. So I waited for the refund which never came. I then decided to call Tampa Electric and inquire where is my refund. To my knowledge they advised me that Services was turned on in two locations for me, 8317 and 8319. A mistake made in error on their part.

Then they hit me with the whammy and advised me that my deposit would be $415 basing it off the deposit I already had on my account. I was told to pay the new deposit and current bill. Which totaled over $500 to keep my services on. I explained that I was quoted $263 for my new deposit. The representative was like "Oh well I'm sorry but this is what you would need to pay if you want your services to remain on. You can call some agencies to see if they can help you pay the bill". Showing no compassion for the mistake that they made. And I still did not receive the credit for my deposit.

I spoke with Tampa Electric again the next representative apply the $135 credit to the account. They could have done that in the first place. With all the moving my finances were limited. I called to make payment over the phone. I was advised I needed to pay additional deposit of $273.15. If I was not able to pay the $400 deposit what makes you think I can pay the additional $273.15 deposit.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 29, 2017

My bill was due on the 16th of June and Tampa Electric said they sent out a disconnect letter and called my phone but I never received either one!! I hate dealing with Tampa Electric company!! But what can you do when they the only light company in Tampa!!! I work very hard and don't deserve this treatment!!! The only thing I received in the mail was a letter about charging me more on my deposit if I don't pay my account in full. I moved in last year in December! I really don't think that's fair!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 24, 2017

I started service with Teco Jan 2017. Since I moved into my condo they have not mailed me a single bill. Three months into my service I receive an automated message stating that my service was going to be disconnected. I contacted their customer service immediately and made sure that my bill was paid in full. I asked customer service why was I not receiving any bills? They told me that they were not sure but they showed on file that my bills were being returned. I verified with them my address and they said it was correct. I would assume so since they are billing me for services rendered.

Today is May 23rd 2017 and I get home from a long flight a little after 11 PM to my condo that has no electricity. I called to see if there was a power outage and the automated system said that my service disconnection was due to a past due bill. I hurry to my mailbox just to verify if I received any notification but after all these months I still have not received a single bill. Luckily my phone had 43% battery and I used it as a hotspot so I would be able to log into my online account and it says that my service was disconnected. I made sure to pay my bill in full but they have no emergency contact number to get my electric back on.

It is now May 24, 2017, 2:24 AM. I'm laying next to my sliding door hoping to avoid heat exhaustion. I've been out of town for 10 days and everything that I had in my refrigerator has spoiled which has left an awful smell in my home. I now have to wait until they turn my electric back on and all of this could have been avoided if they would just send me my bill. I understand that it is my responsibility to make sure my utilities are paid but I rely on receiving a monthly notification via email or a mailed hard copy as a reminder. They charge for delivery of bills so that is their responsibility to get monthly billing to the customer.

If I could sue them for the extreme inconvenience, the extremely hot sleepless night, and for the spoiled food I would and then some. We live in the state of Florida and they should be prepared to turn on services within a couple hours. It could be life or death for many and I can't imagine why they would not have that in order. Such a disappointment.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 18, 2017

We moved to Florida and tried to establish an online TECO account - twice, for residential service. We have a excellent credit rating. They were converting from one system to another. End result, neither the first or second account would let us log on. They have now terminated our ability to pay by phone, making us drive 30 minutes to pay our bill IN CASH! Horrible service, horrible technical support, no customer concern whatsoever. We plan to make a formal complaint, and request an investigation.

Original review: March 19, 2017

Teco has created two accounts for me. Under one account # have been paying every month. The other account # they have listed me as never have made a payment and past due $300.00. I have proof via bank statement that I have paid them. Now that I have set up my online account. The information from the other account # that I have been paying monthly. Magically disappeared as if I never paid. Teco has lost all my trust in them because they have shirty and thieves for employees that create this kind of problems so they can embezzled money to put in their own pocket.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2017

TECO has constant power hits. Why do I even have to give them one star... 1 star implies they are least doing ONE thing right. I live in South Tampa, down near MacDill AFB. I think I average a power hit or surge about once a week. Had another one at 9:21 am this morning, took my home network 10 minutes to recover. One of these days they are going to blow my TV or one of my many computers in the house. About 50% are soft hits (some devices reset) and others are hard hits (where every electronic device resets). It's the hard hits that are the most dangerous and no surge protectors or battery backups will ever offer 100% protection against hard hits. No joke... averages about once a week. I have lived in a lot of locations, never have I seen so many power hits and outages as TECO has. Probably more in the last 4 years than in all my previous 12 cities/locations (over 44 years) combined.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 18, 2017

I have been with TECO just recently and never had a problem until I tried to reinstall electric in a home I had recently lived in (and returned to a mere 3 weeks later). This time a very RUDE lady with an "attitude" acted as though I was a criminal. No matter how much ID I gave her INCL. my former TECO acct.#...it was never enough. She kept me on the phone for 20 mins (and I have ltd. mins. on my phone). She said they had to "know" me for a full two years, regardless of my previous good standing with them, in order to "trust" me! Imagine!! She actually "threatened" to call the credit agencies "unless" I would pay a hefty deposit...I think $100-200 dollars...and made it sound like an actual THREAT.

This is highly UNNECESSARY behavior for ANY utility company...and I had been with them a few years ago, and I do not remember THIS kind of treatment then. She sounded like an older lady, and I wish I had gotten her name. I do not know what changed; but this company treats its customers HORRIBLY; and I don't know what truly "needy" people must go through, if 'ordinary' retired seniors are treated in this manner? They have turned into a nasty, HORRIBLE company! Go elsewhere IF you can!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2017

I signed in a month ago. Had a problem. They now change how you sign in with a password. So I created a new sign in. They sent me a bill last month. Oh I'm trying to sign in today and can't get in. My computer allows me to save my sign in and password along with my account number. Unfortunately now that don't work. Tampa Electric is telling me it's the wrong account. I had the same account for five years. They keep changing things and it messes everything up. I emailed them with a complaint. They make it very difficult for anyone to get online and pay your bill.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2017

I spent 4 hours today trying to contact customer service with TECO. Each time I was placed on hold for 30+ minutes only to have the call disconnected. I even tried the emergency line and the same thing happened. Every time in the past that I've tried to reach a representative with TECO I experience the same thing. When I do finally get in contact with someone they are of little or no help and are rude. Simply need to update my online account info. This should not be such a hard thing to do. If I had an option for my electric needs I would leave this company in a heartbeat!!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2016

I already paid 2 deposits and I've been behind on my bill since they did that. Let me just say me, my boyfriend and my two kids lived in this house for a year, last year in Nov I paid my deposit. They charged me another $140 deposit in May because my k Watts went up. Am I the only that aware that there's always a time of year when you have to use more electricity in Florida to keep your house cool? This was setup to make us fail. I called them today to ask why they're going to raise my bill again. They said, "Well you haven't been paying your bill on time, you've been a week behind every month." I told them it's because the extra deposit I've been behind on everything since then. He said he finds it hard to believe that's why I'm behind on my bills and said I need to get my priorities straight...

Before the second deposit my bill was never paid late not once and this is how I get treated. Not to mention in May when they charged us the second deposit my boyfriend's mom was dying in hospice and they shut off our power while we were visiting her... We had to call them stay on the line 'cause they were closing for the weekend. My boyfriend ran while on the phone to Amscot paid $200 which was our electric bill charge. But they said they need the deposit as well as our monthly bill and without that they wouldn't turn it back. That was all our money. We told them we have a 6 month old in the house. They said they don't care. They need the whole balance or the power will be shut off when we return home for the whole weekend. I grabbed a loan for the extra 150 not that info was of their business but tell me I don't have my priority straight after paying on time and getting screwed over and paying basically a double bill...

I was like wtf do you mean? I have 2 credit card bills, electric, and my weekly rent. My bills get paid before I can even put gas in my car. How about Teco gets its ** together? If another company pops up y'all can kiss my ass. I'll be there first one to leave Teco and I'll be happy AF. (Btw I've had Teco for 4 years at my other house and never had this rudeness. Never once had a late payment. They never raised my deposit before. Either this is all new to me and they're doing it for the second time next month...) They use to care if you had a baby in the house. They would turn it back on for you. Now they don't give a **. Probably just pissed because we didn't pass the law allowing them to charge us for solar. Wtf you wanna charge me for air to breath too?

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Original review: Nov. 15, 2016

Typical TECO, they can't keep our power on for more than a few days without an outage or glitch that resets clocks and security lights but after eleven years of service with them they just sent us a deposit demand for $110 or disconnect. Hands down the worst utilities company I have dealt with in my fifty years and four countries. They need prosecuted for blackmailing customers into giving them money for no apparent reason. Horrible service and even worse billing!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2016

I called to have my electric turned on weeks before I moved in. I received a bill and was charged $50.00 for not setting up my account. I called from our leasing office and found out TECO made an error on my profile, not adding my apartment number. I was told if I paid I wouldn't have my electric turned off and I'd see a credit. Now, not only are they saying I cannot get a credit they also say they don't see where I paid it. Worthless customer service.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2016

I paid my bill online with a current check to me everything was fine. I never got a confirmation in my email about me submitting the payment which was weird to me. After 4 days Tampa sending me an email about my check was returned because of not enough refund. I contacted my bank. I was told that there was no check submitted and that there was no reason for the bank to return it since I had enough funds in my account. Teco charged me $30.00 more for an imaginary check return. This is outrageous. In which country are we and what century!!!!? Beside all that, hardly anybody is talking about this company. The newspaper needs to take care of this abusive business. Nobody is above the law. I talked to a lot of residents and everybody is hurt from this monster. This is the home of the Brave and the Tea Party Heroes. Enough already!!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2016

My gf left me at the end of the month. I was catching up on bills had TECO draft the payment out of my ACH account. They took a whole week from the due date to attempt to take the funds out. The day they tried my debit card was stolen and TECO send me a mail the following day saying I'm being charged a check bounce feed due to my account being frozen. I contacted TECO, customer service was rude as usual. I've been catching up on paying them for the last two months then they disconnected my power even though I had an e-bill saying my new bill was due on the 12th. Now I have to pay a reconnect fee... I have paid over 250+ $$$ in the last 3 months for service that is for a 1 bedroom apartment... Now they want me to pay an extra 60 dollars for a deposit, because my bill equals out to more the 2 months of service... I can't wait till my lease is up and I don't have to deal with this Comcast version of electric...

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 5, 2016

I live on a very tight budget, am a single mom with two children, and working two jobs. I'm very busy and, in a rush, accidentally paid a bill twice. I realized it immediately and called the next day since I assumed it would take some time to process in their system. I explained what happened to the rep and also explained my circumstances, and needed them to issue me a refund for the second payment as I had other household expenses, such as groceries, that I needed the money for. I was flatly denied. The representative told me that they did not issue refunds, only credits. Is this legal? Do they not have an obligation to return my overpayment when requested? Isn't that a violation of servicing laws?

So the next month comes along and I find that they did not apply my credit correctly to the next bill. It should have been fully paid with a remaining credit balance. I am writing this review and have opened my account on this ConsumerAffairs website, all while waiting on hold to speak to a customer service representative. The recording told me that I will have to wait over 30 minutes to speak to a representative. No wonder I'm waiting in line with all of the bad service this company thanks its paying customers with. Where are the regulatory services? Hope they finally step in and require better service standards! MONOPOLIES REALLY STINK!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 23, 2016

I'm 22 years old. This is my first time EVER moving out and turning on my electric. I called Friday 4/22/2016 with Customer Service. The lady was decent with talking with me, but after hearing the automated voice message tell me that my account number that she gave me is not recognized, I began to wonder if she even did anything at all during our time on the phone.

I'm absolutely confused and disappointed that this company would run itself the way it does. I'm not even mad like most others. I just think it's truly primitive and I don't see TECO going any further here in Tampa within the next 4 years. TECO does not show integrity, accountability, respect, courage or excellence towards their customers, and as far as first impressions, they could truly care less about what their new customers think. I really wish there was another company to go through but I guess we are forced to use TECO for a reason, right? (Manipulative corporate machine.)

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2016

I am a small business owner with TECO. We have 2 buildings side by side with 2 separate meters. One account is on AutoPay and the other has to be paid in cash at a payment center. We try to not waste paper so our bills are emailed to us and then one comes out on AutoPay and the other does not. We had a final notice for the one not on AutoPay. I paid it the day before the cutoff date at 4:30 pm in cash and I have my receipt that clearly states there is no need to contact them with the receipt number as it will automatically update in their system. The next day I was at my business with clients present when the tech showed up to cut off the power. I told him I had the receipt. I had to get it. He refused to wait and was very rude and said I shouldn't wait till the last minute to pay my bill. He then told me to contact them when I had my receipt and he would come back and turn on.

As he pulled away in his truck # ** I ran out with the receipt and he left. I immediately called and spoke to a supervisor who apologized and I told her my receipt was time-stamped at 4:30 pm and it said I did not need to call. Remember this was almost 24 hours earlier. Because the tech was so arrogant and I was afraid of how aggressive he acted towards me I asked to please do not allow that tech to come back to my business as I felt threatened by his actions and demeanor. She said she would note my account to send someone different and credit me the 55.00 fee they would charge for him to come back since I had my time dated receipt.

A few moments later he came back and I asked why it wasn't someone else and he just smirked and made the comment about how he gets paid to do the reconnect so I advised that he was acting very unprofessional and that his supervisor was going to credit me back since it was not my mistake but his. He then continued to tell me that she was not his supervisor and that I would be charged a fee. My 10-year-old child asked him why he was acting so disrespectful and he said whatever and threatened to turn it off again. He then made comments very sarcastic and said not to wait till the last day to pay my bill and that I need to read my receipt and I showed him the receipt and where it said I do not have to call and he pushed it away and said he KNOWS how to read the receipt.

He got very loud and one of my customers came to the door to see if I was OK. I asked him to please leave and he wouldn't leave. He just sat in his truck staring and smiling at us so I was about to call the police but I tried calling his supervisor back to let her know what was happening and as I was holding on the line for a ridiculous amount of time he finally drove off. Another manager called me back and left a voicemail which I have called him back and I am still waiting for a return call. I am actually feeling like I will have to file a restraining order now to keep this individual away from my business. Someone please provide advice on what to do. Thanks!

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Original review: April 4, 2016

TECO is the worst company ever. Similar to the person who reviewed before me, we have been having issues with their website. We always pay our bills on time, and saw that they have been rejecting our payments the past 3 times. We tried paying them every single different option they had, however they kept denying our payment for some reason. They would not tell us why the payment was rejected every time. We call them and wait on hold for hours, and never reach any type of conclusion. When we finally spoke to someone they said we are "locked out" of the account and have to pay CASH for the next YEAR! Who pays cash? Who has to go to AMSCOT and shady payment locations to pay for a bill???

This is absolute ludicrous. I feel like it is 1920 and they do not know how to use technology. How is this company in business?! They would not even consider unlocking our account, and would not give us any reasoning as to why this cannot be accomplished. We are so frustrated and hope that someone comes in as a competitor for TECO soon. This is the worst company ever. If we could give it less than one star, we would. Someone should take this horrible place to the media.

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Original review: March 23, 2016

My family and I have lived in six different states (my husband's job) in the past 11 years and Tampa Electric (TECO) is the absolute WORST electric company I have ever had the displeasure of using. Living in this, FL, there is no other choice for your electric service and TECO knows it thereby not caring one bit about how they treat you, their customers. I have had several issues trying to set auto-pay with them and had a couple of returned payments all because of them but we had to suffer. Even though I had a limit on how much they could take out on the auto pay, they went ahead and tried to take out more resulting in a returned payment.

After trying to call them time and time again trying to explain this, I finally reached a very rude agent. I called seven times and waited on the line for up to an hour each time and three times was disconnected. The other times I just gave up. I do have a life. Finally, this extremely nasty agent wouldn't even listen to me and since then we have had to go to these obscure storefronts in shady areas of Brandon to pay our bill. On top of this, their website is truly awful! Try looking at the particulars on your account or making a change. Next to impossible! So, the website is essentially useless and the phone lines are so jammed up that you just have to suck it up and do what they tell you. No compassion. Just short and rude.

This company that is rolling in money doesn't give a hoot about its customers and is only in the business of collecting cash and lining their pockets. You can't even pay with a debit or credit card! It is ridiculous in this day and age! I just hope and pray that TECO gets some competitors soon because we (and all of our friends and neighbors) will leave them in a heartbeat. Shame on you, TECO!

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Original review: Feb. 17, 2016

The power goes out here every time it rains. We have brownouts in nice weather. A while back ago, I reported our power went out at 1 in the afternoon. At midnight, I made a second report. The operator called back and wanted me to walk across our dead end dirt road property in the rain in the pitch black to look at my pole. She insisted we had power. When I refused, she said if it is on our side, they couldn't help us. I had already explained to her we were in contact with neighbors who also did not have power and our streetlights were also out. They hadn't sent anyone out the entire day to investigate the issue until I really argued with this woman. It took 11 hours before they decided to even look at our power outage. In the end, their equipment had been damaged by the weather.

More recently, they shut off our power after a bank issue. They did not let us know there had even been a problem. We had to rush out and pay with cash (because the money was in the bank). After FIVE days, they still hadn't turned our power on. It was the coldest week of the year, and it was going down in the 30s at night. I had to call the state service commission. Within 15 minutes, they had it back on. A few days went by, and they called threatening to turn the power off again. I told them we had already been through this, the account was paid in full with cash, and that we had no balance. I even gave them the receipt number. They couldn't find their own receipt number. I had to fax them a copy. They still would not credit my account.

They only gave me a week long extension while they investigate where they money went. I did everything I was supposed to do, and now I may or may not have my power shut off. The hold times every time I have to call are over 45 minutes, and sometimes over an hour. They are terrible to have to deal with. I wish we could use any other power company. TECO is a total headache to have to deal with.

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Original review: Feb. 14, 2016

Bogus Fees. Monopoly to the fullest and doesn't care because nobody holds them accountable for their actions. I guess if there are no other options for customers, they have no incentive or motivation to do better. It's so frustrating to have to give my money to this level of incompetence and terrible customer service. TECO's Automated phone system and website is completely dysfunctional. It seems the only way to guarantee they receive my payment without going to a store is by using the "Just Pay It" option, which charges you $5 to pay your bill. This system as a whole is an embarrassment and huge inconvenience to the residents of this city. Another example of a company taking advantage of its market share and screwing its customers, why are they allowed to continue without the City of Tampa taking action against them?

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Original review: Oct. 14, 2015

I first submitted a request, via email, to tech to have service transferred from my former roommate's name to mine. This was 9/21 and I received a response right away asking me for my last address and legal last name so they could verify my identity through Equifax. After my reply I heard nothing for over a week. I had to reach out to them again and received an email telling me it's critical that I contact Equifax. Calling Equifax was a nuisance in itself. I do not care for blindly calling phone numbers, speaking to unidentified people and providing everything they could possibly need to steal my identity. At the end of which I was given no confirmation and just told to call Teco (as if I have 30 minutes during their ridiculous business hours to sit on hold). I emailed them on 10/1 to confirm I had verified my identity with the unidentified people, and was notified 10/3 my account had been verified.

On 10/11 I paid my deposit through Teco's less than helpful website and have yet to get a confirmation that it was received. So here in am, on hold again, to confirm if this deplorable company has switched the electric from my ex-roommate's name to mine. I tried checking the website, but it's less than user friendly. I tried to sign up for e-bill hoping it would at least confirm it was set up, but I don't have a meter number to do so.

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